Shipyard Workers and Mesothelioma Claims


Shipyard Workers Mesothelioma Lawyer, Shipyard Workers Asbestos Exposure. People that worked in and around building trades that exposed them to asbestos dust and fibers are still at risk of developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases in their lifetime.

More than 20 million American workers, including Shipyard Workers, have been exposed to asbestos with the most substantial usage in the U. S. was during 1930-1980. Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers can lay dormant in Shipyard Workers for 10-50 years.

Shipyard Workers diagnosed with Mesothelioma may be eligible for financial compensation with the help of an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer.

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Ammunition Ship Workers Powerboat Workers
Amphibious Craft Workers Pressure Vessel Inspectors
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Anchor Machine Workers Pressure Vessel Workers
Army Shipyard Workers Processing Vessel Workers
Attack Transport Ship Workers Quarter Boat Workers
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Auxiliary Ship Workers Race Boat Mechanics
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Barge Crew Workers Refrigeration Ship Workers
Barge Dock Workers Refrigerator Ship Workers
Barge Workers Refrigerator Vessel Workers
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Boat Brake Installers Reservoir Boat Workers
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Boat Building Industry Workers Retired Shipyard Workers
Boat Building Plant Workers Ride the Duck Workers
Boat Building Workers Rig Boat Mechanics
Boat Captains River Barge Workers
Boat Crew Workers River Drawbridge Workers
Boat Dealership Workers River Parkway Workers
Boat Dock Workers Riverboat Mechanics
Boat Drivers Riverboat Workers
Boat Engine Workers Sailboat Engine Workers
Boat Explosion Workers Sailboat Workers
Boat Fire Workers Sailing Instructors
Boat Fishing Workers Seagoing Commercial Vessel Workers
Boat Harbor Workers Sealift Command Workers
Boat Manufacturing Workers Sealift Vessel Workers
Boat Mate Gang Workers Seaman
Boat Mechanics Seaman Blowtorch Workers
Boat Motor Workers Ship AC Systems Installers
Boat Operators Ship Arc Welders
Boat Owners Ship Autorack Workers
Boat Parts Workers Ship Ballast Workers
Boat Pilot Ship Blowtorch Workers
Boat Pilot Workers Ship Boat Workers
Boat Propeller Manufacturing Workers Ship Boilerman
Boat Propeller Mechanics Ship Braking System Workers
Boat Propeller Workers Ship Breaker Workers
Boat Propulsion Workers Ship Breaking Workers
Boat Racing Workers Ship Builder Workers
Boat Ramp Workers Ship Builders
Boat Rental Workers Ship Building Workers
Boat Repair Station Workers Ship Building-Retro Fitting Workers
Boat Safety Instructor Ship Buoyant Workers
Boat Salvage Wreck Workers Ship Cargo Surveyor
Boat Salvage Yard Workers Ship Carpenter Workers
Boat Service Workers Ship Cleaning Workers
Boat Steering System Workers Ship Clean-up Workers
Boat Subcontractors Ship Company Workers
Boat Tanker Workers Ship Compartment Workers
Boat Tour Workers Ship Construction Welders
Boat Tow Operators Ship Container Workers
Boat Trip Workers Ship Contractors
Boat Tug Workers Ship Cooks
Boat Workers Ship Coreman
Boat Wreck Workers Ship Deck Workers
Boat Yard Workers Ship Decommissioning Workers
Boat-Barge Workers Ship Demolition Crew Workers
Boating Safety Inspectors Ship Demolition Workers
Boating Safety Workers Ship Design Workers
Boating Workers Ship Diesel Workers
Boating Yard Workers Ship Dismantling Workers
Boatman Ship Docks Workers
Boatpropeller Workers Ship Electrician Workers
Boat-Rental Workers Ship Engine Assemblers
Boats Manufacturing Workers Ship Engine Fitters
Boats Mate Gang Workers Ship Engine Maintenance Man
Boatswain Workers Ship Engine Mechanics
Boiler Room Workers Ship Engine Performance Technicians
Boiler Workers Ship Engine Room Mechanics
Bottom Ship Workers Ship Engine Room Operators
Bridge Shipyard Workers Ship Engine Room Steam Crews
Bulk Freight Ship Workers Ship Engine Room Supervisors
Buoyancy Workers Ship Engine Room Wiper
Cabin Cruiser Workers Ship Engine Room Workers
Cabin Motor Boat Workers Ship Engine Workers
Cable Ship Workers Ship Engineers
Canoe Workers Ship Engineers Workers
Capsized Boat Workers Ship Engineman
Capsized Vessel Workers Ship Equipment Workers
Carbon Monoxide Boat Workers Ship Evaporators
CarDock Workers Ship Export Agents
Cargo Load Workers Ship Facility Workers
Cargo Ship Workers Ship Fire Controlman Workers
Cargo Surveyors Ship Fire Crew Workers
Carnival Cruise Ship Workers Ship Fireman
Carnival Line Ship Workers Ship Floor Mechanics
Carnival Ship Workers Ship Freight Brakeman
Cartevedores Ship Freight Handlers
Cast Ship Mixer Ship Freight Line Workers
Cast Ship Mixer Workers Ship Freight Operators
Catamaran Workers Ship Freighter Workers
Charity Boat Workers Ship Haven Workers
Charity SailBoat Trip Workers Ship Heating Systems Installers
Charity Sailboat Workers Ship Hoist Operators
Charter Boat Workers Ship Holds Workers
Charter Vessel Workers Ship Hoopers
Civil Shipyard job Workers Ship Hull Operators
Civilian Boat Workers Ship Hull Workers
Civilian Dry Dock Workers Ship Hydraulic Workers
Civilian Hull Maintenance Workers Ship Hydrodynamics Workers
Civilian Longshoreman Ship Hydrostatics Workers
Civilian Shipbuilders Ship industry Workers
Civilian Shipfitters Ship Inspectors
Civilian Shipyard Welders Ship Insulators
Civilian Shipyard Workers Ship Ironfitters
Coast Guard Ship Workers Ship Ironworkers
Coast Guard Tour Boat Workers Ship Janitors
Coast Guard Vessel Workers Ship Junkyard Operators
Coastal Boat Workers Ship Laggers
Commercial Fisherman Ship Lagging Operators
Commercial Fishing Vessel Workers Ship Lagging Workers
Commercial Fishing Workers Ship Leasing Workers
Commercial Oil Tanker Workers Ship Loaders
Commercial Tanker Workers Ship Lumber Yard Workers
Commercial Vessel Workers Ship Machine Assemblers
Container Ship Workers Ship Machine Operators
Crab Boat Workers Ship Machinists
Crew Boat Workers Ship Machinists Mates Workers
Cruise Line Ship Workers Ship Maintenance Crews Workers
Cruise Ship Workers Ship Maintenance Mechanics
Cut Docks Workers Ship Maintenance Workers
Day Boating Workers Ship Masters
Deck Engine Mechanics Ship Mates
Deckhand Ship Workers Ship Mechanics
Deckhand Workers Ship Messman
Decommissioning Ship Workers Ship Mixer
Deep Drilling Vessel Workers Ship Officers
Deep Sea Cables Workers Ship Oil Tanker Workers
Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Workers Ship Oil Workers
Deep Sea Ship Workers Ship Oilers
Deep Water Workers Ship Operating Workers
Deepwater Explosion Workers Ship Owners
Deepwater Workers Ship Packagers
Defective Hoist Workers Ship Pilots
Defective Mooring Line Workers Ship Pipe Insulators
Defective Signal Device Workers Ship Plumbers
Defense Ship Contractors Ship Port Engineers
Design Vessel Workers Ship Port Workers
Dismantling Crew Workers Ship Porters
Dismantling Ship Workers Ship Propulsion Systems Workers
Dismantling Shipyard Workers Ship Pump Workers
Dock Man Ship Pursers
Dock Plate Workers Ship Renovators
Dock Ship Workers Ship Repair Station Workers
Dock Shipyard Workers Ship Repair Workers
Dock Shorelines Workers Ship Repairman
Dock Workers Ship Rodman
Docked Barge Workers Ship Room Operators
Dockman Ship Room Workers
Dockyard Engineers Ship Rust Removal Workers
Drawbridge Workers Ship Salvage Workers
Dredge Shipyard Workers Ship Salvage Yard Workers
Dredging Workers Ship Scalers
Drill Ship Workers Ship Scrap Loaders
Dry Dock Grinding Workers Ship Scrapper
Dry Dock Shipyard Workers Ship Scrapyard Workers
Dry Dock Workers Ship Service Workers
Duck Boat Workers Ship Shopfitters
Electric Boat Shipyard Workers Ship Steam Room Workers
Everglade Boat Tour Workers Ship Steel Plant Workers
Everglades Boat Workers Ship Steel Workers
Everglades Boating Mechanics Ship Steering System Workers
Everglades Park Boat Workers Ship Storage Yard Workers
Everglades Tour Boat Workers Ship Store Workers
Exxon Vessel Workers Ship Superintendents
Fast Combat Ship Workers Ship Supervisors
Federal Shipbuilding Workers Ship Surveyors
Female Shipyard Workers Ship Tanker Handlers
Ferry Boat Workers Ship Tanker Insulators
Ferry Cotter Workers Ship Tanker Workers
Ferry Crew Workers Ship Telephone Installers
Ferry Safety Director Ship Tenders
Ferry Safety Workers Ship Terminal Workers
Ferry Workers Ship Test Operators
Fiberglass Boat Workers Ship Valves Workers
Fiberglass Lagging Ship Workers Ship Voyage Repair Station Workers
Fiberglass Ship Workers Ship Voyage Station Port Workers
Fish & Game Wardens Ship Voyage Station Workers
Fish & Game Workers Ship Warehouse Workers
Fish Boat Engine Workers Ship Welders
Fish Farmers Ship Welding Workers
Fish Hatchery Specialists Ship Workers
Fish Trimmers Ship Wrecker Company Workers
Fisherman Ship Wrecker Workers
Fishery Supervisors Ship Wrecking Crew Workers
Fishery Workers Ship Yardbirds
Fishing Boat Workers Ship Yardman
Fishing Trawler Workers Shipbreaking Workers
Fishing Trip Workers Shipbuilders
Fishing Vessel Workers Shipbuilding Pipefitters
Fishing Workers Shipbuilding Shipyard Workers
Flag Ship Workers Shipbuilding Workers
Flagger Workers Shipfitter Clerks
Flagman Workers Shipfitter Workers
Fleet Ship Workers Shipfitters
Fleet Workers Shipowners
Forklift loading Dock Workers Shippers
Freight Ship Workers Shipping Boat Workers
Freight Shipping Workers Shipping Container Workers
Freight Transportation Workers Shipping Department Workers
Freight Workers Shipping Terminal Workers
Freighter Crew Workers Shipwreck Salvage Workers
Freighter Workers Shipwreck Site Workers
Freightliner Workers Shipwreck Workers
Frigate Workers Shipwrights
Fuel Ship Workers Shipyard Barrack Workers
Harbor Construction Workers Shipyard Boilermakers
Harbor Crew Workers Shipyard Brick Masons
Harbor Masters Shipyard Bricklayers
Harbor Police Officer Shipyard Cableman
Harbor Workers Shipyard Clerks
Heavy Cargo Load Workers Shipyard Crew Workers
Heavy Ship Cargo Workers Shipyard Dry Dock Workers
Hoist Operators Shipyard Drywall Installers
Hoist Winch Operators Shipyard Dump Keepers
Hoist Workers Shipyard Dump Workers
Hospital Ship Workers Shipyard Electricians
Hull Department Supervisors Shipyard Employees
Hull Foreman Shipyard Installers
Hull Maintenance Technicians Shipyard Iron Workers
Hull Maintenance Workers Shipyard Ironfitters
Hull Tech Workers Shipyard Laggers
Hull Technicians Shipyard Layer
Hull Workers Shipyard Lumber Workers
Hydraulic Ship Workers Shipyard Managers
Hydraulic Workers Shipyard Masters
Icebreaker Vessel Workers Shipyard Owners
Industrial Shipyard Workers Shipyard Packagers
Inflatable Boat Workers Shipyard Quarter Boat Workers
Inland Barge Workers Shipyard Riveters
Inland Boat Workers Shipyard Shipping Clerks
Inland Marine Workers Shipyard Steel Workers
Insulation Ship Workers Shipyard Stone Masons
International Maritime Workers Shipyard Supervisor Workers
Iron Ship Builders Shipyard Suppliers
Iron Ship Building Workers Shipyard Terminal Workers
Jack up Rigs Workers Shipyard Toolers
Jack-up Rig Crew Workers Shipyard Truck Drivers Workers
JeffBoat Barge Workers Shipyard Weld Workers
Jet Ski Workers Shipyard Welders
Jet Skier Workers Shipyard Workers
Lagging Ship Workers Shrimp Boat Workers Workers
Lake Boat Workers Shrimp Trawler Workers
Lake Police Officers Signal Operators
Landing Craft Workers Slag Workers
Landing Pier Workers Slag Workers Workers
Launching Ship Workers Slaters Workers
Loading Dock Workers Speedboat Workers
Longshoreman State Docks Workers
Marine Cargo Surveyors Steam Boat Engine Workers
Marine Oilers Steam Boat Excursion Workers
Marine Petroleum Workers Steam Boat Workers
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Maritime Shipyard Workers Steam Generator Workers
Maritime Waterways Workers Steam Heat Dept Workers
Maritime Workers Steam Ship Workers
Mate Gang Workers Steam Station Workers
Mechanics Boat Workers Steamboat Explosion Workers
Medical Civilian Contractors Steamboat Springs Workers
Merchant Sea Chippers Steamboat Throttleman
Merchant Seaman Steamboat Workers
Mooring Line Workers Steamfitters
Motorboat Mechanics Steamfitting Workers
Motorboat Operators Steamline Workers
Motorboat Service Technicians Steamship Scrap Workers
Motorboat Service Workers Stevedores
Motorboat Workers Submarine Engineers Man
Navy Shipfitters Supply Boat Workers
Navy Shipyard Workers Swamp Boat Workers
Navy Yard Workers Tour Boat Mechanics
Ocean Cruise Workers Tour Boat Workers
Ocean Going Vessel Workers Transport Barge Workers
Ocean Liner Workers Transport Workers
Ocean Ship Workers Transportation Workers
Ocean Vessel Workers Troop Ship Workers
Oceanographic Assistant Truck Loading Dock Operators
Oceanographic Workers Tug Operators
Offshore Deep Drilling Vessel Workers Tug Workers
Offshore Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Workers Tugboat Captains
Offshore Deepwater Workers Tugboat Company Workers
Offshore Drilling Workers Tugboat Flotilla Workers
Offshore Energy Platform Workers Tugboat Mechanics
Offshore Energy Workers Tugboat Operators
Offshore Fire Workers Tugboat Subcontractors
Offshore Firework Workers Tugboat Workers
Offshore Oil Firefighters Underwater Ship Demolition Workers
Offshore Oil lease Workers Underwater Ship Workers
Offshore Oil Platform Workers USN Ship Workers
Offshore Oil Workers USN Shipyard Workers
Offshore Operations Workers Vehicle Cargo Ship Workers
Offshore Pipefitters Vessel Boat Workers
Offshore Platform Workers Vessel Boiler Workers
Offshore Powerboat Racers Vessel Capsized Workers
Offshore Rig Workers Vessel Construction Workers
Offshore Rust Removal Workers Vessel Refit Workers
Offshore Sea Drilling Vessel Workers Vessel Re-fitters
Offshore Ship Workers Vessel Repair Workers
Offshore Shipbuilding Workers Vessel Shipyard Workers
Offshore Shipyard Workers Vessel Shop Workers
Offshore Workers Vessel Sinking Workers
Oil Derrick Operators Vessel Workers
Oil Derrick Workers Voyage Repair Station Workers
Oil Drillers Voyage Shipyard Workers
Oil Field Roughnecks Voyage Station Port Workers
Oil Platform Workers Voyage Station Workers
Oil Rig Cleanup Workers Water Boat Engine Workers
Oil Rig Deepwater Workers Water Taxi Workers
Ordinary Seamen Watercraft Repair Workers
Pallet Dock Workers Watercraft Service Attendants
Park Boat Workers Watercraft Supervisors
Passenger Ship Engine Workers Watercraft Workers
Passenger Ship Workers Wave Runner Engine Workers
Pilot Boat Mechanics Work-Boat Workers
Pleasure Boat Mechanics Wrecking Crew Workers
Pleasure Boat Workers WW2 Shipyard Workers
Pontoon Boat Workers WWII Female Shipyard Workers
Port Authority Workers Yacht Building Workers
Port Security Workers Yacht Cruise Workers
Port Ship Operators Yachting Workers

Military Trades and Asbestos Exposure

Veterans Mesothelioma LawsuitsVeterans that held specific trade jobs had asbestos exposure. Many military jobs involved working in confined spaces with inadequate ventilation, operating machinery, and equipment that had asbestos-containing products.

Asbestos was also used extensively as fireproofing and insulation in Navy ship engine rooms, decking, sleeping quarters, hulls of ships and boiler rooms because of its resistance to heat.

One in three Navy Veterans will develop an asbestos-related disease in their lifetime and are at higher risk of developing mesothelioma, an aggressive form of cancer.

Mesothelioma has medical links to workplace asbestos exposure.

Median Survival Rate for Mesothelioma Patients by Stage

Mesothelioma Symptoms Include:

  • Chest pain
  • Chronic cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Dyspnea)
  • Fatigue
  • Fever or night sweats
  • Fluid build-up in lungs
  • Heart palpitations
  • Heart murmurs
  • Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Nausea
  • Orthopnea (dyspnea when lying down)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Thickening of Pericardial Layers

Recent Mesothelioma Verdicts

  • $4.6 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a union insulator that developed malignant Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure.
  • $10.2 Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Paper Mill worker suffering from pleural Mesothelioma.
  • $1.1 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy veteran machinist that developed malignant mesothelioma at age 71.
  • $245,000 Asbestosis Settlement: For a Paper mill worker suffering from Asbestosis.
  • $2.6 Million Shipyard Worker Mesothelioma Settlement: For the family of a 72-year old shipyard worker with mesothelioma who suffered second-hand exposure.
  • $5 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Navy Boilerman who developed Mesothelioma during his service.
  • $7.5 Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a woman that developed peritoneal mesothelioma from laundering her husband’s work clothes.

TO GET HELP – Our Nationwide Toll-Free Mesothelioma Helpline Number is 888.640.0914

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has had a malignant Mesothelioma diagnosis, you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma. It is crucial to be aware of what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and companies responsible for your exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease.

According to the American Cancer Society, with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL-FREE 888.640.0914 now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer, immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer about your available compensation from asbestos trust funds.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. Although there is a tremendous mourning period with the loss of a loved one, it is crucial not to let your Statute of Limitations expire before filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states, the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years. Some states have a 6-year Statute of Limitations.


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Shipyard Companies and Asbestos Exposure


AAA Shipyard – Alameda, CA Long Beach Naval Shipyard Steam Plant
Ace Steamship Company Long Beach Naval Shipyard -Terminal Island
ACF Shippers Long Island Shipyard
Aconcauga Moore Drydock Loraine Ship Company
Addsco Shipyard Los Angeles Drydock And Ship
Aerojet Shipyard Louis Ship & Steel Co.
AF Shipyard LST Shipping Co.
Ailsa Shipbuilders Limited Luckenbach Steamship Company
Airsta Naval Shipyard Lykes Bros Steamship Company
Akwa Tacoma Shipyard Lyon Shipyards
Alabama Drydock & Shipping – Mobile, AL Main Iron Works Shipyard – Houma, LA
Alabama Steel & Ship Company Maine Ship Repair
Alameda Shipyard – Alameda, CA Maine Steamship Co.
Alameda Shipyard – San Francisco, CA Mainitowoc Shipyard – Manitowoc, WI
Alaska Steamship Co. – Vanning Station Manchester Ship Canal Company Limited
Alba Steamship Corp. Manitowoc Ship Inc.
Albina Engineering & Machine Works Manitowoc Shipyard
Albina Shipyards Marc Island Naval Shipyard
Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc. Marco Shipyard – Seattle
Alexander Shipping Company Limited Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Amercargo Shipping Corp. Marghera Shipyards
American Bridge Shipyard Marietta Shipyard – Point Pleasant, WV
American Foreign Steamship Corp. Marine & Iron Shipyard Swan Island
American Marine Shipyard – New Orleans Marine Basin Shipyard
American Pacific Steamship Co. Marine Iron Shipyard
American Ship Builders Marinship Corporation – Sausalito, CA
American Ship Dismantlers Marinship, Marin Shipyard
American Shipyard – Lorain, OH Maritime Shipyard
American Shipyard – Toledo, OH Martin Ship Service Of Wilmington
American Steamship Corporation Martinac Ship Corporation
American Tankships Corporation Martinolich Ship Repair Shipyard
American Tramp Shipping Dev. Corp. Maryland Ship & Drydock Co.
Amfels Shipyard – Brownsville Mathis Shipyard
Amherst Steamship Corp. Matson Alameda Container Shipping
Amoco Ship Matson Steamship Lines
Appledore Shipbuilders Limited Max Curtis Ford Auto Dearlership
Aquila Shipping Co., Inc. Mayport Naval Shipyard
Arc Steamship Corp. McCormick Steamship Company
Arista Shipyard – Alameda, CA McDermott Marine Shipyard – Amelia, LA
Arthur Blair Shipyard McDermott Shipyard – Morgan City, LA
Assocated. Shipbuilders – Seattle, WA McNulty Shipyard
Astoria Marine Shipyard Merchant Marine Shipyard – Pascagoula
Astoria Naval Shipyard Merchant Ship Corporation
Atlantic Basin Shipyard Merrill Stevens Shipyard
Atlantic Marine Shipyard Merritt Ship Repair
Atlas Marine Shipyard Merseyside Ship Repairs
Atomic Plant -Shippingport, Pa Metro Machine Shipyard
Attransco Ship Management Co., Inc. Miami Naval Shipyard
Avondale Shipyard – Algiers Mill Basin Shipyard
Avondale Shipyard – Amelia, LA Mingledorff Shipyard
Avondale Shipyard – Avondale Mobile Ship Repair Company
Avondale Shipyard – Baton Rouge, LA Mobile Shipyard – Mobile
Avondale Shipyard – New Orleans, LA Monroe Shipyard
Avondale Shipyard – Westwego Moon Shipyard
Bainbridge Navy Shipyard Moore Shipyard & Drydock – Oakland, Ca
Baltimore Shipyard – Curtis Bay Morgan Louisiana & Texas RR & Steamship
Banks Shipyard Mundet Cork Shipyard
Barnes Riverside Shipyard Mystic Shipyards
Basin Shipyard N.S. Savannah Merchant Ship
Bath Iron Works Shipyard Nassco – National Steel & Ship Co.
Bayonne Shipyard – Bayonne National Bulk Carriers, Inc. – Welding Shipyard
Bayou Black Shipyard National City Shipyards – National City, Ca
Beaumont Shipyards National Steel & Ship Company
Bellinger Shipyard – Jacksonville, FL National Steel Shipyard – San Diego
Bender Ship & Drydock – Mobile, AL Naval Repair Shipyard
Bender Ship & Repair Co., Inc. Naval Shipyards
Bethesda Naval Shipyard Neponset Shipyard
Bethleham Steel Shipyard Neville Island Shipyards – Neville Island, PA
Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard, Inc. New England Ship – Portland
Bethlehem Hingham Shipyard New England Steamship Company
Bethlehem Naval Shipyard New Jersey Shipyard
Bethlehem Ship Corporation New York Naval Shipyard – Brooklyn, NY
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Beaumont, TX New York Naval Shipyard – New York, NY
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Orange, TX New York Ship Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Port Arthur, TX New York Shipping – Philadelphia, PA
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Quincy, MA New York Shipyard – Burlington
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Alameda, Ca New York Shipyard – Camden, NJ
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Boston, MA Newburgh Shipyards Inc.
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Fairfield Newport Beach Shipyard – Newport Beach
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Hingham, MA Newport News Ship & Drydock Co.
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Hoboken, NJ Newport News Ship Bldg.
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Key Highway Newport News Shipyard
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – San Francisco Niagara Shipyard
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Sparrows Point Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard – Terminal Island Norfolk Ship & Drydock Corporation
Birch Shipping Corp. Norfolk Ship And Drydock
Black Diamond Steamship Corp. Norland Shipping & Trading Co.
Blackfriars Shipping Company Limited Norshipco
Blair Shipyard North Atlantic & Gulf Steamship Co.
Blankenship Terminal, 64Th St – Emeryville, CA North Carolina Ship & Drydock – Wilmington
Bloodworth Bond Shipyard North Carolina Shipyard
Bloomfield Steamship Company North East Coast Ship Workers Limited
Boat Builders Shipyard North East Shipbuilders Limited
Boat Shipyard Companies North Island Shipyard
Boeing Marine Systems Ship & Repair Northern Ships Agency
Boland Marine Shipyard Northrop Grumman Corporation
Bollinger Shipyard -Lockport Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Inc.
Bollinger Shipyards, Inc. Northrop Grumman Shipyard
Bolton Steamshipping Co. Limited Northwest Marine & Iron Shipyard
Boston Naval Shipyard – Boston, MA Nusen Shipyard
Boston Naval Shipyard – Charlestown, MA Oakland Naval Shipyard – Oakland, Ca
BP Shipping Limited Oakland Shipyards
Bravo Shipyard Ocean Shipholdings, Inc.
Bremerton Naval Shipyard Offshore Ship Co.
Bridge Iron Shipyard Old Bravo Shipyard – Test Center
Brimington Naval Shipyard Olympic Steamship Company, Inc.
Britain Steamship Company Limited Orange Ship Company
British Shipbuilders Govan Limited Oregon Kaiser Shipyard
British Shipbuilders Hydrodynamics Limited Oregon Ship Corporation
British Shipbuilders North East Training Oregon Shipyards
British Shipbuilders Pension Trustee Limited P & O Bulk Shipping Limited
British Shipbuilders Southwick Limited Paccar Inc. Shipyard – Seattle
Bromfield Shipyard Pacific Atlantic Steamship Company
Brooklyn Naval Shipyard – Brooklyn, NY Pacific Boat Shipyard
Brown & Root Shipyard – Houston, TX Pacific Ship Repair
Brown Ship Company Palmer & Son Shipyard – Noank
Brown Shipyard – Houston Palmer Scott Shipyard
Brown Sohio Service Station – Friendship, OH Pan Atlantic Steamship
Bruce Mansfield Power Station – Shippingport, PA Panama City Shipyard
Brunswick Marine Shipyard Pascagoula Shipyard – Pascagoula
Brunswick Shipyard – J.A. Jones Construction Co. Peachbottom Atomic Power Plant
Buck Kriehs Shipyards Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
Buckeye Steamship Co. Pelican Island Shipyard
Burns Steamship Company Pendleton Shipyard
Burnt Island Shipping Company Linited Penn Shipping Company
Burton Shipyard Pennsylvania Shipyard – Beaumont, TX
Caledon Ship & Engineering Company Ltd. Pensacola Naval Shipyard – Pensacola, FL
California Ship & Drydock – Long Beach, CA Pensocola Shipyards
California Ship Company Philadelphia Shipyard – Philadelphia
California Ship Terminal Island Pittsburgh Steamship Co.
Calmar Steamship Corp. Plant Brothers Shipyard – Alameda, CA
Calmes Shipyard – New Orleans, LA Platzer Shipyard – Houston, TX
Calship Shipyard Platzer Shipyard, Inc.
Calumet Shipyard & Drydock Point Pleasant Shipyard
Camden Ship Repair Co. Pollock Shipyard
Camden Shipyard Pollock-Stockton Shipyard
Cammell Laird Ship Services Limited Poole & Mcgonale Shipyards
Campbell Industries Shipyard Pope & Talbot Steamship Company
Campbell Machine Ship & Repair Port Adams Shipyard
Campbell Machine Shipyard – San Diego Port Chicago Shipyard – Pittsburg, Ca
Canulette Ship Company Port Of Docks & Ship Channel
Canulette Shipyard – Slidell Portland Ship Repair Yard – Portland
Caribbean Steamship Company Portland Shipyard
Carolina Shipbuilders Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – Kittery
Carolina Shipping Company Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – Portsmouth, NH
Cascade General Shipyard Portsmouth Shipyards
Castle & Cooke Co. Potomac Ship Company
Central Gulf Shipyard Progressive Ship -Houma, LA
Charleston Naval Shipyard Providence Shipyards
Charleston Ship & Drydock Company Pugent Sound Bridge & Dredge Shipyard
Charleston Shipyard – Norfolk Pugents Sound Shipyards – Seattle
Charleston Shipyards, Inc. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Chatham Shipping Corp. Pusey & Jones Shipyard
Chelsea Naval Shipyard Quality Shipyard – Houma, LA
Chevron Shipping Co. Quincy Fore River Shipyard
Chicago Bridge & Iron Shipyard Quincy Shipyard
City Island Shipyard R.T.C. Shipyard
Civilian Shipyard – Savannah Raisler Corporation Naval Shipyard
Clames Shipyard Rayco Shipbuilders – Houma, LA
Clearwater Steamship Company Redstone Shipyards – Braswell
Clelands Shipbuilders Limited Regent Petroleum Tank Ships Co.
Cleveland Ship Co. Reynolds Shipyard
Coastal Iron Works Shipyard – Texas Richmond California Shipyard – Richmond, Ca
Colonna Shipyards Richmond Kaiser Shipyards
Columbia Steamship Co., Inc. Richmond Ship & Permanente Metals Yards
Commercial Ironworks Shipyard Richmond Shipyard – Richmond, CA
Commercial Ship Repair – Winslow River Thames Shiprepairs Limited
Compass Steamship Corp. Robert Palmer & Son Shipyard – Noank
Connecticut Naval Shipyard Roen Steamship Co.
Conrad Industries Shipyard Royan Shipyard
Consolidated Shipyard – Orange Rtc Shipyard
Consolidated Steel Shipyard – Orange, TX Rubb New York Ship – Camden, NJ
Consolidated Western Steel Shipyard S. Portland Shipyard & Marine Railways
Continental Ship Repair S.B.A. Shipyards – Jennings, LA
Corpus Christi Shipyard – Corpus Christi Saint Johns River Shipyard
Cosmos Shipping Company Inc. Saint Louis Ship & Steel
Cove Shipping Company, Inc. Saint Louis Shipyard
Cramps Ship Company Salsido Shipyards
Cramps Shipyard – Philadelphia, PA Sampson Naval Shipyard
Crescent Tankships Limited San Diego Marine Shipyard
Crowley Maritime Corporation San Diego Naval Shipyard
Cryers Shipyard San Francisco Naval Shipyard
Curtis Bay Shipyard – Baltimore San Francisco Shipyard – San Francisco
Cushin Shipyard – San Francisco San Jacinto Shipyard
Dade Shipyard – Miami San Pedro Naval Shipyard
Dalgliesh Ship Management Limited San Pedro Shipyard
Davco Corp. San Rafael Shipyard
Defoe Ship Corporation Savannah Machine & Shipyard
Defoe Shipyard – Bay City, MI Savannah Shipyard – Savannah, GA
Defoe Shipyard – New York, NY SBA Shipyards – Jennings, LA
Delta & Mississippi Shipping Scottish Shipyards
Delta Ship Corporation Sea Garden Sales Shipyard
Delta Shipyard – New Orleans, LA Seaboard Transportation & Shipping Co.
Delta Steamship Lines, Inc. Seaborne Shipyards
Denton Shipyard Seabury & Eugene S. Belden Shipyard
Detyens Shipyard Sea-Tac Shipyard – Seattle
Dillingham Shipyard – Portland Seatrain Alameda Container Shipping
Dixie Shipyards Seatrain Ship Corp. New York, NY
Dole Food Company, Inc. Seattle-Tacoma Ship – Sea-Tac
Donovan Steamship Company Seneca Shipyards
Drake Shipping Company Limited Seward Ships Drydock
Dravo Ship Corp.- Pittsburgh Ship & Drydock Companies
Dravo Shipyards, Neville Island Ship & Steel Companies
Dravo Steel Shipping Ship Breaking Companies
Drydock & Shipyard Companies Ship Dismantling Companies
Drydock Shipyards Ship Drydock Companies
Duquesne Light – Shippingport, PA Ship Engine Works
Duwamish Shipyard – Seattle Ship Freight Line Companies
Duwamish Shipyard Corporation Ship Island Excursions – Gulfport, MS
Dyer Shipyard Ship Operating Faciltiy – Point Loma
E & F Shiplease Limited Ship Owners Merchants Towing
E. E. Austin Shipyards – Erie, PA Ship Repair & Drydocks
East Boston Shipyard Ship Repair Companies
Eastern Ship Company Shipbreaking Companies
Electric Boat Shipyard Shipbuilders
Elizabeth City Shipyard Shipowners & Merchants Towing
Emergency Fleet Corp. Shipping Companies
Engine Machine Works Shipyard Shipwreck Salvage Companies
Engine Marine Shipyard Shipyard – Algiers, LA
Engineering Marine Shipyard Shipyard – Amelia, LA
Equitable Shipyard – New Orleans, LA Shipyard – Point Pleasant, OH
Equitable Shipyards, Inc. Shipyard Companies
Erie Basin Dock Shipyard Shipyard Harbor Island
Estuary Ship Repair & Engineering Svcs. Shipyard Machine Shop
Eureka Shipyard Shipyard Nuclear Service Center
Evansville Shipyard Shipyard Pelican Island Galveston
F. Gamage Shipbuilder Shipyard Steam Plant
Fairfield Ship & Engineering Co. Shipyard Terminal Island
Fairfield Shipyard Slidell Ship Company
Falmouth Ship Repair Limited South Portland Ship Corp.
Federal Ship & Drydock – Kearny, Nj Southeastern Ship Corporation
Federal Shipyard & Drydock Southern Shipyard -Slidell, LA
Federal Shipyard Kearny Southwest Marine Shipyard
Fellows & Stewart Shipyard Southwestern Ship Company
Firth Steamship Company Sparrows Point Shipyard
Floating Marine Ways Shipyard St. Johns River Shipyard
FMC Shipyard St. Louis Ship & Steel Company
Fore River Ship Company Standard Fruit & Steamship Company
Fore River Shipyard – Quincy, MA State Marine Steamship
Foss Maritime Shipyard – Seattle States Marine Shipping Co.
Fowler & Graham Boat Builders – Long Beach States Steamship Co. – Pier 15
Fraser Shipyard States Steamship Co. – Pier 80
Fraser-Nelson Ship Co. Steamship Companies
Freight Shipping Companies Steamship Service Corporation
Fribourg Steamship Co. Inc. Steel & Ship Companies
Fulton Engineering & Ship Steel Co Sparrows Point Shipyard
Fulton Shipyards Steel Fairfield Shipyard
Galveston Shipyard – Galveston, TX Steel Key Highway Shipyard
Gateway Center American Bridge Shipyard Steel Shipyard – Hingham, MA
General Dynamics Shipyard – Groten Steel Sparrows Point Shipyard
General Ship & Engine Works Stockton Shipworks
General Ship Corporation Strachan Shipping Company
General Steamship Company Stuntbrand Mail Steamship Company Ltd
General Welding & Ship Repair Sturgeon Bay Ship Sturgeon Bay Wi
Gibbs Shipyard – Jacksonville, Fl Suits Regarding Shipyards And Asbestos
GMD Shipyard Corporation Sun Ship & Drydock Company – Chester, PA
Goole Shipbuilders Limited Sun Shipyard – Philadelphia
Goose Creek Naval Shipyard Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited
Govan Shipbuilders Limited Superior Shipyards – Slidell
Graham Ship Repair & Drydocks Suwannee Steamship Co.
Great Lakes Engineering Works Shipyard Swan Island Shipyard
Greenport Ship Company Tacoma Boat Shipyard
Groton Naval Shipyard Taconic Command Ship
Gulf & South America Steamship Talbott Shipyard
Gulf Ship Co. Tampa Ship Repair & Drydock
Gulf Shipyard – Mobile Tampa Shipyards, Inc.
Gulf Steamship Lines – Tampa, FL Tank Landing Ship
Gulfport Ship & Drydock Terminal Island Naval Shipyard
Gulfport Shipping Company Terminal Island Shipyard
Gulfport Shipyard – Orange, TX Terminal Shipyard
Gulfport Shipyard – Port Arthur, TX Texaco Island Shipyard – Port Arthur, Tx
Gunderson Brothers Shipyard Texas Railroad & Steamship Co.
Gunderson Shipyard – Portland Texas Steamship Co.
Halcyon Steamship Co. Thames Shipyard
Halter Marine Shipyard Todd Erie Basin Shipyard
Hampton Road Shipyard – Hampton Todd Johnson Shipyard
Harbor Boat Company Shipyard Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc.
Hargreaves Fuel & Shipping Limited Todd Shipyard – Alameda, Ca
Harvey F. Gamage Shipbuilder, Inc. Todd Shipyard – Algiers, LA
Harvey Shipyard Todd Shipyard – Brooklyn, NY
Hercules Steamship Todd Shipyard – Galveston
Higgins Shipyard – New Orleans Todd Shipyard – Harbor Island
Highway Shipyard Todd Shipyard – Hoboken, NJ
Hingham Shipyard Todd Shipyard – Houston, TX
Hoboken NJ Shipyard – Hoboken Todd Shipyard – Long Beach, Ca
Hog Island Shipyard Todd Shipyard – Los Angeles, Ca
Honolulu Shipyard Todd Shipyard – New Orleans, LA
Horne Brothers Shipyard Todd Shipyard – Nuclear Service Center
Houston Ship Corp. – Houston, TX Todd Shipyard – Pascagoula
Houston Ship Repair Todd Shipyard – Pelican Island – Galveston
Houston Shipyard – Pasadena, TX Todd Shipyard – San Jacinto
Hudson Engineering Marine Shipyard Todd Shipyard – San Pedro
Hunt Shipyard – Harvey, LA Todd Shipyard – Seattle
Hunters Point Shipyard – San Francisco Todd Shipyard – Tacoma, WA
Huntington Ingalls Shipyard Todd Shipyards Corporation
Illinois Shipyard Toledo Ship Company
Ingalls Ship, Inc. Tongue Point Naval Shipyard
Ingalls Shipyard – Gulfport Trafalgar House Steam-Ship Company
Ingalls Shipyard – Litton Transoceanic Shipping Company, Inc.
Ingalls Shipyard – Pascagoula Treasure Island N. Shipyard – San Francisco
Interlake Steamship Corp. Treasure Island Shipyard
Iron Steel Shipyard Triple A Shipyard
Iron-Seneca Shipyard Tropical Shipping & Construction
Isbrandtsen Steamship Tyne Ship Repair Limited
Island Shipyard Port U. S. Christi Shipyard
J.A. Jones Shipyard – Brunswick, GA U. S. Naval Shipyard – Boston, MA
J.C. Higgins Shipyard – New Orleans, LA U. S. Navy Troop Transport Ship
Jacksonville Ship Chandlery U. S. Ship Corporation
Jacksonville Shipyard U. S. Shipping Board Baltimore
Jacobs Shipyard U. S. Steel Shipyard
Jahncke Shipyard Union Brass & Iron Works.
Jakobson Shipyard Inc. United Ship & Drydock Company
James J Flanagan Shipping Corp. United Ship Service
Jandy Camps Shipyards – San Diego United States Marine Repair
JC Higgins Shipyard – New Orleans, LA United States Naval Shipyards
Jeff Boat Shipyard USX Shipyard
Johns River Shipyard Vancouver Shipyard
Johnson Iron Works And Ship Co. Vickers Ship Group Limited
Joliet Shipyard Virginia Shipyard – Norfolk, VA
K & C Steamship Virginia Shipyards
Kaiser Ship Repair – Portland Vosper Ship Workers Limited
Kaiser Shipyard – Richmond, Ca W. M. Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Co.
Kaiser Shipyard – Seattle Wainwright Shipyard – Palatka, Fl
Kaiser Shipyard – Swan Island Shipyard Wainwright Shipyard – Panama City
Kaiser Shipyard – Vancouver Wallsend Slipway Ship Workers Ltd
Kearney Shipyard Walsh Kaiser Shipyard – Providence, RI
Key Highway Shipyard Walter Butler Shipbuilders
Key West Naval Shipyard Warrior & Gulf Shipyard
Keystone Shipping Warship Building Companies
Kimbrel Brothers Shipyard – Long Beach, CA Warship Design Services Limited
L.G.D Ship Repairs Limited Waterman Steamship – Wharf
L.S.T. Shipping Waterman Steamship Corp.
Lake Hearst Shipyard – Lake Hearst Watermans Shipyard
Lake Union Shipyard Waynewright Shipyard
Lake Washington Shipyards Weaver Shipyard
Lakes Engineering Works Shipyard Western Pipe & Steel Shipyard
Lavino Shipping Company Western Shipbuilders Limited
Lawley Shipyard Westwind Shipyard
Leetsdale Shipyard – Ambridge, PA Weyerhaeuser Steamship Company
Leevac Shipyards, Inc. Wheeler Shipyard
Levingston Shipyard – Orange, TX Wickford Shipyard
Litton Ingalls Ship Williamette Iron & Steel Shipyard
Liverpool & London Steamship Williams & Manchester Shipyard
Lockheed Ship Company Wilmington Shipyard – Wilmington, CA
Lockheed Shipyard – Harbor Island Winslow Shipyard
Lockheed Shipyard – Seattle Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited
Lodge & Shipley – Cincinnati, OH York Shipley, Inc.
Long Beach Naval Shipyard – Long Beach, CA Zidell Shipyard