New York Asbestos Exposure Job Sites D-K

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the New York job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these New York Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. New York allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in New York and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of New York asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Asbestos Cover Up – Quotes From Asbestos Executives

“…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)

In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company “a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another corporation representative, “Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead?” he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

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New York Asbestos Exposure Job Sites D-K

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D & H Railroad Public Siding – Vestal
D & H Railroad Public Siding – Vestal
D & H Railroad Public Siding – Waterford
D & H Railroad Public Team Track – Walloomsac
D & H Railroad Public Team Track – Waterford
D & M Sheet Metal Co.
D. A. Bullard & Sons Schuylerville
D. A. De Lima Co. NYC
D. Auerbach & Sons NYC
D. B. Riley Inc.
D. E. Ford & Co. NYC
D. E. H. Demolition Bronx
D. H. Public Team Track Waterford
D. H. Railroad Public Siding Vestal
D. H. Railroad Public Team Track Walloomsac
D. H. Railroad Public Team Track Waterford
D. L. & W. Railroad Co. – Buffalo
D. L. & W. Railroad Co. – Utica
D. Reeder Co.
D’Youville College – Buffalo
Da La Production NYC
Daily News Building – NYC
Daily News NYC
Daimler Chrysler, Inc.
Dairy Barn Albany
Dairy Lea – Utica
Dairymen’s League Co-Op Association – Adams
Dakota Apartment House – NYC
Daly Staten Island
Dana Corp.
Daniel Green Co. – Dolgeville
Daniel Hays & Co. – Gloversville
Daniel J. Rice – Long Island
Dannemora State Hospital Dannemora
Danskammer Generating Station Unit #4 Newburgh
Danskammer Point Powerhouse Newburgh
Danskammer Point Steam Station Roseton
Danskammer Powerhouse – Coxsackie
Danskammer Powerhouse Newburgh
Danskammer Powerhouse NYC
Danville Memorial Hospital – Dansville
Darlington Co. Buffalo
Dauskamer Powerhouse NYC
David S. Brown & Co. NYC
Davidson Pipe Supply Co. Inc. – Brooklyn
Davis?Fetch & Co. Inc. – Buffalo
Davy International Inc. Woodside
Dayton F. Brown Test Laboratories – Bohemia
Dayton F. Brown Test Laboratories – Copiague
Dayton T. Brown, Inc. – Bohemian
Dayton T. Brown, Inc. – Copiage
De Ford & Co.
De La Mar Copper Refining Co. NYC
De La Vergne Refrigerating Machine Co. NYC
Deaconess Hospital – Buffalo
Deans NYC
Decastro & Donner Sugar Refining Co. – Brooklyn
Decatur Electronic Industries Corp. Mineola
Decking & Steel Beams
Decora Paper Mill – Fort Edward
Deep Well Water Co.
Deer Park Brew Co. Port Jervis
Deere & Co.
Deering-Millikan Building – Decking & Steel Beams
Defense Plant Corp. – Massena
Defoe Shipyard NYC
Degnon Realty Terminal Improvement Co. NYC
Degraff Memorial Hospital – Tonawanda
Degrasse Paper Co. – Ogdensburg
Dekalb Income Support Center – Brooklyn
Delamar Copper Refining Co. NYC
Delaware & Hudson Co. Albany
Delaware & Hudson Co. Lyon Mountain
Delaware & Hudson Co. Mechanicville
Delaware & Hudson Co. Oneonta
Delaware & Hudson Co. Watervliet
Delaware & Hudson Railroad Co. – Watervliet
Delaware Hudson Co. – Watervliet
Delaware Hudson Railroad Corp. Oneonta
Delaware Railroad Syracuse
Delaware Valley Training Center
Delaware Valley Training Center Callicoon
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co. Buffalo
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co. NYC
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co. Syracuse
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co. Utica
Delco Plant Rensselaer
Delco Products Rochester
Delevan Plant – Buffalo
Demarest & Joyce – Brooklyn
Demarkus Corp. – Buffalo
Dempsey Car Furnace – Buffalo
Denning’s Point Brick Works – Beacon
Denton Ave. Incinerator – Hyde Park
Denton Ave. Incinerator – Morrisville
Denton Refractory Service Corp. Syracuse
Department of Agriculture Plum Island
Department of Docks NYC
Department of Environmental Protection – NYC
Department of Ferries Stanton Island
Department of Health – NYC
Department of Justice Immigration & Naturalization – Ellis Island
Department of Light & Water
Department of Marine & Aviation – Staten Island
Department of Public Works – Albany
Department of Public Works, Office Building, Swan St. – Albany
Department of Sanitation – Hillside
Department of Sanitation NYC
Department of Water Supply – Boro of Queens
Department. of Public Works – NYC
Derex Foster Dixfield Co. – Ogdensburg
Derrick Manufacturing Co. – Cheektowaga
Des Moines Edison Light Co. – Schenectady
Detroit Copper Mining Co. NYC
Deutch Filters Long Island
Devanity Fair – Plattsburg
Development & Funding Co. Niagara Falls
Devoe & Reynolds Co. Inc. – Brooklyn
Devoe Manufacturing Co. – Brooklyn
Dewitt Community Church – Dewitt
Dewitt Shopping Town – Dewitt
Dexter Sulphite Pulp & Paper Co. – Dexter
Dey Brothers & Co. Syracuse
Diamond International Plattsburgh
Diamond Match Co. NYC
Diamond Match Co. Oswego
Diamond Match Paper Mill – Plattsburg
Diamond Mills Paper Co. Saugerties
Diamond National Corp. – Plattsburg
Diamond Paper Mill Ogdensburg
Dietz Oil & Coal – Glendale
Dietz Oil Coal Glendale
Dime Savings Bank Building – NYC
District Gas of New York Corp. Gas Plant Staten Island
Dittmar Powder & Chemical Co .
Dittmar Powder & Chemical Co. NYC
Division of Baumritter Corp.
Division Peter Cooper Corp.
Dixie Neon NYC
Dobbs Ferry
Dobler Brewing Co. – Albany
Dobler Brewing Co. – New York
Dock Coal Co. Plattsburgh
Doctors Hospital – NYC
Doctors Hospital – Staten Island
Doctors Office Building NYC
Dodge Industries Hoosick Falls
Doherty Operating Co. NYC
DOJ Immigration & Naturalization Service Ellis Island
Dolan Supply Co. Inc. troy
Domco Products
Domino Sugar – Brooklyn
Domino Sugar Refinery East River – Brooklyn
Domtar Industries Inc – Lockport
Donaldson Acoustics Co. Inc.
Donna Hanna Coke – Lackawanna
Donner Hanna Coke Corp. – Buffalo
Donner Steel Co. – Buffalo
Donner Steel Co. Tonawanda
Donner Union Coke Corp. – Buffalo
Donner-Hanna Coke Co. – Buffalo
Dorn’s Trans Co. Terminal – Queens Village
Dorn’s Trans Co. Terminal – Rensselaer
Dorns Warehouse – Morrisville
Dorr Oliver Inc. – Maspeth
Dorr-Oliver Inc. Little Falls
Dowman Products
Downtown Athletic Club
Drake & Orton NYC
Dravo Corp. – Fishkill
Dredge Whirlwind NYC
Dresser Industries – Depew
Dresser Industries – Nyack
Dresser Industries Delmar
Dresser Industries Inc. Oleana
Dresser Industries, Clark Turbo Compressor Div. Olean
Dresser Industries, Plant #2 Boiler Roomolean
Dresser Rand – Olean
Dresser Rand Test Facility Olean
Dresser Transport Equipment – Depew
Dresser-Rand Wellsville
Drexel Building – NYC
Dryden Hotel – NYC
Dryden School – Buffalo
Drywall & Tapers Union
Du Pont Fabrikoid Co. – Newburgh
Du Pont Fibre Silk Co. – Black Rock
Dufaurcg & Co.
Duff Mott Processing Plant – Williamson
Duffy Mott Co. – Hamlin
Dufour & Co. NYC
Dun & Bradstreet Building – NYC
Dunkirk Steam Station – Buffalo
Dunkirk Steam Station Boiler 3 & 4 Dunkirk
Dunlop America Limited Black Rock
Dunlop America, Limited – Black Rock
Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co. – Buffalo
Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co. Tonawanda
Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co. Utica
Dunlop Tire Co. – Buffalo
Dunn & McCarthy Inc. – Auburn
Duo Contracting – Brooklyn
Dupont Chemical – Albany
Dupont Chemical – Niagara Falls
Dupont Chemical – Tompkins Cove
Dupont Chemical – Tonawanda
Dupont Chemical Plant – Niagara Falls
Dupont Chemical Plant Utica
Dupont Tedlar Plant – Buffalo
Dupont Yerkes Plant – Buffalo
Durez Manufacturing – Tonawanda
Durez Plant – Tonawanda
Durez Plastic & Chemicals, Inc – Tonawanda
Durez Plastics Div. Hooker Chemical Corp. Tonawanda
Durez Plastics North Tonowanda
Durkee Famous Foods – Elmhurst
Dusault Foundry – Lockport
Dusing & Hunt, Inc. – Leroy
Dutches Bleachery Wappingers Falls
Dutchess Bleacheries, Inc. – New Hamburg
Dwight P. Robinson & Co. Inc. NYC
Dydee Wash – Buffalo
Dykman St. Houses Apartments
D’Youville College, Mary Agnes Residence Hall – Buffalo
E 54Th St & East River
E Daskal Corp. Stony Point
E Ginna Power Plant Rochester
E Greenfield’s Sons & Co. – Brooklyn
E. C. Mofham & Co. NYC
E. C. Sullivan Park Facility Pilot Plant No. 3 Painted Post
E. C. Sullivan Park Pilot Plant NO. 3 Painted Post
E. Daskal Corp. – Stony Point
E. Daskal Corp. – Suffern
E. Greenfield’s Sons & Co. – Brooklyn
E. H. Dahly
E. I. Dupont De Nemours – Harriet
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Buffalo
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Newburgh
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Newburgh
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Niagara Falls
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Richmond Hill
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Rochester
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Tonawanda
E. I. Dupont De Nemours Harriet
E. I. Dupont De Nemours Powder Co. Haskell
E. I. Dupont Tedlar Plant Buffalo
E. J. Brandt, 50-20 25Th St. – Long Island
E. J. Monroe Inc. Plattsburgh
E. J. Monroe Inc. Ticonderoga
E. J. Noble Hospital – Gouverneur
E. J. O’Brien & Brother, Inc. – Brooklyn
E. L. Dufourcq Produce Exchange NYC
E. L. Stearns & Co. Syracuse
E. P. Gleason Manufacturing Co.
E. R. & R. B. Livermore Starch Works
E. R. Ladew Co. Inc. – Glen Cove
E. R. Squibb & Sons – Brooklyn
E. R. Squibb & Sons Long Island
E. Robison – Hartsdale
E. Rutzler Co. NYC
E. S. Titus – Hempstead
E. S. Willard & Co.
E. W. Bliss Co. – Brooklyn
E. W. Edwards & Son Rochester
E. W. Edwards & Son Syracuse
Eagle Croghan
Eagle Pencil Co. NYC
Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc.
East 26Th Street NYC
East Buffalo Brewing Co. – Buffalo
East River Gas Light Co. – Long Island
East River Gas Light Co. Ravenswood
East River Housing Complex NYC
East River Plant – Long Island
East River Powerhouse NYC
East River Station NYC
East Texas Pulp & Paper NYC
Eastbourne Drive Office – Syracuse
Eastchester Electric Co. – Mount Vernon
Eastern Concrete Steel Co. – Buffalo
Eastern District High School – Brooklyn
Eastern Hills Mall Sears Store Transit RD. Clarence
Eastern Industrial Insulation Co. – Huguenot
Eastern Malleable Iron Co. – Watervliet
Eastern Research Center Dobbs Ferry
Eastern States Milling Co. – Tonawanda
Eastern Steam Specialty – Brooklyn
Eastern Steam Specialty Co NYC
Eastern Tanners Glue Co. Gowanda
Eastern Tanners Glue, Div. Peter Cooper Corp. – Gowanda
Eastern Terminal, John F. Kennedy Airport NYC
Eastern Trans Watkins Glen
Eastman Co. NYC
Eastman Kodak – Buffalo
Eastman Kodak – Building Rochester
Eastman Kodak – Rochester
Eastman Kodak Co. – Barnard
Eastman Kodak Co. Building 601 Roof Project Rochester
Eastman Kodak Co. Kodak Park Works Rochester
Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester
Easy Washing Machine Corp. Plant #1 Syracuse
Easy Washing Machine Corp. Syracuse
Ebasco International Corp. NYC
Ebbets Field Apartments NYC
Ebling Brewing Co. – NYC
Echeverria & Co.
Echota Niagara Falls
Eclipse Box & Lumber Co. – Brooklyn
Ed Sullivan Building
Eddy Valve Co. – Waterford
Edelbrau Brewing Co. – Brooklyn
Edgewater Saw Mills Co. Tompkinsville
Edgewood Arsenal – Hastings
Edison & Illuminating Co. – Newburgh
Edison Building 44 Broad St. NYC
Edison Electric Co. Brooklyn
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Duanest Station
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Gold St. Station Brooklyn
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Newburgh
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. NYC
Edison Electric of Brooklyn – Brooklyn
Edison General Electric Co. – Schenectady
Edison Machine Works NYC
Edison Machine Works Schenectady
Edison Spanish Colonial Light Co.
Edw. Elsworth & Co. – Buffalo
Edward Annan NYC
Edward Barrett Power Station Island Park
Edward Clark Dakota Apartment House – NYC
Edward Clarke – Copperstown
Edward Elsworth Co. – Buffalo
Edward F. Barrett Power Station – Long Island
Edward F. Barrett Power Station Island Park Long Island
Edward Joy Co. – Syracuse
Edward Leissner NYC
Ef Barrett Power Plant – island Park
Effley Croghan
Egar Lutheran Nursing Home – Staten Island
Ehret & Rupperts Pumping Station NYC
Ehret Magnesia
Eimer & Amend NYC
Ekenberg Co. – Cortland
Elderado Shore & Yacht Club – New Rochelle
Eleanor Roosevelt Housing – Brooklyn
Electric Albany
Electric Auto Lite Co. – Niagara Falls
Electric Club NYC
Electric Co. Schenectady
Electric Co. Waterford
Electric Exposition Madison Square Garden
Electric Farmingdale
Electric Fort Edward
Electric Plant Saratoga Springs
Electric Plant Schenectady
Electric Power Station – Port Jefferson
Electric Research – Lab Falls
Electric Switching Plant, Washington St. Brooklyn
Electrical Testing Laboratories, Inc
Electro Metallurgical Co. Niagara Falls
Electro Refractories & Abrasives Co. – Lackawanna
Electronics Lab- Building 9 Electronics Park Syracuse
Electronics Park Syracuse
Elem School – Hudson
Elementary School #39 – Buffalo
Elin Park Staten Island
Elks Club House – NYC
Ellicott Redevelopment Project – Buffalo
Ellicott Square Co. – Buffalo
Ellis Hospital Addition – Schenectady
Elm Coated Fabrics – Brooklyn
Elmer Croghan
Elmer W. Davis, Inc. Rochester
Elmerest School – Liverpool
Elmhurst Hospital – Long Island
Elmira College Carnegie Hall Elmira
Elmira College Center Dining Hall Elmira
Elmira College Dorm 6 Elmira
Elmira Free Academy – Elmira
Elmira Heights Central School District #2 Office – Elmira Heights
Elmira Illuminating Co. – Elmira
Elmira Knitting Mills – Ellenville
Elmira Psychiatric Center – Elmira
Elmira Reformatory – Buffalo
Elmira Reformatory – Elmira
Elmira Rolling Mills – Ellenville
Elmira Water Light & Railroad Co. – Ellenville
Elmira Water Light & Railway Co. – Elmira
Elmsford High School – Elmsford
Ely Townsite Co. NYC
Embossing Co. – Albany
Emergency Hospital – Camp Mills
Emerson Norris Co. Tuckahoe
Emhart Manufacturing Co. – Hudson
Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank – NYC
Emory Roth & Sons Apartment Building – NYC
Empire Ace Insulation Manufacturing Co. Brooklyn
Empire Ace Insulation Manufacturing Co. Glendale
Empire Ace Insulation Manufacturing Co. NYC
Empire Bridge Co. – Ellenville
Empire Builders Supply Niagara Falls
Empire Building – NYC
Empire Cheese Co. – Copperstown
Empire Chevrolet Agency – Brooklyn
Empire Coke Co. – Geneva
Empire Freight Co. NYC
Empire Gas & Electric Co. – Geneva
Empire Gypsum Co. – Garbutt
Empire Hotel – NYC
Empire Mutual Insurance Building – NYC
Empire Pickle Co. NYC
Empire Refinery – Long Island
Empire Refining Co. – Long Island
Empire State Alfalfa Mills – Mummsville
Empire State Building Hunts Point
Empire State Building Manhattan
Empire State Paper Mill Saugerties
Empire State Plaza – Albany
Empire State Sugar Co. – Montezuma
Empire State Sugar Co. – Plattsburgh
Empire State Sugar Co. Port Byron
Empire Sugar Boiler House – Mineola
Empire Sugar Boiler House – Montezuma
Empire-Ace Insulation Manufacturing Co. – Brooklyn
Endicott – Wastewater Treatment Plant Endicott
Endicott Jamesville
Endicott Johnson Corp. – Jamesville
Endicott Johnson Corp. Johnson City
Endicott Johnson Realty Co. – Eldicott
Endicott Shoe Factory – Johnson City
Engineering Laboratories Building Schenectady
Engineers Club – NYC
Engineers Club Building NYC
Entergy Nuclear – Buchanan
Entrance NO. 10 Utica
Envirotech Systems Inc. Rochester
Equitable Gas & Electric Co. of Utica – Utica
Equitable Life Building NYC
Equitable Trust Building. – NYC
Er Quibbs & Sons – Long Island
Erasmus Hall High School – Brooklyn
Erie Basin Drydock – Brooklyn
Erie Basin Drydock, Todd Shipyards – Brooklyn
Erie County Penitentiary – Buffalo
Erie County Savings Bank – Buffalo
Erie Lackawanna Railroad Hornell
Erie Lackawanna Railroad Syracuse
Erie Preserving Co. North Collins
Erie R. R. Co. Grade Crossing Endicott
Erie Railroad Co. Hornell
Erie Railroad Co. NYC
Erie Railroad Co. Port Jarvis
Erie Railroad Co. Salamanica
Esbary Gypsum Co. Caledonia
Esco Packers & Supply Co. Brooklyn
Esperanza Cent’L Sugar Co. – NYC
Essex Co. NYC
Esso Chemie N. V. Rosenburg – Brooklyn
Esso International NYC
Esso Libya, Inc. Port Brega
Esso Standard Oil Co. NYC
Estate of George B. Wilson NYC
Estate of O. S. Baldwin Brooklyn
Ethan Allen Warehouse – Boonville
Ethan Allen, Inc. – Boonville
Ethox Corp. – Buffalo
Euclid Contraction Co.
Euclid Income Support Center – Brooklyn
Eugenio Maria De Hostos Tower NYC
Eureka Paper Co. – Fulton
Eureka Shipyard – Newburgh
Evans Chemetics Inc. Waterloo
Evans Construction Co.
Evans Mill Elementary School – Evans Mill
Evans Mills Wastewater Treatment Plant Evans Mills
Evans, Almirall & Co. NYC
Evergard Coatings, Inc.
Everready Oil Burner Supply – Brooklyn
Excelsior Brick Co. – Havestraw
Excelsior Hygienic Ice Co. – Brooklyn
Exchange Court Building – NYC
Exolon Tonawanda
Export Oil Field Supply – Floral Park
Export Oil Field Supply Floral Park
Exxon – Inip Drive – Queens
Exxon – Poughkeepsie
Exxon Co. Building NYC
Exxon Co. Factory
Exxon Corp. – 1251 Avenue of The Americas NYC
Exxon Inip Drive Queens
F & M Schaefer Brewing Co. – Albany
F & M Schaffer Brewing Co. – Brooklyn
F W Stillman
F. & D. Supply – Copiague
F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co. – Brooklyn
F. C. Huyck & Son – Albany
F. C. Huyck & Sons Rensselaer
F. D. Supply Copiague
F. Engelhardt & Sons St. Johnsville
F. F. R. Building Specialties New Hyde Park
F. G. Bourne Oakdale
F. G. Mahaffy Plumbing Heating Pulaski
F. H. Smith Jamestown Cotton Mills Jamestown
F. K. Probst & Co.
F. K. Probst & Co. NYC
F. M. Schaefer Brewing Co. Brooklyn
F. M. Schaeffer Brewing Co. NYC
F. M. Schaffer Brewing Co Brooklyn
F. N. Burt Co. Buffalo
F. N. Burt Co. Limited Buffalo
F. N. Burt Co. Ltd – Buffalo
F. N. Burt Co. Ltd
F. Probst & Co. NYC
F. S. Pearson
F. S. Pearson NYC
F. W. Devoe & C. T. Reynolds Co. Brooklyn
F. W. Stillman NYC
F. W. Woolworth Co. NYC
F. X. Baumert & Co. Antwerp
F. X. Baumert & Co. Evans Mills
Faatz Brush & Felting Co. – Lestershire
Factory – 10 Kimball Place
Factory Building, 10 Kimball Place – Mount Vernon
Faculty Complex Building
Fahys Watch Case Co. Sag Harbor
Fairchild Engine Div. Deer Park Ny – Deer Park
Fairchild Republic Co. – Farmingdale
Fairfield Chemical Co.
Fajardo Sugar Co. NYC
Fallbrook Glass Plant – Corning
Falls Paper Mill – Falls
Falls Street Station – Niagara Falls
Family Court – Brooklyn
Family Court, Queens
Famous Realty Co. – Brooklyn
Far Rockaway Health Center – Far Rockway
Far Rockaway High School – Far Rockway
Far Rockaway Power Station – Far Rockway
Far Rockway Power Plant – Far Rockway
Farmers Loan & Trust Co. NYC
Farrar & Trefts, Inc. – Buffalo
Farras Trefts – Buffalo
Faxton Hospital Utica
Fayardo Sugar Co. NYC
Fayerweather & Ladewglen Cove
Fbi Building NYC
Fearon Daniel & Co. NYC
Fedders Corp. – Buffalo
Federal Courthouse-Fulton & Court St.
Federal Courtroom. Co. Birmingham
Federal Creosoting Co. – Rome
Federal Mogul Corp.
Federal Office Building – NYC
Federal Paper Board Co. Inc. – Bogate
Federal Reserve Bank Building – NYC
Federal Reserve Building in Buffalo
Federal Telephone Radio Corp. NYC
Federal Terra Cotta Co. – Broadway
Feeder Dam
Fektile Floors, Inc.
Felment Oil Co. Olean
Felmont Oil Co. Buffalo
Felmont Oil Co. Olean
Felters Co. Inc. Johnson City
Feltman Brothers – Coney Island
Fenton Homes Bronx-Laconice Ave. – Bronx
Fernandez & Calvo NYC
Fernandez & Castillo NYC
Ferre Export Corp. NYC
Fertilizer Corp. of India NYC
Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited – Haifa
Fh Smith Jamestown Cotton Mills – Jamestown
Fiber Corp. Plant – Lockport
Fiber Glass Industries Inc – Amsterdam
Fibre Corp. Plant – Lockport
Ficchi Heating & Air Conditioning – Upton
Ficchi Heating & Air Conditioning – Utica
Fidelio Brewery, Inc. NYC
Fidelity Trust Co. – Buffalo
Field Engineering Co.
Filtration Plant Pumping Station – Albany
Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc. – Glen Falls
Finch Pruyn Paper Mill – Glen Falls
Finch, Pruyn & Co. Inc. – Glen Falls
Finch, Pruyn & Co. Inc. Warren County
Finco Dye & Print Works – Elmhurst
Fire Station – Copperstown
Fireproofing Manufacturing Co.
Firm of Rentrop Silk Dying Corp. – Brooklyn
First City National Bank, Court St. – Birmingham
First Lutheran Church – Jamestown
First Methodist Church – Camden
First National City Bank – Long Island
First National City Bank – New Bank Building – idlewild
First National City Bank Building – NYC
First National City Bank Building NYC
First Presbyterian Church – New Rochelle
First Reformed Church of Schenectady
First Trust Co.
Firth Carpet
Fisher Body Corp. – Tarrytown
Fisher Marble Yard – Astoria
Fisher Price Toys – NYC
Fitzgerald Brothers Brewing Co. – Troy
Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant – Oswego
Five Falls Potsdam
Flagship Inn – Colonial
Flat Iron Building
Flatbush Ave. & Ave. “U” Mall
Flatbush Gas Co. – Brooklyn
Flatbush Gas Co. Vanderveer Park Station Brooklyn
Flatbush Hygienic Ice Co. – Brooklyn
Fleischmann Manufacturing Co. Peekskill- On- Hudson
Fleishcmann Manufacturing Co.
Flexitallic Gasket Co.
Flint Eddy & American Trading Co. NYC
Flood Van Wirt Co. – Hudson Falls
Flour Western Inc. NYC
Flower Hospital – NYC
Floy & Carpenter
Floyd Bennet Field – Brooklyn
Fluor Engineers & Contractors – Maspeth
Fluor Engineers Contractors Maspeth – Long Island
Flushing High School – Flushing
Flushing Hospital & Dispensary – Flushing
Flushing Manor
Flynn Power Plant – Long Island
Fmc Corp. – Buffalo
Foltis Restaurant
Food Emporium NYC
Food Machinery Corp.
Foot of Menands Bridge – Troy
Ford Bacon Davis NYC
Ford Co. Maspeth
Ford Foundation – Maspeth
Ford Mercury Garage Pulaski
Ford Motor Co. – Metal Stamping Plant – Hamburg
Ford Motor Co. Gibraltar
Ford Motor Co. Green Island
Ford Motor Co. Hamburg
Ford Motor Co. Metal Stamping Buffalo
Ford Plant – Green Island
Ford Stamping Plant Buffalo
Ford Stamping Plant Hamburg
Ford, Bacon & Davis
Fordham Heights
Fordham Medical Building 2269 Crotona Ave.
Fordham University – Bronx
Fordham University Auditorium Tower NYC
Fordham University Powerhouse
Foremost Dairies, Inc. – Brooklyn
Forest Hills High School – Forest Hills
Forest Houses
Forest Land & Mill Co. – Tupper Lake
Fork & Hoe Frankfort
Forstchem NYC
Fort Drum
Fort Edward
Fort Howard
Fort Montgomery
Fort Orange Paper Mill – Castleton
Fort Paper Castle
Fort Schuyler
Fort Terry
Fortunoff’s Department Store
Forty-Eight Insulations
Foster Paper Co. Utica
Foster Wheeler Corp. – Dansville
Foster Wheeler Corp. NYC
Foster Wheeler Energy Corp. – Dansville
Foster Wheeler Manufacturing Plant – Dansville
Foster Wheeler Plant – Dansville
Foster Wheeler Plant Dansville
Foundry Materials Inc – Liverpool
Four Hundred & Sixty-One Eighth Avenue Co. Inc. NYC
Fourteenth St. Powerhouse NYC
Francis A. Cundill – NYC
Francis Axe Co. – Buffalo
Francis Co. & Jacobas Engs. NYC
Frank Dobson NYC
Frank G. Shattuck & Co.
Frank Hill Smith, Inc. NYC
Frank J. Baker & Son – Utica
Frank Murken Inc. Syracuse
Frank Sutton Engineering NYC
Frank Sutton Engr. – NY
Franklin Automobile Works Syracuse
Franklin Ave. Housing,
Franklin Building – NYC
Franklin Electric Illuminating Co. – Glen Cove
Franklin Engine Co. Subsidiary of Aero Industries Inc. Syracuse
Franklin Furnace Co. Oneida County
Fraser & Chalmers NYC
Fraser-Brace Engineering Co, Inc. NYC
Frazar & Sale Limited NYC
Frazar & Sale Ltd.
Frazer & Jones Co. – Solvay
Frazer & Jones Co. Syracuse
Frazer Jones Co.
Frear Building – Troy
Frederick Loeser & Co. – Brooklyn
Frederick Probst & Co. NYC
Frederick Snare Corp. NYC
Frederick Tudor NYC
Frederick W. Kaelber – Long Island
Fredk Probst & Co.
Fredk S. Dale Co. Whitehall
Fredonia College – Fredonia
Fredonia Dorm Dining Hall Fredonia
Freeport Municipal Power Plant Freeport
Freihofer Baking Co. – Troy
Fresh Meadow Houses – Flushing
Fresh Meadows Housing Project – Queens
Friends Meeting House – Poughkeepsie
Frontier Bindery – Kenmore
Frontier Chemical – Niagara Falls
Frontier Foundry – Niagara Falls
Frontier Insulation & Asbestos, Inc. – Buffalo
Frontier Lumber – Buffalo
Frontier Oil & Refining Co. – Harriet
Frontier Oil Refining Co. River Road Plant Harriet
Frontier Oil Refining Co. Tonawanda
Ft. Edward Mill – Fort Edward
Ft. Hamilton Sewage Disposal Plant
Ft. Montgomery Iron Corp. – Ft. Montgomery
Ft. Terry
Ft. Wayne Corrugated Paper Co. Rochester
Ft. William Henry Hotel – Lake George
Fuld & Hatch Knitting Co. – Albany
Fuller Building – NYC
Fuller Flatiron Building NYC
Fuller Warren Co. – Troy
Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills – Brooklyn
Fulton Boiler Works Pulaski
Fulton County Courthouse – Johnstown
Fulton County Gas & Electric Co. – Gloversville
Fulton County Glue Co. Johnstown
Fulton County Glue Co. NYC
Fulton Housing Project – Fulton
Fulton Light, Heat & Power Co. – Fulton
Fulton Municipal Gas Co. – Brooklyn
Fulton Sheet Metal Works – Fulton
Fulton Sheet Metal Works Corp. – Fulton
Fulton Steel Corp. – Fulton
Fulton Worsted Mills – Fulton
Furnco Construction Co. Buffalo
Fw Devoe & Cj Raynolds Co. – Brooklyn
G. A. F. Corp. Caledonia
G. A. Fuller
G. A. Fuller Constn Co.
G. A. Fuller Construction Co. NYC
G. A. Suter & Co. Engineering Building NYC
G. A. Suter & Co. Engineering Building. – NYC
G. A. Suter Co. – NYC
G. A. Suter Co. Bourne Building Liberty Street N. Y
G. A. Suter Co. Theatre C
G. Ams Inc. K & Co. NYC
G. Amsinck & Co.
G. E. Silicone – Waterford
G. G. Blakeslee
G. G. Blakeslee NYC
G. H. Miner Co. Inc. Syracuse
G. Lever & Corp. – Gloversville
G. Levor Co. Inc. Gloversville
G. O. Warehouse Outside of Syracuse Solvay
G. Reynaud NYC
G. W. Francis – Buffalo
G. W. Francis Buffalo
Gabriel Schall NYC
Gabryel Lumber Co. – Buffalo
GAF Corp. Binghamton
GAF Corp. Johnson City
Gair Co. Pearl River
Gal Manufacturing Corp. – Bronx
Galvin Jerry Inc. – Long Island
Gambrinus Brewery Co.
Garbage Disposal Plant
Garden City Co. – Garden City
Garden City Hotel – Garden City
Gardiner Manor Mall
Gardner Denver
Garfield Building – Brooklyn
Garlock Packing Co. Palmyra
Garlock Plant – Palmyra
Garlock Plant Painted Post
Garment Central Capitol Inc. NYC
Garner Print Works & Bleachery
Garner Print Works Bleachery Wappinger Falls
Garnerville Holding Co. – Haverstraw
Gas & Electric Co. Ithaca
Gas & Electric Co. Oneonta
Gas & Electric Co. Rome
Gas Engine & Power Co. – Morris Heights
Gas Plant Staten Island
Gas Trans Jamesville
Gas Trans Rensselaer
Gaskill Junior High School – Niagara Falls
Gaylord White Houses NYC
GE Knolls Atomic Power Lab Schenectady
GE Plastics Department Selkirk
GE Research Development Center Schenectady
GE Silicone Plant Mcs Project Waterford
GE Special Chemical Plant Waterford
Geeco – Franklin Square
Geigy Chemical Corp. – Arcade
Geigy Chemical Corp. Ardsley
Geigy Chemical Corp. Suffern
Geist & Son NYC
Gene Fenn Photography – Manhattan
General Aleshire – Brooklyn
General Aniline & Film Co. – Johnson City
General Aniline & Film Corp. – Birmingham
General Asbestos & H Rubber Co. – Charleston
General Asbestos & H Rubber Co. Charleston
General Cable Corp. – Rome
General Chemical Co. – NY
General Chemical Co. NYC
General Chemical Corp. – Buffalo
General Chemical Div Allied Chemical & Dye – Buffalo
General Chemical Xo – Buffalo
General Dynamics Corp. Milton
General Dynamics Corp. West Haverstraw
General Dynamics Corp. West Haverstraw
General Dynamics Corp. West Milton
General Dynamics Electronics Division Rochester
General Electric Advanced Electronics Center Ithaca
General Electric Bleeker Street – Utica
General Electric Co. Albany
General Electric Co. Brockport
General Electric Co. Elmira Foundry – Elmira
General Electric Co. Farmingdale
General Electric Co. Farmingdale
General Electric Co. Feura Bush
General Electric Co. Fort Edward
General Electric Co. Fort Edward
General Electric Co. Ft. Edward
General Electric Co. Hudson Falls
General Electric Co. Hudson
General Electric Co. Niagara Falls
General Electric Co. Niskayuna
General Electric Co. NYC
General Electric Co. Plant Saratoga Springs
General Electric Co. Plant Schenectady
General Electric Co. Project Schenectady
General Electric Co. Research Lab Niagara Falls
General Electric Co. Riverview Plant Rotterdam
General Electric Co. Roseton
General Electric Co. Saratoga Springs
General Electric Co. Schenectady
General Electric Co. Selkirk
General Electric Co. Silicone Plant Waterford
General Electric Co. Syracuse
General Electric Co. Utica
General Electric Co. Utica
General Electric Co. Waterford
General Electric Electronics Park Syracuse
General Electric Foundry – Ellenville
General Electric Plant – Fort Edward
General Electric Plant – Saratoga Springs
General Electric Plant – Schenectady
General Electric Plant – Selkirk
General Electric Research Lab – Niagara Falls
General Electric Research Lab – Niskayuna
General Electric Research Lab – Schenectady
General Electric Silicone Products Waterford
General Electric State Street – Utica
General Electric-Schenectady – Schenectady
General Electronic Park Building 15 Syracuse
General Engineering Labs Schenectady
General Foods Corp. Fulton
General Foods Corp. Roseton
General Foods Corp. Saratoga Springs
General Foods Corp. Syracuse
General Foods Corp. Tarrytown, New York
General Foods Corp. Tarrytown
General Foods Corp. White Plains
General Ice Cream Corp. Schenectady
General Laboratory NYC
General Mills Inc – Buffalo
General Motors – Tonawanda
General Motors Building – NYC
General Motors Chevrolet Plant – Buffalo
General Motors Corp. – Buffalo
General Motors Corp. – Lockport
General Motors Corp. Assembly Plant
General Motors Corp. Buffalo
General Motors Corp. Chevrolet Plant Buffalo
General Motors Corp. Fisher Body Division Syracuse
General Motors Corp. NYC
General Motors Corp. Plant – Rochester
General Motors Corp. Plant Rochester
General Motors Corp. Rochester
General Motors Corp. Rooseveltown
General Motors Corp. Syracuse
General Motors Corp. Syracuse
General Motors Corp. Tarrytown
General Motors Corp. Tonawanda
General Motors Corp. Webster
General Motors Factory
General Motors Harrison Radiator Div. Lockport
General Motors Plant – Buffalo
General Motors Powertrain Plant – Tonawanda
General Plastics Co. Tonawanda
General Railway Signal Co. – Buffalo
General Railway Signal Co. Rochester
General Signal Corp. Watertown
General Thomas Jesup Wright
General Vehicle Co. Blissville
General William J. Donovan State Office Building Buffalo
Genesee Brewing Co. – New York
Genesee Brewing Co. Rochester
Genesee County Nursing Home – Batavia
Genesee Furnace Co. – Charlotte
Genesee Science Rochester
Genesee Stone Products – Arcade
Geneseo Dorms – Buffalo
Geneva Nursing Home – Geneva
Geneva Nursing Home, Inc. – Geneva
Geneva-Seneca Electric Co. – Geneva
Genovese Drug Store
Geo L. Squier Manufacturing Co. – Buffalo
Geo W Kidd & Co.
Geo. A. Fuller Construction. Co.
Geo. Bruce’s Son & Co. – NYC
Geo. W. Baker Shoe Co. – Brooklyn
Geo. W. Loft – NYC
George A. Fuller Construction Co.
George B. McClellan – Brooklyn
George Bruces Son & Co. NYC
George F Blake Manufacturing Co.
George L. Squier Manufacturing Co. – Buffalo
George L. Stuebner – Long Island
George P. Anderton NYC
George P. Ide & Co. Troy
George W. Baker Shoe Co. – Brooklyn
George W. Kidd Co. NYC
George W. Loft NYC
Georgia Linen – New York
Georgia Pacific Corp. – Lyins Falls
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill – Plattsburg
Georgia Port Jervis
Georgian Courts Apartments – Utica
Georgia-Pacific Akron, New York Plant
Georgia-Pacific Buchanan
Georgia-Pacific Co. Plattsburgh
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Lyons Falls
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Plattsburgh
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Port Jarvis
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Potsdam
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Potsdam
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Willsboro
Georgia-Pacific Plattsburgh, New York Plant
Gerhard Lang Brewery – Buffalo
German America Ins. Co.
German American Insurance Co. NYC
German Insurance Co. Rochester
Germania Bank Building – NYC
Germania Fire Insurance Co. NYC
Gerstendorfer Brothers – Brooklyn
Gertz Department Store
Gibraltar Steel Buffalo
Gibraltar Steel Corp. Buffalo
Gillis & Geoghegan
Gillis Geoghegan NYC
Gilman Paper Co. NYC
Gimbels NYC
Gimbels- Saks Warehouse NYC
Ginna Nuclear Plant – Albany
Ginna Nuclear Plant Rochester
Gioia Macaroni Co. Inc – Buffalo
Girdler Corp. – Olean
Girl Scout Council Building – NYC
Glass Corning Co. – New York
Glass Plant – Delhi
Glass Plant – Watervliet
Gleason Corp. Rochester
Gleason Works Rochester
Glen Clove Power Plant – NYC
Glen Cove Manufacturing Co. – Glen Cove
Glen Cove Power Plant NYC
Glen Falls Paper Co. – Glen Falls
Glenmont Power Plant – Glenmont
Glenmont Terminal – Gibbstown
Glenmont Terminal – Glenmont
Glenmount Powerhouse – Albany
Glens Falls Housing – Glen Falls
Glenshaw Glass Co. Orangeburg
Glenshaw Glass Factory
Glenside Woolen Mills
Glenside Woolen Mills Skaneateles Falls
Glenwood Fuel Co. – Birmingham
Glenwood Landing Powerhouse Glenwood Landing
Glenwood Landing Station – Long Island
Glenwood Mason Builders – Brooklyn
Glenwood Medina
Glenwood Power Plant – Glenwood Landing
Glenwood Power Plant No. 1
Glenwood School – Vestal
Glenwood Station Long Island
Gleo Eastman Rochester
Global Frozen Foods – Garden City
Globe Industrial Service, Inc. NYC
Globe Malleable Iron & Steel Co. Syracuse
Globe Mills – Utica
Globe Plaster Corp. Buffalo
Globe Woven Belting Co. Inc. Buffalo
Gm Building – NYC
GM Chevrolet Division Roosevelttown
GM Harrison Radiator Division Lockport
GM Powertrain Plant Massena
Gmd Shipyard
Gnome Bakers NYC
Goe. P. Anderton
Goelet Estate NYC
Gold Bond Building Products
Gold Street Station – Brooklyn
Goldman Supply Co. NYC
Gomez & Pearsall NYC
Good Samaritan Hospital Watertown
Goodyear – Buffalo
Goodyear Chemical Co. – Niagara Falls
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Niagara Falls
Gore Neenan Co. – Garrison
Goshen Plant – Bronx
Gotham Hotel – Gold Room
Gould Coupler Co. – Depero
Gould Coupler Co. Depew
Gould Paper Co. Lyons Falls
Gould Paper Colyons Falls
Gould Paper Corp. – Lyons Falls
Gould Paper Corp. – Lyons Falls
Gould Paper Corp. Seneca Falls
Gould Pumps, Inc.
Goulds Manufacturing Co. Seneca Falls
Goulds Pump Plant – Auburn
Goulds Pump Plant – Bayard Street – Seneca Falls
Goulds Pump Plant – Fall Street Plant – Seneca Falls
Goulds Pump Plant – Schenectady
Goulds Pumps, Inc. Seneca Falls
Gouverneur Iron Works – Gouverneur
Gouverneur Paper Mill – Gouverneur
Gouverneur Talc Co. – Gouverneur
Gov T Tarnel NYC
Government of Israel Supply Mission NYC
Governors Island NYC
Gowanda School – Buffalo
Gowanda State Homeopathic Hospital – Helmuth
Gowanda State Hospital Gowanda
Gowanus Sewage Plant
Grace & Hyde Co. NYC
Graham HInckley & Co. NYC
Graham Manufacturing Co. Inc. – Batavia
Grand Army Place – Brooklyn
Grand Central Station NYC
Grand Island Middle School – Grand Island
Grandy Fulton
Grant City Pumping Station – Staten Island
Graphite Metallizing Corp. – Yonkers
Graphite Metallizing Corp. Yonkers
Grasselli Chemical Co. – Rensselaer
Grasslands Hospital – Valhalla
Grasslands Powerhouse
Graymoore Monastery – Garrison
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Inc. – Horseheads
Great Buffalo Press, Inc – Buffalo
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. – Briar Cliff
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. – Niagara Falls
Great Lakes Color Printing Corp. – Dunkirk
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. Jones Beach
Great Meadow Correction Facility Comstock
Great Meadows Correctional Institute – Comstock
Great Meadows Prison
Green Fuel Economizer Co. Inc. – Beacon
Green Gold Silver Co.
Green Hill Shopping Center – Syracuse
Green Point Mens Shelter
Greenbridge Station – Dresden
Greene Cananeg Copper Co.
Greene Consolidated Copper Co. NYC
Greene Consolidated Gold Co. NYC
Greenpoint Brooklyn
Greenpoint Chemical Works – Green Point
Greenpoint Hospital – Brooklyn
Greenport Ship Co. – Green Point
Greenridge Generating Facility – Dresden
Greenway Supply Co. – Glendale
Greenwich & Reade Sts
Greenwich Village
Greer Hydraulics, Inc. – Brooklyn
Greiner Bowling Alley – Cheektowaga
Greschlers Co. Brooklyn
Greyhound Garage NYC
Greyhound Lines 11Th Ave. Bus Depot Boiler Room NYC
Greyhound Terminal
Grey-Lag (USS) – Brooklyn
Griffis Air Force Base Bowling Alley – Rome
Grosingers Hotel – Lewiston
Grossingers Hotel – Liberty
Grossman’s of New York – Syracuse
Groton School – Syracuse
Grove Hill Paper Corp. Rock City Falls
Grover Cleveland High School Street Ridgewood
Groveton Paper Gouverneur
Gruenberg Electric Co. – Garden City
Grumman Aerospace Corp. – Bethpage
Grumman Aerospace Corp. – Farmingdale
Grumman Aerospace Corp. Calverton
Grumman Aircraft Bethpage, Long Island
Grumman Aircraft Boiler Plant Bethpage
Grumman Aircraft New Office Building Bethpage
Grumman Aircraft Plant – Bethpage
Grumman Aircraft Steam Distribution Centers 1-5 Bethpage
Grummond Aircraft
Gryphon Rubber Co. & Tire Corp. NYC
Gte Seneca Co. Falls
Guanica Central – NYC
Guarantee Trust Building – NYC
Guaranty Trust Co. NYC
Guard Feura Bush
Guggenheim Smelting Co. NYC
Guild Molders Plastics Elmsford
Guilderland Water Treatment Plant Guilderland
Gulf Oil Corp. NYC
Guolds Manufacturing Co. Seneca Falls
Gutta Percha & Rubber Manufacturing Co. – Brooklyn
H .C. Abell Engr
H Bridgman Smith Co. – Brooklyn
H Sand & Co. Inc. Refrigeration Plant – Albany
H Wolff Book Manufacturing NYC
H Y S Tunnel Project – Albany
H. A. Vatable Son NYC
H. B. Coho & Co. NYC
H. B. Hood Dairy – Vernon
H. B. Kimmey Co. Inc. – Albany
H. Batterman – Brooklyn
H. Bridgman Smith Co. – Brooklyn
H. C. Abell Engineering NYC
H. C. Bohack Manufacturing – Maspeth
H. C. Burner – Greatneck
H. C. Havemeyer & Co. – Brooklyn
H. C. Mapes P Ithaca
H. Callahan – Bethlehem
H. Clausen & Sons Brewing Co. – New York
H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Co. Syracuse
H. Herrmann – NYC
H. J. Heinz Co. – Medina
H. K. Hammett – Troy
H. K. Porter Inc.
H. Koehler & Co. NYC
H. Kohnstamm & Co. Inc. – Brooklyn
H. L. Doherty Co. NYC
H. P. Beardsley – NYC
H. P. Knowles, Architect NYC
H. P. Stephenson Co. NYC
H. Pomeroy – NYC
H. R. Worthington – Brooklyn
H. R. Worthington Bew York City
H. S. Chaffee Co. Inc. – Buffalo
H. S. Chaffee Co. Inc. – Little Falls
H. S. Chaffee Co. Inc. Liverpool
H. S. Chaffee Little Falls
H. S. Chaflant Paper Co. Rock City Falls
H. S. Kennedy Residence – Troy
H. Sand Co. State University NY Stony Brook
H. Waterburg & Sons Co. Oriskany
H. Wolff Book Manufacturing Co. Inc. NYC
Haberman Building – NYC
Habirshaw Cable & Wire Corp. – Yonkers
Habirshaw Cable Wire Division Yonkers
Hadley Paper Corp. – Hadley
Haff Supply Co. – Amityville
Hai Lung – Brooklyn
Halcomb Steel Co. Syracuse
Half Orphan Asylum – NYC
Hall Hartwell & Co. – Albany
Hall of Records NYC
Hall, Hartwell & Co. – Albany
Hall, Hartwell Co. Troy
Halland Patent
Halsey Powell NYC
Hamberger & Co. School #81 – Buffalo
Hamburg Avenue Baths – Brooklyn
Hamburg Railroad Co. – Blasdell
Hamilton Club – Brooklyn
Hamilton College – Clifton
Hamilton College Library Building Clinton
Hamilton Federal Savings Bank – Brooklyn
Hamilton Grange Station U. S Post Office NYC
Hamilton Sewage – Brooklyn
Hamilton-Kirkland College – Clay
Hamilton-Kirkland College – Clifton
Hammermill Corp. – Oswego
Hammermill Plant – Oswego
Hammond Irving Steel Co. – Auburn
Hancock Air Force Base
Hancock Airport – Syracuse
Hangar 8, LaGuardia Airport NYC
Hankins Container Co. – Eliner Heights
Hanna Furnace Corp. – Buffalo
Hanna Furnace Corp. Buffalo
Hanna Furnace Union Ship Canal Site Buffalo
Hanna Paper Corp. Norwood
Hanna Paper Norwood
Hanover National Bank Building – NYC
Hanyan Higgins Co. Inc. Utica
Harbison Walker Refractories Co.
Harbor Marine Contracting – Brooklyn
Harder Knitting Co. – Hudson
Hardman Peck & Co.
Hardy & Fassett Schools – Elmira
Hardy, Voorhees & Co. Brooklyn
Harkness Medical Building – NYC
Harlem Hospital J Building NYC
Harlem Lighting Co. NYC
Harlem River Houses – Manhattan
Harlem Valley Hospital – Windale
Harlem Valley Hospital Medical Surgical Building 85 – Dover
Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center
Harlem Valley State Hospital
Harly Reynolds Corning
Harmeyer Sugar Refining Co. – Brooklyn
Harmon Paper Co. – Brownsville
Harmon Paper Co. Brownville, Jefferson County
Harmon Yard
Harmony Tompkins Spine Building Eastview
Harold H. Clapp, Inc. Rochester
Harper College – Birmingham
Harper Electric Furnace Co. Lancaster
Harper Robinson & Co. – Brooklyn
Harpur College Dining Hall Dorms Vestal
Harpur Library Building – Birmingham
Harrietstown Town Hall
Harris Supply Co. – Wellsville
Harrisburg Foundry Machine Co. NYC
Harrison Radiator Div Gmc – Lockport
Harrison Radiator Division of General Motors Corp. Buffalo
Harrison Radiator Plant – Liverpool
Harrison Radiator Washburn Street Plant – Lockport
Harrison Radiator West Plant – Lockport
Harrison Radiators – Lockport
Harry Rich Co. Warehouse
Harshaw Chemical Co. – Hastings-On-Hudson
Hart & Co. – Brooklyn
Hartford Railroad Co.
Harts Island Powerhouse – Harts Island
Hartwick College – East Dorm Olean Ny – Olean
Hartwick College – Oneonta
Hartwick Power Co. – Hartwick
Hastings Paving Co. – Hastings-On-Hudson
Haulands Ln. & Westchester Ave. – Harrison
Havana Central Railroad Co. NYC
Havemeyer Brothers & Co. – Brooklyn
Havemeyer Brothers & Co. Greenpoint
Havemeyer Sugar Refining Co. – Brooklyn
Havemeyers Elder Sugar Refinery Brooklyn
Haverstraw Co.
Hawkeye Plant Rochester
Hayes Ave Siding – Broome County – Eldicott
Hayes Ave. Siding Broome County Endicott
Hazel Towers
Heart’s Delight Farm – Chazy
Heat & Frost Insulators Local 4 Buffalo
Heat Research Corp. NYC
Heating & Burner Specialties
Heating & Contracting Co.
Heating Burner Specialties NYC
Heating Plant Crispell Warehouse Ithaca
Hebrew Infant Asylum – NYC
Hebrew Orphan Asylum – NYC
Hedden Construction Co.
Hegeman- Holland Farm NYC
Helderberg Cement Co. – Howes Cave
Hell Gate Generator Station – Bronx
Hellgate Powerhouse NYC
Helmsley Spear, Inc. – Queens
Hemenway Estate 35 Broadway –
Hempstead Apartment House – Hempstead
Henderson Johnson Co. – Syracuse
Hendricks Dormitory Syracuse University Syracuse
Henri Nestle – Fulton
Henrietta Association – Henrietta
Henrietta Association
Henry & Allen – Auburn
Henry Bonnard Bronze Co. – Mount Vernon
Henry Clay Coal Co. – Henry Clay
Henry Corn Building. – NYC
Henry Heide Candy Co. NYC
Henry J Davison – NYC
Henry L. Doherty Co. NYC
Henry R. Kent & Co. NYC
Henry R. Worthington – Brooklyn
Hepburn Hospital – Ogdensburg
Herald Square Hotel – NYC
Hercules Ciba Geigy Plant Glens Falls
Hercules Inc. Glen Falls
Hercules Packing Coalden
Hercules Plant – Middletown
Herkimer County Community College – Herkimer
Herkimer Fibre Co. – Herkimer
Herkimer Municipal Commission – Herkimer
Herly Manufacturing & Sales Corp.
Herly Mfg. Sales Corp. Yonkers
Hermance Cold Storage & Refrigeration Co. – Greenvale
Hermet Inc. Corona Queens
Hess Oil Chemical Corp. Roseton
Hess Oil Chemical Corp. Stoney Point
Hess Oil Co. Syracuse
Heuri Nestle – Fulton
Hewitt & Robbins Rubber Co. – Buffalo
Hewitt Robins, Inc. Hewitt Rubber Co. Buffalo
Hexagon Labs – Bronx
Hickling Power Station East Corning
Hickling Station – Corning
Hickling Station – Hickling Station
Hicks Johnson Co. – Garrison
Hicksville Office Building – Hicksville
Higbee Rubber Co. Co Syracuse
Highland Nursing Home – Maspeth
Highland Nursing Home – Massena
Highland School – Niagara Falls
Highland Training School – Highland
Hill Brothers Chemical Co.
Hillcrest Jewish Center – Jamaica
Hillside Coal & Iron Co. NYC
Hillside Homes – Bronx
Hilton Hotel – NYC
Hinckley Fibre Co. – Hinkley
Hind Harrison Plush Co. Clark Mills
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. – Buffalo
Hippodrome Theatre – NYC
Hittleman Brewing Co. – Brooklyn
Hittleman Brewing Co. – New York
HMW Liquidating Corp. NYC
Hoboken Land & Improvement Co. – Hoback
Hof Brau Haus – NYC
Hoffman House Addition NYC
Hofstra University – Hempstead
Hogansburg Massena
Holiday Inn – Troy
Holiday Park, Selden – Long Island
Holland Patent High School & Bus Garage
Holland Patent Junior High School & Bus Garage –
Holland Patent School Bus Garage Halland Patent
Hollingsworth & Vose Co. – Greenvale
Hollingsworth & Vose Mill – Greenwich
Holly Manufacturing Co. – Lockport
Holmes Coutts Biscuit Works NYC
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Home Club New York City – NYC
Home For Incurables – NYC
Homeopathic Hospital – Gowanda
Homer Anderson Peekskill
Homer Folks Tuberculosis Hospital Oneonta
Honeywell Heating
Honeywell International, Inc.
Hooke Electrochemical Co. Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical – Grand Island
Hooker Chemical & Plastics Corp. Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical Alkali Falls
Hooker Chemical Corp. Buffalo
Hooker Chemical Corp. Grand Island
Hooker Chemical Corp. Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical Corp. Tonawanda
Hooker Chemical Plant – Buffalo
Hooker Chemicals & Plastics Corp. – Niagara Falls
Hooker Electro Chemical Co. – Niagara Falls
Hooker Electrochemical Co. Niagara Falls
Hoole Manufacturing Co. NYC
Hoosick Falls Central School – Hoosick Falls
Hoosick Falls Illuminating Co. – Hoosick Falls
Hopewell Junction
Horn & Hardart Restaurant – Flushing
Horn & Hardhart Co. NYC
Horowitz Brothers – Long Island
Horseshoe Forestry Co. – Grass River
Horseshoe Forestry Co. Horse Shoe
Horseshoe Forestry Co. Maple Valley
Horseshoe Forestry Co. Wake Robin
Horstmann Lumber Co. – Schenectady
Horton Memorial Hospital Massena
Horton Memorial Hospital Middletown
Hospital For Joint Diseases – NYC
Hospital of The Good Shepherd Syracuse
Hot Oil Loop Building #7Waterford
Hotaling- Warner Co. Syracuse
Hotel Astor, Hunting Room
Hotel Barkley – NYC
Hotel Edicott NYC
Hotel Govenor Clinton
Hotel Iroquois – Buffalo
Hotel Martin – NYC
Hotel Martinique – NYC
Hotel Pierre – Manhattan
Hotel Pierre Pierre Grill – Manhattan
Hotel Renaissance – NYC
Hotel Seville – NYC
Hotel Waldorf – NYC
Hotel Winthrop – NYC
Houdaille Hydraulics – Buffalo
Houghton College, Dormitory Building – Houghton
House of The Good Shepherd Syracuse
Housing Developments – NY
Housing For the Aged Watertown
Housing For the Elderly – Ithica
Housing For the Elderly Ithaca
Howard Johnson Restaurant – Keuka Park
Howard Johnson Restaurant Kingston
Howard Stores Corp. – Brooklyn
Howards Childs NYC
Howe Lard Oil Co. – Brooklyn
Howe Sound Co.
Howell- HInchman Co. Middletown
Howe’s Cave. Lime & Cement
Howland Hook Container Co. – Staten Island
Hubbell O W Sons Inc. NYC
Huberth & Huberth
Hudson Avenue Generating Station Brooklyn
Hudson Avenue Powerhouse – Brooklyn
Hudson Avenue Station Brooklyn
Hudson Carpet – Bronx
Hudson Engineering & Contracting NYC
Hudson Engineering Co. NYC
Hudson Gas & Electric – Newburgh
Hudson Manufacturing Brooklyn
Hudson Plastering Co. – Buffalo
Hudson Pulp & Paper Corp. NYC
Hudson River Aniline Color Works – Albany
Hudson River Aniline Color Works Rensselaer
Hudson River Electric & Power Co. Glens Falls
Hudson River Electric & Power Co. Utica
Hudson River Mill – Corinth
Hudson River Pulp & Paper-Int. Paper Corinth
Hudson River State Hospital Poughkeepsie
Hudson- Tompkins Cove Plant Tomkins Cove
Hudson Valley Asbestos Co. – Albany
Hudson Valley College – Troy
Hudson Valley Fuel Corp. – Troy
Hudson Valley Lightweight Aggregate Corp. – Mount Marion
Hudson Valley Railroad Co. – Mechanicsville
Hudson View Gardens, Inc. New York City
Hudson Wire Co. Ossining
Hudson/Tompkins Cove Plant – Tompkins Cove
Hugh Kelly NYC
Hughes Trailer Manufacturing – Garden City
Hugo Kaines & Co. NYC
Hugo Neu Corp. NYC
Hugo Tollner Taaffe Place – Brooklyn
Human Resources Building 90- 75 NYC
Humphrey Gardens – Utica
Humphrey’s & Glasgow – Glasgow
Hunter College – NYC
Huntley Powerhouse – Buffalo
Huntley Powerhouse Station Tonawanda
Huntley Station – Buffalo
Huntley Station #1 & #2 Tonawanda
Huntley Station Buffalo
Huntley Station North 1 & 2 – Tonawanda
Huntley Station Power Plant Tonawanda
Huntley Steam Station – Tonawanda
Huntley Steam Station Tonawanda
Hutchinson High School – Buffalo
Huyck Corp. – Rensselaer
Huyck Felt Co. Division of Huyck Corp. Rensselaer
HY R Worthington – Brooklyn
Hyde Park Supply Natural Bridge
Hyde Plumbing Supply, Inc. – Maspeth
Hyde Plumbing Supply, Inc. – Massena
Hydraulic Dredge – Brewton
Hydraulic Power Co. – Niagara Falls
Hydro- Electric Plant Oswego
Hydro-Blast Corp. – Brooklyn
Hydro-Electric Plant – Oswego
Hygeia Refrigerating Co. – Ellenville
Hygeia Refrigerating Co. – Elmira
Hyman Drum & Barrel Co. – Buffalo
Hypersoncis Laboratory Niskayuna
I G E Prudential Line Pier – Brooklyn
I Shulman & Son Inc. Elmira
I. B. Kleinert Rubber Co. – College Point
I. S. 141 -The Steinway 37-11 21St Avenue – Long I. S. land
I. S. 143 – NYC
I. S. 180 – NYC
I. S. 22 – NYC
I. S. 263 – NYC
I. S. 293 – NYC
I. S. 61 Gladstone H. Atwell, Brooklyn
IBM – Overocker Road Site – Poughkeepsie
IBM Boilerhouse Endicott
IBM Building – Harrison
IBM Building Nbr 39 Endicott
IBM Component Div Phase 2 Facility East Fishkill
IBM Corp. 1701 North St. Endicott
IBM Corp. Albany
IBM Corp. Armonk
IBM Corp. Building 47- 2 Dept 020 Endicott
IBM Corp. Building 47- 2 Dept 461 Endicott
IBM Corp. Buildings 4 21 Endicott
IBM Corp. Buildings 5 9 Endicott
IBM Corp. Cafeteria Endicott
IBM Corp. Complex
IBM Corp. Dunkirk
IBM Corp. East Fishkill
IBM Corp. Endicott
IBM Corp. Fishkill
IBM Corp. Headquarters
IBM Corp. Homer
IBM Corp. Kingston
IBM Corp. Kitchewan
IBM Corp. Ossining
IBM Corp. Oswego
IBM Corp. Potsdam
IBM Corp. Poughkeepsie
IBM Corp. Rochester
IBM Corp. S.D.D. Laboratory – Glendale
IBM Corp. White Plains
IBM Corp. Yorktown
IBM Kingston Ny – Kingston
IBM Pavilion, New York World’s Fair
IBM Phase 2 Component Div. – Hopewell Junction
IBM Plant – Eldicott
Ichabod Crane Middle School – valatie
Ideal Hospital – Eldicott
Idlewild Airport
Idlewild Airport Braniff Northeast Northwest Queens
Idlewild Airport New Arrivals Building Jamaica
Illinois Railroad NYC
Illion High School – Illion
Imber Associated, Inc. NYC
Immaculate Conception Seminary – Huntington
Immaculate Virgin Mt Loretto Staten Island
Imperial Paper Co. – Glen Falls
Inber Associates NYC
Inco Lab Sloatsburg
Independence Houses – Brooklyn
Independent Engineering Co.
Independent Silk Dye Works – Farmingdale
India Rubber Co. – New Brunswick
Indial Point Nuclear Plant Buchanan
Indian Point Energy Center – Hudson
Indian Point Generating Station Buchanan
Indian Point Nuclear Station #1, 2, 3 Buchanan
Indian Refining Co. – Gardners Bay
Indiana & Michigan Electric Co.
Indoor Tennis Court – New Rochelle
Indoor Tennis Court, Cliff St. – New Rochelle
Industrial Development Foundation – Auburn
Industrial Holdings Corp.
Industrial Insulation Sales – Buffalo
Industrial Insulations Macedon
Industrial Oil & Soap Co. – Bombay
Industrial Pattern Works Syracuse
Industrial Piping – Niagara Falls
Industrial Supply Co. – Syracuse
Industrial Wrecking Co. Staten Island
Industrias De Alimentacao – Idal
Infirmary – Dairy Barn – Albany
Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp.
Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Co. NYC
Ingersoll-Rand Co. Painted Point
Inghams Co. Little Falls
Inland Distributors Co. – Buffalo
Inland Electric
Institute of Technology Building
Insulation Distributors, Inc. Buffalo
Insulation Distributors, Inc. Liverpool
Insulation Distributors, Inc. Syracuse
Inteborou Rapid Transit Co. – Queens
Interboro Rapid Transit Co. -Westchester Yard
Interborough Rapid Station Subway Powerhouse NYC
Interchemical Co. Buchanan
Interchurch Center – NYC
InterCommunity Hospital Newfane
Interior Conduit & Insulation Co. NYC
Intern’Tl. Curtis Marine Turbine Co. – NYC
International Airport – Central Tower – idlewild
International Bank Building – NYC
International Business Machines Corp. – Eldicott
International Business Machines Corp. Poughkeepsie
International Chimney Corp. Tonawanda
International Curtis Marine Turbine Co. – NYC
International Development Services NYC
International Film Service Co. NYC
International General Electric Co. – Schenectady
International Graphite & Electrode Division Niagara Falls
International Harvester Co. of New Jersey Auburn
International House of Pancakes IHOP
International Lace Manufacturing Co. – Gouverneur
International Milk Products Co. – Copperstown
International Minerals & Chemical Corp. – Niagara Falls
International Motor Co. NYC
International Nickel Co. Staten Island
International Nickel Co. Sterling Forest
International Nickel Co. Suffern
International Paper Co. Brooklyn
International Paper Co. Brownville
International Paper Co. Container Division Geneva
International Paper Co. Corinth
International Paper Co. Deer Park
International Paper Co. Deferiet
International Paper Co. Edward
International Paper Co. Fort Edward
International Paper Co. Geneva
International Paper Co. Glen Falls
International Paper Co. Hudson River Plant Corinth
International Paper Co. Millcorinth
International Paper Co. Niagara Falls
International Paper Co. NYC
International Paper Co. Oswego
International Paper Co. Painted Post
International Paper Co. Palmer
International Paper Co. Thompson
International Paper Co. Ticonderoga
International Paper Co. Tonawanda
International Paper Co. Turner Falls
International Paper Mill Corinth
International Paper Mill Fort Edward
International Paper Mill Niagara Falls
International Paper Paper Mill – Ticonderoga
International Railway Co. Buffalo
International Railway Niagara Falls
International Salt Co. Ludlowville
International Salt Co. Meyers
International Salt Co. Watkins Glen
International Steam Laundry Co. – Brooklyn
International Time Recording Co. Plant – Auburn
International Traction Co. – Buffalo
International Wire
Inverness Apartment House – NYC
Inwood Dairy Co. Inc. – Harrison
Iola Sanatorium & Infirmary Rochester
Iola Sanatorium Home & Infirmary Rochester
Iola Sanitorium Powerhouse Rochester
Ira Bushey Shipyard – Brooklyn
Ira S. Bushey & Sons – Brooklyn
Ironbridge Corp. NYC
Ironclad Manufacturing Co. – Brooklyn
Ironworkers Union – Local 580 – NYC
Ironworkers Union – Local 9 – Buffalo
Iroquios Distillery Randolph
Iroquois Hotel – Buffalo
Iroquois Portland Cement Co. Caledonia
Irving Hotel – NYC
Isaac G. Johnson & Co. Spuyten Duyvil
Island Paper Co. – Carthage
Island Park Powerhouse – island Park
Island Trees High School – Levittown
Island, Paper Co. Carthage
Islip Incinerator – Islip
Islip Incinerator Islip Long Island
Israel Discount Bank – NYC
Isthmian Lines – Brooklyn
Iterborough Rapid Transit Co. – NYC
Iterborough Subway Powerhouse NYC
Ithaca College Library Ithaca
Ithaca Organ & Piano Co. – Ithica
Ithaca Senior High School – Ithica
Ithaca Sun Co. – Ithica
J & G Fowler – NYC
J & G Hupfel Brewing Co. – NYC
J & J Rogers Co. – Auseble Forks
J & W Lyall Brighton Mills
J Aparicio & Co.
J Dougherty Building Supply Co. Tonawanda
J E Sawyer Co. Inc. Glens Falls
J F Swick Co. – Canajoharie
J. & G. Fowler NYC
J. & G. Hupfel Brewing Co. NYC
J. & J. Rogers Co. Au Sable Forks
J. & W. Lyall Brighton Mills NYC
J. A. Bostwick – Long Island
J. A. Ewing & McDonald, Inc. NYC
J. A. Freeman – Plattsburg
J. A. Kaplan & Sons – Yonkers
J. Aparicio & Co. NYC
J. B. & J. M. Cornell Co. NYC
J. B. King & Co. – New Brighton
J. B. Snook & Son NYC
J. B. Vicini & Co. NYC
J. C. Price Housing Project – Buffalo
J. Chr. G. Hupfel Brewing Co. NYC
J. E. & A. L. Pennock NYC
J. F. Kennedy International Airport – Queens
J. G. White & Co. NYC
J. G. White Engineering Corp. NYC
J. H. S. 120, 890 Cauldwell Avenue NYC
J. H. S. 167 Robert F. Wagner, 220 East 76Th Street NYC
J. H. S. 172 Irwin Altman, 81- 14 257 St. Floral Park
J. H. S. 217 Robert A. Van Wyck, 85- 05 144Th St. Jamaica
J. H. Williams & Co. Black Rock
J. H. Williams & Co. Tonawanda
J. H.S. 172 – Irwin Altman 81-14 257 Street – Floral Park
J. H.S. 217 – Robert A. Van Wyck – Jamaica
J. J. Kennedy – NYC
J. J. Matchett Co. – Brooklyn
J. J. Morse Co. – Syracuse
J. J. Rogers Co. – Au Sable Forks
J. L. Alberger & Son – Buffalo
J. L. Mott Iron Works – Mott Haven
J. L. Mott Iron Works NYC
J. Lewis Construction Colittle Falls
J. M. Ceballos & Co. NYC
J. M. Huber Corp. NYC
J. M. Jakiel Lumber Co Buffalo
J. M. Sorzano – NYC
J. Menendez & Bro NYC
J. N. Adam Co. – Buffalo
J. N. Adams Memorial Hospital Perrysburg
J. Oldham & Sons – Brooklyn
J. P. Elliott & Associates – Buffalo
J. P. Lewis Beaver Falls
J. P. Lewis Co. – Beaver Falls
J. P. Morgan Building – NYC
J. R. Wood & Sons – Brooklyn
J. S. Graham Machine Co. Rochester
J. S. Schlossberg Bronx
J. S. Spinney NYC
J. T. Robertson & Co. Syracuse
J. T. Stanley Co. NYC
J. T. Thorpe Inc.
J. W. Clement Co. – Buchanan
J. W. Clement Co. – Chatham
J. W. Clement Co. – Cheektowaga
Jabez Burns & Sons NYC
Jack Frost Sugar Refinery NYC
Jacob Dold Packing Co. – Buffalo
Jacob Ruppert Ice Plant NYC
Jacobi Hospital – Bronx
Jacobs Shipyard – Bronx
Jacob’s Shipyard – City island
Jacques Kahn Factory NYC
Jakobson Shipyard Inc. Long Island
Jamaica Bus Co. – Jamaica
Jamaica District Health Center – Jamaica
Jamaica Hospital – Jamaica
Jamaica Sewerage Disposal Plant – idlewild
Jamaica Sewerage Disposal Plant – Jamaica
Jamaica Water Supply Co. – Jamaica
Jamaica Water Supply Co. – Queens
Jameco Pumping Station – Jamaica
James B. Craven – NYC
James Dykeman – Brooklyn
James McCreery & Co. NYC
James McNider NYC
James River – Gouverneur
James Shewan & Sons, Inc. – Brooklyn
James Thompson & Co. NYC
Jamestown City Hall – Jamestown
Jamestown Community College – Jamestown
Jamestown Street Railway Co. – Jamestown
Jamestown Worsted Mills – Jamestown
Jas Beggs & Co. – Whitestone
Jas. H. Merritt & Co. Inc. NYC
Jay Levine NYC
JB & JM Cornell Co.
Je Sawyer & Co. Inc. – Glen Falls
Jefferson County Savings Bank – Watertown
Jefferson Terrace Housing Project – Rotterdam
Jefferson Terrace Housing Project – Saratoga Springs
Jennie F. Snapp School – Eldicott
Jennie Snapp School – Eldicott
Jennings & Park NYC
Jericho Office Center – Long Island
Jerome Avenue Pumping Station NYC
Jersey City Barrell Works – Brooklyn
Jersey City Hospital – Jersey City
Jervis Library – Rome
Jervis Public Library – Rome
Jewett White Lead Worksport Richmond
Jewish Blind Institute – NYC
Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital – Brooklyn
Jewish Hospital – Brooklyn
Jewish Memorial Hospital
Jewish Synagogue – Forest Hills
JFK Airport American Airlines Long Island
JFK Airport International Arrival Building
Jfk Airport-Twa Terminal – Jamaica
Jfk International Airport – Long Island
JFK International Airport – Queens
JFK International Utilities Plant Maint. Facilities Jamaica
Jh Williams Co. – Buffalo
JHS 101 Edward R. Byrne, 2750 Lafayette Avenue Bronx
JHS 123 James M. Keirnan, 1023 Morrison Avenue Bronx
JHS 125 Henry Hudson, 1111 Pugsley Avenue Bronx
JHS 13 Jackie Robinson, 1573 Madison Avenue NYC
JHS 143, 120 West 231st Street NYC
Jhs 190 Russell Sage 68-17 Austin Street – Forest Hills
JHS 198 Benjamin Cardozo, 365 Beach 56Th St. Rockaway
JHS 57 Whitelaw Reid, 125 Stuyvesant Ave. Brooklyn
JHS 67 Louis Pastuer 51-60 Marathon Parkway – Little Neck
Jim Ball Corp. – Staten Island
Jim May Pontiac Cortland
Jm Sales Corp. Mt Vernon
JNO N. Beckley Rochester
Joe Swick Insulation Delmar
John A. Scollay – Brooklyn
John Burroughs Junior High School Yonkers
John Crane Co.
John D. Locke – Whitestone
John Deere Co.
John Eichler Brewing Co. NYC
John Eisele Co. – Colonie
John F Kennedy International Airport – Queens
John F. Kennedy Airport – Long Island
John G. Huyler Huyler Co. – NYC
John H Shults Co. – Brooklyn
John Hankin & Brothers NYC
John Haynes Holmes Towers – NYC
John Jay High School, 237 7Th Avenue Brooklyn
John Johnson Elbra Paint & Color Works – Brooklyn
John Neal & Co. NYC
John O’Neil NYC
John Pettit NYC
John Purroy Mitchell Houses – Bronx
John S. Bush Westchester
John S. Huyler NYC
John Simmons Co. NYC
John Sore Insulation NYC
John T. Finn Co. NYC
John T. Stanley Co. NYC
John T. Williams NYC
John W. Cooper Co. – Buffalo
John W. Danforth Co. Buffalo
John W. Masury & Son – Brooklyn
John Wanamaker NYC
John Weekes & Son Co. – Watertown
John’s Hospital Queens
Johns Manville International – NYC
Johns-Manville Corp. Jamaica
Johns-Manville Sales Corp. Mt Vernon
Johnson & Morris NYC
Johnson City Water Works – Johnson City
Johnson Electrical Corp. Jamaica
Jonas & Naumburg NYC
Jonathan Williams Houses – Brooklyn
Jones & Laughlin – Buffalo
Jones Brothers – Brooklyn
Jones Laughlin Buffalo
Jones Laughlin Steel Star Lake
Jones Speedometer Plant – New Rochelle
Jos. Dixon Crucible Co. – Jersey City
Jose Menendez & Co. NYC
Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking
Joseph Davis, Inc. – Tonawanda
Joseph F Swick Insulation Co. Ravena
Joseph P. Noyes – Birmingham
Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co Brooklyn
Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. – Baldwinsville
Joseph Stern & Sons C
Joseph’s Hospital Queens
Josephs Seraphic Seminary Callicoon
Joshua Oldham & Sons – Brooklyn
Joyce R.R. Siding – Albany
JS Spinney
Julius Kayser Manufacturing Co. – Brooklyn
Junior High School – Manhattan
Junior High School 190 – Forest Hills
Junior High School 198 – Far Rockway
Junior High School 217 – Jamaica
Justice Building – Albany
Juvenile Asylum – Dobbs Ferry
K Beecher School Elmira
K Line – Brooklyn
K Mart – Buffalo
K- Mart Store, Northern Lights Mattydale
K. & G. Auto Parts – Brooklyn
Kaiser Aluminum
Kaiser Gypsum Co. Inc.
Kamargo Black River
Karg Brothers – Johnson City
Karg Brothers – Johnstown
Karp Theatre – Syracuse
Karr Ellis Co. NYC
Kason Hardware – Birmingham
Kaufman’s Bakery – Buffalo
Kavanaugh Knitting Co. – Waterford
Kay-Fries Chemical – Staten Island
Kay-Fries Chemical – Stony Point
Keasbey & Mattison Co
Keeler & Kimball Rochester
Keene Corp. – Buffalo
Keene Corp. – Leroy
Keene Corp. Dusing Hunt Divleroy
Keene Insulating Co. – Buffalo
Keil Charcoal Co. Inc. Dolgeville
Kellex Corp. NYC
Kellog M W NYC
Kellog Products Co. – Buffalo
Kellogg & Alexander Dey St NYC
Kellogg Co. NYC
Kelly Clothes Inc – Troy
Kelly Moore Paint Co.
Kemp & Burpee Manufacturing Co. Syracuse
Kenfield Housing Project – Buffalo
Kenmore Mercy Hospital – Buffalo
Kennedy International Airport Jamaica
Kennedy International Corp. NYC
Kennedy Schoolport Chester
Kennedy Valve Manufacturing Co. – Ellenville
Kensington Avenue Plant – Buffalo
Kent Avenue Generating Station Brooklyn
Kent Avenue Powerhouse – Brooklyn
Kent Building – Brooklyn
Kent Tile Co.
Kentile Factory Brooklyn
Kentile Floors Inc. – Brooklyn
Kentile Inc – Brooklyn
Kentucky Power Co. NYC
Kentucky Solvay Coke Co. Syracuse
KerBy-Saunders & Raisler Corp. NYC
Kernan School – Utica
Kerr Turbine Co. – Wellsville
Ketcham & McDougall – Brooklyn
Keuka College – Kearny
Keuka College – Keuka Park
Kevin Steel Co. West Haverstaw
Key International Manufacturing NYC
Keyhole Bar, Hotel – Montclair
Kill Powerhouse Solvay
Kimberly-Clark Corp. – Niagara Falls
Kimberly-Clark Corp. Staten Island
King Airflow, Inc. – Glendale
King Insulation Co. Inc. NYC
King Typographic Service
Kings County Electric Light Power Co. – Brooklyn
Kings County Hospital – Brooklyn
Kings County Hospital, Basic Science Building
Kings County Hospital, Clarkson Ave.
Kings County Hospital, Park Place Ave
Kings County Lighting Co. – Brooklyn
Kings Park Hospital Power Plant – Kings Park
Kings Park State Hospital – Kings Park
Kings Plaza Shopping Center
Kings Point Maritime Academy – Kings Point
Kings Street School Port Chester
Kingsboro Hygeia Ice Co. – Brooklyn
Kingsboro Psychiatric Control – Brooklyn
Kingsbridge House – NYC
Kingston Avenue Hospital – Brooklyn
Kingston Consolidated Railway Co. – Kingston
Kingston Electric Co. – Kingston
Kinser Construction Co. – Montezuma
Kips Bay Brewing Malting Co. NYC
Kirkman & Son – Brooklyn
Kleinhans Music Hall – Buffalo
Klein’s – Hempstead
Kling Furniture Factory – Mayville
K-Mart Buffalo
K-Mart Store, Northern Lights – Mattydale
Knapp St. Sewage Plant
Knickerbocker Bread Co. NYC
Knickerbocker Chocolate Co. NYC
Knickerbocker Hotel – NYC
Knickerbocker Ice Co. – E. River
Knickerbocker Marble Co. NYC
Knickerbocker Portland Cement Co. – Hudson
Knickerbocker Press New Rochelle
Knickerbocker Press NYC
Knight Paving Co. Syracuse
Knolls Atomic Power House – Niskayuna
Knolls Atomic Power Lab – Glen Falls
Knolls Atomic Power Lab Building E- 1 Schenectady
Knolls Atomic Power Lab Schenectady
Knolls Atomic Power Lab Warehouse Building M- 2 Schenectady
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory Niskayuna
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory Project West Milton
Knolls Nuclear Facility – Niagara Falls
Knorr- Bremse Watertown
Knowles Atomic Power Lab Phase 2 West Milton
Knowlton Brothers Paper – Watertown
Knox Hat Co. Inc. – Brooklyn
Kobackers Department Store – Buffalo
Kobacker’s Store – Buffalo
Kodak Park Works – Port Chester
Kodak Park Works Plattsville
Kodak Park Works Rochester
Koppel NYC
Koppers Co. Inc. – Tar Products Division – Utica
Kordite Division – Macedon
Korvettes Department Store
Kraft Cheese Plant – Canton
Kraft Food – South Edmenson
Kraft Foods Co. – Vestal
Kraft Foods Co. Lowville
Kraft Foods Co. Solvay
Kraft Foods Co. Walton
Kraft Foods Plant – Canton
Kraft Foods, Inc. Canastota
Kramer – Teachers College – Cortland
Kraus Nuclear Energy
Kroehler Manufacturing Co. – Birmingham
Kuehne Nagel Inc. NYC
Kuhn Loeb & Co. NYC
Kuhne Libby Co. NYC
Kunhardt & Co. NYC

Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

New York Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages 
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages 
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

New York Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

New York Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

 Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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