Texas Asbestos Exposure Job Sites


Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

Texas Asbestos Exposure JobsitesIf you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Texas job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Texas Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Texas allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Texas and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Texas asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Quotes From Asbestos Executives About Their Workers

…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)

In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company “a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another corporation’s representative, “Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead?” he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.

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Texas Asbestos Exposure Job Sites 
Texas Asbestos Exposure Products
Texas Mesothelioma Statute of Limitations
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 Texas Asbestos Exposure Job Sites


1st City National Bank Lee Elementary School
1st Federal Savings Lee High School
1st National Bank Lee Wilson Engineering
A & M University Lehman Gasoline Plant
A & S Steel Buildings Inc. Leland E. Thomas (USS)
A G Ainsworth & Gordon Fulcher Leland Hammer
A H Belo and Co Leo S. Joeris
A I S D – Computer Room Leon Creek Power Station
A T & T Co. Leon Theater
A. Brandy & Company Leona Lee Corp.
A. Courchesne Leonardo L. Romero
A. Kroschewsky Gin Leray Wilson (USS)
A. P. Green Refractory Letourneau Fabricating Shop
A. Schulman Inc. Levi Strauss & Co.
A.C. & S. Incorporated Levingston Shipyard
A.C. Horn Plant Levinston Shipbuilding Company
A.C. Miller Lumber Co. Lewis Creek Power Plant
A.E. Caldwell Lewis Elementary School
A.G. Processing, Incorporated Liano Grange Gasoline Plant
A.H. Belo & Company Liberty Mills Team Track
A.M. Lockett & Company Limited Lighthouse for the Blind
A.O Smith Pipe Lillie Hoffman Cooling Tower
A.O. Smith of Texas- Galena Lincoln High School
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Linde Air Products Co.
A.P. Green of Texas Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc
A.P. Green Refractories Company Ling-Temco-Vought, Incorporated
A.P. Green Refractory Link Belt
A.P. Hill Liquid Carbonic
A.P.G.  Service Division Liquid Carbonic Corporation
A/S Steelmaker Littlefield
A-B Chemical Corp. Littlefield Building
Abasco, Inc. Lloyd E. Acree (USS)
Abbott & Traxler Drilling Co. Lockett Southwest Public Service
Abc Machines Lockheed Martin
Aber Company, Inc. Logan Elementary School
Aber Insulation (Contractor) Lon Hill Power Station
Abercrombie (USS) Lone Hill Powerhouse
Abernathy Lone Star Ammunition
ABF Freightlines Lone Star and Crescent Oil Company
Abilene Gas and Electric Company Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant
Abitibi Consolidated Paper Mill Lone Star Brewing Company
Abitibi-Consolidated Corp. Lone Star Cement Corporation
Able Insulation Lone Star Cotton Mill
Able Supply Company Lone Star Energy
Abm Machinery Company Lone Star Gas Building
Acands, Inc. Lone Star Gas Co.
ACF Industries Lone Star Gas Company
Acme Insulation & Supply Co. Lone Star Gas Plant
Acme Laundry Co Lone Star Heat
Acme Laundry Company Lone Star Heat Treat
Acoustical Products Company Lone Star Industries, Inc.
Actitech Lone Star Laundry
Ada Oil Co. Lone Star Ordinance Plant
Adair Insulating, Inc. Lone Star Producing Co.
Adams Food Store Lone Star Steel Co.
Administration Building – 405 E.David Lone Star Steel Mill
Administration Building – 702 North N Street Lone Star Technologies Inc
Administration Building 405 E.David Lone Star Textiles
Administration Buildings Lone Steel Company
Admiral Linen Services Lonestar Heat Treatment Plant
Aep Southwestern Electric Power Lonestar Industries
AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company Long Junior High School
Aep Texas Central Company Longhorn Ordnance Works
Aep, Welsh Power Plant Longhorn Ordnance Works – Tnt Plant
Aeronautics & Missiles Division Longhorn Portland Cement Co.
Aerospace Medical Division Longview Refining
Ag Processing, Inc Longview Spring & Frame
AGE Refining Looscan Elementary School
Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas Los Angeles Mansion Hotel
Agruim U.S. Incorporated Louis C Hill Station
Aileen, Incorporated Louis Shanks Furniture
Air Conditioning Inc. Louisiana Rio Grande Canal Company
Air Control Associates Louisiana Supply Co.
Air Force Base Love Field Air Terminal
Air Products & Chemical Love Field Terminal Power Plant
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Lovers Lane Methodist Church
Alamo Ginning Company Low Rent Housing Project
Alamo Heights High School- Auditorium Lower Colorado River Authority
Alamo Industries, Inc. Lower Neches Valley Authority
Alamo Manufacturing Company LTV Corporation
Alamo Mfg Co LTV Military Electronics
Alamo National Bank – 154 East Commerce Street LTV Vought Aeronautics
Alamo Polymer Corporation Lubbock High School
Alamogordo Lumber Co Lubbock Manufacturing Co.
Alaska Constructors Lubbock Municipal Airport
Albemarle Corporation Lubbock Municipal Power & Light Department
Albert S. Burelson Lubbock Power Plant #2
Alco Products Lubrizol Chemical Plant
Alcoa (Aluminum Co. of America) Lubrizol Corp
Alcoa Aluminum Lubrizol Corporation
Alcoa Company Lubrizol Plant
Alcoa Point Lubys Cafeteria – Main Plaza Building
Alcoa Rockdale Lucent Technologies
Aldine High School Lucy Reed Elementary School
Allan Junior High School – Girls Gymnasium Lufkin Foundry & Machinery Co.
Alliant Techsystems Lufkin Foundry Machine Co.
Allied Chemical Corp. Lufkin Industries
Allied Chemical Plant Lufkin Paper
Allied Construction Luling School
Allied Industries Luling Telephone Exchange
Allied Sheet Metal & Roofing Fabrication Plant Luminant-Lake Hubbard Ses
Allied Sheet Metal Shop Luminant-Monticello Ses
Allied Signal Luminant-Stryker Creek Ses
Allison Elementary School Luminant-Valley Ses
Alon USA Energy Lummus Company
Alpha Portland Cement Company Luther Burbank High School
Alumina Refinery Lutheran General Hospital
Aluminum Company of America Luwter Inc.
Aluminum Company of America – San Antonio Warehouse Lydick Courtney Specialties
Aluminum Corporation of America Lykes Bros Steamship Co.
Aluminum Plant Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Alvin C. Cockrell (USS) Lynwood Brick & Tile Co.
Alvin High School Lyondell Chemical
Alvin Independent School District Lyondell Millenium
Alvin N.G.L. Plant Lyondell Petrochemical Company
Am Lockett Lyondell-Citgo Refining
Amaco Refinery M & M Furnace Co.
Amarillo Air Force Base M. W. Kellogg Co.
Amarillo Oil Company M.B. Smiley High School
Amarillo Plant M.D. Anderson Hospital
Amarillo Schools M.E. Bullock Manufacturing Company
Amelia Earhart M.F.A. Oil Co.
Amerada Hess Corp. Mac Arthur High School
Amerada Hess Oil Refinery Mack (USS)
American Airlines – Love Field Macmillian Petroleum
American Asphalt Roof Company Madison Junior High School
American Bank & Trust Magic Time Machine Restaurant
American Bank of Commerce Magic Valley Frozen Foods
American Bridge Magnet Cove Barium Corp.
American Bridge Shipyard Magnetic Petroleum Company
American Bridge Shipyard (Orange) Magnolia / Mobil Oil
American Can Company Magnolia Building
American Chemical Co. Magnolia Oil Refinery
American Chrome & Chemicals Magnolia Petroleum company
American Cotton Growers, Inc. Magnolia Pipe Line Co.
American Cyanamid Company Magnolia Refinery
American Etching Main Fire Station
American Fmfg Main Savings – Central Office
American Hoechst Corp. Mainland Center Hospital
American Insulation Company Majestic Theater
American Linen Supply Manchaca Elementary School
American Lumber & Treating Corp. Manchester Terminal and Compress Company
American Manufacturing Manchester Terminal Docks
American Minerals Spirits Mangum Drilling Co.
American Norit Company Incorporated Manhattan Gasoline Co.
American Oil Co. Manned Spacecraft Center
American Oil Company (Amoco) Manor Elementary School
American Permanent Ware Manor High School
American Petrofina Company Marathon Le Tourneau
American Petroleum Co. Marathon Letourneau Oil Co.
American Plant Food Marathon Oil
American Porcelain Enamel Company Marathon Oil & Chemical
American Public Service Company Marathon Oil Company
American Rio Grande Land & Irrigation Company Marbridge Dormitory
American Robin Marcus Elementary School
American Rock Wool Corp Marilyn Embroidery
American Rock Wool Corp. Maritime Oil Co.
American Smelting & Refinery Co. Mark Twain Junior High School
American Smelting & Refining Co Mars, Incorporated
American Smelting and Refining Co Marsalis Elementary School
American Smelting and Refining Company Marshall Brick Co. Inc.
American Smelting Steel Mill Marshall Middle School
American Stateman Martin Lake Mine
American Valve & Hydrant Martin Lake Power
American Zinc Smelter Plant Martin Linen Service
American Zinc. Co. of Illinois Martinpool Gasoline Co.
Ameripol-Synpol Mason Tyler Manufacturing Plant
Amf Tubescope, Inc. Master Tank
AMFELS Master Tank & Welding
Amherst Mastic Tile Corp. of America (Div. of Ruberoid)
Amicable Life Building Matagorda County Rice & Irrigation Company
Amoco (American Oil Co.) Matagorda General Hospital
Amoco Acid Plant Mathanal Synthesis
Amoco Chemical Mathieson Alkai
Amoco Chemical Corp. Mathieson Chemical Corp.
Amoco Chemical Plant Matthew Maury
Amoco Chemicals Corp. Maurice J. Manuel (USS)
Amoco Gas Production Plant Max Roofing & Remodeling
Amoco Oil Maxwell House
Amoco Production Company Maxwell House Coffee Plant
Amoco Refinery Plant May Aluminum
Amstar Corporation May Inc.
Amtek Plant Mayflower Building
Anadarko Mc Arthur Elementary School
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation Mc Collum High School
Anchor Hocking Glass Plant Mc Dade Elementary School
Anderson Clayton & Co. Mc Elroy Plant of El Paso Natural Gas Company
Anderson Elementary School Mc Reynolds Middle School
Anderson Hickey Mc Whirter Elementary
Anderson High School Mc Whirter Elementary School
Andrews Gas Plant Mcallen Public Utilites
Angelica Corporation McAx Corporation
Angelina County Lumber Company Mccallum High School
Angelina Hardwood Plant Mccamey
Angleton High School Mccarthy Gas Plant
Anheuser Busch Incorporated Mccollum Joseph Company
Annex 4 Mccreless Building
AP Green Mccrory Residence
AP Green (Texas) Mccuistion Hospital
Apco Oil Corporation Mcdermott Marine
Apparel Mart Mcdermott Research Center
Appleton Electric Company Mcdonough Iron Works
Apprentice School Mcdowell and Bullock
Aqua Dulce Mcevoy Company
Arab Gasoline Company Mcfaddin-Weiss Kyle Rice Milling Company
Aramark Corporation Mcginty (USS)
Arapaho Elementary School Mcintosh Electric
Arch Chemicals, Incorporated Mciver & Smith Fabricator
Archer County Hospital Mckee Plant
Arco Mckee Plants
Arco Chemical Mcknight Sanitarium
Arco Oil & Gas Mcloughlin Oil Refinery
Arco Oil Refinery Mcmurray Refinery Co.
Arco Polymers Mcmurray Refining Company
Arco Refinery Mcnay Art Institute
Arco/ Atlantic Richfield Chemical Co. Mcnutt Oil Refining
Arizona Chemical Company Meadwestvaco Corporation
Arkansas Cement Medical Arts Building
Arkansas Fuel Oil Company Medical Center
Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company Medical Center Plaza – Louis Pasteur Drive
Arkla Energy Resources Medical Office Building
Arlington Medina Electric Co.
Armco Steel Corporation Medlothian
Armco Steel Mill Meeks Service Station
Armour and Company Mega Construction Co.
Armstrong Container & Supply Mega Construction Company
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation Melrose Elementary School
Armstrong Cork Co. Melvin R. Newman (USS)
Armstrong Cork Company Memorial Baptist Hospital
Army Reserve – Module 450 Memorial Hospital
Artc Building, Amon Carter Field Memorial United Methodist Church
Asarco Menasco Manufacturing Company
Asarco (American Smelting and Refining Company) Menger Hotel
Asarco Smelting Mercantile National Bank
Asarco Smelting Plant Mercantile National Bank Bldg
Asarco Zinc Smelter Merch Hospital
Asarco, Incorporated Merchants and Planters Compress Company
Asbestos and the Military Merchants and Planters Oil Company
Asbestos Exposure Locations Merichem Chemical
Asbestos Exposure Overview Metal Works
Asbestos High Risk Occupations Metcalfe Road Elementary School
Ascaro Chemical Methodist Hospital
Ascaro Refinery Methodist Hospital Plaza
Ashland Chemical Co. Metro Learning Center
Ashland Oil & Chemical Co. Metro Waterworks, Inc.
Ashland, Inc. Metropolitan Sales Office
Associated Mechanical Contractors Michael J. Owens
Associated Oil Michael J. Stone
Astro Arena Michelin Tire Co.
Astro Dome Michelin Usa (South Plant)
Astroworld Amusement Park Mid Tex Generating
Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe RR Midalgo County Water
Atco Midland Air Force Base
Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co. Midland Air Terminal
Atlantic Oil Midland High School
Atlantic Refining Co. Midlands Steam Laundry
Atlantic Richfield Midlothian
Atlantic Richfield Chemical Company Mid-Tex Generating & Trans Elec Coop Inc.
Atlantic Richfield Co. Midwest Piping Co.
Atlantic Richfield Company Midwestern University
Atlantic Richfield Oil Refinery Milam Building
Atlantic Steamer Supply Milby High School/Houston Independent School District
Atlas Airconditioning Co. Military Base
Atlas Bradford Co. Milk Products Association
Atlas Chemical Industries, Inc. Milwhite Co.- Lyons Avenue Plant
Atlas Chemicals Mineral Wells
Atlas Pipe Line Co. Mineral Wells Electric Light Power and H. Company
Atlas Pipe Plant Mineral Wells Ice Plant
Atlas Powder Company Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Co.
Atlas Processing Company Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.
Atofina Petrochemicals, Inc. Minnesota Mining & Mfg Co
Atomic Energy Commission Minton Rendering Co.
Atreco Mirabeau B. Lamar
Atreco Refinery Mirchison Junior High School
Auroco Chemicals Corp Miscellaneous Parks Building
Austin Bridge Co. (Dpc) Mission Air, Inc.
Austin Contracting Mission Concrete Pipe Company
Austin Electric Department Mission Manufacturing Co.
Austin Electric Railway Company Mission Pharmacal Company
Austin Energy Mission Road Power Plant
Austin Junior High Mission Valley Mills
Austin Rapid Transit Missouri Pacific House Track
Austin State Hospital Missouri Pacific Railroad
Austin State School Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Railroad Co.
Austin State School Hospital Mkm Valve Division
Austin Street Railway Company MKT/Union Pacific Railroad
Austin White Lime Company Mobay Chemical Plant
Austin White Mine Co Mobay Synthetics
Avaco Mobil Chemical
Aviation Mechanics School Mobil Chemical & Refinery
Axtell Plumbing Supply Mobil Oil
Azalea and Loma Mobil Oil Co.
Aztec Manufacturing Company Mobil Oil Company
Aztec Mfg Co. Mobil Oil Refinery
B & B Engineering & Supply Co. Mobil Oil Ships
B & B Insulation Mobile Chemical
B&B Engineering and Supply Co. Model Federal Housing Administration House
B&G Company Model Laundry
B.F. Goodrich Monarch Refining
B.F. Goodrich Chemical Company Monarch Tile
B.F. Goodrich Company Monarch Tile Manufacturing Co. Inc.
B.O.P. Division of General Motors Corporation Monsanto Chemical Co
Babcock & Wilcox Company Monsanto Chemical Company
Babcock & Wilcox- Newman Station Monsanto Co. – Chocolate Bayou Plant
Babcock & Wilcox Texas Utility Co. Monsanto Refinery
Babcock & Wilcox-Boiler Division Monsanto/Sterling
Bacliff Steam Electric Station Monsey Products
Bacliff Unit Nbr 2 Monte Alto Foods
Badger Co. Montego Sun
Badger Company Inc. Monticello Steam Plant
Badger Manufacturing Co. Monument Plant
Badische Chemical Monwell Materials Inc.
Baeco Inc. Moody Center
Bailey Boiler Works Moody Compress
Bailey Elementary School Moore Brothers
Bailey Meissner Company Moore Residence – Phase II
Baker Hotel Moores Bluff Rice Co
Baker Hughes Moore’s Bluff Rice Company
Balboa Apartments Morgan Creek Power Plant
Baldwin-Ehert-Hill Inc. Morning Side Manor Inc.
Ball Vo Tech Building Morris A. Knight Co
Bank Building Morris Boulger Destructors
Bank of Commerce Morris Hall
Bank of San Antonio Morrison Engineer & Construction
Bank of the Southwest Morten Salt Company
Baptist Hospital Morton Foods, Inc.
Baptist Hospital Mosher Steel Co.
Barbas Cut Docks Mosher Steel Company
Barber Incorporated Motiva Enterprises
Barbers Hill Canal Company Motiva Star Enterprises
Barden Electric & Machinery Company Motor Truck Equipment Company
Bareco Wax Company Division, Mount Belview Plastic Plant
Basf Corporation Mountain Creek Power Plant
Basic Science Building Mountain Creek Station
Basin Acidizing Mountain View Elementary School
Basin Body Works, Inc. Mrs. Tucker’s Bakery
Basis Petroleum, Inc. Mt. Carmel High School
Bas-Tex Corp. Mundet Cork Corporation
Bastrop Park Municipal Airport
Bates Power Plant Municipal Court Building  218 West Main
Bates Steam Plant Municipal Power Plant
Batson Vocational Murphy Oil
Bay City Dryer Co. Murray Rubber Company
Bay Prairie Irrigation Company Mustang Well Supply Corp.
Bayfield Industries Mutual Savings & Loan
Bayles School Mw Kellogg Co.
Bayless Elementary School Myrtle Springs
Baylor Healthcare System Nabisco, Incorporated
Baylor Hospital Nacogdoches Redi-Mix Concrete Plant
Baylor Medical School Naifeta (USS)
Baylor University Nalco Chemical Co.
Baylor University Hospital Nalco Chemical Company
Baylor University Medical Center Nalco Chemical Plant
Bayou City Rice Mill Company NASA
Bayou Oxygen Company Nasa Manual Spacecraft
Bayou Plant Turbine Nassau Bay
Bayou Refining Co. National Bank of Commerce
Baytank Incorporated National Biscuit Company
Baytown Ordnance Works – Station No. 1364 National Building Centers
Beaumont Chemical Plant National Cylinder
Beaumont City Docks National Cylinder Gas
Beaumont Electric Light and Power Company National Dial Building
Beaumont Ice, Light & Refrigerating Company National Fish Hatchery – Laboratory
Beaumont Iron & Metal National Flame Treating
Beaumont Irrigation Company National Forge
Beaumont National Linen Services National Gas Equipment Company
Beaumont Reserve Fleet National Gasoline Corporation
Beaumont Rice Mill National Guard Armory
Beaumont Shipyards National Guard Barracks
Beaumont Water Works National Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Beaumont Well Works National Lead Company
Beaumont, Port Arthur & Port Natchez Railway National Linen Service
Bechtel Corporation National Lumber Company
Becker Elementary School National Oil and Pipe Line Company
Beckman Construction Co. National Oil Company
Behring International National Oilwell
Bell Aircraft National Petrochemical Corporation
Bell Aircraft Corp. National Service Industries
Bell County Jail National Sheet Metal
Bell County Office Building National Starch & Chemical Co.
Bell Helicopter National Supply Division
Bell Helicopter Corporation Nationwide Boiler Rentals, Inc.
Bell Telephone Natkin & Co
Belmas Company Natural Gas & Pipeline
Belmis Heat Transfer Natural Gas Co. of America
Belmont Baptist Church Natural Gas Odorizing
Belton Cotton Mills Natural Gas Pipe Line Co. of America
Bemis Brothers Bag Plant Natural Gas Pipeline
Ben Taub General Hospital Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America
Benjamin Bourn Natural Gas Pipeline of America
Benjamin Huntington Natural Gasoline Corp.
Berger Iron Naul Plastics Company
Bergstrom Air Force Base – Communications Base Naval Air Station
Bernard Harris Office Building Naval Auxilliary Air Station – Emergency Generation
Berry Construction Naval Station Ingleside
Berry Fabricators, Inc. Nave Museum
Best Fertilizer NBC Office Building – Parking Garage
Best Fertilizer Division of Occidental Chemical Company NE Independent School District
Best Fertilizers Company Neches Butane
Best Products Company Neches Butane Products Company
Bestwall Gypsum Company Neches Insulation
Bethlehem Shipping company Needville Elementary School
Bethlehem Shipyard Neiman-Marcus Company
Bethlehem Steel Neuhoff Brothers, Packers, Inc.
Bethlehem Steel (Beaumont & Houston) New Braunfels High School
Bethlehem Steel Corporation New Braunfels Presbyterian Church
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard New Braunfels Textile Mills
Bexar County Courthouse New Hope Plant
Bexar County Hospital – Chilling Station New Waverly
Bexar County Medical School Newby Construction
Bexar County National Bank – 325 N. Saint Marys Street Newman K. Perry
BF Goodrich Chemical Company Newman Power Plant
Big Brown Station Newman Steam Plant
Big Diamond Ng Manufacturing Plant
Big Foot Wallace Nicholas D. Labadie
Big Three Industrial Gas and Equipment Nicholas Gilman
Big Three Industries, Inc. Nichols Copper Co.
Big Three Welding Co. Nichols Engineering & Research
Bigelow Liptak Corporation Nichols Pistol Factory
Bighill, Matagorda Company Nipak Inc.
Bill’s Exxon Gas Station NKA Sterling Chemical Company
Bilton Insulation & Supply Co. Noram Capital Holdings
Blackburn Electric Co. Norit America
Blackburn Syrup Works North American Aviation
Blair Elementary School North American Turbine
Blanco Apartments North Brothers Company
Blanton Elementary School North District Telephone Co.
Blaw-Knox North Elementary School
Bloodworth Bond Shipyard North Fort Worth
Bloodworth Shipyard North Houston Steam
Bloomberg Library Building North Lake Powerhouse
Bloomfield Steamship Company North Loop and Lockwood TT
Blue Diamond North Mesquite High
Bluebonnet North Mesquite High School
Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant North Port Arthur
Board For Texas State Hospitals & Schools North Rusk
Board of Education North Seadrift
Boats of Freeport North Seal Plant
Bob Poage Plant North Texas Bank Building
Boiler House #3 North Texas Generating Lake Weatherford Plant
Bonner Elementary School North Texas Insane Asylum
Boraco Wax Company North Texas Municipal Water District
Borden Chemical Co. North Texas Steam Plant
Borden Company Northeast Campus Junior College
Borden County Northern Irrigation Company
Borden, Incorporated Northern Natural Gas Co.
Border Steel Mill Northern Natural Gas Company
Border Steel Rolling Mills Northern Texas Traction Company
Borger Refinery Northlake Powerhouse
Bottlesteins Department Store Northmarq Capital
Bowie Elementary Northshore High School
Bowie Elementary School Northshore Middle School
BP Amoco Northside Multi-Purpose Center
BP Oil Corp. Northside Ready Mix
Brackenridge Golf Course – Club House Northside School
Brackenridge Hospital Northside Sludge Disposal
Brady Memorial Clinic Northside State Bank – Santa Monica & San Pedro Ave.
Brady Municipal Power & Light Northview Park Towers
Braker Lande Elementary School Northway Christian Church
Brand Insulation Northwest High School
Braumfels Northwest Hill Library
Brauning Powerhouse Northwest Savings & Loan
Brazo Lime Norton’s Abrasives
Brazonia Irrigation Company Notre Dame of Dallas
Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Nova Chemical
Brazos River Transmission Electric Cooperative Nrg Texas Power Llc
Brazosport Nueces Bay Power Station
Brdyles & Brdyles Inc. Nueces Hotel Company
Brick Plant Nursing Care Center
Bridge City Powerhouse Nursing Home
Bridgestone Tire and Rubber Ny Oltex Chemicals Inc.
Briggs Weaver Machinery Co. Nye Animal Hospital
Brio Companies, Incorporated Nyotex Chemical Div
Brio Refining Corporation Nyotex Chemical Div.
Brisco O C Whitaker Co.
British American Oil Co. O I Container Plant
British Petroleum Refinery O.L. Olsen Co.
Brittain Supply Co. Oak Cliff Paper Mills
Broadway National Bank – 1163 NE Loop Expressway Oak Creek Power Plant
Brookhollow Elementary School Oak Creek Steam Plant
Brooking Hall Oak Hill Country Club
Brooks Air Force Oak Hills Elementary School
Brooks Air Force Base – various buildings Oak Lane Team Track
Brooks Elementary School Oak Spring Elementary School
Brookshire High School Oasis Pipeline Co.
Brookside Memorial Park Oberrender (USS)
Brown & Root Oblate College
Brown & Root Fabrication Shop Occidental and Oxychem
Brown & Root Shipyard Occidental Chemical Corp.
Brown Carpenter & Co. Occidental Chemical Plant
Brown Center (Old Beaumont Highway) Odessa Butadiene Company
Brown Elementary School Odessa Coliseum
Brown Shipbuilding Company Odfjell Terminals (Houston) LP
Brown Shipyard Offenhauser Company
Browne Middle School Office Building 505
Brown-Olds Plumbing & Heating O’Flaherty (USS)
Brownwood Hospital O’Henry Junior High School
Broyles & Broyles, Inc. Ohio and Texas Sugar Co
Bruce Elementary School Ohio and Texas Sugar Company
Brush Electric Light and Power Co Ohmstede Machine Works
Bryan High School Oil and Refineries
Bryan Municipal Electric System Oil City Brass Works
Bryans Mill Oilfield Corrosion Supply
Buena Vista Clinic Oklahoma Pipe Line Construction.
Buick Oldsmobile Oklaunion Station
Builders Service Company Olan Mills, Inc.
Builders Supply Co. of Longview, Ltd. Old First City Bank – 1800 Main
Bunge Corporation Old Ocean Refinery
Bunge Edible Oil Corporation Old Police Department/Municipal
Burco Inc. Old River Rice and Irrigation Co
Burco Trader Old River Rice and Irrigation Company
Burke Royalty Oil Company Olefins Division
Burleson High School Olin Corporation
Burlington Industries Olin Mathieson Chemical
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad Olin Mathieson Chemical Plant
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Olinger Plant
Burlington Santa Fe Railroad Oliver Mitchell (USS)
Burton Shipyard Oliver W Holes High School
Butadiene Oil Refinery Olmos Building Materials
Butadiene Plant Olsen Engineering
Butler Stadium Omnium Freighter
Bynum Brothers Warehouse & Storage Omnium Trader
Byron Jackson One Energy Square
C&C Aircraft Service Inc. One Romana Plaza Building
C. Wallace Plumbing Company O’Neil Ford Residence
C.E. Newman Steam Plant Oran M. Roberts
C.F. Braun & Company Orange Ice, Light, and Water Company
C.O. Wilson Junior High School Orange Mill
C.S. Burt and Co Orange Plant
C.S. Burt and Company Orange Shipbuilding
Cabaza Junior High School Orange, Texas Inc.
Cabot Carbon Corporation Ordance Depot
Cabot Corporation Oriental Laundry Company
Cactus Ordnance Plant Oriental Textile Mills
Caduceus Nursing Home Orourke Construction
Cain Builders Supply Company Ortloff Corporation
Cain Chemical Osbl Facilities
Calag Company Inc. Oscar Chappell
Calaveras Plant Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation
Caldwell Oil Mill Company Our Lady Lake College
Calgon Carbon Corporation Our Lady of Good Counsel Church
Calhoun Packing Company Owens Corning Fiberglas
Calhount County Owens Corning Fiberglas Corporation
California Packing Corporation Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp
Calvert Ice, Water and Electric Light Company Owens Illinois Glass Company
Camco Inc. Owens Illinois Glass Company – Forest Products Division
Camco Roller Bit Oilfield Tools Plant Owens Illinois Paper Plant
Camelot Elementary School Owens Illinois Plant
Camelot School Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Cameron County Water Improvement District # 6 Oxirane Chemical
Cameron Iron Oxirane Chemical Company
Cameron Iron Works Oxirane Chemical Plant
Camp Bowie Team Track Oxy Chemical Plant
Camp Bullis – Mess Hall Oxychem
Camp Bullis – Training Facilities Oxyvinyls
Camp Gary P – F Supply Co. Inc.
Camp Gary – Hospital P & L Development Company
Camp Hood P & R Insulation Ltd
Campbell Insulation P H Robinson Plant
Campbell Soup Company P. R. Insulation, Ltd.
Campbells Industrial & Commercial Ins. P.H. Robinson Generation Station
Campbell’s Industrial & Commercial Insulation P.H. Robinson Plant
Canadian Oxy Offshore Production Co. P.H. Robinson Station, Unit #4
Canadian River Gas Co. P.P.G. Industries, Inc.
Canadian River Gas Company Pace Packing Company
Cane and Rice Belt Irrigation Company Pacific Star
Capital Building/Capital Power House Paint Creek Power Station
Capital Cement Company Paisan Construction (Construction/Renovation)
Capital Consultants Palace Theatre
Capital Linen Service Palestine Electric Light Company
Capital Wire & Cable Company Palms Shopping Center
Car Humble Oil and Refining Co – N R V Unit Palo Alto Elementary School
Carbide & Carbon Chemical Palo Pinto
Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Company Pamaco Inc.
Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Corporation Pampell Construction Company
Carbon Black Plant Pamrod Products Company
Carey Schneider Investment Company Pan Am Petroleum
Carnation Company Pan Am Refinery Company
Carnation Milk Co. & Plant Pan American Chemical Co.
Carnation Milk Products Company Pan American Gas Plant
Carpenter Construction Co. Pan American Oil
Carpenter Plastering Company Pan American Petroleum
Carrier Plant Pan American Refining
Carswell A.F.B. Hospital Pan Handle Eastern Pipeline
Carswell Air Force Base Panhandle Power & Light Co.
Carter Junior High School Panhandle Public Service Company
Carter Lathing & Plastering Panhandle Santa Fe RR Team Track
Carter Oil Company Pantex Nuclear Weapons
Carthage Hydrocal Inc Pantex Ordnance Plant
Carthage Hydrocol, Incorporated Paper Corp.
Casa De Mexico Theatro Park Dale Mall
Casden Refinery Park North General Hospital
Cavitt Hardware Co. Park Place Baptist Church
CE Refractories Park Terrace Apartments
Cecil J. Doyle (USS) Park Towers
Cedar Bayou Generator Station Park View Intermediate School
Cedar Bayou Plant Parkdale Powerhouse
Cedar Bayou Steam Electric Station Parkdale S-E
Cedar Ridge Elementary School Parker Brothers Company
Celanese Bay – Door Nbr 3 Parker Elementary School
Celanese Bay City Plant Parker Fallis Insulation Co.
Celanese Chemical Co. Parkersburg Rigging & Reel
Celanese Chemical Plant Parkland Memorial Hospital
Celanese Corporation of America Parks Corporation
Celanese Plastics Co. Parr Inc.
Celanese Plastics Company Parrish Station
Celanese Refinery Plant Pasadena Chemical Co.
Celotex Corporation Pasadena Paper Company
Center Plywood Company, Inc. Pasadena Refinery
Centerpoint Energy Pasotex Petroleum Company
Centerpoint Energy Resources Pat W Crow Forgings Inc.
Centex Cement Corporation Pathfinder Manufacturing
Central Administration – Patio Party Products
Central Brick & Tile Co. Paul Bunyan
Central Freight Lines Payne Brick Company
Central High School Pcp & Wyman Gordan
Central Iron Works Peachbottom Atomic Power Plant
Central Junior High School Pearce Elementary School
Central Power & Light Co. Pearl Brewing Company
Central Power & Light Company Pearson Plumbing
Central Power and Light Company Pease Elementary School
Central Texas College Pecan Springs Elementary
Central Texas Ice, Light, Power and Water Company Pecos Valley Power & Light Co.
Century Center Peden Iron and Steel Company
Century Center – Suite 818 Peerless Boiler and Engineering Company
Ceramic Cooling Tower Co. Pemex Storage Tanks
Cerebral Palsy Association Pennsalt Chemical Co.
Cerestar Usa Dimmitt, Inc. Pennsalt Chemicals
Certain Teed Products Corp. Pennsylvania Shipyards
CertainTeed Corporation Houston Pennwalt Corporation
Certainteed Products Corporation Pennzoil
Certified Insulation, Inc. Peoples Ice and Manufacturing, Co
Chaffer Company Percision Insulating Company
Chambco, Inc. Perforating Guns
Chamber of Commerce Building Performing Arts Building
Chamber of Commerce Building – Community Center Permian High School
Chambers County Permian Pipe Fabrication Inc.
Champ Clark Permian Power Plant
Champion Chemical Perry Equipment
Champion Co. Peter Blix
Champion Co.) Peter Paul Inc.
Champion International Corp. Peterson Bros. Steel Erection Co.
Champion International Paper Company Peterson Memorial Hospital
Champion Paper & Fibre Co. Petro Chemical Corporation
Champion Paper Company Petro Tex
Champion Paper Mill Petro Tex Chemical Corporation
Champion Petroleum Co. Petrofina Refinery
Champlin Oil & Refining Company Petroleos Mexicanos
Champlin Petroleum Co. Petroleum Club
Champlin Refinery Petroleum Industries Inc.
Chance Vaught Aircraft Manufacturing Petroleum Tower Building
Chance Vought Aircraft Inc. Petrolite Corporation
Chance Vought Corporation Petrotex Chemical
Channel View Petro-Tex Chemical
Chaparral Steel Company Petro-Tex Chemical Corp.
Charter International Oil Refinery Peyton Packing Company
Charter Oil Refinery Pfeffer Rice Milling Co. Inc.
Charter Suburban Hospital Pflugerville High School
Chase Field – Fire Crash & Administration Ph Robinson Generating Station (#3)
Chemical Co. Phalen Tank & Boiler Service
Chemical Exchange Industries Pharmacia / Monsanto Chemical Company
Chemical Plants Pharr Ice, Light and Power Company
Chemical Producers Corporation Phelps Dodge Copper Products Co.
Chemsafe Co. Phelps Dodge Refining Corp
Chemtron Chemicals Phelps Dodge Refining Corp.
Cherokee County Phenol Plant
Chester T. O’Brien (USS) Phibro Energy USA
Chevron Phibro Refining
Chevron / Gulf Oil Philip Carey Manufacturing Company
Chevron Chemical Philip Morris Management
Chevron Chemical Company Philips 66 Oil Refinery
Chevron Chemical Plant Philips Petroleum Refinery
Chevron Corporation Phillip Morris, Inc.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Phillips 66
Chevron Phillips Plastics Phillips 66 Oil Refinery
Chevron Phillips Plastics/Chevron Phillips 66 Plastics
Chevron Plastics Phillips Butadiene
Chevron Refinery Phillips Carbon Black
Chevron USA, Inc. Phillips Chemical Co.
Chian Trader Phillips Chemical Co. – Philblack Plant
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. Phillips Chemical Company
Chicago Corp. Phillips Company Polymer
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Phillips Oil Refinery
Chicago Tool Phillips Petroleum Co
Child Psychiatric Unit – 45th St & Lamar Phillips Petroleum Co.
Chimney Rock Center Phillips Petroleum Company – Alvin Plnt
China Trader Phillips Petroleum Refinery
Chocolate Bayou Plant Phillips Petroleum Refinery Plant
Chocolate Bayou Project Phillips Pride Refining
Chromalloy of America Turbine Plant Phillips Refinery
Chrysler Dealership Phillips Research
Church Christ Home for the Aged Phillips-Spraberry Compressor Station
Churchill National Bank Phoenix Utility Company
Cimarron Elementary School Phosphate Chemical Co.
Cinergy Photo Lab
Cinergy Solutions C.S.G.P. Pierce Mccarson
Citgo Pilgrim Laundry
Citgo Petroleum Corporation Pillar & Parks
Cities Public Service Pinnacle Construction Co.
Cities Service Oil Company Pioneer Flour Mills
Cities Service Plant Pioneer Gas Company
Cities Service Refinery Pioneer Gas Plant
Cities Services / Bit International Pioneer Industrial Company
Citizens Bank Pioneer Natural Gas Co.
Citizens Electric Light and Power Company Pioneer Oil and Refining Company
Citizens National Bank Pipe Line Department
Citizens Street Railway Company Pirkey Power Plant
City Auditorium Pittman Team Track
City County Hospital Pittsburg Corning
City County Library Pittsburgh Plate & Glass
City Docks Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
City Garland Plains Co-Operative Oil Mill
City Hall Plains Cotton Cooperative Association
City Hall  823 25Th Street Plainview Cotton Oil Company
City Light & Power Company Plant X Power Plan
City of Antonio – Fire Training & Service Center Planters and Merchants Mills
City of Austin – Decker Creek Power Station Pleasant Hill Elementary School
City Of Austin – Holly Street Power Plant Plotner Stoddard Irrigation Company
City of Austin – Seaholm Plant Png High School
City Of Austin – Water Treatment Plant Poco Graphite
City of Austin Electric Utilities Point Comfort Operations
City Of Brownsville  – Municipal Power Plant Polaris Trader
City Of Brownsville Light and Water Works Polarus Carrier
City of Bryan – Bryan Municipal Electric Polarus Trader
City of Corpus Christi Water Plant Police Academy
City of Dallas Water Department Police Training Facility
City of Denton – Municipal Generating Station Polk Elementary School
City of El Paso Water Works Pollard Methodist Church
City of Galveston Pumping Plant Pollock Paper Co.
City of Garland – Municipal Power Plant Pollock Paper Corporation
City of Garland Power Plant Pomeroy Elementary School
City of Greenville – New Steam plant Pontiac Refining Corp.
City of Greenville S.E. Plant Port Acres
City of Houston Department of Public Works Port Adams
City of Jasper Municipal Power Plant Port Adams Shipyard
City of San Antonio Public Service Board – Port Arthur Light and Power Company
City Public Service Board Port Arthur Plant
City Service Billing Co. Port Arthur Plumbing
City Service Power Port Arthur Refinery
City Water Board Office Building – East Commerce Street Port Arthur Rice and Irrigation Company
City Water Department Port Arthur Rice Milling Company
Civic Auditorium Port Arthur Water Company
Civic Center Port Brownsville
CiVictor Braunig Plant Port Comfort
Clarence Roberts Port Fuel Co.
Clark Aluminum Port Iron & Supply
Clark Brothers Felt Port Isabel
Clark Refining Port Lavaca
Clark Refining and Marketing, Inc. Port Lavaca Ice, Light and Power Company
Clayton Oil and Refining Company Port Marine & Dry Dock
Clear Creek High School Port Natchez Railway
Cleco Air Tools Port Neches
Cleco Energy Port Neches Refinery
Cleco Toos Port of Beaumont
Clevepak Corporation Port of Galveston
Cliff Ice and Cold Storage Company Port Of Houston
Clowe & Cowan, Inc. Porter Junior High School
Clyde Austin Dunning Portland Gasoline Company
Coal Miner Post Laundry
Coastal Asbestos & Specialties Co. Post Office
Coastal Corporation Post Power Company
Coastal Forge & Steel Co. Postex Cotton Mills, Inc.
Coastal Iron Works Inc. Power Electric Plant
Coastal Pipe Co. Power Plant Expansion Job
Coastal Refineries, Inc. Power Plants
Coastal Refining and Marketing Power Systems Engineering, Inc.
Coastal Refining Co. Powerhouse
Coastal States Petrochemical Powerhouse Siding
Coastal States Refing Company PPG Industries
Coastal Supply PPG Industries Corpus
Cobb Industries Ppg Industries Inc.
Coca Coal Company PPG Industries Inc. – Metropolitan Sales Office
Coca Cola PPG Refinery
Coch Refinery Prairie Pipeline Co.
Colanese Chemical Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College
Cold Storage Power Co. Prairie View University
Coldstream Products Company Pratt (USS)
College of Industrial Arts Precision Insulation
College of Mines & Metallurgy Precision Insulation Company
College Park Apartments Precision Metal Molding
Collin County Steam Electric Station Premcor Refining Group
Collins Middle School Premier Oil Refining Co.
Collins Radio Premier Refinery
Colonial Country Club Presbyterian Hospital
Colonial Hills Elementary School Presley (USS)
Colonial National Bank Press Center
Colony Square Apartments Pride Refining
Colorado City Pride Refining Company
Colorado Creek Pritchard Company/Bariod Division
Colorado Interstate Gas Company Pro/Con Inc.
Colorado Milling & Elevator Co. Procon / Gulf Oil Corp.
Colteso Corp. Gasoline Plant Procon / Mcmurray Refinery Co.
Col-Tex Refining Co. Procon Incorporated
Col-Tex Refining Company Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company
Columbia Carbon Plant Proctor & Gamble Mfg Co
Columbia Gulf Transmission Producers Grain Company
Columbia Heights Elementary School Proler Steel
Columbia Southern Chemical Corporation Providence Hospital
Columbian Carbon Company Prudential Building
Comacho Cardboard Box Plant Pruitt Co.
Comal Power Company Pt. Arthur
Comanche Brick Company Pt. Neches
Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant Public Safety Building
Combustion Eng-Barney Davis #1 Public Service Works
Combustion Engineering Inc. Pulaski Iron & Metal
Combustion Engineering- Sabine Station Pure Oil Company
Comet Rice Mills Pure Oil Company Refinery
Commercial Contracting Company of San Antonio, Inc. Quadrangle Job
Commercial Hot Shot Quaker Oats Company
Commercial Metals Company Quality Electric Steel Casing
Commercial Oil Transport Quality Insulation, Inc.
Community Food Room Quality Tubing, Inc.
Community Hospital Quantum Chemical
Community Training & Activities Building Quantum/USI
Computer Room – 1010 N. Saint Marys R & M Concrete
Comstock Middle School R E Lee Elementary School
Conair Division, General Dynamics R G Le Tourneau Co.
Concho Power Station R M Williamson
Concord Elementary School R. E. Miller Power Plant
Connally Air Force Base R. W. Miller Power Plant
Connally Junior High School R.C. Owen Company
Connelley and Company Radar Domes
Conoco Radian Corp.
Conoco Plant Railroad Commission of TX
Conoco, Incorporated Rainbow Bakery
Conoco-Monsanto Rainbow Baking Company
Conocophillips Ralph Mooreland Residence
Conroe Ramada Inn
Consolidated Aircraft Randle W. Miller Power Plant
Consolidated Chemical Division Randolph Air Force Base – various buildings
Consolidated Chemical Industries Ray Beaudet Baptist Church
Consolidated Chemical Plant Ray Olinger Electric Plant
Consolidated General Products Ray Olinger Power Plant
Consolidated Kansas City Smelting & Refining Co. Ray Taylor, Inc.
Consolidated Shipyard Raybestos Division
Consolidated Steel Raylock
Consolidated Steel Shipbuilding Raymond (USS)
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co. Raymond International
Consolidated Western Steel Shipyard Rc Dansby Steam Plant
Consumers Ice and Cold Storage Company Reagan High School
Consumers Lighting and Heating Company Rebuilders Inc.
Continental Arms Apartments Rebus Manufacturing
Continental Can Co. Red Barn Chemical
Continental Can Plant Red Raider Inn
Continental Carbon Red River Army Depot
Continental Carbon Company Red River Arsenal
Continental Construction Corporation Red River Ordnance Depot
Continental Emsco Reed Roller Bit Company
Continental Motors Corporation Reed Roller Company
Continental Oil Reed Tool Company
Continental Oil Co. Reed, Baker, Camco Roller Bit Oilfield Tools Plant
Continental Oil Company Reese Air Force Base
Continental Supply Company Refinery Engineering Company
Convair Division General Dynamics Refractories Supply Co.
Convair Plant Refractory Construction, Inc.
Converse Refrigeration Service Co.
Conway Oil Company Reichhold Chemical, Inc.
Cooper Bessemer Reilly Tar & Chemical Co.
Cooper Clark Elementary Reliance Clay Products
Cooper Industries Reliant Energy
Cooper Tire & Rubber Plant Reliant Energy H.L. and P.
Cooper-Bessemer Southern Reliant Energy Inc
Copolymer Plant Replacement Parts Co.
Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company Republic Aluminum
Corbett Fabricating Company Republic Bank Building
Corbin Carbide Company Republic Box Company
Corey Supply Company Republic National Bank Building
Corn Products Republic Transcon Inc
Corn Products Company Republic Transcon Industries
Corn Products Division Restland Memorial Park
Corn Products Oil Refinery Plant Retzloff Chemical Plant
Corn Products Refining Company Rex Steam Laundry Inc.
Coronado High School Rexall Chemical Co.
Coronao Elementary School Reynolds Aluminum
Corpus Christi Army Depot Reynolds Aluminum Plant
Corpus Christi Refining Co. Reynolds Metal Co.
Corpus Christie Ice and El Company Reynolds Metals Aluminum
Corrugated Services, Inc. Reynolds Metals Co
Corsicana Power and Light Company Reynolds Metals Sherwin Plant
Corsiciana Gas and Electric Company Reynolds Sherwin Plant
Cosden & Grace Rhodia Incorporated
Cosden Oil & Chemical Co. Rhom & Hass
Cosden Petroleum Company Rhone Poulenc
Cosden Petroleum Corporation Rice Drier
Cosden Petroleum Refinery Rice Hotel
Cosden Refinery Rice Mill
Costal Refineries, Ltd. Rice University
Coston Elementary School Richard M. Rowell (USS)
Cotton Belt Gin Saw Richard S. Bull (USS)
Cotton Belt Gin Service, Inc. Richard S. Ewell
Country Place Court Richard W. Suesens (USS)
County Bull Barn Richardson Company
Courthouse Richardson High School
Crazy Well Hotel Richardson Terrace Elementary School
Crestview Baptist Church Richmond Foundry
Cresview Elementary School Ridgetop School
Criminal Courts Building Rio Grande City
Criminal Justice – 200 West Belknap Rio Grande Mining
Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center – Phase II Rio Grande Power Station
Criswell Bus Terminal Rio Grande Station
Crockett Elementary School Rio Grande Valley Sugar Association
Cross Roads Shopping Center Rio Pecos Power Plant
Crow Industries Rio Valley Canning Company, Inc.
Crown Central Petroleum Corp. River Oaks Apartments
Crown Central Refinery Rivercrest Power Plant
Crown Oil Refining Company Roadway Freight
Crown Petroleum Robert A. Braux
Crown Tower Office Building Robert B. Green Hospital
Crown Zellerbach Corporation Robert Brazier (USS)
Crutcher- Rohs-Cummings Katy Road Plant Robert F. Keller (USS)
Crystal Ice Company, Inc. Robert T Hill
Cullen Bank Robert Watchorn
Culny, Inc. Roberts Alloy Welding Corp.
Cumbustion Engineering Robinson Generating Plant
Cummer Investments Robinson Generating Station
Cummer Manufactruing Company Robinson Insulation Company
Cummins Diesel Project Roche Newton and Co.
Cunningham Elementary School Rock Island – Southwood Siding
Cunningham School Rocket Fuels Division
Cunningham Sugar Company, Imperial Sugar House Rocketdyne
Cushman Wakefield Rocketdyne Division
CWCO Inc. Rockport – Fulton Junior High School
Cyril G. Hopkins Rockport Elementary School
D&Z Lone Star Ammunition Plant Rock-Tenn
Dalhart Electric and Ice Company Rock-Tenn Corporation
Dallas / Ft. Worth Airport Rockwell Manufacturing Company
Dallas and Sherman Interurban Railroad Roegelin Provision
Dallas Athletic Club Rogers Elementary School
Dallas Ceramic Rohm & Haas Chemical Plant
Dallas Consolidated Street Railway Company Rohm & Haas Chemicals, LLC
Dallas Convention Center Rohm & Haas Company
Dallas Dressed Beef and Packing Company Rohm and Haas Co.
Dallas Electric Company Rohm and Haas Company
Dallas Electric Light and Power Company Roland C. Dansby Power Plant
Dallas Fort Worth Regional Air Port Rolf (USS)
Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport Rolling Hills Estates
Dallas Ice Factory Light & Power Company Romanoff Electric Corp.
Dallas Ind. School District Rombach (USS)
Dallas Independent School District Roosevelt Elementary School
Dallas Industrial School Root Petroleum Co.
Dallas Lightweight Aggragate Rosa Verde Medical Facility
Dallas Linen Service Co. Rosedale Elementary School
Dallas Medical & Surgical Building Rosenberg Library
Dallas Morning News Rosewood Zaragoza
Dallas National Bank Round Rock
Dallas News Building Round Rock High School
Dallas Power & Light Co. Rpm Inc.
Dallas Power & Light Co. North Lake Steam RRI Energy, Inc.
Dallas Power & Light Company Rubber Synthetics Plant
Dallas Power and Light Ruberoid Company
Dallas Power and Light Company Runburge Lane School
Dallas Steam Electric Station Rundell Hall  Lee College Campus
Dallas Steam Laundry and Dye Works Rusk State Hospital
Dallas Toll Building Russell R. Jones
Dallas Transit System Rusty Cunningham Plumbing
Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport Ryan Elementary School
Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport Ryan Junior High School
Dan L. Clark Drilling Co., Inc. S & R Oil
Danciger Oil & Refining, Inc. S & R Tool & Supply Co.
Daniel Carroll S & S Trenching
Daniel Hiester S & W Insulators
Darbyshire-Harvey Iron and Machine and Company S W Portland Cement Co
Darco Corporation S W Research
Dart Industries, Inc. S. Richardson
Data Point Terminal – Building 4 S.E. Texas Metals
Daughters of Charity S.O.P. Inc.
David Crockett High School S.S. Cyclone
David S. Terry S.S. Green Harbour
David Wilmot S.S. Greendale
Davidson Wall Covering S.S. Hong Kong
Davis Elementary School S.S. John C.
Davy Crockett S.S. Jugar
Day & Zimmerman, Inc. S.S. Leto
Day and Zimmerman Lone Star Division S.S. Oceanic Wave
Day Care Centers for Mirasal & Sutton Homes S.S. Perryville
De Chaumes Elementary S.S. Rambam
De Soto Chemical S.S. Telamon
Deaf Smith Electric Corp. S.S. Transasia
Dearborne Heater Co. S.S. Washington Carrier
Debco Corp. of Texas S.S. West Wind
Decker Creek Power Plant Saber Refining
Decker Creek Power Station Sabine Industries, Inc.
Deepwater Elementary School Sabine Insulation Company
Deepwater Generating Station Sabine Pass
Deepwater Junior High School Sabine Power Plant
Deepwater Station Sabine River Plant
Deer Park High North Sabine River Works
Deer Park Manufacturing Complex Sabine Station
Deer Park Plant Sabine Towing
Defense Plant Corporation Safeway Grocery Chain Store
Degosser Snorked Co. Safeway Stores, Inc.
Degussa Engineered Carbons, Lp Saint Benedicts Convent
Del Monte Corporation Saint David’s Community Hospital
Del Monte Foods, Inc. Saint John’s Methodist Church
Del Rey Petroleum Co. Saint John’s School
Del Rio Army Base Saint Joseph Professional Building
Del Valle Middle School – Gymnasium Saint Mary’s University – Law Library
Delaval Texas Forge Division Saint Paul Medical Center
Delek Refining, Ltd Saint Teresa’s Parish
Delhi Taylor Oil Corporation Saline Water Plant
Delta Centrifugal Casting Co. Sam Berton Power Plant
Delta Engineering Sam Bertron Plant
Delta Engineering Corporation Sam Gideon Residence – 3401 Perry Lane
Demitt Wheat Growers, Inc. Sam Houston State Teachers Colledge
Denison Cotton Mill Company Sam Houston State Teachers College
Denka Refinery / Petrotex Sam Houston State University
Dennis (USS) Sam P. Wallace & Company
Dennison and Sherman Railway Company Sam’s Center – Central Plant
Denny’s Restaurant Samuel B. Roberts (USS)
Dentler-Facs Company Samuel Griffin
Denton Power Plant Samuel Livermore
Department of Technology Samuel M. Walker
Depelchin Faith House San Angelo Water Works Company
Deposit Library San Antonio City Water
Dept. of Public Works – North Side Sludge Disposal Plant San Antonio College – Nursing Education Building
Devils River Station San Antonio Community Hospital
D’Hanis Brick and Tile Company San Antonio Convention Center
Diagnostic Clinic – Medical Drive San Antonio Corporation
Diagnostic Hospital San Antonio Fair Association
Dial Corporation San Antonio Gas and Electric Company
Diamond Alkali Chemical Plant San Antonio Hospital – Ward Buildings
Diamond Alkali Co. San Antonio Independent School District
Diamond Alkali Co. – Book No. 3 San Antonio International Airport
Diamond Alkali Company San Antonio Machine and Supply Company
Diamond Alkaline / Diamond Shamrock San Antonio Port Cement Company
Diamond Mill Company San Antonio Public Service Board
Diamond Shamrock San Antonio Public Service Company
Diamond Shamrock Building San Antonio Sewer Pipe Works
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co. San Antonio State Chest Hospital
Diamond Shamrock Corp. San Antonio State Hospital
Dickson Car Wheel Company San Antonio Street Railway Company
Dilly Clinic San Antonio Theater
District Attorney Building San Antonio Water Supply Company
Dittlinger Library San Benito Land & Water Company
Divco Wayne San Benito Land Water Company
Dixie Lead Co San Domingo Land and Irrigation Company
Dixon Car Wheel Company San Francisco Steak House
Dobie Center San Giddeon Power Plant
Dominy Heat Treating Company San Jacinto Building
Donaho Refining Co. San Jacinto Chemical Co
Donnelly White San Jacinto Elementary School
Donohue Industries, Incorporated San Jacinto Gas
Donohue Paper Mill San Jacinto Gas Plant
Dorsey Elementary School San Jacinto Rice Co
Dotson Team Track San Jacinto Rice Company
Doty High School San Jacinto Tower Building
Douglas A. Munro (USS) San Marcos Air Force Base
Douglas School San Marcos Baptist College
Dow Badische Chemical Plant San Miguel Electric Coop Inc.
Dow Badische-Chemical San Miguel Electric Cooperative
Dow Caprolactum Plant San Miguel Plant
Dow Chemical San Pat Lease Service
Dow Chemical Co. Sanchez Elementary School
Dow Chemical Company Plant Santa Anna Tile Co.
Dow Magnesium Plant Santa Fe Pacific Corporation
Downtown Square Theater Santa Fe RR Burlington Northern
Downtown YMCA Santa Fe Terminal Building
Doyle C. Barnes (USS) Santa Fe Tie & Lumber Preserving Company
Dr. Pepper Bottling Santa Rosa Hospital
Dresser Engineering Co. Santa Rosa Medical Center – Day Care Center
Dresser Ideco Santone Improvement Company
Dresser Industries, Incorporated Saxet Carbonic Co.
Dresser Minerals Schenck Elementary School
Dressler Eng. Schepp’s Dairy
Driller (USS) Schield Insulation Co.
Drilling & Service Schlitz Brewery /Stroh
Driscoll Foundation Hospital Schlumberger Technology
Driskill Hotel Schlusberger Well Surveying Co.
Dublin Hidensity Compress & Warehouse Co. Schnee Morehead Chemical.
Dufilho (USS) School Administration Building
Duke Electric Schulenberg Compress & Warehouse Company
Dumont Siding Science & Administration Buildings
Dunbar Elementary School Science Building
Dunne-White & Associates Scientific Development Company Incorporated
Duplex, Country Place Country Place Court Scott & White Hospital
Dupont Chemical Scottish Rite Dormitory
Dupont Chemical Plant Sea Garden Sales Shipyard
Dupont Sabine River Works Seaboard Transportation and Shipping Co
Durkee Elementary School Seadrift Plant
Duval Texas Sulphur Co. Seaholm Plant
Duval Texas Sulphur Company Seariver Maritime, Inc.
Duvall Sulpher / Pennzoil Sears & Roebuck
Dwight Middle School Sears & Roebuck – Central Park Store
Dynegy Midstream Services Lp Sears Roebuck & Company
Dynegy, Incorporated Sears Roebuck Shopping Center
E I Du Pont De Nemours Company Sears, Roebuck & Company
E. Merle Junior High Seastar
E. O. Gene Wood Co. Security Engineering
E. Texas Pulp & Paper Company Security Engineers
E. Texas Salt Water Disposal Company Security Oil Company
E.H. Cummingham & Co. Seguin High School
E.H. Cunningham & Company Seiberling Rubber Company
E.I.  Du Pont De Nemours & Company Sejita Gas Plant / Trinity Gas
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Selas Constructors Inc.
E.I.Dupont Denemours Selle Insulation
E.J. Lavino Co. Senter Park Recreation Center
E.L. and F.V. Bender Bender Building. Sentry Steel & Wire Co.
E.S. Joslin Power Station Sepco Metallic Gasket
Eagle Mountain Lake Power Company Sequin Telephone Exchange
Eagle Mountain Lake Power Plant Service Fabricators
Eagle Mt. Power Plant Sewage Plant
Earl B. Doolin Machine Shop Shahan Painting
Earl St. Team Track Cottonbelt Railroad Shamrock Company Oil Company
East Chambers High School Shamrock Gasoline
East District Telephone Office – Plum Cr Shamrock Oil & Gas Company
East Houston Street Shopping Center Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp
East Produce Company Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp.
East Side Municipal Power Plant Shamrock Oil & Gas Corporation
East Side Steam Plant Shamrock Oil and Gas Company
East Texas Motor Freight Shamrock-Hilton Hotel
East Texas Paper Mill Shannon General Hospital
East Texas Pulp and Paper Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital
East Texas Pulp and Paper Company Sharpstown Mall
East Texas Salt Water Shaver Boiler & Equipment Co.
East Texas Steel Castings Shearer Hills Baptist Church
Eastern States Petroleum Company Shearn Elementary School
Eastern States Refinery Sheffield Steel Corp. of Texas
Eastern States/Hill/Signal/Charter Refinery Sheffield Steel Mill
Eastern States-Signal-Charter-Valero Oil Refinery Sheffield Steel Mill A/K/A Armco Steel
Eastern Texas Electric Company Shell Chemical
Eastex, Inc. Shell Chemical Company
Eastman Kodak Company Shell Deer Park Refining
Eastman Kodak/Texas Eastman Chemical Plant Shell Development Co.
Eb Hayes Machinery Co. Shell Energy North America
Echo Carbon Black Plant Shell Oil
Echo Motel Shell Oil Company
Echo Philblack Shell Oil- Person Gas Plant
Economy Bit & Supply Shell Oil- Person Plant
Economy Furniture Company Shell Oil Refinery
E-Cycle Shell Pipe Line Corp. – Oil Tanks
Edgewood Elementary School Shell Pipe Line Corporation
Edgewood Plant Shell Refinery
Edinburg Irrigation Company Shelton (USS)
Edmonds (USS) Sheppard Air Force Base
Edwin A. Howard (USS) Sheppard Geiger Construction Company
Edwin W. Moore Sheraton-Lincoln Corporation
Egs Electric Group Sheridan Gas Plant / Shell Oil
Eisenhower Middle School Sherman Chamber Foundation, Inc.
El Campo Aluminum Sherman Manufacturing Company
El Dorado Elementary School Shermin Plant
El Paso Sherrill Park Pro Shop
El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Sherwin Alumina Lp
El Paso Brick Company Sherwin Aluminum
El Paso Electric Co. Shiner Compress & Warehouse
El Paso Electric Railway Co Shintech, Incorporated
El Paso Ice and Refrigerator Co Shipyards
El Paso Milling Co. Ltd Shoal Creek Office Building
El Paso Milling Company, Limited Shreveport
El Paso National Bank Building Shu Chem Holdings, Inc.
El Paso Natural Gas Sid Richardson Carbon Black
El Paso Natural Gas Plant Sid Richardson Carbon Co.
El Paso Power Station Sid Richardson Spur
El Paso Products Company Sid-Richardson Gasoline Co.
El Paso Refinery Signal Chemical Co.
El Paso Technical High School Signal Oil & Gas Co.
Electric Power Plant Signal Oil Refinery
Elementis Chrome Sim Gideon Power Plant
Elementis Ltp Lp. Sim Gideon Steam Plant
Elf Aquitaine, Inc. Simms Oil Company
Elf Atochem North America, Inc. Simpson Paper Company
Elgin Junior High School Sims Bayon Sludge Treatment
Elgin Primary School Sims Elementary School
Elgin-Butler Brick Company Sinclair (See Also Arco)
Ellington Field Sinclair Elementary School
Elliott Jones and Company, Limited Sinclair Koppers Chemicals
Ellis New Construction – A. G. Mckain Sinclair Koppers Co.
Emergency Export Corp Sinclair Oil
Emerson Elementary School Sinclair Oil & Gas Co.
Empire Insulation & Supply Co. Sinclair Oil Co.
Empresas Longaria Sinclair Oil Corporation
Emsco Sinclair Oil Refinery
Emtex Div Sinclair Petrochemical Co.
Emtex Division Sinclair Petrochemicals
Enco Therm Sinclair Prairie Oil Company
Energy Business Center Sinclair Refinery
Engineered Carbons, Inc. Sinclair Refining Company
Engineers Control Sinclair Refining Corporation
Enjay Chemical Corporation Sinclair Rubber, Inc.
Entergy Sinclair-Koppers Chemical Plant
Entergy Corp Sinclair-Koppers Co.
Entergy Gulf States Inc Sinclair-Koppers Plant
Entergy Lewis Creek Plant Sinton Appliance Services
Entergy Sabine Plant Skelly Oil Company
Entex Gas Company Skelly Oil Refinery
Environmental Recycling Technologies Slaughter Gas Plant
Environmental Technology Laboratory SMI Steel, Inc.
Enviroquip, Inc. Smith and Whitney
EO Wood Company, Inc. Smith Elementary School
Equistar “Laporte Complex” Ethelyne & Derivatives Smith Steel Castings Co
Equistar Chemicals LP Smith-Douglas Co.
Equitable Bag Smithers Lake
Erectors & Constructors Inc. Smiths Bluff
Erectors Constor Smithville High School
Es Joslin Power Station Snow Heights Elementary School
Esco Corp. Socony / Mobil
Espey Silica Sand Company Solo Serve Store
Essary Insulation Soltex Polymers
Esso Oil Refinery Sommers Drug Company
Estacado High School Sorority House, 25th & Seton
Ethyl Corp. South Austin Recreation Center
Ethyl Refinery South Fullerton Gas Plant
Ethyl-Dow Chemical South Houston High School
Evadale Paper Mill South Houston Intermediate School
Evergreen State South Petroleum
Eversole (USS) South Plains Pipe Line Company
Exchange Building South Plains Switch
Exchange Park Company South Texas Cancer Radiation Treatment Center
Exchange Park Plaza, Suite 252B South Texas Electric Cooperative Inc.
Exchange Park Shopping Center South Texas Nuclear Plant
Exelon Power South Texas Project Electric Generating Station
Exomat South Western Bell Telephone Co.
Express Publishing Company Southeast Research
Exxon / Humble Souther Methodist University Powerhouse
Exxon / Humble – King Ranch Southern Alkali
Exxon Chemical Company Southern Alkali Corporation
Exxon Chemical Company USA Southern Aluminum
Exxon Chemical Refinery Southern Baptist Hospital
Exxon Gas Plant Southern Canning
Exxon Mobil Corporation Southern Clay Products
Exxon Mobil Oil Corp Southern Farm Supply
Exxon Mobile Corp. Southern Fralling Company
Exxon Oil Refinery Southern Ice and Utilities Company
Exxon Refinery Southern Lead Co
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation Southern Methodist University
E-Z Tight, Inc. Southern Minerals
F. Hollister Company Southern Pacific Company
F.F. Collins Manufacturing Company Southern Pacific Lines
F.R.Rice Jr/Sr High School Southern Pacific Railroad Company
F.W. Ayers Residence Southern Pacific Terminal Co
F.W. Glitsch & Sons Southern Paper Mills
FAA Southern Paperboard Co.
Fabra Elementary School Southern Pine Lumber
Fabsteel Southern Pine Lumber Co.
Facs Company Southern Pines Saw Mill
Fairfield Power Plant Southern Production Co.
Falstaff Brewing Corp Southern Salt Company
Falstaff Brewing Corporation Southern Shippers Warehouse
Fannin Junior High School Southern Steel
Farine Elementary School Southern Stevedoring
Farm & Home Savings Southern Tie & Timber Treating Company
Farmers Chemical Association Southland Paper Co.
Farmers Co-Op Compress Southland Paper Mills
Farmers Fertilizer Southland Paper Mills, Inc.
Farris Pontiac Southland Tire and Rubber Company
Fashion Thimble Shoe Co., Inc. Southline Metal Products Co.
Fawn Ridge Village Apartments Southport Petroleum Company
FB Ashland Chemical Southwest Airmotive
FB Ashland Oil Southwest Bell Telephone
Featherlite Corporation Southwest Chemical and Plastics Plant
Federal Correctional Institute Southwest Chemical Plant
Federal Courthouse – Federal Post Office Southwest Construction
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Southwest Fabricating & Welding
Federal Steel Corporation Southwest Industries Plant
Ferris Brick Company Southwest Laboratories
Fibergrate Composite Structures, Inc. Southwest Methodist Hospital
Fidelity Manor  2503 Tennessee Southwest Oilfield
Fiek Gin Company Southwest Pipe Fabricating Shop
Field Erection & Welding Co. Southwest Research Institute
Filing an Asbestos Claim in Texas Southwest Texas Medical School
Filter Media, Inc. Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital
Fina Mobil Refinery Southwest Texas State University
Fina Oil & Chemical Co. Southwest Texas Teachers College – Education Building
Fina Oil & Chemical Plant Southwest Texas Teachers University
Fina Oil and Chemical Southwestern Bell Telephone
Fina Oil and Chemical Company Southwestern Electric Company
Fina Oil Co Southwestern Electric Power Co. – Wilkes Power Plant
Fina Refinery Southwestern Electric Power Company – Knox Lee
Fire Engineers Inc Southwestern Electric Power Company, Welsh Plant
Fire Station  218 West Main Southwestern Engineering
Fire Station #2  700 North Eastman Southwestern Fuel Company
Fire Station #34 Southwestern Gas & Electric Company
Firestone Rubber & Latex Company Southwestern Graphite Co.
Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Company Southwestern Insane Asylum
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company Southwestern Motor Transport Incorporated
First Baptist Church Southwestern Oil & Refinery Co.
First City National Bank Building Southwestern Petroleum Co.
First Federal Savings & Loan Southwestern Portland Cement
First International Bank Building Southwestern Power Company
First International Building Southwestern Public Service
First National Bank Southwestern Public Service Co. – C. B. Jones Station
First National Bank Bldg Southwestern Public Service Company – Plant X
First Presbyterian Church Southwestern Superior Products
First Republic Bank Southwestern Talc Corporation
First Western Building Southwestern University – Fine Arts Building
Fischbach & Moore Southwood Siding
Fish Engineering Corp. Spalding A K & Co.
Fish Engineering Corp. Spanish West Apartments
Fisk Electric Co. Specialty Sand & Refractories, Inc.
Fitzhugh Lee Specified Fuels
Fleming & Sons Spencer Chemical Company
Flexitallic Gaset Co. Inc. Spinoza Company
Flint Hills West Spoetzel Brewing Company
Floor Engineers Spring Garden Apartments
Floresville Memorial Hospital Spring Hill Junior High School
Fluor Corp. Spring Woods High School
Fluor Corp.- El Paso Refinery Spruce Square Apartments
Fluor Corporation St. Anthony Hotel
Fluor Corporation Limited St. David’s Hospital
Fmc Corporation St. Elizabeth Hospital
Foley Brothers Department Store St. Gobain Abrasives
Foley’s Department Store St. Joseph Hospital
Folgers Coffee St. Joseph Professional Building
Fonville Junior High School St. Matthews Methodist
Ford Motor Co. St. Pauls Hospital
Ford Plant St. Regis Paper Co.
Foreign Nations Buildings Stafford (USS)
Forest Grove Steam Electric Station Standard American Dredging Co
Forest Grove Steam Electric Station, Unit 1 Standard Asbestos
Forest Oak Middle School Standard Asbestos Manufacturing & Insulating Co.
Forest Park Cemetery Standard Brands – Guilbeau Station
Forest Park West Standard Dredging Corporation
Forrest E. Gilmore Company of Texas Standard Oil and Gas Company
Fort Bend County Standard Oil Co.
Fort Bliss – Finance Office Standard Oil Co. of TX
Fort Bliss Army Base Standard Oil Company
Fort Hood – Administration & Storage Buildings Standard Oil Company of Indiana
Fort Hood – Bachelor Officers Quarters Standard Oil Company of Texas
Fort Hood – Bowling Center Standard Oil of Texas Refinery
Fort Hood – Commissary Standard Oil Refinery
Fort Hood – Dining Facilities Standard Sulphur Company
Fort Hood – Enlisted Men’s Barracks Standco Industries
Fort Hood – Guest House Standish Oil Co.
Fort Hood – Hangar Stanolind Oil & Gas Co.
Fort Hood – Nco Club Stanolind Oil & Gas Company
Fort Hood – Nco Mess Hall Stanolind Oil and Gas Co
Fort Sam Houston – various buildings Stanolind Oil and Gas Company
Fort Stockton Star Enterprise
Fort Wayne Star Insulation
Fort Worth Star Insulation Co., Inc.
Fort Worth Federal Center State Board of Control  – Capital Station
Fort Worth Linen Service Co. State Building Commission – Texas Auto – 12th & Lavaca
Fort Worth Poultry & Egg Company State Capitol Building – Senate Offices & Phase II
Forward Reduction Company State Department Mental Health
Foster Grand Chemical Co. State Farm Insurance Company
Foster S.4 State Finance Building – 1613 Congress Avenue
Foster Wheeler Corp. State Home for Dependent and Neglected Children
Foster Wheeler Corporation State Hospital – Admin Building
Foundry / Lufkin Industries State Lunatic Asylum
Fox Technical High School State Tuberculosis Sanitarium
Francis B. Ogden Statler Hilton Hotel
Francis Residence Stauffer Chemical Co.
Francisco Elementary School Stauffer Chemical Plant
Frank Hollister Steamship Jefferson City
Frankie Hall Stearns / Texaco City Refining, Inc.
Franklin Savings & Loan Stearns-Rogers Manufacturing Co.
Frazier Hall Steck Warlick Company
Fred Richards Steel Resource
Frederick H Newell Stemmons Elementary
Fredericksburg Stephen C. Foster
Freeport Minerals Co. Stephen F. Austin
Freeport Sulphur Company Stephen F. Austin Hotel
French (USS) Stephenson School
Friedrich Refrigeration Sterling Chemicals Incorporated
Friendswood Junior High School Sterling Faucet Company
Frigiking Company Sterling Junior High School
Frith-Epperson, Inc. Sterling Packing & Gasket
Frito Company Sterling, Solutia
Frito Lay Co Stevedore Union
Frito Lay Inc. Steve’s Sash & Door
Frito Lay, Incorporated Stewart Building Mat
Fritz W. Glitsch & Sons, Inc. Stewart Elementary
Frontier Meat Company Stewart Elementary School
Frontier Roofing Stockmans – Phase 1
Frost Bank – Computer Rooms Stockman’s Cafe
Frost National Bank Stockton, Luedemann & French
Ft. Sam Houston Stokely Foods Incorporated
Ft. Worth Iron & Steel Company Stonaber, Inc.
Ft. Worth Linen Service Stone & Webster
Ft. Worth Power & Light Company Stone & Webster Agts.
Ft. Worth Water Works Stone Webster Engineering Corp
Fuller-Austin Insulation Stone Webster Engineering Corporation
Fuller-Austin Insulation Co. Stone Webster Engng Corp
Fullerton Gas Plant Storbeck Gregory & Dillard
G S A Supply Depot Storecrafters
G W Mitchell Office Building Stowe Elementary School
G.A. Jahn & Company Straus (USS)
G.A. Mosites Co.- Murphy Road Street Repair District
G.S.U. Powerhouse String Drygood / Rohm & Haas
G.W. Catt Stroh’s Brewery
Gaf (Ruberoid) Stryker Creek Power Plant
Gaf Corporation Stryker Creek Steam Plant, Unit 1
GAF Plant Stults Road Elementary School
Gaines Insulation Company, Inc. Styrothane Inc.
Gaither Welding Service Sue Spencer Hall
Galena Park Middle School Sugar Land
Galveston Airport Sugarland Industries
Galveston and Electric Co Sulphur River Gathering
Galveston Company Memorial Hospital Sulphur Springs
Galveston Cotton and Woolen Mills Sulphuric Acid Plant
Galveston County Courthouse Sun Oil Co.
Galveston County Jail Sun Oil Company – Jameson Plant
Galveston Docks Sun Oil, Jameson Plant
Galveston Electric Company Sun Pipe Line Company
Galveston Ice & Cold Storage Co. Sunoco Terminals, Inc.
Galveston News Sunray Oil Co.
Galveston Pipeline Sunset High School Addition
Galveston Shipyard / Sunshine Biscuits Inc.
Galveston St. Railway Co Sunshine Industries, Inc.
Galveston Street Railway Company Sunshine Laundry Company
Galveston Wharves Suntide Oil Refinery
Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway Co. Suntide Refining
Galveston-Houston Electric Railway Company Suntide Refining Co.
Garland Electric Department Super Chick Restaurant
Garland Heat Treating Superior Boiler & Welding Co.
Garland Light & Power Company Superior Oil – Recycling Plant
Garland Meat Treating Superior Oil Co.
Garland Power & Light Superior Standard Manufacturing Company
Garner Heat Treat Inc. Superior Woodwork Co.
Garner Heat Treat, Incorporated Surgi Electric Co.
Garner Junior High School Swanson Plumbing- Mykawa Rd. Plant
Garrett Elementary School Sweeny Refinery
Garrison Brick and Tile Company Sweeny Refinery Complex
Garwood Irrigation Co. Swepco
Gas Pipe Line Co. of America Swift and Company
Gas Plant Swift Edible Oil Products Company
Gasoline Division of Phillips Petroleum Company Swift Meat Packing Plant
Gasoline Plant Construction Corp. Swift Packing Company
Gasoline Plant Construction Corporation Swim & Trim
Gatx Terminals Corporation Swindell Dressler
Gaylord Container Co. Sydney Lanier Junior High School
GB Biosciences Corporation Synpol Refinery
Gebhardt Mexican Foods Systek Flight Training
Gebo Distributing Co. Inc. Systek Flight Training – (Turkey Run Road)
Geier Brothers T & P Railroad
General American Transportation Corporation T E Mercer Trucking
General Dynamics T. & P.  Team Track
General Dynamics Corp. T. E. Mitchell
General Electric Company T. H. Gozales
General Electric Plant(GE) T.F. Tigert Company
General Foods Corporation T.H. Wharton Power Plant
General Mills- Guar Plant T.X.I. Cement
General Motors Ta Chiao USA Inc.
General Motors Assembly Tabberer (USS)
General Motors Corporation Tacon Mechanical Contractor
General Portland Cement Talco Asphalt & Refining Co.
General Printing Ink Talcott & Bennet
General Public Utilities Company Talisman Apartments
General Services Administration Targa Midstream Services
General Supply Co. Tarleton State University
General Telephone Bldg Tarrant City Court House
General Telephone Company of the Southwest Tascosa High School
General Tire & Rubber Tax and Water Building
General Welding Work Taylor Compress Co.
Geneva Portland Cement Taylor Forge Inc.
Genoa Elementary School Taylor Refinery
Gentry (USS) Taylor Refining Co.
Genuine Parts Company Tech Ed Building
Geo.W. Fraser Technit
George A. Burt Company Telephone Building
George E. Davis (USS) Telephone Building – Main & Elgin
George Fuller Construction Telephone Substations
George S. Thompson Company Tellepsen Construction Co.
George Steers Telstar Apartments
George W. Lively Temple Eastex Incorporated
Georgetown School Temple Industries
Georgia Pacific Corporation Temple Inland Container Corporation
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill Temple Inland Forest Products
Georgia Pacific Pine Plywood Plant Temple Inland Papermill
Georgian Apartments Temple Inland, Inc.
Getty Oil Co. Temple Inland, Incorporated
Gibson Homans Co. Temple Lumber
Gibson Products Co. Temple Lumber Company
Gifford Hill Portland Cement Temple-Eastex
Gill Company Building Tenn Tex Alloy and Chemical Plant
Gillring Oil Tenneco Chemical Co.
Gilman Company Tenneco Gas & Oil
Gilman Insulation Co. Tenneco Manufacturing Co.
Gilmin Co., Inc. Tenneco Plant
Gladewater Refinery Tenneco Refinery
Glass Containers Corp. Tennessee Eastman Company
Glass Engineering Company, Inc. Tennessee Gas Plant
Glauber Inc. Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
Glen Flora Sugar Company Tenn-Tex Refinery
Glitsch and Sons Fritz Tennyson Elementary School
Global Farmer Ten-Ten Travis Corporation
Global Octanes Corp Terminal Refining Corporation
Global Octanes Corporation Terra Industries, Inc.
Globe Discount Center Terrell State Hospital
Globe Ice and Cold Storage Company Tex Mark, Incorporated
Gold Crest Apartments Tex Mex Railroad
Golden Manor Jewish Home for the Aged Tex Tin
Goldsmith Texaco / The Texas Company
Gonzales Post Office Texaco Asphalt
Good Shepherd Hospital Texaco Butane
Goodfellow Air Force Base Texaco Chemical
Goodfriends Department Store Texaco Chemical Co.
Goodrich Gulf Chemical Texaco City Refining, Inc.
Goodyear Chemical Texaco Drydocks
Goodyear Chemical Co Texaco Inc. Refinery
Goodyear Refinery Texaco Oil
Goodyear Tire Texaco Oil Fields
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Texaco Oil Refinery
Goralle Elementary School Texaco, Inc.
Gorbett Bros Tank Manufacturing Company Texaco, Incorporated
Gorbette Holloway Fabricators Texaco-Motiva-Star Enterprise Oil Refinery
Gould National Battery Co. Texarkana Cotton Oil Corp.
Government Credit Union Building Texarkana High School
Governor Brandon Texarkana Ice Company
Governors Mansion – Carriage House Texarkana Ordnance Center
Gpm Life Insurance Company Texas A & M University
Grace Lutheran Hospital Texas A&M University
Graham Generating Station Texas Aeromatics
Graham Power Plant Texas Alkyl Refinery
Grain Elevator Texas Aluminum
Grand Saline Texas Aluminum Extrusion Plant
Grandview Apartments – 303 North Third Street Texas Aluminum Plant
Graphite Texas and Pacific Freight and Passenger Station
Gray Tool Company Texas Asphalt and Refining Company
Graybar Electric Co. Inc. Texas Atlantic Refinery
Great Hall of the Apparel Mart Texas Bitulithic Company
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. Texas Bolt Co.
Great Southern Chemical Corp. Texas Bridge & Forge
Great Southern Life Insurance Texas Butadiene & Chem. Corp
Great Southern Refinery Texas Butadiene & Chemical
Grebe & Doremus Process Co. Texas Butadiene and Chemical Corporation
Green Floral Company Texas Central Power Company
Green Valley Elementary School Texas Centrifugal Casting
Greens Bayou Plant Texas Chemical
Greens Bayou Power Plant Texas Chemical Company
Greens Bayou Terminal Texas Christian University
Greenville Electric Department Texas City Chemical
Greenville Electric Dept Texas City Refinery
Greenville Electric Utility System Texas City Transportation Company
Greenwood Hills Elementary School Texas Company
Greer Welding Texas Concrete
Grefco Texas Construction Company
Gregg County Pottery Plant Texas Creosoting Company
Gregory Edwards Texas Crude Oil Company
Grey Wolf Refinery Texas Department of Mental Health – Adult Wards
Griggs Health Center Texas Department pf Corrections
Grinnell Company Texas Dept of Corrections
Grogan and Cash Texas Eastern Substation
Grogan Brothers Texas Eastman Chemical Company
Groth Equipment Texas Eastman Company
Groveton Hospital Texas Electric Company
Gruman Aerospace Texas Electric Powerhouse
Gsa Supply Depot Texas Electric Service Co.
Guadalupe Church Texas Electric Service Morgan Creek Station
GUB-MK Constructors Texas Electric Services Company
Gulberson Diesel Texas Electric Steel Casting Company
Gulf & Western Forge Pro. Texas Forge Steel Plant
Gulf Atlantic Warehouse Co. Texas Foundries, Inc.
Gulf Belting & Gasket Company Texas Foundry
Gulf Breeze Senior Citizens AP Texas Gulf Chemical
Gulf Building Texas Gulf Company
Gulf Chemical Co. Texas Gulf Industries, Inc.
Gulf Chemical Plant Texas Gulf Sulfur Co.
Gulf Coast Portland Cement Co. Texas Gulf Sulphur
Gulf Coast S & S Texas Gulf Sulphur Company
Gulf Coastal Water Co. Texas Gulf Sulphur Plant
Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad Company Texas Gypsum Co.
Gulf Compress Co. Texas Hardwood
Gulf Corporation Texas Highway Department
Gulf Goodrich Chemical Texas Hotel
Gulf Oil Texas Industries
Gulf Oil Chemical Company Texas Instruments Co.
Gulf Oil Company Texas Lightweight Aggregate Co.
Gulf Oil Corporation Texas Lime Co.
Gulf Oil Corporation (Alpine) Texas Lime Company
Gulf Oil Refinery Texas Marine & Ind Supply Co.
Gulf Plains Corp. Texas Mechanical Contractors
Gulf Ports Crating Company Texas Medical Center
Gulf Printing Company Texas Metal Fabricating Co.
Gulf Public Service Company Texas Metal Works
Gulf Reduction Texas Midland Railroad Company
Gulf Refining Co. Texas Mining & Smelting Co.
Gulf Refining Company Texas Miningsmelting Company
Gulf Research & Development – Office Lab Building Texas National Bank
Gulf State Incinerator Texas Natural Gasoline Corp.
Gulf State Utilities Co. Texas New Mexico Utilities Co.
Gulf States Asphalt Co. Texas New Mexico Utilities Company
Gulf States Pollution Control Texas Nuclear
Gulf States Refinery Texas Oil Company
Gulf States Tube Corp. Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company
Gulf States Tube Plant Texas Pacific Railroad
Gulf States Utilities Co – Sabine Power Station (Entergy Corp) Texas Penetentiary
Gulf States Utilities Co. – Bridge City Plant Texas Petrochemical Corporation
Gulf States Utilities Company Texas Petroleum Gas Company
Gulf Supply Company Texas Pharmacal Company
Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works Texas Pipe & Foundry
Gulfport Ind Park Texas Pipe Bending Co.
Gulfport Shipbuilding & Drydock Texas Pipe Line Company
Gulfport Shipping Company Texas Portland Cement and Lime Company
Gulfport Shipyard Texas Power & Light Co. –  Collin Steam Electric Station
Gullett Elementary School Texas Power & Light Co. – Collin County Steam Electric Station
Gunter Hotel Corporation Texas Power & Light Co. – Stryker Creek Power Plant
Gus Garcia Junior High School Texas Power & Light Company
H B Zachary Athletic Building – Boiler Texas Power & Light Company (A/K/A Texas Utilities) – Collin Station
H E B Grocery Texas Power and Light Company
H.B. Fountain Sheetmetal & Roofing Texas Public Service Co.
H.B. Zachry Company Texas Pulp and Paper
H.C. Price Construction Texas Rice and Irrigation Company
H.E. Butt Grocery Company Texas Rice Milling Co
H.W. Pirkey Power Plant Texas Rice Milling Company
Haas (USS) Texas Rolling Mill Company
Hal Mach Refining Co. Texas Rubber Company
Halgo, Incorporated Texas Sash & Door
Hallmark Builders, Inc. Texas School for the Blind- Dormitory Training Facility
Hallmark Service & Supply Texas Southern Electric Company
Haltom High School Texas State Department of Health
Hamilton Park Elementary School Texas State Library – Records Center Building
Hamman Exploration Co. Texas State Teachers Association
Handy Andy Bakery Texas Steaks Inc.
Handy Andy Store – Wonderland Center Texas Steam Laundry Company
Hanlon Gasoline Corp. Texas Steel Company
Harbison Walker Texas Steel Manufacturing Plant
Harbison-Walker Refractories Texas Tank Inc
Har-Con Engineering Inc. Texas Tech University
Hardin House North Texas Textile Mills
Harlingen Air Force Base Texas Texture Paint
Harlingen Police Station – 1106 South Commerce Texas Tool Traders
Harold D. Whitehead Texas Traction Company
Harris Acoustics Inc. Texas Utilities Company
Harris County Hospital District Texas Utilities Company – Martin Lake Station
Harris Elementary School Texas Utilities Electric
Harris Hospital Texas Utilities Electric Company
Harry Mitchell Brewing Company Texas Utilities Generating Co – Permian Basin Station
Harrys Switch Texas Utilities Generating Co. – Martin Lake
Hartman Junior High School Texas Utilities Generating Co. – Monticello Power Plant
Harvey C Miller Texas Utilities Generating Company
Harvey Smith Building – East 5th Street Texas Utilities Services, Inc.
Hast Brothers Inc Texas Vegetable Oil Co.
Hast Brothers, Incorporated Texas Wire & Cable Co.
Hawes Team Track, Mkt Rr Texas Works
Hawley Street Power Plant Texas-New Mexico Utilities
Hawthorne Elementary School Texgas Plant
Hawthorne Junior School Texglass Company
Hays County School Texoma Natural Gas Company
Hb&T – Private Switch Textar Corporation
Hearne Light and Power Company Tex-Tube Inc.
Heat Research Corporation Textube Incorporated
Heights Hospital Thaddeus Parker (USS)
Hemisfair Tower The Argyle Club
Henderson The Carthage Corp.
Henderson Clay Products The Edson Hotel
Henderson Clay Products Plant The Facs Company
Henderson Manufacturing Company The Gulf Coast Fabricating Co.
Henry C Beck Co. The Pure Oil Co.
Henry M. Robert The Texas Commodore
Henry W. Tucker The Woodlands
Hensley Field Theaters #1 & #2
Herbert D. Croly Theo. Hamm Brewing Co
Hercules Gasoline Co. Theodore Hamm Brewing Company
Hercules Gasoline Company Theodore Sedgwich
Hercules Incorporated Thermal Equipment Fabricator Co.
Hermann Hospital Thermal Products
Hess Oil & Chemical Corporation Thermco Insulation, Inc.
Hess Terminal Thermo Tech Inc.
Hi Grade Packing Thermotics Inc.
Hidalgo and Cameron Counties Thiokol Chemical Corp.
Hidalgo and Cameron Counties Thiokol Chemical Corporation
Hidalgo Company Water Thiokol Plant
Hidalgo County – Water Department Thomas Bulfinch
Hidalgo County Water Control & Improvement Thomas Hartlem
Hidalgo Water & Improvement District Thomas Hartley
High Plains Baptist Hospital Thomas Steel Drums, Inc.
Highlands Junior High School Thomas T. Tucker
Hill Chemical Incorporated Thomas W Gregory
Hill Country Memorial Hospital – Kerville Highway Thompson Inc.
Hill Petroleum Thompsons
Hill Petroleum Company Thorpe Corp.
Hillcrest Carpet Division Thorpe Insulation -Beaumont Branch
Hillside Manor Nursing Home Thorpe Insulation Co.
Hilton Inn Thorpe Insulation Services Company
Hoechst Celanese Thorpe Products
Hoechst Celanese Corporation Thorpe Products Company
Holiday Center Thorpe Shop
Holiday Inn – Durango & Santa Rosa Thorpe Warehouse
Holiday Inn – Pan Am Expressway Three Rivers
Holloway Carpet Thrif-T-Built, Incorporated
Holly Street Power Plant Tichenor Company
Holly Sugar Corporation Tidewater Associated Oil Company
Holman A F Boiler Works Tidewater Esso Oil Co.
Holman Boiler Works, Inc. Tidewater Gasoline Plant
Holmes Foods, Incorporated Tidewater Oil Co.
Holmes School Tidewater Oil Co. / Fish Engineering Corp.
Home Baker Engineers, Inc. Tidewater Oil Company
Home Oil Refining Company of Texas Tidewater Pipe Line Company
Hostess Hotel Tilden Plant
Hotel Dieu Hospital Tin Processing Corp.
Hotel Lubbock Tishce-Goettinger
Housing for the Elderly Tivoli Gin.
Housing Module Tobin & Rooney
Houston Belt & Terminal RR Todd Ford Inc.
Houston Chemical Todd Galveston Dry Dock, Inc.
Houston Chemical Co. Todd Galveston Shipyard
Houston Chemical Company Todd Shipping Company
Houston Chemical Complex Todd Shipyards Corp.
Houston Chemical Plant Tom Benson Chevrolet Service Center
Houston Chronicle Tom Ferry Company
Houston City Street Railway Company Tomball
Houston Compress Company Total Petrochemicals USA Inc.
Houston Concrete Products Tourist Information Center
Houston Contracting Co. Tower Apartments
Houston Cotton Oil Mill Tower Hotel
Houston County Library Tower of America
Houston Electric Company Town & Country Store
Houston Export Crating Company Tox Technical High School
Houston Gas and Fuel Company Traders Compress Co.
Houston Gas Company Trading House Creek
Houston Ice and Brewing Company Tradinghouse Creek Steam Electric Station
Houston Industries, Inc. Trailmobile
Houston L&P Greens Transco Gas Pipeline
Houston Lead Co. Transit Authority Building
Houston Light & Power Co. Transmission Electric Coop, Inc.
Houston Lighting & Power Trans-World Insulation, Inc.
Houston Lighting & Power Co. – Cedar Bayou Station Travis Avenue Baptist Church
Houston Lighting and Power Travis Heights Elementary School
Houston Linen Service Co. Travis High School
Houston Milling Co. Travis Junior High School
Houston Museum of Fine Arts Travis Middle School
Houston Natural Gas Building Travis Middle School
Houston NW Aviation, Inc. Traw (USS)
Houston Operations Trentham Copr.- Person Gas Plant
Houston Packing Company Trespalacios Rice & Irrigation Company
Houston Pipe & Steel, Inc. Triangle Insulation Co.
Houston Pipe Line Co. Trident Group
Houston Pipeline Trigeant, Limited
Houston Plant Trinidad S. E. Station Tex
Houston Plastic Plant Trinity Cotton Oil Company
Houston Power & Light Co – Cedar Bayou Station Trinity Forge Inc.
Houston Power & Light Company – Powerhouse Trinity Gas
Houston Sheetmetal Works Trinity Gas Corp.
Houston Shipbuilding Corp. Trinity Gas Plant
Houston Shipyards Trinity Industries, Inc.
Houston Steel & Concrete Trinity Lutheran Home
Houston Terminal Warehouse Trinity Marine Group
Houston Texas Central Railroad Company Trinity Portland Cement
Houston Volunteers Trinity Refining Company
Howard Hughes Plant Trinity Steel
Howard L. Gibson Trinity University
Howell Hydrocarbons Refinery Trio Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
Howell Insulation Company Triple B Corp
Howell Refinery Triple B Corporation
Huber Carbon Black Tri-State Brick & Tile Company
Hudnall Planetarium Trotti & Thompson, Inc.
Hudson Engineering Corp. True Taste Corporation
Hudson Engineering Gas Plant Truett Hospital, Baylor University
Hudson Products Corporation Trunkline Gas Company
Huffman Middle School Tru-Weld Company
Hughes Tool Tu Handley Power House
Hughes Tool Company Tube-Kote Inc.
Humble Library Museum Annex Tube-Kote Plant Inc.
Humble Oil & Refinery Company Tuco Plant
Humble Oil & Refining Co.- Jourdanton Gas Plant Turkey Creek
Humble Oil & Refining Co.- Pledger Gas Plant Tuxedo Dial Building
Humble Oil & Refining Company TXI Chaparral
Humble Oil and Refining Co. (J.C. Dorward Lease) TXU Corporation
Humble Oil Co TXU Electric Company
Humble Pipe Line Co. Tyler Pipe
Humble/Exxon Gas Plant Tyler Pipe & Foundry
Humble-Exxon Oil Refinery Tyler Pipe Industries Inc.
Hunt Gas Gathering Tyler Refrigeration Company
Hunt Oil Tyrrell & Garth, Inc.
Hunt Tool U S Air Force Base
Hunter Lumber Co. U S Turbine Corp.
Huntsman Chemical Corporation U. S. Industrial Chemical Co.
Huntsman Corp. U.S. Air Force
Huntsman Corporation U.S. Gypsum
Huntsman Polymers Corporation U.S. Industrial Chemical Corp.
Huntsville State Teachers College U.S. Naval Air Station
Hunt-Wesson Foods U.S. Naval Hospital
Husky Steam Cleaners U.S. Plywood
Huston-Tillotson College U.S. Post Office
Hyatt Regency U.S. Public Health
Hyatt Regency Hotel U.S. Steel Corporation
Hycar Chemical Co. U.S. Steel Mill
Hyde Park Baptist Church – Nursery Adult Building U.S. Veterans Building
Hydril Chemical Plant U.T.A.
Hydro Conduit Company Uddo Taormina Corporation
I. B. Perrine Udylite Corporation
I. M. C. Building Ultramar Diamond
IBM – Halcombe &  Fannin Ultramar Diamond Shamrock
IBM Corporation UNARCO
Ice Storage House Uncle Ben’s Food, Inc.
ICI United States Uncle Ben’s Rice
Ideal Cement Company Uni Oil Inc.
Illinois Inc. Uni Oil Incorporated
Imc Drilling Mud Inc. Union 76
Imperial American Union 76 Refinery
Imperial Chemical Union Asbestos
Imperial Chemical Industries American Holdings, Inc. Union Asbestos Tire & Rubber
Imperial Sugar Plant Union Carbide
Incarnate Word College- Science Hall Union Carbide & Carbon Chemical Corp.
Incinerator International Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.
Independent Refining Co. Union Carbide Chemical Co.
Index Chemical Co. Union Carbide Chemical Plant
Industrial Generating Company Union Carbide Chemicals Co.
Industrial Glass Corp Union Carbide Corp.
Industrial Gunite Inc. Union Carbide Plant (Dow Seadrift)
Industrial Insulation Union Engineering & Const.
Industrial Insulators, Inc. Union Oil Co.
Industrial Service  & Engineering Company Union Oil Company of California (UNARCO)
Industrial Towel Union Oil Refinery
Industrial Uniform and Towel Company Union Pacific
Industrotech Southwestern Union Pacific Railway Co.
Ineos-Chocolate Bayou Plant Union Terminal Company
Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Company Union Texas Petroleum
Inland Paperboard and Packaging Uniroyal Tire Company
Insular Products Corporation United Carbon Company
Insulation & Specialties Co. United Gas Co.
Insulation Services, Inc. United Gas Pipe Line
Insulation Specialties, Inc. United Gas Pipeline
Intercontinental Manufacturing Company United Heat Treating Co.
Intermittent Vacuum Pre Cooling Company United Pipe Fabricating Co.
International Airport United Rubber & Chemical Company
International Creosoting & Construction Company United Rubber and Chemical Co.
International Export Packers United States Army War Department
International Harvester United States Plywood-Champion Papers, Inc.
International Light and Power Company United States Steel Corporation
International Minerals & Chemical United Sulphur Plant
International Paper Co. United Tile Company
International Paper Company, Container Division Universal Atlas
International Shoe Universal Atlas Cement
International Specialty Prod. Universal Gypsum Company
Invista S.A.R.L. Universal Insulation Co., Inc.
Iola Portland Cement Company Universal Match
Irving Babbitt University Center Project
Isk Biosciences University Christian Church
J & S Insulators, Inc. University High School
J C Penny’s University of Houston
J C Penny’s – Winsor Park Mall University of Mexico – Hemisfair Plaza
J E Pearce Junior High School University of San Antonio – Medical School
J Graves Insulation University of Texas
J. D. Yeager University of Texas at Arlington
J. G. Johns & Co. University of Texas at Austin
J. Weingarten University Of Texas Medical Branch
J.A. Folger & Company University of Texas Teacher’s College
J.C. Penney Construction University Towers
J.D. Keenshan Company Unocal
J.E.B. Stuart Unocal Refinery
J.M. Guffey Petroleum Company Upjohn Chemical Co.
J.R. Peace Technical-Vocational Upjohn Chemical Plant
J.S. Abercrombie Co. US Army Reserve
J.T. Thorpe (Insulation) US Brass
J.T. Thorpe Co. US Government Helium Plant
J.W. Glitsch & Sons US Gypsum Co.
J.W. Hodges Library US Gypsum Plant
J.W. Leavesley & Sons US Industrial Chemical
J.W. Thompson Company US Naval Reserve Air Base
Jaccard (USS) US Operation Orange Works
Jack W. Wilke US Post Office
Jackie Hause USA Chemical
Jackson Delinting Manufacturing Co. Usaf Hospital – Wilford Hall
Jackson Intermediate School Usi Chemical Plant
Jackson-Keller Elementary School Usi-Chemical
Jamail Office Building – 38th & North Lamar USS San Antonio
James Bowie USX Co.
James E. Markle & Associates, Inc. Uvalde Asphalt Company
James L. Edwards Warehouse Uvalde Rock & Asphalt Plant
James Longstreet VA Hospital
James Madison Vacuum Heat Treating
James Oglethorpe Vacuum Tank Truck Service Company
James Roy Wells Vahlsing, Inc.
James S. Mcrae Valero Corpus Christi Refinery
Jane Long Elementary School Valero Energy
Japanese Pavilion Valero Energy Corp.
Jasper School Valero Energy-Three Rivers Ref
Javelina Gas Recovery Valero Mckee Refinery
Jefferson Chemical Co. Valero Port Arthur Refinery
Jefferson Chemical Co. Inc. Valero Refining Company
Jefferson High School Valley Electric and Ice Company
Jefferson Lake Oil Company Valley Reservoir and Canal Company
Jefferson Lake Sulphur Company Valley Steam Electric Station
Jeremiah Wadsworth Valmont Industries
Jesse Billingsley Vandergriff Community Center
Jesse Rutherford (USS) Varel Manufacturing
Jewish Community Center Velesco Depot Team Track
JF Pritchard & Co. Velsicol Chemical
Jims Coffee Shop Velsicol Chemical Plant
Jl Bates Power Plant Verson Manufacturing Company
Jm Huber Corp. Vesole
Jm Huber Corporation Veterans Administration – Clinical Building
JM Huber Corporation Carbon Black Plant Veterans Administration Hospital
JM Odom Co. Veteran’s Affairs Hospital
Joan O’Berg Veterans Field
Joe Huggins Company, Inc. Victoria Electric and Ice Company
John B. Hood Victoria Power Station
John Bright Assc. Viking Insulation Co., Inc.
John Brown Vilva Paree Apts.
John C. Butler (USS) Virginia Public Service Co.
John C. Gill and Company Vistron Corporation
John F Kennedy High School Vought Aeronautics
John Finnegan Vought Aircraft Industries Incorporated
John Gibbon Vulcan Materials Co.
John H Reagan W H Howard Insulators, Inc.
John Jays High School W. A. Parish Steam Electric Station
John L. Williamson (USS) W. F. Curlee Manufacturing Co.
John Lawrence W. Pat Crow Forgings, Incorporated
John M Crouch Construction Co., Inc. W.B. Tuttle Power Plant
John M Thurman Contractor W.J. Smith Wood Preserving
John Marshall High School W.J. Smith Wood Preserving Company
John Miller (USS) W.L. Henderson Builder & Repair
John R. Craig W.T. Carter & Bros. Lumbar Co
John Rodgers W.T. White High School
John Sealy Wa Parish Generating Station
John Segarest Builders Waco Cotton Oil Mill
John Tralton College Waco Electric Light and Power Company
Johnnie Hutchins (USS) Waco Electric Railway and Light Company
Johns-Manville Products Corp. Waco Gas and Electric Company
Johns-Manville Sales Corporation Waco High School
Johnson and Johnson Waco Insulation
Johnson and Johnson Medical, Inc. Waco VA Hospital
Johnston Elementary School Waggoner Refining Company
Jones Blair Paint Wagstaff Gym
Jones Blair Paint Company Walco Department Store
Jones Hall Wald Terminal Warehouse Co.
Jones Lumber Company Walker Oil and Refining Company
Jones Road Elementary School Wallace and Radford
Jose Navarro Wallace M. Tyler
Joseph E Johnston Walnut Manor Apartments
Joseph H Kibbey Walter C. Wann (USS)
Joseph Mccollum Walter F. Kraft
Josephine Houston Elementary School Walter R. Stewart and Son
Joshua A Leach Walter Wellman
Joskes Warehouse Walton (USS)
Joslin Steam Plant Unit 1 Walzem Elementary School
Jourdanton Elementary School Wanda Petroleum Co.
Jt Thorpe Co. Ward Building
Jt Thorpe Yard Ward Building 521
Jtt-Tx Chevron Warren Gas Plant
Jubal A. Early Warren Petroleum
Jud Plumbing Co. Warren Petroleum Chevron Oil Storage Facility
Judson Elementary School – Live Oak Village Warren Petroleum Corp.
Junior C. Keith Warrior Construction Company
K & K Insulators, Inc. Warwick Hotel
K & M Company Waskom Fabrication Company (Steel Plant)
K. L. Bishop – Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America Waste Heat Engineering
K.O. Steel Fabricating Water and Light Department
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation Water Control and Improvement District #9
Kaiser Cement & Gypsum Water Resources Building
Kaiser Engineers for Texas City Ref. Co. Water Works Company
Kallison Buildings Water Works Light and Power Plant
Kane Shipbuilding Waterman Lumber Company
Kaneka Texas Corporation Watts Boiler Factory
Kanotex Refining Co. Watts Brothers
Kansas City Power and Light Company Weatherford Lake Power Plant
Kaolin Plant Weathermasters, Inc.
Kasch Bros., Inc. Weaver Shipyard
Kashmeregardens Elementary School Webb Hall
Kaspar Wire Works Webb Wheel
Katy Gas Plant Webberville Facility
Katy High School Webster Intermediate
Katy Industries Webster Intermediate School
Katy Team Track Webster Power Plant
Kaufman Enterprises Webster School
Keeshan and Bost Chemical Company Webster Team Track
Keller Extrusions Wedgewood Apartments
Kellogg Company Weiss Elementary School
Kellogg Construction Welco Manufacturing Co.
Kelly AFB Weld & Supply Company
Kelly Air Force Base – various buildings Weld and Neville
Kelly Smith Cleaners Welsh Generator Station
Kelly-Springfield Tire Company Welsh Power Plant
Kennecot Chemical Co. Welsh Power Plant, Unit 2
Kennecott Copper Corp. Welsh Steam Plant
Kenneth M. Willett (USS) Wes Tex Construction Company, Inc.
Kent Middleton Refining Company Weskem Corp.
Kerr Mcgee Corp. West 1st Street City Power Plant
Kerr Mcgee Corporation West Columbia
Kerriville State Hospital West Columbia Junior High School
Kerrville Elementary School West Land Silica Sand Co.
Kerrville High School West Texas Gas Company
Kerrville State Hospital West Texas High School
Key (USS) West Texas Industries, Inc
Kiest School West Texas Industries, Inc.
Kilgore Plumbing West Texas Utilities
Killeen Elementary School West Texas Utilities Company
Killeen Junior High School Westbury High School
Kimbell Industries Western Auto Supply Co.
Kincheloe Irrigation Company Western Company Oil Field
Kindred Elementary School Western Electric Co.
King Elementary School Western Electric Company
King Ranch Gas Plant – Humble / Exxon Western Foundry Equipment Co.
King Ranch Gasoline Plant Western Gas Co.
King Tool Western Insulation Company
Kings Mill Western Pipe & Steel
Kinnison Brothers Western Supply Co. (Gasoline Plant Construction)
Kirby Lumber Company Westinghouse Church Kerr and Company
Kirby Lumber Corp. Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Kirbyville Elementary School Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Company
K-Mart Westkem
Knox Glass Westvaco Corporation
Knox Glass Bottle Company Westwood Elementary School
Knox Lee Power Plant Weyerhaeuser Company
Knox Warehouse Wharton School
Koch Refinery White Nipple Plant
Kolker Chemical Company White Supply Co.
Koppers Chemical Company White Way Linen
Koppers Co., Inc. Whiteway Laundry
Koppers Company Inc. Wichita County Courthouse
Kountze Court House Wichita Falls Pattern Works
Kraft Foods Widelite San Marcos
KTRK TV 13 Wilderspin and Martin
Kurth Elementary School Wilford Hall Military Hospital
L G Pinkston High School Wilkes Power Plant
L H Mcnelly Wilkes Powerhouse
L.A. Ellis Plantation Wilkes Steam Plant
L.G. Pinkston High School Will Jackson Middle School
L.T.V., Power House Willard A. Selle, Inc.
La Feria Mutual Canal Company William B. Travis
La Gloria Corporation William Beaumont General Hospital
La Gloria Gas Plant William D. Porter
La Gloria Oil & Gas Refinery William H. Crawford
La Gloria Oil Refinery William H. Rice Institute
La Louisiane Restaurante William K. Kamaka
La Palma Power Station William L. Smith
La Pasada Motor Hotel William M. Rayburn
La Prade (USS) William R. Lewis
La Quinta Plant Williams (USS)
La Reforme Williams Davis Boiler Co
La Villita Assembly Building Williams Insulation Contractor
Lackland Air Force Base Williams Natural Gas
Lackland Air Force Base – various buildings Williams Plant
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Lake Highlands Elementary School Wilson N. Jones Hospital
Lake Highlands Junior High School Windsor Park Bank
Lake Hubbard Steam Plant Winfield Scott
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Lake Ray Hubbard Dam Winston Churchill School
Lake Ray Hubbard Power Plant Wintergarden Ornam Nurse
Lake Travis Service Center Wisco Inc.
Lake Worth Police/Fire Station Witco Chemical Co.
Lakeside Irrigation Company Witco Hydro Carbon Corp.
Lakeway Country Club Witte Confluence Museum
Lakewood Branch Library – 8815 Feland Wj Smith Wood Preserving Company
Lakewood Country Club Wkm Foundry
Lalla Odom Elementary School Wkm Industries
Lamar College WKM Valve Division
Lamar Elementary School Wolf Brand Products Company
Lamar Middle School Wolyparsons Corp.
Lamar University Womble Oil Mill Company
Lambert Cadwalder Wonder Building Company
Lamons Metal Gasket Co. Wonder Chemical Company
Landmark Building Wood Preserving Division Koppers Co., Inc.
Landmark Station Powerhouse Woodcrest Elementary School
Lane City Rice Milling Company Wood-Leppard Air Conditioning Co.
Langford Company Woodrow Street Church of Christ
Lanier High School Woodson (USS)
Laredo Air Force Base Woodson Oil Co. (Cober Strawn Unit)
Laredo Air Force Base – Cold Storage Woodward Street Office Building
Laredo Electric and Railway Company Wooten School
Laredo Power Station World Trade Center
Laredo Power Station Unit Number 3 Worrard Mdg.
Larkin Packer Company Inc Wortman Contractors
Larkin Packer Company, Inc. Wrb Refining /Borger Refinery
Las Palmas Shopping Center Wtu Power Station
Lasco of Beaumont, Inc. Wupperman Spangler Animal Clinic
Late Chevrolet Wyatt Industries Inc.
Latter Day Saints Church Wyatt Metal & Boiler Works
Latter Day Saints Church – Meeting House Wyatt Metal Boiler Works
Lauge Soap Company Wyatts Inc.
Laughlin Air Force Base Wyler Industrial Works
Lavon Powerhouse Wyman Gordon
Law Enforcement Academy Wyndotte Chemical
Law Faculty Building Wyoming Refining
Lawrence C. Taylor (USS) YMCA
Layne Texas Co. YMCA Auditorium
Lead Products, Incorporated Young Insulation Group of Amarillo, Inc.
Learning Resource Center Young Sales
Leavesley Industries Yuba Fabricating Div.
Lebus Manufacturing Company Zachry H B Co.
Lee Construction Company Zenith Cleaners

Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Texas Mesothelioma Damages


Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages   
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship  
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages    
Mental Anguish Damages  
Monetary Compensation Damages   
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages  
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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Texas Mesothelioma Attorneys

We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Texas Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Texas Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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