Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites


Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma ClaimsIf you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Pennsylvania job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Pennsylvania Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Pennsylvania allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Pennsylvania and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Pennsylvania asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Asbestos Cover up – Quotes from Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites
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 Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites


27th Street Plant Lawton Lease
3M Corporation Layfayette College
A C & S, Inc. Leader Publishing
A Hill Co. Leamington School
A T & T Leamy Home Mount Airy
A. & P. Roberts Co. Lebanon Blast Furnace Co.
A. & S. Wilson Co. Lebanon City County Building
A. Barletta & Sons Lebanon Concentrator Plant
A. Blumberg & Sons Lebanon Furnaces
A. Darrah Contractors Lebanon Steam Co.
A. Deruy Lebanon Valley College
A. French Spring Co. Lebanon Valley Street Railway Co.
A. Garrison Foundry Co. Ledwig Huntel Co.
A. Guckenheimer & Brothers Lee Hospital
A. Hirsch Air Company Lee Rubber & Tire Co.
A. Moe & Company Leechburg Supply Co.
A. Pardee & Co. Leeds & Northrop Co.
A. Wilhelm Co. Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co.
A.C. & S., Incorporated Lehigh Car Wheel and Axle Co.
A.C. Overholt & Company Lehigh Coal and Company
A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co. (Corn Plant) Lehigh Coal and Iron Company
A.G. Vento Plumbing Co. Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co.
A.H. Wirz, Inc. Lehigh Coke Co.
A.I.W. Frank Corporation Lehigh County Court House
A.J. Cameron Company Lehigh County Home
A.J. Haws & Sons Limited Lehigh Engineering Co.
A.K. Garrett Company Lehigh Engineering Co. – West Plant
A.M. Byers Co. Lehigh Foundry
A.P. Green Fire Brick Co. of W NY Lehigh Industrial Power Co.
A.P. Green Refractories Lehigh Manufacturing Co.
A.S. Siter & Sons Lehigh Material Co.
A.T. & T. Technologies Lehigh Navigation Electric Co.
A.T.&T. Solid State Technology Center Lehigh Parkway School
A.V.E. Airport Lehigh Pipe Shop
A.W. Cadman Manufacturing Lehigh Portland Cement Co.
A.Y. Michie Lehigh Silk Dyeing Co.
Abbots Dairies Inc. Lehigh University
Abington High School Lehigh Valley Coal Co.
Abington Hospital Lehigh Valley Cooperative Farmers
Abington School District Lehigh Valley Dairy
Abrams Storage Yard Lehigh Valley R. R.- Pringle Street Siding
Abroqast Bastin Co. Lehigh Valley Railroad Co.
Academy of Music Lehigh Valley Transit Co.
Academy of the New Church Lehigh Water Co.
Acands, inc. Lehighs Northamptom Gas Electric Co.
ACCO- Building Insulation Lehighton Electric Light, Heat and Power Co.
Accoustical Lab Leicester Continental Mills Co.
Ace Motor Co. Leidy School
Achenbach & Butler, Inc. Leisenring and Co.
Achibald Colly Leisenring and Company
Acme Hardesty Industries Leith Mines
Acme Heat Treat, Inc. Lempiner Roofing & Siding
Acme Iron & Metal Co. Lenape Elementary School
Acme Markets Lenape Forge, Inc.
Acme Markets Warehouse Leninger Knitting Mills
Acme Tea Co. Lentz Lilly and Co.
Acme Warehouse Leonard Brothers
Acousticraft, Incorporated Leopold Vilsack
Ada Lewis Junior High School Lester Industrial Park
Adams Apple Products Leston Company
Adams Mine Letort Elementary School
Adelta Manufacturing Letterkenny Depot
Adley Express Co. Letterkenny Ordnance Depot- Field Service Acct
Adrian Furnace Levinson Steel
Advanced Specialty Company Lewis Block
Aero Supply Manufacturing Lewis Elkin Elementary
Aetna Chemical Co. Lewis Foundry and Machine
Aetna Explosive Co. Lewis S. Cox and Co.
Aetna Standard Lewistown and Reedsville Electric Railway Co.
Aggregates Equipment Co. Lexington Mead Corp.
Aiken Medical Building Liberty Bell Race Track
Air Master Liberty Manufacturing Co.
Air Products & Chemicals Liberty Market Co.
Air Products, Inc. Liberty Powder Co.
Air Reduction Plant Library
Air Reduction Sales Co. Lickdale Iron Co.
Airco Liggett and Myers Tobacco Co.
Airco Speer Carbon Products Liggett Spring and Axle Co.
Airforce Base Light and Power Co.
Ajax Ironworks Light Street
Ajax Metal Co. Lilly Washington School
Alamogordo Lumber Co. Limbach Co.
Alan Wood Iron & Steel Co. Limbach S Pgh Waterhouse Co.
Alan Wood Steel Limerick Nuclear Power Plant
Albert Stover Lincoln Coal & Coke Co.
Albright Coal Co. Lincoln High School
Albright College Lincoln Liberty Building
Alcania Tin Plate Co. Linde Air Products Co.
Alcoa Linde Co.
Alcoa (Reynolds Metal) Lindner Shoe Co.
Alcoa- Aluminum Company of America Line Company
Alcoa Building Link Belt Co.
Alcoa Center Link Belt Engineering Co.
Alcoa Research Laboratories Liquid Bulk Terminal
Alcoa Research Labs Liquid Carbonic Acid Manufacturing Co.
Alcoa Technical Center Liquid Carbonic Corporation
Aldan Borough Little Sisters of the Poor
Alden Coal Co. Locher’s Green House
Aldon Rug Mills Lochiel Rolling Mill Co.
Alex Crow & Son Lockhart Iron and Steel Co.
Alexander Good Elementary School Locust Spring Colliery
Alexander Plumbing Co. Loewengart & Co. Inc
Algonquin Chemical Co. Logan Iron and Steel Co.
Algonquin Coal Co. Lone Star Cement
Aliquippa High School Long Publishing Co.
Aliquippa Junior High School Longmead Iron Co.
Aliquippa Steel Co. Long’s P & H Service
Aliquippa Works Longstreth Elementary School
All State Insurance Co. Loos & Dilworth
Alleghany Ludlum Steel Loose Wiles Biscuit Co.
Alleghany Power Co. Lorain Steel Co.
Allegheny Airport, Pittsburgh Airport Loren’s Heat Treating
Allegheny By-Product Coke Co. Lorenz & Sons
Allegheny Chemical Lorenz Heat Treating
Allegheny City Electric Light Co. Lormack Corporation
Allegheny College Lou Miles, Contractor
Allegheny County Airport Louis B. Orlowitz Plumbing Supply
Allegheny County Home Louis Kraemer and Co.
Allegheny County Home for Destitute Lovekin Trageser Div
Allegheny County Institution District Lovekin Water Heater Co.
Allegheny County Light Co. Lovell Coal Mining Co.
Allegheny County Poor Farm Lovell Manufacturing Co.
Allegheny County Steam Heating Co. Lower Merion High School
Allegheny County Workhouse Lower Mount Bethel
Allegheny Energy Service Corp.(Willow Island) LTV Sheet and Tube
Allegheny Energy Supply Co. LTV Steel
Allegheny Furnace Lucent Technologies, Inc.
Allegheny Gas Co. Lucerne Mines
Allegheny Gasket Lucy Furnaces
Allegheny General Hospital Ludlow Elementary School
Allegheny Heating Co. Luke Fidler Colliery
Allegheny High School Lukens Iron and Steel Co.
Allegheny Industrial Supply Lupton Manufacturing Co.
Allegheny Ludlum Luzerne County
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. Luzerne Coutny Gas and Electric Co.
Allegheny Plastics Co. Lycoming Electric Co.
Allegheny Plate Glass Co. Lykens Valley Coal Co.
Allegheny Power Co Lynn Heidelberg School
Allegheny Refining Co Lytle Coal Co.
Allegheny Valley Street Railway Co. M & G Industrial
Allegheny Valley Water Co. M Miller Spring & Manufacturing Co.
Allen Laundry M S A Research Corp
Allen Products Co. M Schnoll & Sons
Allen Sherman Hoff Co. M. and M. Mars, Inc.
Allentown and Kurtztown Traction Co. M. And W.H. Nixon
Allentown High School M.H. Detrick
Allentown Hospital M.H. Pickering
Allentown Portland Cement Co. M.L. Bayard and Co.
Allentown Rapid Service Ice Co. M.S.A. Research Center
Allentown Water Works M.T. Seakite
Allentown-Bethlehem Gas Co. M.W. Kellogg
Allenwood Steel Mabel Furnace
Allenwood Steel Co. Mac Service, inc.
Allied Chemical Macaw Brothers
Allied Chemical & Dye Mach and Boiler Works
Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation Mach Trucks, Inc.
Allied Chemical Corp. Machold and Riddell
Allied Chemical corporation Mack Axe Works
Allied Mills, Inc. Mack Manufacturing Corporation
Allied Services Handicapped Mack Truck
Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. Mack Warehouse
Alloy Propeller Co. Mackintosh-Hemphill Co.
Alloy Rod Plant Maddock & Co.
Alloy Steel Magazine Lumber Co.
Allstate Distributors Inc Magee Carpet Co.
Alon Engineering, Inc. Magee Womens Hospital
Alpha Portland Cement Co. Maginn and Lewis
Alpine Knitting Mills Magnetic Springs Railway Co.
Althouse Division Mahanoy City Water Co.
Altman Store, Lancaster Pk. And Iven Rd. Mahanoy Plane
Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway Mahoning Rolling Mill Co.
Altoona Area School District Mahoning Valley Iron Co.
Altoona Car Shops Mahoningtown Shops
Altoona Vocational Technology High School Majestic Apartment House
Alum Creek Township Mall Office Building
Aluminex, Inc. Malthby Colliery
Aluminum Company of America Mammoth Station
Aluminum Plant Mamoth Plant
Aluminum Smelting Corporation Manchester Station
Alvernia College Manganese Steel Forge Co.
AM Gas Electric Co. Manhattan Slate Co.
AM. Department Mann Brothers
Amalgamated Silk Corporation Mansfield State College
Amber Realty Co. Marathon Co.
Ambridge Plant Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.
Ambrose Augusterfer Corporation Marck Sharp & Dohme Inc
Amchem Products Inc. Marcus Hook Plant
Amergen Energy Co. Marcus Hook Refinery
American Aniline Products Co. Marietta Carpet Plant
American Asbestos Textile Co. Marietta Metal Products Corp.
American Astronaut Marietta Metal Products Corporation
American Austin Car Co. Marine America Corp
American Axe and Tool Co. Marine Corps Recruiting Depot
American Bank Note Co. Marine Corps Supply
American Bantam Car Co Marinelli Bakery
American Baptist Publication Society Marker & Sons
American Brake Shoe Co. Marks Brothers
American Bridge Co. Marlsbary Manufacturing Co.
American Bridge Division Marquette Cement
American Can Co. Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co.
American Car & Foundry Co. Marsden T J Co.
American Chain & Cable Co. Marsh Plate Glass Co.
American Cigar Co. Marshall Brothers and Co.
American Coke Co. Marshall Kennedy Co.
American Cyanamid Co. Marshalsea Four Arm
American Dredge Martin & Nettrour Contracting
American Dredging Martin and W.H. Nixon
American Dyewood Co. Martin and William Nixon Paper Co.
American Engineering Co. Martin Luther King Junior School
American Gas and Elecric Co. Martin Luther King School
American Hardware Supply Martins Creek
American Industrial Contracting Martins Creek Power Station
American Industrial Contractor Martins Creek, P.P.L.
American Insulated Wire Corp. Martins Hatchery Poultry Farms, Inc.
American Iron & Steel Co. Mary Street Project
American Lace Manufacturing Co. Mary Wood College
American Locomotive Co. Maryland Coal Co.
American Magnesia and Covering Co. Maryland Coal Company of Pennsylvania
American Motors Maryland Steel Co.
American Oil Co. Marywood College
American Olean Tile Co. Masland Duraleather Co.
American Paper Products Co. Masonic Homes- New Recreation Building
American Pile Fabric Co. Masonic Temple
American Pipe Manufacturing Co. Masonry Construction Co.
American Radiator Masonry Inc.
American Railway Co. Masontown Bridge
American Road Machine Co. Mather Co.
American Rolling Mill Co. Mather Collieries
American S & W Co. Matthew S. Lewis Co.
American Salvage Co. Matthiessen and Hegeler Zinc Co.
American Schack Co., Inc. Mauch Chunk Crystal Ice Co.
American Sheet & Tin Plate Co. Mauch Chunk H. Power and Electric Light Co.
American Sheet Steel Co. Mauch Chunk Lehighton
American Standard Max and Levy Building
American Steel & Wire Co. Max Brockton Textile Co.
American Steel Hoop Co. Maxwell Colliery
American Stores Co., Inc. Mc Avey Brick Co.
American Sugar Co. Mc Conway & Torley Corp.
American Telephone & Telegraph Mc Dowell Paper Co.
American Tube & Iron Co. Mc Kay Co.
American Type Founders Co. Mc Kean Plant
American Vericose Corp. McArdle & Cooney Inc.
American Viscose Corporation McCahan Sugar Co.
American Viscose Plant McCandless TWP
American Warming & Ventilating Co. McCann Shields Paint Co.
American Water Works & Electric Co. Mccarter Iron
American Welding Co. McCarter Iron Works
American Zinc & Chemical Co. McClair, Brooks and Co.
Amjohn Incorporated McClaskey & Co.
Amoroso Bakery McClellan Storage Yard
Amp, Inc.- Main Office Building Mcclintic-Marshall Construction Co.
Ampco Metals Incorporated McCloskey Construction
Amstar Sugar Factory McCloskey Varnish Co.
Anchor Brewing Co. McClure Co.
Anchor Glass Container Corporation McConnell Asbestos and Covering Co.
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation McConnellsburg Medical Center
Anchor Supply Co. McCracken Stark and Co.
Anita Coal Mining Co. Mccreary Tire & Rubber Co.
Annex Hotel Co. McCullough Iron Co.
Anselm School McDaniel and Harvery
Anthony Compola Plumbing McDonald
Anthracite Briquette Co. McEnery Co.
Antioch Building McGraw Edison Co
Apollo Gas Co. McGraw-Edison Power Systems
Apollo Iron & Steel Co McGrew Parkinson and Co.
Appleton Papers, Inc. McGuinnes Co.
Applied Energy Services Corporation McKay Corporation
Applied Research Center McKean, Newhall, and Borie
Aquitaine Chemical Co. Mckee Division
Arbogast & Bastlan Co. Mckees Rocks Ind. Enterprises
Arbuckle and Co. Mckeesport and Youghiogheny Ice Co.
Arbuckle, Ryan & Company, Inc. Mckeesport Coating Co.
Arcade Building Mckeesport Hospital
Arcade Real Estate Co. Mckeesport Manufacturing Co.
Archbishop Carroll High School Mckeesport Tin Plate Co.
Architectural Steel Mckeesport Water and Light Co.
Arco Atlantic Refinery Mckeesport Water Purification Works
Arco Chemical Koppers Mckeesport Works
Arco Polymer McKinley Elementary School
Arcwire Corporation Mckinney Manufacturing Co.
Arden Verner Painting McLanahan Corp.
Argyl Manufacturing Co. McLaughlin Brothers
Armco Steel Corp. Meadowvale School
Armour and Company Meata Machine Co
Armour Leather Co. Mechanical Insulation Co.
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Medal Distributing Co.
Armstrong Cork & Insulation Co. Medford’s Inc.
Armstrong Power Station Medical College of Pennsylvania School
Armstrong Sanitary Wipers Medium Voltage Swgr. Department
Armstrong Station Medusa Portland Cement Co.
Armstrong World Industries Megargee Paper Co.
Army Aviation FAC, Hanger & Shops Megargee Paper Mills
Army Reserve Center Meili & Worthington
Arnomink Steam Heat Co. Mellon Arena
Art Loom Corporation Mellon Bank, Old USS Building
Arthur C. Mangels Ind. Mellon Institute of Industrial Research
Asbestos & Magnesia Manufacturing Co. Melville Corbett Co.
Asbestos, Shing, Slate & Sheathing Co. Memorial Hospital – Boiler Room
Ashland Chemical Co. Mens House of Detention
Ashland Emery & Corundum Co. Mercer County Courthouse
Ashland Oil & Refinery Co. Mercer County Light Co.
Ashland State Hospital Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation
Asphalt Paving & Supply Merchants Coal Co.
Asphalt Plant Merchants Coal Company of Pennsylvania
Asphalt Products Merck & Company, Inc.
Asten Hill Manufacturing Merck and Co.
AT & T Merck Chemical
Atec Building Merck, Sharpe and Dohme
Athletic Club of the Schuylkill Navy Mercy Hospital
Athos Steel Mill Mercy-Douglass Hospital
Atlantic & Gulf Co. Merion and Radnor Gas and Electric Co.
Atlantic Baking Group, Inc Mermount Gardens
Atlantic City Electric Merritt Chapman & Scott
Atlantic Crushed Coke Co. Mesta Machine Co.
Atlantic Electric Motor Metals Division
Atlantic Flour Mills Metalweld, Inc.
Atlantic Metals Corporation Metropolitan Edison Co
Atlantic Oil Refinery Metropolitan Edison Power Plant
Atlantic Pipe Line Co. Metropolitan Edison-TMI
Atlantic Port Contractors, Inc. Metropolitan Hospital
Atlantic Refining Co. Meyer Zausner Inc.
Atlantic Richfield Meyersdale Jr.-Sr. High School
Atlantic Union Resources, Inc. Michael Flynn Manufacturing
Atlas Cement Co. Michigan Chemical Co.
Atlas Mineral Products Inc. Michigan Limestone and Chemical
Atlas Portland Cement Co. Middle Creek Electric Co.
Atlas Powder Co. Middletown Air Force Base
Atomic Plant Middletown Car Co.
Atomic Power Div – Bettis Field Middletown Elementary School
Atomic Power Div. Middletown School
Atomic Power Station Midland Steel Co.
Audenried #4 Coll Midland Works
August Wagner Breweries, Inc. Midland-Ross Corp.
Aurora Furnace Midvale Co.
Austin Construction Midvale Heppenstall Co.
Auto Car Co. Midvale Steel Co.
Auto Steam Equipment Co. Midvalley Coal Co.
Avtex Fibers Inc Midwest Generation
A-Z Paper Mifflin Township
B F Goodrich Tire Co. Milbon Manufacturing Co.
B N Saul Hardware Builders Supply Milco Undergarment Co.
B. & W. Main Tube Plant Milesburg Power Plant
B.F. Refinery Mill Creek Coal Co.
B.P. Oil Company Mill Creek Power House
B.V.H. Hotel Associates Mill Creek School
Babcock & Wilcox Co. Millard Quarry
Backos & Johns Lumberyard Millbourne Mills
Badger Corp Benzoil Plant 8 Millcreek Mall
Badger US Steel Chem Plant Miller Planner Bldg
Badwell Co. Miller Planner Building
Baeder Adamson & Co. Miller Quarries Inc.
Bagdad Miller Robert L
Bailey Banks & Biddle Building Millersburg University – Lenhardt Hall
Bailey High School Milliam A Colliery Light and Power
Baird Insulation Co. Milliken Hospital Boiler Room
Baker Carver & Morrel Milton Manufacturing Co.
Baker Chain & Wagon Iron Manufacturing Co. Minard Run Oil Co.
Baker Elementary School Mine Safety Appliance Co.
Baker, Smith & Co. Mineral Railroad & Mining Co.
Bala Cynwyd Junior High School Mineral Spring Colliery
Baldt Anchor Co. Miners Mills
Baldwin Automotive Minnepolis Honeywell Reg. Co.
Baldwin Lima Hamilton Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.
Baldwin Locomotive Works Minotte Brothers Co.
Baldwin-Eher-Hill Co. Mira Bell, Inc.
Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation Miseracordia College
Ball Engine Co. Miseracordia- Student Union & Dorms
Ballied Chemical & Dye Corporation Missile Master Facilities
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co Mitchell Power Station
Baltimore Electrical Power Plant Mitchell, Fletcher and Co.
Bangor Electric Light, Heat & Power Co. Mobay Chemical Co.
Bank of North America Mobil Oil Co.
Barber Asphalt Paving Co. Model Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co.
Barkley Apartments Modern Cooling
Barnes Construction Co. Moe & Co A
Barnum Breaker Mohawk Carpet Mills
Barnum Colliery Mohawk Valley Brewing Co.
Barone Launch Service Monahan Insulation Co.
Barrett Chemical Monessen Steel Co.
Barrett Co. Monessen Works
Barrett Manufacturing Co. Monongahela & Ohio Dredging Co.
Barretts Roofing Monongahela Connecting Railroad Co.
Barron College Monongahela Electric Light & Power Co.
Barry’s Home Improvements Monongahela Electric Light Co.
Bart Colerain Elementary School Monongahela Furnaces
Bartels Brewing Co. Monongahela Incline Plane Co.
Basic Construction Co. Monongahela Light and Power Co.
Bath Portland Cement Co. Monongahela Melting Co.
Baugh Chemical Monongahela Natural Gas Co.
Bayless Pulp & Paper Co. Monongahela Power Co.
Beacon Light Co. Monongahela Power Station
Beam Yard Power House Monongahela Railway
Bear Gap Water Co. Monongahela River Consolidated Coal and Coke Co.
Bear Valley #1 Boiler House Monongahela Street Railway Co.
Bear Valley Shaft Monroeville High School
Beaumont Birch Co. Monroeville Mall
Beaver Coal and Coke Co. Monsanto Chemical Co.
Beaver College Monsey Products Co.
Beaver County Geriatric Center Montefoire Hospital
Beaver County Home and Hospital Montgomery County
Beaver County Light Co. Montgomery Iron Co.
Beaver Falls Medical Center Montour Power Plant
Beaver Hill Apartments Montour Steel and Iron Co.
Beaver Meadow Colliery Moore College or Art
Beaver Run Coal Co. Moore Street Elementary School
Beaver Valley General Hospital Moorehead Brothers and Co.
Beaver Valley Power Station Moorhead Brothers
Beaver Valley Traction Co. Moravian College
Beaver Wire Co. Morgan Paper Co.
Beazer East Morgenthaler Brothers
Bechtel Steel Plant Morgenthaler Ice Manufacturing Co.
Becks Run Station Moro Phillips
Beckwith Mach Morris School
Beeber Junior High School Morristown Railway Co.
Beechwood Inn Moss Rehabilitation Hospital
Belefonte Works Mother of Divine Grace
Bell Telephone Building Motion Control
Bell Telephone Co. Motor Coils Manufacturing Co.
Bell Telephone Co. of PA Mount Alto Sanitarium
Bellefield Boiler Plant Mount Holly Springs
Bellefield Hotel Mount Jesseys Coal Co.
Bellefonte Electric Co. Mount Joy Vo-TechBuilding
Bellefonte Gas Co. Mount Lebanous Ice Co.
Bellevue Stratford Hotel Co. Mount Lookout Coal Co.
Belmont Oil Works Mount Pleasant Electric Light and Power Co.
Belmont Petroleum Refinery Mount Sinai Hospital
Belmont Refinery Mount St. Joseph Academy
Bement, Miles & Company Mountain View Center, Inc.
Ben Franklin Elementary School Mrs Paul’s Frozen Foods
Ben Franklin Hotel Muhlenberg High School
Bendix Aircraft Mulligan Harold B
Bendix Corporation Mullins Manufacturing Co.
Bendix Westinghouse Co. Municipal Electric Dept.
Benjamin Foster Company Municipal Hospital
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Municipal Services Building
Benjamin Franklin Junior High School Munition Plant
Benjamin Rush Middle School Murray Body Co.
Bennett Station Murray Corp.
Bennett Steel, Inc. Muskin Coal Mining Co.
Bensalem High School Muskin Manufacturing Co.
Benzol Products Co. Mutual Chemical Division
Bergner and Engle Brewing Co. Mutual Rendering Co.
Berillium Corporation N H Robertson Co.
Berks Refining Co. N. And G. Taylor Co.
Berks Vocational School N. Snellenburg and Company
Berkshire Insulation Co. N.R.S. Yewdall
Berwick Forge & Fabricating Nabisco
Berwind White Coal Mining Co. Nancy Corporation
Beryllium Corp. Nanticoke
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Co. Narco Plant – Womelsdorf Plant
Bessemer Coke Co. Nathan R. Yewdall
Bessemer Limestone Co. National Airoil Burner Co.
Bessemer Steel Works National Aniline and Chemical Co.
Bethayres Co. National Aniline Division
Bethel Park Borough- Sewage Treatment Plant National Bearing Division
Bethel Senior High School National Biscuit Co.
Bethlehem City Water Co. National Bond Insulators, Inc.
Bethlehem Cornwall National Borax Co.
Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard, Inc. National Can
Bethlehem Iron Works National Casket Co., Inc.
Bethlehem Jr. Sr. High School National Casting
Bethlehem Mines Corporation National Container Co.
Bethlehem Plant National Crucible Co.
Bethlehem Silk Co. National Distillers Products Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Co. National Drug Co.
Bethlehem Steel Corp. National Electric Products Co.
Bethlehem Steel Mill National Foam Co.
Bethlehem Steel Research Center National Food Products
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard National Forge and Ordnance Co.
Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory National Galvanizing Co.
Betty Brackly, Lynsk National Galvanizing Works
Betz Labs National Gypsum Co.
Beyer William and Kathleen National Gypsum Co. – Boiler House
Bicking Paper Mills National Heat & Power
Bickley Furnaces, Inc. National Lead & Oil Co.
Big Run Milling Co. National Lead Co.
Bilc Super Market National Lead Industries, Inc.
Binder Cooperage National Malleable
Bindley Hardware Co. National Mining Co.
Bingham House National Molasses
Binney & Smith, Inc. National Paper Co.
Bird Coal Co. National Portland Cement Co.
Bird Coleman Furnaces National Radiator Co.
Birdsboro Corporation National Roll Division
Birmingham School National Rolling Mill
Bishop Tube Co. National Standard
Bissell And Co. National Steel Co.
Black and Germer National Sugar Refinery Co.
Black Burn Russell Co. National Supply Co.
Black Liquer Oxidation System National Tube Co.
Blackwood Colliery National Tube Works Co.
Blair Fuel Co. National Valve
Blair Station National Valve & Manufacturing
Blakely Borough Municpal Electric Plant National Vulcanized Fiber Co.
Blatts Chemical Laboratory Natrona Heights
Blaw-Knox Co. Natural Gas Pipline
Blawnox Mill Naval Air Station
Bliss Silk Throwing Co. Naval Aviation Supply Depot
Blooming Mill Naval Boiler
Bloomsburg Heating Co. Naval Dry Dock
Blossburg Coal Mining & Railroad Co. Naval Ordnance Works
Blossom Products Corporation Naval Ship Engineering Center
Blue Bell, Inc. Naval Supply Depot
Blue Ridge Traction Co. Navy Propulsion Plant
Blue Ridge Winkler Textile Co. Nazareth Cement Co.
Blumenthal Brothers Nazareth Hosptial
Board of Education Nazareth Portland Cement Co.
Board of Education Buildings Nazareth Steel Fabricators
Bodwell Co. Neatsfoot Oil Refineries
Boehm Manufacturing Co. Nelson Valve Co.
Boeing Vertol Co. Nemaugh Station- Indiana Co Unit #2
Boericke and Tafel Building Nesbitt Manufacturing Co.
Boger & Crawford Neshaminy High School
Boggs & Buhl Neshaminy Nursing
Boiler House Neville Chemical Co.
Boiler Service, Inc. Neville Island Coke & Chemical
Bok Technical High School Neville St. Apartments
Bollinger Andrews Construction Co. New Air Cond. System Closure Plant
Bollinger Brothers New Castle and Lowell Railway Co.
Bon Secours Holy Family Hospital New Castle Electric Co.
Bonair Foundry Co. New Castle Junior High School
Bonded Products New Castle Light, Heat and Power Co.
Bonney Forge & Tool Works New Castle Plant
Booster Boiler House Saucon Plant New Castle Railway Co.
Borg Warner Corp. New Castle Shovel Co.
Bornet Cleaners New Castle Stamping Co.
Bornot, Inc. New Castle Station
Borzillo Bakery New Castle Water Co.
Boston & Ohio Railroad Co. New Cumberland Army Depot
Boston Brick Co. New Cumberland General Depot
Boston Iron and Steel Co. New Duquesne Science Hall
Botany 500 New Federal Building
Botfield Refractories Co. New Federal Office Building
Bowman Trucking New Jersey and Pennsylvania Traction Co.
BP Oil Co. New Jersey Mills
BP Oil Corporation New Jersey Zinc Co.
Brace Compressor Station New Jr High School
Brackenridge Works Soaking Pit New Office Building
Braddock and Turtle Creek Electric Railway New Oxford Junior High School
Braddock General Hospital New Pellet Plant
Braddock Hospital – Warehouse New Recreation Selinsgrove Center
Braddock Wire Co. New River and Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Co.
Bradford Oil Refining New Secondary School
Bradford Supply Co. New Senior High School
Bradlee & Company New Steel Buidlings, Spang Steel Co.
Bradshaw and Co. New Williamsport High School
Braeburn Alloy New Wilmington City Hall & Courthouse
Braeburn Alloy Steel Co. New York & Penn Co, Inc.
Brand Insulation New York & Pennsylvania Co, Inc.
Brand Mid Atlantic Inc. New York & Pennsylvania Paper Co – Boiler Room
Brandley Smith New York and Pennsylvania Co.
Brandywine Mushroom Co. New York Philadelphia and Norfolk Railway Co.
Breading Paperboard Corporation New York Shipbuilding Co.
Breaker Boiler House New York State Electric & Gas Corp.
Bregy Elementary School New York State Natural Gas
Bricmont & Associates New York Wilkins Company Engineers
Bridge Shop New York Wire Cloth Co.
Bridgeville Plant Newark Processing Co.
Bridgewater Paper Company Newburn Glass Co.
Brier Hill Coke Co. Newman & Co. Inc.
Bristol Water Works Newton Coal Mining Co.
British Petroleum Co. Nice Ball Bearing Co.
Broad Ford Nicetown Plate Washer Co.
Broad Meadows Farm Nicetown Station
Broad Street Station Nicholson File Co.
Broad Top Power Co. Nickel Plumbing & Heating
Brobst Aluminum Nicolet Industries
Brockway Glass Niles Building
Bromley Lace Mill Niles-Bement-Pond Co.
Brooks Brothers Niles-Bement-Pond Company
Brookwood Coal Co. Nixon Theatre
Brookwood Colliery NM. Penn Colliery
Brothers Valley Coal Co. Noah Barlow
Brown and Co., Inc. Norfolk & Western Railway
Brown Brothers & Company Norfolk Southern Corporation
Brown Instrument Co. Norland Shipping & Trading Co.
Browning, King & Company Building Norris Smelting & Refining
Brownstown Vo-Tech Building Norristown Hospital
Bruce Mansfield Power Station Norristown Magnesia and Asbestos Co.
Brunner Island Power Plant Norristown Municipal Sanitation Dept.
Brunot Island Generating Station Norristown Post Office
Brunot’s Island Powerhouse Norristown State Hospital
Brunswick Asbestos Co. Inc. North American Coal Co.
Brunswick Fabricators North American Construction Co.
Brush Electric Light Co. North American Lace Co.
Bryant School North American Refinery Co.
Bryden Horseshoe Co. North American Rockwell Corp.
Bryn Mawr College North Branch Steel Co.
Bryn Mawr Hospital North Brothers Co.
Bryton Chemical Co. North Brothers Manufacturing Co.
Buchanan Lumber Co. North Cambria Railway Co.
Buck County Electric Railway Co. North Cornwall Furnace Co.
Buck Hill Falls Inn North Huntington TWP High School
Buck Iron Co. North Reserve Basin
Buck Mount Colliery #3 North Side of Industrial Highway
Buck Run Coal Co. North Side Packing Co.
Buckhorn Portland Cement Co. Northampton Traction Co.
Bucknell University Northeastern Water Co.
Bucks County Community College Northern Metals Co.
Budd Company Northview Heights Elementary School
Budd Red Line Co. Northview Houseing,
Buffalo & Susquehanna Coal & Coke Co. Northwest Collierty
Buffalo Hardware Stove Co. Northwestern Mining and Exchange Co.
Buhl Steel Co. Northwestern Pennsylvania Railway Co.
Buick Motor Division Nottingham Colliery
Buler Colliery Novingers, Inc.
Bulletin Building Nuclear Materials & Equipment
Bundy Tubing Number 3 Boiler House
Bundy Tubing Co. Number 6 Colliery
Buono Bakery Number 6 Electric Powerhouse
Bureau of Mines Nutrition Products
Bureau of Water Department of Parks and Public Property Nuttal Works
Burgettstown O C Cluss Lumber Co.
Burke, Parsons & Bowlby O. Hommel Co.
Burkey Mills, Inc. O.F. Zurn
Burle Industries, Inc. Oak Summit Apartments
Burroughs Corporation O’Brien Machinery Co.
Bustleton Elementary O’Brien Rubber Thread and Webbing Co.
Bute Station Occidental Chemical
Butler and New Castle Railway Co. Ocean Coal Co.
Butler Health System Ohio and Pittsburgh Milk Co.
Butler High School Ohio Pennsylvania System
Butler Ligh, Heat and Motor Co. Ohio Service Co.
Butler Memorial Hospital Oil City Glass Co.
Butler Township Oil Well Supply Co
Butler Works Oklahoma Gas & Electric
Byberry State Mental Hospital Okonite Co.
C&C Auto Parks Old Forge Breaker
C&D Battery Old Forge Collieries
C. Howard Mercy State Hospital Old Fourth Ward School
C. Schmidt & Sons Brewing Co. Old Meadow Works
C.A. Spalding Old Reading Brewery, Inc.
C.C. and E.P. Townsend Co. Oldman Boiler Works
C.C. Harrison Building Olin Mathieson Chemical
C.C. Knight and Company Building Oliver and Roberts Wire Co.
C.E. Monday and Company Oliver and Snyder Steel Co.
C.F. Luppold Oliver Building
C.F. Simonins and Sons Oliver Iron and Steel Co.
C.G. Hussey & Co. Oliver Iron Mining Co.
C.H. Bradley and Co. Oliver Nace Greenhouse
C.H. Geist Company Oliver Snyder Steel Co.
C.H. Maslin and Sons Oliver Wire Co., Limited
C.H. Musselman Co. Olmsted Air Force Base
C.H. Rowland Olmsted Field
C.H. Wheller Manufacturing Co. Olney High School
C.L. Miller Co. Olson Engineering
C.R. Bairch and Company Olyphant Colliery
C.V. Comstock Olyphant Power Plant
Caledonian Dye Works Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway and Bridge Co.
Callery Chemical Co. Onderdonk Heating and Ventilating Co.
Caloric Appliance Corporation Oneida Colliery
Calumet Lubricants Co. Onex Inc.
Cambria APA 36 Open Hearth Division
Cambria Iron Co. Open Hearth Palnts
Cambria Leasing Corporation Orient Coal and Coke Co.
Cambria Library Association Orient Coke Co.
Cambria Plant Orinoka Mills
Cambria Steel Co. Orion Power Holdings Inc.
Cambria Steel Company Orion Power Midwest, LLC.
Cambridge Springs Orr & Sembower Inc.
Camden Copper Works Orr Sembauer Co.
Camden Fibre Mills Orrtanna Canning Co.
Cameron Colliery Osborn Machine Co.
Cametoo Co. Oscar Meyer Meats
Campbell Souop Co. Oswald & Hess Co., Inc.
Canadian Westinghouse Ltd Our Lady of Mercy School
Cannonsburg Iron and Steel Co. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Convent
Can-Tex Industries, Inc. Overbroock Steam Heat Co.
Capitol Products Co. Overbrook Steam Heat Co.
Carbide Graphite Group, Inc. Owen-Corning Fiberglass Corporation
Carbon malleable Co. Owens Corning Fiberglas
Carbon Steel Co. Owens Corning Fiberglass
Carbon Transit Co. Owens Illinois
Carbondale High School Owens Illinois Glass Co.
Carbondale Machine Co. Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corp.
Carey Brothers Wall Paper Manufacturing Co. Owens-Illinois
Carey Manufacturing Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
Carlin William Steam Boilers Oxford Cabinet Co.
Carlisle Gas and Water Co. Ozenda Smokeless Coal Co.
Carlson Manufacturing Co. P H Gladfelter Co
Carnegie Aluminum Door/Window P P & L Office Building
Carnegie Brothers and Co. Limited P&LE Railroad
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. P. McGraw Wool Co.
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation P.A. Power & Light
Carnegie Institute of Technology P.F. Magin and Co.
Carnegie Library P.G.H. Steamline
Carnegie Library Extension P.H. Berman & Sons
Carnegie Mellon University P.J. Ritter Co.
Carnegie Natural Gas Co. P.P.&L. – Turbine
Carnegie Phipps and Co. Limited PA Forge Div of Chertron Corporation
Carnegie Phipps and Company Limited Pabst Brewing Co.
Carnegie Sheet Co. Pacific Railroad Western Lines
Carnegie Steel Co. Packard Building
Carnegie Tech Packer Colliery #4
Carnegie Technical Schools Pacor Inc.
Carnegie Tube Co. Page Woven Wire Fence Co.
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. Palmerton Elementary
Carpenter Steel Co. Palmerweld Fabricating Co.
Carrie Furnace Co. Pangborn Corporation
Carson Industrial Development Corporation Paoli Elementary School
Cartech Corp. Paper Manufacturing Co.
Cascade Coal and Coke Co. Papercraft Plant
Case Erie Supply Corp. Parade Lumber Co.
Cash and Carry Lumber Co. Paragon Packaging Product Inc.
Castanea Paper Co. Parish Pressed Steel
Castle Shannon Parish Pressed Steel Co.
Catalytic, Inc. Park and Tilford Distillery Co.
Catasauqua Manufacturing Co. Park City Shopping Center
Caterpiller Tractor Co. Park City Shops – Route 30 Bypass
Cebor Construction Corp. Park City Stores
Cedar Cliff Silk Co. Park Hotel
Cedar Steam Electric Station Park Place
Cederbrook Hills Apartments Park Shops
Celotex Corporation Park Steel Co.
Central Administration Area – Selinsgrove Center Park Steel Works
Central Catholic High School Park Works
Central Cement Co. Parkersburg Iron and Steel Co.
Central District and Printing Telegraph Co. Parkesburg
Central Gas & Electric Parkesburg Iron Co.
Central High School Parkview Court Apartments
Central Iron & Steel Co. Parkway Apartments
Central Land Co. Parkway Manor Elementary School
Central New Jersey Railroad Pascagoula Street Railway and Power Co.
Central Poor District of Luzerne Co. Passavant Hosptial
Central Power Plant Pat & Reds Tire
Central Railroad of New Jersey Paterson Parchment Paper Co.
Central Works Paul B. Hendel & Co.
Centralia Colliery Paul Bronze & Brass Corp.
Certain Teed Production Corporation Paul E. Berry-Excavating Contractor
Certainteed Boiler House Paul Lumber and Supply Co.
Certainteed Corp. Paul W. Anderson
CertainTeed Products Co. Pawhattan Coal and Coke Co.
Chamber of Commerce Building Paxtang Electric Co.
Chamberlain Coal Co. Paxton Iron and Steel Co.
Chamberlain Steel Paxtron Furnaces
Chambersburg Hospital Paynes Station
Chambersburg Market Peabody Vertical Air Heater
Chambersburg Powerhouse Peach Bottom
Champion Construction Co. Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant
Champion Valley Farm Peachbottom Nuclear Power Plant
Char. Wallace Pearson Manufacturing Co.
Charleroi Brewing Co. Peckerman Co.
Charleroi Construction Co. Peco Barbados Island Powerhouse
Charleroi Plate Glass Co. PECO Cromby Station
Charles A. Briggs Lumber and Manufacturing Co. PECO Croydon Powerhouse
Charles Alter, Contractor Peco Eddystone Station Powerhouse
Charles D. Kaier Company Limited PECO Energy Co.
Charles E. Johnson and Company Peco-Cromby Station
Charles E. Langcake Peerless Dye Co.
Charles H. Boehm High School Pencoyd Iron Works
Charles Lachman Co., Inc. Penelec Power Plant
Charles McCaul Co. Penhurst State Institute
Charles St. Suppes Penn Aluminum
Charles T. Schoen Penn Argyl High School
Charmin Paper Penn Bradford Co.
Charmin Paper Co Mechoopany Mill Penn Center
Charmin Paper Co. Penn Central
Charmin Paper Products Co. Penn Central Light and Power Co.
Chartiers Valley High School Penn Dairies, Inc.
Chartiers Valley School District Penn Dixie Cement Co.
Chatham Center Penn Electric
Chelten Supply House Penn Fishing
Cheltenham High School Penn Fruit Co.
Cheltenham Township Penn Hardware Co.
Chem-Clay Corp. Penn Heat and Power Co.
Chem-Clay Corporation Penn High School
Chemical Concentrates Penn Jersey Boiler Co.
Chemical Divison Penn Jersey Transmission Corp.
Cherion and Radnor Gas and Electric Co. Penn Mall Iron
Cherokee Plant Penn Mo Fire Brick Co.
Cherry River Paper Co. Penn Optical
Chester High School Penn Power Co.
Chester Improvement Co. Penn Public Service Co.
Chester Lace Co. Penn Range Co.
Chester Paper Co. Penn Republic Service Corp.
Chester Processing Co. Penn Sheraton Hotel
Chestnut Hill Academy Penn Shovel Co.
Chestnut Hill Hospital Penn State College – Dormitory
Cheswick Power Station Penn State Educational Association Building
Cheswick Station Penn Steel Co.
Chew-Bittel Co. Penn Township Junior High School
Chew-Bittel Company Penn Treaty American Corporation
Cheyney State University Penna Tri State Home Improvement Co.
Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Penn-Allen Cement Co.
Chicago B & I. Bell Penn-Allen Portland Cement Co
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. Penn-Bradford Appl.
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. Penn-Dixie Cement Co.
Chickies Iron Co. Pennhurst State School
Childers Products Pennsalt Chemical Co.
Children’s Hospital Pennsalt Chemicals Corporation
Children’s Reception Welfare Pennsbury Pottery Co.
Chilled Roll Foundry Pennsylvania – Dept. of Public Instruction
Chipman Knitting Co. Pennsylvania – State Teachers College
Chiz Brothers, Inc. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Christ Evangelical Ref. Chuch Pennsylvania Bolt and Nut Co.
Christ M.E. Church Pennsylvania Brake Beam Co.
Christian Street Schuylkill Station Pennsylvania Cement Co.
Christopher Mining Co. Pennsylvania Central Railroad
Chromatube Pennsylvania Chocolate Co.
Chrysler Pennsylvania Co.
Church of the Holy Spirit Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Co.
Churchville Elementary School Pennsylvania Coal Co.
Citicorp Venture Capital Pennsylvania Company
Cities Service Oil Co. Pennsylvania Electric Co.
Citizens Bank Pennsylvania Electric Co. (Power Plant)
Citizens Electric Illuminating Co. Pennsylvania Forge Corp.
Citizens Electric Light and Power Co. Pennsylvania Fruit
Citizens Electric Light Co. Pennsylvania Furnace Co.
Citizens General Hospital Pennsylvania Gas & Water Co.
Citizens Light, Heat and Power Co. Pennsylvania Gas Coal Co.
Citizens Water Co. Pennsylvania Gas Company
Citizens Water Supply Co. Pennsylvania General Electric Co.
City Hall & Courthouse Pennsylvania General Imp. Co.
City of Lancater Dept. of Water Pennsylvania Hospital
City of Mckeesport Water Dept. Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Co
City of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Institute
City of Philadelphia Dept. Streets Sanitation Pennsylvania Institute for Instruction of Blind
City of Philadelphia Yard Pennsylvania Light & Power Co.
City of Pittsburgh Brilliant Pumping Station Pennsylvania Lightweight Aggregate
City of Pittsburgh Department of Charities Pennsylvania Lubricating Co.
City of Pittsburgh Mayview Plant Pennsylvania Malleable Co.
Civic Arena Pennsylvania Manufacturing,
Civic Center Pennsylvania Mutual Building
Claire Furnace Co. Pennsylvania Mutual Insurance Co.
Clairton By-Products Coke Works Pennsylvania Ordnance Works
Clairton High School Pennsylvania Power & Light
Clairton Plant Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.
Clairton Steel Co. Pennsylvania Pulp and Paper Co.
Clairton Steel Works and Furnaces Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
Clarion Steel Works Pennsylvania Railroad Office
Clarks Summit State Hospital Pennsylvania Railroad Shops
Clay Mill Works Pennsylvania Railway Co.
Clear Spring Coal Co. Pennsylvania Range Boiler
Clearfield Bank Pennsylvania Refining Company Co.
Clearfield Coal & Iron Co. Pennsylvania Rubber Co.
Clearfield High School Pennsylvania Salk Manufacturing Co.
Clearfield Hospital Pennsylvania Smelting & Refining Co.
Clearfield Steam Heating Co. Pennsylvania State Corrections Institution- Dining Hall
Clearview Elementary School Pennsylvania State Hospital for Tuberculosis
Cleaver Brooks Co. Pennsylvania State Park
Cleveland Erie Co. Pennsylvania State Reform School
Cleveland Worsted Mills Co. Pennsylvania State Training School
Climax Molybdenum Co. Pennsylvania State University
Clinton G. Hodder Pennsylvania Steel Co.
Clinton Iron and Steel Co. Pennsylvania Steel Mill
Closure Plant Building 13-D Flr Plt Bldg 201-B Pennsylvania Sugar Co.
Co. Braeburn Pennsylvania Tube Co.
Coal and Coke By-Products Co. Pennsylvania Turnpike
Coal Brooke Mine Pennsylvania Utilities Co.
Coal Glen Pennsylvania Utilities Investment Corp.
Coalfax Power Station Pennsylvania Water and Power Co.
Coatesville Rolling Mill Co. Pennsylvania Water Co.
Cochran Station Penntech Papers Inc.
Cochrane D&V Crane Corp. Pennzoil Co.
Coke Boiler House Pennzoil Refinery
Coke Oven Division Penreco
Colbers Mine Pens Valley Insulation
Colfax Station Pensylvania Railroad Co.
Collieries Supply and Equipment Co. Penzoil Company, Plant #4
Colliery #18 People Ice and Cold Storage Co.
Colonial #1 Plant People Natural Gas
Colonial Aluminum & Smelting Co. People Traction Co.
Colonial Berks Real Estate Peoples Bank
Colonial Coke Co. Peoples Bank Building
Colonial Collieries Co. Peoples Coal Co.
Colonial Iron Co. Peoples Consolidated Service Corp.
Colonial Steel Co. Peoples Construction
Colonial Trust Co. Peoples Electric Light, Heat and Power Co.
Colt Industries Peoples Incandescent Light and Power Co.
Columbia Bridge Co. Peoples Land Co.
Columbia Hospital Peoples Light Heat and Power Co.
Columbia Plumbing Supply House Peoples Natural Gas
Columbia Rolling Mill Co. Peoples Natural Gas Co.
Columbia Rolling Mill Co., Vesta Furnace Peoples Power Co National Tube
Columbia Water Co. Peoples Savings & Trust Building
Columbian Carbon Co. Peoples Street Railway Co.
Combustion Engineering, Inc. Pep Boys
Cominsky Warehouse Pepperidge Farms
Commerce Square Perkins and Co., Limited
Commerce Street Building Perlstein Glass Co.
Commercial Alcohol Perrex Aluminum
Commercial Asbestos Paper Perry Iron Co.
Commercial Gazette Building Perry Lower Tyrone School
Commons at Fallsington Peter F. Loftus
Commonwealth Ave & Foster St. Peters and Company
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Peters Packing Co.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – State Corr Inst. Petroleum Iron Works
Commonwealth Title Insurance and Trust Company Petroleum Reclamation Co.
Commonwealth Trust Co. Petrowax
Community Central Energy Corp. Pfizer Incorporated
Community Home Improvement Co. PGH Transformer
Conemaugh Power Station Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co.
Conemaugh Station Philadelphia and Bristol Water Co.
Conemaugh Station Unit 1 Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co.
Conemaugh Steam Electric Station Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Co.
Conemaugh Valley memorial Hospital Philadelphia Aquatic Club
Conestoga Traction Co. Philadelphia Asbestos Co.
Conewango Refining Co. Philadelphia Bank Building
Congoleum Company, Inc. Philadelphia Brewing Co.
Congoleum-Nairn, Inc. Philadelphia City Hall Annex
Conn Welding & Machine Co. Philadelphia Co.
Conneaut and Erie Traction Co. Philadelphia Coke Co.
Connellsville Railroad Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Connelly Containers, Inc. Philadelphia Convention Hall
Connelly Paper Co. Philadelphia County Prison
Conrail (Consolidated Railroad) Philadelphia Dry Yeast
Conshohocken Worsted Mills Co. Philadelphia Dye Works
Consolick Com Station Philadelphia Electric
Consolidated Cigar Co. Philadelphia Electric Co, Cromby Plant
Consolidated Coal and Coke Co. Philadelphia Engineering Co.
Consolidated Coal Co. Philadelphia Exposition
Consolidated Comstock Co. Philadelphia Fire Dept.
Consolidated Gas Supply Corp. Philadelphia Gas & Electric
Consolidated Ice Co. Philadelphia General Hosptial
Consolidated Railroad Philadelphia Inquirer
Consolidated Railway Corporation Philadelphia International Airport
Consolidated Steel & Wire Co. Philadelphia Iron Works
Consolidated Traction Co. Philadelphia Morton
Consolidation Coal Co. Philadelphia Museum
Consumers Gas Co. Philadelphia Navy Shipyard
Consumers Light Co. Philadelphia Piping & Equipment Co.
Consumer’s Mining Philadelphia Protectory for Boys
Consumers Power Philadelphia Quartz Co.
Container Corporation of America Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.
Container Division Philadelphia Read Coal and Iron Co.
Continental Can Philadelphia Reading Corporation
Continental Distilling Company Philadelphia Resin Co.
Continental Rubber Works Philadelphia Rubber Works Co.
Continental Wire & Cable Philadelphia S&C 10
Convent of Mercy Philadelphia School District
Convention Center Philadelphia Steam Heating Co.
Cooper Hewitt Co. Philadelphia Suburban
Cooper Industries Philadelphia Suburban Gas and Electric Co.
Cooperative Power Plant Philadelphia Suburban Water Co.
Coplay Cement Manufacturing Co. Philadelphia Tapestry Mills
Copper Pittsburg Co. Philadelphia Traction Co.
Copper Range Co. Philadelphia Zoo
Coraopolis Ice Plants Philco
Corbits, Inc. Philip Carey Manfuacturing Co.
Corn and Corn Cob Products Philipsburg
Cornell manufacturing Co. Phillip Carey Manufacturing Co.
Corning Glass Co. Phillips Gas Co.
Corning Glass Plant Phillips Mine
Corning Glass Works Phillips Petroleum Co.
Cornwall Iron Co. Phillips Power Station
Cornwall Ore Bank Co. Philmond Association and West Ave Invs
Coronada Apartments Phodia, inc.
Corrigan-Mckenney Steel Co. Phoenix Glass Co.
Corry Railway Co. Phoenix Iron and Steel Co.
Coudersport Junior & Senior High School Phoenix Iron Co.
Council Rock High School Phoenix Steel Corporation
Country Dry Wall Phoenix Utility Co.
Cowanshannock Coal and Coke Co. Phoenixville Hospital
Coxe Brothers and Co. Phoenixville Incinerator
Coxe Brothers and Company Phoenixville Steel
Coxe Traveling Grate Co. Phonix Cement Co.
Crafton Ice Co. Physical Test Labs
Cramp School Pickett Middle School
Cramps Shipbuilding Co. Pickles Steak House
Crane Co. Pico Chemical
Crane Iron Works Pieroe Glass Co.
Crane Supply Co. Pillsbury Plant
Crescent Forgings Co. Pilot Plant Division
Crescent Iron Pilot Plant- Station 73
Crescent Mine Pine Grove S.E. Station
Crescent Portland Cement Co. Pine Knot Colliery
Crescent Township Pine Ridge Stirling Boiler House
Crescent Works Pine Township Coal Co.
Cresmer Fence Co. Pipeline Service Co.
Cresson State College Pitt Comm Heat Treating
Cressona Aluminum Pittsburg Airport
Crichton Coal & Coke Co. Pittsburg Coal Co.
Croft and Allen Co. Pittsburg Metal Process
Cromby Generating Station Pittsburg PA Plant
Crompton & Knowles Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.
Cross Brothers Meat Packing Pittsburg Seamless Tube Co.
Cross Creek Coal Co. Pittsburg Steel Co.
Crown Cork and Seal Pittsburgh Activated Carbon Co.
Crown Paperboard Co. Pittsburgh and Birmingham Traction Co.
Crown Products Pittsburgh and Butler Street Railway Co.
Crozier Medical Center Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock Co.
Crucible Steel Co. Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Co.
Crucible Steel Company of America Pittsburgh and West End Electric Railway Co.
Crump, Inc. Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway Co.
CSX Transportation Pittsburgh Athletic Association
Cudahy Packing Company Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Culp Industrial Insulation Co. Pittsburgh Buffalo Co.
Cumberland Light, Heat & Power Co. Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Co.
Cumberland Valley Division of Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Pittsburgh Coal Co
Curtin Elementary School Pittsburgh Coal Co.
Curtis Publishing Co. Pittsburgh Coal Co. Shops
Curtis Publishing House Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Co.
Curtis-Wright Corp. Pittsburgh Coke & Iron Co.
Custom Insulation Co. Pittsburgh Commercial
Cyclops corporation Pittsburgh Commercial Heating
Cytemp Specialty Steel Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co
D M Trahan Proj Supt Pittsburgh Construction
D. Lutz & Son Brewing Co. Pittsburgh Corning Corp.
D. Oher Engineering Co. Pittsburgh Cot Flower Co.
D. Trainer and Sons Pittsburgh Crankshaft Service
D.B. Fuller Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Co.
D.L. Clark Co. Pittsburgh Die & Casting Co
D.L. Molden and Brother Pittsburgh Ferromanganese Co.
D.M. Bare Paper Co. Pittsburgh Forge and Iron Co.
D.R. Lane Pittsburgh Forgings Co.
D.S. Keith Junior High School Pittsburgh Gas Coal Co.
Dager and Cox, Eureka Paper Mills Pittsburgh Gear Co
Dail Rock Coal Co. Pittsburgh Harmony Butler
Dally Engineering Valve C Pittsburgh Heat
Damascus Nickel Steel Co. Pittsburgh Housing Authority,
Dana Corp. Pittsburgh Iron and Steel Engineering Co.
Dana Corporation, Parish Frame Division Pittsburgh Knife and Forge Co.
Daniel J. Keating Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad Co.
Danlevy Packing Co. Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad Depot
Danville and Sunbury Street Railway Co. Pittsburgh Mckeesport
Danville Powerhouse Pittsburgh Mechanical Systems Inc.
Danville State Hospital Pittsburgh Metal Proc.
Danville Stove and Manufacturing Co. Pittsburgh Milling Co.
Danville Structural Tubing Co. Pittsburgh Plate Glass
Danville Water Works Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
Darby Paper Co. Pittsburgh Powerhouse
Daring Paper Co. Pittsburgh Press
Darlington Building Pittsburgh Provision and Packing Co.
Daugherty Refinery Pittsburgh Railways Co.
Daugherty Refinery Div. Pittsburgh Reduction Co.
Dauphin County Prison Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Co.
Davison Coke and Iron Co. Pittsburgh Shear Knife and Machine Co.
Davy McKee Corp. Pittsburgh Steamship Co.
Day & Zimmerman Pittsburgh Steel Corp
Days Inn Pittsburgh Steel Foundry
De Witt P Henry Co. Pittsburgh Street Railway Co.
Dearth Mines Pittsburgh Terminal Railroad and Coal Co.
Decker SQ Stack Job Pittsburgh Terminal Warehouse and Transfer Co.
Decorating & Display Studio Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Deemston Boro Pittsburgh Thermal
Defense Plant Corporation Pittsburgh Thermal Limited Partnership
Defense Supply Agency Pittsburgh Tool Steel Wire
Degol Brothers Pittsburgh Tube
Delancy School Pittsburgh University
Delaware Alloy Forge Pittsburgh Valve and Fitting Co.
Delaware and Hudson Co. Pittsburgh Valve Foundry & Construction Co.
Delaware and Magnetic Springs Railway Co. Pittsburgh Wire Co.
Delaware Company Memorial Hospital Pittsburgh Works
Delaware County and Philadelphia Electric Railway Co. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad
Delaware County Central Heating Co. Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler and New Castle Railway Co.
Delaware County Courthouse Pittston Coal Mining Co.
Delaware County Electric Co. Plant Asbestos Co.
Delaware County Hospital Plaza Apartments
Delaware County Prison Plymouth #5 Washery
Delaware Insulation Co. Plymouth Coal Co.
Delaware Mine Plymouth Junction
Delaware Power & Light Co. Plymouth Meeting
Delaware River Cordage Mill PNB Building
Delaware River Steel Co. Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Co.
Delaware Station Point Breeze Refinery
Delaware Storage and Freezing Co. Point Marion Powerhouse
Delaware Valley Drywall Pollock School
Delaware Valley Hospital Pope Tin Plate Co.
Delaware Waterside Station Porcelain Products
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co. Port Cherry School
Delaware, Lackawanna a Port Wentworth
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Co. Portage Coal Mining Co.
Delmont Builder Supply Porter Building
Delta Ecuador Porter Co A K
Delta Equipment Co. Portland Generating Station
Delta Finishing Co. Potlach Paper Mill
Delworth Paper Co. Potomac Water Treatment & Power Plant
Dent Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Potter Sons & Co.
Depaco Paper Co. Pottsgrove School
Department of Motor Vehicles Building Pottstown Hospital
Department of Public Welfare Pottstown Iron Co.
Department of Safety Pottstown Plant
Department of the Interior Pottsville Area Middle School
Dept. of Justice Ins. Store Room Pottsville Hospital
Dept. of Public Instruction Pottsville Iron and Steel Co.
Des Moines Iron Pottsville Water Co.
Des Moines Steel Powelton Electric Co.
Design Techniques Powelton Gardens
Desuperheater Station – Reducing Station Power Atomic Power Station
Detroit Steel Products Power House
Detroit Steel Products Co. Power Piping Co.
Deval Corporation Power Systems Operations
Dewart Milk Products Co. Powers Weightman Rosengarten Co.
Dexter Portland Cement Co. PPG Industries
Diamond Alkali Co. PPL Electric Utilities Corp.
Diamond Drill Machine Co. Precision Grinding Co.
Diamond Mines Precision Products Co.
Diamond National Bank Building Presbyterian Church
Dickinson School of Law Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single Women
Dickson Mine, Green Ridge Station Presbyterian Hospital
Didier Station Presque Isle Boiler
Dietz Trucking Co. Presque Isle Paper Co.
Dill and Collins Co. Pressed Steel Car Co.
Dillingers Distilleries, Inc. Prestolite Battery
Dilworth Porter and Co., Limited Price Battery Corporation
Directors of the Poor of Allegheny County Primrose Colliery
Dispatch Publishing Co. Princess Furnace Co.
Diversitech General Prison- Men’s House of Detention
Dixie Cup Plant Procter and Gamble
Dixmont Hospital for the Insane Proctor Ellison Co.
Dock street Plant Progressive Manufacturing Co.
Dodge Mines Projectile Plant #2 Army Gun Carriago Shop
Dodge Steel Co. Prospect Colliery
Dodson Mines Providence Hospital
Doehler Jarvis Division Prudential Insurance Building
D’Olier Engineering Co. Publicker Commercial Alcohol Co.
Dolph Coal Co. Publicker Industries, Distillers
Domino Sugar Refinery Pullman Co.
Don Sotero Escarza Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Co.
Donahue & Weber Construction Co. Punxsutawney
Donaldson Iron Co. Punxsutawney Elementary School
Donegon School Punxsutawney Hardware
Donora Brewing Co. Punxsutawney Iron Co.
Donora Zinc Works Punxsutawney Secondary School
Donovan Cement Purchasing Department – 3 Gateway Center
Dorchester Apartments Pure Oil Co.
Dorr Oliver, Inc. Purex Corporation
Double Woven Corp. Pusey and Jones Shipbuilding Co.
Double Woven Corporation of America Pyne Colly
Dougherty Bachran Quaker Boiler Repairing Co.
Downey Center Mayview State Hospital Quaker Chemical Corp.
Downingtown Paper Quaker City Chocolate Co.
Downtown Station Quaker City Iron Works
Dowty Corporation Quaker Export Packaging Co., Inc.
Doyle and Co. Quaker Oats Co.
Doylestown and Easton Street Railway Co. Quaker State Machine Co.
Doylestown and Willow Grove Railway Co. Quaker State Metals Co.
Dr. Lawrence Siegel’s Residence Quaker State Oil & Refinery
Dr. W.A. Drysdale Quakertown
Drake Hotel Quakertown Brick & Tile Co
Draper & Yost, inc. Quakertown Chrysler Plymouth
Dravo Contracting Co. Quakertown Electric Department
Dravo Corporation Quakertown Tractor Co.
Dravo Doyle Co. Queen City Cleaners
Dravo Shipbuilding Quin-T Corp.
Dredge Philadelphia R & J Supply Co.
Dresser Industries, Inc. R D Werner Co.
Dresser Manufacturing Division R. and H. Simon
Drever Co. R. Heckscher and Sons
Drexel Institute R. Shafer Supt.
Drexel University R.A. Duckworth,
Driggs Seabury Ordnance Co. R.B. Murray Oakland Arcade Co.
Dubois Electric and Traction Co. R.C. Remmey Division
Dubois Hospital R.C.A. Building
Duff Manufacturing Co. R.C.A. Victor
Duff-Norton Manufacturing Co. R.D. Isaacs and Son
Duggan & Marcon, Inc. R.D. Wood Building
Dunbar Furnace Company R.H. Hickman Co.
Dunham-Bush R.J.Carey Co.
Dunlevy and Brother Co. R.K. Laros Silk Co.
Dunmore Iron and Steel Co. R.M. Armstrong
Duplan Corporation R.R. Shops
DuPont Chemical Racoon State Park
Duquesne Brewing Co. Racquet Club East Apartments
Duquesne Club Radio Company of America
Duquesne Forge Co. Raido Corp of America/RCA
Duquesne Ice Co. Railway Spec. Corp.
Duquesne Incinerator Railway Specialties
Duquesne Light Co. Railway Spring and Manufacturing Co.
Duquesne Steel Co. Railway Steel Spring Co.
Duquesne Steel Works Rainey Wood Coke Co.
Duraloy Co. Ramsey Hardware & Paneling Co.
Durham Iron Works Rankin Station
Durham Public School Rankin US Steel Carrie Furnace
Dutton Place Apts Ransom Hospital
Dynamic Metal Forming, Inc. Rapid Transit Street Railway Co.
E I Dupont De Nemours & Co. Raybestos Manhattan Plant
E S Atkinson Raystown Water Power Co.
E. & G. Brooke Iron Co. RCA Plant
E. Bergendahl Read and Lovatt Manufacturing Co.
E.B. Leaf Co. Reading Gray Iron Casting, Inc.
E.C. Knight and Company Reading Hospital
E.F. Houghton and Company Reading Iron Co.
E.G. Budd Company Reading Iron Works
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co. Reading Metals Refining Co.
E.I. Weigland Reading Railroad
E.J. Lavion and Co. Reading Rehabilitation Hospital
E.L. Rothschild Building Reading Shale Brick Co.
E.M. And W. Ferguson Reading Transport
E.N. Hyde Heating Co. Reading Transportation
E.T. Edwards Reading Tube Division
E.W. Bliss Reading Water Works
Eagle Hill Colliery Reading Whitehall Paperboard
Earbeu Harding and Company Red Lion Plant
East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Co. Redington Standard Fittings Co.
East End Electric Light Co. Reed Danville State
East Hempfield Elementary School Reed Electric Co.
East Liberty Home Dressed Meat Co. Reedsdale P.S.
East Liberty Market Reedsville Power Station
East Penn Refractories Co. Reese Metal Products
East Pennsylvania Electric Co. Refractory & Insulation Plant
East Pittsburgh Street Railway Co. Reichard Coulston
East Senior High School Reider Brothers
Eastern Affiliated Services Corp. Reirlay State Hospital
Eastern Asphalt Co. Reisinger Prather Co.
Eastern Foundry Co. Reliance Cement Co.
Eastern Gunite Corp. Reliance Coke Co.
Eastern Hydraulic Press Brick Co. Reliant Energy Mid Atlantic
Eastern Industrial Insulation Reliant Energy Wholesale Group
Eastern Mercy Health Systems Reminton Rand
Eastern Penn Psychiatric Institute Remmey Refractory
Eastern Pennsylvania Power Co. Rennepamp Supply Co.
Eastern Pennsylvania Railways Co. Renovo Shops
Eastern State School Republic Aluminum
Eastern Steel Co. Republic Coke Works
Eastern Tube Co. Republic Heater Co.
Easton Gas and Electric Co. Republic Iron and Steel Co.
Easton High School Republic Iron Works
Easton Shopping Center Republic Steel Corp.
Eaton Corp. Republic Steel Corporation
Eaton Corporation Research and Development Building
Ebensburg Coal Co. Retreat State Hospital
Ebensburg Light, Heat & Power Co. Revonah Yarn Mills
Eberle Tanning Co. Reynold Machine
Econolodge Reynolds Manufacturing Co.
Economy Sauer Chatham Center Reynolds Metals
Eddystone Manufacturing Co. Reynolds Metals Co.
Eddystone Powerhouse RFG 1 – RFD #1
Edgar Thompson Steel Works Rhone Poulenc Rorer Inc.
Edgar Thompson Works Richard Finishing Company, Inc.
Edgecomb Steel Richardson Paint Co.
Edgewater Corporation Richmond Power Plant
Edgewater Steel Co. Richmond Station
Edgewood Mill Rich-Sampliner Knitting Mills Co.
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Rico Realty Co.
Edison Electric Light Co. Riddle Memorial Hospital
Edison International Ridge Equipment Co.
Edison Light and Power Co. Rieck Mcjunkin Dairy Co.
Edison Light Co. Riggs Distiller & co.
Edison Mission Energy Riggs, Distler & Co.
Edith Furnace Riley Stoker
Edward Fay and Son Riley Stoker Corporation
Edwin Harrington Son and Company Rimersburg Junior High School
Ehret Magnesia Manufacturing Co. Riter Conley Manufacturing Co.
Einstein Medical Center Rittenhouse Apartments
Eisenhower Apartments Rittenhouse C & Son
El Rama Power Station Rittenhouse Plaza
Eleanor Shaft Mine Rittman Process Corporation
Electric Autolite Co. Ritz Carlton Hotel
Electric Company of America, River Station
Electric Light Department Riverview Home for the Aged
Electric Power Station RL Miller
Electric Storage Battery Co. Roaring Springs
Electric Traction Co. Roaring Springs Paper Mill
Electro Alloy Corp. Robert Chambers, Inc.
Electro Chemicals Robert Packer Hospital
Elementis Pigments, Inc. Robert Welch Trucking
Elenger Ind. Robert Wooler Co.
Eleventh Ward School Robertson Fuel Oil
Eliza Furnace Plant Robesonia Iron Co., Limited
Eliza Pipe Shop Robinson and Rea Manufacturing Co.
Elizabeth Steet Magee Hospital Robinson and Wallace
Eljer Co Robinson Clay Products Co.
Elk Creek Station Robinson Protected Metal Co. – Ceiling
Elk Station Robinson Ventilating Co.
Elk Tanning Co. Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Co.
Elk Tanning Company Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Co.
Elkland Leather Co. Rochester General Hospital
Elliot Co. Rochester Plant
Elliot Steel Co. Rochester/Pittsburgh Coal Co.
Elliott Company Rochez Brothers & Supply Co.
Elliott Turbomachinery Co., Inc. Rock Tenn Co.
Ellis School Rockhill Iron and Coal Co.
Ellisco, Inc. Rockpoint Sand Company of Pittsburgh
Ellsworth Coal Co. Rockwell Industries
Ellsworth Collieries Co. Roebling Steel
Ellwood City Borough Rohm & Haas Chemicals, LLC
Ellwood City Forge Corp. Rohn & Haas Chemical Co.
Ellwood Elementary School Rojac Industries
Elrama Power Plant Rolle Manufacturing Co.
Elwyn Training School Roman Catholic Protectory Montgomery County
Emlenton Refining Co. Ronco
Empire Building Roosevelt Hotel
Empire Iron and Steel Co Rorborough Chestnut Hill
Empire Reeves Steel Corp. Rorer Group, Inc.
Empire Steel Products Rosedale Foundry and Machine Co.
Employment Security Office Rosedale Knitting Mills
Enamel Products & Plating Co. Rosemont College
Eng Research Bld 19 Test Coil Rosena Furnace
Engineering Co. Rossiter, McGovern & Co.
Engr Annex Rothrock Dealership
Enterprise Galvanizing Rotoblast
Enterprise Transit Co. Round House
Episcopal Hospital Rowes Run Station
Epsilon Zeta Alumni Association Roxborough Chestnut Hill
Equipment Engineering Co. Roxborough Memorial Hospital
Equitable Gas Co Royal Swan Inc
Equitable Gas Energy Co. Ruffs Dale
Equitable Gas Steam Heating Co. Rush Boiler Co.
Equitable Illuminating Gas Light Co. Russian American Manufacturing Co.
Equitable Life Assurance Society Gateway Center Ruth Bennett Project
Erben Harding Co. Ryder & Richmond Oil CO.
Erie Cambridge Union S M S Automotive
Erie Car Works, Limited S. Bern Ohio Co.
Erie City Iron Works S. Ewart and Co.
Erie Coke Co. S. Jarvis Adams Co
Erie County Courthouse S. Lancaster Co School Authority- New Sr High School
Erie County Electric Co. S. Morgan Smith Co.
Erie Electric Motor Co. S.J. Shimer and Sons
Erie Fish Co. S.K.F. Industries
Erie Forge and Steel Co. S.S. African Planet (Ship)
Erie Industrial Insulation S.S. Atlantic Eng.
Erie Lackawanna Railroad S.S. Atlantic Navigator
Erie Lighting Co. S.S. East Hills
Erie Malebus Iron S.S. Esso Jamestown
Erie Marine S.S. Gulf Lube
Erie Railroad S.S. Illapel
Erie Railroad Co. S.S. Marvin Branch
Erie Works S.S. Mercantile Wave
Erwin Plumbing S.S. Mobil Aero
Es Magee Hospital S.S. Olympic
Essington S.S. Olympic Rock
Esso Standard Oil Co. S.S. Richfield
Estate of H.W. Oliver S.S. Sister Katingo
Estate of James Lord Jr. S.W. Grease & Oil
Estate of Stephen Greene Sabins Manufacturing Co.
Estate of William Weightman Sabinsville Compressor Station
Eterno Asbestos Lumber and Shingle Co. Sacred Heart Hospital
Eureka #30 Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation
Eureka #7 Saint Agnes Hospital
Eureka Colliery #35 Saint Ignatius Church
Eureka Div of Litton Ind Saint Joseph’s School
Eureka Limestone Salem Brosius Inc.
Eureka Specialty Co. Salem Park Townhomes
Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc. Salk Hall – University of Pittsburgh
Evangelical Community Hospital Sall Geo Metals Co.
Evans Colliery Co. Samaritan Hospital
Everts and Oerdeer, inc. Samuel Haight and Co.
Ewen Breaker Sandusky Cement Co.
Excelsior Coal Co. Sandusky Foundry
Excelsior Steam Planning Mill Sans Corp.
Exchange Building Satellite Alloy Corp.
Exelon Generation Co. Saucon Plant
Exelon Power Sauquoit Silk Co.
Exeter Colliery Savage Arms Corp.
Exeter High School Savoia Property Management Co.
Exeter Machine Works Saw Hill Tube Division
Exeter Power Co. Saxonburg Sintering Plant
Exide Battery Co. Saxton Iron Co.
Exotic Metals Sayre Electric Co.
Experimental Station Schaaf Heating & Air Conditioning
Exton Mall Schaefer Brewery
F B Wright Co. Scharff Equipment Co.
F. Miller Spring & Manufacturing Co. Schendis Ferry
F.& M. Schaefer Brewing Co. Schenley Distillers Corporation
F.A. Pavlick Schiable’s Bakery
F.A. Poth Brewing Co. Schick Inc.
F.C. Roberts and Company Engineers Schmidt and Ault Paper Co.
F.F. Geisler and Co. Schmidt Lumber Millwork
F.G. Vogt and Sons Schoen Pressed Steel Co.
F.H. Kalbfleisch Corporation Schoen Steel Wheel Co.
F.R. Dravo and Co. Schoeneck Farms Inc.
F.W Darlington C.E. School Selingrove Center
F.W. Tunnell Glue Manufacturing Schooley Colliery
Fabricating Engineering, Inc. Schutte and Koerting Co.
Fairhill Apartments Schuylkill Forge Co.
Fairless Hills Steel Mill Schuylkill Railway Co.
Fairless Steel Schuylkill Valley Traction Co.
Fairless Works Schwenkfelder Church
Fairless Works US Steel Scofield Engineering Co.
Fairmoint Wooster Mills Scofield, Mason and Co.
Fairmont Foundry, Inc. Scotland School for Vets
Fairmont Passenger Railroad Co. Scott Colliery
Fairmont Supply Co. Scott Foam
Fairmount Construction Co. Scott Paper Co.
Fairmount Fork Works Scottdale Iron and Steel Co.
Fairmount Park Commission Scottdale Wood Products Co.
Fairmount Park Transportation Co. Scottsdale Furnace Co.
Fairview School Scranton Anthracite Briquette Co.
Fanny Farmers Candy Manufacturing Scranton Axle and Spring Co.
Farentum Borough Scranton Bolt and Nut Co.
Farm Show Building Scranton Electric Co.
Farmers Cheese Scranton Gas and Water Co.
Farmers Deposit National Bank Building Scranton High School
Farmers Valley Scranton Lace Co.
Farreee Works Scranton Railway Co.
Farrell Steel Works & Furnaces Scranton Technical High School
Faust Distillery Scraton Ordinance Divison
Fawcus Machine Co. Seaboard Container Corporation
Fayette Manufacturing Co. Seaboard Steel and Manganese Corp.
Fayette R. Plumb, Inc. Seanor Coal Co.
Federal Container Co. Sears Roebuck Store
Federal Enameling and Stamping Co. Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Federal Office Building Sears, Roebuck and Company
Federal Paper Board Co, Inc. Second National Bank
Federal Savings Bank Security Investment Co.
Federal Steel Foundry Co. Selden Co.
Feita Corporation Selinsgrove Center School
Felins Meat Packing Selinsgrove State School
Fels & Company Semet-Solvay Co., Cambria Steel Co.
Fels Soap Company Semet-Solvay Company
Ferro Corp. Seneca Colliery
Ferrows Chemical Co. Sercon Corp.
FH McGraw & Co. Sergeant Electric Co.
Fibrous Glass Products Sersteel Corp.
Fidelity Bank Building Sewage Treatment Plant
Fidelity Insurance Trust & Safety Deposit Co. Seward Plant
Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co. Seward Power Plant
Finnaren & Haley Paint Seward Public Schoo
Fionesta Valley Chemical Co. Sewickley Valley Hospital
Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. SFK Industries, Inc.
First Energy Nuclear Operating Co. SGL Abrasives
First Federal Savings & Loan Shady Grove School
First National Bank Shaler High School, Shaler Township
First National Bank Building Shamokin and Coal Township Light, Heat & Power Co.
First Pennsylvania Banking & Trust Shamokin Dam
First Presbyterian Church Shamokin Light Heat and Power Co.
Firth Sterling Steel Co. Sharon Coke Co.
Fischer Porter Sharon Iron Co.
Fisher Body Corporation Sharon Steel Corporation
Fitzpatrick Sheetmetal Sharon Steel Hoop Co.
Fitzsimmons Junior High School Sharon Tube Co.
Flack Bros Inc. Sharon Water Works Co.
Flagg, Stanley G. & Co. Sharpless and Sons
Flannery Bolt Co. Sharpsville Furnace Co.
Fleetwood Metal Body Co. Sharpsville Roofing
FMC Corporation, American Viscose Corp. Shawmut Station
Fogelsville Plant Shawville Power Station
Follansbee Brothers Co. Shawville Station
Food Distribution Center Sheesley Construction
Food Fair Stores Shelbe and Fisher
Foot Mineral Co. Shelby Steel Tube Co.
Forbes Road Shelly Brothers Inc.
Forbes Steel Co. Shelocta Power Station
Ford and Kendig Co. Shenango China Co.
Ford City Foundry & Machine Co. Shenango Furnace Co.
Ford Motor Co. Shenango Pottery Co.
Forged Steel Wheel Co. Shenango Steel
Forrest Laundry Shenango Valley Steel Co.
Fort Bedford Inn Shenango Valley Water Co.
Fort Miffin- Central Heating Plant Shenango, Inc.
Fort Miffin- Naval Ammunition Depot Sheridan Machine
Fort Pitt Hotel Sheridan Supply Co.
Fort Pitt Steel Casting Sherwin Hotel
Fort Pitt Supply Co. Sherwood Refining Co., Inc.
Fort Washington Sherwood School
Forty Fort Shipman Coal Co.
Forty-Fort Colliery Shippensburg State College
Foseco Inc. Shipping Atomic Power Station
Foster Wheeler Corp. Shippingport Powerhouse
Foster-Wheeler Shoenberger Steel Co.
Founders Hall, Rt. 322 Shoenberger Works
Four Corners Powerhouse Shook Anderson Manufacturing Co.
Four States Coal Coke Co. Shwartz Paper Mill
Fox Grocery Silk Mill
Fox Run Apartments Silver Brook Coal Co.
Frackville Silver Steel Corp.
Francis Brothers & Jellett, Inc. Simon Gratz High School
Francisco Sugar Co. Simonin Oil Co.
Frank Ford Simpson and Watkins
Frank Kneeland Machine Co. Sinclair Koppers Co.
Frank Roberts & Sons Inc Sinclair Refining Co.
Frank Romano Singer Ice Co.
Frankford Arsenal Singer-Nimick Works
Frankford Electric Railway Co. Sinking Spring
Frankford Hospital Sinking Spring Foundry
Frankford Junction Sinking Springs
Frankford Metal Treating Sisters of mercy Bldg B
Frankford Plan Sisters of the Good Shepherd
Franklin Building Supply Sitkin Metal
Franklin Lumber Co. SKF Ball Bearing
Franklin Manufacturing Co. SKF Plant Addition
Franklin Marshall College Skin & Cancer Clinic
Franklin Mint Skinner Engine Co.
Franklin Motel Slatington Foundry
Franklin Quality Refining Co. Slatington Railway Co.
Franklin Smelting & Refining Slippery Rock State Teachers College
Franklin Smelting Co. Slippery Rock University
Franklin Steel Works Slofee Mine
Franklin Sugar Refining Co. Smith Brothers Iron Works
Franklin Works Smith Kline & French
Frantz Distillers, Inc. Smithfield ST. Terminal
Frantz Heating & Roof Co. Smock Station
Freebrook Corporations Smoketown Elementary School
Freedman Wholesale Lumber Co. Social Security Building
Freedom High School Socony Vacuum Oil Co.
Freedom Oil Works Co. Solesbury Elementary School
Freedom-Valvoline Oil Co. Somerset Coal Co.
Freemans Run Songer Construction Co.
Freeport Brick Co. Sonman Shaft Coal Co.
Freeport Terminal Inc Sonoco Products Co
Freeport Water Works Co. Soult Wholesale Co.
Freight Pitcalm Pittsburgh South Chester Tube Co.
Freihofer Vienna Baking Co. South Heights Power Station
Frick Building South Hills High School
Friends School South Hills Ice Co.
Friskies Pet Care Co. South Penn Oil Co.
Frog Switch Manufacturing Co. South Pittsburgh Water Co.
Frye Station South Pittsburgh Water Works
Ft. Indiantown Gap Military Reservation South Side Hospital
Ft. Marion Power Station South Side Plant
Ft. Pitt Brewing Co. Southern Cambria Railway Co.
Ft. Pitt Hotel Southern Cambria Street Railway Co.
Ft. Pitt Malleable & Grey Iron Co. Southern Kraft Division International Paper Co.
Furlong Construction Co. Southern Natural Gas Co.
G & H Steel Service Southern Nitrogen Co.
G. Garrett & Sons Southern Traction Co.
G. Ramsey & Sons Southmark Mills Co.
G.A. Haupt, Jr. Southside Works
G.A.F. Corporation Industrial Prod. Division Southwark Foundry and Machine Co.
G.B. Markle & Co. Southwest Water Co.
G.B.Markle & Co. Spang & Co.
G.E. Industrial Tube Plant Spang Chalfant & Co., Inc.
G.E. Metropolitan Edison Spang Steel and Iron Co.
G.K. Garrett Company Spano Painting Company
G.S.A Spaug Chalfaut and Co.
G.W. Allen Company Spearman Iron Co.
G.W. Childs Public Ledger Building Spector Freight System
G.W. Johnson Co. Speer Carbon Co.
GAF Corporation Spicer Manufacturing Co.
Gage Co. Spirax-Sarco Incorporated
Gair Box Spreckels Sugar Refining Co.
Garage Office Building Sprenger Brewing Co.
Garden Spot Junior High Spring Brook Water Supply Co.
Garfield Junior High School Spring Siding
Garland Brotheres Springdale Powerhouse
Garman Mills Station Springdale Station
Garrick Theater Spring-Ford Area High School
Gas Pumping Station Springs Cotton Mills
Gateshirt Development Corp. Springwell Foundry
Gateway Center Building SS Bertz Whse
Gautier Steel Department SS Boiler House Station #30
Gaylord Colliery St Joe Minerals
Gdula Coal Co. St Joe Smelting
Geare-Marston, Inc. St Joseph Lead Company
GEM Manufacturing Co. St. Ann Src Church
Gen Alden Coal St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church
General American Transportation Corp. St. Charles Seminary
General Cable Co. St. Corr Inst. At Huntingdon
General Carbice St. Elizabeth Convent
General Chemcial Company of Pennsylvania St. Francis Hospital
General Chemical Co. St. James Activity Building
General Dynamic Corporation St. James Episcopal Church
General Electric Co. St. Joe Lead
General Engineering Works, Inc. St. Joe Resources Co.
General Hospital St. Johns General Hospital
General Ionics Corporation St. Joseph Hospital
General Motors Corporation St. Joseph Lead Co.
General Refractory Corp St. Joseph’s Academy
General Ribbon Mills, Inc. St. Joseph’s Hospital
General Smelting & Refining Co. St. Louis Plate Glass Co.
General Steel Casting Corp. St. Luke’s Hospital
General Textile Mills St. Margaret’s Hospital
General Tire & Rubber Co. St. Mark’s School
Gene’s Garage St. Mary’s Laundry
Geneva College St. Michael
Gentex Corporation St. Nicholas
Geo. F. Moilers Co. St. Nicholas Building
Geo. Sall Metals St. Paul’s Church
George A. Fuller Contracting Co. St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum
George A. Smith and Co. St. Peters
George F. Uber Co. St. Pius X Sminary
George H. Walbridge Lackawanna Light Co. St. Regis Paper
George Hasley and Sons Stackpole Carbon
George M. Newhall Engineering Co. Stagmaier Brewing Co.
George Pottash & Co. Staley Starch
George S. Harris & Sons Staley Syrups
George Sall Metals Co. Stanbridge apartments
George School Standard Box
George Singleton Standard Chair Co.
George V. Cresson Standard Floor Co.
George V. Hamilton, inc. Standard Ice Manufacturing Co.
George W. Blabon Co. Standard Life Insurance Building
George Westinghouse Jr. Standard Oil Co.
Georgia Pacific Pulp & Paper Standard Plant
Gerard Trust Building Standard Plastics
German Hospital Standard Press Steel Co.
Germantown District High School Standard Register Co.
Germantown Hospital Standard Sanitary Corp.
Germantown Jewish Center Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co.
Germantown Junction Standard Scale and Supply Co.
Germantown YMCA Standard Seamless Tube Company
GES; Circulating Fluid Bed Plant Standard Steel
Gettysburg College Standard Steel Car Co.
Gettysburg High School Standard Steel Works
Giant Portland Cement Co. Standard Tin Plate Co.
Gibson and Sons, Inc. Standard Underground Cable Co.
Gibson Electric Co. Stanley G Flagg and Co.
Gilbert Associates, Inc. Stanton Colliery
Gimbels Store Stanwix Heating Plant
Gipsey Grove Colliery Star Fire Brick Co.
Girard Coal Co. Starr Stores Warehouse
Girard College State Capital Building
Girard Estate Peoples Bank State College
Girard Refinery State Correctional Institute
Girard Trust Co. State Correctional Institution
Girls Normal School State Hospital
Girton Manufacturing Co. State Hospital for the Insane
Gladwyne College State Institution
Glasgow Iron Co. State Office Building
Glass Containers Corp. State Penitentiary
Glassine Paper Co. State Police Office- Capitol Building
Glastic Corporation State Teachers College
Glatfelter Paper Mll Station J
Glen Alden Coal Co. Stauffer Chemical Co.
Glen Gery Shale Brick Corp. Stauffer Chemical Co., Inc.
Glen Summit Hotel and Land Co. Stawbridge & Clothier
Glen Willow Ice Manufacturing Co. Steam Generator Sales Service
Glen Wilton Steel Car Forge Co
Glenn M. Baker Heating & Plumbing Steel Car Forge Co.
Glenshaw Glass Co Steel City Lumber Co.
Glenwood Station Steele Elementary School
Glidden-Durkee Steelton and Highspire Rail Road Co.
Globe Automatic Sprinkler System Sterling Metal
Globe Dye Works Co. Sterling Silk Glove Co.
Globe Rubber Co. Sterrick Creek Coal Co.
GLP Company Stevenson Terrace Apartments
Glyco Chemicals Division Stick Trailers
Gnex Inc Stone & Webster Engineering
Gold Bond Building Products Stone Canyon Consolidated Coal Co.
Goldsmith Building Stone Container Corp.
Goldsteins & Sons, Inc. Stoner-Mudge
Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Parish Stores Department
Goodyear Strand Township
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Stratton Motor Co.
Governor’s Mansion Straub Brewing
GPU Nuclear Corporation Strawbridge & Clother Department Store
Graff Station Strawbridge & Clothier
Graham Foundry and Machine Co. Stricklands Hotel
Grain Elevator & Storage Co. Struthers and Wells
Gram Asbestos Co. Struthers Coal and Coke Co.
Grand Insulation Struthers Station
Granite City Steel Co. Struthers Wells Corp.
Granite Hosiery Mills Suburban Plant
Grant Station Suburban Propane
Grant Towers Suburban Rapid Transit Street Railway Co.
Grantley Road, York County Suburban Water Co.
Granview Hospital Sugar Notch
Grape Products Co. Sugar Refining and Molasses Co.
Grasselli Powder Co. Sugar Station
Gratz & Gillespie School Sulzberger Junior High
Grays Ferry Road and Carpenter Street Summerdale Dye & Finishing Inc.
Great Lakes Steel Summit Branch Mining Co.
Greater Pittsburgh Airport Summit Branch Railroad Co.
Gree Inc. Summit Park Apartments
Green Bag Cement Sun Company, Inc.
Green Ridge Coal Co. Sun Comppany, Inc. Refinery
Green Spring Co. Sun Oil Co.
Green Tweed Sun Petroleum Co.
Greencastle Packing Co. Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co.
Greensburg Sun Transport Co.
Greensburg Central Catholic High School Sunbeam Equipment Co.
Greensburg-Connellsville Coal & Coke Co. Sunbury and Northumberland Electric
Greenville Steel Car Co. Sunbury Station
Greyhound Bus Terminal Sunoco Chemical Inc.
Griffin Emanuel Brick Co. Superior Builders Supply Co.
Grinding Feed Superior Drawn Steel Co.
Grinnell Company, Inc. Superior Steel Corporation
Griswold Worsted Company Superior Zinc Corp.
Grocer’s Sugar House Supplee Memorial Presbyterian Church
Grosglass- 27th Street Plant Surface Chemicals Inc.
Grove City College Surpass Leather Co.
Grover Cleveland Public School Susquehanna Coal Co.
Grover Farms, Inc. Susquehanna Collieries Co.
Guaranty Silk Corporation Susquehanna Power Station
Guardian Encr & Dev Co. Susquehanna Silk Mills
Gulf (Chevron) Refinery Susquehanna University – Women’s and Men’s Dormitories
Gulf Oil Corp Susquehannock High School
Gulf Oil Corporation Swan Trucking
Gulf Refining Co. Swarthmore College
Gulf Research & Development Swarthmore Street Railway
Gulf Research and Development Co. Swees Steel Co.
Gulph Woolen Mills Sweet’s Steel
H A Diffenbach Swift and Company
H H Robertson Co Swindell-Dressler Co.
H T Horst Construction Co. Swing and Bateman
H. Blinderman & Son Sykesville Coke Co.
H. Daroff and Sons Sylvania Electric Product Co.
H. Julius Klingler and Co. Syntex Corporation
H. Koppers Co. Synthane Corporation
H. Westhoff- Florist Synthane-Taylor Corp
H.C. Fick Coke Co. T.C. Roberts and Co.
H.C. Price Co. Tacony Iron and Metal Co.
H.D. Justi Division Tacony Ordnance Corporation
H.E. Colliery Talco Metal Products Co.
H.F. Watson Co. Talon Federated Fund
H.H. Brosius Tamaqua Colliery
H.H. Chrowder Co. Tar Products Division
H.H. Curry Co. Tarentum Light and Water Plant
H.H. Heinz Lab. Tarentum Paper Mills
H.H. Robertson Co. Tarinto Monument Works
H.J. Heinz Co. Tasty Baking Co., Inc.
H.K. Drimming Tradesman Grain Elevator & Storage Co. Tate Jones and Co., Inc.
H.K. Mulford Plant Tate Jones Co.
H.K. Porter Co. Taws and Hartman
H.L. Edwards and Co. Taylor Fibre
H.R. Curry Co, Inc. Taylor forge & Pipe Works
H.T. Osburn & Company, Inc. Taylor-Wharton Iron and Steel Co.
H.W. Butterworth and Sons Tech Food Products Co.
H.W. Oliver Central Power Plant Teledyne, Inc.
Hadden Steel Co. Temple Covenant of Peace
Hahnemann Hospital Temple Furnace
Hainsworth Steel Co. Temple Hospital
Hajoca Building Temple Iron Co.
Hale Building Temple University
Hall and Garrison Tere Woodring and Co.
Hallmor Co. Tetsner Dyeing Co.
Haltenback and Stephens Texas Co
Hameraschlag Hall Textile Machine Works
Hamilton Watch Co. Thaddeus Stevens Industrial School
Hammermill Paper Co. The American Pulley Co.
Hammond Iron Works The Budd Co.
Hamont Medical Center The Federal Buidling
Hamot Hospital The Guy S Haak Builders
Hampton Boiler Plant The Hill School
Hampton Mines The Mercersburg Academy
Handy & Harman Tube Co. The Patterson-Kelley Co, Inc.
Hanlon & Wilson Co. The Philip Carey Manufacturing Corp.
Hanlon Electric Co. The Spring Cotton Mills
Hannastown Plant The U G I Corporation
Hanover Power Co. Theodore Presser
Happenstall Co. Thermal Engineering Inc
Harbison Walker Refractories Co. Thermal Engineering Inc.
Harcast Corporation Thermal Refractories Co.
Harcum Junior College Thermal Transfer Corp.
Hardesty Industries Thomas Dolan and Co.
Harding Ave Junior High School Thomas Iron Co.
Hardinge Co. Thomas Iron Company
Hardware & Industrial Tool Thomas Jefferson Hospital
Hardwich and Magee Co. Thomas Kent Manufacturing Co.
Harison Walker Thomas May Pierce School
Harleigh Brookwood Coal Co. Thompson & Sons
Harmar Coal Three Mile Island
Harrisburg Foundry & Machine Co. Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant
Harrisburg Light and Power Co. Three Mile Island Power Plant
Harrisburg State Hospital Tidewater Pipe Line Co.
Harrisburg Station Tidewater Steel Co.
Harrisburg Steel Tilden Junior High
Harrisburg Water Works Till Distributing
Harrison Brothers Tin Mill
Harrison Building Tin Plate Co.
Harrison, Frazier & Co. Tin Plate Manufacturing Co.
Harrison, Havemeyer & Co. Tioga Coal Co.
Harry A Prock Cabinet Co. Titus Station Powerhouse
Harry Elenberger Lbr Co. Titus Station Turbine
Harry Roman Titusville Iron Works
Harry’s Auto Repairs Tive Water Pipe Line Co.
Hartman Steel Co. Tobyhanna Signal Depot
Harvey and Collins Toffs Inc
Harwood Electric Power Co. Toolmatic Co.
Hatboro Plumbing & Heating Topps Bubble Gum
Hatfield Ferry Station Topton Bakery
Hatfield Power Station Torrance State Hospital
Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station Tosco Refining Co.
Hauto Steam Electric Station Toth Trucking
Haverford College Towanda
Haverford High School Tower Hill Connellsville Coke Co.
Haverford State Mental Hosptial Town of Harmarville – Sewage Treatment Plant
Hays Army Depot Townsend Co.
Hazard Manufacturing Co. Township Light and Power Co.
Hazel Atlas Glass Co. Township of Annville
Hazelton Sewage Trade & Convention Center
Hazelton Water Co. Traders Coal Co.
Hazelwood Byproducts Tradesman Grain Elevator & Storage Co.
Hazelwood Plt Batt #2 Trafford City
Hazelwood Works Trailmobile Manufacturing co.
Hazle Mountain Coal Co. Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp.
Hazlet and Spring Hill Transcontinental Pipe Line Corp.
Hazleton Authority Trans-Lux Theatre Colonial
Hazleton Brick Co. Trappe and Limerick Electric Street Railway Co.
Hazleton City Of Treadkill Buck Run Coal Co.
Hazleton Electric Light and Power Co. Treadwell Construction Co.
Hazleton Water Works Tredyffrin Township
Heatherington Plant Trent Incorporated
Heere Bros. Treverton Electric Light and Power Station
Heeren Brothers and Co. Trexler Farms
Heidelberg Colliery Trexlertown Paper Box Co.
Heintz Manufacturing Co. Tri Cash & Carry Lumber Co
Heinz U.S.A Tri Cities Water Co.
Helen Mining Tri River Building Products Inc.
Helfenstein, Lewis and Green Tri State Non Ferrous Co.
Hellen Mills Trinity Middle School
Hellwig Silk Dying Co. Trojan Powder Co.
Hemlock Creek Trooper High School
Hendel Hat Co. Trost Sheet Metal Co.
Henderson Sugar Refinery Tru Knit Industries
Hendrick Manufacturing Co. Truck Station 70 – Welshman B P Plant
Henry Clay Furnace Truesdale Colliery
Henry Colliery TRW Incorporated
Henry Laudenslager Tub Prodructs.
Henry McKeen and Co. Tubalas Products Division
Henry Phipps Central Power Plant Tube City Brewing Co.
Henry Phipps Mutual Training School Tuberculosis Hospital
Heppenstall of Pittsburgh Turbine Laboratory School
Heppenstall-Eddystone Corp. Turner and Serrel
Heppnstall Forge and Knife Co. Turtle Creek Valley Water Co.
Hercules Cement Corp. Tuscarora Oil Co., Ltd.
Hercules Picco Resins Tyco Electronics Corporation
Hercules Powder Co. Tygart Glass
Herman Goldner Co. Tyler Charcoal Iron Tin Mills
Herrs Potato Chips, Inc. Tyler School of Fine Art
Hershey Chocolate Co. Tyler Tube and Pipe Co.
Hershey Foods Corporation Tyrone Iron Co.
Hershey Medical Center Tyson Metal Products
Hershey State Police Training Barri U.S. Air Force
Hess Brothers Warehouse U.S. Army
Hess Department Store, Harrisburg U.S. Army Reserve Center
Hess, Inc. U.S. Bureau of Mines
Hestonville Mantua U.S. Dept of Agriculture
Hetrick and Wilson U.S. Engineers Susquehanna River Flood Control
Heyl and Patterson U.S. Government Supply Depot
Heyl Physicians Supply Co. U.S. Hoffman Machinery Corp.
Hibbard-Rodman-Ely Safe Co. U.S. Nacal Air Division
Hickory Ridge Colliery U.S. Naval Shipyard
Hickory Swamp Colliery U.S. Navy
Highland Brewing Co. U.S. Steel Chemical Plant
Highland Colliery #5 U.S. Steel Corp.
Highway Appliance Company U.S. Steel Corporation- Edgar Thomson Works
Hillside Coal and Iron Co. U.S. Steel, Sinter Plant #1
Hilton Hotel U.S.S. Alderbaran
Hinckliffe Keener U.S.S. Hank
Hiram Swank & Sons U.S.S. Hank DD-702
Hoffman Bros U.S.S. Vermilion
Hoffman Station UGI Corporation
Holiday Inn Ukranian Cathedral
Holland Furnace Union Carbide & Carbon Chemical Corp.
Hollenbach Colliery #2 and #5 Union Carbide Caribe Inc.
Hollidaysburg Union Carbide Corporation
Hollidaysburg Power Station Union City
Holmesburg, Tacony and Frankford Electric Railway Co. Union Coal Co.
Holtwood Power Station Union Dish Co.
Holy Redeemer Hospital Union Drawn Steel Co.
Home Electric Light and Steam Heating Co. Union Electric Co.
Home for Indigent & House of Correction Union Electric Steel Co.
Homeopathic Hospital Union Ice Co.
Homeopathic State Hospital Union Iron Works
Homeopathic State Hospital for the Insane Union League Club
Homer City Generating Station Union Metal Manufacturing
Homer City Power Station Union Paving Co.
Homer City- Sam Place Union Railroad
Homer City Station Union Specialties
Homestead Borough of Water Works Union Spring Manufacturing Co.
Homestead Highland Street Railway Co. Union Station
Homestead Industries Union Steel Casting
Homestead Steel Works Union Steel Co.
Homestead Works Union Supply Co.
Homestead Works US Steel Union Switch and Signal Co.
Honey Brook Colliery #5 Union Traction Co.
Honeywell, Inc. Uniontown Demolition
Hood, Bonbright and Co. Uniontown Hospital
Hope Natural Gas Co. Uniontown Senior High School
Hopeman Brothers Uniroyal Rubber Co.
Hopkinson House Apartments Unit Rail Anchor Corp.
Hopper Paper Co. United Atkinson Inc
Horlacher Brewing Co. United Church of Christ
Horner School Building United Container Corporation
Horsehead Industries United Electric Co.
Hospital for the Insane United Electric Company of America
Host Motel United Engineering & Foundry Co.
Hotel Lafayette United Engineering and Foundry Co.
House of Correction United Engineers & Constructors, Inc.
House of Good Shepherd United Gas Improvement
House of the Good Shepherd United Gas Improvement Co.
Howard Axle Plant United Gilsonite Lab.
Howe and Samuel United Industrial Supply Co.
Howe Sound Co. United Refining Co.
Howe, Brown & Company United Roofing and Manufacturing Co.
Howmet Corporation United State Aluminum of America
Hubbard Tool Division United State Merchant Marine Academy
Hubbs & Howe Co. United State Navy Yard
Hudec Colliery, Inc. United State Powder Co. (Explosives Division)
Hudson Coal Co. United State Sanitary Manufacturing Co.
Hudwood Irwin Company, Inc. United States Asbestos Co.
Huff Power Station United States Coal and Coke Co.
Huffman Industries United States Dept. of Commerce,
Hugh McInnes Rebecca Paper Mill United States Government Shell Loading Plant #
Hughes and Gauthorp Co. United States Iron
Hughes and Patterson United States Mint
Hugus and Hacke United States Naval Hospital
Hummelstown Water Supply United States Naval Reserve Aviation Base
Hunlock Creek Powerhouse United States Navy Mine Depot
Hunter Manufacturing United States Pipe and Foundry Co.
Hunter Saw & Machine United States Seamless Tube Co.
Hunting Park Avenue Plant United States Steel Company
Hussey Building United States Steel Corp.
Hussey Copper Ltd. United States Steel Corporation
Hutchinson Street Station United States Veterans Hospital
HV Charles Company United Steel and Wire
Hyde Park Gas Co. United Telephone Co.
Hydro-Blast Corp. United Traction Co.
Hydro-Blast corporation Univ Atlas Cem Div of USS Corp.
Hygeia Ice Company Univ. Welding
Hygrade Food Products Universal Atlas Cement
Hyman Brodsky & Son Universal Cyclops Corporation
I.T.E. Circuit Breaker Co. Universal Cyclops Steel Co.
Iberia Sugar Cooperative, Inc. Universal Dye works
IBM Building Universal Insulation Co.
IBM Office Building Universal Oil Products
Illinois Steel Co. Universal Rubber Products Co.
Illinois Zinc Co. Universal Rundle Co.
Imagining Systems University City High School
Immaculate Conception Cathedral University of Pennsylvania Hospital
Immaculate Conception School University of Pittsburgh
Imperial Leather Co. University Square Condominiums
Imperial Type Metals Upper Darby High School
Impervious Varnish Co. Upper Manover Twp North of E Greenv
inclair-Koppers Upper Milford School
Independence Hall Upper Mount Bethel
Independent Brewing Co. Ursinus College- Dining Room
Independent Brewing Company of Pittsburgh US Aluminum Corp.
Independent Bridge Co. US Army Reserve Center
Independent Manufacturing Co. US Army War College- Carlisle Barracks
Indiana Cold Storage and Ice Co. US Bureau of Mines
Indiana County Railways Co. US Courthouse and Office Building
Indiana Erie Company US Electric Illuminating Co.
Indiana Provision Co. US Government – Special Ordinance Plant
Indiana State Teachers College US Gypsum Co.
Industrial Air Conditioning US Hoffman Machinery
Industrial Cold Storage and Warehouse Co. US Signal Corps – Administration Building
Industrial Div. Warehouse US Steel Co.
Industrial Equipment Co. US Steel Corporation
Industrial Gasket & Shim Co US Steel Corporation Vandergrift Works
Industrial Valley Bank US Steel, USX
Ingersoll Rand Co. US Veterans Administratiion
Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Company USS Chemicals
Ingersoll-Rand Co. USS Headquarters
Ingo Portugalete USX Corporation
Ingram Richardson Co. USX Irving Works
Inland Cotnainer Corporation USX Steel Mill
Inland Products, inc. USX Steel, Clairton Works
Inn of American V.C. Golden
Inolex Chemical Valley Camp Coal co.
Instruction of the Blind Valley Corp.
Insulation Sales Co. Valley Electric Co.
Insuldeck Corp. Valley Electric Light and Power Co.
Interlake Iron Co. Valley Forge Hospital
Internal Revenue Service Building Valley Forge State park
International Boiler Works Valley Ice Co.
International Mill Co. Valley Mill
International Motor Co. Valley Mould and Iron Co.
International Paper Valley Traction Co, Lemoyne
International Service Ind. Valley Traction Co.
International Shoe Co. Van Dorn Company Heat Tire
Interstate Contracting & Coating Co. Van Horn Ely
Interstate Railways Co. Vanadium Alloys Steel Co.
Iowa Barb Wire Co. Vandergrift Construction Co.
Iron City Heating Co. Vandergrift Electric Light and Power Co.
Iron City Imp. Co. Vandergrift Land and Improvement Co.
Iroquois Apartments Vare Junior High School
Irving Works Steel Mill Vasco
Irwin Works Vaugh Sanitary Bakery
Isabella Furnace Co. Venus Pen & Pencil
Isimbel Brothers Stable Vernon Textile Co.
Island Petroleum Co, Neville Island Vesta Coal Co.
Island Petroleum Company Vesuvius Crucible Co.
ITE Circuit Breaker Co. Veterans Administration Hospital
ITT Fluid Products Veterans Hospital
IVB Buidling Vick Manufacturing Division
Ivor J Lee Co. Victor Balata Plant
Ivy Rock Farm Victor Barward Industries
J & L Steel Victor Chemical Works
J B Kelly Construction Villanova College
J B Van Sciver Villanova University
J R Whitting Power Plant Vinton Colliery Co.
J&L Steel Vintondale
J. and C. Nicholson Trustee Viscose Co.
J. And L. Southside Viscose Company
J. And R. Meily Vocational Technical School
J. And W. Yewdall Vornhold Wall Paper
J. Bishop and Co. Vosters Nurseries
J. C. Klauder Estate Vulcan Detinning Co.
J. Fred Talbott Vulcan Foundry and Machine Co.
J. Langdon & Company, Inc. Vulcan Mold
J. Mundell and Co. Vulcanized Rubber & Plastics Co.
J.A. Dougherty’s Sons W M H Roper Co.
J.B. Ellison and Sons W Rose Inc.
J.B. Lippincott Building W W Armstrongn Inc.
J.B. Swayne & Son W. Conschohocken
J.B. Veatch- Truck Station 103 W. Dewees Wood Co.
J.C. Graham and Co. W. Elizabeth
J.C. Greenwood Association, Inc. W. Glyde wilkins Co.
J.C. Grover & Sons W. J. Lawlor
J.C. Mcdowell W. Newton
J.D. Ferry Co. W.C. Hamilton and Son
J.D. Grover & Sons W.C. Hamilton and Sons
J.D. Morrissey, Inc. W.D. Reiniger & Sons
J.E. Baker Co. W.F. Mosser and Son
J.E. Patterson and Co. W.G. Balph Co.
J.E. Potter and Co. W.G. Payne and Company
J.F. Betz and Sons W.G. Pennypacker
J.F. Buchanan and Co. W.H. Haws Fire Brick Co.
J.G. Brill Co. W.H. Luden
J.G.White and Co. W.H. Piper and Co.
J.H. and C.K. Eagle Co. W.H. Piper and Company
J.H. Michener and Co. W.J. Hollis
J.H. Sternbergh and Son W.J. McCahan Sugar Refining and Molasses Co.
J.H. Wilcox W.J. Rainey Company
J.J. De Kinder W.K. Niver Coal Co.
J.J. Felin Co., Inc. W.P.O. Railroad
J.J. Vandergrift W.R. Mcturk Coal Co.
J.J. White Co. W.W. Darley
J.K. Mosser Co. W.W. Harrison
J.K. Wright and Co. Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal
J.P. Maloney Wager and Cox
J.S. And T. Elkinton Wall & Shand, Duke and Vine Sts.
J.S. Wentz Wallace Run Plant
J.T. Bennett Co. Wallace-Murray
J.W. Arrott Walster Corp.
J.W. Ivory Co. Waltz Mills
J.W. Rex Co. Wanamie Colliery
Jacoby Heating, ,Inc. Warden, Frew and Co.
James H. Reed Power Station Waren State Boiler House
James Irwin and Co. Wark Army Supply
James L. Stuart Warner Co.
James Lees and Sons Co. Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical Co.
James Martin and Co. Warren Light and Power Co.
James McKay Co. Warwick Iron & Steel Co.
James P Wood Heating Co. Washburn and Zerfass
James Reed Power Station Washburn, Williams and Co.
James S. Wilson Junior High School Washington Ave. Plant
James Wolfenden Washington Coal and Coke Co.
Jamison Coal and Coke Co. Washington Electric Light and Power Co.
Janney Cylinder Washington High School
Januty Silk Co., Inc. Washington Hospital
Jas. Bonar and Co. Washington Ice Co.
Jaunty Fabric Corp. Washington Jefferson College
Jawood Lukens Washington Powerhouse
Jayval Marine Corp. Washington Steel
Jeannette Glass Co. Washington Steel & Ordnance Co.
Jeannette Shade & Novelty Co. Washington Steel Co.
Jeddo Highland Coal Co. Washington Tin Plate Co.
Jefferson & Clearfield Coal & Iron Co. Washington Tool & Machine Co.
Jefferson Coal Co. Washingtonville
Jefferson Hospital Washingtonville Power Plant
Jefferson Medical College Water Works Construction Co.
Jefferson Medical College Hospital Watson Lands Lumber Co.
Jefferson Plant Watsontown Door and Sash Co.
Jenny Cylinder Wayne Construction Co.
Jere Woodring and Co. Wayne County Memorial Hospital
Jermyn and Co. Wayne Crouse, Inc.
Jermyn Boiler House Wayne Iron Works
Jersey Cereal Food Company Waynesburg Electric Light and Power Co.
Jersey Shore Electric Street Railway Co. Wean United
Jersey Shore Steel Co. Weatherspoong Building
Jesse W. Starr Jr. Webster Coal and Coke co.
Jessop Steel Co. Webster Furnace
Jessup and Moore, Chester Mills Weeks Brothers
Jessup Plant Weightman Building
Jetronic Industries Weinberg Louis and Marion
Jewish Home for the Aged Weirton Steel
Jewish Hospital Welch Grape Juice Co.
JNO. A. Rigg Welding Engineers
JNO. F. Wilcox Wellman-Seaver Morgan Co.
Joel J. Bailey and Co. Wellsboro Electric Co.
John A. Rigg Welsbach – State Correctional Inst.
John B. Kelly Construction Wernersville State Hospital
John B. Stetson Co. Wertz Engineering Co.
John Bartram Senior High School Wessell Hardware Corporation
John Bistelson Co. West Ave Apartments
John Bromley and Sons West Chester Chemical
John Cohen Clothes West Chester Laundry
John David Co. West Chester University
John Dimling West Chester, Kennett & Wilmington Electric Railway Co.
John F. Casey, Inc., Pullman Standard West End Coal Co.
John J Kane Hospital West End Heating and Energy Co.
John Lang Paper Co. West End Rolling Mill Co.
John M Grasse Elementary School West Leechburg Steel Co.
John Moffet Elementary School West Liberty School
John Mundell and Co. West Newton Paper Co.
John Potero Co. West Park Hospital
John S. Pepson West Penn Hospital
John Tack & Sons West Penn Power Co Armstrong Station
John Tearney Heating & Plumbing West Penn Power Co.
John Tyson West Penn Powerhouse
John Veith Colliery West Pennsylvania Hospital
John Wanamaker Department Store West Pennsylvania Power Co.
John Wanamaker Store West Pennsylvania Traction Co.
John Wood Manufacturing Co. West Philadelphia City High School
John Yewdall Keystone Mills West Run Allegheny
John Zimmermann and Sons West Side School
Johnny’s Gas Station West Virginia Power Transmission Co.
Johns Manville West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co.
Johns Manville Products Co. West Virginia Railway Co.
Johnson and Co. Westerly Parkway School
Johnstown Water Co. Western Electric Co, Inc.
Jonathan Ring and Son Western Metal Bed Co.
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation Western Pennsylvania Hospital for Insane
Jones and Laughlin Steel Co. Western Pennsylvania Power Co.
Jones Junior High School Western Railroad Co.
Jordan Park Apartments Western State Psychiatric Hospital
Joseph and Thropp Westfield River Paper Co.
Joseph Berliner Co. Westfield Tanning Co.
Joseph Campbell Pet Foods Westinghouse
Joseph Heacokc Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
Joseph Horne and Co. Westinghouse Bettis
Joseph R. Foster Sons Westinghouse Cars and Co.
Joseph S. Finch Co. Westinghouse Electric
Josephine Furnace and Coke Co. Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
Josephtown Westinghouse Electric Airbrake
Joy Manufacturing Westinghouse Electric Co- Steam Division
Joy Manufacturing Westinghouse Electric Co. A B Building
JSTA. #30 – S.S. Boiler House Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Julius Kayser Company Crown Plant Westinghouse High Voltage Insulator Co.
Juniata Co. Westinghouse, Church, Kerr and Co.
Juniata County School District Westmoreland Coal Co.
Juniata Furnace and Foundry Co. Westmoreland County Home for the Destitute
Justi Division W. Gold Ref. Westmoreland Paper Co.
K & L Refractory Service Westmoreland Railway Co.
Kaiser Metal Westmoreland Water Co.
Kane Area Junior High School Westside Osteopathic Hospital
Kane School Westvaco
Kanmak Mills Westvaco Pulp and Paper
Karl Lieberknecht Inc. Wetern Penitentiary of Pennsylvania
Karl R.H. Knapp, Inc. Weyerhaeuser Co.
Katz Underwear Co. Weyeth Laboratories, Inc.
Kaufman Building Wheelabrator Falls Wte
Kaufmans Department Store Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Co.
Kawecki Berylco Ind. Wheelwright and Mudge
Kawecki Chemical Co. White Haven Div.
Kaweener Co. White Marsh Junction
Keasbey & Mattison Co. White Mountain Paper Co.
Keasbey and Mattison White Pigment Corporation
Keebler Biscuits Co. Whitehall Portland Cement Co.
Keene Corporation Whitehaven Sanatorium
Keller Creamery Whiting Corporation
Kelloggs Whitman Chocolate
Kelly and Jones Co. WHitmoyer Laboratories
Kelly and Ludwig Widener University
Kelly Wooden Ware Co. Wiegner Smelting Co.
Kelsey Hayes Wheel Co. Wilcox Wilford Corp.
Kemble Iron Co. Wildman & Schwartz
Kemmerer Iron and Steel Co. Wildman Arms Apartments
Kendall Refining Co. Wildman Jacquard Co.
Kennametal, Inc. Wilkes Barre Anthracite Coal Co.
Kennedy Ebensburg Center Wilkes Barre Co.
Kennett & Wilmington Electric Railway Co. Wilkes Barre College
Kennett Square Wilkes Barre Electric Light Co.
Ketchum Communications Holding Wilkes Barre Gas and Electric Co.
Keystone Asbestos Magnesia Co. Wilkes Barre Lace Manufacturing
Keystone Brewers, Inc. Wilkes Barre Railway Co.
Keystone Coal and Coke Co. Wilkes Barre Steam Heat Co.
Keystone Construction Co. Wilkes College
Keystone Drawn Steel Wilkinsburg and Eat Pittsburgh Railroad
Keystone Drydock Wilkinsburg Electric Co.
Keystone Engineering Co. Wilkinsburg High School
Keystone Generation Station Wilkinson and East Pittsburgh Street Railway Co.
Keystone Generation Station Unit 1 William A Shoemaker School
Keystone Pipe and Supply William Armstrong & Sons
Keystone Plantation William Armstrong and Sons
Keystone Portland Cement Co. William H. Grundy and Company
Keystone Power Plant William H. Taylor & Co.
Keystone Power Station William J. Mimm Lancaster Floor Plant
Keystone Project William Krause and Sons Cement Co.
Keystone Project, Clairton Works William L. Sayre Junior High School
Keystone Resources William Leard Co.
Keystone Roofing Co. William Miller and Sons Co.
Keystone Shaft Mine William Penn Colliery
Keystone Station William Penn High School
Keystone Wire & Iron William Penn Hotel
Keystone Woolen Mills William Penn P.O.
Kibbe, Chaffie and Co. William Steele Sons Co.
Kim Bob Construction William Wharton Jr. Co.
Kimberly Clark Corporation William Whitaker and Sons
King Keystone Williamette Industries
King of Prussia Shopping Center Williamson Trade School
Kingan and Company, Limited Williamsport Free School of Mechanical Trades
Kingston Coal Co. Williamsport Powerhouse
Kingston Electric Co. Williamsport Technical Institute
Kinsey Distilling Co. Willow Grove Air Station
Kittanning Brick and Fire Clay Co. Willow Grove Naval Base
Kittanning Ceramics Co. Willow Grove Railway Co.
Kittanning Plate Glass Co. Willow Street
Klien Chocolate Company Willow Street Vo-Tech Building
Knabb Barrel Div. Willowbrook #3
Knitting Factory Willson Products Divison
Knoll Products, Inc. Wilmington Electric Railway Co.
Knouse Corporation Wilson & Co.
Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc. Wilson Fitzgibbons Oil Co.
Kolnile Brewing Company Wilson H. Grown, Inc.
Koppel Steel Co. Wilson Martin Co.
Koppers Company, Inc. Wilson Safety Products
Koppers Pittsburgh Co. Wilson School District
Korvettes Shopping Center Wilson Senior High School
Kraft Foods Co. Wilson-Snyder Centrifugal Pump Co.
Kraft International Paper Co. Windber Electric Co.
Kutztown Foundry and Machine Winter Brewery
L & L Manufacturing Co. Wire Mill
L & N Railroad Wirtz A H Inc.
L & R Construction Wise Delicatessen Co.
L C Anderson Wise Foods, Inc.
L Sonneborn Sons Inc. Wise Potato Chip Co.
L. Goldstein’s & Sons, Inc. Wishart Theater
L. Laveson and Son Witco Chemical Corporation
L. Winterer Witmarsh Township Incinerator
L.A. Riley and Co. WMCA Radio Station
L.H. Parke Company Wolf Building Co.
L.H. Prentice Co. Wolf’s Head Oil Refining Co.
L.J. Land, Inc. Women’s Medical College Hospital
L.M. Bare Paper Co. Woodbourne Apartment Association
La Belle Works Woodings Verona Steel Works
La Brum School Woodland Fire Brick Co.
Labor Products and Ice Co. Woolworth BUilding
Labrobe Steel Co. Worth Brothers Co.
Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co. Wright Brothers and Co.
Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railway Co. Wright Elementary School
Lackawanna Coal and Coke co. Wrightstown Elementary School
Lackawanna Electric Light and Power Co. Wycoff Steel
Lackawanna Iron and Steel Co. Wyeth Labs
Lackawanna Valley Electric Light and Power Co. Wyoming Engineering Co.
Laco Applicators, Inc. Wyoming Valley Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.
Laco-McMullen Co., Inc. Wyoming Valley Railway Co.
Laddie Boy Dog Food Co. Y-Auditorium State Correctional Institution
Lafayette Hotel Yellow Cab Co.
L-Air Liquide – Walnut Street Gate Yerks and Plumb
Lakeland Hospital Yewdall and Jones Brothers
Lancaster Closure Plant YMCA
Lancaster Cork Works YMCA Auditorium
Lancaster County Railway and Light Co. YMCA Building
Lancaster Floor Plant Yobe Electric, Inc.
Lancaster Malleable Casting Co. Yoder Industries
Lancaster Water Works York City Steam Plant
Lance Colliery #11 York Corporation
Land Title and Trust Co. York Corrugating Co.
Land Title Building York County Courthouse
Landis Machine Co. York Hospital
Landis Tool Co. York International Corp.
Lanehart Co. York Junior College, Library
Lankenau Hospital York Manufacturing Co.
Lankenau Hospital – Nurses School York Shipley Inc.
Lansdale Tube York Water Co.
Lansdowne Towers, Inc. Yorkhaven Paper Co.
Large Distilling Co. Yorktown Theatre
Latrobe Area Hospital Yorktowne Hotel
Latrobe Brewing Co. Young Door Co.
Latrobe Construction Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.
Latrobe Electric Steel Co. Z & L Lumber Co.
Latrobe Froge & Spring, Inc. Zabel Brothers Co., Inc.
Latrobe Hospital Zack Industries
Latrobe Works Zausner Foods Corp.
Laurel Run Coal Co. Zelienople
Laurel RunCoal Co. Zenith Corporation
Laureldale Plant Zenith Manufacturing Plant
Laurelton State Village Zimmerli Gym Lock Haven University
Lava Crucilbe Refractories Zinc Smelting Division
Lavino Furnace Co. Zinman Furs
Lavino Shipping Co. Zion Industries
Lawrence Cement Co. Zug and Co., Limited
Lawrence Junction Zug Iron and Steel Co.
Zurn Industries

Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Damages


Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages 
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyer Phone NumberIf you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

24 Hour Live Chat Available. See Chat button on right side of page.

We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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