Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites C-G

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Ohio job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Ohio Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Ohio allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Ohio and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Ohio asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Quotes From Asbestos Executives About Their Workers

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.”1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis. “When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead?he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites C-G

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Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites H-M

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Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites S-Z

C & G Cooper Co. – Mt. Vernon
C & I Girdler Construction Co. Cincinnati
C. & G. Cooper Co. – Mt. Vernon
C. A. Litzler – Cleveland
C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. – Cleveland
C. C. C. & St. L. Railway Co. – Bellefontaine
C. C. C. & St. L. Railway Co. – Columbus
C. E. I. Ashtabula Station, Biannual Ashtabula
C. E. I. Willoughby
C. E. Sears & Co. – Circleville
C. G. Cooper & Co. Mt Vernon
C. G. Cooper Co. Mt Vernon
C. H. Heinricks Greenhouse – Columbia Station
C. H. Pipe Shop Youngstown
C. L. Gaugler Machine Co. – Kent
C. O. Henriksen – Columbiana
C. P. Hall Chemical – Akron
C. Schmidt & Sons Inc. – Cleveland
C. Schmidt Sons, Inc. Cleveland
C. T. Maine Construction, Inc. – Chillicothe
C. W. Booher, Inc. – Dayton
C. W. Raymond Co. – Dayton
CA Litzler Co. Inc. Cleveland
Cabot Corp. – Ashtabula
Cabot Corp. – Cleveland
Cabot Titania Corp. – Ashtabula
Cabot Titania Corp. Old Tickle Plant Ashtabula
Cabot Titanium – Ashtabula
Cadiz Power Station – Cadiz
Cahot Titania Corp. Ashtabula
Cal-Hio Chemical Plant – Cleveland
Calhio Chemicals, Inc. – Perry
Calhoun Residence Hall Plbg – Evendale
Cambria Clay Products Co. – Oak Hill
Cambria Lorain
Cambridge Brewing Co. – Cambridge
Cambridge Developmental Center – Claysville
Cambridge Glass Co. – Cambridge
Cambridge High School – Cambridge
Cambridge Mill Products – Malvern
Cambridge Schools – Cambridge
Cambridge State Hospital – Cambridge
Cambridge State Hospital – Canton
Cambridge Tile – Cincinnati
Cambridge Tile – Heartwell
Cambridge Works Cambridge
Camp & Thompson Cuyahoga Falls
Campbell – Cambridge
Campbell Soup Co. – Maumee
Campbell Soup Co. Cameron
Campbell Soup Co. V- 8 Plant Napoleon
Campbell Soup Plant – Napoleon
Campbell Works Storeroom #1 Youngstown
Campbell Works Youngstown
Can Co. Toledo
Canaan Coal Co. – Canaanville
Canadian Copper Co. – Cleveland
Canal Steam Station – Cleveland
Canal Street Garage – Cincinnati
Canale & Warner Roads – Cleveland
Candle Lite Homes – Columbus
Candle Lite Homes Lot 23 – Columbus
Canteen Candy Co. – Hamilton
Canton & Akron Railway Co. – New Berlin
Canton Airport – Canton
Canton Bearing Plant – Canton
Canton Bearing Plant – Colesville
Canton Brickyard – Canton
Canton Casting – Canton
Canton City Sewage Disposal Plant – Canton
Canton Courthouse – Canton
Canton Die – Canton
Canton Drop Forge – Colesville
Canton Drop Forge Plant No 1 Canton
Canton Drop Forging & Manufacturing Co. – Canton
Canton Electric Co. Canton
Canton Electric Light & Power Co. – Canton
Canton Forge & Axle Co. Canton
Canton Forge & Axle Works – Canton
Canton Forge Plant – Canton
Canton Harrison S. M. – Louisville
Canton High School – Canton
Canton Hughes Pump Co. – Canton
Canton Laundry & Cleaning Co. – Canton
Canton Light, Heat & Power Co. – Canton
Canton Malleable Iron Co. – Canton
Canton Saw Co. – Canton
Canton Schools – Canton
Canton Screen Plant – Canton
Canton Screen Plant, Truscon Division – Canton
Canton Sewage – Canton
Canton Steel Co. – Canton
Canton Steel Foundry Co. – Canton
Canton Storage Inc. Canton
Canton Water Pollution Control Center Canton
Canton, Malleable Iron Co. Canton
Capital City Products Co. – Columbus
Capital University – Columbus
Capitol Savings & Trust Co. – Columbus
Capitol Savings & Trust Co. S.A. Essmein – Columbus
Captain Arthur Roth Elementary – Cleveland
Car Dealership-Medina
Car Shop – Mingo Junction
Carbide & Carbon Riverview
Carbide Carbon Riverview
Carbo Tool & Die Fremont
Carbon Black – Belpre
Carbon Black – Marietta
Cardinal Generating Station Brilliant
Cardinal Industries Ins. Columbus
Cardinal Operating Co. – Brilliant
Cardinal Operating Co. Power Plant Units 1 2 Brilliant
Cardinal Power Plant – Brilliant
Cardinal Power Plant – Steubenville
Cardinal Power Plant Units 1 2 Brilliant
Cardinal Power Station – Brilliant
Cardinal Power Station – Marietta
Cardinal Power Station #3 Ohio Power – Brilliant
Cardinal Powerhouse – Brilliant
Cardinal-Tidd Powerhouse – Brilliant
Cardington Baptist Temple Cardington
Carew Building – Cincinnati
Carew Tower Building – Cincinnati
Carey Philip Co. Div Panac Lockland
Carey Philip Co. Lockland
Cargill, Inc. – Dayton
Cargill, Inc. Terry Dean Dayton
Carkins Department Store – Akron
Carl Meyer Corp. – Rocky River
Carl Strauss Construction – Martins Ferry
Carle Cincinnati – Steubenville
Carling Brewery – Cleveland
Carlisle Chemical Works – Reading
Carlson Electric Co. – Youngstown
Carlson Fabricating & Welding – Lorain
Carlyle Tile – Ironton
Carlyle Tile Factory – Cole Grove
Carnahan Tin Plate & Sheet Co. – Canton
Carnahan Tin Plate Works – Canton
Carnation Co. – Coshocton
Carnation Co. – Hillsboro
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. – Canton
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. – McDonald
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. – Youngstown
Carnegie Steel Co. Bellaire
Carnegie Steel Co. Cleveland
Carnegie Steel Co. Columbus
Carnegie Steel Co. Fairport Harbor
Carnegie Steel Co. McDonald
Carnegie Steel Co. Mingo Junction
Carnegie Steel Co. Youngstown
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. – Pittman
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. Pittsburgh
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. Youngstown
Carney Paper Co. – Maumee
Carpenters Union – Local 100 – Columbus
Carpenters Union – Local 212 – Cleveland
Carriage Hill Apartments – Athens
Carrier Corp. – Akron
Carroll Foundry & Machine Works – Bucyrus
Carroll University – University Hts
Carrollton Bowling Alley – Carrollton
Carrollton Pottery Co.
Carrolton Parchment Co. – Carrolton
Carrousel Shopping Center Reading Road Cincinnati
Carter Jones Lumber Co. – Akron
Carter Jones Lumber Co. Stow
Carter Lumber – Sunbury
Carthage Mills, Inc. – Cincinnati
Carthage Mills. Inc. – Cincinnati
Caruso Salvage Yard – Brilliant
Carvers Plumbing & Heating – Marietta
Case Crane & Kilbourne Jacobs Co. – Columbus
Case Institute Library & Humanity Cleveland
Case Institute of Technology Olin Building Cleveland
Case Western Reserve Science Center – Cleveland
Case Western Reserve University Buildings – Cleveland
Case Western Reserve University Mens Dorm Cleveland
Cash Sale – Cleveland
Cashway Lumber Co. Akron
Cashway Lumber Co. Austinburg
Cashway Lumber Co. Columbus Grove
Cashway Lumber Co. Dover
Cashway Lumber Co. Kent
Cashway Lumber Co. Lewisville
Cashway Lumber Co. Lisbon
Cashway Lumber Co. Mogadore
Cashway Lumber Co. Ontario
Cashway Lumber Co. Sandusky
Casper Foundry – Elyria
Castalia Cement Co. Castalia
Castalia Portland Cement Co. – Castalia
Castalloy – Brook Park
Castle Homes – Akron
Castle Lumber Co. – Canton
Castruction Co. – Boardman
Castruction Co. Youngs
Catalytic Construction Co. – Toledo
Catalytic inc. Piqua
Catalytic Inc. Plant – Toledo
Catalytic Inc. Pvc & Recovery Plant – Piqua
Catalytic Place-Newark
Catawba Apartments – Worthington
Catholic Hospital – Zanesville
Catholic School (120 & Union Ave) – Cleveland
Caxton Building Co. – Cleveland
Cdr Oscar CO.- Cleveland
Ce Glass Co. – Lancaster
Cecil Peck – Cleveland
Ceco – Martins Ferry
Cedar & Warrensville Center Md. – Cleveland
Cedar Apartments – Cleveland
Cedar Ave Powerhouse – Cleveland
Cedar Locust – Canton
Cedar Locust – Housing for Elderly – Canton
Cedar Road Apartments – Cleveland
Cedar School – Boiler Room – Canton
Cedar School – Canton
Cedarville Board of Education – Cedarville
Ceder Apartments – Cleveland
Cei – Ashtabula
Cei – Cleveland
Cei – Lake
Cei – Lorain
Cei Power Station – Avon Lake
Cei Power Station Lakeshore Plant – Cleveland
Cei Powerhouse – Cleveland
Celina Jr. High School – Celina
Celina Stearic Acid Co. – Celina
Celotex Corp. – Cleveland
Celotex Corp. – Lockland
Celotex Corp. Fort Clinton
Celotex Corp. Lockland
Cement Plant – Ironton
Cement Products Toledo
Center Of Cuyahoga County – Chesterland
Centerior Energy Corp. – Ashtabula
Centra Baptist Church – Portsmouth
Centra Sales Co. – Cleveland
Central Alloy Canton – Canton
Central Alloy Steel Corp. – Canton
Central Aluminum – Columbus
Central Ave Shops – Toledo
Central Baptist Church – Portsmouth
Central Branch – Dayton
Central Branch National Home For DVS. Dayton
Central Brass – Cleveland
Central Catholic High School – Boiler Room – Canton
Central Catholic High School – Canton
Central Concrete Supply – Lima
Central Drywall – Columbus
Central Foundries Division GMC Defiance
Central Furnace Co. Cleveland
Central Furnace Co. Massillon
Central Heating Co. – Toledo
Central High School – Columbus
Central Machine Shop – Cadiz
Central Market St. Railway Co. – Columbus
Central Market Street Railway Co. – Columbus
Central National Bank – Cleveland
Central Ohio Coal – Cumberland
Central Ohio Coal – Hannibal
Central Ohio Light & Power Co. – Bluffton
Central Ohio Transit Authority Cota Bus – Columbus
Central Sales Co. Cleveland
Central Sewer Supply Co. – Steubenville
Central Silica Co. – Glassrock
Central Silica Co. = Zanesville
Central Steel Co. – Massillon
Central Supply Plumbing – Woodlawn
Central Thomson Houston Co. – Cincinnati
Central Trust – Cafeteria – Cincinnati
Central Union Depot & Railway Co. – Cincinnati
Central Union Telephone Building – Columbus
Centre Foundry – Warwood
Centria, Inc. – Cambridge
Centrifugal Castings – Ravenna
Century Die – Fremont
Century Industries – New Waterford
Ceramic Tile – Sparta
Cerro Copper & Brass Co. – Cleveland
Certainteed Glass – Athens
Certified Alloys – Cleveland
Certified Alloys – Maple Heights
Certified Credit – Columbus
Certified Maple Heights
Cesco Plant Crooksville
Chabot Petroleum – Portsmouth
Chafer & Becher – Cleveland
Champaign Machine & Forging Co. – Cleveland
Champion Bar & Knife Co. – Springfield
Champion Co. Cambridge
Champion Coated Paper Co. Hamilton
Champion International Corp. – Hamilton
Champion International Paper Mill – Hamilton
Champion Machine & Forging Co. – Cleveland
Champion Paper & Fiber Co. – Hamilton
Champion Paper CO. – Chillicothe
Champion Paper Co. – Cincinnati
Champion Paper Co. Hamilton
Champion Paper Fiber Co. Pipe Shop Hamilton
Champion Paper Hamilton
Champion Paper Mill – Hamilton
Champion Paper St. Regis – Franklin
Champion Paper, Inc. – Orwell
Champion Service Corp. – Cleveland
Champion Spark Plug Co. – Toledo
Champion Steel Co. Orwell
Champion Works – Springfield
Champlain – Cleveland
Champlain Street Plant – Toledo
Chandler Price Co. – Cleveland
Chapin & Chapin-Hillsboro
Charles Boldt Co. – Cincinnati
Charles Dickens Elementary – Cleveland
Charles F. Ketterling Memorial – Dayton
Charles G. Hartje Brothers Paper Co. Toronto
Charles Hoffman Co. – Mansfield
Charles Lake Elementary – Cleveland
Charles Mooney Jr. High School – Cleveland
Charles Murphy, General Contractor – Coal Grove
Charles Pfizer & Co. Inc. – Gibsonburg
Charles Pfizer & Co. Inc.
Charles Pfizer Co. Inc. Gibsonburg
Charles Sucher Packing Co. – Dayton
Charles Taylor Sons Cincinnati
Chas Boldt Co. – Cincinnati
Chase Brass & Copper – Cleveland
Chase Brass & Copper Co. – Cleveland
Chase Brass Copper Co. Euclid
Chase Brass Copper Co. Inc. Cleveland
Chase Kopper & Brass – Euclid
Chatfield Manufacturing Co. – Carthage
Chattanooga Glass Co. – Mt. Vernon
Chavies Elementary School – Cleveland
Chemical Abstract Building – Columbus
Chemical Materials – Cleveland
Chemical Plant Columbus
Chemical Plant Experimental Plant Avon Lake
Chemical Plant Painesville
Chemical Plastics Division
Chemical Products Co. – Reading
Chemical Products Division Ashtabula
Chemical Products Plant – Cleveland
Chemical Products Works – Cleveland
Chemical Rubber Co. – Cleveland
Chemidyne Corp. – Macedonia
Cheney Pulp & Paper Co. – Franklin
Cherry Valley Iron Works – Leetonia
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad – Hamilton
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Co. Summit
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Co. Toledo
Chesapeake Paper Co. – Point
Cheshire Power Station – Cheshire
Chestnut St. Power Plant – St. Mary’s
Chet Baker & Co. – Columbus
Chevrolet Division of General Motors Co. – Norwalk
Chevrolet Motor Div Gmc – Toledo
Chevrolet Motor Division – Parma
Chevrolet Motor Plant – Brook Park
Chevrolet Motors Cleveland
Chevrolet Plant – Toledo
Chevrolet Plant Brooks Park Stump Road Cleveland
Chevrolet Plant Parma
Chevrolet Transmission Plant Toledo
Chevrolet, Division Of General Motors Corp. – Lordstown
Chevrolet, Division of General Motors Corp. – Norwood
Chevron – #61 & #62 & #63 – Cincinnati
Chevron Asphalt Co. – Belpre
Chevron Asphalt Co. – Bend
Chevron Asphalt Co. Cincinnati
Chevron Asphalt Co. Cleves
Chevron Asphalt Co. Columbus Park
Chevron Co. – Cincinnati
Chevron Co. – Marietta
Chevron Oil Refinery – Miami
Chevron Oil Refinery Miami
Chevron USA Inc. – Hooven
Chevy – Cleveland
Chevy Plant-General Motors – Cleveland
Chicago & Toledo Railway Co. Toledo
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. – Lima
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. Belpre
Chicago Junction – OH
Chicago, Indiana & Southern Railroad Co. – Cleveland
Childers Products – Cleveland
Children’s Home – Akron
Children’s Home – Cincinnati
Children’s Hospital – Akron
Childrens Hospital Heating Plant Cincinnati
Children’s Mental Hospital – Hamilton
Chilliclothe Mills Rec Area – Chillicothe
Chillico High School – Chillicothe
Chillicothe Boiler #7 – Chillicothe
Chillicothe High School – Chillicothe
Chillicothe Mills Rec Area #1 Chillicothe
Chillicothe Paper Co. Chillicothe, Ross County
Chillicothe Papermill – Chillicothe
Chillicothe Tire & Rubber Co. – Chillicothe
Chittenden Hotel – Columbus
Christ Hospital – Cincinnati
Christ Hospital Evendale
Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. – Cincinnati
Chrome Alloy Bucyrus
Chrysler Assembly Plant – Dayton
Chrysler Auto Plant – Perrysburg
Chrysler Bowling Green
Chrysler Corp. Airtemp Division Dayton
Chrysler Corp. Bowling Green
Chrysler Corp. Dayton
Chrysler Corp. Fostoria
Chrysler Corp. Jeep Division – Toledo
Chrysler Corp. Perrysburg
Chrysler Corp. Toledo
Chrysler Corp. Twinsburg
Chrysler Dodge Dealership – Lowell
Chrysler Motor Corp. Assembly Plant – Toledo
Chrysler Stamping Plant – Twinsburg
Church – Cleveland Heights
Church – Cleveland
Church – Marietta
Church (Public Square) – Cleveland
Church (Route 8) – Bedford
Church (W 14Th Street) – Cleveland
Church of Christ – Belpre
Church Of Christ Scientist – Cleveland
Church of God – Brookside
Church of God – Mansfield
Church of Latter-Day Saints – Athens
Church Public Square – Cleveland
Church Route 8 – Bedford
Church W. 14Th Street – Cleveland
Church-Garfield Heights
Cincinnati & Columbus Traction Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati & Eastern Electric Railway Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati & Hamilton E.L. Railway – Middletown
Cincinnati & Hamilton Electric Street Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cincinnati & Newport Railway Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati & Suburban Bell Telephone Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Abbatoir Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Bell – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Bell Telephone – Batavia
Cincinnati Bell Telephone – Milford
Cincinnati Brewing Co. – Hamilton
Cincinnati Bulk Mail – Sharonville
Cincinnati Car Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Chemical Co. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Chemical Works – Norwalk
Cincinnati Chemical Works St. Bernard
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & Medical Center – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Cleaning Finishing Machine Co. – Ironton
Cincinnati Club – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Coffin Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Convention Center – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Corrugating Co. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Country Club Grandin Road Cincinnati
Cincinnati Department Of Public Works – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Drum – Evendale
Cincinnati Edison Electric Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Electronics – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Enquirer Building – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Finishing Machine Co. – Ironton
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. – Dayton
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Aberdeen
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Avon Lake
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Beckjord Station Co. Richmond
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Bend
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Columbia Park
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Columbus Park
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Compressor Bldg. Co. Monroe
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Dayton Power & Light Co. – Miami Fort
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Front Plant Co. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Miami Fort Columbia Park
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Miami Fort Plant Co. Cleves
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Monroe
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Moscow
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Power Plant Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Rose Plant Co. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. Walter Beckjord Richmond
Cincinnati Gas Electric Headquarters 14Th Floor Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gas Electric Station – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gasket – Cincinnati
Cincinnati General Hospital – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Gymnasium – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Ice Machine Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Ice Manufacturing & Cold Storage Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Inc. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Industries Inc. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Machine – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Machine Unova – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Masonic Temple Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Milacron – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Milacron Fly Ash Collector Cincinnati
Cincinnati Milacron Inc. – Batavia
Cincinnati Milacron Inc. Wilmington
Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. – Batavia
Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. Lebanon
Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. Wilmington
Cincinnati Municipal Airport – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Music Hall Association – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Northern Traction Co. – Hamilton
Cincinnati Post Office – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Power & Light Beckjord Station – Richmond
Cincinnati Refinery – Cleves
Cincinnati Refinery Gulf Tank #61-63 Cleves
Cincinnati Refinery Gulf Tanks #9 #202 Cleves
Cincinnati Rubber Co. Manufacturing Co. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Rubber Co. Manufacturing Co. Norwood
Cincinnati Rubber Manufacturing Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Savings Curtain Wall – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Soap Co. – Dayton
Cincinnati Specialties – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Street Railway Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Suede – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Terminal Warehouse Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Traction Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Traction Co. – Pendleton Station Cincinnati
Cincinnati U. S Post Office Cincinnati
Cincinnati Union Terminal Co. – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Water Works Department – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Water Works Kellogg Avenue Cincinnati
Cincinnati Workhouse – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Workhouse – Lamping
Cincinnati Workhouse Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth Railroad – Olive Branch
Cincinnati, Milford & Loveland Traction Co. – Milford
Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway – Cincinnati
Cinergy Generating Station – Miami Fort
Circleville High School – Circleville
Circleville Iron & Metal – Circleville
Circleville Light & Power Co. Circleville
Circleville Mylar Facilities – Circleville
Circleville Plant Al Russkow – Circleville
Circuit City – Mentor
Citco – Chardon
Citigroup, Inc. Waterville
Citizens Bank – Marietta
Citizens Electric Railway Light & Power Co. – Mansfield
Citizens Electric Street Railway, Light & Power Co. – Mansfield
Citizens Light & Heating Co. – Toledo
Citizens Lighting & Heating Co. – Toledo
City & Suburban Telegraph Association – Cincinnati
City Asbestos Co. – Cleveland
City Auto Stamping Co. Inc. – Toledo
City Auto Stamping Plant – Toledo
City Building – Martins Ferry
City Building – Tiltonsville
City Buildings – Marietta
City Hall Athens
City Hall Cincinnati
City Hall Highland Heights
City Hall Lyndhurst
City Hall Marietta
City Hall Mayfield
City Hall Mayfield
City Hall Rocky River
City Hall Valley View
City Hall Valley View
City Heat & Light Co. – Fostoria
City Hospital – Cleveland
City Hospital of Akron – Akron
City Ice Delivery Co. – Cumminsville
City Light & Power Co. – Palestine
City Martins Ferry
City Power Plant – Hamilton
City Railway Co. – Dayton
City Schools – Massillon
City Service Garage – Parma Heights
City Tiltonsville
City Water Department Alliance
City Water Department Fostoria
City Water Department Lorain
City Water Department Newark
Civic Arena – Steubenville
Civil Aeronautic Administration – Oberlin
Clark & Greater Cleve Garden Center – Cleveland
Clark & J&L Steel – Cleveland
Clark Asbestos Co. – Cleveland
Clark Asbestos Co. – Lorain
Clark Asbestos Co. – Oberlin
Clark Equipment Co. – Cleveland
Clark Equipment Co. – Lima
Clark Grabal – Columbus
Clark Grave Vault Co. – Columbus
Clark Greater Cleve Garden Center Cleveland
Clark J & l Steel Cleveland
Clark Oil Co. – Lima
Clark Refining & Marketing, Inc. Lima
Clark Refining Ohio – Lima
Clark Restaurant – Youngstown
Clark Wire – Ironton
Clarkins Department Store Youngstown
Clarks Texaco Service – Toronto
Clay City Plant – Uhrichsville
Clay Craft – Upper Sandusky
Clay Local School – Portsmouth
Clay Mill Works Scioto Furnace
Cleaner & Hanger – Massillon
Cleaver Brooks – Sunbury
Clermont Co. Consol. School Clough Pike Amelia
Clermont Local School District – Amelia
Clete Thorne Texaco – Toledo
Clev. Welding & Manufacturing Co. – Cleveland
Cleve Bearing Prod – Cleveland
Cleve Cap Screw Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland – Ridge Road Incinerator – Cleveland
Cleveland – Southerly Sewage Disposal Plant – Cleveland
Cleveland & Elyria Electric Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland & Painesville Electric Railroad – Painesville
Cleveland & S.W. Railway Co. – Norwalk
Cleveland & Sandusky Brewing Corp. – Cleveland
Cleveland & Southwestern Railway Co. – Norwalk
Cleveland & Southwestern Tractor Co. – Elyria
Cleveland & Western Tractor Co. – Elyria
Cleveland Ade Manufacturing Co. – Carlton
Cleveland Aircraft – Avon
Cleveland Akron Bag Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Alloy – Berea
Cleveland Aluminum Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Arcade Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Armature – Cleveland
Cleveland Automobile Co. Cleveland
Cleveland Ave. – Rayland
Cleveland Axle Manufacturing Co. – Canton
Cleveland Bakery – Cleveland
Cleveland Bearing Prod Cleveland
Cleveland Berea Elyria & Oberlin Railway – Cleveland
Cleveland Board of Education – Cleveland
Cleveland Board of Education – Highland Heights
Cleveland Board of Public Service – Cleveland
Cleveland Boys Farm – Hudson
Cleveland Builders Supply Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Cap Screw Co. Cleveland
Cleveland Castings – Kinsman
Cleveland Caterpillar – Cleveland
Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago & St Louis Railway Co. – Sharonville
Cleveland City Cable Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland City Forge & Iron Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland City Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland City Incinerator – Cleveland
Cleveland City Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Powerhouse Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Main Penthouse Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic Hospital Wing Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic New Wing Cleveland
Cleveland Community College – Cleveland
Cleveland Construction – Columbus
Cleveland Corrugated Box – Cleveland
Cleveland Crane & Engineering – Akron
Cleveland Crane & Engineering Co. – Wickliffe
Cleveland Dept. Of Public Utilities, Div. Light & Power – Cleveland
Cleveland Dept. of Public Utilities, Div. Light & Power
Cleveland Diesel Engine – Cleveland
Cleveland Diesel Engine Division of GMC – Cleveland
Cleveland Diesel Engineering Works, General Motors Cleveland
Cleveland Div Ave Pumping Station – Cleveland
Cleveland Division Cleveland
Cleveland Drywall Cleveland
Cleveland Electric & Illuminating Plants – Avon Lake
Cleveland Electric Co. – Avon Lake
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Canal Rd Plant Cleveland
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Clarkwood Ave Cleveland
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. – Ashtabula Harbor
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Ashland
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Ashtabula Harbor
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Ashtabula
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Avon Lake
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Cleveland
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Independence
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Lake Shore Cleveland
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Lake
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Perry
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Willoughby
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Lake Station Lake
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Plant Miles Cleveland
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Power Plant Ashtabula
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Power Plant Avon Lake
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Power Plant Lake
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Station Avon Lake
Cleveland Electric Illumination Plant – Cleveland
Cleveland Electric Light Co. Cleveland
Cleveland Electric Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Electro Alloys – Cleveland
Cleveland Electro Metals – Cleveland
Cleveland Electrometals – Cleveland
Cleveland Elyria & Western Railway – Elyria
Cleveland Elyria Electric Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Elyria Electric Railway Co. Rockport
Cleveland Energy Resource – Cleveland
Cleveland Faucet Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Filtrahes Center – Cleveland
Cleveland Fire Department – Cleveland
Cleveland Foundry Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Frog & Crossing Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Frog & Crossing Co. – Newburg
Cleveland Furnace Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland General Electric Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland General Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland Grain Co. – Mansfield
Cleveland Graphite – Cleveland
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Co. – Caldwell
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Plant – Caldwell
Cleveland Hardware Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Heights Baptist Church – Cleveland
Cleveland Heights High School – Cleveland
Cleveland Heights Water Department – Cleveland
Cleveland Hippodrome Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Hopkins Airport – Cleveland
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport – Cleveland
Cleveland Hydraulic Co. – Bedford Heights
Cleveland Ice & Refrigerating Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Illuminating Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Illuminating Power Station – Cleveland
Cleveland Illuminators Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Lake Road Generating Station – Cleveland
Cleveland Lake Road Generating Station Cleveland
Cleveland Laundry Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Mastic & Dye Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Medical Center – Cleveland
Cleveland Mental Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland Metal Abrasive – Cleveland
Cleveland Metal Products Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Metro General Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland Metro Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority – Cleveland
Cleveland Milling Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Mine – Cleveland
Cleveland Municipal Light Plant – Cleveland
Cleveland Municipal Light Plant Cleveland
Cleveland Museum of Art – Cleveland
Cleveland Nail (79Th & Havard) – Cleveland
Cleveland Oak Belt – Cleveland
Cleveland Painesville & Eastern Railroad Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Painesville & Eastern Railway – Willoughby
Cleveland Painesville & Eastern Traction Co. – Painesville
Cleveland Panumatic Tool – Cleveland
Cleveland Plain Dealer – Cleveland
Cleveland Pneumatic Cleveland
Cleveland Pneumatic Tool – Cleveland
Cleveland Precision – Cleveland
Cleveland Precision Euclid
Cleveland Press – Cleveland
Cleveland Provision Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Public Library – Cleveland
Cleveland Quarries Co. – Amherst
Cleveland Quarries, Inc. – Amherst
Cleveland Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Railway Co. Viaduct Powerhouse Cleveland
Cleveland Rapid Transit – Cleveland
Cleveland Regional Sewer District – Cuyahoga Heights
Cleveland Regional Treatment Center – Cleveland
Cleveland Rubber Co. Corp. Cleveland
Cleveland Rubber Corp. Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Sandusky Brewing Corp. Cleveland
Cleveland School District – Cleveland
Cleveland School Of Arts – Cleveland
Cleveland Shipbuilding – Lorain
Cleveland Shopping News Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Side Market – Cleveland
Cleveland Southerly Sewage Disposal Plant
Cleveland Southwestern & Columbus Railway Co. – Elyria
Cleveland Southwestern & Columbus Ty Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Stadium – Cleveland
Cleveland Stamping & Tool Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland State Hospital – Cleveland
Cleveland State University – Cleveland
Cleveland State University Classroom Cleveland
Cleveland Stevedore Co. – Huran
Cleveland Stone Co. – North Amherst
Cleveland Thermal Energy – Cleveland
Cleveland Tranist Drill Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Trust Bank – Cleveland
Cleveland Trust Bank – Pepper Pike
Cleveland Trust Co. Building – Cleveland
Cleveland Twist Drill – Parma – Cleveland
Cleveland Twist Drill Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Union Terminals – Cleveland
Cleveland Water Condition – Cleveland
Cleveland Water Works – Cleveland
Cleveland Water Works, Pumping Station Cleveland
Cleveland Welding & Manufacturing Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Wire & Spring Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Wire Plant – Cleveland
Cleveland Wire Spring Co. Cleveland
Cleveland Works – Cleveland
Cleveland Works Station 8 Cleveland
Cleveland Works Station Pipe Shop Cleveland
Cleveland Worsted Mills Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland Worsted Mills Co. Newburg
Cleveland Worster Mills Co. – Ravenna
Cleveland Wrecking Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland, Berea, Elyria & Oberlin Railway Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland, Berea, Elyria & Oberlin Railway Co. Elyria
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway – Bellefontaine
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Co. Columbus
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Co. Lindale
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Co. Sharonville
Cleveland, Department of Public Utilities, Div Light & Power – Cleveland
Cleveland, Elyria & Western Railway – Elyria
Cleveland, Painesville & Ashtabula Railroad Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern Railroad Co. – Cleveland
Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern Railroad Co. – Willoughby
Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern Traction Co. – Painesville
Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Railway Co. Cleveland
Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Railway Co. Elyria
Cleveland-Metro Hospital – Cleveland
Clevelite Ball Bearings – Lansing
Clevite Co. McConnelsville
Clevite Corp. – Bedford
Clevite Engine – Cleveland
Clevite Harris Products – Milan
Clevite Research Center – Cleveland
Climax Tire & Rubber Co. – Delaware
Clinton County Air Force Base – Wilmington
Clinton Power Plant – Clinton
Clopay Building – Cincinnati
Clopay Corp. Cincinnati
Clover Leaf Speedway Cleveland
Cloverland Dairy – Flushing
Cloverland Dairy Flushing
Cloverleaf High School – Canton
Cloverleaf School – Canton
Cloverleaf Speedway Cleveland
Clow Corp. – Coshocton
Club Monarch – Cleveland
Club Products – Cleveland
Clyde Porcelain Steel Corp. – Clyde
Clyffside Brewing Co. – Cincinnati
Cm Products Co.-Dayton
Cmaj Project – Cleveland
Cng Gas – Toledo
Coalburg Garage – Hubbard
Coast Guard Station – Marblehead
Coating Mill Middletown
Coca Cola Bottling Co. – Cincinnati
Coca Cola Bottling Works Co. – Cincinnati
Coca Cola Plant – Akron
Coca Cola Plant – Solon
Coca-Cola – Steubenville
Cochran & Cochran Parts (Cochran Motors) – Steubenville
Cochran Motors – Steubenville
Coe Manufacturing. – Painesville
Cognis Corp. – Cincinnati
Coit Road Plant – Cleveland
Coke Oven – Fairport
Coke Plant – Youngstown
Coke Plant Youngstown
Coke Works Cleveland Newburgh
Col Warehouse Columbus
Cold Iron Plumbing – Columbus
Cold Metal Products – Youngstown
Cold Metal Products Youngstown
Cold Storage
Cold Warehouse Columbus
Colegate- Palmolive – Byesville
Cole-Layer Trumble Co. – Dayton
Coleman Trucking, Inc.
Colerain & Springdale
Colgan Properties, Inc. Sylvania
Colin Gardner Paper Co. – Middletown
Collective Contract – Cincinnati
College Library – Steubenville
College Of Jewish Studies – Beachwood
College Of Mt. St. Joseph Buildings – Cincinnati
College Of Wooster – Wooster
Collinwood High School – Cleveland
Colonial Refining Chemicals – Cleveland
Colonial Salt Co. – Akron
Colonial Terrace Apartments Middletown
Colony Builders – Canton
Colston Optical of MD Cleveland
Colton Chemical – Toledo
Columbia & Southern Ohio Electric Co.
Columbia & Southern Power Plant – Consville
Columbia Axle Co. – Cleveland
Columbia Cement Corp. Fultonham
Columbia Cement Corp. Zanesville
Columbia Chemical – Fultonham
Columbia Chemical – Ironton
Columbia Chemical Division Barberton
Columbia Chemical Ironton
Columbia Gas & Electric Miami Fort Ps – Cincinnati
Columbia Gas Electric Miami Fort – Cincinnati
Columbia Gas Systems – Green Springs
Columbia Gas Systems Columbia
Columbia Gas Systems Green Springs
Columbia H. C. A. Healthcare Canton
Columbia Hca Healthcare – Canton
Columbia Hills Golf Course – Cleveland
Columbia Ice Co. – Cleveland
Columbia Lng. Inc. – Green Springs
Columbia Park Station – Cincinnati
Columbia Park Station
Columbia Power Co. – Cincinnati
Columbia Power Plant – Columbia Park
Columbia Power Station – Bend
Columbia Southern – Canton
Columbia Southern Cement – Barberton
Columbia Southern Chemical Corp. – Barberton
Columbia Southern Personal Building – Canton
Columbia Tire & Rubber Co. – Columbiana
Columbia Township – OH
Columbian Storage Plant – Columbian Storage – Beloit
Columbiana Compressor Station Beloit
Columbiana Iron & Metal – Girard
Columbiana Iron Metal – Girard
Columbiana Southern Church – Columbiana
Columbus – Gas Turbine Station – Columbus
Columbus & Iron & Steel Co. – Columbus
Columbus & Southern Electric – Aberdeen
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric – Athens
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric (Picway Station) – Lockbourne
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric (Poston Station) – Athens
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co. – Columbus
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co. Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co. Graveport
Columbus Aircraft Div. – Columbus
Columbus Aircraft Division. Columbus
Columbus Army Depot – Columbus
Columbus Bolt Works – Columbus
Columbus Buggy Co. – Columbus
Columbus Center Building – Columbus
Columbus Central Railway Co. – Columbus
Columbus Coal Co. – Mansfield
Columbus Coated Fabrics – Columbus
Columbus Consolidated Street Railroad Co. – Columbus
Columbus Correctional Facility – Columbus
Columbus Delaware & Marion Electric Co. – Marion
Columbus Dispatch Building – Columbus
Columbus Edison Electric Light Co. – Columbus
Columbus Electric Light & Power Co. – Columbus
Columbus Electric Railway Co. – Columbus
Columbus Electric Street Railway Co. – Columbus
Columbus Electric Street Railway Co.
Columbus General Depot – Columbus
Columbus Iron & Steel Co. – Columbus
Columbus London & Springfield Street Railway Co. – Midway
Columbus Metrol Housing Auth – Columbus
Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority – Columbus
Columbus Oil Cloth Co. – Columbus
Columbus Packing Co. – Columbus
Columbus Porcelain Co. – Columbus
Columbus Power & Light – Columbus
Columbus Public Service Co. – Columbus
Columbus Py Power & Light Co. – Columbus
Columbus Py Power Light Co. Walnut Station
Columbus Railway & Light Co. – Columbus
Columbus Railway Co. – Columbus
Columbus Railway Power & Light Co. – Columbus
Columbus Railway Power & Light Co. Groveport
Columbus Savings & Trust Co. – Columbus
Columbus School For the Deaf – Columbus
Columbus Sewage Pumping Station – Columbus
Columbus Shops – Columbus
Columbus Show Case Co. – Columbus
Columbus Southern & Ohio Electric
Columbus Southern Electric Co. – Columbus
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric – Picway Station Columbus
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric – Picway Station Lockbourne
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric – Poston Station Athens
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric Co. Cincinnati
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric Co. Columbia
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric Co. Conesville
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric Co. Groveport
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric Co. Lockburne
Columbus Southern Ohio Electric Columbus
Columbus Southern Power – Consville
Columbus St. School – Columbus
Columbus State Hospital – Columbus
Columbus State Institute – Columbus
Columbus Steam & Furnace Coal Co. – Broadwell
Columbus Steam Plant – Columbus
Columbus Steel Co. – Columbus
Columbus Stove – Columbus
Columbus Street Railway Co. – Columbus
Columbus Street School – Columbus
Columbus Union Oil Cloth Co. – Columbus
Columbus Warehouse – Columbus
Columbus Woolen Manufacturing Co. – Columbus
Columbus, Buckeye, Lake & Newark Traction Co. – Hebron
Columbus, Municipal Electric Plant – Columbus
Combined Normal & Industrial Department – Wilberforce
Combustion Engineering Miamisburg Oh – Miamisburg
Comm Bookbinding Co. – Cleveland
Commercial & Residential Jobs – Columbus
Commercial Bookbinding Co. – Cleveland
Commercial Forging Co. – Cleveland
Commercial Forgings – Cleveland
Commercial Insulation Co. – Youngstown
Commercial Insulation Co. Youngstown
Commercial Intertech & Shearing – Warren
Commercial Intertech Corp. – Youngstown
Commercial Intertech Shearing Warren
Commercial Intertech Shearing Youngstown
Commercial Jobsites – Cleveland
Commercial Milling Co. – Cleveland
Commercial Motor Freight – Cleveland
Commercial Piping – Youngstown
Commercial Shearing – Commercial Interech), – Youngstown –
Commercial Shearing & Stamping Co. – Youngstown
Commercial Shearing Stamping Co. Youngstown
Commercial Shearing Youngstown
Commodore Perry Hotel – Toledo
Commonwealth & Southern Corp. – Toronto
Commonwealth & Southern Corp. Toronto
Community College – Parma
Community College – York
Compco Metal Products – Youngstown
Complete Insulation Co. – Dayton
Complete Insulation Service Inc. – Dayton
Complete Insulation Service Inc. Dayton
Composite Medi-Facility – Fairborn
Composite Medi-Facility, Airforce Base – Fairborn
Compressor Station – Beverly
Compressor Station – Cleveland
Compressor Station – Defiance
Compressor Station – Gilmore
Conagra – Perrysburg
Conagra Perrysburgh
Conal Co. – Hannibal
Concord College – Concord
Concrete Mason – Elyria
Concrete Masonry Corp. Elyria
Condominium Apartment, Stony Ridge Road
Condominium Apartment, Stony Ridge Road – Sandusky
Conesville Plumbing & Heating – Consville
Conesville Power Plant – Consville
Conesville Power Station – Consville
Conesville Station – Coshocton
Conesville Station Coshocton
Conneaut Die Casting – Conneaut
Conneaut Electric Light Co. – Conneaut
Conneaut Harbor
Conneaut Shovel Co. – Conneaut
Connector Industries of AM. Cincinnati
Conners Steel-Hk Porter-Steel of Lorain
Conners Sunoco Station – Martins Ferry
Connex – Marietta
Connie Construction – Columbus
Conrail – Bellefontaine
Conrail – Buckeye
Conrail – Marion
Conrail – Youngstown
Cons Engineers – Cleveland
Consol. Iron – Cleveland
Consolidated Aluminum Corp. – Hannibal
Consolidated Aluminum-Ormet Aluminum – Hartville
Consolidated Biscuit Co. Mc Comb
Consolidated Coal Co. Athens
Consolidated Coal Co. Cadiz
Consolidated Coal Co. Clarington
Consolidated Coal Co. Georgetown
Consolidated Engineering – Cleveland
Consolidated Gas Co. – Caldwell
Consolidated Gas Co. – Macedonia
Consolidated Rail Co. Toledo
Consolidated Railroad Shops – OH
Consolidated Railway Corp. – Hobson
Consolidated Railway Corp. NY Central Railroad Walbridge
Consolidated St. Railway Co. – Toledo
Consolidated Street Railway Co. – Toledo
Consolidated Telephone – Cincinnati
Constellation Steel Mill – Cincinnati
Construction Sites – St. Clairsville
Construction Sites – Youngstown
Consumers Brewing Co. – Newark
Cont. Bakeries – Cleveland
Container Corp. – Cincinnati
Container Corp. Of America – Cincinnati
Container Corp. of America Circleville
Container Corp. of America Red Bank
Container Corp. Paper Mill – Circleville
Continental Aviation & Engineering Co. – Toledo
Continental Bakeries Cleveland
Continental Can Co. Columbus
Continental Can Co. Inc. – Mt. Vernon
Continental Can Co.-Van Wert
Continental Hospital – Westlake
Continental Metallurgical Products Corp. – Toledo
Continental Oil Co. – Ponca City
Continental Sugar Co. Findlay
Continental Sugar Co. Fremont
Control Power Corp. – Canton
Convent – Lafferty
Convention Hall – Cincinnati
Conveyor Metal Products – Mansfield
Conwell Quality Tools Mogadare
Cook S Sunoco – Martins Ferry
Cook Well Strainer Co. – Cincinnati
Cooke Greenhouse – Cleveland
Cooks Warehouse – Maple Heights
Cooper Bessemer – Mt. Vernon
Cooper Energy Services – Mt. Vernon
Cooper Standard Automotive – Cleveland
Cooper Tire Manufacturing Plant – Findlay
Copeland Corp. Sidney
Copper Corner – Cleveland
Copper Corner Lakewood
Copperly Corp. – Cleveland
Copperweld Steel – Champion
Copperweld Steel – Lordstown
Copperweld Steel – Shelby
Copperweld Steel – Warren
Copperweld Steel – Youngstown
Copperweld Youngstown
Corcoran Brown Lamp Div Electric Auto Lite Co. – Sharonville
CorCoran Brownlamp Division Cincinnati
Corhart – Buckhannon
Corning Glass Works Greenville Plant Greenville
Cornwell Quality Tools – Mogadore
Correct Air Corp. – Willoughby
Corrigan- McKenney Steel Co. Cleveland
Corrigan-McKenney Steel Co. – Cleveland
Coryville Ice Co. – Cincinnati
Coshoction Stainless – Coshocton
Coshocton Division – Coshocton
Coshocton Light & Heating Co. – Coshocton
Coshocton Powerhouse-Coshocton
Coshocton Strawpaper Co. – Coshocton
Cottage Creamery Co. – Orrville
Cotton Malleable Iron Co. Canton
Coulton Chemical – Carroll
Coulton Chemical – Oregon
Coulton Chemical – Toledo
Courier Journal – Condenser Line – Louisville
Courthouse – Cleveland
Courthouse – Toledo
Courthouse Annex St. Clairsville
Courthouse Toledo
Cp Wright & Co. At St. Ann’s Hospital – Cleveland
Craig Electric Co. Toledo
Crane & Breed Casket Co. – Cincinnati
Crane Breed Casket Co. Cincinnati
Crane Co. – Alliance
Crane Co. Canton
Crawford Compressor Station Sugar Grove
Crawford Garage – Akron
Crawford Power – Cincinnati
Crawford Steel Construction – Cincinnati
Crawford Taylor, Branch of Us Baking Co. – Mansfield
Creedmore Cartridge Co. – Barberton
Creith Lumber Co. Columbus
Crescent Building – Cincinnati
Crescent Works – Cleveland
Crest Hills Junior High School – Cincinnati
Crile Hospital – Parma
Cromwell Steel Co. – Lorain
Crosby Restaurant – Cleveland
Crosley Division, Avco Manufacturing Corp. – Cincinnati
Crosley Manufacturing – Cincinnati
Crosley Radio Corp. Cincinnati
Croson Plumbing & Heating Columbus
Cross Creek Coal Co. – New Philadelphia
Cross Pointe Paper – Dayton
Cross Pointe Paper Corp. – Carrolton
Cross Pointe Paper Corp. – Dayton
Crouse Clay Products Co. – Akron
Crow Chevrotel Co. Inc. – Steubenville
Crowell Publishing Co. – Springfield
Crown Centre Tower – Independence
Crown City Mining – Crown City
Crown Rubber Co. – Fremont
Crown Rubber Stamp Co. – Cleveland
Crown Steel – Hannibal
Crown Zellerbach Corp. – Baltimore
Crucible Steel Co. of America Cleveland
Crucible Steel Norwalk
Cryogenics Lab – Perry Township
Cryogenics Lab – Perry
Crystal Dairy – Marietta
Crystal Ice & Cold Storage Co. – Youngstown
Crystal Ice & Storage Co. – Youngstown
Crystal Springs Ice Co. – Cincinnati
Crystal Springs Ice Co. Cumminsville
Crystal Tissue Co. – Middletown
Crystal Tissue Co. Power Plant Middletown
CSB Telephone Co. – Batavia
CSX – Columbus
CSX Columbus
Curtiss-Wright Corp. – Columbus
Custar Elevator Costar
Custodial Farm – Orient
Custom Machine, Inc. – Cleveland
Cutlip Brake Service – Ashland
Cuyahoga Community College – Cuyahoga County
Cuyahoga County Hospital – Warrensville
Cuyahoga County Schools – Cuyahoga County
Cuyahoga Falls – Cuyahoga Falls – Cuyahoga
Cuyahoga Greenhouse – Cleveland
Cuyahoga Light Co. – Cleveland
Cuyahoga Scrap Iron Metal – Cleveland
Cuyahoga Soap Co. – Cleveland
Cuyahoga Valley Railway – Cleveland
Cuyahoga Works – Cleveland
Cuyahoga Works Boiler Room Cleveland
Cuyahoga Works Cleveland
Cyclops – Coshocton
Cyclops Corp. – Mansfield
Cyclops Steel – Portsmouth
D & L Construction – Flushing
D & M Cord Tire Co. – Leavittsburg
D & T Detroit & Toledo Railroad
D. & H. Machine – Canton
D. A. P. – Jackson
D. A. P. Jackson
D. L. All Manufacturing Co. – Columbus
D. L. All Manufacturing Co. Columbus
D. M. Cord Tire Co. Leavittsburg
D. T. Williams Valve Co. – Cincinnati
D. T. Williams Valve Co. Cincinnati
D. V. S. Nati. Military Home Montgomery County
D. V. S. National Military Home – Montgomery County
D. V. S. National Military Home Montgomery County
D. Z. Norton, Corp. – Powhatan Point
D. Z. Norton, Corp. Powhatan
Dairy Delivery Co. Inc. – Cleveland
Dairy Farms Products Co. – Orrville
Dairy Pak – Olmstead Falls
Dairymens Milk Co. – Cleveland
Dairypak-Butler, Inc. – Olmstead Falls
Dale Products – Fremont
Dana Corp. – Toledo
Dangler Stove & Manufacturing Co. – Cleveland
Danielak Electric, Inc. Tiffin
Danner Press – Canton
Darling & Co. – Cleveland
Darling & Co. Reading
Darling Store – Steubenville
Darlson Fabrication & Welding Co. – Lorain
David Davies Packing Co. – Columbus
Davis Bakery – Cleveland
Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant – Oak Harbor
Davis Besse Plant Port Clinton
Davis Besse Station – Ottawa County
Davis Bessie Nuclear Power Oak Harbor
Davis Bessie Power Plant – Sandusky
Davis- Bessie Powerhouse – Oak Harbor
Davis Chemical Co. – Columbus
Davis Drywall & Insulation – Cleveland
Davis Firebrick – Jackson
Davis Ps – Toledo
Davis Sewing Machine Co. – Dayton
Davis Tailoring Co. – Cincinnati
Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant – Oak Harbor
Davis-Bessie Nuclear Powerhouse – Toledo
Davis-Bessie Powerhouse – Oak Harbor
Davison Chemical Co. – Alliance
Davison Green Volkswagen – Columbus
Davy Drill Rig Co. Kent
Day Crome Brick & Block – Moraine
DayCo. Plant – Dayton
Dayton & Northern Railway Co. – Brookville
Dayton & Troy Electric Co. – Dayton
Dayton & Western Traction Co. – Alexandria
Dayton & Xenia Traction Co. – Dayton
Dayton & Xenia Transit Railway Co. – Lucas Grove
Dayton Airport – Mid Steel Building – Dayton
Dayton Arcade Co. – Dayton
Dayton Arcade Co. Dayton
Dayton Breweries Co. – Dayton
Dayton Builders Supply – Dayton
Dayton Citizens Electric Co. – Dayton
Dayton Electric Co. – Tippecanoe
Dayton Electric Light Co. – Dayton
Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co. – Dayton
Dayton Forge & Heat Treat – Dayton
Dayton Forging – Dayton
Dayton Foundry-Dayton
Dayton Ice Manufacturing & Cold Storage Co. – Dayton
Dayton Ironton Iron – Ironton
Dayton Lighting Co. Dayton
Dayton Malleable – Columbus
Dayton Malleable – Sement Solvay Ironton
Dayton Malleable Iron Co. – Dayton
Dayton Malleable Ironton Iron Amcast Ironton
Dayton Malleable-Ironton Iron-Amcast – Dayton
Dayton Malleable-Sement Solvay – Ironton
Dayton Masonic Temple – Dayton
Dayton Mental Health Center – Dayton
Dayton Metal Products Co. – Dayton
Dayton Portsmouth Factory – Dayton
Dayton Power & Light – Mansfield
Dayton Power & Light Co. 3rd Street Station Dayton
Dayton Power & Light Co. Aberdeen
Dayton Power & Light Co. Cincinnati
Dayton Power & Light Co. Dayton
Dayton Power & Light Co. Frank M. Tait Station Dayton
Dayton Power & Light Co. Hamilton County
Dayton Power & Light Co. Killen Manchester
Dayton Power & Light Co. Killen Plant Wrightsville
Dayton Power & Light Co. Manchester
Dayton Power & Light Co. Miami Fort
Dayton Power & Light Co. Miamisburg
Dayton Power & Light Co. Stuart Station Aberdeen
Dayton Power & Light Co. Troy
Dayton Power & Light Co. Wrightsville
Dayton Power & Light -Dayton
Dayton Power Light J M Stuart Units #1 #2 Aberdeen
Dayton Press, Inc. – Dayton
Dayton Rubber – Marietta
Dayton Rubber Co. – Dayton
Dayton Rubber Co. Manufacturing Co. Dayton
Dayton Rubber Co. Manufacturing Co. Marietta
Dayton Rubber Co. Manufacturing Co. Waynesville
Dayton Signal Depot – Dayton
Dayton Springfield & Urbana Electric Street Railway Co. – Medway
Dayton State Hospital – Dayton
Dayton Steam Plant – Dayton
Dayton Street Mill – Hamilton
Dayton Technologies, Inc. Monroe
Dayton Tire & Rubber Co. Dayton
Dayton Union Railway Co. – Dayton
Dayton Walther Corp. – Dayton
Dayton Walther Foundry – Portsmouth
Dayton Water Works Pumping Station Dayton
Dayton Wright Airplane Co. Dayton
Dcas – Cleveland
Ddressograph Multigraph Corp. – Cleveland
Deaconess Hospital – Cincinnati
Deaconess Hospital – Cleveland
Deal Packing – Martins Ferry
Dean Electric Co. – Elyria
Dearing & Co. – Youngstown
Decatur Ind, Inc. Celina
Decatur Ind. Inc. – Celina
Defense Construction Supply Center – Columbus
Defense Contract Adm Service Region – Cleveland
Defense Plant Corp. – Alliance
Defense Plant Corp. Canton
Defense Plant Corp. Plant C – Akron
Defense Supply Agency – Columbus
Defiance Box Co. – Defiance
Defiance Light & Power Co. – Defiance
Defiance Milk Products Co. – Defiance
Deforest Sheet & Tin Plate Co. – Niles
Delaware & Magnetic Spgs. Railway Co. – Delaware
Delaware Power & Light – Aberdeen
Delco – Kettering
Delco Light Co. – Moraine
Delco Manufacturing – Dayton
Delco Moraine Div. General Motors Corp. Dayton
Delco Moraine Plant – Dayton
Delco Products Div. General Motors Corp. Beavertown
Delco Products-Dayton
Delco, Division of General Motors Corp. – Kettering
Delphi Auto Systems Corp. – Dayton
Delphi Automotive System – Dayton
Delphi Automotive System Sandusky
Delphi Automotive System Vandalia
Delphi Automotive System Warren
Delphi Chassis Systems – Dayton
Delphi Chassis Systems – Kettering
Delphi Chassis Systems – Sandusky
Delphi Corp. – Columbus
Delphi Hardware Plant – Columbus
Delphi Interior Lighting – Columbus
Delphi Packard Electric System – Warren
Delphi School – Delphi, In – Lexington
Delphis Green Plant – Lexington
Delphos Electric Light & Power Co. – Delphos
Delta Concrete & Arrow Block – Bellaire
Deluxe Check Printers – Cleveland
Deming Co. – Salem
Denison University, Powerhouse Granville
Dennison University – Granville
Densman Concrete Inc. – Cortland
Department of Corrections – Columbus
Department of Energy Enrichment Plant Piketon
Department of Energy Feed Materials Center Fernald
Department Of Highways – Middletown
Department of Public Service Franklin Township, Franklin County
Department Of Public Welfare – Cleveland
Department Of Public Welfare State of Ohio – Cleveland
Department Of Public Welfare, State of Ohio – Mansfield
Dept. Of Public Health & Welfare, Div. Of City Hospital – Cleveland
Dept. Of Public Utilities Plant – Hamilton
Desco Credit Union – Boston
Deshler Farmers Elevator Co. Deshler
Detrix Chemical Plant Ashtabula
Detroit & Toledo Railroad – Toledo
Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad Co. – Lange
Detroit Steel Corp. – Boston
Detroit Steel Corp. – Mansfield
Detroit Steel Corp. – Portsmouth
Detroit Steel Mill – Boston
Detroit Steel Mill Portsmouth
Detroit Toledo Shoreline Railroad Co. Lange
Detroit, Toledo, & Ironton Railroad D. T. I. – Jackson
Detussa Rubber Co. – Marietta
Dewstoe Brainard Co. – Cleveland
Dewyers Station – Dewyers
Dia Shamrock Chardon
Diamond Alkali – Ashtabula
Diamond Alkali Co. Alkali
Diamond Alkali Co. Cleveland
Diamond Alkali Co. Fairport Harbor
Diamond Alkali Co. Painesville
Diamond Alkali Research Center – Painesville
Diamond Brick Co. – Barberton
Diamond Brick Plant – Zanesville
Diamond Crystal Colonial Salt Division – Akron
Diamond Crystal Salt – Canton
Diamond Crystal Salt Co. – Akron
Diamond Fabricator Co. Cleveland
Diamond Fertilizer Co. – Sandusky
Diamond Magnesium Plant – Painesville
Diamond Match Co. – Barberton
Diamond Portland Cement Co. – Middlebranch
Diamond Power – Lancaster
Diamond Power Specialty Co. – Lancaster
Diamond Power Specialty Corp. – Lancaster
Diamond Purchasing Co. – Lancaster
Diamond Rubber Co. – Akron
Diamond Rubber Co. Falon St. Plant Akron
Diamond Shamrock Alkali
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co. Ashtabula
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co. Cincinnati
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co. Cleveland
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co. Painesville
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Fairport Harbor
Diamond Shamrock Corp. – Ashtabula
Diamond Shamrock Corp. – Fairport
Diamond Shamrock Corp. – Painesville
Diamond Shamrock Corp. Chemical Plant Painesville
Diamond Shamrock Corp. Fairport Harbor
Diamond Shamrock Oil Refinery – Painesville
Diamond Tool Co. – Newcomerstown
Dicks Creek Power Station Compressor Building Monroe
Die Cut Products – Cleveland
Diebold Inc. – Canton
Diebold Inc. – Hamilton
Diebold Safe & Lock Co. – Canton
Diebold, Inc. – Canton
Diebolt Brewing Co. – Cleveland
Diekmans Florist – Wintersville
Dilles Bottom Power Plant – Dillies Bottom
Dilles Bottom Power Station Dilles Bottom
Dilles Bottom Station – Dillies Bottom
Dillies Bottom Power Station – Shadyside
Dillies Bottom Shadyside
Dillies Bottom-Re Burger Power – Dillies Bottom
Dime Bank – Marietta
Div Ave. Pumping Station – Cleveland
Division Ave. Pumping Station – Cleveland
Division U. S. Steel Corp. Fairborn
Division-Weiskopf – Cincinnati
Dix & Eaton – Cleveland
Dixie Terminal 3rd & 4th Floor Cincinnati
Dobbs Catering – Columbus
Dobeckmun Co. – Cleveland
Doctors Hospital Columbus
Doe Miller Produce – Belpre
Doehler Jarvis Castings – 1945 Smead Avenue Toledo
Doehler Jarvis Castings – Toledo
Doehler- Jarvis Plant 2 Toledo
Doehler-Jarvis Castings Division – Toledo
Dohler Die Casting Co. Toledo
Dohler Jarvis – Toledo
Dolly Madison Aluminum Plant – Hannibal
Domestic Engineering Building Co. – Dayton
Dominion Electric – Mansfield
Don Overhault Co. – Lipstick
Donn Products – Westlake
Doty Manufacturing Co. – Dayton
Doug Boldman Residence – Urbana
Dover Electric Light & Power – Dover
Dover Forge & Iron Co. – Canal Dover
Dover Library – Canton
Dover Light & Power Plant – Dover
Dover Manufacturing Co. – Dover
Dover Municipal Light Plant – Dover
Dover Municipal Light Plant Dover
Dover Power Station-Dover
Dover Utilities Department – Dover
Dover Works – Dover
Dow Chemical Co. Beverly
Dow Chemical Co. Cleveland
Dow Chemical Co. Hanging Rock Plant – OH
Dow Chemical Co. Hanging Rock Plant Ironton
Dow Chemical Co. Hanging Rock
Dow Chemical Co. Haverhill
Dow Chemical Co. Ironton
Dow Petrochemical – Cleveland
Dr. Hansen Clinic Building – Cleveland
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – Bellaire
Drackett Co. Cincinnati
Drackett Co. Reading
Drackett Co. Sharonville
Dravo – Marietta
Dravo Corp. – Marietta
Dresden Paper Mills Co. – Dresden
Dresser – Ideco Co. – Columbus
Dressograph Multigraph Corp. – Cleveland
Drop Dies & Forging – Cleveland
Drop Forge – Canton
Drop Forge & Die – Cleveland
Dry Docks – Toledo
Dubois Chemicals Division Sharonville
Dues Warehouse Building Butler County
Duffy Constructions Co. – Cleveland
Dump Yard – Ohio
Dunbar – Sullivan – Cleveland
Dunbar – Sullivan
Dunbar Construction – Cleveland
Dunbar Sullivan Cleveland
Dunlap Hospital – Canton
Dupont – Cleveland
Dupont Chemical – Ashtabula
Dupont Chemical – Circleville
Dupont Chemical – Cleveland
Dupont Chemical – Haverhill
Dupont Chemical – Tanks – Bend
Dupont Chemical – Tanks – Brower Road – Bend
Dupont Chemical – Toledo
Dupont Chemical – Vee
Dupont Chemical Plant – Cleveland
Dupont Plant – Circleville
Durez Plastic & Chemicals, Inc. – Kent
Durez Plastic & Chemicals, Inc. Kenton
Durez Plastics – Kenton io Plant
Durez Plastics & Chemicals Inc. Div – Kenton
Durion Co. inc. – Dayton
Duriron Co. – Dayton
Durst Milling Co. – Dayton
Dust Control – Cleveland
Dutch Auto Body – Youngstown
Dwg Cigar Factory – Lima
Dye Co. – Cleveland
Dye Corning Corp. – Carrollton
Dyer Co. – Cleveland
Dyson Joseph & Sons, Inc. – Cleveland
E 105Th & Wiles Apartments – Cleveland
E Kahn’s Sons Co. – Cincinnati
E. A. Liverpool Traction & Light Co. – E. Liverpool
E. A. Liverpool Traction & Light Co. Liverpool
E. C. Zukowski – Mentor
E. F. Donleys Sons, Inc. – Cleveland
E. F. Hauserman Co. – Cleveland
E. F. Macdonald Stamp Co. Dayton
E. G. Grace – Lorain
E. G. Grace Lorain
E. G. Smith Construction Products – Cambridge
E. H. Dyer & Co. – Cleveland
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours – Cleveland
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co. – Circleville
E. I. Dupont – (Flats) – Cleveland
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. – Circleville
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Ashtabula
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Boston
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Chillicothe
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Circleville
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Cleveland
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Granville
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Haverhill
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Huron
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Marietta
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Newark
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Toledo
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Vee
E. I. Dupont-Circleville
E. Kahn’s Sons Co. – Cincinnati
E. Kitzel & Sons – Cleveland
E. M. D. Components – Wickliffe
E. M. D. Components Wickliffe
E. Pittsburgh Power Station – Niles
E. S. Kelly – Springfield
E. T. Ragg Co. – Newark
E. Tech High School – Cleveland
Eagle Box Board & Paper Co. – Maumee
Eagle Ceramics – Cleveland
Eagle Ceramics Medina
Eagle Coopenage Co. – Hamilton
Eagle Home & Building – Lima
Eagle Home Building Lima
Eagle Iron & Steel Co. – Ironton
Eagle Of Mansfield – Mansfield
Eagle Paper Co. – Franklin
Eagle- Picher Corp. Cincinnati
Eagle Woodenware Manufacturing Co. Hamilton
Eagle-Picher Corp. – Cincinnati
Earl E. Bright, Inc. – Columbus
Earthmoving Div. – Hudson
Easco Aluminum – Girard
Easco Aluminum Niles
Easco Austintown
Easco Cleveland
Easco Youngstown
Eastern Avenue Lumber Co. – Chillicothe
Eastern Iowa Light – Montpelier
Eastern Malleable Iron Co. Cleveland
Eastern Mechanical Corp. Jacksonville
Eastern States Farmers – Huran
Eastern Tube Co.
Eastlake High School – Willoughby
Eastlake Plant Unit 5 – Cleveland
Eastlake Plant, Unit 5 – Cleveland
Eastlake Power Station – Eastlake
Eastlake Station – Eastlake
Eastman Kodak Co. – Cincinnati
Eastman Kodak Co. Findlay
Eastview Elementary School – Mansfield
Eastwood Mall – Niles
Eaton Axle Plant – Cleveland
Eaton Construction – Circleville
Eaton Corp. – Cleveland
Eaton Manufacturing – Eaton
Eaton Manufacturing – Massillon
Eaton- Yale Cleveland
Eaton-Yale – Cleveland
Eberhard Manufacturing Co. – Cleveland
Eberhard Manufacturing Co. Cleveland
Eckert Packing Co. – Troy
Ecko Products – Canton
Ed Hart Co. – Canton
Edgecliff Hi-Rise – Cincinnati
Edgewater Plant – Cleveland
Edgewater Station – Lorain
Edgewater Works – Cleveland
Edison & Illuminating Co. – Tiffin
Edison Co. Toledo
Edison Co. W H Sammis Plant Stratton
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. – Middletown
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Tiffin
Edison McDonald
Edison Plaza Towers Building – Toledo
Edison Youngstown
Edmund W. Hall – Cincinnati
Education of City of Dayton
Edward Ford Plate Glass Co. – Rossford
Edward Ford Plate Glass Co. Toledo
Edward R. Hart Co. – Canton
Edward. Hart Canton
Edwards Building Co. – Cincinnati
Eflarose Sugar Co. Carthage
Egan Co. – Cincinnati
Egger’s Hardware-Woodsfield
Eggleston & Son Electrical Contractors, Inc. Toledo
EkCo. – Massillon
El Matador Bar – Cincinnati
Elbys – Marietta
Eldon Cronquist, Inc. – Ashtabula
Elecric Autolite Co. – Toledo
Electric Auto Light Co. – Cincinnati
Electric Auto Lite Co. – Toledo
Electric Autolite Co. – Cincinnati
Electric Autolite Co. Evendale
Electric Autolite Co. Fostoria
Electric Autolite Co. Spark Plug Division Fostoria
Electric Autolite Co. Subsidiary of Willys Overland Co. – Toledo
Electric Autolite Co. Toledo
Electric Autolite Spark Plug Plant Division 4 Fostoria
Electric Co. – Solon
Electric Furnace Co. – Salem
Electric General – A&E Conesville Plant – Consville
Electric Generating Plant – Hamilton
Electric Generating Plant
Electric Generating Station – Hamilton
Electric Illuminating Co. Ottawa County
Electric Melting Service – Louisville
Electric Metallurgical Co. – Ashtabula
Electric Metallurgical Div. Simples Plant Marietta
Electric Niles
Electric Plant Department – Troy
Electric Prod. – Cleveland
Electric Rubber Co. Reclaiming Co. Barberton
Electric Storage Battery – Cleveland
Electric Storage Battery Co. – Cleveland
Electric Weld – Cleveland
Electricians Local 575 – Portsmouth
Electricians Union – Local 32 – Lima
Electro – Alloys Division – Elyria
Electro Metallurgical Co. – Ashtabula
Electro Metallurgical Co. Ceico
Electro Metallurgical Co. Marietta
Electro, Alloys Division – Elyria
Electrolite Corp. – Defiance
Electromet – Ashtabula
Electromet – Belpre
Electromet – Union Carbide Metal – Marietta
Electrometallurgical Division – Marietta
Elementary School – Berea
Elementary School – Cleveland Heights
Elementary School – Shaker Heights
Elementary School – Solon
Elforose Sugar Co. – Carthage
Elizabeth Gamble Deaconess Home Assoc – Cincinnati
Eljer Division of Murray Co. Salem
Eljer Plumbing – Salem
Elkem Metals – Akron
Elkem Metals – Marietta
Elkins Metals Bakelite – Marietta
Elledge Gasketing & Supply – Columbus
Elliott Co. – Springfield
Ellis & Watts Co. – Cincinnati
Ellis Engine Cincinnati
Ellis Watts Co. Cincinnati
Ellsworth Coal Co. – Cleveland
Elm Grove School – Elm Grove
Elm School – Martins Ferry
Elmhurst School C-959 – Toledo
Elpower Works – Shelby
Elwood Myers Co. – Springfield
Ely Ind. – Hayesville
Ely Industries Hayesville
Elyria & Oberlin Electric Railway Co. – Cleveland
Elyria Board of Education – Elyria
Elyria Canning Co. – Elyria
Elyria City Board of Education – Elyria
Elyria Co. – Vermillion
Elyria Foundry Co. – Elyria
Elyria Gas & Electric Co. – Elyria
Elyria Hospital – Elyria
Elyria Iron & Steel Co. – Cleveland
Elyria Iron & Steel Co. Elyria
Elyria Machine Co. – Mansfield
Elyria Memorial Hospital – Elyria
Elyria School – Elyria
Em Poston Power Plant – Athens
Emanuel Baptist Church – Arcanum
Emd – Ashland
Emd Components – Ashland
Emerald Materials – Cincinnati
Emerson School – Dayton
Emery Bleach Facilities Curew Tower Cincinnati
Emery Industrial Plant – Cincinnati
Emery Industries St. Bernard Oh – St. Bernard
Emery Industries, inc. – Cincinnati
Emery Industries, Inc. Ivorydale
Emery Industries, Inc. St Bernard
Emery Industries, Inc. St. Bernard
Emery Industries, St. Bernard
Emery Parking Deck – Cincinnati
Emory Industries – Cincinnati
Empire Detriot Steel – Dover
Empire Detroit – Boston
Empire Detroit Cyclops Steel – Boston
Empire Detroit Steel – Boston
Empire Detroit Steel – Canton
Empire Detroit Steel Division – Mansfield
Empire Detroit Steel Portsmouth
Empire Detroit-Portsmouth Steel – Mansfield
Empire District Electric Co. – Mansfield
Empire Iron & Steel Co. – Niles
Empire Plastics, Inc. – Newcomerstown
Empire Plastics, Inc. Newcomerstown
Empire Plow – Cleveland
Empire Plow Co. – Glenland
Empire Reeves New Building – Mansfield
Empire Reeves Steel Corp. – Mansfield
Empire Spring – Elyria
Empire Steel – Mansfield
Empire Steel Mill – Mansfield
Empire-Detroit – Mansfield
Empo Electric Motors Piqua
Emtec – Elyria
Enamel Products Co. – Cleveland
Enamel Products Co. Collinwood
Enamelac Co. – Euclid
End Lumber – Portsmouth
Endecon Corp. – Cleveland
Endress Florist – New Philadelphia
Enemple Co. – Evendale
Enercon Systems – Clairton
Enercon Systems, Inc. – Elyria
Engine Terminal Power Plant – OH
Engineering Storeroom Strip Mill Gate #4 Cleveland
Engineering Tool & Die – Cleveland
Engle Aircraft Co. – Niles
English Woods – Cincinnati
Enterprise Aluminum – Massillon
Environmental Protection System – Girard
Envirotech Systems Inc. – Middletown
Eorwa – Bridgeport
Ep Coady & Co. – Steubenville
Eramet Steel Mill – Marietta
Erb NASA – Se #7 – Cleveland
Erection Shop, Yard B – Columbus
Erickson Tool – Solon
Erie Cable – Medina
Erie City Iron Works – Municipal Power Plant – Piqua
Erie Copper Works – Medina
Erie Dyeing Co. – Cleveland
Erie Ordnance Depot – La Carne
Erie Railroad Co. Brier Hill
Erie Railroad Co. Cleveland
Erie Railroad Co. Marion
Erie Railroad Co. Youngstown
Erie Tire & Rubber Co. Sandusky
Erie View Plaza – Cleveland
Erieview Corp. – Cleveland
Erieview Insulation – Cleveland
Erieview Plaza – Cleveland
Erving Paper Co. – Lockland
Erwine School – Canton
Escast Waterville
Essex Group Control – Lexington
Essex Group, Inc. – Lancaster
Essex House – Cincinnati
Essex International – Lexington
Essex Wire – Lancaster
Essex Wire Corp. R. B. M. Division Lancaster
Essex Wire Lexington
Estate Of Harold C. Schott – Cincinnati
Estate Of Harold C. Schott – Evendale
Estate Of Joseph T. Carew – Cincinnati
Estate of L. B. Harrison, Cincinnati
Estate Of L.B. Harrison, Textile Building – Cincinnati
Ethan Allen Furniture Store – Chagrin Falls
Ethan Allen Furniture Store – Copley
Ethanol Plant – Point
Ethel Frost School – Mt. Healthy
Euclid & 55 Team Track – Cleveland
Euclid Avenue – Cleveland
Euclid Div. – Cleveland
Euclid Division – Hudson
Euclid Glenville Hospital – Euclid
Euclid Heat Treatment Plant – Euclid
Euclid High School- Euclid
Euclid Janitorial Euclid
Euclid Sewage Plant – Euclid
Euclid Spring Co. – Wickliffe
Eugene Cook Greenhouse – Cleveland
Evangelical Deaconess Hospital, 4229 Pearl Rd. – Cleveland
Evanite Plastic Co. – Carrollton
Evans Savings & Loan – Canton
Evanston Elementary School – Cincinnati
Evendale Plant Building 200 Cincinnati
Evendale Plant Building Cincinnati
Everbest Drywall – Dayton
Eveready Battery – Marietta
Eveready Union Carbide – Cleveland
Everett Jr. High – Columbus
Ex-Cell-O Corp. – Cleveland
Excelsior Laundry Co. – Cincinnati
Excelsior Laundry Co. Dayton
Excelsior Shoe Co. – Portsmouth
Exomet Inc. – Conneaut
F & J Electric Co. – Columbus
F & R Lazarus & Co. – Columbus
F E Longstretci – Dayton
F Gray Co. – Piqua
F Schumacher – Akron
F. A. Pilgrim Ertusion – Youngstown
F. B. Morgan Power Co. – Cincinnati
F. B. Wright Co. of Cincinnati
F. B. Zieg Manufacturing Co. Washing Machines – Frederickstown
F. C. Whitner Plumbing & Heating Wauseon Oh – Wauseon
F. E. I. Inc. Cleveland
F. E. Meyers Co. – Ashland
F. E. Myers & Bro – Ashland
F. E. Myers & Co. – Place Ashland
F. E. Schumacher Co. – Hartville
F. E. Seitz Delhi Township
F. Gray Co. – Piqua
F. L. Emmert Co. – Cincinnati
F. R. Lazarus & Co. Columbus
F. Schumacher – Akron
F. W. Means & Co. – Columbus
F. W. Paulin – Cleveland
F. W. Schaefer Co. – Dayton
F. Zimmerman Co. – Cleveland
F1 F2 Furnaces Newark
Fabricated Metal Specialties Bedford
Fabricating Div Armco Steel Co. – Middletown
Fabricating Division of Armco Steel Co. – Middletown
Fabricating Shop – Toledo
Factories – Cleveland
Factory – Jennings Road – Cleveland
Factory – Pearl Road – Strongsville
Factory – Progress & Pearl Rds – Strongsville
Factory – Smith Rd.- Medina
Factory Flats on Jennings Road – Cleveland
Factory Power Co. – Cincinnati
Factory Power Co. Oakley
Factory Progress & Pearl Rds – Strongsville
Fairfax Ford – Redbank Road – Fairfax
Fairfield Air Depot Patterson Field – Fairfield
Fairfield Church – Canton
Fairfield Elementary School – Fairfield
Fairfield Engineering Co. – Marion
Fairfield Paper Co. – Baltimore
Fairfield School For Boys – Lancaster
Fairmont Food Co. Cincinnati
Fairmont St. Pumping Station – Cleveland
Fairport Harbor – OH
Fairview General Hospital – Cleveland
Fairview High School – Fairview Park
Fairview Hospital – Cleveland
Fairview Park Hospital – Cleveland
Fairview Park Hospital Laboratory Building Cleveland
Fairview Park Hospital Nurses Home – Cleveland
Falcon Foundry – Lowellville
Falcon Iron & Nail Co. – Niles
Falcon Nail & Iron Co. MIll F Niles
Falcon Tin Plate Co. – Canton
Falls Rubber Co. Cuyahoga Falls
Falor St. Plant – Akron
Fanner Co. – Cleveland
Fanner Manufacturing Co. – Cleveland
Fannie Farmer Candy Shop – Mansfield
Farish Roofing & Siding – Springfield
Farland High School-Procterville
Farmers Fertilizer – Columbus
Farrell- Cheek Sandusky
Farrell Cheek Steel Co. Sandusky
Farrell-Cheek – Sandusky
Fasson – Painesville
Fatigue Text Lab Sonic Wright Patterson Afb – Dayton
Faultless Rubber Co. – Ashland
Faultless Rubber Co. Ashland
Favorite Stove Range Co. – Piqua
Fayette Memorial Hospital – Cincinnati
Fe Myers – Ashland
Federal – Cleveland
Federal Building – Cincinnati
Federal Building – Cleveland
Federal Color Chickering Orient Avenue Cincinnati
Federal Color Laboratories – Cincinnati
Federal Creosoting Co. – Toledo
Federal Glass Co. – Columbus
Federal Knitting Mills Co. – Cleveland
Federal Mobile Powder Plant – Gallipolis
Federal Mogul Ignition Co. Toledo
Federal Mogul Manufacturing Gallipolis
Federal Office Building – Cincinnati
Federal Office Building – Cleveland
Federal Office Building – Toledo
Federal Office Building 6Th Main Cincinnati
Federal Office Building Courthouse Cincinnati
Federal Office Courthouse – Cincinnati
Federal Paper Board – Steubenville
Federal Reserve – Cincinnati
Federal Reserve Bank – Cleveland
Federal Reserve Bank Cleveland
Federal Reserve Cincinnati
Federal Steel – Cleveland
Feeble Minded Youth – Columbus
Feldman Bros. Co. – Cleveland
Fenn College – Cleveland
Fenway Hall – Cleveland
Fepco – Cincinnati
Fernald – Cincinnati
Fernald Atomic Plant – Ross
Fernald Feed Materials Production Center Hamilton
Fernald Plant – Cincinnati
Fernwald Nuclear Power Plant – Fernwald
Feroit Bros. – Akron
Feroslag Lorain
Ferro Alloys Division Ashtabula, Ceico
Ferro Corp. Cleveland
Ferro Corp. Perrysburg
Ferro Corp. Sparta
Ferro Corp. Zanesville
Ferro Engineer Cleveland
Ferro Engineering – Cleveland
Ferro Foundry – Cleveland
Ferro Industrial Products – Cleveland
Ferro Liverpool
Ferro Machine & Finery Co. – Cleveland
Ferro Machine & Foundry – Cleveland
Ferrodyne – Cleveland
Ferron Concrete Construction Co. – Cincinnati
Ferroslag – Lorain
Ferry Cap & Screw – Cleveland
Fiberglas Corp. – Fairborn
Fiberglass Plant – Newark
Fiberglass Tower – Toledo
Field W. Swezey – Fostoria
Findlay Mantel & Tile – Findlay
Finishing Bay & Maint. Headquarters Bldg Lorain
Finishing Bay & Maintenance – Lorain
Fire Brick of Ohio
Fire City Store – Cleveland
Fire Station – Brunswick
Fire Station – Cleveland
Fire Station – Garfield Heights
Firelands Supply – Norwalk
Fireproof Block Co. – Columbus
Firestone Akron
Firestone Canton
Firestone Computer Center – Akron
Firestone Rubber Co. – Canton
Firestone Rubber Co. – Lorain
Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex – Canton
Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Co. – Akron
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. – Akron
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. – Canton
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Akron
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Canton
Firestone Tire Rubber Co. Powerhouse Plant 1 Akron
First Avenue Grade School – Columbus
First Christian Church – Canton
First Energy – Lorain
First National Bank – Canton
First National Bank – Steubenville
First National Bank – Tri County – Cincinnati
First National Bank Building Canton
First National Bank Building Cincinnati
First National Bank Building Steubenville
First National Bank Building Tri County
First National Bank Building Tri County Cincinnati
First U.P. Church – Canton
First Unitarian Church of Cleveland – Shaker Heights
Firstenergy Corp. Ashtabula Plant A, B, C Ashtabula
Firstenergy Corp. Cleveland
Firstenergy Corp. Geneva
Firstenergy Corp. Oregon
Firstenergy Nuclear Operating Co. – Oak Harbor
Fischer Industries Inc. – Cincinnati
Fishbough Construction Greenwich
Fishel Construction – Columbus
Fisher – Garfield
Fisher Big Wheel – Pomeroy
Fisher Body – Cleveland
Fisher Body – Elyria
Fisher Body – Lordstown
Fisher Body & Casting – Cleveland
Fisher Body (GMC) – Cleveland
Fisher Body Co. – Norwalk
Fisher Body Co. Norwalk
Fisher Body Corp. – Div. of General Motors
Fisher Body Div Boiler House Euclid
Fisher Body Div of G.M. Corp. – Hamilton
Fisher Body Div. Boiler House Euclid
Fisher Body Div. GMC Columbus
Fisher Body Division of General Motors – Cleveland
Fisher Body Division of General Motors – Euclid
Fisher Body Division of General Motors – Hamilton
Fisher Body Elyria
Fisher Body Norwood
Fisher Body Ontario Plant – Mansfield
Fisher Body Plant – Cleveland
Fisher Food – Elyria
Fisher Industries, Inc. – Cincinnati
Fisher’s – Cleveland
Fishers Construction – Cambridge
Fitzpatrick & Hoepfner – Columbus
Fitzsimons Co. – Youngstown
Five B S, Inc.- Sewing Factory – Barnesville
Five Cousins Discount Center – Mansfield
Fleischmann Co. – Cincinnati
Fletcher General Hospital – Cambridge
Flexible Co. – Loudonville
Flight Propulsion Laboratory Dept. – Cincinnati
Flight Propulsion Laboratory Dept. Receiving Building Cincinnati
Flight Propulsion Laboratory Evendale Plant Cincinnati
Flight Propulsion Laboratory Receiving Building Cincinnati
Flintkote – Ravenna
Floridian Hotel – Route 40 – St. Clairsville
Flow A Matic – Columbus
Flower Coal Supply Co. Ashtabula
Floyd Booth Co. – Youngstown
Floyd P. Bucker Inc. – Bowling Green
Fluor Corp. – Toledo
Fluor Inc. – Haverville
FMC Corp. – Columbus
Fob Plenums – Cincinnati
Follansbee Steel – Toronto
Fomoco – Cleveland
Fomoco Duct Insulation – Cincinnati
Food Products Storeroom Cincinnati
Food Services – Cleveland
Food Manufacturing Co. – Springfield
Foote Mineral – Steubenville
Ford – Dearborn
Ford Aluminum Foundry – Brook Park
Ford Aluminum Foundry – Cleveland
Ford Canton Forge Plant – Canton
Ford Cleveland Casting Plant – Brook Park
Ford Co. Dearborn
Ford Co. Lorain
Ford Dealership – Orwell
Ford Engine Plant – Lima
Ford Engine Plant 2 – Cleveland Transfer Co. Cleveland
Ford Foundry – Brook Park
Ford Foundry Cleveland
Ford Foundry Lorain
Ford Foundry Middleburg Heights
Ford Foundry North Ridgeville
Ford Foundry Parma
Ford Glass Co Libby Owens Toledo
Ford Glass Co. Rossford
Ford Glass Libby Owens – Toledo
Ford Lorain Assembly Plant – Lorain
Ford Motor Co. Administration Building Canton
Ford Motor Co. Batavia
Ford Motor Co. Berea
Ford Motor Co. Boiler House Walton Hills Village
Ford Motor Co. Boiler House Walton Hills
Ford Motor Co. Boiler Room
Ford Motor Co. Brook Park Plant – Cleveland
Ford Motor Co. Brook Park
Ford Motor Co. Canton Forge Plant Canton
Ford Motor Co. Canton
Ford Motor Co. Cincinnati
Ford Motor Co. Cleveland Engine Plant #2 Brook Park
Ford Motor Co. Cleveland Engine Plant 1 Cleveland
Ford Motor Co. Cleveland Foundry Brook Park
Ford Motor Co. Cleveland Foundry Cleveland
Ford Motor Co. Cleveland
Ford Motor Co. Engine Plant #2 Cleveland
Ford Motor Co. Evansdale
Ford Motor Co. Forge Plant Garage Building Canton
Ford Motor Co. Forge Plant Powerhouse Canton
Ford Motor Co. Fostoria
Ford Motor Co. Foundry Brook Park
Ford Motor Co. Kendel Road Cincinnati
Ford Motor Co. Lima
Ford Motor Co. Lorain Assembly Plant Lorain
Ford Motor Co. Lorain
Ford Motor Co. Mansfield
Ford Motor Co. New Engine Plant Lima
Ford Motor Co. Ohio Forging Plant Canton
Ford Motor Co. Route #2 Lorain
Ford Motor Co. Sandusky
Ford Motor Co. Sharonville
Ford Motor Co. Spark Plug Division Fostoria
Ford Motor Co. Toledo
Ford Motor Co. Walton Hills Plant Bedford
Ford Motor Co. Walton Hills
Ford Motor Co. Walton Hills  Walton Hills
Ford Motor Foundry – Brook Park
Ford Motor Glass Plant – Toledo
Ford Motor Plant – Cleveland
Ford Motor Plant – Lima
Ford Motor Plant – Sharonville
Ford Plate Glass Co. – Toledo
Ford Stamping Plant – Cleveland
Ford Stamping Plant – Walton Hills
Ford Transmission Plant – Sharonville
Ford Walton Hills Plant Bedford Walton Hills
Ford, Cleveland Foundry – Cleveland
Ford-Canton Forge Plant – Canton
Forest City – Cleveland
Forest City Brewing Co. – Toledo
Forest City Foundries Co. – Cleveland
Forest Hills School – Cincinnati
Forest Park Middle School – Hamilton County – Cincinnati
Forge Products – Cleveland
Fork Plant Hill
Forked Run Park – Reedsville
Form-A-Tool – Cleveland
Formerly Known as Palmer Dispersions – Xenias
Formerly National Stove Co. – Lorain
Formica Corp. Cincinnati
Formica Corp. Evansdale
Formica Corp. Evendale Plant Evendale
Formica Corp. Rd Building Cincinnati
Formica Insulation Co. – Cincinnati
Formica Plant – Cincinnati
Formica Press – Reading
Forrest Towel Supply Co. – Columbus
Fort Co. Clinton
Fort Frye School – Beverly
Fort Hamilton ‘Hughes Memorial Hospital – Hamilton
Fort Hayes – Columbus
Fort Steuben Hotel – Steubenville
Forum Health, Holding Co. – Youngstown
Foseco Chemical Co. – Cleveland
Foseco Corp. – Brook Park
Foseco Foundry – Middleburg
Foseco inc. Berea
Foseco Inc. Brook Park
Foseco Inc. Cleveland
Foseco Metallurgical Cleveland
Foseco Minsep Inc. – Berea
Foseco, Inc. – Brook Park
Foseco, Inc. – Brooklyn Village
Foster Wheeler Corp. Canton
Fostoria Electric Light & Power Co. – Fostoria
Fostoria Foundry – Fostoria
Fostoria Glass – Hannibal
Fostoria Industries Fostoria
Foundry Equipment Co. – Cleveland
Foundry Services, Inc. – Brook Park
Fox Co. – Cincinnati
Fox Paper Co. Cincinnati
Fox Paper Co. Lockland
Fox Paper Mill – Cincinnati
Fox Paper Mill – Lockland
Fox River Paper Co. – Urbana
Fox Valley Corp. – Urbana
Fpld Bldg. 700 – Dock 1 – Evendale
Fpld Building 700- 1 Fred Burggraf NO. 300 Cincinnati
France Manufacturing. – Westlake
France Mfg. – Westlake
Franciscan Sisters of The Poor Hospital Cincinnati
Franciscan Sisters of The Poor Hospital, Mt. Airy Campus – Cincinnati
Franciscan University of Steubenville-Library – Steubenville
Frank Billings – Cleveland
Frank Hill Smith – Dayton
Frank M Tait Station Dayton Power & Light Dayton
Frank M. Tait Power Station – Dayton
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice – Detroit, Mi – Columbus
Frank T. Carroll – Columbus
Franklin Board & Paper Co. – Franklin
Franklin Boxboard Corp. – Carlisle
Franklin Boxboard Corp. Franklin
Franklin City Franklin
Franklin Co. Engineering – Columbus
Franklin County Courthouse – Columbus
Franklin Elementary School – Celina
Franklin Enterprises, Inc. – Cincinnati
Franklin Enterprises, Inc. Franklin
Franklin Park Apartments – Columbus
Franklin Park Mall – Toledo
Franklin Plating – Columbus
Franklin School – Canton
Franz Williams Hammer Shop – Alliance
Frasch Process Soda Co. – Cleveland
Fraser Papers Carrollton
Fraser Papers, Inc. – Carrolton
Fred Christen & Sons Co. – Toledo
Fred Phennings – Columbus
Fred’s Stain Glass – N. Olmstead
Freeport Quarries – Steubenville
Freiberg & Workum – Cincinnati
Freiberg Workum Co. – Luckey
Freiberg Workum Co. Lynchburg
Fremont Gas & Electric Light Co. – Fremont
Fremont Progress Airport – Fremont
French Bauer, Inc. – Cincinnati
French Bros-Bawer Co. – Cincinnati
French Brothers Bauer Co. Cincinnati
Freuhauf Trailer – Avon Lake
Freyn Brothers, Inc. – Napoleon
Friction Products Co. Medina
Fridgidaire Plant – Morine City
Friend Paper Tablet Co. Carrollton
Friends Church – E. Richland
Frigidaire – Dayton
Frigidaire Appliance Plant – Dayton
Frigidaire Corp. – Moraine
Frigidaire Division of General Motors Corp. – Dayton
Frigidaire Plant – Moraine
Frigidaire Plant #3 Kettering
Frigidare Corp. General Motors Corp. Moraine
Fritinger Lumber Co. – Middlefield
Frito-Lay Inc. Wooster
Front Street Plant – Toledo
Frontier Shopping Center – Marietta
Fruehauf Trailer – Avon Lake
Fruehauf Trailer Co. – Elyria
Fryman- Kuch Co. New Oxford
Ft. Hamilton Hospital Hamilton
Fuel Gas Sugar Grove
Fulton Foundry – Cleveland
Fulton Tubing – Archbold
Fusion Inc. – Willoughby
G & W Industries – Cleveland
G C Kuhlman Car Co. – Cleveland
G. A. Gray Co. – Cincinnati
G. C. Kuhlman Car Co. – Cleveland
G. C. Murphy Co. – Cincinnati
G. Cleveland
G. E. – Avon
G. E. Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion – Evendale
G. E. Avon
G. E. Bellevue
G. E. Bucyrus
G. E. Circleville
G. E. Dover
G. E. Euclid
G. E. Hendersonville
G. E. Hull Line 10 Building 30 Marietta
G. E. Logan
G. E. Louisville
G. E. Niles
G. E. Ravenna
G. E. Richmond Heights
G. E. Tiffin
G. E. Warren
G. E. Willoughby
G. H. Friend Paper Co. – Carrolton
G. H. Friend Paper Tablet Co. – Carrolton
G. H.R. Foundry – Dayton
G. L. Larely Construction – Columbus
G. S. Equipment – Cleveland
G. S. Equipment Cleveland
G. W. Sugar Co. – Fremont
G. Wilder Mulh Bwg. Co. – Pomeroy
Gahanna Wastewater Treatment Plant Gahanna
Galberts – Columbus
Galion Community Hospital – Galion
Galion Lumber Co. – Galion
Galipolis Electric Co.
Gallery Of Fine Arts – Columbus
Gallia Coal Mine – Gallipolis
Gallion Grave Vault Co. – Gallion
Gallipolis Powerhouse – Gallipolis
Gallipolis Shopping Center – Gallipolis
Gallipolis State Hospital – Gallipolis
Gallipolis State Institution – Gallipolis
Gambrino US Steel Plant Canton
Gambrinous Plant. – Canton
Gambrinous Steel Plant – Canton
Gambrinus Steel Plant – Stark
Gannett Satellite Inc. – Cincinnati
Garaway High School – Canton
Garber Printing – Ashland
Garden Center of Greater Cleveland – Cleveland
Gardner Board & Carton – Middletown
Gardner Board & Carton Co. – Cincinnati
Gardner Paper Board Co. – Middletown
Gardner Paper Mill – Middletown
Gardner Richardson Co. – Cleveland
Garfield Elementary School – Cambridge
Garfield Heights Shopping Center-Garfield Heights
Garfield High School – Cleveland
Garfield School – Canton
Garfield School – Portsmouth
Garfield Tower – Cincinnati
Garfield Tower 15Th Floor Cincinnati
Garford Manufacturing Co. – Elyria
Garford Motor Truck Co. – Lima
Garland-Haswell-Reutschler Foundry Co. – Dayton
Garlock – Frazee Laundry Co. – Cleveland
Garlock-Frazee Laundry Co. – Cleveland
Garrett- Cromwell Engineering Co. Cleveland
Garry Iron & Steel Co. – Youngstown
Gartland-Haswell-Rentschler Foundry Co. – Dayton
Gas Atmospheres Inc. – Cleveland
Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant Piketon
Gas Co. Twinsburg
Gas Diffusion Center – Piketon
Gas Metering Station – Toronto
Gas Pipelines – Jackson
Gas Pipelines – Oak Hill
Gas Trubine Laboratory – Perry
Gas Turbine Station – Columbus
Gasanol Plant – Point
Gates Mills Co. Chardon
Gatx Corp. Cincinnati
Gatx Corp. Masury
Gatx Terminals Corp. – Masury
Gavin Plant – Gallipolis
Gavin Power Plant – Cheshire
Gavin Power Plant – Gallipolis
Gavin Power Station Cheshire Power Station – Cheshire
Gavin Powerhouse – Cheshire
Gavin Powerhouse Gallipolis
Gavin Steam Plant – Athens
Gaylord Container Corp. – Baltimore
Gaylord Container Corp. Dresden
GE – Niles
GE Aviation Division Evendale Plant Evendale
Ge Chemical Products Plant – Cleveland
Ge Cleveland Wire Plant – Cleveland
Ge Evendale – Evendale
GE Fisher Body (Euclid Ave.) – Euclid
GE Lighting Nela Park Building 321 Cleveland
Ge Plant – Warren
GE Plant Reading
GE Proving Grounds Test Site – Peebles
Geauga High School
Geiger Brothers Mechanical Services, Inc. – Logan
Gen Corp. Fairlawn Newcomerstown
General Aluminum – Cleveland
General American Transportation Corp. – Masury
General Battery Corp. – Cleveland
General Building Products Inc. Plant – Toledo
General Casting – Delaware
General Chemical Co. Cleveland
General Chemical Co. Painesville
General Chemical Co. Willow
General Chemical Div Allied Chemical & Dye – Cleveland
General Chemical Plant Avon Lake Village
General Clay Co. – Baltic
General Clay Co. – Logan
General Conference of The Seventh- Day Adventists Kettering
General Dry Batteries, Inc. – Cleveland
General Dry Battery – Cleveland
General Dynamics – Lima
General Electric (G.E.) – Bellevue
General Electric Aircraft Cincinnati
General Electric Building 800 Cincinnati
General Electric Circleville Lamp Plant – Circleville
General Electric Co. Bellevue
General Electric Co. Canton
General Electric Co. Cincinnati
General Electric Co. Circleville
General Electric Co. Cleveland
General Electric Co. Cochocton Plant
General Electric Co. Columbus
General Electric Co. Conneaut
General Electric Co. Dover
General Electric Co. Electro Materials Plant Coshocton
General Electric Co. Euclid
General Electric Co. Evendale Plant Cincinnati
General Electric Co. Glass – Logan
General Electric Co. Logan
General Electric Co. Mahoning Glass Plant Niles
General Electric Co. Nela Park – Cleveland
General Electric Co. New Concord
General Electric Co. Newburg Heights
General Electric Co. Niles
General Electric Co. Peebles
General Electric Co. Reading
General Electric Co. Tiffin
General Electric Co. Tungsten Products Plant Euclid
General Electric Co. Vaughn
General Electric Co. Youngstown
General Electric Jet Engine Test Center Peebles
General Electric Lighting Division Cleveland
General Electric Miami Fort Station Bend
General Electric Proving Grounds (Test Site) – Peebles
General Electric Super Abrasive Worthington
General Electric Test Site – Adams County
General Extrusions – Youngstown
General Fire Proofing – Youngstown
General Fireproofing Corp. – GFC Youngstown
General Foods Corp. – Akron
General Foods Corp. McClurg Road Youngstown
General Hospital – Akron
General Hospital – Cincinnati
General Hospital Obstetrics Cincinnati
General Hospital Radiation Laboratory Cincinnati
General Hospital, Blood Bank Cincinnati
General Industries Co. – Elyria
General Insurance Co. – Cincinnati
General James M. Gavin Plant, Unit 1-2 Cheshire
General Machinery Corp. – Hamilton
General Metals Fabrications – Struthers
General Mills Inc. – Mansfield
General Mills Inc. – Toledo
General Mills, Inc. – Lancaster
General Motors – Elyria
General Motors Allison Division Aeroproducts Vandalia
General Motors Central Foundry – Defiance
General Motors Corp. Assembly Plant Warren
General Motors Corp. Bandusky
General Motors Corp. Brooklyn Village
General Motors Corp. Canton
General Motors Corp. Carrolton
General Motors Corp. Central Foundry Defiance
General Motors Corp. Chevrolet Plant – Cincinnati
General Motors Corp. Cleveland
General Motors Corp. Columbus
General Motors Corp. Cpc Plant Mansfield
General Motors Corp. Dayton
General Motors Corp. Defiance
General Motors Corp. Delco Air Division Moraine
General Motors Corp. Delphi Chassis Dept. 52 Dayton
General Motors Corp. Diesel Engine Division Cleveland
General Motors Corp. Distribution Division Columbus
General Motors Corp. Elyria
General Motors Corp. Fisher Body Division Euclid
General Motors Corp. Fisher Body Norwood
General Motors Corp. Foundry – Defiance
General Motors Corp. Foundry Defiance
General Motors Corp. Frigidaire Dayton
General Motors Corp. Hannibal
General Motors Corp. Hudson
General Motors Corp. Inland Manufacturing Dayton
General Motors Corp. Island Manufacturing
General Motors Corp. Lordstown
General Motors Corp. Mansfield
General Motors Corp. Norwood
General Motors Corp. Ontario
General Motors Corp. Parma
General Motors Corp. Plant # 10 Warren
General Motors Corp. Sandusky
General Motors Corp. Stamping Plant – Cleveland
General Motors Corp. Ternstedt Elyria
General Motors Corp. Toledo
General Motors Corp. Vandalia
General Motors Corp. Warren
General Motors Delco Air Div – Moraine
General Motors- Euclid
General Motors Fisher Body Cleveland
General Motors Fisher Body Parma
General Motors Fisher Body Plant Mansfield
General Motors Foundry – Defiance
General Motors Island Manufacturing – Dayton
General Motors Norwalk
General Motors Norwood
General Motors Plant – Cleveland
General Motors Sandusky
General Motors Stamping Plant – Cleveland
General Motors Toledo
General Motors Vandalia
General Motors Warren
General Motors, Delco Air Division – Moraine
General Motors-Dayton
General Products Inc. Plant – Toledo
General Protestant Orphan Home – Cincinnati
General Refractories Co. Warren
General Telephone Building – Athens
General Tire – Ashtabula
General Tire – Canton
General Tire & Rubber – Toledo
General Tire & Rubber Co. Akron
General Tire & Rubber Co. Ashtabula
General Tire & Rubber Co. Canton
General Tire & Rubber Co. Newcomerstown
General Tire & Rubber Co. Textile Toledo
General Tire & Rubber Co. Toledo
General Tire Chemical Plant – Ashtabula
General Tire Chemical Plant Middleroad Ashtabula
General Tire Chemical Plastics Division Newcomerstown
General Tire Chemical-Plastics Div. – Newcomerstown
General Tire Research – Canton
General Welding Supply – Cleveland
General Welding Supply – Martins Ferry
Generating Station – Cleveland
Geneva Metal Wheel Co. – Geneva
Geneve Memorial Hospital – Geneva
Gennaro Paving – Lowville
Gentire – Akron
Geo. H. Porter Heat Treating Co. – Cleveland
Geo. J Renner Brewing Co. – Akron
Geo. J. Renner, Jr. – Youngstown
Geo. Porter Heat Treat – Cleveland
Geo. S. Rider Co. – Cleveland
Geo. W. Cottrell Son Toronto
Geo. W. Dittman – Cincinnati
Geo. Wiedemann Brewing Co. – Cincinnati
George B. Sennett – Youngstown
George E. Milligan – Lorain
George E. Milligan Office – Elyria
George Heekin Junior Residence – Cincinnati
George Ingel Construction – Columbus
George J Renner – Youngstown
George J. Renner Brewing Co. – Akron
George J. Renner, Jr. – Youngstown
George O. Cromwell – Toledo
George O’Neil Boston Coke Corp. – Boston
George O’Neil Boston – Scioto
George Pacific Paper – Carlisle
George Porter Heat Treating Cleveland
George W. Cottrell & Son – Toronto
George W. Dittman – Cincinnati
George Washington Co. – Cleveland
George Wiedemann Brewing Co. – Cincinnati
Georgia Pacific – Toledo
Georgia Pacific Corp. – Columbus
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Toledo
Georgia-Pacific Toledo Mill Power Plant Toledo
German Methodist Asphan Asylum – Berea
Gery Johnson Lumber Yard – Steubenville
GF Corp. – Youngstown
Gh Friend Paper & Tablet Co. Carrollton
Gibson Art Building – Cincinnati
Gibson Greeting Card Co. Cincinnati
Gibson Homans Co. – Cleveland
Gibson Homans Co. Twinsburg
Gibson Hotel – Cincinnati
Gibsonburg Lime Plant – Gibsonburg – Gibsonburg
Gibsonburg Lime Products Co. – Gibsonburg
Gibsonbury Lime – Gibsonburg
Gidding Jenny Barkhardt – Colerain & Springdale – Cincinnati
Gilbert Carpet – Cleveland
Gilbert Electric Supply Co. – Sandusky
Gilberts Inc. – Portsmouth
Gill Memorial Hospital – Steubenville
Gingiss Formal Wear – Northgate Mall – Cincinnati
Girard Iron Co. – Girard
Girard Steel – Girard
Glass Cote Products Division – Cleveland
Glass Plant – Toronto
Glass-Edsell Paper Co. – Delaware
Glasstech Inc. Toledo
Glastic Corp. – Cleveland
Glatfelter – Chillicothe
Glen L Martin Chemical Plant – Ashtabula
Glen L. Martin Co. – Painesville
Glencoe Church – Glencoe
Glendale Avenue Plant – Toledo
Glendale Inc. Plant Siding Toledo
Glendale Plant Siding – Toledo
Glenmont Nursing Home – Columbus
Glenn L. Martin Co. Cleveland
Glenn L. Martin Co. Painesville
Glenn Roofing – Ashland
Glenn Smith Co.; Coal Blox Plant – Cleveland
Gliden Paint – Strongsville
Glidhill Machinery – Galion
Globe Corp. – Cincinnati
Globe Foundry – Dayton
Globe Iron – Beverly
Globe Iron – Ironton
Globe Iron Steel – Jackson
Globe Material Windham
Globe Metalergical – Beverly
Globe Soap Co. – St. Bernard
Globe Steel Abrasive – Mansfield
Globe Wernicke Co. – Cincinnati
Globe Wernicke Co. Norwood
Glockner Chevrolet – Portsmough
Glo-Tone Cleaners St. Clairsville
Gm Chevrolet Div. – Cleveland
GM Cleveland Diesel Engine Co. Div. Brooklyn Village
Gm Corp. – Warren
GM Defiance
Gm Delphi Chassis – Dayton
GM Fisher Body Co. Cleveland
GM Frigidaire Dayton
GM Hydromatic – Toledo
GM Inland Manufacturing Division Dayton
GM Lordstown
GM Plant
GM Ternstedt Manufacturing Division Columbus
GMC Chevrolet – Cleveland
GMC Columbus
GMC Diesel Engine Div – Cleveland
GMC Truck – Youngstown
Gm-Inland Manufacturing – Dayton
Gnadenhutten, Inc. Plant No. 1 – Gnadenhutten
Goebel Brewing Co. – Toledo
Gojo Industries – Akron
Good Samaritan Hosp. – Zanesville
Good Samaritan Hospital – Cincinnati
Good Samaritan Hospital Dayton
Good Samaritan Hospital Zanesville
Goodall Co. – Cincinnati
Gooding Amusement Co. – Columbus
Goodrich – Cleveland
Goodrich – Marietta
Goodrich Chem Co. Plant 3 Akron
Goodrich Chem Co. Plasticizer Building Avon Lake
Goodrich Chemical Co. – Akron
Goodrich Experimental Lab – Avon Lake
Goodrich Experimental Station – Avon Lake
Goodrich Gulf Avon Lake
Goodrich Gulf Chemical Co. – Avon Lake
Goodrich Gulf Corp. Pilot Plant Avon Lake
Goodrich Marietta
Goodrich Plant 3 Akron
Goodrich Research Center – Brecksville
Goodwill Industries – Cincinnati
Goodyear – Akron
Goodyear – Canton
Goodyear – Jackson
Goodyear – Logan
Goodyear – Piketon
Goodyear Aerospace – Akron
Goodyear Aerospace – Canton
Goodyear Aerospace Corp. – Ahson
Goodyear Aerospace Goodyear Tire Co. Akron
Goodyear Aircraft – Aron
Goodyear Aircraft Canton
Goodyear Aircraft Co. – Canton
Goodyear Aircraft Co. Plant D Akron
Goodyear Aircraft Hydrotherm Canton
Goodyear Aircraft Plant Akron
Goodyear Aircraft Plant D Akron
Goodyear Aircraft Plant D Canton
Goodyear Atomic Corp. – Sargents
Goodyear Atomic Corp. Diffusion Plant Piketon
Goodyear Atomic Energy Plant – Piketon
Goodyear Atomic Piketon
Goodyear Atomic Plant
Goodyear Building 54 – Cleveland
Goodyear Canton
Goodyear Circleville
Goodyear Jackson
Goodyear Logan
Goodyear Plant – Akron
Goodyear Plant 2 Powerhouse Akron
Goodyear Synthetic Rubber Co. – Akron
Goodyear Tire – Circleville
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Akron
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Berea
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Brook Park
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Canton
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Logan
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. St Marys
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Research Building Akron
Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. Building 132- A Plant 58 Akron
Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. Buildings 21 29 Plant #1 Akron
Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. Plant #1 Interplant Line Akron
Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. Plant #5, 600 Landon Ave. Archwood Akron
Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. Plant 3 Akron
Gordon & Maxwell Co. – Hamilton
Gorell School – Canton
Gorge Powerhouse – Akron
Gorge Powerhouse Akron
Gorman – Lavelle Corp. – Cleveland
Gorman Rupp Co. – Mansfield
Gorman-Lavelle Corp. – Cleveland
Gorrants – Ohio Valley Mall – St. Clairsville
Gorsuch Station Marietta
Gould Battery – Procterville
Gould Co. – McConnerville
Gould Electronics, Inc. Lake
Gould Inc, Clevite Bearing Div. Cleveland
Gould, Inc. – Cleveland
Grabler Manufacturing – Cleveland
Grabler Manufacturing Tiffin
Grace Evangelical Church – Canton
Grandview Yd. – N. W. Blvd. Track – Columbus
Granite Clay Co. – Mogadore
Grant Hospital – Columbus
Grant Hospital – Gallipolis
Grant School – Steubenville
Granville Technical Center – Granville
Grasselli Chemical Co. – Cleveland
Grasselli Chemical Co. – Niles
Grasselli Chemical Department – Cleveland
Gravel Bank Power Plant – Marietta
Gravel Bank Powerhouse – Marietta
Gravel Hill Grade School – Bellaire
Gray Iron Foundry – Barberton
Gray Steel – Pettysville
Great Lake Coal Mining Co. – Columbus
Great Lake Sugar Co. – Fremont
Great Lakes Carbon – Marion
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. Marion
Great Lakes Coal Mining Co. – Columbus
Great Lakes Coal Mining Co. Pomeroy
Great Lakes Engineering Works Shipyard – Ashtabula
Great Lakes Flour – Cleveland
Great Lakes Sugar Co. – Fremont
Great Northern Apartments – N. Olmstead
Great Southern Hotel – Columbus
Great Southern Oil & Gas Co. – Sugar Groves
Great Western Sugar Co. Fremont
Greater Cleveland Garden Center Cleveland
Green A P Refractories Of Ohio – Canton
Green Ball Bearing – Cleveland
Green Cross Hospital – Cuyahoga
Green High School – Haverville
Green Jr High School – Canton
Green Junior High School – Canton
Greene Pipeline-Fulton
Greenville Electric Light & Power Co. – Greenville
Greer Steel Co. – Dover
Gregory Galvanizing – Canton
Griffin Wheel – Columbus
Grimes Aerospace Co. – Columbus
Grinnel Building – Cincinnati
Grinnell Corp. Piketon
Grinnell Corp. Warren
Griscom Russell Co. – Massillon
Grizzly Manufacturing Co. – Paulding
Grizzly Nuturn – Paulding
Ground Round – Cleveland
Grove City High School – Grove City
Grover Musical – Cleveland
Guaranteed Manufacturing & Plating – Cleveland
Guardian Glass – Millersburg
Guernsey Memorial Hospital – Cambridge
Gulf Chemical – Marietta
Gulf Chemical Metallurgical Corp. Ironton
Gulf Gas Station (Route 800) – Woodsfield
Gulf Oil Corp. – Toledo
Gulf Oil Corp. Chevron Oil Refinery Miami
Gulf Oil Corp. Cincinnati
Gulf Oil Corp. Cleveland
Gulf Oil Corp. Cleves
Gulf Oil Corp. Columbus
Gulf Oil Corp. Toledo Refinery Toledo
Gulf Oil Corp. Toledo
Gulf Oil Refinery – Cincinnati
Gulf Oil Refinery Chevron USA – Hooven
Gulf Oil Refinery Cincinnati
Gulf Oil Refinery Clenes
Gulf Oil Refinery Cleves
Gulf Oil Refinery Toledo
Gulf Refinery Co. – Cleves
Gulf States Steel Co. Cleveland
Gummed Products Co. – Troy
Gund Arena – Cleveland
Gund Brewing Co. – Cleveland
Gunning Refractories Inc.
Gunning Refractories Inc. – Webster
Gw Industries Cleveland
G-W Sugar Co. – Fremont
Gwinn Milling Co. – Columbus
Gwynne Building – Cincinnati
Gypsum Co.

 Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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