Illinois Asbestos Exposure Job Sites F-N

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Illinois job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Illinois Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Illinois allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Illinois and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Illinois asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Asbestos Cover Up – Quotes From Asbestos Executives

“…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)

In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company “a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another corporations representative, “Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead?” he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

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Illinois Asbestos Exposure Job Sites – F-N

Illinois Asbestos Exposure Job Sites A-E

F & F Laboratories – Chicago
F D Farnam Co. – Chicago
F D Farnam Co. – Lyons
F E Holmes & Sons Construction Marion
F. & F. Laboratories – Chicago
F. A. Hecht & Co. – Chicago
F. E. Mcfarland Libertyville
F. E. Widman Construction Godfrey
F. F. Laboratories Chicago
F. H. Noble & Co. – Chicago
F. H. Remaley – Chicago
F. L. G. Hansen – River Forest
F. L. G. Hansen River Forest
F. Reisch & Brothers – Springfield
F. W. Means & Co. – Chicago
F. W. Means Co. East Moline
F. W. Whiston Chicago
FAA Office – Des Plaines
Faber Mosser Co. Peoria
Fairbanks & Co. – Alton
Fairbanks Morse Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Fairbanks Valley Farm – Green County
Fairview Collieries – Danville
Fairview Heights
Falls & Noonan Inc. – Chicago
Falls Noonan Inc. Building 17 Chicago
Fansteel Metallurgical Corp. – Chicago
Fansteel Metallurgical Shop – Waukegan
Faraday Elementary School – Chicago
Fargo Insulation Co., Inc. – Springfield
Fargo MFG Co. Chicago
Farm Bureau Co. – Mt. Vernon
Farm Colony Boiler Plant – Lincoln
Farr Company Crystal
Farragut High School – Chicago
Farrell Diamond Stone Sawing Co. Chicago
Farthing Machine Co. Odin
Fastex Des Plaines
Favorite Gasket Co. – Chicago
Federal Die Casting Co. – Chicago
Federal Finance Co. – Chicago
Federal Lead Co. Federal
Federal Lead Co. Wood River
Federal Metallurgical – Alton
Federal Mogul Corp. Bower Macomb
Federal Office Building & Courthouse – Chicago
Federal Plate Glass Co. – Ottawa
Federal Reserve Bank – Chicago
Federal Reserve Bank Jackson Blvd. – Chicago
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Federal Steel – E. Alton
Federal Warehouse Co. – Peoria
Federal Wire Mill Corp. Herrin
Felsicol Chemical Corp. Marshall
Felt Products Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Felt Products Manufacturing Co. Skokie
Fennell Corp. Harvey
Fenster Dairy Springfield
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Central Lab – Batavia
FermiLab – Batavia
Ferro Corp. – Alsey
Ferro Corp. Arlington Heights
Ferro Corp. Bartlett
Ferry Hall School – Lake Forest
Fertilizer Works – Chicago
Fiat-Allis – Springfield
Fiber Container Corp. – Aurora
Field & Shorb Co. – Decatur
Field Enterprises Inc. – Chicago
Fieldhouse, Dutcher & Belden – S. Chicago
Filtration Plant – Chicago
Fine Homes, Inc. St. Louis
Finkl A & Sons – Chicago
Firestone Electric Wheel – Quincy
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Bloomington
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Decatur
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Norman
First Bank Building Benton
First Bank Of Mount Vernon – Mt. Vernon
First Christian Church – Centrailia
First Church of Christ Georgetown
First Methodist Episcopal Church – Evanston
First Methodist Episcopal Church – IL
First National Bank Building Chicago
First Presbyterian Church – Chicago
Fisher Body Division – Willow Springs
Fisher Body Marion
Fisk Generating Station, Commonwealth Edison – Chicago
Fisk Power Plant Chicago
Fisk St. Station Units #2 & #3 Chicago
Fisk St. Station, Unit 18 Chicago
Fisk Station – Peoria
Fisk Street Powerhouse – Chicago
Fitzpatrick Brothers, Inc. – Chicago
Fleischmann Manufacturing Division Pekin
Fleming Fuel Oil St. Louis
Flinn Dreffein Engineering Co. Chicago
Flinn Dreffein Engineering Co. Northbrook
Flintkote Co. Chicago Heights
Flintkote Factory – Chicago
Florence Stove Co. – Kankakee
Florida Avenue Residence Hall – Peoria
Florida Crushed Stone Stickney
Floyd Spengel Edwardsville
Fluor Corp. Elwood
Fluor Engineers & Contractors – Drummond
Flying W Ranch North East River Road Norridge
FMC Chicago
Foote Brothers Gear Works – Chicago
Ford Motor Co – Stamping Plant Boiler House – Chicago Heights
Ford Motor Co. – Chicago
Ford Motor Co. – Nashville
Ford Motors Chicago
Foreman Manufacturing Co. – Chicago Ridge
Forgings & Stampings – Rockford
Forrest Milk Products Co. – Forest
Fort Dearborn Hotel – Chicago
Fort Sheridan Lake Forest
Fort Wayne Corrugated Paper Co. – Chicago
Forty-Eight Insulation Plant – Aurora
Foseco Inc. Chicago
Foster Kleiser Corp. – Chicago
Foster Wheeler Corp. Harford
Foster Wheeler Corp. Roxana
Foster Wheeler Corp. Woodriver
Fowler Plumbing Heating Centralia
Fox Industrial Warehouse Granite City
Fox Industries – Madison
Fox River Light, Heat & Power Co. – Aurora
Franciscan Sisters – Wheaton
Frank Foundries Corp. – Moline
Frank Oechslin & Co. – Berwyn
Franklin County Coal Co. – Royalton
Franklin County Mining Co. Benton
Franklin Hospital Benton
Franklin Life – Peoria
Franklin Life Insurance Co. – Springfield
Franklin School – Peoria
Fraser & Chalmers Co. – Chicago
Fred Harz Welding Shop West State Street Geneva
Fred W. Wolf Co. – Chicago
Freeburg Gas Storage Freeburg
Freeman Coal Mines Farmersville
Freeman Coal Mining Chicago
Freeman Coal Mining Corp. – Waltonville
Freeman Fidelity Mine #11
Freeman United Coal Mining Co. – Herrin
Freeman United Coal, Fidelity Mine #11 Duquoin
Freeport Gas Light & Coke Co. – Freeport
Freeport Malleable Iron Co. Freeport
Freeport Railway, Light & Power Co. – Freeport
Freight House Chicago
Fremd High School – Palatine
Frick Plumbing & Heating Carbondale
Friedman Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Friendship Manor Health Center Belleville
Frisco. System Chicago
Frito-Lay Inc. River Grave
Fruia Coln Corp. Chinatown
Fruit Growers Refining & Power Co. Anna
Ft. Armstrong Theatre – Rock Island
Fuji Trading Co. – Chicago
Fullerton Lumber Co. – Freeport
Fulton Branch – Chicago
Fulton Corp. Fulton
Fulton Saw Works – Chicago
Fulton School – Chicago
Funk Brothers Seed Co. – Bloomington
Furniture Mart – Chicago
Furnsa Electric Co.
Furnsa Electric Co. Batavia
Fw Krause – Chicago
G & E Greenhouse – Des Plaines
G H Hammond Plant – Chicago
G H Sternberg & Co. Granite City
G. A. Fuller Co. – Chicago
G. D. Roper Co. – Kankakee
G. D. Searie Dand Co. Skokie
G. D. Searle & Co. – Chicago
G. H. Hammond Co. – Chicago
G. M. Clark & Co. Division – Harvey
G. P. E. Controls – Chicago
G. R. Hornberger & Sons Cairo
G. S. Lyons & Sons Lumber & Manufacturing Co. – Decatur
GA, TX Terminals Corp. Plant #3 Chicago
Gable Hall – Dekalb
GAF Corp. Ruberoid Joliet
Gaines Foods, Incorporated – Kankakee
Gainesburger Plant – Kankakee
Gale Products Division, Outboard Marine, Inc. – Galesburg
Galesburg Light & Power Co. – Galesburg
Galesburg Malleable Co. – Galesburg
Galesburg Paving Brick Co. – Galesburg
Galesburg Railway Light & Power Co. – Galesburg
Galesburg Soy Products Co. – Galesburg
Gallagher Asphalt Co. – Chicago
Gallagher Asphalt Co. Kankakee
Gallagher Asphalt Co. Thornton
Garbage Incinerator, S. W. Incinerator Chicago
Garden City Brewery – Chicago
Garden City Wet Wash Laundry Co. – Chicago
Gardner Co. – S. Beloit
Gardner Denver Corp. – Quincy
Gardner Martin Asphalt – Chicago
Gardner South Beloit
Gardner-Denver Co. – Quincy
Garfield Junior High School – Chicago
Garment District Realty, Inc. – Chicago
Garrett Biblical Institute – Chicago
Garrett Morgan School – Chicago
Garvy School – Chicago
Gary Tin Mill – Chicago
Gas Machinery Co. – Fayette
Gas Pipeline Co. Of America – Geneseo
Gas Pipeline Co. of America
Gas Saturation Plant – Blue Island
Gates Iron Co. – Chicago
Gates Iron Works – Chicago
Gates Rubber Co. – Galesburg
Gates Rubber Plant Galesburg
Gateway Drywall Granite City
Gateway Midstate Truck Plaza St. Louis
GATX Corp. Argo
GATX Corp. Chicago
Gatx Terminals Corp. – Argo
GATX Terminals Corp. Plant #3 Chicago
Gaylord Container Carol Stream
Gaylord Container Division Carol Stream
Gears & Transmission Corp. – Chicago
Gem Laundry & Dry Cleaners – Chicago
General American Tank & Storage – Chicago
General American Tank Storage & Terminal Co. – Bedford Park
General American Transportation Corp. – Chicago
General Carbon Chemical Corp. Robinson
General Carbon Co. Naperville
General Cement Co. Rockford
General Chemical Co. Hegewisch
General Chemical Co. St. Louis
General Chemical Washington, Park
General Classroom Building
General Contracting Co. Granite City
General Controls Des Plaines
General Electric Appliance Plant – Chicago
General Electric Co. Appliance Plant
General Electric Co. Bloomington
General Electric Co. Chicago
General Electric Co. Decatur
General Electric Co. Dekalb
General Electric Co. Hotpoint Plant Cicero
General Electric Co. Light Manufacturing Plant Mattoon
General Electric Co. Manufacturing Plant Danville
General Electric Co. Morris
General Electric Co. Morrison
General Electric Hotpoint Division Cicero
General Electric Plant – Chicago
General Foods Building 17 Chicago
General Foods Corp. Kool Aid Division Chicago
General Foods Gaines- Burger Plant Kankakee
General Foods Plant
General Heating & Construction Co. – Chicago
General Insulation Roofing Co. East Peoria
General Insulation, Inc. Kankakee
General Mills Building 17 Chicago
General Mills Chemicals, Inc. Kankakee
General Mills Food Plant – W. Chicago
General Mills, Inc. Chicago
General Mills, Inc. Kankakee
General Mills, Inc. Lincolnwood
General Motors Corp. Central Foundry Div Danville
General Motors Corp. Chicago
General Motors Corp. Danville Plant – Decatur
General Motors Corp. La Grange
General Motors Corp. Oakton
General Motors Corp. Tilton
General Motors Corp. Willow Springs
General Motors- Electromotive Chicago
General Motors- Electromotive La Grange
General Motors- Electromotive McCook
General Motors Fisher Body Plant – Willow Springs
General Motors Plant – Brookfield
General Motors-Electromotive – Chicago
General Office Building – Peoria
General Oil Field Supply Co. – Olney
General Portland Cement Chicago
General Printing Ink Corp. Clearing
General Refractories Co. Joliet
General Roofing Co. Marseilles
General Services Administration – Rock Island
General Signal – Chicago
General Steel – Alton
General Steel & Wire Co. – Chicago
General Steel Cast Co. Granite City
General Steel Industries – Granite City
General Steel, Alton
General Tire & Rubber Co. Mt. Vernon
Geneva Modern Kitchens Inc. Geneva
Genoa Manufacturing – Genoa
Genoa Powerhouse – Genoa
Genstar Corp. – Chicago Heights
Geo A. Slay & Company Granite City
Geo Lomax – Chicago
Geo White Centralia
George & Wrather Oil Co. – Mt. Carmel
George B. Swift & Co. – Chicago
George F. Mepham Corp. – E. St Louis
George Grove Plumbing & Heat Granite City
George Lomax – Chicago
George Ostendorf Edwardsville
George Uhl Brick & Stone Contractor Belleville
George Weis Company Millstadt
George Williams College – Chicago
George Wrather Oil Co. Mt Carmel
George Wrather Oil Co. Robinson
Georgia Pacific Corp. – Elk Grove Village
Gerald Walker Brick Contractor Alton
Gerlach-Barklow Co. – Joliet
German American Portland Cement Co. – Lasalle
Gerts Lombard & Co. – Chicago
Gibson Appliance Co. Centralia
Gillespie Elementary School – Chicago
Gillette Chemical Co. – Chicago
Gilson Brown School – Alton
Girdler Corp. Mapleton
Gl Vaughn Co. – St. Louis
Glass House – E. St Louis
Glass Specialty Co. Bloomington
Glasser Crandell Co. – Chicago
Gleeson Asphalt, Inc. Belleville
Glen Construction Co. Granite City
Glen Ellyn Wastewater Treatment Plant Glen Elly
Glen Plant – Chicago
Glenbard High School – Glen Ellyn
Glenbrook South High School – Glenview
Glencoe High School – Glencoe
Glencoe Union Presbyterian Church – Glencoe
Glendale Heights Village Sewage Treatment Plant – Glen Ellyn
Glidden Co. Chicago
Glidden Co. Collinsville
Glidden Paint Co. – Rockford
Glidden Soybean Plant – Chicago
Globe Distillery – Pekin
Globe Imperial – Rockford
Globe Industries – Chicago
Globe Laundry Co. – Chicago
Globe Laundry Co.
Globe Oil & Refining Co – Lemont
Globe Oil Refining Co. Gate #2 Lemont
Globe Roofing Products Inc. – Chicago
Glucose Sugar Refinery Co. – Peoria
Glucose Sugar Refining Co. – Chicago
Glucose Sugar Refining Co. Rockford
GM Fisher Body Div. Willow Springs
GNH Electrical Supply Naperville
Goder Joseph Incinerators – Elk Grove Village
Godfrey School – Alton
Godfrey Sewage Treatment Plant Godfrey
Gold Coast Motor Sales – Chicago
Goldschmidt Chemical Corp. Mapleton
Gonits Foundry Co. – Rockford
Good Samaritan Hospital – Mt. Vernon
Goodman Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Goodrich Chemical Co. – Henry
Goodrich Chemicals Co.
Goodyear Plant – Joliet
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. – Chicago
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Decatur
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Waukegan
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant – Henry
Gordon Baking Co. – Chicago
Gottfried Brewing Co. – Chicago
Gould National Battery Kankakee
Grabler Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Grace & Hyde – Chicago
Graham Hospital Canton
Grain Elevator – Lincoln
Granby Mining & Smelting Co. – E. St Louis
Granby Mining & Smelting Co. Rose Lake St. Louis
Grand Power Station, Unit #3 – Springfield
Grand Tower Generating Station Grand Tower
Grand Tower Powerhouse Grand Tower
Granite City Coke Granite City
Granite City Engineers Depot Granite City
Granite City Manufacturing Co. – Granite City
Granite City Press Granite City
Granite City School – Granite City
Granite City Steel Co. – Granite City
Granite Sheet Metal Granite City
Grant Wilson Inc. – Chicago
Gratz Construction Co. Harvard
Graver Construction Co. – E. Chicago
Gray Electric Co. Highland Park
Gray Iron Foundry Belleville
Grayslake Geletin Co. – Greys Lake
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. – Chicago
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. Calument Plant Chicago
Great Lakes Forge – Aurora
Great Lakes Hospital – Great Lakes
Great Lakes Naval Station – Chicago
Great Lakes Naval Station Supply Center – Great Lakes
Great Lakes Naval Station Supply Center Waukegan
Great Lakes Naval Training Center – Chicago
Great Lakes Naval Training Station – Great Lakes
Great Lakes Plating Japaning Co. – Chicago
Great Lakes Plumbing Chicago
Great Lakes Power Plant – Waukegan
Great Lakes Refining Co. – Blue Island
Great Lakes Storage Container Co. Chicago
Great Lakes Training Center Chicago
Great Western Cereal Co. – Chicago
Great Western Distilling Co. – Peoria
Great Western Laundry Co. – Chicago
Greater Peoria Sanitary & Sewage Disposal – Peoria
Greco Industries – Franklin
GreCo. Industries, 9451 W. Belmont Franklin Park
Green Brothers Steel Foundry – Rockford
Green Street School
Greenacre Cleaners – Dekalb
Greendale Elevator Co. Kinmundy
Greendale Soya Products Co. Kinmundy
Greenebaum Tanning Co. – Chicago
Greenlee Brothers & Co. – Chicago
Greenlee Brothers & Co. Rockford
Greenville High School – Greenville
Greiser & Son – Danville
Greiss Pfleiger Tannery Waukegan
Greke Plumbing & Heating Moline
Gresham Elementary Chicago
Griesedieck Western Brewery – Belleview
Griess-Pfleger Tanning Co. – Waukegan
Griffin Wheel Co. Chicago
Griffin Wheel Co. Pullman
Grigoleit Co. – Decatur
Grigsby Grunow Co. – Chicago
Grossman Plumbing Co. – Mundelein
Groyden Hotel – Chicago
Grundy Industries, Inc. in Joliet
Grunwald Plating – Chicago
Guggenheim Elementary School – Chicago
Gulf Mobile Chicago Railroad – Bloomington
Gulf Mobile Ohio Railroad – Bloomington
Gulf Oil Corp. – Edgewood
Gulf Oil Corp. Valmeyer
Gulf Oil Corp. West York
Gunite Division Kelsey-Hayes Co. Rockford
Gunite Foundries Corp. – Rockford
Gunite Foundries Division of Kelsey-Hayes Co. Rockford
Gunners Mates Service School – Great Lakes
Gust K. Newberg Construction Chicago
Gutmann & Co. – Chicago
Gutmann Co. Chicago
H & H Construction Services & Mgmy, Inc. Carlinville
H & O Interiors DuPage County
H B Liquidating Company Centralia
H Mueller Manufacturing Co. – Decatur
H. Douglas Singer Clinic – Peoria
H. H. Hall Construction St. Louis
H. K. Ferguson Co. – Polo
H. Koppers, Engineering Division – Joliet
H. Kramer Co. – Chicago
H. M. Byllesby & Co. – Chicago
H. M. Harper Co. Morton Grove
H. M. Harper Morton Grove
H. Mueller Manufacturing Co. – Decatur
H. S. McCray Lockport
H. W. Johns Manville Co. – Waukegan
Haggar Zinc – Danville
Hahne & Co. – Danville
Haldi Lumber & Construction Co. Highland
Hale Elementary School – Chicago
Hale School, 6160 S. Melvina Chicago
Hales & Edwards Co. Riverdale
Hales & Hunter Co. Riverdale
Hales Elevator Co. Riverdale
Hales Franciscan High School – Chicago
Hales Hunter Dolton
Hall Aluminum – Chicago
Hall Printing Co. Chicago
Hamlin Casting Corp. Edwardsville
Hammond Organ Co. – Chicago
Hamphshire High School Carpentersville
Hampshire House – Chicago
Handy Button Realty Corp. – Chicago
Hanger Lot A – Chicago
Hanks Exec & Landscaping Waterloo
Hanley Casey Co. – Chicago
Hanna City State Boys Sch Hanna City
Hansell Elcock Co. – Chicago
Hanson Scale Co.
Hanson Scale Co. Northbrook
Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. – E. Chicago
Harco Aluminum – Chicago
Harding Ditch Highway Washington, Park
Hardville Hershey Corp. Decatur
Harlem Irving Plaza Shopping Center
Harlem Irving Plaza Shopping Center – Norridge
Harmony Co. – Chicago
Harnish Co. Chicago
Harold & Martin W Crane Chicago
Harold Gunnarson Co. – Chicago
Harris Brothers – Chicago
Harris- Hub Bed Spring Co. Harvey
Harris Trust Building – Chicago
Harris-Hub Bed & Spring Co. – Harvey
Harrison Lithographic – Chicago
Harrison St. Pumping Station – Chicago
Harrison Street Pumping Station – Chicago
Harrison Technical School – Chicago
Hart & Cooley Manufacturing Co. – S. Chicago
Hart Carter Co. – Peoria
Hartford Insurance Building – Chicago
Hartford Refinery Wood River
Hartmann-Sanders Co. – Chicago
Hartwell Drainage & Levee District – Hillview
Harvard Elementary School – Chicago
Harvest Brands Havana
Harvey Metals Corp. – Chicago
HasCo. Construction Co. Chicago
Hateley Brothers Chicago
Havana Power Station Havana
Havana Power Station, Unit 6 Havana
Havana Powerhouse Havana
Hawthorn Station Northside Hartford
Hawthorne Racetrack Cicero
Hawthorne Works – Chicago
Hawthorn-Mellody Farms – Chicago
Hayden-Illinois Ltd. Woodstock
Hayt, Alsik Co. – Chicago
Healy Mech Centers Moffitt Park
Hefferan Elementary School – Chicago
Hefferan Elementary School
Hegeler Brothers – Danville
Hegeler Zinc Co. – Danville
Hegewisch Co.
Heick Die Casting Corp. – Chicago
Heidbreder Brothers – Quincy
Heinemanns Bakery Chicago
Heinlein Hardware Co. Nashville
Hellstrom Corp. Franklin Park
Hellstrom Franklin Park
Helmkamp Construction Co. Wood River
Helubacher Forge & Rolling Mills Corp. – Madison
Henderson Armature Works – Alton
Hendrickson Auto Spring Chicago
Hendrickson International Corp. Chicago
Hennepin Power Station Hennepin
Henrietta School – Rockford
Henriksen – Berkeley
Henriksen – Underwriters Lab – Northbrook
Henriksen American Steel Cont. Chicago
Henriksen C O Co. Berkeley
Henriksen Underwriters Lab Northbrook
Henry Chem Plant Henry
Henry Engineering Co. Moline
Henry Pratt Co. Chicago
Henry Ross Construction Granite City
Hensco Enterprises, Inc. Centralia
Herman M. Adler Clinic – Champaign
Herrin High School Herrin
Herschel R Manufacturing E Peoria
Hertz Car Rental
Hi Hard Rolls Co. Harvey
Hibbard School – Chicago
Higgins Street Garlic Press Chicago
High School – Chester
High School West Division Building Nbr B Northfield
Highland Builders Highland
Highland Heating, Inc. Chicago
Highland Hospital – Bellvidere
Highland Illinois Power Plant – Highland
Highland Park High School
Highland Park High School Highland Park
Highland Park Hospital Highland Park
Highland Park School Highland Park
Hi-Hard Rolls – Harvey
Hill Mechanical Corp. Franklin Park
Hill Thomas Co. – E. St Louis
Hill- Thomas Lime & Cement St. Louis
Hillman’s Food Warehouse – Chicago
Hillsboro Electric Light Heat & Power Co. Hillsboro
Hillsboro Glass Co. Hillsboro
Hillsboro High School Hillsboro
Hilltop Apartments – Chicago Heights
Hinckley & Schmitt Inc. – Chicago
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. – Chicago
Hines Hospital Maywood
Hines Veterans Hospital – Hines
Hinsdale Sanitarium & Hospital – Hinsdale
Hinton Elementary School – Chicago
Hinton School, HInton School Chicago
Hiram Walker & Sons, Inc. – Peoria
Hiram Walker Distillery – Peoria
Hiram Walker Glass Hillsboro
Hiram Walker Incorporated – Peoria
Hiram Walker Sons Peoria Plant Peoria
Hirsh Stein & Co. – W. Hammond
HMA Holdings Inc. Collinsville
Hodgson Foundry – Chicago
Hoe Supply Co. Christopher
Hoefer Manufacturing – Freeport
Hoeffken Bros, Inc. Belleville
Hoffman Estates
Hoffmann Stafford Tanning Co. – Chicago
Holabird & Roche – Chicago
Holiday Inn – 74Th South Cicero Chicago
Holiday Inn – West 95Th Street Oak Lawn
Holiday Inn Motel – Willow Brooks
Holiday Inn Of America – Glen Ellyn
Holiday Laundry – Skokie
Holiday Theater – Park Forest
Holland Asphalt Paving Co. Granite City
Holland Energy Facility – Beecher City
Hollywood Brands, Inc. – Centrailia
Hollywood Vassarette – Chicago
Holy Cross Hospital – Chicago
Holy Family Academy, 1444 W. Division Chicago
Holy Family Hospital – Des Plaines
Holy Trinity Parish – Chicago
Holy Trinity Parish
Home Crystal Wash – Chicago
Home Federal Savings & Loan Association – Chicago
Home Insurance Co. – Chicago
Hones Veterans Hospital Hines
Honeywell Plant – Cook County
Honeywell Plant
Hoopeston Electric Light & Heating Co. Hoopeston
Hoopeston Foods, Inc. – Hoopeston
Hopkins Machine Chicago
Hopper Paper Co. Taylorville
Horace Mann School – Robbins
Horton Process Division Chic Brirn Oakbrook
Hospital Services – Chicago
Hotel Sherman – Chicago
Hotpoint Appliance Factory – Chicago
Hotpoint Co. – Chicago Heights
Hotpoint Division of General Electric Cicero
Hotpoint Plant- General Electric – Cicero
Hotpoint, Inc. – Cicero
Houdaille-Hershey Corp. – Decatur
House of Correction
House Shell Service Roxana
Housing For Elderly – Chicago
Howard Foundry – Chicago
Howard School Wilmette
Howard Steele Construction, Inc. Madison
Howards & Wells Appliance Alton
Hoyer Schlesinger Turner, Inc. Highland Park
Hoyleton Masonry Contractors, Inc. Hoyleton
Hoyt Metal Co. – Granite City
Hubbard School – Chicago
Hudson Engineering & Fab – Chicago
Hudsonville Powerhouse – Hudsonville
Hugh Young – Chicago
Hugle W. Dyer Marquette Building – Chicago
Humboldt School – Alton
Humboldt School, Humboldt School Alton
Humko Co. Oil Products Plant Champaign
Humko Oil Plant – Champaign
Humko Products Champaign
Hummer Manufacturing Plant Springfield
Humphries Machine Chicago
Humphry & Sons Co. – Joliet
Hunt Drainage District – Warsaw
Hunt Foods & Industries, Inc. – Chicago
Hunt Wessen Co. Chicago
Hunter Packing Co. – E. St Louis
Huntley Sewage Treatment Plant Huntley
Hunt-Wesson Foods Division Chicago
Huron & Orleans Building Corp. – Chicago
Hursh Hall – Bennett – Macomb
Huss & Schlieper – Decatur
Huss & Schliper – Decatur
Hutchinson Foundry Alton
Hutsonville Power Station Unit 1 Hutsonville
Hutsonville Powerhouse
Hutsonville Powerhouse Hutsonville
Hyatt Corp. Chicago
Hyde Park Community Hospital – Hyde Park
Hyde Park Electric Light & Power Co. – Chicago
Hyde Park Elementary School – Waukegan
Hyde Park High School – Chicago
Hyde Park Hotel – Chicago
Hydro-Blast Corp. – Chicago
Hydro-Blast Corp. Rockford
Hygienic Ice Co. – Chicago
Hygrade Food Products Corp. – Quincy
Hyman Micheals Co. – Chicago
Hyon Waste Management Service Chicago
Hysan Products Co. – Chicago
Hyster Co. Danville
Hyster Co. Decatur
Hyster Co. Peoria
IBM Building – Chicago
IBM Corp. Chicago
Icon Mechanical Construction Granite City
ICRR Chicago
ICRR Decatur
Ideal Heating Co – Brookfield
Ideal Industries Sycamore
Ij Case Tenneco – Rock Island
Il State University Normal
Illini Union Building – Champaign
Illinois & Midland Railroad
Illinois American Water – Belleville
Illinois Ap Green F B C – Chicago
Illinois Athletic Club – Chicago
Illinois Beach State Park
Illinois Bell Chicago
Illinois Bell Edgemont
Illinois Bell Telephone Building. – Chicago
Illinois Bell Telephone Co. No 5 Cross Bar Station Galena
Illinois Bell Telephone Co. Wilmette
Illinois Bell Telephone Waukegan
Illinois Board of Education
Illinois Brick Co. Bernice
Illinois Brick Co. Blue Island
Illinois Brick Co. Broadview
Illinois Brick Co. Chicago
Illinois Brick Co. Shermerville
Illinois Brick Co. Yard #24 Chicago
Illinois Brick Co. Yard #3 Evanston
Illinois Brick Co. Yard #42 Blue Island
Illinois Canning Co. Hoopeston
Illinois Car & Equipment Co. – Chicago
Illinois Cement Co. Lasalle
Illinois Central Corp.
Illinois Central Peoria
Illinois Central R. R. Co. I. C. Roundhouse Clinton
Illinois Central Railroad Co. Centralia
Illinois Central Railroad Co. Chicago
Illinois Central Railroad Co. Clinton
Illinois Central Railroad Co. Companionship
Illinois Central Railroad Co. St. Louis
Illinois Central Railroad Roodhouse
Illinois Central RR Champaign
Illinois Central System – Centrailia
Illinois Cereal Mills Inc. – Paris
Illinois Chemical Co. – Chicago Heights
Illinois Clay Products Co. – Gooslake
Illinois Clay Products Joliet
Illinois Eastern Hospital – Kankakee
Illinois Excavators, Inc. Ruma
Illinois Fibr Speciality – Chicago
Illinois Fibre Specialty – Chicago
Illinois Fireproof Covering – Chicago
Illinois Glass – Alton
Illinois Granite City Steel – Granite City
Illinois Institute of Mentally Retarded Centralia
Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago
Illinois Insulation & Construction Co. – Chicago
Illinois Iron & Bolt Co. – Carpentersville
Illinois Light Co. – Edwards Station Construction – Sommer
Illinois Light Company – Edwards Station Construction
Illinois Light Power
Illinois Lumber Cairo
Illinois Maintenance Co. – Chicago
Illinois Masonic Hospital – Chicago
Illinois Meat Co. – Chicago
Illinois Nitrogen Cordova
Illinois Northern Hospital for The Insane – Elgin
Illinois Northern Utilities Co.
Illinois Oil Co. Cushing, OK
Illinois Ordnance Plant – Marion
Illinois Packing Co. – Chicago
Illinois Plastic Molding – Chicago
Illinois Pork Corp. – Mornmouth
Illinois Power – Belleville
Illinois Power – Decatur
Illinois Power & Light Alton
Illinois Power & Light Powerhouse – Havana
Illinois Power & Light- Venice Powerhouse – Venice
Illinois Power Co Hennepin Station Decatur
Illinois Power Co. Baldwin Energy Station Unit 1 & 5 Baldwin
Illinois Power Co. Belleville
Illinois Power Co. Bloomington
Illinois Power Co. Danville
Illinois Power Co. Decatur
Illinois Power Co. Depeu
Illinois Power Co. Freeburg
Illinois Power Co. Galesburg
Illinois Power Co. Havana
Illinois Power Co. Maryville
Illinois Power Co. Morants
Illinois Power Co. Oakwood
Illinois Power Co. Tuscola
Illinois Power Co. Vermillion Oakwood
Illinois Power Co. Wood River
Illinois Power Wood River Division – Peoria
Illinois Power, Clinton Power Station – Clinton
Illinois Public Service Co.
Illinois Public Service Co. Meredosia
Illinois Public Utility Co. – Lincoln
Illinois Railroad Central Co. Chicago
Illinois Railroad New York City, NY
Illinois Rural Electric Co. – Pittsfield
Illinois Sanitary District Decatur Harristown
Illinois Shade Cloth Co. – Chicago Heights
Illinois Shipyard
Illinois Soldiers & Sailors Home – Quincy
Illinois State – Schroeder Hall Annex – Normal
Illinois State Fairgrounds – Springfield
Illinois State Farm Vandalia
Illinois State Highway Department – Springfield
Illinois State Penitentiary – Joliet
Illinois State School – Jacksonville
Illinois State University Normal
Illinois Steel Co. Chicago
Illinois Steel Co. Joliet
Illinois Strawboard Paper Corp. Rock Falls
Illinois Supply – Aurora
Illinois Term. RR. Anlin Siding
Illinois Tool Works- Hobart Brothers Co.
Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Illinois Traction Co. – Decatur
Illinois Traction System Peoria
Illinois Traction System Riverton
Illinois Tube – Skokie
Illinois Vets Housing Project
Illinois Vinegar Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Illinois Wesleyan University – Bloomfield
Illinois Western Hospital For The Insane – Watertown
Illinois Western Railroad
Illinois Women’s College – Jacksonville
Illinois Zinc Co. Peru
Illinois Zinc Co. Pittsburgh, PA
Illinois-Iowa Power Co. – Danville
Illinova Power Marketing Inc – Baldwin
Illinova Power Marketing, Inc. Havana
Immaculate Conception Church Chicago
Imperial Electric Co. – E. Chicago
In deck Power Equipment Co.
Incinerator Inc. – Cicero
Incobrasa Industries – Gilman
Incobrosa Farms – Gilman
Indeck Power Equipment Co. – Morton Grove
Indeck Power Equipment Co. Wheeling
Independent Boiler & Tank – Chicago
Independent Brewing Association – Chicago
Independent Engineering – O’Fallon
Independent Light & Power Co. – Quincy
Independent Packing Co. – Chicago
Independent Pneumatic Tool Co. – Aurora
Indian Hills Tea Room
Indian Refining Limited Partnership Lawrenceville
Indiana & Michigan Power – Fairbanks
Indiana Quarries Co. – Chicago
Indiana Steel Co. – Chicago
Indlex Pharmaceutical Co. – Park Forest
Industrial Castings Cicero
Industrial Die Casting Co. Chicago
Industrial Engineering Equipment Co. – Rock Island
Industrial Filter – Chicago
Industrial Homes Corp. Granite City
Industrial Plumbing Heating Benton
Industrial Roller Co. – Smithton
Industrial Tape Div – Chicago
Industrial Tape Division – Chicago
Ingalls Memorial Hospital – Harvey
Ingalls Shepard Division Harvey
Ingalls-Shepard Forging Co. – Harvey
Ingersoll Milling Machine Rockford
Ingersoll Products – Chicago
Ingersol-Rand Rockford
Inland Insulation Co. – Chicago
Inland Insurance – Chicago
Inland Rubber Co. – Ottawa
Inland Steel Co. Building 17 Chicago
Inland Steel Co. Chicago Heights
Inland Steel Co. Inland Mine
Inland Steel Co. Inland Mine Waltonville
Inland Steel Co. Mcleansboro
Inland Steel Co. Plant Number 2 Galvanizing Line Chicago
Inland Steel Co. Plant Number New Locker Building Chicago
Inland Steel Coal Mine Sesser
Inland Steel Inland Mine – Waltonville
Inland Steel Mill – Chicago
Inland Steel Powerhouse – Chicago
Inland Steel Team Track Chicago
Inland Supply Co. – Danville
Inland Supply Co. Elgin
Institute Of Gas Technology – Chicago
Institute of Technology – Chicago
Institution For Mentally Retarded – Centrailia
Insul- Matic, Inc. Summit
Insulation & Materials – Robinson
Insulation By Western – Chicago
Insulation Construction Co. – Chicago
Insulation Materials Robinson
Insulation Services Co. – Hartford
Insulmastic Summit
Insul-Matic, Incorporated – Summit
Insurance Exchange – Chicago
Inter Ocean Publishing Co. – Chicago
Inter Ocean Refining Co. – McCook
Interchemical Corp. – Chicago
Intercoastal Paint St. Louis
Intercontinental Alloy Corp. – Joliet
Interlake Coke, Inc. – Chicago
Interlake Iron Co. Chicago
Interlake Iron Co. Riverdale
Interlake Riverdale
Interlake Steel Corp. Chicago
Interlake Steel Corp. Kiserdale
Interlake Steel Corp. Riverdale
Internatinoal Paper Co. Container Div – N. Lake
International Combustion Tar & Chemical Co. – Granite City
International Harvester – Farmall Rock Island
International Harvester Co. Broadview
International Harvester Co. Canton
International Harvester Co. Chicago
International Harvester Co. Farmall Rock Island
International Harvester Co. Hinsdale
International Harvester Co. Libertyville
International Harvester Co. Melrose Park
International Harvester Co. Moline
International Harvester Co. Peoria
International Harvester Co. Rock Island
International Harvester Co. South Deering
International Harvester Co. Wisconsin Steel Works Chicago
International Harvester Tractor Plant – Chicago
International Harvester Tractor Works Chicago
International Nickel Mining Co. – Chicago
International Paper Co. – Chicago
International Paper Co. Container Division North Lake
International Pump Filter Chicago
International Rolling Mills Co. – Chicago
International Shoe Co. Evansville
International Shoe Co. Hartford
International Shoe Co. Olney
International Shoe Co. South Wood River
International Truck & Engine Corp. – Chicago
International Truck & Engine Corp. Warrenville
International Vermiculite – Girard
International West Pullman Works Chicago
Interstate Fertilizer Cairo
Interstate Mill & Storage Cairo
Interstate Power Co. – Savanna
Interstate Water Co. – Danville
Intramural Railway – Chicago
Intramural Railway Worlds Fair – Chicago
Iowa Electric Light & Power – Generating Station – Moline
Iowa Illinois Gas & Electric Co. Power Plant Moline
Iowa Valve Co. – Chicago
Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Co. Moline
Ipsen Industries – Rockford
Ipsen International – Cherry Valley
IRL Martin Residence – Rockford
Iron, Seneca Shipyard – Chicago
Iron-A-Way Morton
Iron-Seneca Shipyard – Chicago
Iroquois Iron Co. – Chicago
Irving Crown High School Carpentersville
Island Insulation – Chicago
Island Lake Sewage Treatment Plant Island Lake
Isvi Gym & Pool Isvi – Jacksonville
Itwtacc, A Division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Ivex Corp. – Joliet
J J Wuellner & Son Alton
J.  Mortell Corp.
J. & J. Tool Co. – Chicago
J. C. Deagan, Inc. – Chicago
J. C. Penny Building – Belleville
J. Deere Harvester – E. Moline
J. Deere Mall Iron Works – E. Moline
J. F. Pritchard & Co. – Ficklin
J. G. Braun Co.
J. H. Armbruster Co. South Lasalle Street Aurora
J. I. Case Co. – Rock Island
J. J. Moroney – Melrose
J. J. Tool Co. Chicago
J. M. Roach Mgr. – Chicago
J. M. Roach. Mgr. – Chicago
J. R. Short Milling Co. – Chicago
J. S. Morton East High School – Cicero
J. Sterling Morton High School & Junior College – Cicero
J. T. Case Co. Rockford
J. T. Ryerson & Son Inc. – Chicago
J. T. Ryerson Son Inc. Chicago
J. T. Thorpe Lemont
J. W. Lyon, Mayor – Belvidere
J. W. Sefton Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Jackson County Hospital Maquoketa
Jackson-Franklin Building – Chicago
Jackson-Franklin Building Chicago
Jacksonville Powerhouse – Jacksonville
Jacksonville Railway & Light Co. – Jacksonville
Jacksonville Supply Co. – Jacksonville
Jacksonville Woolen Mills – Jacksonville
Jacob Beilder School – Chicago
Jacob Haish & Co. – Dekalb
Jafra Inc. Alton
Jail & County Court House Of Lasalle County – Ottawa
Jail & County Courthouse of Lasalle County Ottawa
Jakel, Inc. Highland
James B. Clow & Sons – Bensenville
James C. Robertson Masonry Centralia
James D. Beaver Masonry Contractor Centralia
James L Goestenkors Pocahontas
James McHugh Construction Co. Chicago
James S. Kirk Co. – Chicago
Jane Neil Elementary School – Chicago
Jane Neil Elementary School
Jarco Construction Company, Inc. Granite City
Jardine Water Purification Plant Building 17 Chicago
Jarrow Products – Chicago
Jas. Stewart & Co. – Chicago
Jasper Marsh – Skokie
JC Penney Building – Belleville
JD Mott Inc. – Rockford
Jefferson City Light Heat & Power Co. – Peoria
Jefferson High School – Rockford
Jefferson Jr. High School – Rockford
Jefferson Junior High School – Rockford
Jefferson Junior High School Vandalia
Jefferson Smurfit – Alton
Jefferson Smurfit Corp. Alton
Jennison Wright Corp. – Granite City
Jennison Wright Plant – Granite City
Jerco, Incorporated – Milan
Jernberg Forgings – Chicago
Jesse W. Starr For City Of Joliet Water Works – Joliet
Ji Case Co. Rock Island
Joan of Arc Canning Co. Hoopeston
Joan Of Arc Co. – Hoopeston
Jobbins William Aurora
Jockey Club – Arlington Park
Joe Altpeter Plumbing Heating Breese
Joe Koen Edwardsville
Joes Bulko Service Chicago
John Deer Plow Works Moline
John Deere & Co.
John Deere Building – Chicago
John Deere Co. – E. Moline
John Deere Co. Moline
John Deere Co. Silvis
John Deere Foundry East Moline
John Deere Foundry Silvis
John Deere Harvester Works – E. Moline
John Deere Industrial Equipment Works – Moline
John Deere Malleable Iron Works – E. Moline
John Deere Plow Works – Moline
John Deere Tractor Factory – Aurora
John Deere Vermilion Works Hoopeston
John Deere Wagon Works – Moline
John Deere Wiman, Swimming Pool – Moline
John E. Shulze & Sons, Inc. – Chicago
John F. Jelke Co. – Chicago
John Hancock Building – Chicago
John J. Moroney Co. Melrose Park
John Malcolm Sons Oaklawn
John Mohr & Son – Chicago
John Mohr & Sons Boiler Shop – Chicago
John Wood Co. – Chicago
Johns-Manville Corp. Chicago
Johns-Manville Corp. Madison
Johns-Manville Corp. Waukegan
Johns-Manville Dutch Brand Division Chicago
Johns-Manville Fibre Chicago
Johns-Manville Pipe Plant – Waukegan
Johns-Manville Plant – Madison
Johns-Manville Products Corp. Waukegan
Johns-Manville, Inc. Waukegan
Johnson & Carlson – Chicago
Johnson & Johnson Bedford Park
Johnson & Johnson Chicago
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Plant – Bedford Park
Johnson & Johnson Plant – Romeoville
Johnson Carlson Co. Chicago
Johnson City Coal Co. – Johnson City
Johnson County Asphalt Inc. – Red Bud
Johnson Mechanical Contra E Moline
Johnson Motors Waukegan
Johnson School – Chicago
Johnson School, Johnson School Chicago
Johnson Sheet Metal Works – E. Moline
Johnson-Beatrice Apartments – Rockford
Johnsonville Compressor Station Johnsonville
Joliet & Eastern Shops Elgin
Joliet Army Ammunition Plant – Joliet
Joliet Arsenal & Great Lakes – Chicago
Joliet Arsenal Building Elwood
Joliet Arsenal Great Lakes Building 17 Chicago
Joliet Arsenal Joliet
Joliet Central High School Joliet
Joliet Chemical Plant
Joliet Generating Station – Joliet
Joliet Jr. High School – Joliet
Joliet Junior High School – Joliet
Joliet Power Plant – Joliet
Joliet Powerhouse Tool Inc.
Joliet Public Schools – Chicago
Joliet Shipyard – Joliet
Joliet Station # 9 Joliet
Joliet Township High School – Joliet
Joliet Works – Joliet
Jones & Laughlin Steel Aliquippa
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. – Hennepin
Jons Manville Dutch Brands – Chicago
Joppa Generating Station Joppa
Joppa Power Plant – Joppa
Joppa Powerhouse Joppa
Joppa Steam Electric Station
Joppa Steam Generating Station Joppa
Joseph Bohr & Sons, Inc. – Rockford
Joseph Coder Incinerators – Chicago
Joseph T. Ryerson – Chicago
Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Co. – Chicago
Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Co. Franklin Park
Joslyn Mfg. Supply Co. Chicago
J-P Construction Co. Chicago Heights
JRG Trucking Lombard
JSG Electrical Schiller Park
Judson Rubber Co. Works Chicago
K J B Equipment, Inc. Godfrey
K. & S. Finishing – Chicago
K. H. Huppert Co. – S. Holland
K. I. Herman Chemical Corp. – Matteson
K. P. Publications – Schiller Park
Kable Printing – Mt. Morris
Kable Printing Mt. Morris
Kahn’s – Cincinnati
Kailer Youngquist, Inc. – Chicago
Kaiser Aluminum – Dolton
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Dolton
Kaiser E. B. Co. Glenview
Kaiser Refractories – Bridgeview
Kalva Corp. – Gurnee
Kalva Corp. Waukegan
Kamadulski Excavating Granite City
Kaney Transportation, Inc. Rockford
Kankaha Water Co. – Kankaha
Kankakee Catholic School
Kankakee Electric Steel – Kankakee
Kankakee Highway Department Garage
Kankakee Ordnance Works – Wilmington
Kankakee Powerhouse – Kankakee
Kankakee State Hospital – Kankakee
Kankakee Unit Nbr 1 Joliet Arsenal Elwood
Kankakee Water & Distribution Plant
Kankakee Water Mains
Kankakee Works – Kankakee
Kankatee Ordinance Works Chicago
Karpen & Brothers West 22nd Street Chicago
Kaskaskia Workshop, Inc. Centralia
Kass Potato Chips Centralia
Kautt & Bux Manufacturing in Mundelein
Kay-Bee Co. – Morrison
KCW Environmental Carole Stream
Keck Electric Corp. – Joliet
Keeley & Sons Inc. St. Louis
Keene Corp. – Central Ill. Power Station – Coffeen
Kehlor Brothers St. Louis
Keith Beals Masonry Effingham
Kellen Greenhouse Mt. Prospect
Kellens Florists Mt. Prospect
Kelly Hogan Plumbing Co. Granite City
Kelly Railroad Contractors St. Louis
Kelly-Springfield Tire Co. – Freeport
Kelsey Hayes Co. – Rockford
Kelso-Burnett Electric Co. Rolling Meadows
Kendall College – Evanston
Kennedy Bakery Chicago
Kennedy Biscuit Works – Chicago
Kennedy Laundry – Chicago
Kenneth E Wild & Sons, Inc. Belleville
Kenneth Wild Concrete Co. – Belleville
Kenney Paper Co. – Chicago
Kensington Steel Co. – Chicago
Kentile Floors, Inc. – Chicago
Kenwood High School – Chicago
Kerber Packing Co. – Elgin
Kern Construction Co. Alton
Kern Construction Co. Inc. – IL
Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp. – Plainfield
Kershaw Marshall Elementary School – Chicago
Kewanee Boiler Corp. Kewanee
Kewanee Boilers – Kewanee
Kewanee Light & Power Co. Kewanee
Kewanee Public Service Co. – IL
Kewanee Sewage District Plant Kewanee
Kewaunee – Chicago
Keystone Bartonville
Keystone- Calumet Inc. Chicago Heights
Keystone Co. Peoria
Keystone Fence Co. – Bartonville
Keystone Fence Co. Peoria
Keystone Galvanizing – Bartonville
Keystone Manufacturing Co. Sterling
Keystone Steel & Wire Co. – Bartonville
Keystone Steel & Wire Co. Peoria
Keystone Steel Wire Co. Chicago Heights
Keystone Works Rock Falls
Kienstra Concrete Edwardsville
Kilian Corp. Mascoutah
Kiln Gas Alton
Kimble Glass Co. Owens-Illinois Glass
Kincaid Generating Station Unit 1-4 Ellis
Kincaid Power Plant – Central
Kincaid Power Station – Peoria
Kincaid Station, Units 1 & 2 – Chicago
Kincaid Steam Plant – Kincaid
KIncaid, Power Plant Springfield
Kincaid, Powerhouse Kincaid
KIncaid, Station, Units 1 & 2 Chicago
King Arthur Apartments, Addison – Palatine
King Bruwaert House – Hinsdale
King Lab School, King Lab School Evanston
King Sealy Thermos Co. – Macomb
Kings Highway Amoco St. Louis
Kinkaid Powerhouse Kinkaid
Kippers Co. – Cicero
Klein Nathias & Sons Skokie
Kluczynski Federal Office Building Chicago
Knickerbocker Ice Co. – Chicago
Knight Building – Chicago
Knox College – Galesburg
Koehler Manufacturing Co.
Koellings Electric Service Salem
Kohler Brothers St. Louis
Komatsu-Dresser – Peoria
Koppers Co. Carrondale
Koppers Co. Cicero
Koppers Co. Galesburg
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division Cicero
Korhumel Steel – Evanston
Korte & Luitjohan Contractors Highland
Korte Plocher Construction Co. Highland
Kraft Food – Jacksonville
Kraft Foods Co. Champaign
Kraft Foods Co. Chicago
Kraft Foods Co. Granite City
Kraft Foods Co. Jacksonville
Kraft Foods Co. Milledgeville
Kraft Foods Co. Peoria
Kraft Foods Co. Rochelle
Kraft Foods Co. Stockton
Kraft Foods Co. Toulon
Kraft Foods Division Toulon
Kraft Foods New Plant – Champaign
Kraft Foods, Incorporated – Milledgeville
Kramer H & Co. – Chicago
Krapp Forge – Chicago
Kreigsman Transfer Storage Co. – Pekin
Krez Brand Joint Venture McCormick Place Chicago
Kroch’s & Brentano’s – Chicago
Kroehler Manufacturing Co. – Bradley
Kroehler Manufacturing Co. – Naperville
Kropp Forge Co. – Chicago
Krug Excavating Co. Chicago
Krummerich Plant – Monsanto
Kuppenheimer Building Chicago
L E Harnisch & Co. – Chicago
L L Hawhee Co – Decatur
L L Hawhee Co. – Danville
L Wolf Co. Granite City
L. A. Weiss Memorial – Chicago
L. A. Weiss Memorial Chicago
L. E. Myers Co. – Chicago
L. E. Myers Co. Chicago
L. H. Prentice Co. – Chicago
L. Karp & Son, Inc. – Chicago
La Roche Industries – Morris
La Salle Steel Building 17 Chicago
Labor Specialists, Inc. Carbondale
Lacey Drainage & Levee District Havana
Lacey Drainage & Levee District Peoria
Laclede Steel Co. Alton
Laclede Steel Co. Federal
Laclede Steel Co. Madison
Laclede Steel Mill Alton
Laclede Steel Mill Granite City
Laclede Steel Plant – Alton
Lacon Woolen Mills – Lacom
Lafayette Hotel – Rockford
Laharpe High School – Laharpe
Lake City Laundry – Chicago
Lake County Research Facility – Lake County
Lake Forest Academy – Lake Forest
Lake Forest College – Lake Forest
Lake Of Egypt Powerhouse aka REA Powerhouse – Marion
Lake Point Towers – Chicago
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. – Chicago
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Englewood
Lake Shore & Rock Island Railroad Depot – Chicago
Lake Shore Country Club – Glencoe
Lake Shore Michigan Southern Railroad – Chicago
Lakehurst Mall – Waukegan
Lakeside Central Co. – Chicago
Lakeside Dallman Power Plant – Springfield
Lakeside Power Plant Springfield
Lakeside Power Station Springfield
Lakeview Building – Chicago
Lakeview Hospital – Danville
Lamar Moore Construction Granite City
Lamhoff Grain Co. Dansville
Lampcraft Industries – Chicago
Lamson & Sessions Co. – Chicago
Land O’Frost Building – Lansing
Lanquist & Illsley – Chicago
Lanzit Corrugated Box Co. – Chicago
Larry Hale Remodel – Repair Edwardsville
Larson & Son – Chicago
Lasalle Cement – Lasalle
Lasalle Hotel – Chicago
Lasalle-Wacker Building – Chicago
Lassig & Alden – Chicago
Lassig Bridge & Iron Co. – Chicago
Lassig Bridge & Iron Works – Chicago
Lathrop Elementary – Chicago
Lathrop Elementary, Lathrop Elementary Chicago
Latrobe Steel & Coupler Co. – Melrose
Lauhoff Grain Co. – Danville
Laundry – Chicago
Laure Bros. Columbia
Lawler Co. Addison
Lawrenceville Works Lawrenceville
Le Claire Hotel – Moline
Le Sage – Kankakee
Le Tourneau Westinghouse – Peoria
Le Tourneau Westinghouse, Office Building – Peoria
Leader Iron Works – Decatur
Leal School West Oregon Street Urbana
Leavitt Team Track – Chicago
Ledbetter Erection Corp. Alton
Lee Contracting Co. Edwardsville
Leeco Steel Products Darien
Leeds Engineering Co. Mt. Carmel
Legigh Paving Co. – Paxton
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. – Oglesby
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. – Chicago
Lehigh Valley Coal Sales Co. – S. Chicago
Lehon Co. – Chicago
Lemont Manufacturing Co. – Lemont
Lemont Refinery Lemont
Lenc Smith Co. – Cicero
Leo R. Hart & RL Reilly Contractors Mattoon
Leonard Construction Co. – Chicago
Lessig Bridge & Iron Works – Chicago
Lever Brothers Co. – Chicago
Lewin Mathes Co. – E. St Louis
Lewin Metals St. Louis
Lewis Funeral Home – Franklin
Lianco Container Corp. – Chicago
Libbey-Owens Ford Autoclave Department Ottawa
Libbey-Owens Ford Glass Co. Plant #5 Ottawa
Libbey-Owens Ford Glass Plant Ottawa
Libby McNeil Blue Island
Libby McNeil Libby Chicago
Libby McNeil Libby Morrison
Libby McNeil Libby Morton
Libby Owens Ford Glass Ottawa
Libby Owens Ford Glass Plant – Marseilles
Libby, McNeil & Libby – Blue Island
Libby’s Canning
Libby-Owens Glass Plant – Ottawa
Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Co. Ottawa
Libby’s Canning – Morton
Liberty Street Station – Peoria
Liberty Yeast Co. – Pekin
Library Bureau, Hermitage & Diversey Building – Chicago
Life Science Annex, Life Science Annex Charleston
Life Skills Life Skills – Clyde L . Choate – Anna
Lima & Toledo Traction Co. – Chicago
Lima Lake Drainage District – Ursa
Limbaugh Builder, Inc. Granite City
Linberg Steel Treating E Melrose Park
Lincoln Bag Co. Schubert Avenue Chicago
Lincoln China Factory – Lincoln
Lincoln Development Center – Lincoln
Lincoln Fields Enterprises – Kankakee
Lincoln Glass – Lincoln
Lincoln Grade School – Mundelein
Lincoln Hall – Macomb
Lincoln Hand Laundry – Chicago
Lincoln Herndon Law Office Springfield
Lincoln Library – Springfield
Lincoln Memorial Hospital – Lincoln
Lincoln Oil Refining Co. – Robinson
Lincoln School – Tazewell County – Washington
Lincoln State School – Lincoln
Lincoln Walker Painting St. Louis
Lincoln Water & Light Co. – Lincoln
Lincoln-Herndon Law Office – Springfield
Lincolnwood School – Evanston
Lindberg Engineering Co. – Chicago
Lindberg Hevi Duty Div. Li Chicago
Lindberg Steel Treating Equipment Co. – Melrose
Linde Air Products Co. – Chicago
Lindenhurst Estate Lake Villa
Line Material Ind Il Edison Macomb
Line Material, Inc. – Macomb
Link Belt Co. – Chicago
Link Belt Machinery Co. – Chicago
Liquid Carbonic Corp. – Chicago
Liquid Carbonic Corp. Peoria
Lissner Iron Metals Co. Chicago
Litchfield Milling Co.
Litho-Strip Corp. – Chicago
Little Co. Of Mary Hospital – Evergreen Park
Little Fuse, Inc. Des Plaines
Little Giant Products, Inc. – Peoria
Littlefuse, Incorporated – Des Plaines
Lively Junior High School Swimming Pool – Elk Grove Village
Lockport Manufacturing Co. – Joliet
Lockport Powerhouse Lockport
Lockport Refinery
Logan Correctional Center – Lincoln
Logan Laundry Co. – Chicago
Lomax Canning Co. – Lomax
Longview Fibre Co. – Rockford
Lordahl Engineers Waukegan
Loren M Krause Construction Co. Belleville
Louis C. Ehle – Chicago
Louis Pfaelzer & Sons – Chicago
Louisville Railway
Lovington Coal Mining Co. – Lovington
Loyola Medical – Chicago
Loyola Medical Center, McGraw Hospital – Maywood
Loyola University – Chicago
Loyola University Medical Center – Hines
Loyola University Medical Center Chicago
Loyola University Science Classroom Building Chicago
LTV Corp. Chicago
LTV Republic Steel Chicago
Ltv Steel Corp. – Chicago
Ltv Steel Mill – Chicago
Lubrizol Corp. – Grayville
Luhr Brothers Columbia
Lumaghi Coal Co. Collinsville
Lumberman’s Mutual Casualty Co. – Decatur
Lummus Co. – Ficklin
Lurie & Co. – Chicago
Lusco Inc. – Melrose
Luse-Stevenson Co. Building 17 Chicago
Luse-Stevenson Co. Melrose Park
Lutheran General Hospital Park Ridge
Lutheran Memorial Hospital Park Ridge
LyBarger Construction Granite City
Lyle Wolf Construction Princeton
Lynn & Fink – Lincoln
Lyon Elementary School – Glenview
Lyon Metal Products – Aurora
Lyon School, Lyon School Glenview
Lytton Building – Chicago
M & M Asphalt Co. Glen Carbon
M & O Insulation Co. East Hazelcrest
M Lassig – Chicago
M. & W. Auto Parts – Chicago
M. A. Girl Foundry Furnace Bloomington
M. C. Bullock Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
M. E. Bullock Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
M. H. Detrick Co. Aurora
M. H. Detrick Co. Chicago
M. H. Ritzwoller Co. – Chicago
M. H. Wolfe & Co. Granite City
M. J. Corboy Corp. – Buick Jet Engine Plant – Willow Springs
M. L. Vasquex, Inc. Lenzburg
M. Lassig – Chicago
M. M. Wright & Co. – Decatur
M. M. Wright & Co. Danville
M. W. Kellogg Co. – Wood River
M. W. Wrigley, Jr. Co. – Chicago
M. Young & H. E. Windland Carbondale
MA Girl Foundry & Furnace Bloomington
Macdonald Engineering Kinilworth
Machinery Hall Building Chicago
Mackatrina Bay, Inc. Belleville
Macmurray College – Jacksonville
Macomb Sewer Pipe Co. – Macomb
Madigan & Walsh Co. – Peoria
Madison County Courthouse Edwardsville
Madison County Light & Power Co. – Bloomington
Madison County Light & Power Co. Granite City
Madison Division – Madison
Madison Foundry – Rockford
Madison Works-Consolidated Alumi Madison
Madonna High School – Aurora
Mager Brick Contracting Belleville
Magic Chef Admiral Division – Galesburg
Magic Glove Manufacturing Co., Inc – Chicago
Magirl Supply Co. Bloomington
Magnaflux Corp. – Chicago
Magnetic Core Equipment – Mt. Vernon
Magnolia Petroleum Co. – Patoka
Magnolia School
Maine West High School – Des Plaines
Majestic Road & Television Corp. – Elgin
Malco Inc. Rock Island
Mallers Building – Chicago
Man Power, Inc. Waukegan
Mandel Building Chicago
Mandel-Lear Building – Chicago
Manhatten Brewing Co. – Chicago
Mansfield High School Mansfield
Mansion View Hotel – Springfield
Manson Machine Co. Taylorville
Manteno State Hospital – Manteno
Manual High School – Peoria
Manufacturing Plant Fairview Heights
Manz Corp. – Chicago
Maple City Stamping Co. – Peoria
Maplewood Coal Co. – Farmington
Maplewood Coal Co. Peoria
Maplewood School – Rantoul
Marathon Oil Co. – Robinson
Marathon Oil Corp. Robertson
Marathon Oil Refinery Ashland – Robinson
Marathon Refinery – Rock Island
Marathon-Ashland – Robinson
Marblehead Lime Co. – Chicago
Marbon Chemical Plant – Marsalles
Maremont Automotive Products Co. Cicero
Maremont Corp. – Haruey
Maremont Muffler – Harvey
Marengo Foundry – Marengo
Marguette Cement Manufacturing Co. Lasalle
Marina City Towers – Chicago
Marion City Water – Marion
Marion High School – Marion
Marion Powerhouse – Marion
Marison Co. – Elgin
Mark Twain School – Alton
Mark TWain School, Mark Twain School Alton
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. Chicago
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. Dickinson
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. Lasalle
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. Oglesby
Marriot Hotel – Chicago
Mars, Inc. – Chicago
Mars, Incorporated – Chicago
Marsh Instrument – Skokie
Marsh Instruments – Chicago
Marshall Field & Co – Oak Park
Marshall Fields Department Store – Chicago
Marshall Hotel – Chicago
Marthens Co. The Moline
Martin Luther King Medical Center – Chicago
Martin Oil Chicago
Martino Stone Quarry – Manteno
Martino Stone Quarry Manteno
Marworth, Inc. – Chicago
Mary Thompson Hospital – Chicago
Maryville Academy – Des Plaines
Mascoutah Board of Education, Dist, No. 10 Mascoutah
Mascoutah Junior High School Mascoutah
Mascouth Herald Mascouth
Mason & Davis – Chicago
Mason & Davis, Grand Crossing – Chicago
Masonic Fraternity Temple Association – Chicago
Masonic Temple – Glen Ellyn
Master Finishers Inc. Prairie Avenue Chicago
Masury Young Co. – Chicago
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Material Service – Chicago
Material Service Building Melrose Park
Material Service Corp. – Algonquin
Material Service Corp. Thornton
Material Service Division Chicago
Material Service Division Lockport
Material Service Division Melrose Park
Material Yard #64 Block Plant Ottawa
Mathiessen & Hegeler Zinc Co. Lasalle
Matoon Hospital – Matoon
Matt Berscheid, C.C. – Joliet
Matthiessen & Hegeler Zinc Co – La Salle
Mattison Machine – Rockford
Mattoon City Railway Co. Mattoon
May Co. – Galesburg
May Co. – Moline
Mayo Elementary School – Chicago
Mayrath Co. Compton
Maytag – Herrin
Maywood Park Trotting Association
Maze W H Co – Peru
Mazell Paint Columbia
McAndrews Stadium – Marion
McAvoy Brewing Co. – Chicago
McCarthy Western Construction – Chicago
McConnell Douglas Aircraft Co. Chicago
McCook Metals – McCook
McCormick Building – Chicago
McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. – Chicago
McCormick Place – Chicago
McCosh Elementary School – Chicago
McCoy Heating & Cooling Co. – Moline
McDade Classical Elementary School – Chicago
McDermid Roofing & Insulation – Rockford
McDonough District Hospital – McDonough County
McFarland Greenhouse
McFarland Greenhouse Libertyville
McGrath Construction Co. – Savanna Ordnance – Savanna
McGraw Edison Power System – Macomb
Mclaughlin Body Co. Moline
McMahon Transfer & Storage – E. St Louis
McNeil Memorial Hospital – Berwyn
McWilliams & Co. – Peoria
McWilliams Dredging Co. – Chicago
Meade Electric McCook
Means F W Co. Peoria
Mecca Insulators St. Louis
Meccon Industries Inc. Lansing
Mech Storeroom – Rochelle
Mechanical Finishers – Chicago
Mechanical Insulation Co. Kewanee
Mechanical Rubber Co. – Chicago
Mechanics Overall Laundry & Rental Co. – Chicago
Mechanics Universal Joint – Rockford
Meco Mine Victoria
Media Services Educational Media – Normal
Medical & Surgical Bldg, Alton IL – Alton
Medical Center Steam Co. – Chicago
Medinah Athletic Club – Chicago
Medusa Portland Cement Co. – Dixon
Meek, Finger & Co. – Marissa
Meenan Corp. Skokie
Mehring & Hanson Wendt, Inc. Chicago
Mel Suhre Edwardsville
Melody Elementary School – Chicago
Melody School – Chicago
Melody School, Melody School Chicago
Memorial Hospital – Belleville
Memorial Hospital of Dupage County
Menard Correctional Center – Menard
Mendota Light & Heat Co. Mendota
Mercantile Bank Building – Chicago
Mercantile Laundry – Chicago
Mercer Alloy Div. Whittaker – Melrose
Mercer County Hospital – Aledo
Mercer Excavating, Inc. Belleville
Merchandise Mart – Chicago
Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago
Mercy Hospital – Chicago
Meredosia Lever & Drainage District – Albany
Meredosia Power Plant Unit 3 Meredosia
Meredosia Powerhouse Meredosia
Met Furnace – Schaumberg
Meta Chem – Wheeling
Metal Coating Corp. – Chicago
Metal Dross Corp. Batavia
Metal Wood Corp. – Clearing
Metamora High School, Woodford County Metamora
Metamora Woodworking Co. – Metamora
Metanzes Drainage Levee District Havana
Metcalf Metcalf School linois State – Normal
Methodist Church – Main Street – Mascouth
Methodist Hospital – Peoria
Metro East Sanitary District – Granite City
Metropolitan Sanitary District Chicago
Metropolitan Sanitary District Stickney
Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad Co. – Chicago
Michael Building – Evanston
Michael Reese Hospital – Chicago
Michigan Avenue Management – Chicago
Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline Co. Sandwich
Michle Printing Press Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Microenergy, Inc. Carol Stream
Mid- West Forging Mfg. Chicago Heights
Middle West Utilities Co. – Chicago
Middle West Utilities Co. – Kincaid
Midland Coke & Iron Corp. – Granite City
Midland Elec Coal Co – Atkinson
Midtown Tennis Club Chicago
Midway Gardens Apts. – Chicago
Midway Island Midway Island
Midwesco Enterprises – Chicago
Midwesco Perma-Pipe – Niles
Mid-West Forging & Manufacturing – Chicago Heights
Midwest Generation Joliet
Midwest Generation Morris
Midwest Generation Pekin
Midwest Generation Romeoville
Midwest Generation Waukegan
Midwest Manufacturing Co. – Galesburg
Midwest Pak Inc. – Bellvidere
Midwest Pipe Cov & Mfg. – Elmhurst
Midwest Pressure Casting – Chicago
Midwest Products Co. – Chicago
Midwest Rubber Co. Sauget
Midwest Rubber Reclaiming Co. – E. St Louis
Midwest Solvents – Pekin
Midwest Spring – Chicago
Midwest Tire Auto Stores, Inc. Waukegan
Midwest Uniform Co. St. Louis
Midwest Utility Co., Inc. – Aurora
Midwest Utility Coal Co. – Sparta
Midwestern Equipment Mossville
Midwrsco Enterprises Chicago
Midwrsco Perma- Pipe Niles
Miehle Printing Press Manufacturing Co. – Chicago
Miles Laboratories, Inc. – Granite City
Millennium Petrochemical Inc. – Tuscola
Miller & Hart Union Stockyards – Chicago
Miller Container Corp. Milan
Millionaires Club – Chicago
Mills Novelty Co. – Chicago
Milton Elementary School
Milwaukee Railroad – Chicago
Milwaukee Rr – Chicago
Minden Coal Co. – St. David
Mineral Point Zinc Co. – De Peu
Minneapolis Power Plant
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. (3M)
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. Bedford Park
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. Chicago
Minnesota Mining Co. – Chicago
Minonk Dairy Products Co. – Minonk
Miquelon Plumbing & Heating – Peoria
Mississippi Lime Co. – Alton
Mississippi Valley Milk – Rock Island
Mississippi Valley Structural Steel Co. – Melrose
Missouri Cotton Oil Co. Cairo
Missouri Pacfic Railroad Co. – Dupo
Missouri Pacific Railway, Dupo Shops – E. St Louis
Missouri Portland Cement Co. Joppa
MM Wright & Co. – Danville
Mobil Chemical Co. Frankfurt
Mobil Chemical Co. Franklin
Mobil Chemical Co. Jacksonville
Mobil Chemical Co. Meredosia
Mobil Chemical Co. Morris
Mobil Oil Corp. Chicago
Mobil Oil Corp. Drummond
Mobil Oil Corp. Joliet
Mobil Oil Corp. Sauget
Mobil Oil Corp. St. Louis
Mobil Oil Corp. W. Elwood
Mobil Oil Illinois – Joliet
Mobil Oil Refinery – Channahon
Mobil Oil Refinery Joliet
Mobil Oil Refinery Morris
Mobil Oil Refinery Sauget
Mobile Chemical Jacksonville
Mobile Oil – Chicago
Mobile Oil Refinery Joliet
Modern Asphalt Paving & Construction Belleville
Modern Drop Forge Co. – Blue Island
Modern Laundry – Chicago
Modern Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co. – Rockford
Modern Laundry Chicago
Modern Steel & Treat Co – W. Chicago
Modern Steel Treating Co. – Chicago
Modine Manufacturing Co. – McKendry
Moffat Coal – Murdock
Moffitt Park
Moline Furniture Co. – Moline
Moline Generating Station – Moline
Moline Generating Station Oakwood
Moline Heating & Construction Moline
Moline High School – Moline
Moline Iron Works – Moline
Moline Malleable Iron Co. St Charles
Moline Power Plant Moline
Moline Public Hospital – Moline
Moline Rock Island Manufacturing Co. – Moline
Mollison Elementary School – Chicago
Monarch Asphalt – Skokie
Monarch Dry Cleaning – Chicago
Monarch Laundry Co. – Chicago
Monarch Leather Co. – Chicago
Mondays Maid Coin Laundry Columbia
Monsanto Chemical Co. Cahokia
Monsanto Chemical Co. Granite City
Monsanto Chemical Co. Krummrich Sauget
Monsanto Chemical Co. Monsanto
Monsanto Chemical Co. Skokie
Monsanto Chemical Co. St. Louis
Monsanto Chemical Plant – Sauget
Monsanto Co. Krumerick Plant St. Louis
Monsanto Co. W. G. Krummrich Plant Sauget
Monsanto University Park
Monterey Coal Mine Carlinville
Montgomery Ward & Co. – Chicago
Montgomery Ward & Co. Inc – Chicago
Montgomery Ward Building – Chicago
Montivideo Co.
Moore Bros, Inc. St. Louis
Moore Painting Co. Alton
Moorman Manufacturing – Quincy
Moose Lodge Hall – Crystal Lake
Moose Lodge Hall
Moran Plumbing Heating Highland Park
Morgan Dyeing & Bleaching Co. – Rochelle
Morgan Linen Supply, Inc – Chicago
Moroney Co. Melrose Park
Moroney John J & Co – Bedford Park
Moroney John J Co. Melrose Park
Morris & Co. – Chicago
Morris & Co. St. Louis
Morris Fibre Board Co. – Morris
Morris Paper Mills Federal Paper Board Morris
Morrison Hotel – Chicago
Morrisville Powerhouse
Morton Chemical Co. Chicago
Morton Chemical Co. Ringwood
Morton Chemical Co. Woodstock
Morton Light, Heat & Power – Morton
Morton Manufacturing Co. Libertyville
Morton Salt Co. – Chicago
Morton West High School – Berwyn
Moss Tie – Madison
Mother Mcauley High School – Chicago
Motor Oil Refining Co. – McCook
Motorola – Chicago
Motorola Inc. Schaumburg
Mott Bros. Co. Rock Falls
Mott Brothers Co. – Rockford
Mound City Brewing Co. – New Athens
Mound City Community High School Mound City
Mount Carmel Power Plant – Mt. Carmel
Mount Carmel Public Utilities & Service – Mt. Carmel
Mount Sinai Hospital – Chicago
Mt Carmel Public Utility Mt Carmel
Mt. Carmel Lumber Mt. Carmel
Mt. Carmel Public Utility Co.
Mt. Carmel Sand & Gravel Mt. Carmel
Mt. Carmel Utilities – Mt. Carmel
Mt. Greenwood Elementary – Chicago
Mt. Sinai Hospital – Chicago
Mt. Vernon Car Co. Foundry – Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. – Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon Neon Sign Company Mt. Vernon
Mueller Co. – Decatur
Mueller Foundry – Decatur
Muellers Co. – Decatur
Multi-Electric Manufacturing – Chicago
Mundelein College – Chicago
Municipal Paving Co. – Hodgkins
Municipal Plant – Fairfield
Municipal Power Plant Rochelle
Municipal Power Plant Winnetka
Municipal Utilities, Boiler Plant Carlyle
Munie Outdoor Services, Inc. Caseyville
Munition Plant – Illopolis
Munitions Plant
Murphy Varnish Co. – Chicago
Murray Children’s Center – Centrailia
Muscatine- Louisa Drainage District #13 Boston
Muscatine Power Plant – Muscatine
Muscatine-Louisa Drainage District #13 – New Boston
Muskogee Ice Light & Power Co. – Muskogee
Mutual Wheel Co. – Moline
Mw Kellogg Co. – Joliet
N L Industries Granite City
N. J. Mattson Co. Chicago
N. J. Scott Electric – Franklin
N. K. Fairbank & Co. – Chicago
N. S. M. – Chicago
N. Shure Co. South Wells Street Chicago
N. W. Incinerator – Rosemont
Naaco. Mining Div. Armstrong Mills
Nabisco Brands, Inc. – Marseilles
Nabisco Building 17 Chicago
Nalco Chemical Co. – Chicago
Nasco Rockford
Nashville Glass Plant
Nashville Glass Plant – Nashville
Nat Grey Foundry Div Belvidere
National Accelerator Lab Batavia
National Aluminate Corp. Chicago
National Aluminate Corp. Clearing
National Aluminum Manufacturing Co. – Peoria
National Baking Co. – Chicago
National Bank & Trust Co.
National Bank Building – Chicago
National Biscuit Co. Chicago
National Biscuit Co. Evanston
National Biscuit Co. Naperville
National Biscuit Co. Plant – Marseilles
National Biscuit Kennedy Bakery Chicago
National Biscuit Plant Marseilles
National Box Co. – Chicago
National Brick Machinery Co. – Chicago
National Can Co. – Chicago
National Cash Register Building – Chicago
National Casket – Chicago
National Casting – Melrose
National Castings Co – Cicero
National Container Corp. Of Illinois – Madison
National Cooperative Refinery Association – Lemont
National Dairy Products Corp. – Glenview
National Distillers & Chemical Corp. – Tuscola
National Distillers Products Corp. Tuscola
National Distilling Co. – Peoria
National Enameling & Stamping Co. – Granite City
National Enameling-Stamping Co. Granite City
National Gas Storage Co. Of Illinois – Herscher
National Gray Iron Foundry – Bellvidere
National Grey Foundry Div Belvidere
National L H & P Co. – Chicago
National Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Co. – Chicago
National Laundry Dry Cleaning Co. Chicago
National Lead Plant Granite City
National Light, Heat & Power Co. – Chicago
National Lock Co. – Rockford
National Malleable Castings Co. Chicago
National Malleable Castings Co. Cicero
National Malleable Castings Co. Melrose Park
National Manufacturing Co. Sterling
National Marine Service Hartford
National Parking Garage – Chicago
National Parlor Furniture Co. – Chicago
National Pecten – Chicago
National Petro- Chem Corp. Tuscola
National Petro Chemicals Co. – Decatur
National Petro Chemicals Co. Ethylene Unit Tuscola
National Petro Chemicals Co. North Plant Tuscola
National Petro Chemicals Co. Parks Warehouse Decatur
National Petrochemical Corp. – Flicklin
National Phosphate Corp. Marseilles
National Railroad Passenger Co. Chicago
National Railway Construction Co. – Chicago
National Republic Building – Chicago
National Safe Deposit Co. – Chicago
National Soldiers Home – Danville
National Standard Co. Havana
National Starch & Chemical – Chicago
National Starch Chemical Co. Meredosis
National Steel – Granite City
National Steel Co. – Chicago
National Steel Corp. – Granite City
National Stockyards – Armor Building – E. St Louis
National Stockyards – National City
National Stockyards Saint Clair County
National Stockyards St. Louis
National Supply Co. – Robinson
National Tea Co. – Chicago
National Tea Co. Crosby Street Chicago
National Van Lines Chicago
National Video Corp. – Chicago
National Ware House Co. – Chicago
National-Standard Insulation Chicago
Natkin Service Co. Peoria
Natl Brick Machy Co. – Chicago
Natl Cast Co. Div Midland Ross Cicero 50
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America – Centrailia
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America Herscher
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America Station 110 Geneseo
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America Station 310 Centralia
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America Station Hammond
Natural Gas Storage Co. of Ill. – Chicago
Natural Gas Storage Co. Of Illinois – Chicago
Natural Homes – Bloomington
Naval Supply Depot – Great Lakes – Upton
Naval Supply Depot – Great Lakes
Naval Training Center – Great Lakes
Navistar Melrose Park
Navy Department Bureau Yard & Docks
Navy Regional Finance Center – Great Lakes
Naylor Pipe Co. – Chicago
NBR. 64 Block Plant
NCC Food Corp. Chicago
NCorn Products Refining Co. Ordux Building 33 Argo
Ncorn Products Refining Co., Argo
Nehi Royal Crown Corp. – Chicago
Neisner Brothers – Chicago
Nelch Henry & Sons Co – Springfield
Nell Chevrolet – Greenfield
Nelson Laundry & Dry-Cleaning System Inc. – Evanston
Nelson Morris & Co. – Chicago
Nelson Morris & Co. St. Louis
Nelson Morris & Co. Union Stock Yards Chicago
Nelson, Morris & Co. – E. St Louis
Neptune Systems, Inc. Elk Grove Village
Nescafe Plant – Granite City
NESCO – Granite City
Nesco Steel Barrel Co. – Granite City
Nestle Co. Granite City
Nestle Foods Co. – Granite City
Nestle Foods Company Franklin Park
Nestles Co Inc. – Granite City
New Brunswick Building Joliet
New Chicago Trade School – Chicago
New Edgewater Beach Hotel – Chicago
New Electric Co. Mt. Carmel
New Idea, Division Auco – Sandwich
New Jersey Co. De Pue
New Jersey Zinc Co. – De Peu
New Kordite Building Jacksonville
New Process D-Enameling Co – Aurora
New Trier High School Glenview
New Trier Township High School
New Trier Township High School – Northfield
New Trier Township High School Winnetka
New Trier West High School – Winnetka
New York Central Railroad Co. Chicago
New York Central Railroad Co. Elkhart
New York Central Railroad Co. Ft Wayne
New York Central Railroad Co. La Porte
New York Central Railroad Co. Livingston
New York Central System
New York Central System Chicago
New York Central System Mattoon
New York Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Co. – Chicago
New York Life Insurance Co. – Chicago
New York, Chicago, & St. Louis Railroad Co. – Chicago
Newell Window Furnishings, Inc. Freeport
Newest Steel & Wire Sterling
Newman Center Of the Cardinal Stritch Foundation – Chicago
Newman Grade School Newman
Newport Mining Co. – Decatur
Newton & Associates, Liz Siding – Newton
Newton Powerhouse – Newton
Ng Manufacturing Plant – Matteson
NG Manufacturing Plant Waukegan
Nicor Co, McCook
Niederinghaus Methodist Church – Granite City
Nigas Morris
Nikkin Flux Corp.
Niles Gas Plant – Weber
Niles Township High School – Skokie
Nit Chemical Co. Lawrenceville
Nitrin Chemical Corp. Cordova
Nitrin Gas Corp. – Cordova
Nitrin Inc. – Cordova
Nl Industries – Chicago
No Petro Chemical Co – Morris
No Shore Electric Co. – Harvey
Norchem Inc. – Morris
Norcross C S & Sons – Bushnell
Nordberg – Pastorel, Minneapolis Power Plant – Minneapolis
Norfolk Western Railroad Decatur
Norfolk Western Shops
Norge Div of Borg-Warner Herrin
Normal Laundry – Chicago
Norridge Lanes Bowl – Norridge
North Amer Asbestos – Chicago
North American Asbestos – Chicago
North American Can Corp. – Chicago Ridge
North American Cold Storage Co. – Chicago
North American- Edward J. Krisor’s Office – Rockford
North American Ins. Co. – Rockford
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North Central College
North Central Filtration Co. – Naperville
North Chicago Plant – Chicago
North Chicago Refiners & Smelters, Inc. – Chicago
North Counties Hydro Electric Evanston
North End F Co. – Rockford
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North Park College – Chicago
North Point Standard River Grove
North Shore Coke & Chemical Co. – Waukegan
North Shore Congregation Israel Temple & School – Glencoe
North Shore Electric Co. Blue Island
North Shore Electric Co. Evanston
North Shore Electric Co. Highland Park
North Shore Electric Co. Maywood
North Shore Electric Co. Waukegan
North Shore Gas Co. – Deerfield
North Shore Gas Co. Waukegan
North Shore Research & Off
North Shore Research & Off Morton Grove
North Shore Sanitary District Wastewater Plant Waukegan
North Shore Sanitation District Waukegan
North Star Concrete Pipe Naperville
North Star Egg Case Co. – Quincy
Northern Hospital for Insane – Elgin
Northern Illinois Coal Co. Wilmington
Northern Illinois Gas – Morris
Northern Illinois Gas Co. – Minooka
Northern Illinois Gas Morris
Northern Illinois Light & Traction Co. – Lasalle
Northern Illinois Light & Traction Co. Ottawa
Northern Illinois Light Traction Co.
Northern Illinois University – De Kalb
Northern Illinois University
Northern Illinois Utilities Co. – Dixon
Northern Pacific Railroad Roundhouse Franklin Park
Northern Petro Chemical – Channahon
Northern Petrochemical Co. – Joliet
Northern Petrochemical Co. Morris
Northern Regional Beseech – Peoria
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Northshore Country Club – Chicago
Northtown National Bank – Rockford
Northwest Builders Association – Crystal Lake
Northwest Community Hospital – Arlington Heights
Northwest Generating Station Chicago
Northwest Paper Co. – Cloquet
Northwest Station – Chicago
Northwest Steel Wire Co. Sterling
Northwestern Elevated Railway Co. – Chicago
Northwestern Gas Light & Coke Co. – Oak Park
Northwestern Glue Co. – Chicago
Northwestern Grain & Malt Co. – Chicago
Northwestern High School – Chicago
Northwestern Industrial Piping Niles
Northwestern Malt & Grain Co. – Chicago
Northwestern Malt & Grain Co. Cragin
Northwestern Memorial Hospital – Evanston
Northwestern Steel Wire Co. Sterling
Northwestern Steel Wire Plant #2 Sterling
Northwestern Stove Repair Co. – Chicago
Northwestern University – Chicago
Northwestern University – Evanston
Northwestern Yeast Co. – Chicago
Norton Brothers Chicago
Norton Brothers Maywood
Norton Chemical Co. Ringwood
Nortwestern Steel & Wire Co. – Sterling
Norwegian American Hospital – Chicago
Notre Dame School For Boys – Niles
Nowest Steel & Wire Sterling
Nu- Way Laundry Cleaners Glen Ellyn
Nubian Paint & Varish Co. – Chicago
Nuclear Generating Station Braceville
Nutwood Drainage & Levee District – Hardin
Nutwood Drainage Levee District Jerseyville
Nu-Way Laundry & Cleaners – Glen Ellyn
Ny Central System – Chicago

Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Illinois Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages 
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

24 Hour Live Chat Available. See Chat button on right side of page.

We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Illinois Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Illinois Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

Fill out our free Mesothelioma case evaluation form and an experienced mesothelioma lawyer will call you to immediately start processing your claim at no cost to you.

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