Connecticut Asbestos Exposure Job Sites M-Z

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Connecticut job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Connecticut Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Connecticut allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Connecticut and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Connecticut asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Asbestos Cover up – Quotes from Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.”1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.”When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Connecticut Asbestos Exposure Job Sites M-Z

Connecticut Asbestos Exposure Job Sites A-L

M. A. Feinberg – Hartford
M. F. Experimental
M. F.-Montville
M. J. Daly & Son Inc – Waterbury
M. J. Daly & Sons Incorporated – Waterbury
M. J. Nay Gold Leaf Manufacturing – Hartford
M. Seward & Sons Company – New Haven
M. V. Moraghan – Litchfield
Macy’s Department Store – New Haven
Madison Towers – New Haven
Magnetic D S D Company – E. Hartford
Majestic Laundry – New Haven
Malleable Iron Fittings – Branford
Mallinckrod – Wallingford
Malloy School – W. Haven
Maloney High School – Meriden
Manchester Armory – Manchester
Manchester Bank – Manchester
Manchester Church – Manchester
Manchester Community Baptist Church – Manchester
Manchester Community College – Manchester
Manchester Elderly Housing – Manchester
Manchester Elementary School – Manchester
Manchester High School – Manchester
Manchester Hospital – Manchester
Manchester Housing Project – Manchester
Manchester Library – Manchester
Manchester Lithographers – Manchester
Manchester Memorial Hospital – Manchester
Manchester Middle School – Manchester
Manchester Post Office – Manchester
Manchester Sewage Plant – Manchester
Manchester Telephone – Manchester
Manchester Theater – Manchester
Manell Cowest Haven
Manhattan Terrazzo – Norwalk
Manning, Maxwell & Moore – Bridgeport
Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Inc – Stratford
Mansfield State Hospital Boys Dormitory Mansfield
Mansfield Training Center – Mansfield
Maple School – Milford
Marco American – New Haven
Marden & Wasserman, Inc. – Hartford
Margaret L. Keefe School – Hamden
Marinack School – Norwalk
Marino Plumbing & Heating – Middlebury
Marlin Firearms – N. Haven
Marlin Rockwell – Plainville
Marn Plumbing & Heating – Waterbury
Marriott Hotel – Stamford
Marshall House – Hartford
Mary Kenny Convalescent Home – Waterfront
Masonic Home – Wallingford
Masonic Hospital – Wallingford
Masonic Temple – Bridgeport
Masuik High School – Monroe
Mathewson Shool – Milford
Mattabaset Treatment Facility – Cromwell
Mattatuck Community College – Waterbury
Max Stein – Willimantic
Maxim Munitions Corporation – New Haven
Maxim Silencer – Hartford
Mccall’s – Stamford
Mccollough Chain Saw – Greenwich
Mcconaughy Terrace – New Haven
Mcdermid Chemical – Waterbury
Mcdonald’s – Danbury
Mcdonough Elementary School – Middletown
Mckesson-Robbins – Fairfield
Mclaughlin Steel – Wethersfield
Mclean Trucking – Enfield
Meadow Bowling Alley – Hartford
Meadow Hill Housing Project – E. Hartford
Mechanics Bank – Westport
Meckville School – W. Haven
Medallic Art – Danbury
Medina Filter – Hamden
Melebus Club – New Haven
Mellaw Corporation – Stamford
Mercy High School – Middletown
Meriden Apartments – Meriden
Meriden Armory – Hartford
Meriden City Hall – Meriden
Meriden Convalescent Hospital – Meriden
Meriden Elderly Housing – Meriden
Meriden Elementary School – Meriden
Meriden Fire Station – Meriden
Meriden Gas Light Company – Hartford
Meriden High School – Meriden
Meriden Home Bank – Meriden
Meriden Housing Project – Meriden
Meriden Mall – Meriden
Meriden Middle School – Meriden
Meriden Moulded Plastic – Meriden
Meriden Moulded Plastics – Hartford
Meriden Police Station – Town Hall – Meriden
Meriden School For Boys – Meriden
Meriden Telephone – Hartford
Mermaid Tavern Motel – Stratford
Merritt Office Building – Stamford
Merritt W. Burwell – New Haven
Metacomet School – W. Hartford
Metallurgical Processing – New Bedford
Meublein Inc. – Hartford
Mianus Manufacturing Company, Dye House – Cos Cob
Michael Hoffman Fuel Company – Bridgeport
Michael Jeweler’s – Hartford
Middlebury Fire House – Middlebury
Middlebury Snet Co. – Middlebury
Middlefield School – Middlefield
Middlesex Chemical Company – Chester
Middlesex Hospital – Middletown
Middlesex Hospital, Phase Iii – Middletown
Middletown Convalescent Home – Middletown
Middletown Disposal Plant – Middlebury
Middletown Electric Light Company – Middlebury
Middletown Elementary School – Middletown
Middletown Firehouse – Middletown
Middletown High School – Middletown
Middletown Home For the Elderly – Middletown
Middletown Housing – Middletown
Middletown Meat Packing Plant – Middlebury
Middletown Pollution Control – Middlebury
Middletown Powerhouse – Middlebury
Middletown Station – Middletown
Middletown Station Hartford Electric Middletown
Middletown Station Middletown
Middletown Telephone Garage – Middlebury
Miles Lab Job – Orange
Miles Laboratories – Milford
Miles Laboratories, Inc. West Haven
Miles, Incorporated – W. Haven
Milford Co-Op Laundry – Milford
Milford Grammar School – Milford
Milford Hospital – Milford
Milford Laundry For Hospitals – Milford
Milford Lock & Specialty – Milford
Milford Mall – Milford
Milford Marine Lab – Milford
Milford Platt School – Milford
Milford Police Station – Milford
Milford Pond Point School – Milford
Milford Post Office – Milford
Milford Pumpkin Delight School – Milford
Milford Rivet & Machine Co. Milford
Milford School-Plains Rd. – Milford
Milford Sea Breeze School – Milford
Milford Sewage – Milford
Milford Steam Power & Building Company – Milford
Milford Telephone – Milford
Milk Products Machinery Supply – Bloomfield
Mill Plain Office Building – Danbury
Miller Industries – Hartford
Mills Memorial Apartments – Meriden
Millstone Nuclear Power Plant – Waterfront
Millstone Nuclear Power Station New London
Millstone Nuclear Power Station Waterford
Millstone Power Station Waterford
Milner & Company – Moosup
Miss Porter School – Farmington
Mitchell College – New London
Mitchell College-Science Building – New London
Mitchell House – Hartford
Mobil Chemical – Stratford
Mobil Oil – Hartford
Modern Plumbing & Heating – Hartford
Mohigan Hotel – New London
Monarch Laundry – New Haven
Monroe Elementary School – Monroe
Monroe Jr. High School – Monroe
Monroe Police Station – Monroe
Monroe Town Hall – Monroe
Monsanto Co. – Windsor
Montville High School – Montville
Montville Jail – Montville
Montville Power Station – Montville
Montville Powerhouse – Montville
Moore McCormack Lines, Inc. – Stamford
Moran Towing & Transportation – Greenwich
Morgan Street Public Siding – Hartford
Morganti, Inc. – Plantsville
Morley School – W. Hartford
Morris T. School – New Haven
Motts Supermarket-Albany Avenue – Hartford
Mount Carmel School – Hamden
Mount Sinai Hospital – Hartford
Mount St. Joseph Academy – W. Hartford
Mount Zion Church – Wilton
Mowbray Studios – Branford
Ms Dolan School – Stamford
Mt Sinai Hospital – Hartford
Mt. Carmel School & Rectory – Waterbury
Mullin’s Funeral Home – Trumbull
Municipal Building – Hartford
Municipal Incinerators – Stamford
Mystic Fire Station – Mystic
Mystic Oral School – Mystic
Mystic Sea Aquarium – Mystic
N Y N H & Hartford R R – Bridgeport
N. E. Transportation Co. – New Haven
N. T. Adams – Woodstock
N. T. Adams Woodstock
N. W. Catholic High School – W. Hartford
Nancy Lynn Bakeries Inc – Bridgeport
Nash Engineering Company – Norwalk
Nathan Hale Motel – New Haven
Nathan Hale School – New Britain
National Essential Oils Distilling Co. – Chester
National Fire Insurance Company – Hartford
National Folding Box & Paper Company – New Haven
National Gas Co. – Milford
National Guard – New Canaan
National Guard Armory – New London
National Gypsum Co. – New Haven
National Gypsum Company – New Haven
National Manufacturing Corporation – Plainfield
National Plainfield Corporation – Plainfield
National Plumbing & Heating – New Haven
National Railway Construction Company – Warehouse Point
National School Studios – Derby
National Semi-Conductor – Danbury
National Sintered Alloys Inc. – Danbury
Naugatuck Chemical Co. Mechanical Stores Naugatuck
Naugatuck Chemical Co. Plant #30 Naugatuck
Naugatuck Chemical Hartford
Naugatuck Chemical Waterbury
Naugatuck Connecticut Light & Power – Naugatuck
Naugatuck Footwear – Naugatuck
Naugatuck High School – Naugatuck
Naugatuck Low Rent Housing – Naugatuck
Naugatuck Malleable Iron Company – Naugatuck
Naugatuck Rubber – Naugatuck
Naugatuck School – Naugatuck
Naugatuck Telephone – Naugatuck
Naugatuck Town Hall – Naugatuck
Naugatuck Valley Mall – Naugatuck
Nautilus Prototype – Windsor
Nautilus Sub-Eb – Groton
Naval Reactors Division – Windsor
Naval Submarine Base – Groton
Naval Undersea Warfare Center – New London
Naylor School – Hartford
Nbr 683 Kdl Lab Greenberg Windsor
Nelson Fabricating Co. – Norwalk
Nelson Fabricating Company – Norwalk
Nelson Machine – Shelton
Neron Insulation – Hartford
Nestle Company, Inc. – New Milford
New Britain Apartments-Walnut Street – New Britain
New Britain Boy’s Club – New Britain
New Britain Courthouse – New Britain
New Britain General Hospital – New Bedford
New Britain Herald – New Britain
New Britain High Rise Apartments – New Britain
New Britain High School – New Britain
New Britain Hotel – New Britain
New Britain Housing – New Britain
New Britain Incinerator – New Bedford
New Britain Library – New Britain
New Britain Machine Co. New Britain
New Britain Machine Company – New Bedford
New Britain Medical Center – New Britain
New Britain Police Dept. – New Britain
New Britain Rubber – New Britain
New Britain School-Stanley Street – New Britain
New Britain Telephone – New Britain
New Britain Town Hall – New Britain
New Britain Trade School – New Britain
New Britain Trust Co. Bldg. – New Britain
New Britain Trust Co. Building – New Bedford
New Britain Water Treatment Plant – New Britain
New Canaan Convalescent Home – New Canaan
New Canaan Country Day School – New Canaan
New Canaan Elementary School – New Canaan
New Canaan High School – Hartford
New Canaan High School – New Canaan
New Canaan Library – New Canaan
New Canaan Monastery-Byzantine – New Canaan
New Canaan Sheet Metal – New Canaan
New Canaan Sheetmetal – New Canaan
New Canaan Town Hall – New Canaan
New Danbury High School Boiler Room Danbury
New Departure Division, General Motors Corp. – Bristol
New Departure Manufacturing Company – Bristol
New Departure-Hyatt Bearings Division – Bristol
New Diesel Generator Plant – Connecticut Yankee – Haddam
New England Alloy Casting Corp. – Hartford
New England Engineering Co. New London
New England Engineering Co. Norwalk
New England Engineering Co. Waterbury
New England Heating Bridgeport
New England Laundry – Hartford
New England Matchplate Co. – W. Hartford
New England Matchplate Co. Winchester Center
New England Oven & Furnace – Orange
New Englander Hotel – Danbury
New Haven Agricultural Station – New Haven
New Haven Animal Hospital – New Haven
New Haven Armory-Orange St. – New Haven
New Haven Bus Company – New Haven
New Haven Central Service Building – New Haven
New Haven Coast Guard Station – New Haven
New Haven Cold Storage – New Haven
New Haven Coliseum – New Haven
New Haven Colonial Bank-State Street – New Haven
New Haven Community Bank & Trust – New Haven
New Haven Convalescent Hospital – New Haven
New Haven Country Club – Hamden
New Haven County Jail – New Haven
New Haven Courthouse – New Haven
New Haven Day Care Center – New Haven
New Haven East Shore Sewage Plant – New Haven
New Haven Elderly Highrise – Park St. – New Haven
New Haven Electric Company – New Haven
New Haven Executive Apartments – New Haven
New Haven Experimental Station – Hamden
New Haven Federal Building – New Haven
New Haven Fire Department – New Haven
New Haven Fire Station #5 – New Haven
New Haven Gas Light Company – New Haven
New Haven Gas Works – New Haven
New Haven Hill K-4 School – New Haven
New Haven Hospital – New Haven
New Haven Hotel – New Haven
New Haven Housing – Ashman St – New Haven
New Haven Housing – Dixwell Av – New Haven
New Haven Housing – Orchard Street – New Haven
New Haven Incinerator – New Haven
New Haven Iron & Steel Company – New Haven
New Haven Jewish Synagogue – New Haven
New Haven Lee High School – New Haven
New Haven Library – New Haven
New Haven Medical Building – New Haven
New Haven Mental Health Center – New Haven
New Haven Neighborhood School of Music – New Haven
New Haven Oceanograph – New Haven
New Haven Old Car Barn – New Haven
New Haven Park Plaza Hotel – New Haven
New Haven Police Station – New Haven
New Haven Post Office-Brewery Street – New Haven
New Haven Power Plant – New Haven
New Haven Public Health Building – New Haven
New Haven Pulp & Board Company – New Haven
New Haven Railroad Office Building – New Haven
New Haven Railroad Yard – New Haven
New Haven Register – New Haven
New Haven Rolling Mill Company – New Haven
New Haven Savings Bank – New Haven
New Haven School-Ivy Street – New Haven
New Haven Senior Citizen Housing – New Haven
New Haven Sewage Disposal – New Haven
New Haven Silk Mills – New Haven
New Haven Superior Court – New Haven
New Haven Teamster’s Building – New Haven
New Haven Telephone – New Haven
New Haven Town Hall – New Haven
New Haven Trade Union Plaza – New Haven
New Haven Trap Rock Co. – Waterbury
New Haven Trap Rock Garage – New Haven
New Haven Unemployment Office – New Haven
New Haven Union Trust-Church Street – New Haven
New Haven Water Co. New Haven
New Havens Hotel Company – New Haven
New Hope Apartments – Stamford
New Latex Plant – Shelton
New London Base New London
New London Box Company – Groton
New London Brewing Co. New London
New London Courthouse – New London
New London Day – New London
New London Elderly Housing – New London
New London Elementary School – New London
New London Fine Arts Building – New London
New London Gas & Electric Company – New London
New London High School – New London
New London Mills – New London
New London Railroad Bridge – New London
New London Sewage Disposal – New London
New London St Railway Company – New London
New London State Pier – New London
New London Submarine Base Power Plant New London
New London Synagogue – New London
New London Telephone – New London
New London Veterinarian Hospital – New London
New Milford Fdy Mach New Milford
New Milford Foundry & Machine – New Milford
New Milford High School – New Milford
New Milford Hospital – New Milford
New Milford Paper Manufacturing – New Milford
New Milford Post Office – New Milford
New Milford School – New Milford
New Milford Telephone – New Milford
New Newington Children’s Hospital – Newington
New Park Avenue School – Hartford
New Research Building – Torrington
New York New Haven Railroad – N. Haven
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co. – New Haven
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company – Hartford
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railway Co. – Cos Cob
Newberrys Dept. Store – Hartford
Newfield Elementary School – Stamford
Newhall St. School – New Haven
Newington Children’s Hospital – Newington
Newington Elementary School – Newington
Newington Firehouse – Newington
Newington Grammar School – Newington
Newington High School – Newington
Newington Hospital – Newington
Newington Housing-Marion Street – Newington
Newington Kellogg Middle School – Newington
Newington Post Office – Newington
Newington School – Newington
Newington Telephone – Newington
Newington Veteran’s Hospital – Newington
Newmont Exploration Co. – Danbury
Newmont Exploration Company – Danbury
Newsbar Electric Company – Newsbar
Newtown Dual Lite – Newtown
Newtown Expressway – Newtown
Newtown First National Store – Newtown
Newtown Harvey Hubbell – Newtown
Newtown High School – Newtown
Newtown Ivan Seville – Newtown
Newtown State Hospital – Newtown
Newtown Telephone – Newtown
Newtown Town Dump – Newtown
Niantic Co.
Nichols Jr. High School – Trumbull
Nicholson File Co. – Putnam
Nielson Tool Co. – Hartford
Nike Site – Cromwell
Nike Site New Britain – New Britain
Nike Site West Haven – W. Haven
Noel Webster School – Hartford
Nonnewaug Elementary School – Woodbury
Nonpareil Laundry Company – New Haven
Nordans Co. – Norwalk
Norden Systems – Norwalk
North & Judd – Middlebury
North & Judd Manufacturing Co. New Britain
North & Judd Manufacturing Company – New Bedford
North American Development – Greenwich
North Branford Bank – N. Branford
North Branford Jr. High School – N. Branford
North End School – Waterbury
North Haven High School – N. Haven
North Haven Medical Building – N. Haven
North Street Housing – Stamford
North Street Shopping Center – Danbury
Northeast Insulation Warehouse – Hartford
Northeast Nuclear Energy – Waterbury
Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. – Power Station Waterford
Northeast Nuclear Energy Company – Waterfront
Northeast School – Stamford
Northeast Utilities – Berlin
Northeast Utilities Office – Hartford
Northeast Utilities Service Co. Waterford
Northwest Catholic High School – Hartford
Northwest Middle School – Hartford
Norwalk & Norwalk Electric Light Co. – Norwalk
Norwalk Board of Education – Norwalk
Norwalk Catholic High School – Norwalk
Norwalk City Of – Norwalk
Norwalk Convent – Norwalk
Norwalk Country Club – Norwalk
Norwalk Elderly Housing – Norwalk
Norwalk Elementary School – Norwalk
Norwalk Gas Co. – Norwalk
Norwalk General Hospital – Norwalk
Norwalk Harbor Station – Norwalk
Norwalk Hat Company – Norwalk
Norwalk High School – Norwalk
Norwalk Hospital – Norwalk
Norwalk Housing – Norwalk
Norwalk Jewish Center – Norwalk
Norwalk Mall – Norwalk
Norwalk Novitiate – Norwalk
Norwalk Post Office – Norwalk
Norwalk Powdered Metals Inc. – Norwalk
Norwalk Power Plant – Norwalk
Norwalk Powerhouse Garage – Norwalk
Norwalk School – Norwalk
Norwalk Sewage – Norwalk
Norwalk Tire – Norwalk
Norwalk Toll Plaza – Norwalk
Norwich Armory – Norwich
Norwich Bank – Norwich
Norwich Bulletin – Norwich
Norwich City Of – Norwich
Norwich Dye Works – Norwich
Norwich Gas & Electric Company – Norwich
Norwich High School – Norwich
Norwich Hospital – Norwich
Norwich Housing Project – Norwich
Norwich Lock Manufacturing Company – Norwich
Norwich Mental Hospital – Norwich
Norwich School – Norwich
Norwich State Hospital – Fort Point
Norwich State School – Norwich
Notre Dame High School – Fairfield
Notre Dame Novitiate – Fairfield
Nougatuck Malleable Iron Co. Naugatuck
Nougatuck Malleable Iron Company – Union City
Nrg Energy Inc – Middlebury
Nrg Energy Incorporated – Middletown
Nu Way Tobacco Coe Windsor Mill
Nuclear Power Station Waterford
Nuway Tobacco Co. South Windsor
Ny Nh & Hartford Rr – Hartford
O & G Asphalt Company – Waterbury
O. K. Company – Wethersfield
Oak Hill School for Blind – Hartford
Oak Knoll Housing Project – Norwich
Oakwood Knoll School – Norwich
Ohio Rubber – Stratford
Old Farms School – Avon
Old Greenwich Bank – Greenwich
Old Hundred Ice Cream – Southbury
Old Saybrook Elementary School – Old Saybrook
Old Stone Church – E. Haven
Olin Battery Shop – New Haven
Olin Brass
Olin Corporation – New Haven
Olin Mathieson Chem Corp. Res Center New Haven
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. Stamford
Olin Ramset – Branford
Oliver Inc. – Stamford
Olivette-Underwood Corp. Hartford
One Constitution Plaza – Hartford
One Financial Plaza – Hartford
Oneco Manufacturing Company – New London
Orange Elementary School – Orange
Orange High School – Orange
Orange Shopping Mall – Orange
Orange Telephone – Orange
Orange Town Hall – Orange
Orchard Hills School – Milford
Oreanoke Apartments – New Haven
Orford Soap Company – Manchester
Oronoque Country Club Lane Stratford
Otis Elevator – Farmington
Ottawa Silica Co. – N. Stonington
Otto Barthol Co. Norwalk
Our Lady of Fatima – Waterbury
Our Lady of Mercy – Plainville
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Catholic Church
Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Waterfront
Our Lady of Sorrow Hospital – Enfield
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. – E. Hartford
Owens-Corning Supply Corporation – E. Hartford
Owens-Illinois – Milford
Oxford Airport – Oxford
Oxford Cl & P – Oxford
Oxford Town Hall – Oxford
Paier School Of Art – New Haven
Palmer & Son Shipyard Noank
Palmer Brothers Company – Montville
Panbody Engineering Coglenbrook
Panozza Florist – Danbury
Paradise Green Golf Course – Stratford
Park City Hospital Inc – Bridgeport
Park City Supply Company – Bridgeport
Parkville Siding – Hartford
Parkville Siding Co.
Parts Inc. – E. Hartford
Patterson Steel & Forge Co. – Stafford
Pawcatuck Water Pollution – Pawcatuck
Peabody Engineering – Glenbrook Station – Stamford
Peabody Engineering Corp. – Glenbrook
Peabody Engineering Corp. – Norwalk
Peabody Museum – New Haven
Peck Brothers & Company – New Haven
Peck Stow & Wilcox Co. – Saithurg
Peck Stow & Wilcox Co. – Southington
Pedleton Fire Brick Co. – Bloomfield
Peerless Aluminum Foundry Company Inc – Bridgeport
Pegnataro’s – New Haven
Pembroke School – Danbury
Peoples Savings Bank – Bridgeport
Peoples Savings Bank, Main St.
Pepperidge Farms – Norwalk
Pepsi Cola / Schweppes Warehouse – Windsor
Perramar Hotel – Old Saybrook
Perri Sausage – New Haven
Pervel Industries – Plainfield
Peter Paul Candy – Naugatuck
Petroleum Heat & Power Company – Stamford
Pfizer & Co., Inc. – Groton
Pfizer Charles & Co. Inc. Wallingford
Pfizer Co. Inc. Boiler House Groton
Pfizer Incorporated – Groton
Pfizer, Inc. Research Laboratories
Phelps Dodge Wiremold – Norwich
Philips Medical Center – Shelton
Philips Oil Line – Rocky Hill
Phillip Sporn – New Haven
Phoenix Insurance-Woodland St. – Hartford
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. Constitution Plaza Hartford
Phyliss’ Restaurant – W. Haven
Pierce Buick – Hartford
Pierce Generating Station – Wallingford
Pitney Bowes – Danbury
Pius X Church
Plainfield Fish Hatchery – Plainfield
Plainfield Mills Corp – Plainfield
Plainfield Mills Corporation – Plainfield
Plainfield Plastics – Plainfield
Plainfield Trade School – Plainfield
Plains Hill School – Orange
Plainville Elementary School – Plainville
Plainville High School – Plainville
Plainville Jr. High School – Plainville
Plainville Post Office – Plainville
Plainville Sewage – Plainville
Plainville U. S Post Office
Plainvillle Casting Co. – Plainville
Plastic Film Corporation – Plainfield
Plastic Products, Inc. – Norwalk
Plastic-Glide – Waterbury
Plasticrete Block & Supply – N. Haven
Plasticrete Brick Co. – Hamden
Plasticrete Corp – New Haven
Platt High School – Meriden
Plaza Shopping Center – Norwalk
Plume & Atwood Brass & Co. – Thomaston
Police Station – Ridgefield
Polimer Machine-Webb Shop – Berlin
Polymer Fabrics – Stamford
Pond Lily Company – New Haven
Pond Lily Motel – New Haven
Ponderosa Steak House – Danbury
Ponds Extract Company – Bridgeport
Ponemah Mills – Taftville
Pope Building – Hartford
Pope Park Bath House – Hartford
Popular Market – Manchester
Poquonock School – Windsor
Porter Box & Lumber Co. Bridgeport
Portland Elementary School – Portland
Portland High School – Portland
Portland Oil Company – Portland
Portland Sewer – Portland
Post Office – New Britain
Post Publishing Company – Bridgeport
Post Secondary Tech – Norwalk
Potlatch Forest – Windsor
Powdrell & Alexander, Inc. – Danielson
Pratt & Whitney – E. Hartford
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Co. – E. Hartford
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine Plant – E. Hartford
Pratt & Whitney Fuel Cell – Hartford
Pratt & Whitney Plant – Middleton
Pratt & Whitney West Hartford – W. Hartford
Pratt Bros & Co. – Deep River
Pratt Whitney Aircraft Corp. Canal Project Middletown
Pratt Whitney Aircraft Division U. A. C. Hartford
Pratt Whitney Aircraft Hartford
Pratt Whitney Aircraft Middletown
Pratt Whitney Aircraft New Engineering Building Hartford
Pratt Whitney Aircraft North Haven
Pratt Whitney Aircraft Welgass Building Hartford
Pratt Whitney Aircraft Willgoos Laboratory Hartford
Pratt Whitney Aircraft Windsor
Pratt Whitney Engineering Building Hartford
Pratt, Head Co. Inc. Powerhouse Essex
Pratt, Read & Co., Inc. – Essex
Prince Albert Apartments – New Haven
Prince Albert Tech. School – Hartford
Princeton Knitting Mills – Watertown
Princeton, Inc. – Watertown
Priority Finishing – Putnam
Producto Machine Company – Bridgeport
Prosser Library – Bloomfield
Public Service Production Company – Essex Station
Public Siding – Naugatuck
Pulaski High School – New Britain
Pulaski Middle School – New Britain
Pumpkin Delight School – Milford
Putnam Courthouse – Putnam
Putnam Elderly Housing – Putnam
Putnam- Herzl Finishing Co. Inc. Putnam
Putnam High School – Putnam
Putnam Housing – Putnam
Putnam National Bank – Putnam
Putnam Post Office – Putnam
Putnam State Garage – Putnam
Putnam Weaver – Greenwich
Putnam-Herzl Finishing Company, Inc. – Putnam
Quinebaug Co. Danielson
Quinebaug Co. Danielsonville
Quinnipiac Club – New Haven
Quinnipiac College – Hamden
Quinnipiac Energy Llc – New Haven
Quinnipiac School – New Haven
R T Palmer Company – New London
R. L. Dingee Enterprises – Danbury
R. T. Palmer Co. New London
R. Wallace & Sons Manufacturing Company – Wallingford
Radcliff School – Farmington
Raff Corporation – Hartford
Railroad Station – Hartford
Ram Blower Turbine Lab Hartford
Ramada Inn – Rocky Hill
Randolph Clowes Company – Waterbury
Randolph. Clowes Company – Waterbury
Rann Hickman Associates – Bridgeport
Rayathon & Macklet Labs – Stamford
Raybestos Manhattan – Milford
Raybestos Manhattan Company, Inc. – Stafford
Raybestos-Manhattan – Raymark Industries – Stratford
Raybestos-Manhattan Co. Bridgeport
Raybestos-Manhattan Co. Milford
Raymark Industries – Stafford
Raymond Bakery – Waterbury
Raymond Engineering – Middlebury
Read & Greenwood – Hartford
Read School – Bridgeport
Read School Griffin Hospital Bridgeport
Read’s Department Store – Danbury
Recycling Plant (Dump) – Norwalk
Red Coach Grill – Stratford
Red Cross – Farmington
Red Lobster Restaurant – Darien
Reed & Greenwood – E. Hartford
Regency Apartments – Hartford
Regent Hotel – Hartford
Remington Arms & Ammunition Co. – Bridgeport
Remington Arms New Building Bridgeport
Remington Arms-Dupont – Bridgeport
Remington Firearms – Stafford
Remington Firearms Bridgeport
Remington Noiseless Typewriter Co. – Middletown
Remington Rand – Norwalk
Remington Rand Inc. Shaver Bridgeport
Remington Rand Shaver – Bridgeport
Republic Steel Corp – E. Hartford
Resolute Insurance Co. – Hartford
Resource Recovery Systems – Hartford
Rex Forge Co. – Plantsville
Richard Rogers House – Fairfield
Richards & Company – Stamford
Richards & Jessup – Stamford
Richardson Merrill Corporation – W. Haven
Richardson-Merrell Office – Wilton
Richlee Acoustics & Fireproof – Springdale
Ridge Hill School – Hamden
Ridgefield Boy’s Club – Ridgefield
Ridgefield Convent – Ridgefield
Ridgefield High School – Ridgefield
Ridgefield Shopping Center – Ridgefield
Riggs Distler-G. Fox Company – Hartford
Riley Stoker – Windsor
Rip Van Winkle Motel – New Haven
Rippowam High School – Stamford
Risclon’s Co. – Danbury
Risdon Manufacturing – Naugatuck
River Bank School – Stamford
Riverfield School – Fairfield
Riverside Housing Div. – Middletown
Riverside School – Greenwich
Riverside Shopping Center – Middletown
Riverton Paper Company – Winsted
Robert A. Keasbey Company – Bridgeport
Robert Gair Company Inc. – Montville
Robertshaw Controls Co. – Milford
Robertson Paper Box Company – Montville
Rockbestos – New Haven
Rockview Housing – New Haven
Rockville & Ellington Street Railway Co. – Rockville
Rockville Bowling Alley-Rte. 83 – Rockville
Rockville Elderly Housing – Rockville
Rockville Gas Station – Rockville
Rockville High School – Rockville
Rockville Hospital – Rockville
Rockville Post Office – Rockville
Rockville Sewage Plant – Rockville
Rockville Shopping Mall
Rockville Shopping Plaza – Rockville
Rockville Waste & Sewage Plant
Rockville Worsted Company – Rockville
Rockville Worsteel Company – Rockville
Rockwell Co. Ws – Fairfield
Rockwell Stanley P Company – Hartford
Rockwell W S Company – Fairfield
Rocky Hill Gas Tank – Rocky Hill
Rocky Hill High School – Rocky Hill
Rocky Hill Jr. High School – Rocky Hill
Rocky Hill Sewage Plant – Rocky Hill
Roger Sherman School – New Haven
Roger Smith Hotel – Stamford
Roger-Ludlow High School – Fairfield
Roger’s Corp – Manchester
Rogers Corporation – Research & Development Bldg. – Rogers
Rogers Corporation – Woodstock
Rogers Paper Manufacturing Company – Danville
Rolock Inc. – Fairfield
Roncari Building – Windsor Locks
Roncari Industries Inc. – E. Granby
Rose St Powerhouse – New Haven
Rose Street Powerhouse – New Haven
Rosemary Hall Academy – Stamford
Roton Junior High School
Royal Mcbee Corporation – Hartford
Royal Typewriter – Hartford
Royal-Mcbee Corporation – Hartford
Royalmetal Corporation – Plainfield
Rubber Regenerating Co. – Naugatuck
Ruppert Brew – Danbury
Russell Manufacturing Co. – Middletown
S N B Telephone Co. – New Haven
S. & P. Plumbing & Heating – Cheshire
S. Finishing Company
S. N. E. T. Company – Danbury
S. O. & C. Company – Shelton
S. P. Plumbing Heating Cheshire
S. Rockwell
S. Y. Beach Paper Co. Seymour
S. Y. Beach Paper Company – Saithurg
Sacred Heart Rectory – Waterbury
Sacred Heart School – Hamden
Safeguard Insurance Co. – Hartford
Safety Car Factory – New Haven
Sage Allen – Glastonbury
Sage Allen-Hartford – Hartford
Saint Francis Hospital – Hartford
Salmon Brook Building – Glastonbury
Salts Textile Manufacturing Co. Bridgeport
Sanitary Laundry Co. – Hartford
Sanitary Laundry Company – Hartford
Sanitary Paper Mill – Hartford
Sargent Building – New Haven
Sargent Lock – New Haven
Sasco Hills Country Club – Southport
Saugatuck Elementary School – Westport
Savin Fuel Co. – E. Hartford
Savoy Laundry Inc – Stratford
Savoy Laundry Inc. – Stafford
Sawyer Displays – American Wool Co. – Norwich
Schaeffer Beer Distributor – Hartford
Schaeffer Brewery – Berlin
Schick Razor Co. – Milford
School District #2 – Stafford Springs
Schweppes – Stamford
Scope Precision Casting – Norwalk
Scovill Corp. Headquarters Building – Waterbury
Scovill Corporation – Waterbury
Scovill Manufacturing Co. New Milford
Scovill Manufacturing Co. Oakville
Scovill Manufacturing Co. Waterbury
Scoville Fasteners – Watertown
Scranton Motors – Rockville
Seabreeze School – Milford
Sealtest Dairy – Hartford
Seamless Rubber – New Haven
Seamless Rubber Co. – New Haven
Seamless Rubber Company – New Haven
Sears Roebuck – Hamden
Sears Warehouse – W. Haven
Seaside State Hospital – Waterfront
Sedgewick Middle School – W. Hartford
Semon Ice Cream Company – New Haven
Sendzimir Manufacturing – Waterbury
Seppa School – Meriden
Seth Haley School – W. Hartford
Seth Thomas Clock Co. Thomaston
Seth Thomas Clock Company – Thomaston
Seven-Up Bottling – Meriden
Seymour – Rocky Hill
Seymour High School – Rocky Hill
Seymour High School Seymour
Seymour Manufacturing Co. – Saithurg
Seymour Manufacturing Company – Rocky Hill
Shakespeare Theater – Stratford
Sharon Center School – Sharon
Sheffield Tube Co. – New London
Sheldon Station – Hartford
Sheltering Arms Conv. Home – Norwich
Shelton B.F. Goodrich – Shelton
Shelton Cheeseborough Ponds – Shelton
Shelton Firehouse – Shelton
Shelton Gas Works – Shelton
Shelton High School – Shelton
Shelton I.T.T. Research Park – Shelton
Shelton Post Office – Shelton
Shelton School – Shelton
Shelton Shopping Mall – Shelton
Shepherd Tobacco Co. – Rockville
Sheraton Hotel – Hartford
Sheridan Middle School – New Haven
Shick Safety Razor – Milford
Shop-Rite Derby – Derby
Shore Line Electric Railway Company – Norwich
Showcase Cinema – Orange
Shraffts Hotel – New London
Sidney Blumenthal & Company Inc – Shelton
Sigourney Tool – Hartford
Sikorski Aircraft Company – Bridgeport
Sikorsky Aircraft – Shelton
Sikousky Aircraft Bridgeport – Stafford
Silas Deane Jr. High School – Wethersfield
Simeone Baldwin School – New Haven
Simpson School – Wallingford
Simsbury Convalescent Home – Simsbury
Simsbury Elementary School – Simsbury
Simsbury High School – Simsbury
Simsbury Jr. High School – Simsbury
Simsbury Sewer Plant – Simsbury
Simsbury Town Hall – Simsbury
Singer Co. Bridgeport
Singer Manufacturing Company – Bridgeport
Singer Sewing Machine Factory Bridgeport
Sister Of Novicia Notre Dame – Monroe
Sisters Of St. Joseph – W. Hartford
Slade Jr. High School – New Britain
Sleeping Giant High School – Hamden
Sloate Chevrolet – Hartford
SLone Star Industries
Smith & Fezzeni – Hartford
Smith Elementary School – W. Hartford
Smith Towers – Hartford
Snelgrove Florist – Windsor
Snet Co. Danbury
Snet Co. Groton
Snet Co. Hartford
Snet Co. New Haven
Snet Co. Norwich
Snet-College Street – New Haven
Snow Elementary School – Middletown
Soceity For Savings – Hartford
Somers – Enfield State Prison – Somers
Somers Brass – Waterbury
Somers Enfield State Prison
Somers High School – Somers
Somersville Manufacturing Co. Somersville
Somersville Manufacturing Company – Hazardville
Sonesta Hotel – Hartford
Sound Scrieer Sales Corp. – N. Haven
Soundview Convalescent Home – W. Haven
South Catholic High School – Bridgeport
South Central Community College – New Haven
South Ely Perry School – S. Windsor
South Jean Shepard Building – S. Windsor
South Meadow Station – Hartford
South River Spinning Co. – Shelton
South Windsor City of – S. Windsor
South Windsor High School – S. Windsor
South Windsor Library – S. Windsor
South Windsor Middle School – S. Windsor
South Windsor Town Hall – S. Windsor
Southbury Lutheran Home – Southbury
Southbury Savings Bank – Southbury
Southbury Training School – Southbury
Southern Connecticut State College, Auditorium – New Haven
Southern Connecticut State University – New Haven
Southern New England Telephone Co. Bridgeport
Southern New England Telephone Co. Hartford
Southern New England Telephone Co. New Haven
Southington Galvanizing – Plantsville
Southington High School – Southington
Southington Hospital – Southington
Southington Post Office – Southington
Southington Sewage Disposal – Southington
Southington Town Hall – Southington
Southport Convalescent Home – Southport
Southport Volkswagen Dealer – Southport
Southwest School – Windsor Locks
Souzio’s Cement Plant – Hartford
Span Electronics – Hartford
Spencer Turbine – Hartford
Sperry Engineering Company – New Haven
Speveri Brothers – Hartford
Sponge Rubber – Shelton
Sponge Rubber Products Company – Derby
Spring Glen School – Hamden
Springville Manufacturing Company – Rockville
St. Aedan’s School & Church – New Haven
St. Agnes’ Home – Hartford
St. Anne’s Church – Waterbury
St. Ann’s – New Britain
St. Ann’s Church – Avon
St. Ann’s School – Waterbury
St. Anthony’s Church – Hartford
St. Anthony’s School – Plainfield
St. Augustine Church – Hartford
St. Augustine Convent – Hartford
St. Bernadette’s Convent – New Haven
St. Bernard’s High School – Montville
St. Boniface – New Haven
St. Bridget’s Catholic Church – Stamford
St. Bridget’s Church – Cheshire
St. Cyril & Metodius Convent – Hartford
St. Francis Hospital – Hartford
St. Francis Orphanage – New Haven
St. Francis Xavier – Waterbury
St. Gabriel School – Windsor
St. Gabriel’s – Ridgefield
St. George’s Church – Hartford
St. George’s Greek – Hartford
St. Hedwig Church – Naugatuck
St. Jame’s Churc – W. Hartford
St. John School & Rectory – Montville
St. John Vinamy – W. Haven
St. John’s Church – Watertown
St. John’s Towers – Stamford
St. Joseph High School – Trumbull
St. Joseph Manor – Trumbull
St. Joseph’s Cathedral – Hartford
St. Joseph’s Church – Meriden
St. Joseph’s College – Hartford
St. Joseph’s Hospital Stamford – Stamford
St. Jude Hospital – Stamford
St. Justin School – Hartford
St. Justin’s Church – Hartford
St. Lawrence O’Toole Church – New Britain
St. Louis Catholic High School – W. Haven
St. Louis French Church – Waterbury
St. Lucy Church – Waterbury
St. Luke’s Hospital Power Plant – New Bedford
St. Lutheran Church – Hartford
St. Margaret’s School – Waterbury
St. Mark’s Church
St. Mark’s Church – New Canaan
St. Martha’s School – Enfield
St. Mary’s Parish
St. Mary’s Schools
St. Mary’s Church – Stamford
St. Mary’s Girls School – Ridgefield
St. Mary’s High School – Greenwich
St. Mary’s Home – W. Hartford
St. Mary’s Hospital – Stamford
St. Mary’s Parish – Greenwich
St. Mary’s School – Branford
St. Mary’s Ukranian Church – Hartford
St. Michael’s Convent – New Haven
St. Patrick’s Church – Enfield
St. Paul’s – New Haven
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Danbury
St. Peter’s Church & School – Torrington
St. Peter’s Church Convent – New Haven
St. Pius X – Wolcott
St. Pius X Church – Fairfield
St. Rita’s Convent – Hamden
St. Rose – New Haven
St. Rose Church & School – Meriden
St. Sanislaus Church – Meriden
St. Serro’s Church – New Britain
St. Theresa’s Church – Trumbull
St. Thomas Church – Waterbury
St. Thomas School – Southington
St. Timothy Chapel – Fairfield
St. Timothy’s School – W. Hartford
St. Vincent’s Hospital – Bridgeport
St. Vincent’s School – E. Haven
Stafford Jr. High School – Stamford
Stafford Springs Elementary School
Stafford Springs High School – Stafford Springs
Stafford Springs School – Stafford Springs
Stafford Springs Sewage Disposal – Stafford Springs
Stamford Animal Hospital – Stamford
Stamford Apartments-High Ridge Road – Stamford
Stamford Brands – Stamford
Stamford Center Firehouse-Elm Street – Stamford
Stamford Champion Building – Stamford
Stamford Convalescent Home – Stamford
Stamford Court Building – Stamford
Stamford Elderly Housing – Stamford
Stamford Elementary School – Stamford
Stamford Firehouse-Turn of The River – Stamford
Stamford Garage – Stamford
Stamford Gas & Electric Company – Stamford
Stamford Gas Company – Stamford
Stamford Generating Station – Stamford
Stamford High Rise Apartment – Stamford
Stamford High School – Stamford
Stamford Hospital – Bridgeport
Stamford Housing – Stamford
Stamford Insulation Company – Springdale
Stamford Italian Center – Stamford
Stamford Library – Stamford
Stamford Mall – Stamford
Stamford Missile Station – Stamford
Stamford Motor Vehicle Dept. – Stamford
Stamford Powerhouse – Stamford
Stamford Railroad Station – Stamford
Stamford Recycling Plant (City Dump) – Stamford
Stamford Rehabilitation Center – Stamford
Stamford Rogers School – Stamford
Stamford Rolling Mills Company – Springdale
Stamford Sanitation Control – Stamford
Stamford School-Turn of The River – Stamford
Stamford Sewage – Stamford
Stamford Synagogue-Beferson Rd. – Stamford
Stamford Telephone – Stamford
Stamford Teleregister Corporation – Stamford
Stamford Town Hall – Stamford
Stamford Turn of The River Housing – Stamford
Stamford Turn of The River School – Stamford
Stamford Universalist Church – Stamford
Stamford Welfare Department – Stamford
Standard Fire Brick Co. – W. Hartford
Standard Fuel Company – Bridgeport
Standard Machinery Company – Mystic River
Standard Screw Co. – Hartford
Standyne Corporation – Windsor
Stanley Judds, Cherry Street – Wallingford
Stanley Rule & Level Company – New Bedford
Stanley Rule Level Co. New Britain
Stanley Tool Works – New Bedford
Stanley Works – New Britain
Stanley Works American Tube & Stamping Plt – Bridgeport
Stanley Works Auto Door Division
Stanley Works Boiler Room New Britain
Stanley Works Building 7 New Britain
Stanley Works New Britain
Stanley Works Steel & Coal Division
Stanley Works The Steel New Britain
Stanley Works Theiner Dept #32 Building 887 New Britain
Stanley Works, Stanley Tools Division New Britain
Stanley Works-Steel-Coal Division – Farmington
Staples High School – Westport
Star Of The Sea School – Stamford
Star Supply Company – New Haven
State Garage – New London
State Highway Garage – Wethersfield
State Hospital – Middletown
State National Bank – Stamford
State Of Connecticut – Enfield
State Of Connecticut Office – Wethersfield
State Teachers College – Danbury
Statler Hotels – Hartford
Stauffer Chemical – Farmington
Stauffer Chemical Co. – Westport
Steel Point Powerhouse – Bridgeport
Steel Point Powerhouse Steel Point
Steel Point Station Bridgeport
Stepney Elementary School – Monroe
Sterling Dyeing & Finishing Company – Sterling
Sterling Improvement Company – Sterling
Sterling Power Plant New Haven
Sterling Powerhouse – New Haven
Sterling School Of Medicine – New Haven
Stevens Paper Mill – Windsor
Stevenson’s Plaza – Danbury
Stollwerck Brothers – Stamford
Stonington High School – Stonington
Stonington Treatment Plant – Stonington
Stop & Shop – Clinton
Stop & Shop Waterbury – Waterbury
Stop & Shop Windsor – Windsor
Storrs Telephone Relay – Storrs
Storrs Town Hall – Storrs
Storrs-E. O. Smith School – Storrs
Stowe Village – Hartford
Stratfield Motor Inn – Bridgeport
Stratford Armory – Stratford
Stratford Bowling Alleys – Stratford
Stratford Convalescent Home – Stratford
Stratford High School – Stratford
Stratford Hotel – Stratford
Stratford Housing – Stratford
Stratford Housing Job – Bridgeport
Stratford Police Station – Stratford
Stratford Sewage – Stratford
Stratford Town Garage – Stratford
Strawberry Hill Apartments – Stamford
Strong Street School – New Haven
Style Footwear Co. Inc. Norwalk
Submarine Base Buildings New London
Suburban Propane – Niantic
Suffield Academy – Suffield
Suffield General Store – Suffield
Suffield High School – Suffield
Suffield Lumber Company – Suffield
Suffield School At Bridge Street
Suffield School-Bridge Street – Suffield
Summit Garage – Branford
Summit Thread Company – Hampton
Sunoco Oil – Stratford
Superior Castings Corps Norwalk
Superior Court – Middletown
Superior Electric Co. – Bristol
Surface Combustion Engine – Bristol
Surfside Apartments – W. Haven
Swift River Woolen Co. – Stafford
Sy Beach Paper Company – Rocky Hill
Synco Resin Plant – Bethel
T. A. D. Jones-Boiler Room – New Haven
TA Walker Incorporated – Torrington
Taft College – Waterbury
Taft Hotel – New Haven
Taft School – Watertown
Taft School Boilerhouse – Watertown
Talco – E. Hartford
Tallauco’s Garage – Danbury
Tarco Acmat Corporation – Hartford
Taylor & Fenn Co. – Windsor
Taylor & Fenn Company – Windsor
Teachers College – Holman Student Union Bldg. – Danbury
Telephone Company – W. Hartford
Teleregister Corporation – Stamford
Teletrack – New Haven
Temple B’Nai Israel – Willimantic
Temple Medical Center – New Haven
Terry Steam Trubine Co. Turbine Test Facility Windsor
Terry Turbine Factory – Windsor
Terryville Brass – Terryville
Terryville High School – Terryville
Test Cell J Windsor Locks
Texaco Co. – New Haven
Thames Insulation Co. – Groton
Thames Plaza – New London
Thames River Specialties Company – Montville
Thames Shipyard – New London
Thames Valley Tech – Norwich
The Aspinock Company – Jewett City
The Battery Company – Fairfield
The Fitzgerald Gasket Corp. – Torrington
The Homestead Insulation Co. – Hartford
The Hoyt Grant Company – New Haven
The Insulation Co. Shop – W. Hartford
The Sessions Clock Co. – Forestville
The Stewart Company – Hartford
Their Siding – E. Hartford
Thermal – Uniroyal – E. Hartford
Thermal Acoustics, Inc. – W. Haven
Thermal Uniroyal – E. Hartford
Thermal Uniroyal Oxford
Thomas Cadillac – Hartford
Thomaston Bowling Lane – Thomaston
Thomaston High School – Thomaston
Thompson’s Candy – Wallingford
Thompsonville Turbine Plant
Thrall Tobacco – Windsor
Tilo Roofing – Stratford
Tilo Roofing Company – Stafford
Time & Life – Deep River
Time Wire & Cable – Wallingford
Timex Corporation – Middlebury
Timothy Chapel – CT
TJ Quirk Middle School – Hartford
Todd Co.- Ceaglenbrook
Tomlinson Asbestos Company – New Haven
Toquam Elementary School – Stamford
Torrington Brass – Torrington
Torrington Co. New Research Building Torrington
Torrington Company – Torrington
Torrington High School – Torrington
Torrington Hospital – Torrington
Torrington Knitting Mills – Torrington
Torrington Library – Torrington
Torrington Manufacturing Company – Torrington
Torrington Power – Torrington
Torrington Savings Bank – Torrington
Torrington School – Torrington
Tower B M Co. – Bridgeport
Town & Country Shopping Ctr – Stamford
Town Of Greenwich – Department Of Public Works – Greenwich
Town Of Stratford – Water Pollution Control Facility – Stafford
Town Of Vernon – Sewage Treatment Plant – Vernon
Towne House Motor Inn – Hartford
Tracy Robinson & Williams Co. – Bridgeport
Tracy Robinson & Williams Company – Hartford
Traveler’s Data Center – Windsor
Travelers Educational Center – Hartford
Traveler’s Insurance – Hamden
Travelers Insurance Co. Arch Street Hartford
Travelers Insurance Co. Building Hartford
Travelers Insurance Storage – Hartford
Travelers Insurance-South Wing – Hartford
Traveler’s Plaza – Hartford
Traveler’s Print Shop – Hartford
Triex Office Building – Stamford
Trinity Church – New Haven
Trinity College – Bowling Alley – Hartford
Trinity College – Ferris Athletic Center – Hartford
Trinity College – Hartford
Trinity College – Library – Hartford
Trinity College – Life Science Building – Hartford
Tri-State Archery – Danbury
Troop School – New Haven
True Love & Maclean – Waterbury
Trumbull High School – Trumbull
Trumbull Library – Trumbull
Trumbull School – Meriden
Trumbull Shopping Mall – Trumbull
Trumbull Town Hall – Trumbull
Tumble Brook Country Club – Bloomfield
Turner & Seymour Manufacturing Co. Walcottville
Turner & Seymour Manufacturing Company – Torrington
Twin Maples Nursing Home – Durham
Two Guys Department Store – Newington
U. O. P. – Darien
U. S Post Office Brewery Street
U. S. Aircraft Co. Windsor Locks
U. S. Aluminum Co. Bridgeport
U. S. Army Reserve Station – W. Hartford
U. S. Base New London
U. S. Base Sub Base Siding Groton
U. S. Coast Guard Academy – New London
U. S. Finishing Co – Norwich
U. S. Finishing Co. Sterling Department Sterling
U. S. Government General Hospital #16 – New Haven
U. S. Motors – Milford
U. S. N Underwater Sound Lab New London
U. S. Naval Reserve Station – Glastonbury
U. S. Naval Submarine Base – Groton
U. S. Navy – Norwalk Fuel Distribution Station – Norwalk
U. S. Navy Sub Base, Pier #9 – Groton
U. S. Rayon Corp. Danielson
U. S. Rubber – Naugatuck
U. S. Rubber Co. – Naugatuck
U. S. Rubber Co. Naugatuck
U. S. Rubber Powerhouse – Naugatuck
U. S. Steel Corp. New Haven
U. S. Submarine Base Sub Base Siding Groton
U. S. Surgical Co. – Stamford
U. S. Test Lab Locks – Windsor Locks
U. S. Time – Middlebury
U. S. Time Corp – Stamford
U. S. Tobacco Company – Greenwich
U.S. Aluminum Company – Bridgeport
U.S. Coast Guard Acadamy – New London
U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Billiard Hall – New London
U.S. Coast Guard Training Station – Groton
U.S. Finishing Company – Norwich
U.S. N Underwater Sound Lab – New London
U.S. Naval Submarine Base – Groton
U.S. Submarine Base – New London
Uconn Beech Hall – Storrs
Uconn Boiler Room – Storrs
Uconn Cafeteria – Storrs
Uconn Chicken Building – Storrs
Uconn Cow Barn – Storrs
Uconn Dining Hall – Storrs
Uconn Dormitories – Storrs
Uconn Engineering Building – Storrs
Uconn Extension – Farmington
Uconn General – Storrs
Uconn Graduate Library – Storrs
Uconn Gym – Storrs
Uconn Health Center – Farmington
Uconn Incinerator – Storrs
Uconn Law School – W. Hartford
Uconn Library – Storrs
Uconn Post Grad Dorm – Storrs
Uconn Powerhouse – Storrs
Uconn School Of Pharmacy – Storrs
Uconn School Of Science & Math – Storrs
Uconn Science Building – Storrs
Uconn Steam Pit – Storrs
Uconn Storrs
Uconn Theatre – Storrs
Uconn Tunnels – Storrs
Uconn Twin Towers Dorm – Storrs
Uconn Vocational Agricultural Center – Storrs
Uncas Printing & Finishing Company – Mechanicsville
Uncasville Uncasville Hospital – Trumbull
Undercliff State Hospital – Meriden
Undersea Warfare & Research Lab – New London
Underwater Ordinance – New London
Underwood Commerce Properties – Bridgeport
Underwood Corp. Bridgeport
Underwood Elliott Fisher Company – Hartford
Underwood Typewriter Plant – Hartford
Union Carbide – Danbury
Union Carbide & Carbon Corp. – New Haven
Union Carbide Danbury
Union Drawn Steel Company – Hartford
Union Electric Light Company – Unionville
Union Hardware Div.-Brunswick – Torrington
Union Manufacturing Co. New Britain
Union Manufacturing Company – New Bedford
Union Metallic Cartridge Company – Bridgeport
Union School – W. Haven
Union Typewriter Company – Bridgeport
Unionville Myrtle Mills – Trumbull
Uniroyal Chemical – Middlebury
Uniroyal Headquarters – Middlebury
Uniroyal Inc. Middlebury
Uniroyal Middlebury
Uniroyal Office Complex – Oxford
Uniroyal Powerhouse – Oxford
Uniroyal Waterbury
Uniroyal, Inc – Naugatuck
United Aircraft – E. Hartford
United Aircraft Building NO. 2 Dept 215 Windsor Locks
United Aircraft Corporation – Windsor Locks
United Aircraft Hartford
United Aircraft Norden Division Norwalk
United Aircraft Research Labs – E. Hartford
United Aircraft Windsor Locks
United Bank-Pearl Street – Hartford
United Church – Stamford
United Church Of Christ – New Haven
United Electric Illg Company – Bridgeport
United Electric Illuminating Company – New Haven
United Gas Imp Company – Bridgeport
United Gas Imp. Company – Greenwich
United Gas Improvement Company – Greenwich
United Illuminating – Bridgeport
United Illuminating Building – Shelton
United Illuminating Co. Bridgeport Harbor Bridgeport
United Illuminating Co. Congress St. Powerhouse Bridgeport
United Illuminating Co. English Station New Haven
United Illuminating Co. Grand Avenue Plant New Haven
United Illuminating Co. Harbor Station New Haven
United Illuminating Co. Power Station Unit 3 Bridgeport
United Illuminating Company – Devon
United Illuminating Garage – Waterbury
United Merchants & Manufactures – Jewett City
United Nuclear Lab – Montville
United Nuclear Tech. – Norwich
United Printing Services – New Haven
United Shoe Machinery – Shelton
United States Aluminum Co. – Fairfield
United States Aluminum Company – Fairfield
United States Coast Guard Academy – New London
United States Coast Guard Station – Groton
United States Finishing Company – Sterling
United States Naval Shipyard, Submarine Base – New London
United States Rayon Corp – Danielson
United States Rayon Corporation – Danielson
United States Rubber Company – Naugatuck
United States Steel Corp. – New Haven
United Technological Corp. Windsor Locks
United Technologies – Hartford
United Tool – Bloomfield
Universal Wire – Clinton
University Of Bridgeport – Bridgeport
University Of Connecticut – Bridgeport
University of Connecticut – Torrs
University of Connecticut Medical Center Farmington
University Of Hartford – Hartford
University of Hartford Boiler House Hartford
University of Hartford School of Business Admin Hartford
University Of Hartford, Various Buildings – Hartford
University Of Library – New Haven
University Of New Haven – New Haven
University Security
University Towers – New Haven
Upjohn Chemical Co. North Haven
Upjohn Company – New Haven
UPS – Hartford
USN Underwater Sound Lab New London
Valle’s Steak House – Hartford
Valve Corporation Of America – Bridgeport
Vanderbilt Chemical Corp. – Bethel
Veeder Root – Hartford
Vermont Yankee – Vernon
Vernon Connecticut Light & Power – Vernon
Vernon Plaza Shopping Center – Vernon
Vernon Sewage Treatment Plant Vernon
Veteran’s Administration – Hartford
Vickers Manufacturing – Waterbury
Victor Borg House – Greenwich
Viking Wire – Danbury
Villa Marie – Stamford
Vinal Tech. Regional School – Middletown
Vulcan Iron Works – New Bedford
Vulcan Iron Works New Britain
Vulcan Radiator – Hartford
W. B. Brand Co. – Wethersfield
W. Carroll Co.
W. J. Barney Grop Charles Pfizer Co. – Groton
W. S. Rockwell – Fairfield
Wadsworth Antheneum – Hartford
Waldbaum’s – Milford
Walken Company – New Haven
Wallace & Sons – Arsonia
Wallace Barnes Company – Forestville
Wallingford Church – Wallingford
Wallingford Elementary School – Wallingford
Wallingford High School – Wallingford
Wallingford Hospital – Meriden
Wallingford Jr High School – Wallingford
Wallingford Manufacturing Company – Wallingford
Wallingford Police Station – Wallingford
Wallingford Post Office – Wallingford
Wallingford Powerhouse – Wallingford
Wallingford Steel Co. – Wallingford
Wamponoag Country Club – Bloomfield
Warehouse Point Boy’s School – Windsor Locks
Warnacco Inc. Bridgeport
Warner Brothers Company – Bridgeport
Warren Gottier Plumbing – Rockville
Warren Woolen Company – Stafford Springs
Washington Avenue School – Hamden
Washington Building – Stamford
Washington Elementary School – W. Haven
Water Co. Processing Plt – N. Branford
Water Filtration Plant – Hartford
Water Treatment – Lake Saltonstall – New Haven
Waterbury Bank – Waterbury
Waterbury Brass Co. – Waterbury
Waterbury Buckle Co. – Waterbury
Waterbury Button Shop – Waterbury
Waterbury Clock Company – Waterbury
Waterbury Courthouse – Waterbury
Waterbury Elderly Housing – Waterbury
Waterbury Elementary School – Waterbury
Waterbury Field Towers Apartments – Waterbury
Waterbury First Congregational Church – Waterbury
Waterbury Gas Light Co. – Waterbury
Waterbury High School – Waterbury
Waterbury Hospital – Waterbury
Waterbury Housing Project – Waterbury
Waterbury Library – Waterbury
Waterbury Lock – Milford
Waterbury Mill – Waterbury
Waterbury Municipal Refuse – Waterbury
Waterbury News – Waterbury
Waterbury Office Building – Waterbury
Waterbury Post Office – Waterbury
Waterbury Powerhouse – Waterbury
Waterbury Republican – Waterbury
Waterbury Rolling Mills – Waterbury
Waterbury Savings Bank – Waterbury
Waterbury Snet Co – Waterbury
Waterbury State Tech High School – Waterbury
Waterbury Times Building – Waterbury
Waterbury Town Hall – Waterbury
Waterbury Trade School – Waterbury
Waterbury Treatment Plant – Waterbury
Waterbury Water Line – Waterbury
Waterford Shopping Mall – Waterfront
Waterford Telephone
Waterford Telephone – Waterfront
Watertown Bank – Watertown
Watertown Elementary School – Watertown
Watertown High School – Watertown
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Wesleyan University Hartford
Wesleyan University Library – Middletown
Wesleyan University Middletown
Wesleyan University Old Power Plant – Middletown
Wesleyan University Science Center Middletown
Wesleyan University Science Lab – Middletown
Wesleyan University Skating Rink – Middletown
West End Plant – Bridgeport
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West Hartford Convalescent Home – W. Hartford
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West Haven Resource Control – W. Haven
West Haven School – W. Haven
West Haven Sewage – W. Haven
West Haven Town Hall – W. Haven
West Haven Union School – W. Haven
West Norwich Middle School – Norwich
West Rocks Junior High School – Norwalk
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West Walk-Edgewater Towers – W. Haven
Westbourne Parkway-Building – W. Hartford
Westbrook High School – Westbrook
Westbrook Police Barracks – Westbrook
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Westfield State Sanitarium – Westfield
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Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Connecticut Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Connecticut Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Connecticut Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses. 

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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