Electrical Products: Mesothelioma Lawsuits


Workers and laborers who used Electrical products that contained asbestos may have unknowingly breathed or ingested tiny asbestos particles that may be affecting their health. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it is airborne. People installing, removing or replacing asbestos containing products are most at risk of developing an asbestos disease in their lifetime. Asbestos fibers can be smaller than .03 microns which is hard to see without a microscope.

Thousands of asbestos-containing products and materials were used throughout all States. More than 20 million American workers have been exposed to asbestos with the heaviest usage in the U. S. was during 1930-1980. Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers can lay dormant in people for 10-50 years.

Electrical Products and Asbestos Exposure

Millions of Americans were exposed to toxic asbestos fibers and dust from more than 3,000 asbestos-containing products and materials. Many of these products still exist in in old buildings, residential homes, shopping centers, churches, industrial plants, factories, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, shipyards and manufacturing plants.

Asbestos dust is most dangerous when inhaled or ingested. During 1930-1980 many U. S. workers were daily exposed to toxic asbestos dust and fibers where they inhaled and ingested them without any protection in their workplace.

Patients diagnosed with Mesothelioma have complained that they were not given any warning, training or respiratory protective gear when handling, installing, loading, repairing, or removing asbestos-containing products when using them in many building trades.

Workers diagnosed with Mesothelioma from toxic exposure to asbestos containing electrical products and materials may be eligible for financial compensation with the help of an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer.

Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma

Asbestos manufacturers knew as far back as the early 1920’s that asbestos caused asbestosis and the first case of Malignant Mesothelioma was definitively linked to asbestos exposure in workers and laborers in 1964.

More than 600,000 asbestos and Mesothelioma cases have been brought against asbestos manufacturers and distributors, claiming the companies failed to protect workers and laborers from harmful asbestos contamination, and failed to warn workers about health risks.

The World health Organization reported that there have been 92,253 mesothelioma deaths (and counting) reported by 83 countries.

Mesothelioma cancer has 4 stages and rarely diagnosed in stages 1 and 2 because it looks like many other diseases like COPD, a chronic cough, the flu and pneumonia. If you have a history of work-related asbestos exposure you should be checked each year by a qualified doctor.

Electrical Products and Mesothelioma


A/C Electric Motors Electrical Insulation Materials
Aircraft Electronic Equipment Electrical Insulation Products
Aluminum Electrical Wiring Electrical Motors
Appliance Electrical Cords Electrical Outlets
Arc Welding Products Electrical Panel Components
Automobile Electrical Components Electrical Panel Lights
Building Electrical Systems Electrical Panel Partitions
Cable Covering Electrical Panels
Cement Pipes Conduits Electrical Plugs
Circuit Breakers Electrical Power Lights
Commercial Electrical Systems Electrical Power Systems
Copper Electrical Wires Electrical Products
Electric Appliances Electrical Receptacles
Electric Batteries Electrical Sheets
Electric Blankets Electrical Spools
Electric Boards Electrical Steam Generator
Electric Breakers Electrical Stuffing
Electric Cables Electrical Switch Rooms
Electric Circuits Electrical Switchboard Panels
Electric Clothes Dryers Electrical Switches
Electric Coils Electrical Systems
Electric Cord Sets Electrical Tapes
Electric Curling Irons Electrical Thermostat Wiring
Electric Fire Starters Electrical Transformers
Electric Frying Pans Electrical Units
Electric Furnaces Electrical Voltage
Electric Generators Electrical Wire Components
Electric Grills Electrical Wire Insulation
Electric Hair Dryers Electrical Wires
Electric Heaters Electrical Wires Cables
Electric Insulation Electrical Wiring
Electric Irons Electrical Wiring Devices
Electric Lamps Electrical Wiring Insulation
Electric Light Wires Electricity Sub Panels
Electric Mixers Electro-Mechanical Products
Electric Motor Armaturs Electronic Appliances
Electric Motors Electronic Devices
Electric Ovens Electronic Equipment Components
Electric Panel Circuit Breaker Electronic Equipment Radar Scanners
Electric Panels Electronic Liquid Level Systems
Electric Parts Electronic Products
Electric Products Fabric Covered Electrical Wires
Electric Range Tops Fixture Wire Covering
Electric Ranges Grounded Electrical Receptacles
Electric Skillets Heat Electrical Insulation
Electric Stoves Heater Element Wicks
Electric Switch Boxes Heater Wires
Electric Turbines Heaters Toasters
Electric Utilities Heating Plates
Electric Wire Insulation Heating Wire Insulation
Electric Wires Home Electrical Circuits
Electrica Connectors Home Receptacles
Electrical Appliances Hotplate Wiring
Electrical Breakers Insulation Heat Shields
Electrical Bus Bars Lighting Fixtures
Electrical Cable Motor Parts
Electrical Cables Old Electrical Systems
Electrical Circuit Breakers Old Electrical Wiring
Electrical Circuits Old House Electrical Wiring
Electrical Cloth Old Wiring Insulation
Electrical Cloth Tape Paper Insulated Electrical Wire
Electrical Component Units Plastic Conduit Electrical Wires
Electrical Components Portable Electric Heaters
Electrical Conductors Power Cords
Electrical Conduits Power Products
Electrical Contractors Railroad Electric Parts
Electrical Cord Insulation Receptacles Electrical Outlets
Electrical Cords Residential Electrical Panels
Electrical Ducts Residential Electrical Wiring
Electrical Equipment Solar Powered Electrical Systems
Electrical Fixtures Stove Tops Toasters
Electrical Friction Materials Theatre Wiring
Electrical Generators Thermostat Wiring
Electrical Ground Systems Tube Electrical Wiring
Electrical Grounding Systems Turbines Electricians
Electrical Heater Wires Vacuum Cords
Electrical Heating Pads Wind Turbine
Electrical Hot Water Heaters Wire Electrodes
Electrical Insulated Products Wire Insulation
Electrical Insulating Materials Wiring Insulation
Electrical Insulation Wrapped Coils

Electrical Workers and Asbestos Exposure


Aerospace Electrical Engineer Industrial Electrical System Worker
Aircraft Electrical Assembler Industrial Equipment Electrical Worker
Aircraft Electrical Checkout Mechanic Instrument Control Electrical Tech
Aircraft Electrical Component Worker Instrument Electrical Tech
Aircraft Electrical Diagnostic Mechanic Instrumentation Electrical Engineer
Aircraft Electrical Engineer Instrumentation Electrical Tech
Aircraft Electrical Equipment Tester Insulation Electrical Diagramers
Aircraft Electrical Inspector Insulation Electrical Wire Electrician
Aircraft Electrical Mechanic Insulation Electrical Wire Worker
Aircraft Electrical Power Engineer Insulator Electrical Engineer
Aircraft Electrical System Installer Iron Electrical Engineer
Aircraft Electrical System Tech Iron Worker Electrical Engineer
Aircraft Electrical System Worker Journeyman Electrical Inspection Tech
Aircraft Electrical Worker Journeyman Electrical Service Tech
Airline Electrical Engineer Journeyman Electrical Technical
Airplane Electrical Assembler Lay Out Electrical Wiring Worker
Airplane Electrical Mechanic Layout Electrical Circuitry Worker
Airplane Electrical System Worker Layout Electrical Wiring Worker
Airplane Electrical Worker Leader Electrical Mechanic
Analog Electrical Engineer Lift System Electrical
Armament Electrical System Worker Lift System Electrical Worker
Armament Electrical Worker Lighting Electrical Installer
Assist Electrical Engineer Lighting Electrical Tech
Assistant Electrical Estimator Lighting Electrical Worker
Auto Electrical Assembler Live Electrical Wire Worker
Auto Electrical Engineer Maintenance Electrical Tech
Auto Electrical Motor Worker Major Electrical Appliance Installer
Aviation Electrical Engineer Major Electrical Appliance Worker
Aviation Electrical Tech Manufacture Electrical Assembler
Aviation Electrical Worker Manufacturing Electrical Assembler
Avionics Electrical System Worker Mechanic Electrical Engineer
Avionics Electrical Tech Mechanical Electrical Assembler
Boat Electrical Person Mechanical Electrical Engineer
Boat Electrical Worker Mechanical Electrical Installer
Boat Yard Electrical Person Mechanical Electrical Part Installer
Boilermaker Electrical Engineer Mechanical Electrical Part Replacer
Boilerman Electrical Engineer Mechanical Electrical Part Worker
Boilermen Electrical Engineer Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Worker
Brotherhood Electrical Worker Mechanical Electrical Worker
Build Electrical Circuitry Worker Mechanical Plumbing Electrical Installer
Burn Electrical Engineer Mechanical Plumbing Electrical Worker
Car Electrical Assembler Mechanical Welding Electrical Service Tech
Carpentry Electrical Engineer Melectrical Worker
Carpentry Plumbing Electrical Worker Micro Electrical Worker
Check Electrical System Worker Motor Home Electrical Worker
Cloth Electrical Wire Insulation Worker Oil Well Electrical Wall Device Operator
Cloth Electrical Wires Insulation Worker Operation Electrical System Worker
Commercial Electrical Estimator Operational Electrical Machine Worker
Commercial Electrical Journeyman Overhead Electrical Transmission Line Worker
Commercial Electrical Service Tech Paperboard Electrical Equipment Engine Worker
Commercial Electrical Worker Petroleum Electrical Prospector
Commercial Equipment Electrical Worker Petroleum Electrical Worker
Commercial Retail Electrical Electrician Pipefitter Electrical Engineer
Conduit Electrical Wire Electrician Pipefitting Electrical Engineer
Conduit Electrical Wire Worker Plant Electrical Engineer
Connect Electrical System Worker Plumbing Door Electrical Handyman
Connect Electrical Wiring Worker Plumbing Electrical Engineer
Construction Electrical Installer Plumbing Electrical Installer
Construction Electrical Worker Plumbing Electrical Worker
Control Electrical Tech Power Electrical Lineman
Cooling Electrical Plumber Power System Electrical Engineer
Copper Electrical Wire Electrician Precision Electrical Assembly Inspector
Copper Electrical Wire Worker Production Electrical Dis Operator
Design Electrical Engineer Production Electrical Discharge Operator
Development Electrical Engineer Production Electrical Machine Operator
Developmental Electrical Machine Worker Propulsion Electrical Engineer
Diagnostic Video Lighting Electrical Tech Railroad Electrical Inspector
Domestic Electrical Installer Railroad Electrical Worker
Domestic Electrical Replacer Rd Electrical Engineer
Domestic Electrical Worker Redevelopment Electrical Engineer
Door Electrical Handyman Replace Electrical Part Worker
Drs Electrical Designer Residential Electrical Estimator
Drywaller Electrical Engineer Residential Electrical Service Tech
Electric Plant Electrical Engineer Retail Electrical Electrician
Electrical Appliance Installer Schooling Electrical Cable Installer
Electrical Appliance Worker Schooling Electrical Cable Worker
Electrical Designer Service Electrical Control System Installer
Electrical Discharge Machine Operator Service Electrical Control System Worker
Electrical Engineer Service Electrical Control Worker
Electrical Engineer Tech Sewage Electrical Worker
Electrical Equipment Adjuster Sewer Electrical Worker
Electrical Equipment Motor Worker Ship Electrical Person
Electrical Equipment Worker Ship Electrical Worker
Electrical Heating Unit Worker Ship Yard Electrical Person
Electrical Inspector Sr Electrical Engineer
Electrical Installer Sr Electrical Estimator
Electrical Load Tester Staff Electrical Designer
Electrical Malfunction Worker Station Electrical Engineer
Electrical Mechanic Station Electrical Motor Worker
Electrical Motor Worker Substation Electrical Engineer
Electrical Part Installer Substation Electrical Motor Worker
Electrical Part Replacer System Electrical Engineer
Electrical Part Worker Test Electrical Cable Worker
Electrical Wiring Inspector Test Electrical Circuit Worker
Electrical Worker Test Electrical Circuitry Worker
Electricals Engineer Test Electrical Component Worker
Electrician Electrical Electrician Test Electrical Equipment Worker
Electrician Electrical Mechanic Test Electrical Line Worker
electronic Electrical System Worker Test Electrical System Worker
Engine Home Electrical Worker Test Electrical Worker
Equipment Electrical Worker Testing Electrical Equipment Tester
Experimental Electrical Mechanic Thermal Electrical Insulation Installer
Fabrication Electrical Cable Worker Thermal Electrical Insulation Worker
Fabrication Electrical Wire Worker Trace Electrical Circuit Worker
Farm Electrical System Designer Transport Electrical Engineer
Fuel Electrical System Mechanic Transportation Electrical Engineer
Fuel Electrical System Tech Troubleshoot Electrical Circuitry Worker
Fuel Electrical System Worker Troubleshoot Electrical Malfunction Worker
Fuel Electrical Worker Troubleshooter Electrical Circuitry Worker
Gas Electrical Prospector Truck Electrical Assembler
Gas Electrical System Tech Trucking Electrical Assembler
Gas Electrical System Worker Turbine Electrical Engineer
Gas Electrical Worker Underground Electrical Worker
Gas Fueled Electrical System Operator Utilities Electrical Transmission Worker
Generate Electrical Power Worker Utility Electrical Transmission Worker
Generate Specified Electrical Power Vehicle Electrical Assembler
Geothermal Electrical Engineer Ventilation Electrical Equipment Installer
Hardware Electrical Engineer Ventilation Electrical Equipment Worker
Heat Electrical Equipment Installer Vessel Electrical Worker
Heat Electrical Equipment Worker Video Lighting Electrical Tech
Heating Electrical Equipment Installer Warehouse Electrical Engineer
Heating Electrical Equipment Worker Water Electrical Worker
Helicopter Electrical System Worker Watertight Electrical Equipment Worker
Home Electrical Worker Waxed Electrical Conductor
House Electrical Worker Welder Electrical Engineer
Housing Electrical Worker Welder Electrical Service Tech
HVAC Electrical Worker Welding Electrical Service Tech
HVAC Plumber Electrical Plumber Well Electrical Wall Device Operator
HVAC Plumbing Electrical Worker Wholesale Electrical Distribution Worker
Hydro Plant Electrical Engineer Wholesale Electrical Distributor
Hydroelec Plant Electrical Engineer Wind Farm Electrical System Designer
Hydroelectric Plant Electrical Engineer Wind Turbine Electrical Engineer
Improve Electrical Instrument Worker Wire Electrical Power Worker
Industrial Electrical General Worker Yard Electrical Person

List of Industrial Plant Workers Exposed to Asbestos


Adjusters Handlers Pressers
Applicators Hands Processors
Assemblers Helpers Programmers
Assembly Man Inserters Pullers
Assorters Inspector Regulators
Binders Inspectors Removers
Buffers Installers Repairers
Casters Instructors Repairman
Changers Investigators Researchers
Cleaners Laborers Rewinders
Coaters Lay Out Sawyers
Collectors Layers Servicers
Coordinators Liners Set Ups
Coverers Loaders Setters
Crushers Locators Sorters
Cutters Maintainers Specialists
Designers Maintenance man Sprayers
Developers Mappers Stackers
Disassemblers Markers Stampers
Diggers Mechanics Strippers
Dismantlers Mixers Superintendents
Dispatchers Modifiers Supervisors
Drawers Monitors Surveyors
Drillers Mounters Technicians
Drivers Movers Techs
Dumpers Observers Tenders
Estimators Offbearers Testers
Examiners Operators Throubleshooters
Feeders Overhaulers Trimmers
Filers Packagers Turners
Fillers Packers Unloaders
Finishers Patternmakers Washers
Fitters Pilers Weavers
Fixers Planners Weighers
Folders Platers Winders
Foreman Polishers Workers
Graders Pourers Wrappers
Grinders Preppers Installation Workers

 Inside Office Workers and Mesothelioma


Industrial workers were not only exposed to asbestos working at outside job sites, plants and factories they were also exposed inside of company offices. Asbestos was used throughout office buildings pre 1980 in pipes, insulation, drywall, paints, wiring, floors, tiles, wallboards, cements, glues, adhesives along with 3,000 other products used on a daily basis. If you have a history of work-related asbestos exposure you should be checked each year by a qualified doctor. Office workers exposed to asbestos includes; 

Accountants Coordinators
Administrators Data Entry Workers
Administrative Aides Directors
Agents Executives
Aides Financial Managers
Analysts Human Resource Workers
Assistants Inventory Workers
Associates Managers
Attendants Office Workers
Auditors Operation Managers
Billing & Posting Workers Planners
Board Members Presidents
Book & Record Keeping Public Relation Workers
Buyers Purchasing Agents
Chief Executive Officers Representatives
Clerks Salesman
Collectors Secretary – Secretaries
Computer Workers Timekeepers
Consultants Vice Presidents

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List of Industrial Plant Work & Labor Duties

Adjust Fold Prep
Apply Grade Press
Assemble Grind Process
Assort Handle Program
Bind Help Pull
Buff Insert Regulate
Cast Inspect Remove
Change Install Repair
Clean Instruct Research
Coat Investigate Rewind
Collect Labor Saw
Coordinate Lay Out Service
Coverer Line Set
Crush Load Set Up
Cut Locate Sort
Design Maintain Spray
Develop Map Stack
Disassemble Mark Stamp
Dig Mix Strip
Dismantle Modify Supervise
Dispatch Monitor Survey
Draw Mount Tend
Drill Move Test
Drive Observe Troubleshoot
Dump Operate Trim
Estimate Overhaul Turn
Examine Pack Unload
Feed Package Wash
File Pile Weave
Fill Plan Weigh
Finish Plate Wind
Fit Polish Work
Fix Pourers Wrap

Military Veterans and Asbestos Exposure


Veterans Mesothelioma LawyersMilitary Veterans have a 1 in 3 chance of developing an asbestos related disease in their lifetime. Veterans and laborers have the right to bring lawsuits against negligent asbestos companies for exposing them to toxic asbestos-containing products and materials.

There are 21.5 million current living Veterans according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who served between 1940 and 1970 have the greatest risk of developing Mesothelioma or an asbestos-related cancer. Navy Veterans who served during World War II and the Korean War have the highest incidence of Asbestos-related diseases.

The U.S. Military used thousands of asbestos-containing products in their ships between the 1920-late 1970’s. 14 in every 1,000 WW II shipyard workers died of an asbestos-related disease compared to 18 in every 1,000 combat related deaths.

  • Mesothelioma primarily occurs in Veterans between the ages of 55-75.
  • Asbestos was listed as the top contaminant at 32 U.S. Army base closures during the 1990s.
  • A recent study showed that as many as 30-40% of Mesothelioma victims is U. S. Veterans.

Evidence Required to File for an Asbestos claim may Include:

  • Diagnosis– Medical documentation (pathology reports).
  • Physician Statement– From a qualified physician regarding Mesothelioma diagnosis.
  • Exposure Evidence– Product information, witness affidavits, employment records, invoices.

Asbestos Cover up – Quotes from Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Our Mesothelioma Patient Advocates can answer questions about trust funds, treatments, settlements and other types of mesothelioma compensation.

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Evidence Required to File for an Asbestos claim may Include:

  • Diagnosis– Medical documentation (pathology reports).
  • Physician Statement– From a qualified physician regarding Mesothelioma diagnosis.
  • Exposure Evidence– Product information, witness affidavits, employment records, invoices.

Recent Mesothelioma Verdicts and Settlements

A Mesothelioma claim is a lawsuit filed on behalf of a victim or surviving family members as a result of hazardous exposure to asbestos.

  • $4.6 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Union Insulator that developed malignant Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure.
  • $10.2 Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Paper Mill worker suffering from pleural Mesothelioma.
  • $4.9 Million Settlement: For a man diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure in workplace.
  • $3.9 Million Settlement: For an Engineer exposed to asbestos on Wyoming jobsites.
  • $2.9 Million Settlement: For an Engineer and Shipyard worker exposed to asbestos in Shipyards.
  • $1.2 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a 76-year-old Carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma.
  • $1.1 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy Veteran Machinist that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 71.
  • $245,000 Asbestosis Settlement: For a Paper Mill worker suffering from Asbestosis.
  • $2.5 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Union Pipefitter man who died from malignant Mesothelioma.
  • $2.6 Million Shipyard Worker Mesothelioma Settlement: For a 72-year old Shipyard worker with Mesothelioma who suffered second hand exposure.
  • $1.8 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 68.
  • $7.5 Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a woman that developed peritoneal Mesothelioma from laundering her husband’s work clothes.

Malignant Mesothelioma has been linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Median Survival Rate for Mesothelioma Patients by Stage

Mesothelioma Symptoms Include:

  • Chest Pain
  • Chronic Cough
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Dyspnea
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Fluid Build-up in Lungs
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Heart Murmurs
  • Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Nausea
  • Night Sweats
  • Orthopnea (Dyspnea When Lying Down)
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Thickening of Pericardial Layers

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

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Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years. Some states have 6 year Statute of Limitations.

Electrical Products and Mesothelioma Damages


Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Asbestos Trust Funds
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Lawyers: Electrical Products

Mesothelioma Lawyer Phone NumberIf you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

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Asbestos Exposure: Electrical Products: Mesothelioma Lawyers

Electrical Companies and Mesothelioma Lawsuits


A. O. Smith Electrical Company
A.M. Water Works & Electric Co.
A-B Electrical Supply Company
Abbett Electric Corporation
Abilene Gas & Electric Company
Ace Plumbing & Electrical Supplies, Inc.
Adirondock Electric Power Corporation
Adrian Electric Light & Power Co.
Aep Southwestern Electric Power Co.
Aiken Railway Electric
Akron Electric Company
Alabama Electric Cooperative Inc. – Mcwilliams Plant
Alabama Electrical Corp.
Alameda & Piedmont Electric Railway
Alameda Oakland & Piedmont Electric Railway
Albany Electric & Illuminating Company
Albion Electric Light Company
Albuquerque Gas & Electric Company
Alemite Die Casting & Manufacturing Div.
Alexandria Electric Light Dept
Alexandria Electric Light Dept.
Algodones Power Plant
Allegheny City Electric Light Co.
Allegheny Industrial Electric Co.
Alliance Municipal Electric System – Alliance, NE
Allied Electric
Alton Gas & Electric Co., Alton IL
Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway
Am Gas Electric Company
Ambridge General Electric – Locomotive Plant
Amelco Electric – San Francisco, CA
American Electric & Power Company
American Electric Power – Belmont, Wv
American Electric Power – Cardinal Power Plant
American Electric Power – New Haven, WV
American Electric Power – St. Albans, WV
American Electric Powerhouse
American Electrical Cable
American Electrical Power – Steubenville, Oh
American Electrical Works
American Gas & Electric Co.
American River Electric Co.
American Water Works & Electric Co., Alton, IL
Anapra Power House
Anderson Electric Company
Anniston Electric & Gas Company
Appalachian Electric – Glasgow, WV
Appalachian Electric Power – Boone, NC
Appalachian Electric Power – Clinch River Plant
Appalachian Electric Power – Kammer Plant
Appleton Electric Company
Aristan Ice & Electric Company
Arizona Electric Power Co-Op
Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. – Ozark, AR
Arkansas Electrical Co-Op
Armour Electric Light & Power Co.
Aroostook Valley Electric Company
Arrow Electric Company
Arrowhart & Hegeman Electric
Arrow-Hart & Hegeman Electric Co.
Arthur M. Williams Station
Asco Services, Inc.
Ashville Electric Company, Inc.
Associated Electric – Navco Inc.
Associated Electric Cooperative – Thomas Hill Plant
Associated Electric Navco
Associated Electric, Inc.
Associated Electrical Industries Limited
Astoria Electric Company
Athens Railway & Electric Company
Athol Gas & Electric Company
Atlantic City Electric Co – Atlantic City, NJ
Atlantic City Electric Co. – Beesley Point Power Station
Atlantic City Electric Co. – Deepwater Station, NJ
Atlantic City Electric Co. – Greenwich Station
Atlantic City Electric Co. – Ocean City, NJ
Atlantic City Electric Co. – Penns Grove NJ
Atlantic City Electric Co. – Pleasantville, NJ
Atlantic City Gas & Electric
Atlantic City, NJ Electric Company
Atlantic Coast Electric Light Company
Atlantic Coast Electric Railway Co.
Atlantic Electric Co.
Atlantic Electric Motor
Atlas Electric Supply Company, Inc.
Atomic Electric Plant
Attleboro Steam & Electric Company
Augusta & Aiken Railway & Electric Co.
Aurora Steam Electric Plant – Aurora, MN
Austin Electric Department – Austin, TX
Austin Electric Railway Company
Austin Electric Utilities
Automatic Electric Co.
Automatic Electric Electronics Plant
B.F. Barbour Plumbing & Electric Co.
Babylon Electric Light Company
Bacliff Steam Electric Station
Balcom Electric
Baldor Electric Co.
Ball Electric – Belpre, OH
Ballard Electric Company
Baltimore Electric Power Company
Baltimore Electric Refining Company
Baltimore Gas & Electric – Nuclear Power Plant
Baltimore Gas & Electric – Riverside Power Plant
Bangor Hydro Electric Company
Bangor Hydro Electric Station
Barden Electric & Machine Co.
Basco Electric
Basic Electric Power Corp.
Basin Electric Cooperative
Basin Electric Power Cooperative – W. J. Neal
Baton Rouge Electric Company
Bay City Traction & Electric Company
Bay Gas & Electric Light
Beacon Electric Light Company
Bear Swamp Hydroelectric Plant
Beaumont Electric Light & Power Company
Bell Labs, Western Electric Company
Bellaire Gas & Electric Company
Bellefonte Electric Co.
Beloit Water Gas & Electric Co.
Bemidji Electric Manufacturing Company
Benfleet Electrical Company Limited
Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Co.
Betz Electric Co., Inc.
Beverly Gas & Electric Company
BF Barbour Plumbing & Electric
Bf Sturtevant
Big River Electric Corporation
Big Rivers Electric – D.B. Wilson Station
Big Rivers Electric – Hawesville, KY
Big Rivers Electric – Sebree Station
Big Rivers Electric Corporation
Birmingham Electric Company
Blackstone Valley Gas & Electric Company
Blakely Borough Municpal Electric Plant
Bliss Electric School
Block Plant Electric Light Company
Bloomington & Normal Railway, Electric & Heat Co.
Bluff City Electric Street Railway Co.
Bodine Electric Company
Boggs Industry Electric
Booths Auto & Electric
Boston Electric Light Company
Boston Worcester Electric Company
Braddock & Turtle Creek Electric Railway
Bradenton Steam Electric Station
Bradley Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.
Braintree Electric Light Dept.
Brand Insulation Ind. & Mich Electric – Bridgman, MI
Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Brazos River Transmission Electric
Breed Battery & Electric Service – Parkersburg, WV
Bremerton Electric Company
Breuer Electric Company
Bridgeport Electric Light Company
Bridgeton Electric Company
Bristol Gas & Electric Company
Brunswick Electric Light & Power Co.
Brush Electric Light & Power Company
Brush Electric Light Co.
Brush Electrical Machimes Limited
Bryan Municipal Electric System
Bryant Electric Company, Inc.
Buck County Electric Railway Co.
Buckeye Electric Company
Bucyrus Gas & Electric Company
Buffalo Electric Chemical
Buffalo Electric Power Plant – Buffalo
Buffalo General Electric – Company
Buffalo Niagara Electric Co.
Buffalo Northwest Electric Company
Bulldog Electric
Bullock Electric Manufacturing Co.
Burns Electric – Kermit
Burns Electric – Odessa
Burrs Electrical Co
Butte General Electric – Company
Cairo Electric & Gas Administration
Cajun Electric Power Coop. Inc
California Electric & Generating Co.
California Electric Power – Daggett, CA
California Electric Power – Highgrove, CA
California Electric Power – Yuma Axis Steam Plant
California Electric Supply Co.
California Gas & Electric Co.
Calistoga Electric Light & Power Co.
Calvert Ice, Water & Electric Light Company
Cambridge Electric Light Co. – Cambridge, MA
Cambridge Gas & Electric Company
Camden, Gloucester & Woodbury Electric Railroad Co.
Canal Electric Co. – Sandwich, MA
Canal Electric Powerhouse
Cane Run Station
Cannon Electric
Canton Electric Light & Power Co.
Canton Gas & Electric Company
Cape & Vineyard Electric
Carlisle Electrical
Carlson Electric Company
Caroline Electric & Gas Co.
Carroll Electric Company
Caruthersville & Kennett Electric Light & Power Co.
Cbs Corporation
Ced Economy Electric Supply
Cedar Bayou Steam Electric Station
Cedar Steam Electric Station
Cenral Missouri Electric
Cent Electric Power Coop Mo
Central Arizona Street Electric Station
Central Electric Power Coop.
Central Electric Power Cooperative
Central Electricity Generating Board
Central Hudson Gas & Electric – Rome, NY
Central Illinois Electric & Gas Co.
Central Louisiana Co-Op Electric
Central Louisiana Electric Co.
Central Louisiana Electric Plant
Central Maine Power & New York State Gas & Electric
Central Massachusetts Electric Company
Central Missouri Electric
Central New York Gas & Electric Company
Central Wholesale Electrical Distributors, Inc.
Centralia Steam Electric Power Plant
Century Electric Company
Century Electric Llc
Challenger Electrical Equipment Corp.
Chamois Power Plant
Champagne Electric, Inc.
Chanute Electric Dept.
Chanute Electric Plant
Charleston Consolidated Railway, Gas & Electric Co.
Charlevoix Electric Light & Water Works
Chattanooga Electric Company
Cheeks Electric, Inc.
Chelsea Municipal Electric Light & Water Works
Cherion & Radnor Gas & Electric Co.
Cherokee Steam Electric Station
Chesaning Municipal Electric Light & Water Works
Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Co.
Chicago District Electric Generating Corporation
Chippewa Electric Railroad
Chippewa Valley Electric Railroad Co.
Chugach Electric – Gas Turbine
Cia Colombiana De Electricidad
Cincinnati & Eastern Electric Railway
Cincinnati & Hamilton Electric Street Railway Co.
Cincinnati Edison Electric Company
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Beckjord Station
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Compressor Bldg.
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Miami Fort Station
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Rose Plant
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Monroe, OH
Citizens Electric Company
Citizens Electric Illuminating Co.
Citizens Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.
Citizens Electric Railway Light & Power
Citizens Gas & Electric Company
City Electric Co. – Beasleys Point, NJ
City Electric Co. – Deepwater Station
City Electric Co. – Penns Grove, NJ
City Electric Co. – Pleasantville, NJ
City Electric Company
City Electric Light & W.W.
City Electric Railway Company
City Electric Service
City Gas & Electric
City Municipal Electric Works
Clarksburg Electric Light Company
Cleveland & Elyria Electric Railway Co.
Cleveland & Painesville Electric Railroad Co.
Cleveland Electric Illuminating – East Lake Station
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Cleveland Electric Light Company
Cleveland Electric Railway Company
Cleveland Elyria Electric Railway Co.
Cleveland General Electric
Clinton Electric Light & Power
Clinton Gas Electric Company
Clinton Mills Power Electric Company
Clinton Municipal Electric Light Plant
Coast Electric Light
Coast Electric Railroad
Coastal Electric Supply Company, Inc.
Cochise Powerhouse Arizona Electric Power Co-Op
Cochise Powerhouse Electric Power Coop
Coffeyville Coop Electric
Colfax Corporation
Collin County Steam Electric Station
Collin Steam Electric Station
Collinsville Electric Company
Colorado Springs Electric Company
Colorado-Ute Electric Association, Inc.
Columbia Gas & Electric – Cincinnati, OH
Columbia Railroad Gas & Electric
Columbua & Southern Ohio Electric Co.
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric – Conesville Station
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric – Picway Station
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric – Poston Station
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Company
Columbus Delaware & Marion Electric Company
Columbus Electric Light & Power Company
Columbus Electric Street Railway Company
Columbus Southern Electric Company
Columbus, Municipal Electric Plant
Commercial Electrical – Huntington, WV
Commonwealth Electric – New Bedford, MA
Company Operative Electric Company
Concord Electric Company
Concordia Electric Light Company
Conemaugh Steam Electric Station
Conneaut Electric Light Company
Consol Electric Light & Power
Consolidated Diesel Electric Company
Consolidated Electric Light & Power
Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc.
Consolidated Gas Electric Light & Power – Baltimore
Consumers Heat & Electric Light Co.
Continental Gas & Electric Company
Cook Nuclear Plant – Bridgman, MI
Cook Nuclear Plant Bridgman Mi
Cooperative Electric Co.
Corcoran Brown Lamp – Div Electric Auto Lite
Cornell Dubilier Electric Corp
Cornell Hydro Electric Company
Cornell-Dubilier Electric Corporation
Corning Gas & Electric Company
Corry Deavitt Frost Electric Company
Corsicana Gas & Electric Company
Cosmopolitan Electric Company
Covington Electric Light Company
CP&L Electric Plant – Victoria
Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power
Crescent Electric Supply Company
Cuban Electric Company
Cumberland Electric Light & Power Co.
Curtis Electric Manufacturing Company
Custer Electric Light, Heat & Power Company
CY Gas & Electric
Dalhart Electric & Ice Company
Dallas Electric Light & Power Company
Dallas Steam Electric Station
Danbury & Bethel Gas & Electric Light Co.
Danbury Bethel Gas Electric Light Company
Danville Railway & Electric Company
Danville VA Electric Light Department
Dayton & Electric Co.
Dayton & Troy Electric Company
Dayton Citizens Electric Co.
Dayton Electric Light Company
Dayton Power & Light Co.
Dayton Springfield & Urbana Electric Street Railway Co.
De Kalb Electric Company
Dean Electric Company
Decatur Gas & Electric Company
Decatur Traction & Electric Company
Dee Electric Division
Deerr Electric Company
Dekalb Sycamore & Electric Co.
Deland Electric Light Power & Ice Company
Delaware County & Philadelphia Electric Railway Co.
Delaware County Electric Co.
Delphi Packard Electric System
Delphos Electric Light & Power Company
Delta Electric Co.
Deming Ice & Electric Company
Demon Electric Warehouse
Denver Consolidated Electric Light Company
Denver Gas & Electric Company
Department of Electric & Water Utilities
Department of Electric Water Utilities
Dept of Electric & Water Utilities – Kennedy Generating Station
Dept of Electric Water Utilities
Derby Gas & Electric Company
Detroit Electric Refrigeration Corp.
Domb Lighting & Electrical Supply Company
Dominion Electric – Mansfield, OH
Dothan Electric Light & Water Works
Dover Electric Light & Power
Dover Gas & Electric Company
Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant
Dubois Electric & Traction Co.
Duke Electric Co.
Duncan Electric Manufacturing Company
Duquesne Electric & Manufacturing
E C Ernest Electric Company – Winfield, WV
E. Wight Electrical Limited
E.L. Wiegand Plant – Emerson Electric
East Chester Electric Company
East Coast Electric Light & Power & Ice
East Electric Coop Winchester Ky
East End Electric Light Co.
East Kentucky Electric Coop – Winchester, KY
East Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative
East Pennsylvania Electric Co.
East River Electric Company
East Rural Electric Cooperative
Eastern Electricity Plc
Eastern Texas Electric Company
Eastern Wisconsin Electric Co.
Easton Gas & Electric Co.
Eaton Electrical, Inc.
Ebony Electric Boards
Economy Steam Heating & Electric Co.
Eddystone Station Power Plant
Edison Electric Appliance Co., Inc.
Edison Electric Illuminating Company
Edison Electric Installation
Edison Electric Lamp Company
Edison Electric Light & Power Co.
Edison Electric Light Company
Edison Electric of Brooklyn
Edison General Electric – Company
Edison Lamp Works of General Electric
Edison Sault Electric Company
Edward Graham Power Station
Egs Electrical Group, Llc
Egyptian Electricity Authority
El Paso Electric – Anapra, NM
El Paso Electric – Rio Grande Power – Sunland, NN
El Paso Electric Co. – El Paso, TX
El Paso Electric Company- Rio Grande Plant
El Paso Electric Railway Company
El Paso Electrical Power Plant
Electric & Engineering Companies
Electric & Gas – Burlington, NJ
Electric & Gas – Canadys Station
Electric & Gas – Deepwater, NJ
Electric & Gas – Duck Island, NJ
Electric & Gas – Essex, NJ
Electric & Gas – Generating Station
Electric & Gas – Kearny, NJ
Electric & Gas – Linden, NJ
Electric & Gas – Lwr Alloways Creek, NJ
Electric & Gas – Mckeekin Station
Electric & Gas – Mercer, NJ
Electric & Gas – Plant
Electric & Gas – Ridgefield, NJ
Electric & Gas – Salem, NJ
Electric & Gas – Sewaren, NJ
Electric & Gas – Urquhart Station
Electric & Gas Companies
Electric & Illuminating Companies
Electric & Power Companies
Electric & Water Companies
Electric Auto-Lite Co.
Electric Autolite Co. – Willys Overland Co.
Electric Auto-Lite Company
Electric Autolite Plant
Electric Boat Corporation
Electric Boat Division – Quincy, MA
Electric Boat Shipyard
Electric Boatcorp.
Electric Co. – Cambridge, MA
Electric Co. – Schenectdaty, NY
Electric Co. – Solon, OH
Electric Co. – Waterford, NY
Electric Collin Power Plant
Electric Company of America, Land Title
Electric Cooperative – Ozark, AR
Electric Cooperative-Bob Poage Plant
Electric Development & Securities Co.
Electric Energy Corporation
Electric Energy Inc.
Electric Equipment & Supply Company
Electric Fort Dodge Station
Electric Furnace Co. – Salem, OH
Electric Furnace Company
Electric Gas Companies
Electric Gas Duck Township
Electric Gas Plant
Electric Gas Township
Electric General – A&E Conesville Plant
Electric Generating – Segco Power Plant
Electric Generating Companies
Electric Generating Power Plant
Electric Generating Segco Power Plant
Electric Generating Station
Electric Hose & Rubber Company
Electric Ikec Power Plant
Electric Improvement Co.
Electric Jones Island Job. WI
Electric Kanawha River Plant – Glasgow, WV
Electric Lamp Companies
Electric Launch Company
Electric Light & Power Companies
Electric Light & Power Plant
Electric Light Companies
Electric Light Gas Companies
Electric Light Heat & Power Companies
Electric Light Plant
Electric Light Power Companies
Electric Light Water Works
Electric Lighting Company of Mobile
Electric Lighting Plant
Electric Machine Corporation
Electric Machine Power
Electric Madrid Powerhouse
Electric Manufacturing Companies
Electric Materials Company
Electric Metallurgical Company
Electric Metallurgical Products Div
Electric Motor Companies
Electric Navco
Electric Paso Mining Company
Electric Pge Coal Fired Power Plant
Electric Phosphate Company
Electric Plant Department – Troy, OH
Electric Plant Saratoga Springs Ny
Electric Plant Schenectdaty Ny
Electric Power Co. – Boone, NC
Electric Power Co. – Daggett, CA
Electric Power Co. – Highgrove, CA
Electric Power Co. – Knox Lee Plant Longview, TX
Electric Power Co. – Lakeside Power Co. Plant St Francis, WI
Electric Power Co. – Water Nuclear Plant – Palo, ID
Electric Power Co. – Wilkes Power Co. Plant Lassater, TX
Electric Power Cooperative
Electric Power Irvington Station
Electric Power Kanawha River Plant
Electric Power Plant – Apollo Beach, Fl
Electric Power Plant – Arlington, TX
Electric Power Plant – Cason, TX
Electric Power Plant – City of Monroe
Electric Power Plant – Frisco, TX
Electric Power Plant – Hollywood, CA
Electric Power Plant – Lone Star, TX
Electric Power Plant – Swepco Welsh Power Plant
Electric Power Plant City of Monroe
Electric Power Plant Electrical Power Plant
Electric Power Plant of Monroe
Electric Power Plant, L.E. Stevens Co.
Electric Power Stations
Electric Power Water Nuclear Plant
Electric Powerhouse
Electric Railroad Companies
Electric Railway & Light
Electric Railway Companies
Electric Railway Development Companies
Electric Railway Light Companies
Electric Railway Light Power Companies
Electric Railway Power
Electric Research – Lab Falls, NY
Electric Research & Development – Pittsfield, MA
Electric Research Development
Electric Research Laboratory
Electric Rubber & Hose
Electric Rubber Reclaiming Company
Electric Rush Island Powerhouse
Electric Service Co. Riley Stoker Monahams
Electric Service Eagle Lake
Electric Service Handley
Electric Service R P Bates Colorado City
Electric Shovel Coal Corporation
Electric State Street
Electric Steam Plant
Electric Steel Casing Plant
Electric Steel Casting Plant
Electric Steel Foundry Company
Electric Storage Battery – Cleveland, OH
Electric Street Railway
Electric Sub Station
Electric Supply Companies
Electric Telephone Co. Muskegon, MI
Electric Top Station
Electric Town Power Plant
Electric Traction Company
Electric Transrailway Gas
Electric Trine Plant
Electric Turbine Co. Chandler, AZ
Electric Utilities Companies
Electric Utilities Corp.
Electric Water Utilities
Electric Wheel Company
Electrical Companies
Electrical Contractors
Electrical Equipment Company – Leicester Ltd
Electrical Installation Company
Electrical Insulation Companies
Electrical Manufacturing Companies
Electrical Motor Companies
Electrical Power Companies
Electrical Power Plant
Electrical Supply Companies
Electrical Testing Laboratories, Inc
Electrician Companies
Electrician Local 32
Electrician Local 575 – Portsmouth, OH
Electrician Otis Elevator
Electrician Union – Local 32
Electrician Union – Local 98- I.B.E.W.
Electricity Services Limited
Electricl Power Station
Electrictrane Air Conditioner Plant
Elwood Electric Light Company
Elyria & Oberlin Electric Railway Co.
Elyria Gas & Electric Company
Emerson Electric Company
Emerson Electric Company & Asco Valve
Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company
Emerson Electric Worker
Empire District Electric Company
Empire Gas & Electric Company
Energy East Corporation
English Electric Company, Limited
Enid Electric & Gas Company
Ensign Electric – Wheeling, WV
Equitable Gas & Electric of Utica
Erie County Electric Company
Essex County Electric Company
Eugene Water & Electric
Evanston Electric Illuminating Co.
Evansville Electric Railway
Evansville Gas & Electric Light
Everett Railway & Electric Company
Excelsion Electric Company
Excelsior Electric Company
Exterior Door With Built-In Electric Dog Door
F & J Electric Co.
F. S. Electric & Gas Co. – Bergen Gen. Station
F. S. Electric & Gas Company
Fairbanks Morse Electrical Manufacturing Co.
Fall River Electric Light Company
Falls Power & Electric
Farmers Electric
Farmers Electric Coop
Farmville Electric Light Plant
Federal Electric – Milpitas, CA
Federal Electric Co.
Federated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Firestone Electric Wheel
Fish Electric, Inc.
Fisk Electric Company, Inc.
Fitchburg Foundry Division – Gas & Electric Co.
Fitchburg Gas & Electric Co.
Flagstaff Electric Light Company
Florence Electric Street Railway Co.
Ford Rouge Steel Division, Electric Furnace
Forest Grove Steam Electric Station, Unit 1
Forks Gas & Electric
Forsyth Electric Light & Power Company Plant
Fort Wayne Electric Works
Fostoria Electric Light & Power Company
Four Corners Steam Electric – New Fruitland, NN
Four Corners Steam Electric Generating Plant
Fox River Electric Railway & Power Co.
Franklin Electric Company
Franklin Electric Illuminating Company
Freeport Gas & Electric Company
Fremont Gas & Electric Light Company
Fresno Gas & Electric Light Company
Frischhertz Electric Company, Inc.
Frost Electric
Fulton County Gas & Electric Company
Fulton Gas & Electric
Furnsa Electric Company
G.E.Wallis & Sons – Electrical Limited
Galveston Electric Company
Galveston-Houston Electric Railway Co.
Gantt Steam Power Plant
Garland Electric Department
Garland Municipal Electric System
Gas & Electric – Carlsbad, CA
Gas & Electric – Harrah, OK
Gas & Electric – Hollis Emeryville, CA
Gas & Electric – Ithaca, NY
Gas & Electric – Kern Plant
Gas & Electric – Konawa, OK
Gas & Electric – Nuclear Power Plant
Gas & Electric – Oneonta, NY
Gas & Electric – Ponca City, OK
Gas & Electric – Rome, NY
Gas & Electric – Sulphur, OK
Gas & Electric Company – Bergen County
Gas & Electric Encino Generating Plant
Gas & Electric Gas Load Center
Gas & Electric Light
Gas & Electric Mustang Station Council Ok
Gas & Electric PG & E Substation
Gas & Electric Pittsburg Steam Plant
Gas & Electric Power Companies
Gas & Electric Powerhouse
Gas & Electric Riverbank Station – Muskogee, OK
Gas & Electric Service Center
Gas & Electric Service Center – Concord, CA
Gas & Electric South Bay Power Plant
Gas & Electric Steam Plant Morro Bay Ca
Gas Electric Company
Gas Electric Department
Gas Electric Gas Load Center
Gas Electric Generating Plant
Gas Electric Heating Companies
Gas Electric Light & Power Companies
Gas Electric Light Companies
Gas Electric Light Heat Power
Gas Electric Light Power Companies
Gas Electric Light St Railway
Gas Electric Powerhouse
Gas Electric Service Center
Gas Electric Station
Gas Electric Steam Plant
Gas Electric Substation
General Dynamic Electric Boat Co.
General Dynamics – Electric Boat Div. Quincy, MA
General Dynamics Corp. – Electric Boat
General Dynamics Electric Boat Company
General Dynamics- Electric Boatcorp
General Electric – Albany, NY
General Electric – Allentown, PA
General Electric – Appliance Park
General Electric – Appliance Plant
General Electric – Bleeker Street
General Electric – Bridgeport, CT
General Electric – Bridgeville, PA
General Electric – Broad Street
General Electric – Burlington, VT
General Electric – Cambridge, MA
General Electric – Carballoy
General Electric – Chandler, Az
General Electric – Cincinnati, OH
General Electric – Circleville Lamp Plant
General Electric – Cleveland, OH
General Electric – Columbus, OH
General Electric – Conneaut, OH
General Electric – Control Plant
General Electric – Coshocton, OH
General Electric – Dallas, TX
General Electric – Distributor
General Electric – East Stroudsburg, PA
General Electric – Edison Lamp Works
General Electric – Electronics Park
General Electric – Elmira Foundry
General Electric – Erie Plant
General Electric – Erie, PA
General Electric – Evendale, OH
General Electric – Everett, MA
General Electric – Farmingdale, NY
General Electric – Fort Edward Ny
General Electric – Fort Wayne, IN
General Electric – French Road
General Electric – Hendersonville Nc
General Electric – Houston, TX
General Electric – Hudson, NY
General Electric – Industrial Systems
General Electric – Jackson
General Electric – Jones Island Job – Milwaukee. WI
General Electric – Kentucky Power Station #2
General Electric – Kittanning, PA
General Electric – Lamp Works
General Electric – Logan, OH
General Electric – Louisville, KY
General Electric – Lynn, MA
General Electric – Manufacturing Plant
General Electric – Metallurgical Products Dept.
General Electric – Motors Plant
General Electric – Mount Vernon
General Electric – Muskegon, MI
General Electric – Nela Park
General Electric – New Concord
General Electric – New Kensington, PA
General Electric – New York Ny
General Electric – Newark, NJ
General Electric – Newburgh Heights, OH
General Electric – Niagara Falls, NY
General Electric – Niles, OH
General Electric – North Omaha Power Station – Unit #4
General Electric – Nuclear Division
General Electric – Oakland, Ca
General Electric – Owensboro, KY
General Electric – Parkerburg, WV
General Electric – Peebles, OH
General Electric – PGE Coal Fired Power Plant
General Electric – Phoenix, Az
General Electric – Power Company
General Electric – Power Plants
General Electric – Princeton, IN
General Electric – Proving Grounds Test Site
General Electric – Reading, OH
General Electric – Realty Corporation
General Electric – Research & Development – Pittsfield, MA
General Electric – Research Laboratory
General Electric – Richland
General Electric – River Works
General Electric – Riverside Station
General Electric – Rome, GA
General Electric – Roseton, NY
General Electric – San Jose, CA
General Electric – Saratoga Springs, NY
General Electric – Schenectdaty, NY
General Electric – Sebree, KY
General Electric – Shelbyville, IN
General Electric – Specialty Control Plant
General Electric – State Street
General Electric – Summersworth, NH
General Electric – Syracuse, NY
General Electric – Test Site – Adams County, OH
General Electric – Transportation Systems Locomotive Plant
General Electric – Trenton, NJ
General Electric – Trine Plant – Tyler, TX
General Electric – Turbine Co.
General Electric – United States Naval Station
General Electric – Utica, NY
General Electric – Warrick, IN
General Electric – Washington, WV
General Electric – Waterford, NY
General Electric – Wilmington, NC
General Electric – Youngstown, OH
General Electric – Niles, OH
General Electrictrane Air Conditioner Plant
Geneva-Seneca Electric Company
Georgia Electric Light Company
Georgia Hydro-Electric Company
Georgia Railway & Electric Company
Gibbs & Hill – Atlantic City Electric Co. – Deepwater, NJ
Gilbert Electric Supply Company
Gladstone Electric Light & Power Co.
Gloucester Electric Company
Golden Electric Power Plant
Golden Valley Electric Association
Golden Valley Electric Power Plant
Gorrell Electric – Parkersburg, WV
Gould Electronics, Inc.
Grace Electrical Company
Grand Canyon Electric Light & Power Co.
Grand Forks Gas & Electric Company
Grand Rapids Electric Light & Power Co.
Gray Electric Company
Graybar Electric Company, Inc.
Great Lakes Steel, Electric Furnace
Great Western Electric Chemical Co.
Green Bay Gas & Electric Light Co.
Greenfield Electric Light Company
Greenville Electric Light & Power Co.
Greenville Electric Utility System
Greenwood County Electric & Power Corp.
Gregory Electric Company
Gruenberg Electric Company
Gulf Electric Co. Shop
Gulf Electric Plant
Gulf Electric Shop
Gulf-Best Electric, Inc.
Gunters Electric Shop – Beckley, WV
H. L. Electric
Hagaman Electric Company
Hall Electric Company
Halyoke Gas & Electric Department
Hamilton Dept. of Public Utilities
Hamilton Electric Department
Hamilton Electric Generating Plant
Hamilton Gas & Electric Company
Hamilton Municipal Electric Plant
Hampton Roads Railway & Electric Co.
Hangerford Electric Manufacturing Co.
Harrison Rural Electric – Clarksburg, WV
Hart Electric – Bluefield, WV
Hartford Electric Co. – Middletown Station
Hartford Electric Light & Power Company
Hartford Electric Light Co.
Hartman Electric – Mansfield, OH
Hartman Electrical Lfg.Co
Hartman Electrical Manufacturing Company
Harvey Couch Steam Electric Plant
Harwood Electric Power Co.
Hatfield Electric Company
Hauto Steam Electric Station
Haverhill Electric Company
Hawaii Electric Company
Hawaii Electric Light Company
Hawaiian Electric Co.
Hawaiian Electric Company – Kahe Station
Hawaiian Electric Company – Waiau Station
Hawthorne Steam Electric Plant
Hawthorne Steam Electric Station
Hazleton Electric Light & Power Co.
Helena Gas & Electric Company
Henderson Union Rural Electric Coop
Henkes Auto Electric
Henry Electric Co.
Hesco Electric Company
Hesco Electric Supply Company, Inc.
Hillsboro Electric Light & Power Company
Hilo Electric Co. – Hill Steam Power Station
Hilo Electric Company
Hilo Electric Light Company
Hilo Electric Power & Refrigerator Co.
Hoagland – Lakin Electric & Engineering Co.
Hobb Electrical Supply
Holine Generating Station
Holman & Sons Electrician Limited
Holmesburg, Tacony & Frankford Electric Railway Co.
Holyoke Gas & Electric
Holyoke Gas & Electric Department
Home Electric Light & Steam Heating Co.
Homestead Electric Co.
Hoopeston Electric Light & Heating Co.
Hopewell Electric Light & Power Company
Hot Springs Electric Light Co.
Hotpoint Division of General Electric
Hotpoint Plant- General Electric
Houghton County Electric Light Company
Houghton Electric Light
Houston Electric Company
Hudson Electric Light Company
Hudson River Electric Power Company
Hugh Landra Electric Shop
Hughes Electric Company
Hull Electric Department
Hyatt Electric Co. – Asheville, NC
Hyde Park Electric Light & Power Co.
Hyde Park Electric Light Company
Hydro Electric Plant
Hydroelectric Dam Project
Hydro-Electric Plant
I. C. Electric Supply, Inc.
Idaho Electric Power & Water Nuclear Plant
Ideal Electric – Mansfield, OH
Illinois Rural Electric Co.
Imperial Electric Company
Imperial Electric East Chicago, In
Independent Electric Light & Power Co.
Indiana & Michigan Electric Company
Indiana Electric Tanners Creek Station
Indiana Michigan Electric – Lawrenceburg, IN
Indiana Michigan Electric – Petersburg, IN
Indiana Michigan Electric – Rockport, IN
Indiana Michigan Electric – Tanners Creek
Indiana Muni Electric Light & Power Plant
Indiana-Kentucky Electric Ikec Power Plant
Indiana-Michigan Electric – Tanners Creek Station
Industrial Canal Steam Electric Station
Industrial Electric Co.
Industrial Steam Electric Station
Inland Electric Co.
Inland Lamp Department of Gen Electric Co.
International General Electric
International General Electric – Company
Iowa Electric Light & Power
Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Company
Ironbound Electric Supply Company, Inc.
Irvin State Gas & Electric Company
Ite Electrical Products Company
Itt Royal Electric
J & L Steel Plant
J. M. Stuart Electric Generating Station
J. P. Electrical Contractors Limited
Jacksonville Department of Electric & Water Utilities
Jacksonville Electric Authority
Jacksonville Electric Light Company
Jacksonville Underground Electric Distribution System
Janesville Electric Company
Jenkins Electrical Limited
Jennings Gas & Electric Company
Jersey Shore Electric Street Railway Co.
Jewitt City Electric Boat
JM Stuart Electric Gen Station
John A. Stewart Electric Co.
Jones Brothers Electric Company
Joppa Steam Electric Station
Jordan Steam Electric Station
Kanawha River Plant – Glasgow, WV
Kanawha Traction & Electric Company
Kankakee Electric Steel
Kansas City Electric Light Company
Kansas City Gas & Electric Co.
Kansas City Power & Light Co.
Kansas Electric Power Co.
Kansas Gas & Electric Co. – Gordon Evans Station
Kansas Gas & Electric Co. – Murray Gill Plant
Kansas Gas & Electric Co. – Neosho Station
Kansas Gas & Electric Co. – Ripley Station
Kansas Gas & Electric Company
Kansas Gas & Electric- Wichita, KS
Kansas Power & Light Co.
Kauai Electric – Port Arthur
Kauai Electric Company, Ltd.
Kauai Electric- Port Allen Power Station
Keck Electric Corp
Kenneth C. Coleman Power Plant
Kenosha Gas & Electric Co.
Kent Electric Company
Kentucky Electric Company
Kentucky Electric Power Company
Kentucky Electric Steel
Kentucky Indiana Electric – Madison, IN
Keystone Project, Westinghouse Electric
Kings County Electric Light Power Company
Kings Electric Light Power
Kingston Electric Co.
Knoxville Electric Light & Power Company
Kyrene Steam Electric Station
Kyushu Electric Power Co
Lackawanna Valley Electric Light & Power Co.
Lake Catherine Steam Electric
Lake Erie Electric
Lake Shore Electric Corp.
Lake Shore Electric Railway Company
Lake Steam Electric Station
Lakeland Department of Electric & Water Utilities
Lakeland Electric & Water
Lakeshore Electric Railway Company
Lakewood & Coast Electric Company
Lamp Div of General Electric
Lamp Works of General Electric
Lander Electric Light & Power Company
Lane County Electric Company
Laredo Electric & Railway Company
Larned Electric Light Department
Las Animas Electric Company
Latham Electric Supply Corp.
Latrobe Electric Steel Co.
Lawler Electric Co. – East Orange, NJ
Lawrence Electric
Lea County Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Lea Electric Cooperative
Leadville Gas & Electric Company
Lehigh Navigation Electric Co.
Lehighs Northamptom Gas Electric Co.
Lehighton Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.
Leonard Wadler Electrical
Levinson Electric Commerce
Lewistown & Reedsville Electric Railway Co.
Lexus Electric, CO.
Lima & Honeoye Electric Light & Railroad Co.
Lima Electric Railway & Light Co.
Limerick Nuclear Power Plant
Limerick Station – Philadelphia Electric
Limerick Station – Pottstown, Pa
Lincoln Electric – Euclid, OH
Lincoln Electric Company
Lincoln Gas & Electric Company
Litchfield Electric Co.
Little Gypsy Steam Electric Plant
Little Rock Traction & Electric Company
Littleton Hydro-Electric Dam Project
Long Island Railroad Electric Light Plant
Lorain County Electric Company
Los Angeles Electric Company
Los Angeles Gas & Electric Corp.
Louis V. Sutton Steam Electric Station
Louisiana Electric Co., Inc
Louisiana Power & Light Co.
Louisville Electric Light Company
Louisville Gas & Electric Co. – Louisville, KY
Louisville Gas & Electric Co. – Mill Creek Plant
Louisville Gas & Electric Co. – Paddys Run Station
Louisville Gas & Electric Co. – Waterside Station
Louisville Gas & Electric, Cane Run Station
Lowell Electric Light Corporation
LSU Electrical Power Plant
Lucas Electrical Limited
Luzerne Coutny Gas & Electric Co.
Lycoming Electric Co.
Lynn Gas & Electric Company
M &I Electric Company
M. Garcia Electric Motors
Macon Electric Light & Railway Company
Macon Municipal Electric
Macwilliams Rea Electric Association
Madera Electric Light Company
Madison County Gas & Electric Company
Madison Gas & Electric Co. – Madison, WI
Madison Gas & Electric Co. – Milwaukee, WI
Madison Gas & Electric Company
Magnox Electric Limited
Mahoning Electric Light Company
Malden Electric Company
Maloney Electric Company
Mansfield Electric Light & Power Company
Mansfield Electric Railway Light & Power Co.
Marathon Electric Manufacturing Corporation
Marietta Electric Company
Marinette Gas Electric Light & Street Railway Co.
Marion Electric Light & Power Company
Marlborough Electric Company
Marquette County Gas & Electric Co.
Marquette Gas & Electric
Martindale Electric Co.
Maryville Electric Light & Power Company
Massachusetts Electric Company
Massey Electric
Massillon Gas & Electric Company
Master Electric Company
Matanuska Electric Association
Matthews Electric Supply Company
Mauch Chunk H. Power & Electric Light Co.
Maui Electric Company Ltd
Maynard Machine & Electric
Mcgirts Plumbing & Electric Service – Maxton, NC
Mcintosh Electric
Mckee Run Electric Gen Sta
McWilliams Plant
Medina Electric Co.
Memphis Consolidated Gas & Electric
Memphis Electric Thomas Allen Power Plant
Memphis Gas & Electric Company
Merchants Electric Light Company
Merion & Radnor Gas & Electric Co.
Meter Div Westing House Electric
Meter Div Westing House Electric Corporation
Meter Division, Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Ltd
Mexico Electric Service
Miami Electric Light & Power Company
Miami Fort Electric Station – Cincinnati, OH
Miami Fort Power Station
Miami Fort Station – Cincinnati Gas & Electric
Miami Steam Electric Station
Michigan Electric Light & Power Department
Mid Tex Generating & Transmission Electric Coop, Inc.
Middle Creek Electric Co.
Middlesex & Monmouth Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.
Middletown Electric Light Company
Middletown Gas & Electric Co.
Mid-Island Electrical Sales Corp.
Milan & Norwalk, Electric Railway Co.
Millburn Electric Company
Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Co.
Milwaukee Electric Ry & Light
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Mineral Wells Electric Light Power & H. Company
Minneapolis Electric Steel Casting
Minneapolis General Electric Company
Minnesota Mazda Lamp Works of General Electric
Missoula Electric Cooperative
Missouri Electric Light & Power
Moberly Gas & Electric Company
Mobile Electric Company
Mobile Electric Light & Power Co.
Monarch Electric
Monongahela Electric Light Co.
Monsanto Electric
Montaup Electric Company
Monterey County Gas & Electric Co.
Monterey Gas & Electric Company
Montrose Steam Electric Station
Moon Lake Electric Association
Morelight Electrical Contractors Limited
Morgan Electric Company
Morganstern Electric – West Mifflin, PA
Morgantown Electric & Traction Company
Morris & Somerset Electric Company
Morristown Electrical Supply Co.
Mount Pleasant Electric Light & Power Co.
Mount Victory Electric Light Company
Mount Whitney Power & Electric Co.
Multi-Electric Manufacturing
Muncie Electric Light Company
Muni Electric Light & Power Plant
Municipal Electric Dept. – Ellwood City, Borough
Municipal Electric Light & Water Plant
Municipal Electric Light & Water Works
Municipal Electric Light Company
Municipal Electric Light Plant
Municipal Electric Light Station
Municipal Electric Light Water Co.
Municipal Electric Light Water Works
Municipal Electric Lighting Plant
Municipal Electric Plant – Decatur, IN
Municipal Electric Plant of Macon
Municipal Electric Power Plant
Municipal Electric System
Municipal Electric Utilities – Vineland, NJ
Municipal Water Electric
Municiple Electric Light & Power Plant
Municiple Electric Light Power Plant
Murray Electric Light & Power Company
Muskagee Gas & Electric Company
Mutual Electric Light Company
N.J. Scott Electric
Napa Valley Electric Co.
Napa Valley Electric Company
Napoleon Municipal Water & Electric
Napoleon Water Works & Electric Light Co.
Narragansett Electric Company
Narragansett Electric Lighting Company
Narragansett Electric Sub Station
Narrangansett Electric Company – Providence, RI
Nassau Electric Railroad
Nassau Electric Railroad Co.
Natchitoches Municipal Electric Light & Water Dept.
National Electric – Ambridge, PA
National Electric Carbon Plant
National Electric Coil – Bluefield, WV
National Electric Construction Company
National Electric Lamp Association
National Electric Lamp Company
National Electric Manufacturing Co.
National Electric Products Co.
National Electric Supply Co.
National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc
National Lamp Works of The General Electric
Natrona County Electric Company
Naughton Steam Electric Plant
Nevada Power & Electric
Nevada, Missouri Electric Power Coop
New Bedford Gas & Electric
New Castle Electric Co.
New Electric Company
New England Electric Co.
New England Electric System – Brayton Point Station
New England Electrical Power Station
New Hampshire Gas & Electric Co. – Daniels St. Station
New Hampshire Gas & Electric Company
New Haven Electric Company
New London Gas & Electric Company
New Mexico Electric Service Co.
New Omaha, Thompson, Houston Electric Light Co.
New Orleans Electric Supply
New York & Queens Electric Light & Power
New York & Staten Island Electric Company
New York Electric & Gas Company
New York Gas Electric Light Heat & Power
New York Southern Electric & Gas Corp.
New York State Electric & Gas – Bainbridge, NY
New York State Electric & Gas – Comstock, NY
New York State Electric & Gas – Hickling Station
New York State Electric & Gas – Lake Success, NY
New York State Electric & Gas – Long Island City, NY
New York State Electric & Gas – Milliken Station Lafargeville, NY
New York State Electric & Gas Co. Dresden, NY
New York State Electric & Gas Company
Newburgh Electric Light & Power Co.
Newbury Port Gas & Electric Company
Newport County Electric Company
Newport Electric Corporation
Newport Electric Light Company
Newport News & Hampton Railway Gas & Electric Co.
Newport News & Old Point Railway & Electric
News & Hampton Railway Gas & Electric
Newsbarn Electric Company
Niles Glass Works Division of General Electric Co.
Nogales Electric Light & Power Co.
North Electric – Galion, OH
North Lake Steam Electric Station
North Lincoln Electric
North River Electric Light & Power Company
North Shore Electric Company
North Western Electric Company
Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative
Northern Electric Company
Northern Indiana Gas & Electric Company
Northern Michigan Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Northfield Electric Light Company
Northfield Hydroelectric Plant
Northwest Missouri Electric Power Cooperative
Northwestern Electric Co.
Northwestern Gas & Electric Company
Norton & Attleboro Electric Railway Co.
Norwalk & South Norwalk Electric Light Co.
Norwich Gas & Electric Company
Norwich Gas & Electric Gas
Nstar Electric & Gas Corporation
Nstar Electric Asbestos
Number 6 Electric Powerhouse
NY Gas & Electric
NY Gas Electric Light Heat & Power Co.
NY State Electric & Gas – Milliken Station
O. Smith Electrical Products Company
Oahu Ice & Electric Company
Oberlin Electric & Heating Company
Oberlin Gas & Electric Company
Ohio Edison Electric Installation Company
Ohio Electric Railroad Company
Ohio Electric Railway Company
Ohio Valley Electric Company
Ohio Valley Electric Corp. – Unit #2
Ohio Valley Electric Corporation
Ohio Valley Electric Railway Company
Okalahoma Gas Electric Company
Oklahoma Electric & Water Company
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Council, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Harrah, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Konawa Ok
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Mustang Station Council, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Ponca City, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Riverbank Station Muskogee, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Sulphur, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric- Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Powerhouse
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Tire Company
Oklahoma Gas Electric Company
Olean Electric Light & Power Company
Olin Mathieson Chemical Plant
Omaha Electric Light & Power Company
Omaha Steam Electric Station
Onion Electric Co.
Ontario Electric Supply Corp.
Operative Electric
Orange Electric Light Company
Oro Electric Corp
Oshkosh Electric Light & Power Co.
Oster Electric
Owatonna Electric Company
Owensboro City Municipal Electric Works
Owensboro Municipal Electric Works
Owosso Carunna Electric Company
Oxnard Electric Light Company
P.S. Electric & Gas Company
Pabst Electric Company, Inc.
Pabst Electric Corp
Pacfic Gas & Electric Co. – Headquarters
Pacific Electric Motor Co.
Pacific Electric Railway Co.
Pacific Gas & Electric – Concord, CA
Pacific Gas & Electric – Contra Costa Generating Station
Pacific Gas & Electric – Contra Costa Steam Plant
Pacific Gas & Electric – Emeryville, CA
Pacific Gas & Electric – Gas Load Center
Pacific Gas & Electric – Kern Plant
Pacific Gas & Electric – Morro Bay, CA
Pacific Gas & Electric – Oakland, Ca
Pacific Gas & Electric – PG & E Pittsburg Steam Plant
Pacific Gas & Electric – PG & E Substation
Pacific Gas & Electric – Pittsburg Power Plant – Pittsburg, CA
Pacific Gas & Electric – Pittsburg, CA
Pacific Gas & Electric – Service Center
Pacific Gas & Electric – Steam Plant
Pacific Gas & Electric Gas Load Center
Pacific Gas Lamp Black & Electric Co.
Pacific Gas-Electric – Emeryville
Pacilic Gas & Electric Company
Packard Electric – Warren
Packard Electric Div – Warren OH
Packard Electric Division, General Motors Corp.
Packard Electric General Motors Division
Paducah Electric Company
Palestine Electric Light Company
Paris Electric Light Company Inc.
Paris Water Works & Electric Light Board
Parkard Electric Div. of General Motors Corp.
Parkersburg Gas Electric Light & Street Railway
Parrys Electrical Engineers Limited
Pasadena Los Angeles Electric Railway Co.
Pawtucket Electric Company
Pawtucket Electric Light Company
Paxtang Electric Company
Peerless Electric Co.
Peninsula Electric Light & Power Co.
Penn-Electric Powerhouse – Erie, PA
Pennsylvaina Electric – Johnstown, PA
Pennsylvania Electric – Keystone Generating Station
Pennsylvania Electric – Power Plant
Pennsylvania Electric – Seward Plant
Pennsylvania Electric – Shawville Station
Pennsylvania Electric Steel Co. – Latrobe, PA
Pennsylvania General Electric – Co.
Pennsylvania Ohio Electric Company
Pennsylvania Power & Light – Cedar Steam Electric Station
Pennsylvania Power & Light – Hauto Steam Electric Station
Peoples Electric Light & Power Company
Peoples Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.
Peoples Gas & Electric Company
Peoples Gas & Electric Light Co.
Peoples Hot Water H & Electric Co.
Peoples Street Railway & Electric Light & Power
Perry Electric Company
Pert Jervis – Municipal Electric
PG & E Coalfired Power Plant
Philadelphia Electric – Cromby Plant
Philadelphia Electric – Limerick Nuclear Power Plant
Philadelphia Electric – Peachbottom Nuclear Plant
Philadelphia Electric Company
Philadelphia Electric Illinois Power Co.
Philadelphia Electric Power Plant – Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Electric Powerhouse
Philadelphia Gas & Electric
Philadelphia Suburban Gas & Electric Co.
Philadelpia Electric Company
Phoenix Electric Company
Phoenix Electrical Company Limited
Phoenix Electrical Polson Rubber
Piedmont Railway & Electric Company
Pierce Electric – New Martinsville, WV
Piezoelectric Division
Piqua Edison Electric Illuminating Company
Piqua Electric Company
Pittsburg Power Plant – Pittsburg, Ca
Pittsburgh & West End Electric Railway Co.
Pittsfield Electric Company
Plainfield Gas & Electric Light Company
Plains Electric – Nueve, NM
Plains Electric Generating Co.
Plant Electric Light
Plumbing Electric Companies
Plymouth Electric Light Company
Point Pleasant Electric Light & Power Co.
Ponca City Municipal Electric System
Pontiac Electric Company
Port Huron Gas & Electric Company
Portland & Yarmouth Electric Railway
Portland Electric Power Company
Portland Gas & Electric
Portland General Electric – Company
Portland Ind Electric Light Department
Portland Yarmouth Electric Railway
Portsmouth Generating Station
Potomac Electric & Power Company
Potomac Electric Light & Power Co.
Potomac Electric Power Co. – Buzzard Point Station
Potomac Electric Power Plant
Poughkeepsie & Wappgr Falls Electric Railway
Powelton Electric Co.
Powelton Electric Company
Power & Electric Co.
Powerhouse Electric Power Coop
PPL Electric Utilities Corp.
Prescott Electric Company
Price Electricial Co.
PS Electric & Gas
Public Services Corporation of New Jersey, Electrical Dept.
Public Services Electric & Gas – Bergen Station
Public Services Electric & Gas – Burlington, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Camden NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Deepwater, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Divisional Hqts.
Public Services Electric & Gas – Duck Island Hamilton Township, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Duck Island, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Essex, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Generating Station, Burlington
Public Services Electric & Gas – Hamilton Township, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Harrison, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Hudson Generating Station
Public Services Electric & Gas – Jersey City, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Kearny, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Linden, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Lwr Alloways Creek, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Mercer, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – North Bergen, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Paramus, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Patterson, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Pircataway, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Plainfield, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Ridgefield, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Salem, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Sewaken Station
Public Services Electric & Gas – Sewaren, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – Trenton, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas – West Orange, NJ
Public Services Electric & Gas Company
Public Services Electric Dand Gas
Pueblo Electric Street Railway Company
Quakertown Electric Department
Quality Electric – Houston, TX
Quality Electric Plant
Quality Electric Steel Casing
Quality Electric Steel Casing Plant
Queens Borough Electric Light & Power Co.
Queens Borough Gas & Electric Company
Queens Electric Light Power
Queensboro Gas & Electric Company
Quincy Electric Light & Power
Quincy Electric Light & Power Co.
Railroad Electric Companies
Railroad Electric Light Plant
Railroad Gas & Electric
Railroad Gas Electric
Railway Electric Companies
Railway Gas Electric
Railway Gas Electric Companies
Railway Gas Power Electric
Railways Electric
Raleigh Electric Company
Raritan Electric Light & Power Company
Raytheon Electric Power Plant
Reading Electric Plant
Reading Municipal Electric Plant
Red Seal Electric Company
Red Seal Electric Inc.
Redlands Electric Light & Power Co.
Reed Electric Company
Reeves Pulley & Reliance Electric Manufacturing
Reliance Electric & Engineering Co.
Reliance Electric Co.
Revland Electric
Reynolds Electric – Mercury, NV
Richmond Electric Company
Ridge Seal Electric Company
Riley Stoker Corp. – Central Electric Power Co.
River Electric Light & Power
River Electric Power
Rivers Electric – Hawesville, KY
Rlontamp Electric
Roane Electric Furnace
Roanoke Electric Steel
Roanoke Railroad Electric Company
Roberts Insulation Co.
Robinson Electric Company
Rochester Electric & Gas
Rochester Electric Department – Silver Lake Plant
Rochester Electric Light Heat & Power
Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.
Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation – Oneonta, NY
Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation – Rochester, Ny
Rockford Electric Company
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Manufacturing Co. Edward Valves,
Rome Gas Electric Light & Power Company
Rossiter Mac Govern Electric Company
Roswell Electric Light Company
Rotary Electric Steel Co.
Roxboro Steam Electric Plant
Royal Electric Corporation
Royce Electric Furnace Limited
Rural Electric Power Cooperation
Russell Power Station Lakeshore
Ryukyu Electric Power Corporation
S.C. Electric & Gas Plant
Sacramento Electric Gas & Railway Co.
Saia Electric, Inc.
Salem Electric
Salern Electric Lighting Company
San Antonio Gas & Electric Co.
San Diego Consolidated Gas & Electric Co.
San Diego Electric Railway Co.
San Diego Electric Railway Company
San Diego Gas & Electric – Carlsbad, CA
San Diego Gas & Electric – Encino Generating Plant
San Diego Gas & Electric Company
San Diego Gas & Electric Light Co.
San Francisco Gas & Electric Co.
San Francisco Gas & Electric Light Co.
San Gabriel Electric Co.
San Gabriel Electric Company
San Luis Gas & Electric Co.
San Luis Gas & Electric Company
San Miguel Electric Coop Inc.
San Miguel Electric Cooperative
Sandusky & Interurban Electric Railway
Sandusky Gas & Electric Company
Sangamo Electric
Sangamo Electric Co.
Sangamon Electric Plant
Santa Barbara Electric Light & Power
Santa Barbara Gas & Electric
Santa Clara Electric Dept.
Santa Maria Electric & Gas Co.
Santa Monica Electric
Santa Monica Electric Co.
Santa Paula Electric Co.
Sarum Auto Electrical Services
Satellite Tech Electric Shock
Savannah Electric & Power Co.
Savannah Electric Power Plant
Savannah Power & Electric
Sawyer Electric
Sawyer-Mann Electric Company
Sayre Electric Co.
SC Electric & Gas Plant
SC Electric Gas Plant
Schneider Electric Corp.
Schneider Electric Usa Inc
School of Electrical Engineering
Scranton Electric Co.
Sea Shore Electric Railway Company
Seacoast Electric Supply Corp.
Seattle Electric Company
Sedalia Electric Railway Company
Segco Power Plant
Service Electric Company
Shaffer Electric Co.
Shaw Electric Crane Company
Shawnee Gas & Electric Company
Shelby Electric Light Company
Shelly Electric Company
Sheridan County Electric Company
Shore Line Electric Railway Company
Shove Electric Company
Shreveport Gas Electric Light Power
Siemens Halske Electric Co. – Chicago, TX
Simplex Electrical Company
Siniloa Electric Light & Power
Skyland Steam Electric Plant
Snata Barbara Electric Light & Power Co.
Solano Electric Light & Gas Co.
Somerville Electric Light Company
Sophia Electric – Sophia, WV
Sorgel Electric Co.
South Bend Electric
South Bend Electric Company
South Carolina Electric & Gas Plant
South Carolina Gas & Electric
South Eastern Electric Plant
South Electric & Gas Plant
South Electric Light
South Gas & Electric
South Texas Electric Cooperative Inc. – San Miguel Plant
South Western Electric Company
Southern Dutchess Gas & Electric Co.
Southern Electric Generating
Southern Electric Generating – Segco Power Plant
Southern Electrical & Pipefitting
Southern Gas & Electric Company
Southern Indiana Gas & Electric
Southern Minnesota Gas & Electric Co.
Southern Ohio Electric Company
Southern Plumbing & Electric Co.
Southwest Electric Light
Southwest Electric Power Plant – Cason, TX
Southwest Electric Power Plant – Electrical Power Plant
Southwest Missouri Electric Light Co.
Southwest Missouri Electric Railroad Co.
Southwestern Electric Power Co – Knox Lee Plant – Longview TX
Southwestern Electric Power Co – Wilkes Power Plant – Lassater, TX
Southwestern Electric Power Company, Welsh Plant
Southwestern Electric Power Knox Lee
Southwestern Electric Power Plant – Lone Star, Tx
Southwestern Electric Power Plant – Swepco
Southwestern Electric Service Company
Southwestern Gas & Electric Co.
Spartanburg Railway Gas Power & Electric
Spartanburg Railway, Gas, & Electric Company
Special Electric Co.
Sperry Electric Light Company
Splitdorf Electrical Company
Sprague Electric – Nashair
Sprague Electric – North Adams, MA
Sprague Electric Company
Springfield Electric Light & Power Co.
Springfield Gas & Electric Company
Springfield Water & Electric Light Co.
Square Butte Electric
Square Butte Electric Company
Square D – Schneider Electric
Square D Company
St. Albans Electric Light & Power
St. Bernard Electric Department
St. Clair County Gas & Electric Company
St. Croix Gas Electric Company
St. Electric Station
St. Helena Gas & Electric Co.
St. John Electric Co.
St. John Electric Company
St. Johnsbury Electric Company
St. Joseph Electric Light & Power Co.
St. Lawrence International Electric Co.
Stamford Gas & Electric Company
Standard Electric Machine
Stanley-G.I. Electric Manufacturing Co.
Stanton Electrical Company
Star Delta Electric – Huntington, WV
Stark Electric Company
Stark Electric Railroad Company
State Electric – Comstock, NY
State Electric & Gas Bainbridge Ny
State Electric & Gas Dresden Ny
State Electric & Gas Lake Success Ny
State Electric & Gas Milliken Station – Lafargeville, NY
State Electric & Gas Milliken Station – Long Island City, NY
State Electric Supply Company
State Gas & Electric
State Gas Electric
Steam Electric Companies
Steam Electric Generating Plant
Steam Electric Plant
Steam Electric Station
Steam Heating Electric
Sterlington Steam Electric Station
Stewart Electric
Stokes Molded Products
Stoughton Gas & Electric Company
Street Railway Electric Light Power
Suburban Electric Co.
Suburban Electric Co. – Cambridge Ma
Suburban Electric Company
Suburban Gas & Electric Company
Sun Electric Co.
Sun Flower Electric Coop
Sunbeam Electric & Manufacturing Co.
Sunburalliance Municipal Electric System
Sunbury & Northumberland Electric
Sunflower Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Sunflower Electric Corporation
Sunflower Electric, Fort Dodge Station
Superior Electric Co.
Surburban Electric Light & Power Co.
SW Gas & Electric Company
Swan Incandescent Electric Light Co.
Swanandescent Electric Light Company
Sylvania Electric – Huntington, WV
Sylvania Electric – Wheeling, Wv
Sylvania Electric Product Co.
T.U. Electric Collin Power Plant
T.U. Electric Power Plant
Tallahassee Electric Department
Tallahassee Electric Dept
Tampa Electric – Hillsborough, Fl
Tampa Electric Power Plant – Apollo Beach, Fl
Tarkio Electric & Water Company
Taunton Electric Light
Telegraph Avenue Electric & Railway Co.
Tennessee Eastern Electric Company
Tennessee Electric Power Company
Tennessee Valley Electric Supply Co.
Teston Electric Co.
Texaco Sunburalliance Municipal Electric System
Texaco, Inc. Sunburalliance Municipal Electric System
Texarkana Gas & Electric Company
Texas Electric Company
Texas Electric Power Plant – Arlington, TX
Texas Electric Powerhouse
Texas Electric Service – Eagle Mountain Lake
Texas Electric Service – Handley TX
Texas Electric Service – R. P. Bates Colorado City, TX
Texas Electric Service – Riley Stoker Corp.
Texas Electric Service Company Handley, TX
Texas Electric Service Morgan Creek Station
Texas Electric Steel Casting Company
Texas Electric Steel Casting Plant
Texas Electrical Power Plant
Texas Southern Electric Company
Texas Utilities Electric Company
The Lincoln Electric Company
Thelco Electric Incubators Gasket
Thermo Electric Company, Inc.
Thompson-Houston Electric Light & Power Co.
Thompson-Houston International Electric Co.
Thomson-Houston Electric Company
Thornapple Electric Co.
Thornapple Electric Company
Tiffin Edison Electric Illuminating Company
Toledo Edison & Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Toledo Gas Electric & Heating Company
Toledo, Fremont & Norwalk Electric Railway Co.
Traction Electric Companies
Tradinghouse Creek Steam Electric Station
Tradinghouse Steam Electric Station
Trane American Standard Air Conditioner Plant
Trappe & Limerick Electric Street Railway Co.
Traverse City Electric Light & Power Department
Traverse City Electric Light & Power Dept.
Treverton Electric Light & Power Station
Tri State Railway & Electric Company
Tricity Major Electrical Appliances Limited
Trinidad Electric Company
Trinidad Electric Light Heat & Power Co.
Trinidad Electric Railroad Company
Trinidad Electric Transmission Railway & Gas Co.
Trinidad Electric, Light, Heat & Power Company
Tri-State Electric & Machine Company – Glendale, WV
Troy Electric Plant Department – Troy, OH
Tucson Electric Power Co. – Irvington Station
Tucson Electric Power Irvington Station
Tucson Gas & Electric Company
Tucson Gas, Electric Light & Power Co.
Tung Sol Electric – East Orange, NJ
Tung Sol Electric Corporation
Tung-Sol Electric Corporation
Turner Electric Corporation
Turner Falls Power & Electric Co.
Turners Power Electric
Tuthill Corporation
Twin State Gas & Electric Company
Txu Electric Company
U. S. Electric Lighting Co.
Underground Electric Distribution System
Union Electric – Cahokia Plant
Union Electric – New Madrid Powerhouse
Union Electric – Rush Island Powerhouse
Union Electric & Power Company
Union Electric Co. – Hillcrest Station
Union Electric Co. – Rush Island-Unit 1
Union Electric Company of Missouri
Union Electric Light & Power Co.
Union Electric Light Company
Union Electric New Madrid Powerhouse
Union Electric of Missouri
Union Electric Power Company
Union Electric Rush Island Powerhouse
Union Electric Steel – Burgettstown, PA
Union Electric Steel Co.
Union Electric, Meramec Power House
Union Gas & Electric Company
United Electric & Gas Power Co.
United Electric Coal Company
United Electric Company – Lexington, NE
United Electric Company of America
United Electric Company of New Jersey
United Electric Division
United Electric Gas & Power Co.
United Electric Illuminating Company
United Electric Light & Power
United Electric of New Jersey
United Electric Securities Company
United Gas & Electric Corporation
United Railways & Electric Company
United States Electric Illuminating Company
United States Electric Lighting
United Water Gas & Electric
United Water Gas & Electric Company
University of Fort Jackson Electric & Gas
Upper Peninsula Generating Co.
Urbana & Champaign Railway Gas & Electric Co.
Urbana Electric Street Railway Co.
US Electric Illuminating Company
US Electric Light Company
US Electrical Motors, Inc.
Utica Gas & Electric Light Company
Valley City Electric & Water Works
Valley Electric & Ice Company
Valley Electric Power Plant – Hollywood, Ca
Valley Electric Steam Plant
Valley Steam Electric Station
Valmont Electric
Vancouver Electric Light & Power Co.
Vandergrift Electric Light & Power Co.
Ventura County Electric Co.
Vermont Electric Power Co. Inc.
Vermont Electric Power Company Inc.
Viacom, Inc.
Victoria Electric & Ice Company
Vineland Electric Plant
Vineland Electric Utilities
Vineland Municipal Electric Plant
Vinita Electric Light & Power Company
Virginia Electric & Power
Virginia Electric & Power – Mount Storm Station Bismarck, WV
Virginia Electric & Power – Stony River Grant County, WV
Virginia Electric & Power – Yorktown Station
Virginia Electric & Power Company
Virginia Electric Portsmouth Power Station
Virginia Electric Power Co. – Richmond
Virginia Electric Power Co. – Vepco
Virginia Electric Power Company
Virginia Electric Power Plant – Dutch Gap
Virginia Electric Power Plant – Fork Union
Virginia Electric Power Plant – Fredericksburg
Virginia Electric Power Station
Virginia Electric Railway & Development Co.
Virginia Electric Yorktown Power Plant
Virginia Electric, Portsmouth Power Station
Virginia Power & Electric
W. A. Parish Steam Electric Station
Wabash Valley Electric Co.
Waco Electric Light & Power Co.
Waco Electric Railway & Light Company
Waco Gas & Electric Company
Wagner Electric Corp.
Wagner Electrical Corporation
Walsall Electrical Distributors Limited
Warner Electric Brake & Clutch Co.
Warren Electric Manufacturing Co.
Warrick Electric Company
Washgtn Balto & Annpls Electric Railway
Washington Electric Light & Power Co.
Washington Gas & Electric Co.
Watauga Electric Company
Water & Electric Light Commissions
Water & Electric Light Company
Water Electric & Gas
Water Electric Companies
Water Electric Light & Power Co.
Water Electric Light Companies
Water Gas Electric Companies
Water Works & Electric Plant
Water Works Electric
Water Works Electric Light
Water Works Electric Plant
Watertown Electric Light Company
Watseka Electric Light & Heat Company
Watson Electric – Greenville
Waukesha Gas & Electric Company
Wausau Electric Company
Waynesburg Electric Light & Power Co.
Weber Electric Power Company
Wellsboro Electric Co.
Wellsboro Electric Company
Wellsboro Electric Company – Beulah Plant
West Chester, Kennett & Wilmington Electric Railway Co.
West Electric Cable Plant
West Va. Traction & Electric Company
West Virginia Electric Supply
West Virginia Hydro Electric Company
West Virginia Traction & Electric Co.
West Virginia Water & Electric Co.
Western Edison Electric Light Co.
Western Electric – Andover, MA
Western Electric – Atlanta, GA
Western Electric – Buffalo, NV
Western Electric – Burlington, NC
Western Electric – Cable Plant
Western Electric – Charleston, NC
Western Electric – Charleston, NV
Western Electric – Doraville, GA
Western Electric – East Liberty, PA
Western Electric – Fairhope, AL
Western Electric – Fairmont, WV
Western Electric – Greensboro
Western Electric – Greensborough
Western Electric – Hackensack, NJ
Western Electric – Hill Top Station Loma Prieta, CA
Western Electric – Holmdel, NJ
Western Electric – Johnstown, NY
Western Electric – Kearny, NJ
Western Electric – Mobile, AL
Western Electric – Muffler Rancho Bernardo, CA
Western Electric – New York, NY
Western Electric – Newark, NJ
Western Electric – North Andover, MA
Western Electric – Parkersburg, WV
Western Electric – Phoenix, AZ
Western Electric – Sandy Springs, Ga
Western Electric – Solon, OH
Western Electric – Whippany, NJ
Western Electric – Winston Salem, NC
Western Electric – Solo, OH
Western Electric Hill Top Station – Loma Prieta, CA
Western Electric Indianapolis, IN
Western Electric Light Company
Western Electric Supply Company
Western Electric Telephone
Western Electric Vermont Rr Tillson Farm
Western Electric, Guilfofd Center
Western Electric, Muffler – Rancho Bernardo, CA
Western Electrical Instrument Company
Western Electrical Supply Company
Western Electricvermont Rr Tillson Farm
Western Farmers Electric Co-Op
Western Farmers Electric Cooperative
Western Farmers Electric Corporation
Western Mass Electric Company
Western Massachusetts Electric Co.
Western United Gas & Electric Co., Aurora, Il
Western United Gas & Electric Company
Western United Gas Electric Service
Westinghouse Electric – Bath, NY
Westinghouse Electric – Charlotte, NC
Westinghouse Electric – Youngwood, PA
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
Westinghouse Electric Airbrake
Westinghouse Electric Canal Elec Plt Sandwich, MA
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Atomic Power Div – Bettis Field
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Bayshore Toledo, OH
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Boston, MA
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Canal Elec Plt Sandwich Ma
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Delmarva Power & Light Co.
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Edison Bayshore, OH
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Horseheads, NY
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Monroe Power Plant
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Newark, NJ
Westinghouse Electric Co. – O G & E Power Plant Harrah Ok
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Power Plant Harrah, OK
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Power Plant, MI
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Randolph Township, NJ
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Steam Division
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Surry Power Station
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Toledo, OH
Westinghouse Electric Company – Thomas Hill Power Sta – Unit #2
Westinghouse Electric Company, Nrf Site – Idaho Falls, IdD
Westinghouse Electric Corp. Bath Ny
Westinghouse Electric Corp. Plant
Westinghouse Electric Corp., Keystone Station
Westinghouse Electric Corporation – Scoville, Id
Westinghouse Electric Hill Power Sta Unit #2
Westinghouse Electric International Company
Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Company
Westinghouse Electric Nrf Site Idaho Falls, ID
Westinghouse Electric Products Company
Westinghouse Electric Shop
Westinghouse Electric Supply
Westinghouse Electric Thomas Hill Power Sta Unit #2
Westinghouse General Electric Manufacturing Company
Weston Electrical Instrument Company
Wheatland Electric Cooperative
Wheeling Electric Co. – Wheeling, WV
Wheeling Electrical Company
White-Rodgers Electric Company
Whittaker Electric Company Shop
Wichita Gas Electric Light & Power Company
Wilkes Barre Electric Light Co.
Wilkes Barre Gas & Electric Co.
Wilkinsburg Electric Co.
Williams Electric – Andrews
Willimantic Gas & Electric Company
Windber Electric Co.
Winyah Electric Generating Plant
Wisconsin Electric Pleasant – Prarie, WI
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. – Lakeside Power Plant
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. – Oak Creek, WI
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. – Port Washington Station
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. – Port Washington, WI
Wisconsin Electric Power Company – Oak Creek
Wisconsin Electric Railway Co.
Wisconsin Hydroelectric Company
Woodland Electric Company
Woonsocket Electric Machine & Power Co.
Worcester County Electric – Webster Station
Worcester County Electric Company
Worcester Electric & Light – Worcester, MA
Worcester Electric Light Company
Worchester County Electric Company
WV Water & Electric Company
Wyandotte Municipal Electric Plant
Wyoming Valley Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.
Xef, Inc.
Yamhill Electric Company
Yankee Atomic Electric Company
Yarmouth Electric Railway
Youngstown Gas & Electric Co.
Yuma Electric Water Company
Zauder Electric