Michigan Asbestos Exposure Job Sites M-Z

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Michigan job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Michigan Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Michigan allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Michigan and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Michigan asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Asbestos Cover up – Quotes from Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.”1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.”When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Michigan Asbestos Exposure Job Sites

Michigan Asbestos Exposure Job Sites M-Z

Michigan Asbestos Exposure Job Sites A-E

Michigan Asbestos Exposure Job Sites F-L

M & R Dietetic Laboratories, Inc. – Sturgis
M & T Manufacturing
M &R Products – Sturgis
M &T Manufacturing – Grand Rapids
M A C Spark Plug – Flint
M Northwoods Apartments – Ann Arbor
M. A. Hanna & Co. Ironwood
M. Fisher Body Ph – Grand Rapids
M. W. Kellogg Co. – Power Plant – Powerhouse – Battle Creek
M.A. Hanna & Co. – Ironwood
M. K. Goetz Brewing Co. – Missouri
M.W. Fox & Co. – Detroit
Mac Arthur Co. St Paul
Mac Sim Bar Paper Co. – Otsego
Mac Steel – Jackson
Macarthur High School – Saginaw
Macdonald Middle School – Lansing
MacDonald’s Industrial Products Grand Rapids
Macfarlane & Hays Co. – Farmingham
MacFarlane & Mays Co. – Farmington
Machinaw Middle School – Saginaw
Machine Shops – Owosso
Mackinaw Bridge Administration Building – St. Ignace
Mackinaw Middle School – Saginaw
Mackworth Rees – Madison Heights
Macnamara Building – Detroit
Macnaughton – River Rouge
Macomb Community College – Warren
Macomb County Administration Building – Clinton
Maddens Service Station – Ecorse
Madison Heights
Madison Manufacturing. Co. – Muskegon
Madison Park, 851 Madison Ave. S. E. Detroit
Madonna College – Detroit
Magline Factory – Pinconning
Magnatrol Valve Corp.
Magnesia Refractories Chemical Plant – Manistee
Magnus Products – Detroit
Main & Verlinden Schools – Lansing
Main Plant – Foot of Telegraph- Ecorse
Main Sheet Metal Works Detroit
Malleable Iron Foundry – Saginaw
Malleable Iron General Motors Foundry Saginaw
Manco Products – Melvindale
Manistee Bridge House – Manistee
Manistee County Medical Care Facility – Manistee
Manistee Drop Forge Co. Filer City
Manistee Iron Works – Manistee
Manistee Medical Care Facility – Manistee
Manistee Papermill – Manistee
Manistee Salt Works Corp. – Manistee
Manistee Salt Works Manistee
Manistee Water Filtration Plant – Manistee
Manistique Paper American Box Board Paper – Manistique
Manley Elementary School – Flint
Manor Park Saginaw
Manpro Corp. – Redford
Manton- Cadillac
Manufacturer’s Bank – Detroit
Manufacturing & Development Research Staff – GMC – Warren
Manufacturing Plant – Bay City
Maplewood Manor – Saginaw
Marathon Corp. – Menominee
Marathon Linen Service – Detroit
Marathon Oil – Detroit
Marathon Oil – River Rouge
Marathon Oil Co. – Detroit
Marathon Oil Co. Detroit
Marathon Oil Corp. River Rouge
Marathon Oil Pumping Station – Flint
Marathon Oil Refinery – Detroit
Marathon Oil Refinery – Tenton
Marathon Refinery Michigan – Detroit
Marathon Refining Co. – Detroit
Marathon Warehouse Dearborn
Marblehead Lime Co. – Detroit
Marblehead Lime Co. River Rouge
Marine City Highway Compressor Station – Port Huron
Marine City Powerhouse – Marine
Marine City Stave Co. Marine City
Marion High School – Detroit
Marion High School Detroit
Marion Michigan Pumping Station – Marion
Maripoillo Plant – Port Huron
Mark Twain Elementary – Detroit
Marlette Hospital – Marlette
Maroutt Flooring Co. Flint
Marquette Chemical Plant – Marquette
Marquette City Presque Isle Railway – Marquette
Marquette County Gas & Electric Co. – Ishpeming
Marquette County Gas Light & Traction Co. – Ishpeming
Marquette County Jail – Marquette
Marquette Iron – Republic
Marquette Iron Mining – Republic
Marquette Mall – Marquette
Marquette Powerhouse – Marquette
Marquette Prison – Marquette
Marquette State Prison
Marsh (USS) – Bay City
Marshall Brass Co. Marshall
Marshall School – Marlette
Marshall School – Marshall
Martin Marietta Aluminum Inc. – Adrian
Martin Marietta Corp. – Manistee
Martin Marietta Corp. Manistee
Martin Marietta Plant – Ludington
Martin Marietta Plant Muskegon
Maryglade Seminary Richmond
Marys Academy
Marys Church Flint
Marys Church Swartz Creek
Marys School Lansing
Marysville Gas Plant Marysville
Marysville Plant – Detroit
Marysville Port Huron
Marysville Power Plant – Marysville
Marysville Powerhouse Marysville
Maryville Plant – Port Huron
Mason County Jail – Ludington
Mason High School – Mason
Mason Hospital – Mason
Mason Public Schools – Mason
Mason Wyeth Corp. – Mason
Masonic Home – Alma
Mass City – Mass City
Mass Consolidated Mining Co. Mass City
Mass Mine
Massachusetts Consolidated Mining Co. Keweenaw Bay
Massachusetts Consolidated Mining Co. Marquette
Massachusetts Consolidated Mining Co. Mass City
Massachusetts Mine Co. Negaunee
Massey Ferguson – Detroit
Master- Cast Co. – Howell
Matlock Trucking – Bay City
Max Curtis Ford Auto Dealership – Lansing
Maxwell Motor Car Co. – Detroit
Mayville High School – Mayville
Mcclaren Hospital – Flint
Mcclouth Steel – Gibraltar
Mcclouth Steel – Wyandotte
McClouth Steel Corp. Trenton
McClouth Steel Rolling Mill Trenton
McCord Corp. – Brownstown Township
McCord Corp. Detroit
McCord Corp. Wyandotte
McCord Corp. Ypsilanti
McCord Gasket Co. – Detroit
McGehee Lumber Co. – Natchez
McGraw Edison Co. Linden
McGraw Glass Detroit
McInerny Spring & Wire Co. – Grand Rapids
McKinley Middle School – Flint
McLaren General Hospital – Flint
McLaren Hospital – Flint
McLouth Steel – Trenton
McLouth Steel Air Separation Plant Trenton
McLouth Steel Corp. – Detroit
McLouth Steel Corp. Flint
McLouth Steel Plant – Gibraltar
McLouth Steel Trenton Plant Detroit
McMahon’s Bar – Dearborn
McRae Roberts Co. – Detroit
McRae Roberts Co. Detroit
McSouth Steel Detroit
Mead Container Plant – Flint
Mead Corp. – Escambia
Mead Corp. Otsego
Mead Inc. Escanaba
Mead Papers Escanaba
Mead Sawmill – South Range
Meade Papermill – Escanaba
Meade Papers – Escanaba
Means Stamping Co. – Saginaw
Meat Processing Plant – Quincy
Mechanical Fabricators Marine City
Mechanical Heat & Frost Insulating Ferndale
Mechanics Laundry Co. – Detroit
Medical Arts Building – Flint
Medical Center – Flint
Medical Center – Lansing
Medical Center Dev Corp. – Detroit
Medical Center Development Corp. – Detroit
Medical Dental Building – Grand Rapids
Medical Dental Building – Lansing
Medusa Cement Plant – Charlevoix
Medusa Portland Cement- Charlevoix
Meijers – Muskegon
Meisel Hardware – Bay City
Mel Steel Fabrication Inc. – Melvindale
Melling Drop Forge – Lansing
Melter Office Complex – Grand Rapids
Memorial Hospital – St. Joseph
Mendelson’s Atlantic Resort – South Haven
Mendon High School – Mendon
Menominee High School – Menominee
Menominee Hospital – Menominee
Menominee Paper Co. – Menominee
Menominee Papermill – Menominee
Menosha Papermill – Otsego
Mental Retardation Center – Muskegon
Mercury Piping – Manistee
Mercury Station Wagon Plant – Wayne
Mercy College – Detroit
Mercy Hospital – Benton Harbor
Mercy Hospital – Cadillac
Mercy Hospital – Jackson
Mercy Hospital – Lansing
Mercy Hospital – Muskegon
Mercy Hospital – Port Huron
Meridian Elementary School – Sanford
Meridian High School – Sanford
Meridian Junior High School – Sanford
Meridian Mall – Okemos  Okemos
Meridian Public Schools – Sanford
Merrill Elementary School – Merrill
Merrill High School – Merrill
Merrit Township Hall – Munger
Met- L- Aid, Inc. Detroit
Metal Fabrication Plant – Flint
Metal Glass Products – Belding
Metaldyne Machining & Assembly Plymouth
Metallurgical Processing Co. Warren
Metallurgical Products – St. Marie
Meter Products Corporation – Detroit
Methodist Retirement Home – Chelsea
Metropolitan Airport – Romulus
Metropolitan Alloys – Detroit
Metropolitan Hospital – Dearborn
Metropolitan Wastewater Detroit
MHE Contracting, Inc.
MHE Contracting, Inc. Grand Rapids
MI Corp. Boyne City
MIC. Detroit Plant Detroit
Mich Electric Co. Cook Nuclear Plant Bridgman
Mich. Chippewa Corr. Facility – Kincheloe
Mich. Lake SunPower Power Co. – St. Marie
Michael Hamady High – Flint
Michigan – Lansing
Michigan 47 Steam Plant – Boyne City
Michigan Aeronautics Commission – Lansing
Michigan Alkali Co. – Detroit
Michigan Alkali Co. #2 Works Wyandotte
Michigan Bakery Corn Syrup Line – Grand Rapids
Michigan Bell Building Cass Downtown – Detroit
Michigan Bell Telephone Detroit
Michigan Bell Telephone Flint
Michigan Bell Telephone Frankenmuth
Michigan Bell Telephone Grand Rapids
Michigan Bell Telephone Jackson
Michigan Bell Telephone Kalamazoo
Michigan Bell Telephone Lansing
Michigan Bell Telephone Mt. Clemens
Michigan Bell Telephone Plymouth MI
Michigan Bell Telephone Reese
Michigan Bell Telephone Saginaw
Michigan Bell Telephone Southfield
Michigan Bell Telephone St. Marie
Michigan Bell Telephone Troy
Michigan Bell Telephone Vassar
Michigan Bell Telephone Wyandotte
Michigan Boiler & Engineering Co. Detroit
Michigan Boiler & Engineering Shop
Michigan Brass & Iron Works – Detroit
Michigan Carbon Works – Detroit
Michigan Carton Co. – Battle Creek
Michigan Carton Plant – Battle Creek
Michigan Center High School, 400 S. State Detroit
Michigan Central Railroad Co. – Jackson
Michigan Chemical Co. – Bay City
Michigan Chemical Co. St. Louis
Michigan Chippewa Corp. Facility
Michigan College – Ypsilanti
Michigan College Of Mining & Technology – Houghton
Michigan College, Physical Ed Building – Ypsilanti
Michigan Condensed Milk Co. – Jackson
Michigan Condensed Milk Co. Mt. Pleasant
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. – Big Rapids
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. – Detroit
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. – Lake George
Michigan Consolidated Gas Compressor Station
Michigan Consolidated Gas Distribution Station Big Rapids
Michigan Consolidated Gas Plant
Michigan Consolidated Gas Pumping Station
Michigan Dental School University of Michigan
Michigan Department of Health – Cancer Research Building – Lansing
Michigan Div. Mill St. Ecorse
Michigan Electric Light & Power Department – Traverse City
Michigan Electric Light Power Department
Michigan Electrochemical Co. – Menominee
Michigan Extruded Aluminum – Jackson
Michigan Foundry & Supply
Michigan Fruit Canners, Inc. – Fennville
Michigan Gas Storage Co. – Marion
Michigan Grape Sugar Co. – Detroit
Michigan Home & Training School – Lapeer
Michigan Home For the Feeble Minded & Epileptic – Lapeer
Michigan Home Training School
Michigan Iron Co. – Newberry
Michigan Lake SunPower Power Co.
Michigan Lake Superior Power Co. – St. Marie
Michigan Limestone & Chemical Co. – Calcite
Michigan Limestone & Chemical Co. Rogers City
Michigan Limestone Operations Plant – Roger City
Michigan Lumber Co. – Detroit
Michigan Manufacturing Co. – Bay City
Michigan Maple Block Co. – Petoskey
Michigan Mill Equipment Co – Grand Ledge
Michigan Mining School – Houghton
Michigan Mutual Insurance Co. – Saginaw
Michigan National Bank – Battle Creek
Michigan National Bank – Lansing
Michigan National Bank Drive- Ins
Michigan National Drive In Bank – Port Huron
Michigan National Guard Armory – Alma
Michigan National Guard Armory – Saginaw
Michigan- Ohio Pipeline Co.
Michigan Oil Co.
Michigan Oven Co. – Caseville
Michigan Oven Co. – Romulus
Michigan Oven Harrison Radiator
Michigan Paperboard – Battle Creek
Michigan Peat Co. – Eaton Rapids
Michigan Power Co. – Gladstone
Michigan Powerhouse
Michigan Producers Dairy Co. – Adrian
Michigan Rivet Co. – Detroit
Michigan School For the Blind – Lansing
Michigan School For the Deaf – Flint
Michigan School For the Deaf – Lansing
Michigan Seamless Tube South Lyons
Michigan Shortening Co. – Detroit
Michigan Silica Co. – Rockwood
Michigan Smelting Co. – Cole’s Creek
Michigan Smelting Co. Coles Creek, Houghton County
Michigan South Central Power Agency – Litchfield
Michigan St. University Powerhouse – Lansing
Michigan Stamping Co. – Detroit
Michigan Standard Alloys – Renton Harbor
Michigan Starch Co. – Traverse City
Michigan State Girls Training School – Adrian
Michigan State Industries – Saginaw
Michigan State Prison – Jackson
Michigan State Prison Jackson
Michigan State Univ. Power Plant Lansing
Michigan State University Akers – Fee Hall Dormitories Lansing
Michigan State University Bessey Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Biology Building Lansing
Michigan State University Case Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Chemistry Biochemistry Bldg Lansing
Michigan State University Computer Center
Michigan State University Dormitories 4 & 5 Lansing
Michigan State University Engineering Building Lansing
Michigan State University Eppley Center Lansing
Michigan State University Giltner Hall
Michigan State University Hall Dormitories Lansing
Michigan State University Holmes Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Hubbard Hall Dormitories Lansing
Michigan State University Kedzie Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Kellogg Center
Michigan State University Laundry Lansing
Michigan State University Library Lansing
Michigan State University Mac Kresge Art Center
Michigan State University McDonnel Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Men’s Intramural Buildings Lansing
Michigan State University Owen Graduate Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Packaging Laboratory Lansing
Michigan State University Pesticide Research Center Lansing
Michigan State University Phycology Building Lansing
Michigan State University Powerhouse #65 Lansing
Michigan State University Shaw Lane Power Plant Lansing
Michigan State University Simon Power Plant Lansing
Michigan State University South Kedzie Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Spartan Village Lansing
Michigan State University Sports Recreation Building Lansing
Michigan State University Steam Tunnels Lansing
Michigan State University T B Simon Power Plant Lansing
Michigan State University Treasury Building Lansing
Michigan State University Veterinary Clinic Lansing
Michigan State University Wells Hall
Michigan State University Wilson Hall Lansing
Michigan State University Wonders Hall Lansing
Michigan Steel Corp. Ecorse Plant Ecorse, Detroit
Michigan Steel Division Great Lakes Steel Ecorse
Michigan Steel Foundry – Detroit
Michigan Steel Tube – Hantramck
Michigan Steel Westran Corp.
Michigan Stores Division- Ecorse
Michigan Sugar Co. – Caro
Michigan Sugar Co. – Carrollton
Michigan Sugar Co. – Saginaw
Michigan Sugar Co. – Sebewaing
Michigan T. B. Sanitarium
Michigan Tech – Houghton
Michigan Tech – Marquette
Michigan Technical University – Houghton
Michigan Theatre Building – Detroit
Michigan Tube Plant – Eau Clair
Michigan Union Building – Ann Arbor
Michigan Univ. Speech Dramatic Arts Mt. Pleasant
Michigan Weatherwise Manufacturing Co. – Saginaw
Michigan Wineries Inc.- Paw Paw
Michigan Wisconsin Gas Pumping Station – Lake George
Michner Elementary School – Adrian
Mid- Michigan Community College – Harrison
Mid- Michigan Regional Medical Center – Gladwin
Mid- Michigan Regional Medical Center – Midland
Mid- State Die Casting Grand Rapids
Mid- West Abrasive – Durand
Mid- West Abrasive Durand
Middle School – Alma
Middle School – Midland
Middle School Springport
Middleville Engineering & Manufacturing Middleville
Midland Airport – Bay City
Midland Center Arts Midland
Midland Center For the Arts – Midland
Midland Community Center – Midland
Midland High School – Midland
Midland Hospital – Midland
Midland Iron Works Foundry – Midland
Midland Junior High School – Midland
Midland Methodist Church – Midland
Midland Nuclear Plant – Midland
Midland Nuclear Power Plant – Midland
Midland Nursing Home – Midland
Midland Plant Midland
Midland Power Plant – Midland
Midland Public Warehouse – Detroit
Midland Ross Corp. Detroit
Midland Ross Plant – Owosso
Midland School – Midland
Midland Steel Products Co. – Detroit
Midland Water Treatment Plant – Midland
Midwest Aluminum – Kalamazoo
Midwest Brake Bond – Detroit
Midwest Steel Erection Co. Taylor
Mike’s City Service Station – Saginaw
Milford School District – Milford
Mill End Store – Bay City
Milling Forging Co. – Lansing
Mills – Milford
Mills Mutual – Howell
Mine Buildings – Ishpeming
Minergy Corp. – Detroit
Mining & Mfg. Detroit
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. Detroit
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Plant – Wayne
Minnesota Power & Light Co. – Aurora
Minnesota Power & Light Co. – West Duluth
Minute Car Wash – Bay City
Minute Man Stuffing Detroit
Misco Foundry – Muskegon
Misco Plant – Calumet
Miss Gulf Refining – Pontiac
Missouri Hardstone Brick & Tile Co. – Pacific
Mistersky Power Station – Detroit
Mistersky Power Station Detroit
Mistersky Powerhouse Detroit
Mitchell Auto Plant – Owosso
Mitchell- Bentley Plant Ionia
Mitchell Diggins Iron Co. – Cadillac
Mobay Chemical Plant – Miles – Denka
Mobil Gas & Service Station – Woodhaven
Mobil Oil – Flat Rock
Mobil Oil Corp. Trenton
Mobil Oil Corp. Woodhaven
Mobil Oil Plant – Flat Rock
Mobil Oil Refinery – Trenton
Mobil Oil Refinery – Woodhaven
Mobile Oil Compression Station – Mason
Mochty’s Barber Shop – Flint
Model Coverall Service – Grand Rapids
Model Coverall Service
Mohawk Mining Co. – Gay
Mohawk Mining Co. – Mohawk
Mohawk Mining Co. -Kearsarge
Moier Clinic – Arheim
Mona Shores High School – Muskegon
Monarch Papermill – Kalamazoo
Monitor Sugar Co. – Mt. Clemens
Monitor Sugar Plant – Bay City
Monitor Sugar Plant – Saginaw
Mono Shores High School – Muskegon
Monroe Coal Power Plant – Monroe
Monroe Harbor Terminal – Monroe
Monroe Paper Products – Monroe
Monroe Paper Products Co. – Monroe
Monroe Power Plant – Monroe
Monroe Power Plant, Unit 4 Monroe
Monroe Powerhouse – Monroe
Monroe Silica Co. – Steiner
Monroe Stamping – Monroe
Monroe Steel – Monroe
Monroe Steel Casting – Monroe
Monroe Wastewater Treatment Plant Monroe
Monroe Water Works – Monroe
Monsanto – Shawinigan Resins Div. – Trenton
Monsanto Chemical Co. – Detroit
Monsanto Chemical Co. – Trenton
Monsanto Chemical Co. – Wyandotte
Monsanto Chemical Plant – Trenton
Monsanto Chemical Shawinigan Resins Div. Trenton
Monsanto Shawinigan Resins Div Trenton
Montcalm Community College – Montcalm
Montessori School
Montgomery Wards – Dearborn
Montgomery Wards (Downtown Saginaw) – Saginaw
Montgomery Wards (Shopping Mall) – Southfield
Montrose High School – Flushing
Moore Iron Works – Grand Blanc
Moore Park Station Lansing
Moores Park Power Plant – Lansing
Moores Park Power Station Siding Old Steam Line Lansing
Moores Park Steam Plant Lansing
Mopsi Michoud Power Station
Morenci High School – Morenci
Morgan & Wright – Detroit
Morgan & Wright U. S. Rubber Co. Products
Morgan R W Co – Detroit
Morgan Wright U. S. Rubber Co. Products Detroit
Morley Brothers Warehouse – Saginaw
Morley Elementary School – Saginaw
Morrell Street Plant
Morris Park Powerhouse – Lansing
Morse River Powerhouse – Lansing
Morson Curtis D Co. – Detroit
Mortell Corp. – Warren
Morton House – Grand Rapids
Morton Salt – Manistee
Morton Salt Co. Ludington
Morton Salt Co. Manistee
Morton Salt Co. Port Huron
Motor City Metal Treating Co. Detroit
Motor City Metal Treating Co. Ecorse
Motor Wheel Corp. Flint
Motor Wheel Corp. Lansing
Motor Wheel Corp. Ypsilanti
Mott Community College – Flint
Mound Road Engine Plant – Detroit
Mt Manufacturing Grand Rapids
Mt. Carmel Hospital – Detroit
Mt. Carmel Hospital Detroit
Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital – Dearborn
Mt. Clemens Pottery – Mt. Clemens
Mt. Forest School – Mound Road
Mt. Mercy Academy – Grand Rapids
Mt. Morris Junior High School Mt. Morris
MT. Morrison Elementary School – Hillman
Mt. Pleasant General Hospital – Mt. Pleasant
Mt. Pleasant High School – Mt. Pleasant
Mt. Pleasant State Home for Boys – Mt. Pleasant
Mt. Pleasant Sugar Co. – Mt. Pleasant
Muehlbeck – Saginaw
Mueller Brass Co. – Port City
Mueller Brass Co. Port Huron
Mueller Metals Co. – Port Huron
Muhhlig Funeral Home – Ann Arbor
Mulkey Salt Co. – Oakwood
Mullett Street Heating Plant – Detroit
Mullett Street Heating Plant Detroit
Multiple Service Constructors Detroit
Mundet Cork Co. Warehouse – Detroit
Munger School – Munger
Municipal Building – Flint
Municipal Electric Light Water Co. – Chelsea
Municipal Electric Lighting Plant – Norway
Municipal Electric Plant – Coldwater
Municipal Light & Power Plant – Traverse City
Municipal Power Plant – Coldwater
Municipal Power Plant Coldwater
Municipal Service Department – Wyandotte
Munising Elementary School – Munsing
Munising High School – Munsing
Munising Paper Co. – Munsing
Munising Papermill – Munising
Munising Wood Products Co. – Marquette
Munisiug Paper Co. Division Munising
Munro Iron Mining Co. – Iron River
Munson Hospital – Traverse City
Murphy Power Building – Detroit
Murray Bodies – Wyandotte
Murray Body Corp. – Bay City
Murray Body Corp. Bay City
Murray Corp. Of America – Detroit
Murray Corp. of America Detroit
Muskegon Boiler – Workshop – Muskegon
Muskegon Chemical Plant
Muskegon Chronical Building – Muskegon
Muskegon Chronicle Newspaper Plant – Muskegon
Muskegon City Hall – Muskegon
Muskegon Correctional Facility – Muskegon
Muskegon County Court House – Muskegon
Muskegon General Hospital – Muskegon
Muskegon High School – Muskegon
Muskegon Housing Project – Muskegon
Muskegon Intermediate School – Muskegon
Muskegon Mental Retardation Building – Muskegon
Muskegon Papermill – Midland
Muskegon Public Schools – Muskegon
Muskegon Road Commission Building – Twin Lake
Muskegon Water Filtration Plant – Muskegon
Muskegon Water Filtration Plant Muskegon
Muskeon City Hall – Muskegon
Mutual Insurance Saginaw
Mutual Savings & Loan – Bay City
Mutual Savings Loan Bay City
Mysterski Station Detroit
Mystersky Power Station – Detroit
Mystersky Powerhouse – Detroit
N Ottowa Hospital Grand Haven
N. W. High School – Detroit
Nash- Kelvinator Corp. Detroit
Nat’l Steel chigan Stores Div. Ecorse
National Air Pollution Research Center – Ann Arbor I
National Bank Headquarters – Detroit
National Bank of Detroit – Detroit
National Biscuit Bakery – Grand Rapids
National Biscuit Co. – Detroit
National Biscuit Co. Bakery Grand Rapids
National Biscuit Co. Vail Crane Bakery – Grand Rapids
National Biscuit Vail Crane Bakery Grand Rapids
National Construction Co.- Charlevoix
National Container Corp. – Detroit
National Container Corp. Ontonagon
National Disposal Service – Warren
National Food Warehouse – Detroit
National Furnace Warehouse – Detroit
National Guard Complex – Grayling
National Gypsum Co. – Kalamazoo
National Gypsum Plant – National City
National Induction Heating – Hazel Park
National Light Metals – Caro
National Products Stamping Plant – Detroit
National Products Stamping Plant – Grand Haven
National Standard Corp. – Niles
National Steel – Detroit
National Steel – River Rouge
National Steel Corp.- Ecorse
National Steel Corp. Zug Island Detroit
National Steel River Rouge
Natural Gas & Propane Gas Plants – Vanderbilt
Nazareth Academy – Powerhouse – Kalamazoo
Nazareth College – Kalamazoo
Nazareth College Foutbonne Manor Nazareth
Nbd – Grand Rapids
Nbd Building – Grand Rapids
Nbd Grand Rapids
Neenah Paper – Munsing
Negaunee & Ishpeming Street Railway Co.- Negaunee
Negaunee Mines – Negaunee
Negaunee Old Folks Home – Negaunee
Nelson Engineering Middleville
Nelson Metal Products – Greenville
Neumanns Sales & Service Sebewaing
Nevada ssouri Electric & Power Coop
New Bissell Plant – Grand Rapids
New England Telephone – Mineral Spring Ave.
New Greenville High School – Greenville
New Gwinn High School Gwinn
New Haven Foundry – New Haven
New Hudson New Hudson
New Ignace High School – St. Ignace
New Lothrop High School New Lothrop
New Moon Homes – Alma
New Oxygen Plant Main Gate Turn South Ecorse
New Sheldon Hospital – Albion
New Ulm – New Richmond
New Upjohn Office Bldg – Kalamazoo
New Upjohn Office Building – Kalamazoo
New Way Equipment Plant – Muskegon
New York Central – Grand Rapids
New York Central Railroad – Detroit
New York Central Railroad Co. Detroit
New York Central Railroad Co. Jackson
New York Central Railroad, Shop Jackson
New York Central RR Co. – Diesel Engine Repair – Niles
New York Central System – Detroit
New York Central System – Michigan Central – Detroit
New York City Airport – Grand Rapids
New York RR Diesel Engine Repair – Niles
Neway Chemical – Muskegon
Newaygo Sewage Disposal Plant – Newago
Newberry High School – Newberry
Newberry State Hospital – Newberry
Newbery Furnace Co. – Newberry
Newpage Corp. – Escanaba
Newport Iron Co. – Ironwood
News Building – Saginaw
Niagara Papermill – Niagara
Nichols & Shepard Co. – Battle Creek
Nichols & Shepard Co. Battle Creek
Nichols Engineering & Research – Detroit
Nicholson Terminal & Dock – Ecorse
Niles Manufacturing Co. – Niles
Niles Manufacturing Co. Berrien City Niles
Niles Manufacturing Co. Niles
Niles Steel Tank Co. – Niles
Nitrogen Division Detroit
Nixon Road School – Grand Ledge
Nodular Iron Foundry – Saginaw
Nor Am Chemical Plant – Muskegon
Nor- Cote Inc. Warren
Norcote Division – Warren
Norge Machine – Muskegon
Norge Machine Products Division, Muskegon
Normal School – Mt. Pleasant
Norman Price – Trenton
Norrie Mine – Ironwood
Norrie Mine Ironwood
North America Chemical Co. – Bay City
North American Aluminum – Kalamazoo
North American Aviation – Detroit
North American Standard – Detroit
North Branch School – Flint
North Central Area Schools Powers
North Eastern School Of Business – Bay City
North Gate Oak Park
North Kent Mall – Grand Rapids
North Middle School – Grand Rapids
North Middle School – Saginaw
North Ottowa Community Hospital – Grand Haven
North Valley – Dormitory #3 – Kalamazoo
North Valley Dormitory #3 Kalamazoo
Northern Automatic Electric Ishpeming
Northern Concrete Pipe Co. – Bay City
Northern High School – Flint
Northern Michigan Asylum – Traverse City
Northern Michigan Electric Cooperative, Inc. – Boyen City
Northern Michigan Electric Wolverine Power Plant – Advance
Northern Michigan University – Residence Hall Food Serv Marquette
Northern Michigan University New Central Htg Plt Marquette
Northern Michigan University Residence Hall Food Serv Marquette
Northern Michigan University, Various Bldgs. – Marquette
NorthJunior High School – Grand Rapids
Northland Plaza Bldg – Southfield
Northland Plaza Building – Southfield
Northland Professional Building – Southfield
Northland Shopping Mall – Southfield
Northside Apartment – Muskegon
Northville State Hospital – Northville
Northwest High School – Detroit
Northwest High School – Jackson
Northwest Middle School – Jackson
Northwood Institute – Midland
Northwoods Apartments Ann Arbor
Nrico Fermi Power Plant – Monroe
Nursing Home – Flint
Nursing Home – Hasting
Ny Central Airport Team Track – Grand Rapids
NY Central RR Co. Diesel Engine Repair Shop Niles
Nyc Airport Siding – Grand Rapids
Nyc Railroad Diesel Engine Repair Shop – Niles
O Williams Saginaw
O. J. Beandett Co. – Pontiac
O. L. Smith, 23851 Yale Detroit
Oak Park – Detroit
Oak Park Excavating Co. – Farmington
Oak Park Railroad Yard – Oak Park
Oakdale Hospital – Lapeer
Oakdale School – Grand Rapids
Oakland Community College – Bloomfield Hills
Oakland County Court Complex – Pontiac
Oakland Elementary – Detroit
Oakland Garbage Rubbish Authority Oakland County
Oakland Mall – Troy
Oakland Steel Treating Co.
Oakland Steel Treatment Plant – Southfield
Oakland University – Pontiac
Oakland University – Rochester
Oakland University- Michigan State University Rochester
Oaklawn Hospital – Marlette
Oaklawn Hospital – Marshall
Oakleigh School – Grand Rapids
Oakridge Elementary – Detroit
Oakwood Hospital – Dearborn
Oakwood Memorial Mausoleum – Saginaw
Occidental Chemical Corp. – Montague
Oceana Fruit Growers Factory – Muskegon
Office Building 1500 Woodward Ave.
Office Building 15th St.
Office Building 26711 Northwestern
Office Building 30500 Van Dyke
Office Building Evergreen & Mill RD.
Office Building Northwestern Hwy.
Office Building, Fort & 15Th St. – Detroit
Office Building ll Rd. – Southfield
Office Building, Northwestern Hwy. – Southfield
Ogelbay Norton Plant – Roger City
Ogemaw County Jail – West Branch
Oglebay – Detroit
Ohio Oil Co. – Detroit
Ohio Paper Co. – Niles
Oil Fields – Muskegon
Oil Refinery – Mosherville
Oil Refinery – Reed City
Okemos Fire Station #2 – Okemos
Okemos High School – Boiler Room – Okemos
Okemos Middle School – Okemos
Okemos Schools – Okemos
Okland Welding – Pontiac
Old Central High School – Kalamazoo
Old Dutch Refinery – Muskegon
Old Dutch Refinery Muskegon
Old Dutch Refining Co. – Muskegon
Old Eaton Manufacturing Plant – Lawton
Old Folks Home – Hancock
Old Fort Brady Radar Station – St. Marie
Old Hudson Building – Detroit
Old Juvenile Ct, 1025 E. Forest Detroit
Old Kent State Bank Building – Grand Rapids
Old Standard Federal Bank Building – Troy
Oldberg Manufacturing Corp. – Grand Haven
Olds Motor Co. – Lansing
Olds Motor Co. Lansing
Oldsmobile Administration Building – Lansing
Oldsmobile Div of GMC Lansing
Oldsmobile Forge Plant – Lansing
Oldsmobile Jet Engine Plant #3 – Lansing
Oldsmobile Lansing
Oldsmobile Manufacturing Plant – Lansing
Oldsmobile Plant – Lansing
Olin Health Center – Lansing
Oliver Iron Mining Co. – Ansasa
Oliver Iron Mining Co. – Ironwood
Oliver Iron Mining Co. #10 Shaft Tilden Mine – Bessemer
Oliver Iron Mining Co. #10 Shaft Tilden Mine Bessemer
Oliver Iron Mining Co. Ansasa
Oliver Iron Mining Co. Ironwood
Oliver Iron Mining Co. Stambaugh
Olivet College – Olivet
Olsen Const – Muskegon
Olsen Const – S. D. Warren Co – Pipi Bridge – Muskegon
Olsen Const – S. D. Warren Co. – Muskegon
Omega Epsilon Fraternity House – Flint
Omega Portland Cement Co. Jonesville
Omega Portland Cement Co. Kalamazoo
Omega Portland Cement Co. Mosherville
Onoway High School – Onoway
Onsted Schools Onsted
Ontonogan High School – Ontongan
Ontonogan Hospital – Ontonogan
Ontonogan Papermill – Ontonogan
Oods Traske, Grand Rapids High School
Ooker Electrochemical Montague
Orchard View Middle School – Muskegon
Ore Ida Plant – Greenville
Ore Improvement Plant – Eagle Harbor
Orion River Rouge- Dearborn
Orunna Road Team Track Western Railroad – Flint
Osborn- Midwest Paper Co.
Osceola Mine – Calumet
Osceola Refining Co. Inc. West Branch
Oscoda Air Force Base – Oscoda
Oscoda High School – Oscoda
Oscoda Wastewater Plant – Oscoda
Osmus (USS) – Bay City
Ossineke School – Ossineke
Osteopathic Hospital – Bay City
Oswego Power Station – Oswego
Oswego University – Oswego
Ott Chemical Plant – Muskegon
Ottawa Furniture Co. – Holland
Ottawa Hospital – Ottawa
Ottawa Junior High – Ottawa
Ottawa Street Powerhouse – Lansing
Ottawa Street Station – Lansing
Otto Construction – Detroit
Otto Construction Detroit
Otto E. Eckert Power Station – Lansing
Otto Elementary School – Lansing
Otto P. Graf Ford Dealership – Flint
Our Saviour Lutheran Church – Saginaw
Ourne Manufacturing Co. Corunna
Oval Wood Dish Co. – Traverse City
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Boyne City
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Charlotte
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Detroit
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Flint
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Grand Rapids
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Kalamazoo
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Lansing
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Oak Park
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Park
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Rudyard
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Corp. Wyandotte
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Supply Contracting Flint
Owens- Corning Fiberglas Supply Contracting Saginaw
Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp. – Charlotte
Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp. – Detroit
Owens Corning Fiberglass Supply & Contracting – Saginaw
Owens Corning Glass Plant – Albion
Owens- Illinois Fiberglass Co. Boyne City
Owens- Illinois Fiberglass Co. Charlotte
Owens Illinois Glass Plant – Charlotte
Owosso Carunna Electric Co. – Owosso
Owosso Corunna Electric Co. – Owosso
Owosso High School – Owosso
Owosso Manufacturing Co. – Owosso
Owosso Memorial Hospital – Owosso
Owosso School – Flint
Owosso Sugar Co. – Owosso
Owosso Water Treatment Plant – Owosso
Oxbow School – Alpena
Oxford High School – Oxford
P B C Cobb Plant – Muskegon
P Palisades South Haven
P Rr Rft House – Big Rapids
P Whiting Plant Consumers Power Co – Erie
P. D. Beckwith Estate – Coldwater
P. H. Piper Construction Co. – Detroit
P. H. Piper Construction Co.
P. I. M. E. Missionaries of Michigan
P. I. M. E. Missionaries Of – Sts Peter & Paul Maryglade Sem
P. I. M. E. Missionaries Seminary Richmond
P. K. A. Foundry Inc. Milan
Pacific Industrial Furnace Co. – Warren
Packaging Corp. Of America – Filer City
Packaging Corp. Of America – Grandville
Packaging Corp. Of America Papermill – Manistee
Packard Motor Car Co – Detroit
Packard Motor Car Plant – Detroit
Packard Motor Co. – Detroit
Page Woven Wire Fence Co. – Adrian
Palisades Nuclear Generating Station South Haven
Palisades Nuclear Plant – Grand Haven
Palisades Nuclear Power Plant – South Haven
Palisades Power Plant Covert
Palisades Power Plant Haven
Palisades Power Plant South Haven
Pallisades Nuclear Power Plant – Bridgman
Pallisades Nuclear Power Plant Lake Michigan
Palmer Mines – Palmer
Palmer Powerhouse – Palmer
Pancake House – Grosse Point
Paper Machine 5 – Kalamazoo
Papermill – Kalamazoo
Papermill – Ontonagon
Paramt. Die Casting Div St Joseph
Paramt. Oil Casting – St. Joseph
Parchment High School – Kalamazoo
Pardee Elementary – Detroit
Park Apartment Complex – Roosevelt Park
Park Davis & Co. – Detroit
Park Davis Co. Engineering Building Detroit
Park Detroit
Park Manor – Niles
Park Place Plant – Detroit
Park Railroad Yard Mile Park
Park Street Elementary School – Muskegon
Parke-Davis & Co. Ann Arbor
Parke-Davis & Co. Detroit
Parke-Davis & Co. Holland
Parke-Davis Laboratories – Rochester
Parke-Davis Plant – Ann Arbor I
Parke-Davis Plant – Detroit
Parke-Davis Plant – Holland
Parke-Davis Plant – Rochester
Parke-Davis Research Lab – Ann Arbor
Parker Elementary – Detroit
Parker Elementary School – Royal Oak
Parker Elementary, Detroit
Parker Products Co. – Howell
Parker Wolverine – Detroit
Parking Ramp For Jc College – Grand Rapids
Parklane Twin Towers Office Complex – Dearborn
Parkside High School – Jackson
Parkside Housing Project – Powerhouse – Detroit
Parle (USS) – Bay City
Parma High School – Parma
Parts Depot) – Romulus
Party Store – Haslett
Paterson Heat Treating Co. – Centerline
Pattengill Jr. High – Lansing
Pattengill Junior High School – Lansing
Patton Hotel – Grand Rapids
Paul Skek Builders – Allegan
Paw Paw Hospital – Paw Paw
Peerless Cement – River Rouge
Peerless Cement Co. – Port Huron
Peerless Cement Corp. – Detroit
Peerless Cement Plant – Detroit
Peerless Gear – Clinton
Peerless Portland Cement Co. – Union City
Pemberthy Injection Co. – Detroit
Penberthy Injector Co. – Detroit
Peninsula Electric Light & Power Co. – Houghton
Peninsula Portland Cement Co. – Cement City
Peninsulan Portland Cement Co. Woodstock
Peninsular Paper Co. – Ypsilanti
Peninsular Portland Cement Co. – Jackson
Penn- Dixie Cement Corp. – Petoskey
Penn Iron Mining Co. – Vulcan
Pennock Hospital – Hastings
Pennsalt Chemical Co. West Plant Wyandotte
Pennsylvania Salt Chemical Plant Wyandotte
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co. – Wyandotte
Pennsylvania Salt Mill – Detroit
Pennwalt Corp. – Wyandotte
Penokee & Gogebic Consol & Mines – Bessemer
Pentwater County Building – Pentwater
Penwalt Corp. – Riverview
Peoples Cutfitting Co. – Dearborn
Peoples Electric Light Co. – Flint
People’s Hospital – Lincoln Park
People’s Outfitting Co. – Detroit
Pere Marquette Rail Road Co. – Detroit
Pere Marquette Railroad – Saginaw
Pere Marquette Railroad Co. – Ludington
Peregrine Inc. – Flint
Perfection Heat Treating Co. Detroit
Perkins & Co. – Grand Rapids
Perry High School Perry
Pesticide Research Center – Lansing
Pet Milk Co. – Adrian
Peter & Paul Maryglade Seminary Richmond
Peter Rush Greenhouses – Inkster
Petoskey Portland Cement Co – Petosky
Petosky Cement Plant – Peotsky
Petosky Hospital – Petosky
Petro Chemical Plant – Bay City
Petrochemical Plant – Bay City
Pettibone Michigan Corp.
Pfeiffer Brewing Co. – Detroit
Pfizer – Kalamazoo
Pfizer – Portage
Phelps- Dodge Corp. Detroit
Philip Carey – Detroit
Phoenix Building – Flint
Phoenix Sprinkler Mt. Pleasant
Phoenix Sprinkler Warehouse – Grand Rapids
Pier Marquette Shopping Center – Saginaw
Piggley Wiggley Grocery Stores – Lansing
Pilgrim Paper Co. – Capac
Pin Ridge Coal Co. – Detroit
Pinconning High School – Pinconning
Pine Ridge Coal Co. – Detroit
Pingree & Smith – Detroit
Pingree & Smith Shoe Co. – Detroit
Pioneer Iron Co. – Marquette
Pioneer Laundry & Cleaning Co. – Detroit
Pioneer Pellet Plant Eagle Mills- Negaunee
Pittsburgh Elementary School – Ann Arbor
Pittsburgh Forging Co. Jackson
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. – Kalamazoo
Placer Plumbing & Heating – Lansing
Plainfield School – Saginaw
Plainwell High School – Plainwell
Plainwell Paper Co. – Plainwell
Plainwell Papermill – Plainwell
Plainwell Plating Plainwell
Plaisades Nuclear Plant – Bringman
Plant Wyandotte
Plastic Masters New Buffalo
Plastigage Corp. – Jackson
Plaza I – Lansing
Plaza North Office Building – Saginaw
Pleasant State Home Boys Pleasant
Pleasantview School Detroit
Plibrico Sales Services Co. Detroit
Plum Hollow Golf Course – Plainwell
Plum Hollow Golf Course – Plum Hollow
Plymouth – Owosso
Plymouth Fertilizer – Plymouth
Plymouth High School – Plymouth
Plymouth Motor Car Co. – Detroit
Plymouth State Home – Plymouth
Plymouth Steel – Detroit
Police Academy Building – Grand Rapids
Police Justice Building – Grand Rapids
Police Station – Kalamazoo
Ponchartrain Hotel – Detroit
Ponitac Plant – Detroit
Pontiac Central High School – Pontiac
Pontiac Coatings Co. – Pontiac
Pontiac Division Plant No. 1 Pontiac
Pontiac Fisher Body N Body Shop – Pontiac
Pontiac Foundry – Pontiac
Pontiac Light Co. – Pontiac
Pontiac Medical Building – Pontiac
Pontiac Motor Div Gmc – Pontiac
Pontiac Motors – Pontiac
Pontiac Silverdome – Pontiac
Pontiac State Hospital – Pontiac
Pontiac Water Works – Pontiac
Port Austin Radar Station – Port Austin
Port Hudson – Port City
Port Huron Area Public Schools – Port Huron
Port Huron Gas & Electric Co. – Port Huron
Port Huron High School – Port Huron
Port Huron Light & Power Co. – Port Huron
Port Huron Paper Co. – Detroit
Port Huron Powerhouse – Port Huron
Port Huron Sulphite – Port Huron
Port Sheldon Power Plant – West Olive
Port Terminal Transport, Inc. Troy
Portage High School – Grand Rapids
Porter- George Co. Detroit
Porter Hills Nursing Home – Freemont
Portland School – Portland
Posen Catholic Church – Posen
Posen Elementary School – Posen
Posen High School – Posen
Post Cereal – Battle Creek
Post Cereal Plant – Battle Creek
Post Cereals – Battle Creek
Post Oak Elementary School – Lansing
Post Office – Bay City
Post Office – Flint
Post Office – Lansing
Post Office – Muskegon
Post Office – Saginaw
Post Products – Battle Creek
Post Products Div. Of General Foods Corp. – Battle Creek
Postum Cereal Co. Ltd. – Battle Creek
Postum Co. Inc. – Battle Creek
Potter Auto Supplies – Bay City
Potter School – Flint
Powder Co. Harbor
Power Generating Co. – L`Anse
Power Generating Co. – Lansing
Power High School – Flint
Power Plant – Muskegon
Power Plant Coldwater
Power Reactor Co. Enrico. Fermi Power Plant Stoney Creek
Power Reactor Development Co. – Monroe County
Power Reactor Development Co. – Newport
Power Reactor Development Co. – Power Plant Stoney Creek
Power Reactors Development Co. – Newport – Monroe
Power Reactors Development Corp. Stoney Creek
Power Service Corp. – Michigan Travers City
Power Service Corp. – South Haven
Powerhouse – Acme
Powerhouse – Cheboygan
Powerhouse – Grand Haven
Powerhouse – Lansing
Powerhouse – Marquette
Powerhouse – Mi City
Powerhouse – St Claire
Powers High School – Flint
Powers Spalding Public School Powers
Ppg Industries Inc. – Kalamazoo
Practical Construction Co. Oak Park
Pre- Fabricating Building – Standish
Precious Blood Church – Detroit
Precision Steel Treating Co. Detroit
Premiere Industries Corp. – Monroe
Prenco Manufacturing Co. Madison Heights
Presbyterian Church – Saginaw
Presque Island Power Plant – Marquette
Presque Isle Corp. – Alpena
Presque Isle Power Plant – Marquette
Presto Lite – Bay City
Presto Lite Plant – Bay City
Prestolite Factory – Port Huron
Prestolite Plant – Bay City
Price Brothers Cement Plant – Whitelake
Prince Manufacturing Co. – Holland
Procter & Gamble – Cheboygan
Producers Refining Corp. West Branch
Producers Refining Inc. –
Provential House Nursing Home – Lansing
Providence Hospital – Southfield
Pt. Huron High School – Bay City
Public Library – Detroit
Public Lighting Commission – Detroit
Public Schools – Detroit
Pump Storage Station – Ludington
Pumping Station – Big Rapids
Pumping Station – Ionia
Pumping Station – Ludington
Pumping Station Big Rapids
Pure Oil Refinery – Midland
Pure Service – Service Station – Detroit
Purvis & Foster, Inc. – Detroit
Purvis & Foster, Inc. – Gm Chevrolet – Detroit
Pyrohn Inc. – Detroit
Quaker Chemical – Detroit
Quaker Oats – Carrollton
Quality Aluminum Products Co. – Coldwater
Quality Bay – Bay City
Quality Controlled Stamping Co. – Southfield
Quality Court Motel – Jackson
Quality Glass Apparatus, Inc. – Ann Arbor
Quality Pickling – Detroit
Quality Steel Treat Co. – Oak Park
Queen Of Angels Retreat House – Saginaw
Quincy Mining Co. – Hancock
Quincy Mining Co. – Mason
Quincy Stamp Mill – Mason
Quinnesec Papermill – Iron Mountain
R & K Trucking – Saginaw
R Story Office Building – Lansing
R. C. Mahon Co. – Detroit
R. C. Mahon Co. Detroit
R. D. Whittier Jr High School – Flint
R. D. Whittier Junior High School – Flint
R. D. Whittier Junior High School Flint
R. E. Leggette Co. – Dearborn
R. G. Peters – Manistee
R. H. Anderson, Inc. – Detroit
R. H. Anderson, Inc. – Trenton
R. O. Williams Bridgeport
R. R. Dock Enclosure – Flint
R. W. Morgan Co. – Detroit
Raby – Bay City
Radar Station – Mission City
Radar Station – Port Austin
Radar Station – St. Marie
Rainbow Bread & Co. – Saginaw
Ralston Purina Co. – Battle Creek
Ramada Inn – Marquette
Randville Mines – Randville
Rapid Railway Co. – Detroit
Ray Bartels Wholesale – Saginaw
Ray Molder Trucking – Bay City
Ray’s Food Centers – Bay City
Rectory – Maplegrove
Redbrick Hilltop Boiler
Redbrick Hilltop Boiler – St. Joseph
Redford High School – Detroit
Redford Hospital – Redford
Redford Schools – Redford
Redmond Co. Inc. – Owosso
Reed City Gas Pumping Station/Refinery – Reed City
Reesers Plumbing & Heating – Owosso
Refinery – West Branch
Refractory Handling Wyandotte
Refractory Sales Co – Detroit
Refractory Sales Detroit
Regal Towers Southfield
Regina High School Haper Woods
Reichhchemicals Ferndale
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. Ferndale
Reichle Supply Co. – Saginaw
Reichold Chemical – Gulfport
Reichold Chemical Co – Bottom of Kettles, No – Detroit
Reiger Sawmill Tower
Renaisance Center – Detroit
Renaissance Apartments – Jackson
Renaissance Center – Detroit
Renauld Plastics Co. Ciba Giegy – Lansing
Reo Motors Inc. – Lansing
Republic High School – Republic
Republic Iron & Steel Co. – Republic
Republic Iron Plant – Republic
Republic Mines – Ishpeming
Republic Mines – Republic
Republic Motor Truck Co. – Alma
Republic Steel – Canton
Republic Steel – Detroit
Republic Steel – Doug Island
Republic Steel Corp. Detroit
Resges – Lansing
Residence Hall Food Service Marquette
Residential Jobsites – Bay City
Residential Jobsites – Detroit
Residential Jobsites – Lansing
Residential Jobsites – Midland
Residential Jobsites – Saginaw
Restolite Wire & Cable – Bay City
Resurrection School – Lansing
Revere Copper & Brass Inc. – Detroit
Rex Clay Products Co. Walled Lake
Reynolds Aluminum Co. – Muskegon
Reynolds Aluminum Plant – Grand Rapids
Reynolds Aluminum Plant – Muskegon
Reynolds Metals Co. – Grand Rapids
Rich (USS) – Bay City
Rich Field Iron Works Flint
Richard V. Lindabury – River Rouge
Ricker Elementary School – Saginaw
Ridge Coal Co.
Rigby Neon – Detroit
Riley Stoker Corp. – Detroit
River Raisin Paper Co. – Monroe
River Rouge Detroit Edison Detroit
River Rouge Plant – Stamping Plant
River Rouge Power Plant – Detroit
River Rouge Power Plant – River Rouge
River Rouge Stadium
Rivers Junior High School Rivers
Riverside Foundry & Galva Kalamazoo
Riverside Hospital – Trenton
Riverside Manor Motel – Lansing
Riverside Middle School – Detroit
Riverside Osteopathic Hospital – Trenton
Riverview Towers – Lansing
Roadway Express
Roadway Express Flint
Robbins Flooring Co. – Newberry
Robert O. Williams, Inc. – Saginaw
Roberts Church Flushing
Roberts Tube Division – Detroit
Robex Corp. Lansing
Robin Towers – Southfield
Robinson – Bay City
Robo Car Wash – Alma
Robo Car Wash – Bay City
Robo Car Wash – Saginaw
Roby (USS) – Bay City
Rochester High School – Rochester
Rochester Mills – Rochester
Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant Charlevoix
Rock Power Plant Charlevoix
Rockford High School – Grand Rapids
Rocky River Papermills Inc. – Three Rivers
Roger City Jail – Roger City
Rogers City Community Health Center – Roger City
Rogers City High School – Rogers City
Rogers City Quarry – Rogers City
Rokn Chung Nam – Bay City
Rolling Mill – Midland
Romeo High School – Romeo
Roosevelt Elementary – Flint
Roosevelt High School – Wyandotte
Roosevelt Refinery – Mt. Pleasant
Roosevelt Schools – Muskegon Heights
Rose Lake Wildlife Resea E Lansing
Roselawn Convalescent Home – Lansing
Roseville Chrysler- Plymouth – Detroit
Roseville High School Roseville
Ross Products – Sturgis
Rotary Electric Steel Co. – Detroit
Rouge Industries, Inc. – Dearborn
Rouge Plant – Dearborn
Rouge Steel Co. – Dearborn
Roughe Plant – Dearborn
Round Oak Stove Works Dowagiac
Rovin Ceramics – Dearborn
Royal Oak Board of Education – Detroit
Royal Oak Heating Treating, Inc. – Madison Heights
RR Diesel Engine Repair Niles
Rubber Co. Detroit
Rubber Co. Materials Troy
Ruben Daniels Lifelong Learning Center – Saginaw
Rudd Manufacturing Co. – Kalamazoo
Rudyard Elementary School – Rudyard
Rudyard Schools – Rudyard
Rush Island Powerhouse
Russell Manufacturing – Caro
Rust Engineering Co. – Groos
Rust Engineering Co. Escanaba Pulp, Escanaba
Ruud Manufacturing Co. – Kalamazoo
Rw Lapine, Inc.- Paw Paw
Ryder Truck Center – Saginaw
S & C – Flint
S & C Division Ocf – Detroit
S & C Division Ocf
S D Warren Co. Central Mill Muskegon
S D Warren Papermill – Muskegon
S. D. Warren Co. Central Mill Muskegon
Sackett Brick Co. Kalamazoo
Sacks & Herrie Hall – Mt. Pleasant
Sacred Heart Academy – Mt. Pleasant
Sacred Heart High School – Lansing
Sacred Heart High School – Roseville
Saginaio & Flint Railway- Bridgeport
Saginaw – City Hall Building – Saginaw
Saginaw & Bay County Sewer Lanes – Saginaw
Saginaw & Flint Railway Bridgeport
Saginaw Art Museum – Saginaw
Saginaw Board of Education Building – Saginaw
Saginaw Central Foundry – Saginaw
Saginaw Civic Center – Saginaw
Saginaw Community Hospital – Saginaw
Saginaw Country Club – Saginaw
Saginaw County Community Hospital – Saginaw
Saginaw County Courthouse – Saginaw
Saginaw County Hospital – Saginaw
Saginaw County Jail – Saginaw
Saginaw County Juvenile Home – Saginaw
Saginaw County Road Commission Building – Saginaw
Saginaw Downtown Mall – Saginaw
Saginaw General Hospital – Saginaw
Saginaw Grain Plant – Carrollton
Saginaw Heating Co. – Saginaw
Saginaw High School – Saginaw
Saginaw Housing Project – Saginaw
Saginaw Industrial Machining – Saginaw
Saginaw Industries Factory – Saginaw
Saginaw Juvenile Home Saginaw
Saginaw Manufacturing Plant – Saginaw
Saginaw Metal Cast Iron – Saginaw
Saginaw Municipal Airport Saginaw
Saginaw News Building – Saginaw
Saginaw Nursing Home – Saginaw
Saginaw Office Buildings – Saginaw
Saginaw Osteopathic Hospital – Saginaw
Saginaw Processing & Supply Co. – Saginaw
Saginaw Products Corp. Plant Saginaw
Saginaw River Plant – Saginaw
Saginaw River Powerhouse – Zilwaukee
Saginaw River Steam Plant
Saginaw River Steam Plant – Zilwaukee
Saginaw Royal Tire Service – Saginaw
Saginaw Steam Tunnels – Saginaw
Saginaw Steering Gear – Saginaw
Saginaw Stock Boiler Program – Saginaw
Saginaw Tool & Gear – Saginaw
Saginaw Township Schools – Saginaw
Saginaw Transit Bus Station – Saginaw
Saginaw Transmission Plant – Saginaw
Saginaw Valley State College – Saginaw
Saginaw Valley State University – Saginaw
Saginaw Veteran’s Hospital – Saginaw
Saginaw Wastewater Plant – Saginaw
Saginaw Wastewater Treatment Plant – Saginaw
Saginaw Water Treatment Plant – Saginaw
Saginaw Wood Products Co. – Saginaw
Salinas Schools – Saginaw
Salt Chemical Plant Wyandotte
Salvation Army Hotel – Grand Rapids
Sambo’s Restaurant – Lansing
Sanborn School – Alpena
Sand Creek High School – Adrian
Sand Creek Highway
Sand Lime Brick Co. – Flint
Sanders Cleaners – Detroit
Sandlime Brick Co. – Flint
Sandusky High School Sandusky
Sanford Elementary School – Sanford
Sanford, Meridian Community Education Center – Sanford
Sanitary Cleaners – St. Joseph
Sanitary Laundry – Detroit
Saranac Machine Co.- Benton Harbor
Sargent Sand Co. – Saginaw
Sator Industries – South Haven
Sault Line Railroad – Gladstone
Sault St. Marie High School – St. Marie
Sault Ste.Marie High School Sault – St. Marie
Sawyer Air Force Base (Western Elec.) – Marquette
Saxon Motor Car Corp. – Detroit
Saylor Beal Manufacturing – St. Johns
Sc Division Ocf Flint
Sc Division Ocf Grand Rapids
Schad Boiler Repair – Gaylord
Schad Boiler Setting Co. (Contractor) – Detroit
Schad Boilers Settng – Detroit
Schafers Bakeries Inc. – Saginaw
Schmina Sons Plant Beechwood Tireman Livonia
Schmitt Construction Co. – Muskegon
Schnepp Nursing Home – St. Louis
School – Cass City
School – Midland
School Board Office Building – Chesnut – Lansing
School Buildings – Bay City
School Buildings – Detroit
School Buildings – Flint
School Buildings – Grand Blanc
School Buildings – Harbor Beach
School Buildings – Haslett
School Buildings – Lansing
School Buildings – Lapeer
School Buildings – Mason County
School Buildings – Mayville
School Buildings – Midland
School Buildings – Owosso
School Buildings – Saginaw
School Buildings – Traverse City
School Buildings – Waterford
School Buildings Flint
School Deaf Flint
School For The Deaf – Flint
School The Deaf Flint
Schuchard School – Sterling Heights
Schulers Restaurant – Marshall
Schumacher Fuel Co. Royal Oak
Science & Technology Building
Scientific Research Lab – Bailey Ave. – Dearborn
Scott Elementary – Detroit
Scott Paper – Detroit
Scott Paper Co. Del Ray \
Scott Paper Co. Detroit
Scott Paper Co. Menominee
Scott Paper Co. Muskegon
Scott Paper Plant – Detroit
Scott Papermill – Del Ray
Sd Warren Papermill – Muskegon
Seal Power Corp. – Muskegon
Sealed Power – Muskegon
Seamless Steel Bathtub Co. – Detroit
Sears & Roebuck – Detroit
Sears & Roebuck – Port Huron
Sears & Roebuck – Saginaw
Sears Automotive – Midwest City
Sears Lincoln Park
Sears Roebuck & Co. – Detroit
Sears Store – Roseville
Sears Store – Saginaw
Sears Warehouse – Highland Park
Seaurless Steel Bathtub Co. – Detroit
Seaway Hospital – Trenton
Sebewaing Industries – Seewaing
Second National Bank (Downtown) – Saginaw
Second Section – Detroit
Secretary Of State – Lansing
Security Bank Battle Creek
Security National Bank – Battle Creek
Selfridge Air Force Base – Detroit
Selfridge Air Force Base – Mt. Clemens
Sement Selvay Div Allied Chem Detroit
Sement Solvay Division Detroit
Sement Solvay Tar Products Plant – Detroit
Sement Solvey Plant – River Rouge
Semet- Solvay Co. Delray
Semet- Solvay Co. Detroit
Semet- Solvay Co. Grand Rapids
Semet Solvay Tar Products Plant Detroit
Semet Solvey Plant – Del Ray
Senior Citizens High Rise Apartments – Coldwater
Senior Citizens Housing – Iron River
Senior Citizens Housing – Rogers City
Senior Citzens High Rise – St. Marie
Senior Housing Complex – Holt
Service Arts – Detroit
Service Arts Plastering, Inc.- Livonia
Seventh Church Of Christ Scientist – Detroit
Severance Tool Co. – Saginaw
Severstal North America – Dearborn
Sewage Disposal Plant – Detroit
Sewage Disposal Plant – Monroe
Sewage Treatment Plant – Lansing
Sewage Treatment Plant – Marine
Sewage Treatment Plant – Marysville
Sewage Treatment Plant – Monroe
Sewage Water & Treatment Plant – Lansing
Sewer Pipe Installation – Milan
Seymour Elementary School – Flushing
Shatterproof Glass Co. – Detroit
Shaw- Box Crane – Detroit
Shaw- Box Division – Muskegon
Shaw Boxcrane – Detroit
Shaw Crane Works – Muskegon
Shaw Electric Crane Co. – Muskegon
Shaw Lane Power Plant Lansing
Shaw Walker Manufacturing Co. Muskegon
Shaw Walker Plant – Muskegon
Shawanee Nursing Home – Grand Rapids
Shawinigan Resins Div
Sheet Aluminum Corp. – Jackson
Sheffield Car Co. – Three Rivers
Shelby Ford Motors Sales – Shelby
Shelby Sawmill – Shelby
Sheldon Hospital – Albion
Shell Oil Refinery – Kalkaska
Sheller Mfg. Corp. Detroit
Shepard Art Metal Co. – Detroit
Sherwood Elementary School – Saginaw
Shields Elementary School – Saginaw
Shoe Smith Building – Lansing
Shopping Center – Flint
Shopping Center – Menominee
Shore Chemical Co. – Muskegon
Shoreline Apartments – St. Joseph
Shortening Co. Detroit
Sibley Quarries Co. – Trenton
Siebert Elementary School – Midland
Silicone Rubber Co. Products Inkster
Silver Dollar Restaurant & Bar – Lansing
Simplex Industries Inc. – Constantine
Simpson Lee Paper Co. – Vicksburg
Simpson Papermill – Grand Haven
Sims Powerhouse – Grand Haven
Sinai Hospital – Detroit
Sinai Hospital of Detroit
Sioux Hospital – St. Marie
Sisters Of Mercy Hospital – Farmington
Sitkin- Midland Inc. Detroit
Six Lakes Gas Field – Six Lakes
Skinners Body Shop Eau Claire
Skyline Industrial Services, Inc. Detroit
Skyline Painting Co. Troy
Slauson School – Ann Arbor
Sligh Furniture Co. – Holland
Sloan Museum – Flint
Smith Douglas Saginaw
Smith- Douglass – Holland
Smith Douglass Div Riga
Smith Foundries Kingsford
Snyder Tool – Detroit
Socony Mobil Oil Co. – Trenton
Socony Vacuum Oil Co – Flat Rock
Socony Vacuum Oil Co. – Trenton
Solvay Process Chemical Plant – Solvay Process
Solvay Process Co. – Del Ray
Solvay Process Co. – Detroit
Solvey Plant – River Rouge
Somerset, Mall Apartments – Troy
Soo Line Railroad – Marquette
Sorrance- Sort Carriage Co. – Flint
Soss Manufacturing Co. – Warren
South Eastern High School – Detroit
South Haven Hospital – South Haven
South Haven Wastewater Plant South Haven
South Macomb Hospital – Warren
South Michigan Gas Refinery Station – Marysville
South Middle School – Saginaw
South Side Power Plant – Midland
South Western High School – Detroit
South Works – Detroit
South Works Station Wyandotte
Southeastern O. C. Inc.
Southeastern Oakland County – Garbage & Rubbish Authority
Southerland Paper Co. – Kalamazoo
Southerland Papermill – Kalamazoo
Southern Urethane & Packing Co – Madison Heights
Southfield Yard, Detroit – Detroit
Southland Mall – Taylor
Southwest Brake Saginaw
Southwestern High School – Detroit
Spain Elementary-Middle School – Detroit
Spangler (USS) – Bay City
Sparingville Elementary – Sparingville
Sparrow Hospital – Lansing
Speas Co. – Freemont
Specialties – Benton Harbor
Specialty Steel Treating Co. Warren
Speech Dramatic Arts Phoenix Sprinkler Mt. Pleasant
Spencer Chemical – Vicksburg
Spitzley Corp. – Grosse Point
Spitzley Corp. (Contractor) – Lansing
Spring Lake High School – Muskegon
Spring Tools Corp. Schoolcraft
Springport School Springport
Springview Elementary – Flushing
Square D Co. Detroit
Square D Manufacturing Co. – Detroit
SS Kresage World Headquarters – Troy
St. Adelberts School – Grand Rapids
St. Casimir’s Church – Lansing
St. Charles Community Schools – St. Charles
St. Charles High School – St. Charles
St. Clair County Library – Port Huron
St. Clair Paper Co. – Capac
St. Clair Plant – Belle River
St. Clair Power Plant – Marine
St. Clair Power Plant – St. Clair
St. Clair Power Plant Marine City
St. Clair Power Plant Unit 5 & 6 China Township
St. Clair Power Plant Unit 5- 6 China Township
St. Clair Power Station – Detroit
St. Clair Power Station Marine City
St. Clair Power Station St. Mary’s Island
St. Clair Powerhouse – St. Clair
St. Clair Tunnel Co. – Port Huron
St. Claire Powerhouse
St. David’s Church – Detroit
St. Francis Nursing Home – Saginaw
St. Helens School – Saginaw
St. Ignace School
St. Jean Yard, Detroit
St. Joe’s – Mt. Clemens
St. John Church – Flint
St. John’s Catholic School – Ypsilanti
St. John’s Church- Davison
St. Johns High School – St. John
St. Johns Hospital – Detroit
St. John’s Hospital – Detroit
St. John’s Orphanage – Grand Rapids
St. Johns Provincial Seminary – Plymouth
St. Joseph & Benton Harbor Railway Benton Harbor
St. Joseph & Benton Harbor Railway St Joseph
St. Joseph Bank – St. Joseph
St. Joseph Catholic Church Auburn
St. Joseph Hospital – Mt. Clemens
St. Joseph Hospital Ann Arbor I
St. Joseph Hospital Detroit
St. Joseph Hospital Flint
St. Joseph Hospital Lansing
St. Joseph Hospital St. Joseph
St. Joseph Hospital Tawas
St. Joseph Hospital Ypsilanti
St. Joseph School – St. Joseph
St. Joseph’s Hospital – Detroit
St. Joseph’s Hospital – Flint
St. Joseph’s Hospital – Pontiac
St. Joseph’s Hospital – St. Joseph
St. Joseph’s Lloyd Hospital Menominee
St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital – Pontiac
St. Joseph’s Seminary – Grand Rapids
St. Lawrence Hospital – Lansing
St. Leo The Grate Church – Flint
St. Leos Church – Flint
St. Lorenz Lutheran Church – Frankenmuth
St. Louis Wastewater Treatment – St. Louis
St. Luke Hospital – Saginaw
St. Lukes Church – Saginaw
St. Lukes Hospital – Saginaw
St. Mary’s Academy – Monroe
St. Mary’s Church – Flint
St. Mary’s Church – Swartz Creek
St. Marys Church Swartz Creek
St. Mary’s Girl School – Northville
St. Marys Hospital – Detroit
St. Mary’s Hospital – Detroit
St. Mary’s Hospital – Grand Rapids
St. Mary’s Hospital – Livonia MI
St. Marys Hospital – Saginaw
St. Mary’s Hospital – Saginaw
St. Marys Hospital Grand Rapids
St. Mary’s Hospital- Livonia
St. Mary’s School – Alpena
St. Mary’s School – Lansing
St. Paul High School – Saginaw
St. Paul School – St. Paul
St. Paul’s Baptist Church – Saginaw
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Saginaw
St. Pauls Lutheran Church & School – Saginaw
St. Paul’s Seminary – Saginaw
St. Peter & Paul High School – Saginaw
St. Peter Claver House – Detroit
St. Peter High School – Saginaw
St. Pius – Trenton
St. Regis Papermill – Kalamazoo
St. Regis Papermill Battle Creek
St. Roberts Church – Flushing
St. Saclalic School – Detroit
St. Stephens Church – Saginaw
St. Stephens School – Saginaw
St. Stevens Church – Grand Rapids
St. Thomas Acquinas – Saginaw
St. Vincent Home – Saginaw
St. Vincent’s Home – Saginaw
St. Vincent’s Hospital Shields
Staelgraeve- Turner Electric Monroe
Stafford Building – Grand Rapids
Stafford Herpolsheimer Siding – Grand Rapids
Stair Industries – Detroit
Stamping & Truck Plant – Wayne
Stancor Electronics – Berrien Springs
Standard Fuel & Engineering Co – Detroit
Standard Fuel Engineering – Detroit
Standard Heatreat – Livonia
Standard Lime & Refractories – Manistee
Standard Oil Refinery – Pascagoula
Standard Oil Refinery – Saginaw
Standard Oil Tank Farms – Muskegon
Standard Products Plant – Gaylord
Standard Steel Treating Co. Detroit
Standard Tube Co. Detroit
Standish Hospital – Midland
Standish Hospital – Standish
Stanley Stape Co. – Bay City
Stanley Steamer – Oak Park
Star Gas Station – Mackinaw City
Stark Engineering – Hasting
Starr Elementary, Devon Rd Detroit
Starr Heat Treating – Detroit
State Capital Building – Lansing
State Capital Complex – Lansing
State Credit Union – Lansing
State Health Lab (Cancer Research) – Lansing
State Home – Inkster  Inkster
State Home – Mt. Pleasant
State Home – Traverse City
State Home & Training School For Boys – Mt. Pleasant
State Hospital – Coldwater
State Hospital – Kalamazoo
State Hospital Powerhouse – Coldwater
State Of Michigan Building – Detroit
State Of Michigan Capital Building – Lansing
State Of Michigan Health Lab – Lansing
State Of Michigan Powerhouse – Lansing
State of Michigan Transportation Dept
State Of Michigan Treasury Building – Lansing
State Office Building – Lansing
State Police Academy – Lansing
State Prison – Jackson
State Prison of Southern Michigan – Jackson
State School – Midland
State Street Lutheran Church – Saginaw
State University Lansing
Station J – Detroit
Statler Hotel Power Plant Detroit
Stauffer Chemical – Grand Rapids
Stauffer Chemical Co. – Adrian
Stauffer Chemical Co. – Sand Creek Highway – Weston
Stauffer Chemical Co. Grand Rapids
Stauffer Chemical Co. Weston
Stauffer Chemical Plant – Adrian
Stauffer- Wacker Silicon Corp. Adrian
Stauffer- Wacker Silicone Corp. – Detroit
Steam Plant Boyne City
Steel & Tubes, Inc. – Ferndale
Steel Case Plant – Grand Rapids
Steel Fabrication Shop – Detroit
Steel Fabricators – Muskegon
Steel River Rouge
Steel School – Muskegon
Steelcase Inc. & Subsidiaries Grand Rapids
Steele Jr. High School – Muskegon
Stephenson Bank – Stephenson
Sterling Garrett Contracting Co. Walled Lake
Sterling Township – Steiner
Sterling Van Dyke Plant – Steiner
Stevens Ponte College – Stevens Pointe
Stevens Street Die Case Plant – Grand Rapids
Stevens Van Lines Warehouse – Saginaw
Stevensville Atomic Powerhouse – MI
Stickley Brothers Co. – Grand Rapids
Stillwater Penitentiary – Stillwater
Stockbridge High School Stockbridge
Stoddard Building – Lansing
Stokley Canning Plant – Croswell
Stonebridge Apartments – Saginaw
Store Equipment & Construction Muskegon
Story & Clark Piano Co. – Grand Haven
Story Chemical – Muskegon
Story Chemical, Cordoba Chemical
Story Clark Piano Co. Grand Haven
Straugh Brewery – Detroit
Strick Furnace Repair, Inc. Center Line
Stroble Metal Co. Detroit
Stroh Brewery Co. – Detroit
Strohs Brewery Co. Detroit
Sts Peter & Paul Maryglade Sem
Stubnitz Greene Spring – Adrian
Sturge’s State Hospital – Coldwater
Sturgis Elementary Schools – Sturgis
Su Pesticide Research Center – Lansing
Su Wayne State University – Detroit
Su Wayne State University Chemistry Dept. – Detroit
Sufredge Air Force Base – Mt. Clemens
Sugar Plant – Saginaw
Sulfite Papermill – Port Huron
Sumner Chemical (Miles Lab) – Zeeland
Sun Chemical Plant – Muskegon
Sun Steel Treating Co. Farmington
Sunny Collision – Bay City
Sunshine Hospital for The Poor – Grand Rapids
Suomi College – Hancock
Super Steel & Treat Co. – Warren
Superior Brass – Lansing
Superior Oil Co. Scottville
Superior Seating Co. – Muskegon
Superior Sugar Refining Co. – Menominee
Surline Elementary, 147 State St Detroit
Surplus Machine & Equipment Co. Detroit
Sutherland Paper Co. – Kalamazoo
Sutherland Papermill – Kalamazoo
Sw Michigan State – Sanitarium – Kalamazoo
Swan Ice Cream – Saginaw
Swan Valley High School – Swan Valley
Swartz Creek High School – Swartz Creek
Swartz Creek Middle School – Swartz Creek
Swedish Crucible Co- Hantramck
Swedish Crucible Steel – Detroit
Sws Silicones – Adrian
Sws Silicones Division, Stauffer Chemical Co. – Adrian
Syl Laskin Power Plant Aurora
Sylvan Industrial Piping of TN Pontiac
Synagogue – Southfield Road – Southfield
T. B. Sanitarium – Flint
T. B. Sanitarium – Lansing
T. B. Simon Power Plant Lansing
Tank Arsenal Boiler Plant – Warren
Tank Plant – Grand Blanc
Tappen High School – Ann Arbor
Tasty Barbecue – Detroit
Tawas Bank – Tawas
Tawas City Senior Highrise Complex – Tawas
Tawas Hospital – Tawas
Tawas Sugar Co. – Tawas
Tayak Service Station – Wyandotte
Taylor & Gaskin – Bloomfield
Taylor Engineering Corp. – Detroit
Taylor Supply Co. – Detroit
Tech Center Steam Plant – Warren
Technical Center – Warren
Tecumseh Products Co. – Tecumseh
Tecumseh Products Co. Ann Arbor
Teledyne Continental Motors – Muskegon
Teledyne Plant – Muskegon
Telephone Building – Detroit
Temporary Associates, Inc. Ecorse
Tenneco Packaging – Filer City
Ternstedt Division of GM Detroit
Ternstedt Manufacturing Co. – Detroit
The Carn Plant – Bay City
The Carn Plant Kalamazoo
The Congress Building – Southfield
The Coon- De Visser Co – Detroit
The Cross Co. Frasier
The Jackson Drop Forge Co. – Jackson
The R.C. Mahon Co. – Detroit
The Rust Engineering Co. – Escanaba Pulp Co. – Escanaba
The Stanley- Carter Co. – Dearborn
The Wickes Boiler Co. Manufacturing Plant Saginaw
Thomas Brick & Tile Co. – Detroit
Thomas E. Millsop – River Rouge
Thomas White School – Saginaw
Thompson Products Inc. – Detroit
Thorn Apple Valley Packing Co.- Detroit
Thornapple Electric Co. – Hasting
Three Rivers Junior High School – Three Rivers
Thriftway – Monroe
Thunder Bay Manufacturing Co. – Alpena
Tien Shan – Bay City
Tilden Mine- Cleveland Cliffs – Marquette
Tilden Mines – Ishpeming
Time Container Paper Manufacturers Monroe
Timken Detroit Axle Co. – Detroit
Tire & Rubber Co. Detroit
Titan Refining Co. – Plymouth
Tmd Friction, Inc. – Mintex
Toledo & Monroe Railway Co. Monroe
Toledo Commutator Kirkwood Industries – Owosso
Tom Larkins Repair Shop – Flatrock  Flat Rock
Tommy’s Radiator Shop – Bay City
Tommy’s Tire Shop – Bay City
Tom’s Fort- Northline Service Station – Detroit
Topps Store – Redford
Topps Store – Warren
Total Oil Refinery – Alma
Total Petroleum Inc. – Alma
Total Petroleum Refinery – Alma
Total Refinery – Alma
Towar Wayne County Creamery – Detroit
Town Cleaners – Grand Rapids
Towne Robinson Fastener Co. Dearborn
Townhouses & Apartments – Lansing
Townsend & Bottom – St. Clair
Tracey Mine – Negaunee
Training School – Coldwater
Transfer Manufacturing Co. Lansing
Transmission Plant – Livonia
Transmission Plant – Saginaw
Tranter Manufacturing Co. – Flexoplate Division – Lansing
Tranter Manufacturing Co. – Lansing
Traverse City Electric Light & Power Dept. – Traverse City
Traverse City Powerhouse – Traverse City
Traverse City State Hospital – Traverse City
Traverse City Wastewater Treatment Plant Traverse City
Trenton Channel Plant – Slocum Junction
Trenton Channel Power Plant – Dearborn
Trenton Channel Power Plant – Trenton
Trenton Channel Powerhouse – Detroit
Trenton Channel Stores Warehouse #86 Detroit
Trenton Sewage Treatment Plant – Trenton
Trenton Valley Distilleries Corp. – Trenton
Tri- City Public Library – Lansing
Tri- County College – Saginaw
Tri- County Hospital – Lathrup Village
Trilex Industries Wayne
Trimountain Mining Co. – Houghton
Trinity Health – Michigan Novi
Trinity Lutheran Church – Munger
Trout Creek – Trimountain
Trout Lake – Trimountain
Trout Lake School – Trout Lake
Troy Athens High School – Troy
Troy High School – Troy
Troy Holiday Inn – Troy
Troy Montessori School – Troy
Troy Office Building – Troy
Troy Schools – Troy
Truck & Coach Plant – Detroit
Truman High School – Taylor
Trunk Western Railroad Flint
Trw Plant – Portland
Tubelite Reed City
Tubes & Welding Supply Co. – Saginaw
Tucscola County Medical Building – Tuscola
Tuff- Kote Asphalt Products. Detroit
Tuff- Kote Asphalt Products. Warren
Turbo Tool – Farmington
Turbo Tool Farmington MI Farmington
Turner & Co. – Detroit
Turner Brooks – Detroit
Turner Brooks – Madison Heights
Turner Co. Detroit
Turnstead Co. – Saginaw
Turnsted Division General Motors Flint
Turnsted Division Of General Motors – Flint
Tuscarora Bldg. – Saginaw
Twelve Oaks Mall – Novi
Twin Cities Containers Plant – Coloma
Two Warehouses – Midland
Tyco International – Constantine
U of M Medical Building – Ann Arbor I
U Rent It Co. Grand Rapids
U. P. Hospital for Insane – Newberry
U. S. Aquarama
U. S. Aquarama – MU. S.kegon
U. S. Army – Detroit Arsenal – Detroit
U. S. Army Reserve – Saginaw
U. S. Coast Guard – Wachusett
U. S. Cold Storage – Detroit
U. S. Cold Storage Detroit
U. S. Department of Agriculture Lab – Lansing
U. S. Government St. Mary Falls Canal – St. Marie
U. S. Government St. Mary Falls Canal Marie
U. S. Graphite – Saginaw
U. S. Graphite Plant – Saginaw
U. S. Graphite Saginaw
U. S. Graphite-Wickes Boiler – Saginaw
U. S. Gypsum – Detroit
U. S. Gypsum – Grand Rapids
U. S. Gypsum Co. – River Rouge
U. S. Gypsum Co. Detroit
U. S. Gypsum Co. River Rouge
U. S. Gypsum Detroit
U. S. Gypsum Plant – Detroit
U. S. Gypsum Plant – River Rouge
U. S. Heater Co. Detroit
U. S. Plywood – S. Iski – Kalamazoo
U. S. Plywood Mill – Gaylord
U. S. Plywood Papermill – Gaylord
U. S. Plywood Warehouse – Saginaw
U. S. Plywood, Champion Paper – Gaylord
U. S. Plywood, Champion Paper Gaylord
U. S. Post Office – Detroit
U. S. Post Office – Pontiac
U. S. Public Health – Detroit
U. S. Public Health Detroit
U. S. Railway Equipment & Construction Co.
U. S. Rubber – Detroit
U. S. Rubber Co. Products, Detroit
U. S. Rubber Products, Inc. – Detroit Plant – Detroit
U. S. Steel – Ecorse
U. S. Steel – St. Marie
U. S. Steel Corp. – Rogers City
U. S. Steel Corp. Ecorse
U. S. Steel Corp. Great Lakes
U. S. Steel Corp. Rogers City
U. S. Steel Corp. St. Marie
U. S. Veterans Admin. Hospital – Ann Arbor
UAW Black Lake Retreat & Lodge – Black Lake
Udylite Corp. – Warren
Uncle Bens Food Greenville
Underground Garage – Detroit
Underground Tunnels – Detroit
Underwriter Laboratories – Grand Rapids
Uniflex Cable Co. Ypsilanti
Union Bank & Trust Co. – Grand Rapids
Union Bank Trust Co. Grand Rapids
Union Camp Paper Corp. – River Raisin Paper Co. – Monroe
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. River Rouge
Union Carbide Corp. – Warren
Union Carbide Corp. – Wyandotte
Union Carbide, – Midland
Union Drilling Co.
Union High School – Grand Rapids
Union High School – Kalamazoo
Union Hospital – New Richmond
Union Steel Products Co. – Albion
Unionville- Sebewaing High School Sebewaing
Uniroyal Inc. Dept 524 Detroit
United Alkali Co. – Bay City
United Auto Workers Black Lake Resort – Onaway
United Forge & Machine Co. – Detroit
United Machine & Manufacturing Co. – Detroit
United Shirt & Collar Co. – Troy
United States Army Corps of Engineers – St. Marie
United States Gypsum Plant – National City
United States Heater Co. – Detroit
United States Postal Office – Detroit
United States Railway Equip & Const Co. – Detroit
United Steel – Dearborn
United Steel & Wire Co. – Battle Creek
Universal Diecast Cork Di – Saline
Universal Electric- Magnatek Owosso
Universal Engineering Corp. – Frankenmuth
Universal Incinerator Cor Warren
Universal Looseleaf Corp- Benton Harbor
Universal Zonolite Co. – Dearborn
University Buildings – Marquette
University Buildings – Pleasant
University Of Detroit – Detroit
University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor
University Of Michigan Campus, Flint
University of Michigan Dental School
University of Michigan Ears Nose Throat Building Ann Arbor
University of Michigan Heating Plant Ann Arbor
University Of Michigan Hospital – Ann Arbor I
University of Michigan King of Prussia Motel Williamstown, NJ
University of Michigan Medical Building Ann Arbor
University of Michigan Northwood Apartments Ann Arbor
University of Michigan Physics Astronomy Building Ann Arbor
University of Michigan Power Plant Tunnels Ann Arbor
University Of Michigan, Various Bldgs. – Ann Arbor
University Of Missouri
University of Science Littlefield
Upjohn Chemical Plant – Kalamazoo
Upjohn Co. – Kalamazoo
Upjohn Co. – Portage
Upjohn Co. – Upjohn
Upjohn Co. Research Facility Kalamazoo
Upjohn Plant – Grand Rapids
Upjohn Plant – Portage
Upjohn Powerhouse – Portage
Upper Peninsula Generating Co
Upper Peninsula Generating Co. Marquette
Upper Peninsula Generating Power Plant Marquette
Upper Peninsula Hospital for The Insane Newberry
Upper Peninsula Power Co. – Escanaba
Upper Peninsula Power Co. – L`Anse
Upper Peninsula Power Plant – Marquette
Upper Peninsular Generating Co. – Marquette
Upper Peninsula Hospital For The Insane – Newberry
Upper Peninsula Generating Co – Marquette
Upton Elementary School, Detroit
US Steel – River Rouge
USS Agri- Chemicals – Owosso
US Steel Ships – Cheboygan
Utilex Div. Hoover Ball – Fowlerville
Utley High School – Flint
V8 Engine Plant – Flint
VA Center – Gulfport
VA Hopstial – Iron Mountain
VA Hopstial – Marquette
VA Hospital – Battle Creek
VA Hospital – Saginaw
VA Medical Center – Battle Creek
VA. Hospital – Ann Arbor I
Vail Crane Bakery
Vail Rubber Works – St. Joseph
Val Cast – Troy
Valley City Brick Co. – Grand Rapids
Valley City Street & Cable Railway Co. – Grand Rapids
Valley City lling Co. – Grand Rapids
Valley Mechanical Inc. Fabrication Shop – Midland
Valley Welding & Boiler Co. – Bay City
Van Bochove Flower Land Kalamazoo
Van Born Shell Service Station – Wayne
Van Camp Packing Co. – Adrian
Van Fleet Elementary School – Swartz Creek
Vander Waal Troske – Grand Rapids
Vander Woods Building Grand Rapids
Vander Woods Track – Grand Rapids
Vanderwaal Troske – Grand Rapids
Vanguard Co. Cadillac
Various Commercial & Residential Jobs – Ann Arbor I
Various Commercial & Residential Jobs – Detroit
Various Commercial & Residential Jobs – Genesee County
Various Commercial & Residential Jobs – Ingham County
Various Commercial & Residential Jobs – St. Clair
Various Commercial & Residential Jobs – Wayne County
Various Commercial & Residential Jobs – Ypsilanti
Various Construction Sites – Grand Rapids
Various Residential & Commercial Jobsites – Jackson
Vassar Foundry – Vassar
Vassar U. S Post Office Vassar
Vasser Foundry – Vasser
Velsicol Chemical Corp. – St. Louis
Vernors Bottling Plant Detroit
Vernors Plant – Detroit
Veterans Admin Hospital – Iron Mountain
Veterans Administration Facility Powerhouse – Grand Rapids
Veterans Administration Hospital – Iron Mountain
Veterans Administration Hospital – Marquette
Veterans Administration Hospital – Saginaw
Veteran’s Affairs Hospital – Ann Arbor
Veteran’s Affairs Hospital – Saginaw
Veteran’s Affairs Hospital Ann Arbor
VFW – Lansing
Vice Auto Sales – Wyandotte
Vicksburg Middle School – Vicksburg
Vienna Pump Station – Vienna
Village Plaza Chigan Ave. & Outer Dr. – Dearborn
VillesebeWaing High School Sebewaing
VIncent Steel Process Letts Industries, Inc. Detroit
Vincent Steel Processing – Detroit
Vincent’s Restaurant – Keego Harbor
Vinton Building – Detroit
Vistion – Milan
Vlasick Pickle – Saginaw
Voight Milling Co. – Grand Rapids
Voigt Milling Co. – Grand Rapids
Vroom Packaging Plant – Hart
Vulcan Foundry – Trenton
Vulcan Mold – Lansing
Vulcan Mold & Iron – Trenton
Vulcon Foundry – Trenton
W & M Products – Warren
W. A. Berkey Furniture Co. – Grand Rapids
W. A. Coombs Milling Co. – Coldwater
W. A. Foote Memorial Hospital – Jackson
W. A. McKinnon Co. Highland Park
W. A. Trahan Funeral Home – Bay City
W. E. Davis & The Acme Equipment Co. Inc. – Detroit
W. F. Helmich – AR
W. F. Stewart Co. – Flint
W. H. Maybury Sanitorium – Northville
W. H. Porter Inc. – Holland
W. Michigan School Seat
W. Michigan School Seat Co. – Holland
W. R. Burt – Belleville
W. R. Burt – Saginaw
W. R. Grace & Co. – Zilwaukee
W. R. Grace Plant – Dearborn
W. R. Roach & Co. Factory – Muskegon
W. Soule & Co.- Paw Paw
W. T. Grant Stores – Ann Arbor I
W. T. Grant Stores – Drayton Plains
W. T. Grant Stores – Grand Blanc
W. T. Grant Stores – Mt. Clemes  Mt. Clemens
W. T. Grant Stores – Ypsilanti
Wall Colmonoy – Detroit
Wall- Cor Fabricating – Detroit
Walnut Elementary School – Lansing
Walsh De Roo Milling Co. – Holland
Walt Garage – Saginaw
Walter & Heating – Davison
Walter B. Hollis Plumbing – Owosso
Walter Couse & Co. Northville
Walter Plumbing & Heating – Davison H. S. Davison
Walter X. Young (USS) – Bay City
Wanigans Federal Credit Union – Saginaw
Ward Memorial Hospital – St. Marie
Warehouse- Garlock Insulation Co. – Lansing
Warner- Lambert Co – Ann Arbor
Warner- Lambert Co. – Ann Arbor
Warren Co. Muskegon
Warren Featherbone Co. – Three Oaks
Warren Manor Warren
Warren Papermill – Muskegon
Warren Papermill Muskegon
Warren Service Center – Warren
Warren Tank- Arsenal Plant Warren
Warren Woods Public Schools – Warren
Washington Elementary School – Flint
Washington Elementary School – Saginaw
Washtenau Gas – Ann Arbor
Washtenau Gas Co. – Ann Arbor
Washtenaw Community College – Ann Arbor
Washtenaw Gas Co. – Ann Arbor
Washtenaw Light & Power Co. – Geddes
Wastewater Plant Detroit
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Adrian
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Alma
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Alpena
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Bay City
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Detroit
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Flint
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Frankenmuth
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Grand Haven
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Grand Rapids
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Grandville
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Greenville
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Howell
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Imlay City
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Jackson
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Kingsford
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Lansing
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Ludington
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Midland
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Muskegon
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Niles
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Oscoda
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Port Huron
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Saginaw
Wastewater Treatment Plant – South Haven
Wastewater Treatment Plant – St. Louis
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Three Rivers
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Traverse City
Water & Light Building – Lansing
Water Filtration Plant – Traverse City
Water Street Siding – Bay City
Water Works & Lighting Plant – Holland
Water Works Station Department Of Water Supply – Detroit
Watervliet Papermill- Watervliet
Waujamaica Powerhouse – Caro
Waverly Elementary School – Lansing
Waverly High School – Lansing
Wayne Area Hospital- Wayne County
Wayne City Board of Authority – Eloise
Wayne City General Hospital – Eloise
Wayne Co. – Detroit
Wayne County Airport – Detroit
Wayne County General Hospital – Detroit
Wayne County General Hospital – Ecorse
Wayne County General Hospital – Eloise
Wayne County Poor House – Eloise
Wayne County Training School – Plymouth
Wayne County Youth Center – Detroit
Wayne Elementary – Detroit
Wayne Soap Co. – Detroit
Wayne State University Chemistry Dept Detroit
Wayne State University Medical Science Building Detroit
Wayne State University, Various Bldgs. – Detroit
Wayne Westland Community Schools – Westland
Wayne Youth Center Detroit
Weadock Power Plant – Essexville
Wealthy Street Steam Plant Doster
Wealthy Street Steam Plant Grand Rapids
Webber Jr. High, 2600 Prescott St Detroit
Webber Junior High School – Saginaw
Webber Memorial Building – Detroit
Webber Middle School – Saginaw
Weber Showcase & Fixture Co. – Grand Rapids
Wedd Elementary – Detroit
Weiss (USS) – Bay City
Weld Dun Welding Co. – Melvindale
Wellman Dynamics – Bay City
Wellman Dynamics Corp. – Bay City
Welsh Grape Juice Co. – Lawton
Welton Rubber Co. Warren
West 8 Mile Ferndale Delivery Detroit
West 8 Mile Ferndale Team Track – Detroit
West Bay City Sugar Co. – Bay City
West Branch Community – West Branch
West Branch High School – West Branch
West Branch Hospital – West Branch
West Branch Methodist Church – West Branch
West Catholic High School – Grand Rapids
West Elementary School – Portland
West Junior High School – Lansing
West Michigan Dormitory – Kalamazoo
West Michigan Furniture Co. – Holland
West Michigan Steel Foundry – Muskegon
West Michigan Steel Plant – Grand Rapids
West Michigan Sugar Co. – Charlevoix
West Minister Church – Bay City
West Side Asphalt Plant – Detroit
West Steel Foundry – Muskegon
Western Electric – Plymouth
Western High School – Auburn
Western High School – Parma
Western Knitting Mills Inc. – Rochester
Western Knitting Mills, Inc. – Rochester
Western Michigan Equities, Inc. Novi
Western Michigan University Goldsworth Valley Hall Kalamazoo
Western Michigan University Henry Hall Kalamazoo
Western Michigan University Miller Auditorium Kalamazoo
Western Michigan University Pump House
Western Michigan University Reed Field House Kalamazoo
Western Railroad Flint
Western States Portland Cement Co. – Jackson
Western University Kalamazoo
Westfield Stores- Ecorse
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Monroe
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Power Plant
Westland Foundry – Muskegon
Westland Shopping Mall – Westland
Westran Corp. – Muskegon
Westwood Heights High School – Flint
Weyerhaeuser Co. – Three Rivers
Weyerhaeuser Co. Papermill Plainwell
Weyerhaeuser Co. Plymouth
Weyerhaeuser Papermill – Plainwell
Whaley Park Williams School – Rec. Complex Pool – Flint
Whaley Park Williams School Pool Flint
Wheeling Coke Ovens – Solvay Process
Wheeling Steel Corp. Mill Detroit
Wheeling Steel Mill – Detroit
Whirlpool Benton Harbor
Whirlpool Corp. – Benton Harbor
Whirlpool Corp. – St Joseph
Whirlpool- Seeger Corp. – St. Joseph
Whisky Distillery – Detroit
Whitaker & Kirby Repair – Muskegon
White & White Drug Store – Grand Rapids
White Cloud County Courthouse – White Cloud
White Hall Schools – White Hall
White House Milk Co. – Stephenson
White Pine Copper Co. – Bergland
White Pine Copper Co. – White Pine
White Pine Copper Mine – White Pine
White Pine Middle School – Saginaw
White Pine Mines – Ishpeming
White Pine Mines – White Pine
White Pine Powerhouse – White Pine
White Pine School – White Pine
White Pine Tacanite Plant – Iron Mountain
White Pine Middle School
White Portland Cement Co. – Chelsea
White Products Co – Middleville
White Star Refinery – Trenton
White Star Refining Co. – Trenton
White Westinghouse – Greenville
Whitehall Leather Co. – Muskegon
Whitehead & Kales Co. – River Rouge
Whiting Auditorium – Flint
Whiting Corp. – Grand Rapids
Whittaker Electric Co. Shop – Muskegon
Whittier Junior High School – Flint
Whittiez Middle School – Flint
Wicker Brothers – Saginaw
Wickes Boiler – Saginaw
Wickes Boiler Plant – Saginaw
Wickes Brothers – Saginaw
Wickes Corp. Main Office Building – Saginaw
Wicks Brothers – Bay City
Wicks Brothers Flint
Wide City Cleaners – Detroit
Widger Chemical – Warren
Wilber Brucker School – Saginaw
Wilcox School – Holt
Wilkshire School – Hadlett Public Schools – Haslett
Wilkshire School Haslett
William A. Coombs Coldwater
William A. McGonagle Ecorse
William B. Schiller – River Rouge
William Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak
William H. White & Co. – Boyen City
William McKinnon Co. – Detroit
Williams School – Flint
Williamson Co. Warehouse – Dearborn
Willis Central Heating Plant – Willis
Willow Elementary School – Lansing
Willow Run Airport – Willow Run
Willow Run Bomber Plant – Willow Run
Wilson Athletics – Grand Rapids
Wilson Engineering Co. – Saginaw
Wilson Foundry & Machine Co. – Pontiac
Wilson Foundry Powerhouse – Pontiac
Wilson Golf Ball Plant – Grand Rapids
Wilson Ice Cream Plant – Benton Harbor
Wilson Sporting Goods – Grand Rapids
Windcrest Promotions, Inc. Saugatuk
Windmill Pointe Manor – Detroit
Winfield – Detroit
Winkel Machine Co – Kalamazoo
Winkley Co. – Detroit
Winkworth Transit Co. Port Huron
Wire & Cable Muskegon
Wire Processing, Inc. Detroit
Wirtsmouth Afb – Mt. Clemens
Wirtz Manufacturing Co. Port Huron
Wisconsin Electric & Power Co. Presque Isle Plant Marquette
Wisconsin Electric Power – Marquette
Wisconsin Public Service Co. – Winona
Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Winona
WM. E Walter Plumbing & Heating
WM. Products Warren
Wofeorene Tube Detroit
Wolverine Boat Co. Detroit
Wolverine Brass – Grand Rapids
Wolverine Brass Plant – Grand Rapids
Wolverine Construction Co. – Detroit
Wolverine Copper Mining Co. – Allouez
Wolverine Copper Mining Co. – Kearsarge
Wolverine Fabricating Manufacturing Co. Inkster
Wolverine High School Wolverine
Wolverine Porcelain Enamel Co. Detroit
Wolverine Power Cooperative Steam Plant Boyne City
Wolverine Power Plant – Advance
Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative – Boyen City
Wolverine Shoe Co. Big Rapids
Wolverine Tube Co. Dearborn Heights
Wolverine Tube Co. Detroit
Wolverine Tube Plant – Detroit
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Women’s Hospital – Flint
Woodhaven Ford Stamp – Detroit
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Woodland Mall – Grand Rapids
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Woodside Community Hospital – Saginaw
Woolworth – Saginaw
Woolworth Co. – Saginaw
Worcester Salt Co.- Ecorse
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Wright Brown Co. Shop – Detroit
Wurtsmith Air Force Base – Oscoda
Wurzburg’s Eastbrook Shopping Center – Grand Rapids
Wyandotte – Wyandotte
Wyandotte Chemical Corp. Cement Plant Wyandotte
Wyandotte Chemical Corp. Detroit
Wyandotte Chemical Corp. South Works
Wyandotte Chemical Corp. Wyandotte
Wyandotte Chemical Powerhouse Wyandotte
Wyandotte Corp. Wyandotte
Wyandotte General Hospital – Wyandotte
Wyandotte Municipal Electric Plant – Wyandotte
Wyandotte Municipal Services Power Plant Wyandotte
Wyandotte Portland Cement Co. – Wyandotte
Wyandotte Powerhouse – Wyandotte
Wyandotte Works – Wyandotte
Wyeth Laboratories Inc. – Mason
Yellow Horn Motel – Lansing
Yipsilanti State Hospital, Yipsilanti
YMCA Building Battle Creek
YMCA Building Bay City
YMCA Building Jackson
YMCA Building Saginaw
YMCA Hannon Memorial Branch – Detroit
Young – Bay City
Young Spring & Wireman – Ecorse
Ypsilanti High School – Ypsilanti
Ypsilanti Schools – Ypsilanti
Ypsilanti Water Treatment Plant – Ypsilanti
YWCA – Bay City
YWCA – Flint, – Flint
YWCA – Grand Rapids
Zeeland Brick Co. – Zeeland
Zeeland Municipality – Zeeland
Zehnder’s Of Frankenmuth – Frankenmuth
Zemmer Junior High – 1920 Oregon Road Lapeer
Zenith Port Cement Co. Grass Lake
Zenith Tool & Engineering – Dearborn
Zepher Oil Napsol Refinery – Muskegon
Zilwaukee Powerhouse – Zilwaukee
Zilwaukee School – Zilwaukee
Zimmer Plant Detroit
Zimmerman Junior High School – Flint
Zonolite Co. – W. R. Grace Dearborn
Zonolite Factory – Dearborn
Zug Island – Comb Engineering

Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Michigan Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Michigan Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Michigan Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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