Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites H-M

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Ohio job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Ohio Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Ohio allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Ohio and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Ohio asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Quotes From Asbestos Executives About Their Workers

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.”1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis. “When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead?he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites H-M

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites A-C

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites C-G

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites N-R

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites S-Z

H & H Industrial – Wooster
H & M Demolition Co.
H & M Metal – Cuyahoga
H & S Pogue Co. – Cincinnati
H H Meyer Refrigeration Packing Co. – Cincinnati
H H Meyer Refrigeration Packing Co. Cincinnati
H H Meyers Packing Co. – Cincinnati
H J Heinz Co. Fremont
H Miller – Cincinnati
H. & S. Pogue Department Store – Cincinnati
H. A. Preston School – Canton
H. B. Camp Co. – Akron
H. B. Camp Sewer Pipe Co. – Greentown
H. B. Milwine & Co. – Toledo
H. D. Beach Co. – Coshocton
H. H. Auto Parts – Canton
H. H. Meyer Packing Co. – Cincinnati
H. H. Williams & Co. – Wauseon
H. J. Heinz Co. Boiler House Bowling Green
H. J. Heinz Co. Main Plant Fremont
H. J. Osterfield Co. – Dayton
H. K. Ferguson – Avon
H. K. Ferguson Co – Painesville
H. K. Porter – Wellsville
H. M. Crites Milling Co. – Circleville
H. M. Metal Cuyahoga Falls
H. Miller – Cincinnati
H. S. Pogue Co. Cincinnati
H. S. Potter Construction Co. – Sebring
Hadenville Brickyard
Hadfield Penfield Steel Co. – Bucyrus
Hadghorn Construction – Akron
Hagar Strawboard & Paper Co. – Cedarville
Hagar Strawboard & Paper Co. Xenia
Haili Restaurant – Columbus
Hal Lynn – Cleveland
Halex Corp. – Cleveland
Halex Division – Bedford
Hallmark Cards – Cincinnati
Halora Corp. – Cleveland
Haltenback & Stephens – Cleveland
Hambruger Inn – Canton
Hamilton – Otto Coke Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton Apartment Complex – Hamilton
Hamilton Co. Training – Cincinnati
Hamilton Coke & Iron Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton County Commissioners – Cincinnati
Hamilton County Courthouse – Cincinnati
Hamilton County Home – Cincinnati
Hamilton Department of Public Works Hamilton
Hamilton Dept. Of Public Utilities – Hamilton
Hamilton Electric Department – Hamilton
Hamilton Furnace Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton Gas & Electric Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton House Apartments – Mayfield Heights
Hamilton I & S Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton Ice & Cold Storage Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton Milk Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton Municipal Building – Hamilton
Hamilton Municipal Electric Plant – Hamilton
Hamilton Municipal Power Plant – Hamilton
Hamilton Ohio Department of Public Utilities – Hamilton
Hamilton Otto Coke Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton Steel & Iron Co. – Hamilton
Hamilton Steel Iron Co. Hamilton
Hamilton Stores – Hamilton
Hamilton Water Works Department
Hammermill, – Hamilton
Hammond Acoustical Co. – Canton
Hampton Inn – Mentor
Hampton Road Shipyard
Hancock Manufacturing – Toronto
Hanging Rock Iron Co. – Hanging Rock
Hankins Container Co. – Cleveland
Hanna Coal Co. – Georgetown
Hanna Coal Co. – Piney Fork
Hannibal High School – Hannibal
Hannibal Locks – Hannibal
Harbison Walker – Portsmouth
Harbison Walker – Windham
Harbison Walker Refectories Co. – Portsmouth
Harbison Walker Refractories – Clay Mill Works
Harbison Walker Refractories – Garretsville
Harbison Walker Refractories – Scioto
Harbison-Walker – Portsmouth
Harbison-Walker Refractories Clay Mill Works
Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. Garrettsville
Harbison-Walker Refractories Scioto
Harbison-Walker Windham
Hardesty Chemical Co. – Dover
Hardesty Milling Co. – Canal Dover
Harding High School – Cambridge
Harding Jones Paper Co. – Excello
Harkness & Cowing – Cincinnati
Harkness & Cowing Co. – Cincinnati
Harkness Cowing Co. – Cincinnati
Harkness Cowing Co. St. Bernard
Harmony Tool & Die – Mingo
Harn Vault – Massillon
Harper Construction – Cincinnati
Harring Hall Marvin Co. – Hamilton
Harris & Sloan Coal – Portsmouth
Harris Fab – Youngstown
Harris Seybold Corp. Cleveland
Harris Sloan Coal – Portsmouth
Harrison Manufacturing Birmingham
Harrison Radiator – Dayton
Harrison Radiator Moraine
Harrison School – Canton
Harrop Ceramic Service Co. – Columbus
Harrop Industries Columbus
Harrup Ceramics Service Columbus
Harshaw Chemical – Cleveland
Harshaw Chemical Co. – Elyria
Harshaw Chemical Co. – Solon
Harshaw Chemical Co. Silver Catalyst Dept Cleveland
Harshaw Fuller & Goodwin Co. – Cleveland
Harshaw, Fuller Goodwin Co. Elyria
Harter Milling Co. – Fostoria
Hartford Junior High School – Canton
Hartje Brothers Paper Co. – Toronto
Hartje Brothers Paper Manufacturing Co. – Steubenville
Hartje Brothers Paper Manufacturing Co. Toronto
Hartman Building – Columbus
Hartman Electric – Mansfield
Hartman Electrical LfG. Co.
Hartman Electrical Manufacturing Co. – Mansfield
Hartzell Industries, Inc. – Pequia
Harvey Brothers – Cleveland
Haselton Furnace #4 – Haselton
Hatcher Brothers Construction – Mingo Junction
Hatfield Electric – Lorain
Haveg Industries Cleveland
Haveg Industries Inc. Glass – Cleveland
Haverhill Chemical – Ironton
Hawkeye Chemical Co. – Clinton
Hawthorden States Hospital – Madedonia
Hawthorn Hospital – Cleveland
Hawthornden State Hospital Cleveland
Hawthornden State Hospital Macedonia
Hawthornden State Hospital Northfield
Hawthorne Valley Club – Bedford
Hayden Co. – Columbus
Hayden Plant – Columbus
Hayes Albion – Tiffin
Hazel Athens Glass – Zanesville
Heath Refining Heath Licking County
Heating Plant – Barberton
Heating Plant – Kent
Hebrew Union College – Cincinnati
Heckett Engineering – Youngstown
Heck’s Store – Athens
Hecla Fabricating – Kitts Hill
Hedalloy Die – Cleveland
Heekin Can Co. – Norwood
Heffner & Co. Circleville
Heffner Milling Co. – Circleville
Heinrichs, A G – Cleveland
Heinz Co. Fremont
Heinz H J Co. Bowling Green
Heinz Manufacturing Plant – Bowling Green
Helfrich Die Cast – Canton
Helfrich Die Cast Canton
Hellenic Cultural Center – Canton
Heller Tool Co. – New Comerstown
Hempfield Elementary School – Greensburg
Hendershot – Ironton
Hendershot & Smith Inc. – Wickliffe
Hendershot Ironton
Hendershot Smith, Inc. Wickliffe
Henkel Of America, Inc. – Cincinnati
Henkes Auto Electric – Lorain
Henrite Products – Ironton
Henry Dregers Greenhouse – Columbia Station
Henry Electric – Canton
Henry Furnace. & Foundry Railway Co. – Medina
Henry Holtzman & Son Co. – Columbus
Henry Holtzman & Sons Co. – Columbus
Henry J. Crane – Toledo
Henry P. Thompson – Cincinnati
Heran Court Beverage & Ice Co. – Cincinnati
Herancourt Brewing Co. – Cincinnati
Herb Stein Ford – North Jackson
Herbert Chemical Co. – Cincinnati
Hercules – Gallion
Hercules & White Motors – Canton
Hercules Box Co. Bakery Borden Inc. – Columbus
Hercules Co. – Mansfield Oh – Mansfield
Hercules Engines, Inc. – Wooster
Hercules Motor – Canton
Hercules Motor Corp. – Canton
Hercules White Motors – Canton
Herron Testing Lab – Cleveland
Hess & Clark – Canton
Hess Spring & Axle Co. – Carthage
Hetz Construction Co. – Warren
Hewitt Soap Co. – Dayton
Hewtt Soap Co. American Safety Razor Co. Dayton
Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. Columbus
Heyden Chemical Corp. – Ironton
Hf Carpet – Mayfield
Hickory Farms, Inc. Maumee
Hicks & Nolen Auto Service – Mansfield
Higbee Co. – Cleveland
Higby’s Department Store – Cleveland
High Rise Apartments – Cleveland
High Rise Apartments – Euclid Beach
High Rise Apartments – Lakewood
High School – Champion
High School – Cleveland
High School Willoughby
Highland Plaza Office Building – Beachwood
Highland View Hospital – Cleveland
High-Rise – Bellaire – Bellaire
Highway Heat – Youngstown
Highway Production Kent
Hill Clutch Co. – Cleveland
Hill Hardware – Fairport Harbor
Hill Manufacturing Co. – Jackson
Hillcrest Hospital – Mayfield Heights
Hills High School – Cincinnati
Hills Hospital – Portsmouth
Hillshire Farm & Kahn’s – Cincinnati
Hillside Jr. High – Seven Hills
Hillside Junior High School – Cleveland
Hillside Junior High School Seven Hills
Hilton David Chemical – Cincinnati
Hilton Davis – Cincinnati
Hilton Davis Chemical Co. – Cincinnati
Hilton Davis Chemical Co. Toledo
Hilton Davis Chemical Plant – Cincinnati
Hilton Hotel – Toledo
Hilton Inn – Cincinnati
Hilton-Davis Chemical Co. – Cincinnati
Himmels Shell – Massillon
Hinckley Greenhouse – Cleveland
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. Bandusky
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. Cleveland
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. Delphos
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. Sandusky
Hines Flask Co. – Cleveland
Hinklin Awning Co. – Marion
His Ministry Church – Solon
Hk Furguson Co. Painesville
Hl Reed – Mansfield
Hoban Dominican High School Auditorium – Cleveland
Hobart Bros Co. – Troy
Hobart Corp. Troy
Hobart Manufacturing Co. – Troy
Hobart Manufacturing Corp. Troy
Hobert Corp. – Troy
Hocking Valley Hospital – North Logan
Hoerner-Waldorf Corp.
Hoffman – La Roche – Cambridge
Hoffman Bronze – Cleveland
Hoffman-La Roche – Cambridge
Hoge Lumber & Brush Co. – New Knoxville
HoGE Lumber Co. New Knoxville
Holiday Inn – Bassett Road – Cleveland
Holiday Inn – Marietta
Holiday Inn – Point
Holiday Inn – Strongsville
Holland Bread Co. – Dayton
Holland Furnace – Ironton
Hollenden Hotel – Cleveland
Hollywood Brands, Inc. – Malvern
Holmes County Home – Millersburg
Holmes High School – Canton
Holmes Hospital – Evendale
Holsman Co. Cleveland
Holy Angels School
Holy Angels School – Sidney
Holy Family Cancer Home – Parma
Holy Family Catholic Church – Parma
Holy Family Catholic Church Parma
Holy Family Home – Parma
Holy Name Church – Parma
Holzer Medical Center – Gallipolis
Home & Apartment Construction – Bridgeport
Home Construction – Cambridge
Home Construction – Flushing – Flushing
Home Construction – Hannibal
Home Construction – St. Clairsville
Home Depo Warehouse Store – Brooklyn
Home For the Aged – Mt. Healthy
Home Insulation Co. – Youngstown
Home Lighting, Power, & Heating Co. – Springfield
Home Telephone Co. – Middletown
Honda – St. Mary’s
Honda Manufacturing – Marysville
Honda Plant – Liberty
Hooker Electrochemical Co. – Kent
Hooker Electrochemical Co. – Kenton
Hootman Aluminum Foundry – Bryan
Hooven & Allison Co. – Xenias
Hoover Co. – Canton
Hoover Co. Canton Oh – Canton
Hoover Co. Canton
Hoover Owens Rentschler Co. – Hamilton
Hope National Gas Co. – Hannibal
Hopemont Sanitarium – Liverpool
Hornell Ice & Cold Storage Co. – Marion
Horsburgh – Scott – Cleveland
Horvitz Co. – Cleveland
Hospital – Cleveland
Hospital – Oak Hill
Hospital – Sewickley, – OH
Hospital Garage – Toledo
Hospital Oak Hill
Hospital Sewickley
Hospitality Motor Inn – Cincinnati
Hossler Construction Tiffin
Hot Line Co. – Cincinnati
Hotel (Rt 91 & Rt 2) – Oh – Akron
Hotel Cleveland Power Plant – Cleveland
Hotel Gibson – Cincinnati
Hotel Metropole – Cincinnati
House Floors – Teeazlo
House Of Loretta – Canton
House Of Pierre – Cincinnati
House Of Pierre – Route 747 – Cincinnati
Housing Project – Bellaire
Housing Project – Canton
Housing Project – Cleveland
Houston Hay Al & Sons – Coshocton
Howard Johnson – Strongsville
Howard Paper Co. – Urbana
Howard Paper Mills – Dayton
Howard Paper Urbana
Howard Papermill Dayton
Howe Sound Co. – Carrollton
Howe Sound Co. Larrallton
Hubbard High School – Hubbard
Hubber Ridge Elementary School – Huber Ridge
Huber- Warco Marion
Huddle Wrecker Co. – Ironton
Hudepohl Brewing Co. – Cincinnati
Hudgeons Products – Cleveland
Huebner Toledo Breweries Co. – Toledo
Huenefeld Co. – Cincinnati
Huff Power Station – Cleveland
Huffman & Wolfe Fabricating Shop – Columbus
Huffman Conklin Co. – Columbus
Huffman Wolfe Fabricating Shop – Columbus
Hughes & Keenan – Mansfield
Hughes Bechtol Inc. – Manchester
Hughes- Bechtol Inc. Dayton
Hughes High School – Cincinnati
Hughes High School 2515 Clifton Avenue Cincinnati
Hughes Hospital – Hamilton
Hughes Memorial Hosp – Hamilton
Hughes-Bechtol Inc. – Dayton
Humes Trailer – Bloomingdale
Humes Trucking Trailor Shop – Steubenville
Humphreys – Mansfield
Humphreys Enamel Warehouse, Inc. – Mansfield
Hunde Dauch Paper Co. – Sandusky
Hunt Foods & Industries, Inc. Perrysburg
Hunt Foods Willis Day Industrial Park Perrysburg
Hunt Products Inc. – North Royalton
Hunt Wesson Foods – Perrysburg
Hunters Corp. – Cincinnati
Huntington Bldg. Bank (9Th & Euclid) – Cleveland
Huntington National Bank – Columbus
Hunts Food – Rossford
Huntsman Chemical – Belpre
Huntsman Chemical, Shell Chemical – Belpre
Huntsmen Goodson Chemical Corp. – Troy
Hunt-Wesson Foods Inc. Industrial Plant Perrysburg
Hupp Corp. – Canton
Huron Lime Co. – Huran
Huron Lime Kiln – Huron  – Huran
Huron Mortar – Polling County
Huron Road Hospital – Cleveland
Huseman Snack Food Co. – Cincinnati
Hutchings Power Plant – Miamisburg
Hutchins Power Plant – Miamisburg
Huttenbauer & Sons – Sharonville
Hyde Park Bank – Cincinnati
Hydraulic Place – Mt. Gillian
Hydraulic Pressed Steel Co. – Cleveland
Hydro Aerobics, Inc. – Milford
Hydro-Blast Corp. – Cleveland
Hydro-Blast Corp. Elyria
Hydro-Blast Corp. Minster Machine
Hydro-Blast Corp. Toledo
Hydrocarbon Research, Inc. – Mingo Junction
Hydromatic Pump – Ashland
Hygienic Dental Job – Canton
Hygienic Dental Job – Steam & Condensate – Canton
Hyme Plumbing – Ymca – Lancaster
Hynes Steel – Youngstown
I R C Fibers Co. – Painesville
I T C – Building Annex – 132 Foot Tank – Cincinnati
I T C Building Annex 132 Foot Tank Cincinnati
I. D. S. Mead & Co. Toledo
I. Schuman – Bedford
I.D. Smead & Co. – Toledo
Iberio High School – Iberio
Ice & Fuel Co. – Columbus
Ice Fuel Co. – Columbus
Ida Housing Project – Cincinnati
Ideal Electric – Mansfield
Ideal Milk Co. – Portsmouth
Ideal Milk Co. Portsmouth
Ideal Provision – Shadyside
Ideal Tire & Rubber Co. – Cleveland
Ido Galley – Columbus
Iga Grocery Store – Carrollton
Illuminating Building – Cleveland
Illuminating Co. (Building 55 Public Square) – Cleveland
Illuminating Co. Substation – Brook Park
Immerman Crafts – Solon
Immerman Creative – Solon
Immerman Enamels – Solon
Imperial Clevite – Bridgeport
Imperial Clevite – Cleveland
Imperial Clevite – Lansing
Imperial Glass – Bellaire
Incinerator Plant – Cincinnati
Indalex – Girard
Independence Ford – Cleveland
Independent Ice Co. – Cleveland
Independent Towel Supply – Cleveland
India Tire & Rubber Co. – Mogadore
Indian Lookout Properties – Cincinnati
Indian Refining Co. – Cincinnati
Indiana & Ohio Railroad
Indiana Columbus & Eastern Traction Co. – Hebron
Indiana Kentucky Electric Corp. – Piketon
Indiana Michigan Electric Co. – Tanners Creek – Cincinnati
Indianapolis Columbus & Southern Traction Co. – Columbus
Indianapolis Power & Light-Cleveland Thermal Energy – Cleveland
Indianola Heating & Lighting Co. – Columbus
Indianola Ice Co. – Columbus
Indpls. Col. & Southern Tract Co. – Columbus
Industrial Aluminum – Elyria
Industrial Artcraft – Akron
Industrial Chemical Distillery Ashtabula
Industrial Fabricating Job – Canton
Industrial Fibre Corp. – Cleveland
Industrial Forge Steel – Canton
Industrial Furnace Supply Co. – Columbus
Industrial Mill Maintenance Inc. – Youngstown
Industrial Ovens, Inc. – Cleveland
Industrial Power Piping – Berea
Industrial Rayon – Painesville
Industrial Rayon Corp. – Cleveland
Industrial Rayon Corp. Painesville
Industrial Service Engineering Co. Orville
Industrial Services & Eng – Orrville
Industrial Steel – Youngstown
Indy Power-Light Cleve. Thermal Energy – Cleveland
Ineos – Addyston
Ineos Lima
Ingalls Building – Cincinnati
Ingersoll-Humphries – Mansfield
Ingersoll-Rand Building – Canton
Ingersoll-Rand Co. Canton
Inland Dayton
Inland Division of General Motors Corp. Dayton
Inland Lamp Department Of General Electric Co. – Niles
Inland Manufacturer Building – Dayton
Inland Manufacturing Co. – Dayton
Inland Manufacturing Div. General Motors Corp. Dayton
Inland Mfg. Dayton
Inland Products – Columbus
Inland Refractories Co. Cleveland
Inland Steel Co. Cleveland
Inland Steel Co. Columbus
Inmont Division, Basf – Greenville
Institute For Feeble Minded – Orient
Institute Library & Humanities Bldg. – Cleveland
Institute Library & Humanities Building
Institute of Technology Cleveland
Institution For Feeble Minded Youth – Columbus
Institution For Feeble Minded Youth Orient
Institutional Industries – Cincinnati
Insulation Contracting & Supply Co. – Cincinnati
Insulation Contracting Supply Milford
Insulation Services Inc. Aberdeen
Insulation Services Inc. Barnswell
Insulation Services Inc. Haverhill
Insulco, Inc. – Lima
Intercon Systems – Cleveland
Interlake Beverly
Interlake Iron Corp. – Beverly
Interlake Iron Corp. – Toledo
Interlake Iron Corp. – Waterford
Interlake Iron Steel Toledo
Interlake Steamship – Cleveland
Interlake Steel – Beverly
Interlake Steel – Cleveland
Interlake Steel – Toledo
Interlake Steel Beverly
Interlake Steel Corp. – Toledo
Interlake Steel Interlake Iron – Toledo
Internal Revenue Service – Youngstown
International Breweries, Inc. – Findlay
International Detrola – Martins Ferry
International Harvester – Akron
International Harvester – Shadyside
International Harvester – Springdale
International Harvester-Navistar – Springfield
International Paper Co. Container Division Wooster
International Paper Co. Dayton
International Paper Co. Wooster
International Paper Co. Youngstown
International Paper Co. Youngstown
International Paper, – Hamilton
International Paper; St. Regis Street Mill – Hamilton
International Salt Co. – Cleveland
Interstate Bakeries – Cincinnati
Interstate Engineering Co. – Bedford
Interstate Engineering Co. Cleveland
Interstate Folding Box Board Co. – Miamisburg
Interstate Folding Box Co. – Miamisburg
Interstate United Vending Co. – Sardis
Intrusion Prepakt, Inc. Cleveland
Investment Casting Waterville
io Railroad Co. – Leetonia
Irc Fibers Co. – Painesville
Irnet – Hannibal
Iron City Sash & Door – Lima
Iron Works Power Plant – Piqua
Ironton Coke Corp. – Ironton
Ironton Coke Works – Ironton
Ironton Fire Brick – Ironton
Ironton High School – Ironton
Ironton Iron Co. – Ironton
Ironton Machine Shop – Ironton
Ironton Metropolitan Housing Authority Ironton
Ironton Port Cement Co. – Ironton
Irwin School – Canton
Irwin Steel Fabricators – Canton
Isaac Harter Co. – Fostoria
Isaac Harter Co. Toledo
Isaac S Auto Sales Hamilton
Ishpeming – Lorain
Its – Columbus
ITT Abrasive Products Co. Tiffin
ITT Grinnell – Piketon
Ivory Dale Plant – Cincinnati
Ivory Dale Plant St. Bernard
Ivorydale Factory – Food Products Storeroom – Cincinnati
J & D Welding – Cleveland
J & L – Ltv Steel – Cleveland
J & L Co. – Warren
J & L LTV Steel Campbell
J & L LTV Steel Canton
J & L LTV Steel Cleveland
J & L LTV Steel Mahoning
J & L LTV Steel Massillon
J & L LTV Steel Niles
J & L LTV Steel Struthers
J & L LTV Steel Warren
J & L LTV Steel Youngstown
J & L Speciality Steel – Louisville
J & L Steel – Canton
J & L Steel – Niles
J & L Steel Corp. – Cleveland
J & L Steel Corp. Fuel Injection Furnaces Cleveland
J & L Steel-Jones Laughlin Steel – Cleveland
J A Edison – Piqua
J A Guy, Inc. Mechanical Contractors Dublin
J Burton Ayers – Lorain
J- D Welding Cleveland
J M Smucker Co. Canton
J. A. Edison – Piqua
J. A. Fay & Egan Co. – Cincinnati
J. B. Campbell Manufacturing Co. – Carthage
J. B. Foote Foundry – Frederickstown
J. B. Jones & Co. – Steubenville
J. B. Schaaf – Cincinnati
J. Burton Ayers – Lorain
J. C. Groendyke Co. – Miamisburg
J. C. Heintz – Cleveland
J. C. Heintz Co. – Akron
J. C. Penney – Canton
J. C. Penney Building – Lima
J. C. Penney Canton
J. C. Penney Co. – North Randall
J. C. Pennys – Marietta
J. D. Fowler – Youngstown
J. E. Upson – Cleveland
J. F. Randall – Cleveland
J. F. Williams Milling Co. – Columbus
J. H. Day Co. – Cincinnati
J. H. Mclain Co. – Canton
J. H. Tangeman & Co. – Lockland
J. Howell Machine – Somerton
J. I. Hass Co. – Marietta
J. J. Foundry – Ironton
J. Kirschenbaum – Cleveland
J. L. Ballinger – Cincinnati
J. M Stuart Electric Generating Co.
J. M. Cousins – Mansfield
J. M. Gavin Power Plant in Plant – Cheshire
J. M. Smucker Apple Butter Co. – Orrville
J. M. Stewart Power Plant-Manchester
J. M. Stuart Electric Generating Station – Aberdeen
J. M. Stuart Power Plant – Aberdeen
J. M. Stuart Station Unit 4 – Dayton
J. M. Wall Co. – Cleveland
J. P. Wolf – Dayton
J. Shillito – Cincinnati
J. Smith’s Son’s Brewing Co. – Youngstown
J. W. Geopfert – Akron
Jack Cornell Roofing Elyria
Jack Heintz Inc. – Bedford
Jack Herb Florist – Cincinnati
Jack Higgins Co. – Twinsburg
Jackson Elem. School, Maumee
Jackson Elementary School – Maumee
Jackson Elementary School Washington Township Maumee
Jackson Iron & Steel Co. – Jackson
Jackson Iron Steel Jackson
Jackson J & S. Co. – Jackson
Jackson Job #1442 – Powerhouse – Newark
Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant – Columbus
Jackson Sauder Junior High – Massillon
Jaeger Machine Co. Plant Columbus
Jaile Co. – Boston
James B. Clow & Sons – Newcomerstown
James C. Heintz – Akron
James C. Oren – Dayton
James Campbell Smith, Inc. – Willoughby
James E. Thomas – Newark
James Leffel & Co. – Springfield
James M. Gavin Power Plant Cheshire
James W. Holtel Co. – Cincinnati
Janitrol Aircraft Division – Columbus
Jarecki Chemical Co. – St. Bernard
Jarvis Division – Toledo
Jas Leffel & Co. – Springfield
Jaskeirny S Auto Body Garage – Dillonvale
Jay L Angel Inc. Toledo
JC Penney – Warrensville Heights
Jc Penney – Zanesville
JC Penney – Zanesville io
JC Penney (Brook Park & Lorain Rd) – N. Olmstead
JC Penney Ohio Valley Mall St. Clairsville
J-D Welding – Cleveland
Jeep Corp. – Toledo
Jeep Plant Toledo
Jefferey Manufacturing Columbus
Jefferson – Smurfit Corp. – Middletown
Jefferson City Burial Vault Works – Steubenville
Jefferson Iron Works – Steubenville
Jefferson Materials Streetsboro io
Jefferson School Springfield
Jefferson Smurfit Corp. – Circleville
Jefferson Smurfit Paper Mill – Middletown
Jefferson Smurfit; & Diamond International – Lockland
Jeffrey Manufacturing Co. – Columbus
Jennings Manufacturing – Masury
Jewett Car Co. – Newark
Jewish Home For Children – Cleveland
Jewish Orthodox Nursing Home – Solon
Jf Williams Milling Co. – Columbus
Jim Clay Refractory – Sebring
Jim Cursey – Cleveland
Jim Stewart Powerhouse – Aberdeen
Jim Walter – Columbus
JL Steel – Suburban Htg Cleveland
JL Steel Canton
JL Steel Co. Cleveland Works Cleveland
JL Steel Louisville
JL Steel Republic Steel Canton
JL Steel Republic Steel Massillon
JL Steel Republic Steel Youngstown
JL Steel Youngstown
Jm Stuart Electric Gen Station – Aberdeen
Jo- Ann Fabrics- Eastwood Mall – Niles
Joe Parelli – Crestline
John A Stewart Electric Co. – Cincinnati
John B. Shepler – Toledo
John C. Boehm – Cleveland
John Carroll University – Cleveland
John Carroll University – University Heights
John Carroll University Buildings – Cleveland
John Disch – Lakewood
John E P Runty Pipe Shop Cleveland
John Gavin Power Plant – Cheshire
John Hay High School – Cleveland
John J Weihl – Marietta
John Klann Trucking – Columbus
John Kleri – Cleveland
John Knapp Sons Foundry – Akron
John ReInchild Child Day Nursery Reynoldsburg
John T. Hutchinson – Cleveland
John Wesley Methodist Church – Forest Park
Johns – Manville – Alliance
Johns Manville – Bellaire
Johns Manville – Columbus
Johns Manville – Defiance
Johns Manville – Flinkote – Chillicothe
Johns Manville – Watterville
Johns Manville Product Corp. – Cleveland
Johns-Manville Corp. Alliance
Johns-Manville Corp. Bellaire
Johns-Manville Corp. Columbus
Johns-Manville Corp. Defiance
Johns-Manville Corp. Waterville
Johns-Manville Corp. Watterville
Johns-Manville Flinkote – Chillicothe
Johns-Manville Product Corp. Cleveland
Johnson Co. Cleveland
Johnston & Jennings Co. – Cleveland
Joint Vocational School. – New Philadelphia
Jonathan Alder High School – Plain City
Jonathan Clark & Sons Co. – Columbus
Jones & Laughlin – Youngstown
Jones & Laughlin Stainless Steel Division Louisville
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Cameron
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Canton
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Cleveland
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Louisville
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Struthers
Jones & Laughlin Steel Stainless Steel Division Louisville
Jones & Laughlin Youngstown
Jones Brothers Electric Co. – Cincinnati
Jones Brothers Electric Co. Cincinnati
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. Louisville
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. LTV Steel Cleveland
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. LTV Steel Louisville
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. Otis Plant Cleveland
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. Youngstown
Jordan Mills Inc. – Columbus
Jordan Welding – Cleveland
Jos. J Gest – Cincinnati
Jos. J. Gest, Miami Oil & Soap Works – Cincinnati
Joseph & Feiss Co. – Cleveland
Joseph Campbell Co. – Napoleon
Joseph Dyson & Sons – Cleveland
Joseph Feiss Co. Cleveland
Joy Manufacturing. – New Philadelphia
Julian & Kokinge Co. Cincinnati
Junction Iron & Steel Co. – Mingo Junction
Jung Brewing Co. – Cincinnati io
Junk Yard – Columbus
Justice Center – Cleveland
Justice Center – Cuyahoga
Justice Center W3rd & Lakeside – Cleveland
JW Gowers – Columbus
Kahn’s & Co. – Cincinnati
Kahns Livershop Drain – Cincinnati
Kahn’s Old Pork Boning Room – Cincinnati
Kaighin & Hughes, Inc. – Toledo
Kaiser Agriculture Chemical Co. – Bend
Kaiser Agriculture Chemical Co. – Cincinnati
Kaiser Aluminum – Belpre
Kaiser Aluminum – Chillicothe
Kaiser Aluminum – Heath
Kaiser Aluminum – Licking County – Newark
Kaiser Aluminum – Youngstown
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Belpre
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Chillicothe
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Heath
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Licking County
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Newark
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Toledo
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Youngstown
Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products
Kaiser Frazer Stamping Co. – Shadyside
Kaiser Heath
Kaiser Jeep Corp. – Toledo
Kaiser Refractories – Columbiana
Kaiser Steel – Newark
Kal Kan Foods Inc. – Columbus
Kal Kan Pet Care – Columbus
Kalman Floor Covering – Chillicothe
Kalso-Wagner-Frigidaire – Moraine
Kaltenbach & Griess – Cleveland
Kanawha Michigan Railway Co. – Hobson
Kanigen Plant – Masury
Kao Jergens – Cincinnati
Kaplan’s Service Station – Canton
Kardex – Marietta
Karnell Contracting Co. – Wheeling,
Kasper Foundry Co. – Elyria
Katz Tires – Columbus
Kaufman Co. Larry L – Toledo
Kaufman Construction – Ashland
Kaufman Engineered Systems Plant – Toledo
Kaufmann’s – Cleveland
Kaufmann’s (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville
Kaul Clay Co. – Toronto
Kaul Clay Co. Toronto
Kay Lee Construction Co. – Columbus
Kay Lee Construction Co. – Columbus
Keagler Brick Co – Steubenville
Keagler Brick Co. 1000 Stanton Building Steubenville
Keagler Brick Co. Ohio Edison Co. Toronto
Keagler Brick Co. Steubenville
Keagler Brick Co. Toronto
Keagler Brick Co. Warehouse Steubenville
Kealy Trucking – Cleveland
Keebler Biscuit Co. – Cincinnati
Keebler Co. George Jones – Fairfax
Keebler Co. George Jones Mariemont
Keene Corp. – Cincinnati
Keene Insulating & Contracting – Cincinnati
Keever Starch Co. – Columbus
Keflin Station Power Plant – Mansfield
Keiger Powerhouse – Gallipolis
Keller-Hall, Inc. Tallmadge
Kelley Steel Erectors Bedford
Kellum Power Plant – Mansfield
Kelly Nail & Iron Co. – Ironton
Kelly Plating – Cleveland
Kelly Springfield Road Roller Co. – Springfield
Kelly Springfield Tire & Rubber Co. – Akron
Kelsey Hayes – Springdale
Kelsey-Hayes – Mt. Vernon
Kelsey-Hayes Co. Mt. Vernon
Kelso Wagner Co. – Dayton
Kemet Corp. – Cleveland
Kemet Dept Linde Co. – Cleveland
Kemmons Wilson #3 – Cincinnati
Kennametal Co. – Willoughby
Kenner Products – Cincinnati
Kenny Motor Co. – Barnesville
Kent Produce Co. – Kent
Kent State Normal School – Kent
Kent State University – Akron
Kent State University – Canton
Kent State University – Kent
Kent State University – Science Building – Akron
Kent State University Buildings – Canton
Kent State University Dorm Heating Canton
Kent State University Heating Plant Kent
Kent State University Lake Olson Halls Canton
Kent State University Married Students Dorm Kent
Kent State University New B Dormitory Kent
Kent State University Rockwell Library Kent
Kent State University Rockwell Library Portage County Kent
Kent State University Stark Campus – Canton
Kent State University Utilities Tunnel Portage County Kent
Kent State University Womens Dormitory A Kent
Kent State University, Various Bldgs. – Canton
Kenton Water Works – Kenton
Kessler Co. – Brooklyn Station
Kessler Co. Cleveland
Kettering Medical Center – Dayton
Kettering Medical Center Joe Parks – Kettering
Key Gas Components, Inc. Cleveland
Keystone Construction Co. – Hamilton
Keystone Printing Co. – Portsmouth
Kialin Power Station – Wrightsville
Kielco – Rocky River
Kifer Tool – Cleveland
Kilbourne & Jacobs Manufacturing Co. – Columbus
Killen Generating Station – Manchester
Killen Generating Station Wrightsville
Killiam Power Plant – Manchester
Killian Manufacturing Co. – Akron
Killon Power Plant – Mansfield
Kimball Glass Co. – Toledo
Kimberly Clark – Carrolton
Kimberly Clark Corp. – Carrolton
Kimberly-Clark Corp. – Carrollton
Kimble Glass Co. – Columbus
Kimble Glass Co. Point
Kindt – Collins – Cleveland
King Kwik – 9380 Kenwood Road – Cincinnati
King Nut – Solon
Kings Island Amusement Park – Cincinnati
Kings Mills Warren County
Kings Restaurant – Niles
Kinnear Doors Corp. – Columbus
Kinney Motors – Barnesville
Kinsman Street Yard – Cleveland
Kirk & Blum Mfg. Co. – Cincinnati
Kirkland Ave. Pumping Station – Cleveland
Kirkland Street Pumping Station – Cleveland
Kirkwood Carbon – Cleveland
Kirkwood Industries – Cleveland
Kirtland High School – Kirtland
Kirtland Pumping Station – Cleveland
Klausner Cooperage Co. – Cleveland
Klausner Cooperage Co. Cuyahoga Heights
Klm Refractories – Cleveland
Klorer Willhardt – Rossford
K-Mart – Mt. Vernon
K-Mart – Point
Kmco – Chester
Kmm Builders Columbus Ohio
Kniceley Streaker Inc. – Marietta
Knight Tire & Rubber Co. – Canton
Knowles Pottery Liverpool
Knowlton Ford & Mercury-Woodsfield
Knox Division Sheet & Tube Youngstown
KobelCo. Stewart Bolling, Inc. – Cleveland
Koblintz Plumbing – Cleveland
Kodak – Cincinnati
Kodel Radio Corp. – Cincinnati
Kohlmeyer – Lorain
Kokosing Construction – Frederickstown
Koller Bros. – Cleveland
Koneta Rubber Co. – Wapakoneta
Kopperhofer Bros. Dashler
Koppers – Youngstown
Koppers Co. Inc. – Hamilton
Koppers Co. Inc. – Tar Products Division – Warren
Koppers Co. Inc. – Youngstown
Koppers Co. Inc. Wood Preserving Division – Orrville
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division Hamilton
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division Warren
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division Youngstown
Koppers Co. Wood Preserving Division Orrville
Koppers Tar Products Division Warren
Kordex Co. – Marietta
Kottler Metal – Cleveland
Kovatch Castings – Akron
Kramig Foamglass – Cincinnati
Krantz Brewing Co. – Findlay
Krauth & Benninghofen – Middletown
Krayton (F-K-A Shell Chemical) – Belpre
Krebs Calkins Co. – Ashland
Krebs Calkins Co. – Elyria
Krell French Piano Co. – Springfield
Kresge Box – Grafton – Grafton
Kress Co. – Coshocton
Krippendorf & Dittman – Cincinnati
Krochler Manufacturing. Co. – Cleveland
Kroger Bakery – Solon
Kroger Candy – Cincinnati
Kroger Candy Plant Cincinnati
Kroger Co. – Solon
Kroger Co. Cincinnati
Kroger Grocery & Baking Co. – Cincinnati
Kroger Grocery & Baking Co. – Dayton
Kroger Meat Plant – Springdale
Kroger Meats Powerhouse Cincinnati
Kroger S – Belpre
Kroger Store – Springfield
Kroger Store Belpre
Kroger Warehouse – Columbus
Krogers – Solon
Krupp Rubber Co. Machinery Kent
Kuemmerling Association – Columbus
Kuempel Co. – Cincinnati
Kurz Kasch Plastic Co. – Dayton
Kush Roofing – Akron
Kyger Career – Gallipolis
KYger Creek Plant Cheshire
Kyger Creek Power Plant Gallipolis
Kyger Creek Power Station – Cheshire
Kyger Creek Powerhouse – Gallipolis
Kyger Creek Station, Unit 1-5 Cheshire
Kyklos Bearing International – Sandusky
Kyova Pipe – Ironton
Kyowva Inc. – Point
L & M Stagecraft – Cleveland
L Hoster Brewing Co. – Columbus
L- K Heating Cleveland
L M Stagecraft Cleveland
L O F Credit Union Building Toledo
L O F Plant #6 Rossford
L O F Rossford
L. B. Lockwood Co. – Cleveland
L. B. Lockwood Co. Cleveland
L. C. & W. L. Iron Co. Piqua
L. C. & W.L. Iron Co. – Piqua
L. O. F, Credit Union Building Toledo
L. O. F, Plant #6 Rossford
L. O. F. Rossford
L. O.F. Credit Union Building – Toledo
L. O.F. Plant #6 – Rossford
L. Pitschmann – Independence
L. S. & M. S. Railway Co.
L. S. & M.S. Railway Co. – Cleveland
L. Schreiber & Sons Co. – Norwalk
La Belle Iron Works – Steubenville
La Belle Iron Works Dover
La Belle Iron Works Steubenville
La Belle Works – Dover
La Choy Food Products Co. – Archbold
La Place – Beachwood
Laborers Union – Portsmouth
Laborers’ International – Youngstown
Lacashire – Lorain
Lackawanna – Lorain
Lady Of Lourdes – Cleveland
Lagonda Manufacturing Co. – Springfield
Laidlaw- Dunn- Gordon Co. Elmwood Place
Lake City Vocational School – Cleveland
Lake County Hospital – Williby
Lake Erie Bowling Green & Napoleon Railway Co. – Bowling Green
Lake Erie Electric – Cleveland
Lake Erie Electric Co. Lorain
Lake Erie Hall
Lake Erie Iron Co. – Cleveland
Lake Erie Provision Co. – Cleveland
Lake Erie Screw – Cleveland
Lake Erie Water Project – Toledo
Lake Plant, Unit 5 Cleveland
Lake Road Generating Station – Cleveland
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad Co. – Cleveland
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Ashtabula
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Cleveland
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Collinwood
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Toledo
Lake Shore A Plant – Cleveland
Lake Shore Electric Corp. – Cleveland
Lake Shore Electric Railway Co. – Cleveland
Lake Shore Power Co. – Stryker
Lake Shore Station – Cleveland
Lake Terminal Shop Loraine
Lake View Apartments – Athens
Lakeland Community College, Nursing Education Wing
Lakeland High School – Lakeland
Lakeshore & Mich So Railway Co. – Toledo
Lakeshore Electric Railway Co. – Fremont
Lakeshore Plant Station – Cleveland
Lakeside Hospital – Cleveland
Lakeview Farm – North Industry
Lakewood Apartments – Dayton
Lakewood Asbestos & Insulation – Cleveland
Lakewood Asbestos Insulation Cleveland
Lakewood Engineering Co. – Columbus
Lakewood Hospital – Lakewood
Lakewood Incinerator – Lakewood
Lakewood Industries – Cleveland
Lamarr Masonry – Cincinnati
Lamb Communications, Inc. Toledo
Lambert Tire & Rubber Co. – Barberton
Lampson Session-Brooklyn
Lamson & Sessions Co. – Kent
Lamson Sessions Co. Homo Ovens Cleveland
Lancaster Glass – Lancaster
Lancaster Glass Corp. – Lancaster
Lancaster Jr. High School – Lancaster
Landers Corp. – Toledo
Landis Sheetmetal – North Ridgeville
Lane & Bodley Co. – Cincinnati
Lang Body Co. – Cleveland
Lanly Co. – Cleveland
Larry L Kaufman Co. – Toledo
Larrys Painting & Services – Gallipolis
Larsen Foundry – Grafton
Larson Castings – Grafton
Larson Foundry – Grafton
Larson Steel – Grafton
Larsons Consol. – Grafton
Lasalle – Toledo
Laskin-Poplar Oil Co.
Latonia Refining Corp. – Cleveland
Lau Blower Co. – Cleveland
Laughlin Nail Co. – Mortons Ferry
Laughlin Steel Co. Cleveland
Laurel Homes – Cincinnati
Laurel Homes Housing Project – Cincinnati
Lavino Chemical Co. – Carrollton
Law Building (Euclid Avenue) – Cleveland
Law Knox Division & Youngstown Sheet Tube – Youngstown
Lawn Elementary School – Cleveland
Lawrenceberg Plumbing & Heating – Cincinnati
Lawson Dairy – Canton
Lawson Dairy Co. – Cuyahoga
Lawson Milk Co. Cuyahoga Falls
Layman High School – Canton
Lazarus & Co. F & R – Columbus
Lazarus Stores – Columbus
Lear Precision Tool – Cincinnati
Lear Siegler – Cleveland
Lear Siegler Inc. Power Equip Div – Bedford
Lear Siegler Maple Heights
Lear Siegler, Inc. Power Equipment Division – Bedford
Lebanon Boiler – Lebanon
Lebanon Correctional Institute – Lebanon
Lebanon Correctional Institute Lebanon
Lebanon Light & Power Plant – Lebanon
Lectrolite Corp. – Defiance
Lectromelt – Barberton
Lederer Terminal Warehouse Co. – Cleveland
Lee Rubber Co. & Tire Corp. Youngstown
Lee Tire & Rubber Co. Rubber Division Youngstown
Lees-Bradner – Cleveland
Leetonia Steel Co. – Leetonia
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. – Wellston
Leisy Brewing Co. – Cleveland
Len Buick – Columbus
Lennox Furnace
Lennox Furnace Columbus
Lenz Inc. – Lima
Leona School – Shadyside
Leonard Avenue School – Columbus
Leonard C Hanna – Lorain
Lesavoy Industries – Newark
LesCo. Turf Care – Martins Ferry
Lester Engineering – Bedford
Lester Industries – Bedford
Leveque-Lincoln Tower – Columbus
Levey Ink – Tanks – Evendale
Levey Ink Tanks Cincinnati
Levey Ink Tanks Evendale
Levey Ink Varnish Building Boiler #2 #3 Cincinnati
Levin Furniture Store – Mentor
Lexington Abrasives, Inc. – Alliance
Lexington Abrasives, Inc. Sandcap Abrasives – Alliance
Lexington Soy Products Co. – Lexington
Libbey Owens Ford Glass Co. Rossford
Libbey-Owens Ford Glass Co. Broadway Plant Toledo
Libbey-Owens Ford Glass Co. Plant #6 Rossford
Libbey-Owens Ford Glass Co. Storage Warehouse Toledo
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co. Plant 4, 5, 6, 7 Toledo
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co. Plaskon Division Toledo
Libby Owens Ford Glass – Rossford
Libby Owens Ford Glass Plant – Rossford
Libby Owens Ford Glass Rossford
Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Co. – Toledo
Liberty Ave. – Girard
Liberty Paper Board Co. Inc. – Steubenville
Liberty Steel Co. – Warren
Liberty Works – Warren
Library – Akron
Library – Fremont
Library – Lakewood
Library – Middleburg Heights
Library – Tiffin
Licking County Health Sysrear Press Room – Newark
Licking County Hosp. – Heath
Licking County Memorial Hospital – Newark
Licking County Schools – Licking County
Licking Light & Power Co. – Newark
Licking Memorial Hospital – Heath
Light & Power Plant – Fairport Harbor
Lille Lee Apartments Foulton Nassau Streets Cincinnati
Lille Lee Apts – Cincinnati
Lille Lee Apts Foulton Nassau Streets Cincinnati
Lima & Toledo Traction Co. – Lima
Lima Electric Railway & Light Co. – Lima
Lima Hospital – Lima
Lima Locomotive – Lima
Lima Memorial Hospital – Lima
Lima Ohio Refinery – Lima
Lima Ordnance Plant – Lima
Lima Packing Co. – Lima
Lima Powerhouse – Lima
Lima Refinery Plant – Lima
Lima Refractory – Lima
Lima SR. High School – Lima
Lima State Hospital – Canton
Lima State Hospital Lima
Lima Supply – Delphos
Lima Supply Lima
Limbach Building – Cincinnati
Limbach Building 5348 Vine Street Cincinnati
Limbach Co. – Cleveland
Lincoln Electric – Cleveland
Lincoln Electric Co. – Euclid
Lincoln Electric Mentor
Lincoln Elementary School – Cincinnati
Lincoln High School – Cleveland
Lincoln Junior High School – Cleveland
Lincoln School – Canton
Lincoln School – Freedom School – Canton
Lincoln School Freedom School Canton
Lincoln School Willoughby
Lincolnshire Elementary School – Maumee
Linde Air – Marietta
Linde Air Products Co. – Ashtabula
Linde Air Products Co. Ashtabula
Linde Air Products Co. Cleveland
Linde Air Products Co. Middletown
Linde Air Products Co. Portsmouth
Linde Air Products Co. Steubenville
Linde Air Products Co. Welland
Linde Air Products Co. Youngstown
Linderme Tube – Cleveland
Lindy Wire – Ashtabula
Linmoor Junior High School – Columbus
Lintern Corp. – Mentor
Linwood School – Cincinnati
Linwood, Cincinnati
Lippincott Co. – Napoleon
Lipsett Steel – Lorain
Liquid Carbonic Corp. – Cincinnati
Liquid Carbonic Corp. Urbana
Little Miami Plumbing – Cincinnati
Litzler Co. Inc. – Cleveland
Liverpool High School – Liverpool
Liverpool Traction & Light Co. – Liverpool
L-K Heating – Cleveland
Lloyd Booth Co. – Youngstown
Lloyd Booth Department – Youngstown
Lloyd Products – Woodlawn
Local 18 – Columbus
Local 577 – Portsmouth
Lock 17 – Marietta
Lockbourne Air Force Base – Columbus
Lockbourne Air Force Base – Groveport
Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems – Akron
Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems Akron
Lockheed Martin, Plant D Boiler Room Akron
Locks Dam – Belmont
Locks Dam – Gallipolis
Locks Dam – Hannibal
Locks Dam – Stratton
Lodge & Davis Machine Tool Co. – Cincinnati
Lodge & Shipley – Cincinnati
Loew’s Theatre – Akron
Lof Plant Rossford
Logan Auto Parts Plant – Toledo
Logan Clay – Logan
Logan Long Co. – Franklin
Logan- Long Co. Manufacturing Plant Franklin
Logan Natural Gas & Fuel Co. – Elyria
Logansport Logansport
London Correctional Institution – Sander
London Municipal Light Plant – London
London Municipal Light Plant London
Long & Alstalter Co. – Hamilton
Long Manufacturing Co. – Mechanicsburg
Long View State Hospital – Cincinnati
Longcoy Elementary School – Canton
Longfellow School – Eastlake
Longfellow School Lake
Longview Hospital – Carthage
Longworth Station – Dayton
Longworth Station Perry Street Dayton
Lorain & Cleveland Railroad Co. – Cleveland
Lorain & Cleveland Railroad Co. Lorain
Lorain Community College – Lorain
Lorain Community Hospital – Lorain
Lorain County Electric Co. – Elyria
Lorain County Hospital Lorain
Lorain High School – Lorain
Lorain Power Station – Lorain
Lorain Powerhouse – Lorain
Lorain Refractories – Lorain
Lorain Shipyard – Lorain
Lorain Shipyards – Lorain
Lorain St Railway Co. – Lorain
Lorain Steel Co. – Lorain
Lorain Steel Lorain  – Lorain
Lorain Street Railway Co. Lorain
Lorain Treatment Plant – Lorain
Lorain Works – OH
Loraine Shipbuilding Co. – Lorain
Lorraine Hospital – Lorraine
Losantiville Country Club – Cincinnati
Lotus Glass Co. – Barnesville
Loudon Bowman Division – Napoleon
Loughlin Nail Co. – Martins Ferry
Louis Perry & Associates Wadsworth
Louisville & Nashville Railroad – Cincinnati
Louisville Fire Brick Works Inc. – Middletown
Louisville Nashville Railroad Cincinnati
Lowe Brothers Paint Factory – Dayton
Lowell Elementary School – Lowell
Lower Mills Youngstown
Lower Union Mills – Youngstown
Loxcreen – Roxboro
Loyola Retreat House – Milford
Loys Building Center – St. Clairsville
Ltv – Warren
Ltv Campbell Plant – Cameron
LTV Corp. – Cleveland
LTV Corp. Powerhouse Department Cleveland
Ltv Republic – Cleveland
LTV Republic Jones Laughlin Steel Cleveland
LTV Republic Steel Canton
LTV Republic Steel Elyria
LTV Republic Steel Lorain
LTV Republic Steel Massillon
LTV Republic Steel Niles
LTV Republic Steel Valley View
LTV Sheet & Tube Cambridge
LTV Sheet & Tube Campbell
LTV Sheet & Tube Massillon
LTV Sheet & Tube Niles
LTV Sheet & Tube Youngstown
Ltv Steel – Carmel
Ltv Steel – Cleveland
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Akron
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Cameron
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Canton
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Cleveland
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Lorain
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Louisville
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Mansfield
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Massillon
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Midland
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Newton Falls
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Niles
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Warren
Ltv Steel – J&L Steel – Republic Steel – Youngstown
Ltv Steel – Republic Steel – Elyria
Ltv Steel – Republic Steel – Niles
Ltv Steel – Republic Steel – Youngstown
Ltv Steel – Republic Steel Youngstown
Ltv Steel – Truscon Steel – Niles
LTV Steel Campbell
LTV Steel Carmel
LTV Steel Flat Rolled Co. Powerhouse #1 Cleveland
Ltv Steel Massilion
LTV Steel Massillon
LTV Steel Midland
Ltv Steel Mill – Cleveland
LTV Steel Newton Falls
LTV Steel Niles
LTV Steel Republic Steel Corp. Niles
LTV Steel Republic Steel Youngstown
LTV Steel Warren
Ltv Steel Works
LTV Steel Youngstown
Ltv Steel-Eas – Republic Steel – Cleveland
Ltv Steel-West – Jones & Laughlin – Cleveland
LTV Warren
LTV Youngstown
Ltv, J&L & Lykes – Brier Hill
Ltv; J&L; & Lykes – Struthers
Lubrizol Corp. Building #21 Painesville
Lubrizol Corp. Cleveland
Lubrizol Corp. Euclid
Lubrizol Corp. Painesville
Lubrizol Corp. Seville
Lubrizol Corp. Wickliffe
Ludowici Celadon Co. Lexington Perry County
Lufran Co. – Madedonia
Lukenheimer Co. – Cincinnati
Lumbar – Martins Ferry
Lumbardi Tire – Lima
Lumber City – Mansfield
Lummus Co. – Toledo
Lunken Airport – Cincinnati
Lunkenheimer Plant – Cincinnati
Lunkenheimer Valve Co. – Carthage
Lutheran Hospital – Cleveland
Lutheran Medical Center – Cleveland
Lutz Concrete Co. – Bucyrus
Lyceum Theatre – Cleveland
Lyden Oil Co. Youngstown
Lyman Boat Works – Sandusky
Lynn Masonry – Canton
Lyon & Greenleaf – Wauseon
Lyric & State Theatres – Lima
M & C – Barberton
M & C Tool Crib – Barberton
M & K Metal Products – Mansfield
M & M Insulation – New Middletown
M & R Dietetic Laboratories, Inc. – Columbus
M Burkhardt Brewing Co. – Akron
M Werk Co. – Cincinnati
M. A. Bradley – Cleveland
M. A. Hanna & Co. – Cleveland
M. B. Farrin Lumber Co. – Cincinnati
M. Burkhardt Brewing Co. – Akron
M. C. Barberton
M. C. Lilly Co. – Columbus
M. C. Lilly Co. Columbus
M. C. Tool Crib Barberton
M. C. Lilly Co. – Columbus
M. E. Campbell Junior High – Cincinnati
M. J. Gibbons Supply Co. – Dayton
M. J. Gibbons Supply of Middletown – Middletown
M. M. Insulation New Middletown
M. R. Dietetic Laboratories, Inc. Columbus
M. Werk Co. – Cincinnati
M. Werk Soap Co. – St. Bernard
Mabley Carew Beechmont Mall Cincinnati
Macedonia Office – Macedonia
Macedonia Warehouse-Macedonia
Mack Industries – Valley City
Maclloyd – Sharonville
Macomber Steel – Canton
Mad River Power Plant – Springfield
Mader Machine – Birmingham
Madison Avenue Plant – Toledo
Madison High School – Mansfield
Madison Hospital Mansfield
Madison Jr. High School – Mansfield
Madisonville Water Works – Madisonville
Magificat High School – Cleveland
Magnesium Aluminum – Cleveland
Magnesium Plant Painesville
Magnetics Interning – Maple Heights
Magnus Metals – Evendale
Mahoning & Shenango Railway & Light Co. – Lowellville
Mahoning County Board of Elections – Youngstown
Mahoning County Jail – Youngstown
Mahoning Electric Light Co. – Youngstown
Mahoning Schools – Mahoning
Mahoning Side Warren
Mahoning Valley Iron Co. – Youngstown
Mahoning Valley Railway Co. – Niles
Mahoning Valley Railway Co. Youngstown
Mahoning Valley Supply, Inc. – Akron
Mahoning Valley Tractor Co. – Youngstown
Mahoning Valley Works – Youngstown
Mahoningside – Warren
Makonino Shenaneo Railway Light Co. Lowellville
Mall – Beechwood
Mall – Canton
Mall – Columbus
Mall – Elyria
Mall – Euclid
Mall – Middletown
Mallory Battery Co. – Cleveland
Mallory Sharon Metals Corp. Reduction Plant Ashtabula
Mallory-Sharon Titanium Corp. – Ashtabula
Malone Sewing Machine Co. – Chillicothe
Maloney Aluminum Ext. Sebring
MameCo. Int. – Cleveland
Manchester Power Station – Manchester
Manchester Power Station-Manchester
Mansbach Metal – Jackson
Mansfield Brass & Alum – New Washington
Mansfield City Schools – Mansfield
Mansfield Electric Light & Power Co. – Mansfield
Mansfield Electric Railway Light & Power Co. – Mansfield
Mansfield General Hospital – Mansfield
Mansfield High School – Mansfield
Mansfield Hospital – Canton
Mansfield Industrial Materials – Mansfield
Mansfield Lahm Airport – Mansfield
Mansfield Memorial Home – Mansfield
Mansfield Metal Fabricating Co. – Mansfield
Mansfield Metal Fabricating, Inc. – Mansfield
Mansfield Metal Treatment – Mansfield
Mansfield Municipal Airport – Mansfield
Mansfield News Journal – Mansfield
Mansfield O High School – Mansfield
Mansfield Pattern Works – Mansfield
Mansfield Plumbing – Perrysburg
Mansfield Power Station – Mansfield
Mansfield Prison – Mansfield
Mansfield Products – Mansfield
Mansfield Railway & Light Co. – Mansfield
Mansfield Reformatory – Lima
Mansfield Reformatory Mansfield
Mansfield Sanitary Inc. – Perrysville
Mansfield Sheet & Tin Plate Co. – Mansfield
Mansfield Steel – Mansfield
Mansfield Telephone Co. – Mansfield
Mansfield Tire & Rubber Co. – Mansfield
Mansfield Water Works – Mansfield
Mansfield Works Mansfield
Maple Heights High School-Maple Heights
Mapleton Development Co. – Minvera
Mar- Par Insulating Co. Marietta
Marathon Ashland Petroleum – Colesville
Marathon Gas Station Offices – Findlay
Marathon Ohio – Canton
Marathon Oil Co. – Findlay
Marathon Oil Corp. – Lima
Marathon Tire & Rubber Co. – Akron
Marathon Tire & Rubber Co. Cuyahoga Falls
Marble Plant – Newark
Marbon Chemical Co. Marietta
Marcel Towers – Mayfield Heights
Marder Machine Birmingham
Margareta School – Castledia
Maria Garden Center – Columbia Township
Maria Garden Center Columbia Station
Mariemont Library – Cincinnati
Marietta Campus Martius Museum – Marietta
Marietta Chair Factory – Marietta
Marietta College – Cleveland
Marietta College – Marietta
Marietta College, Powerhouse – Marietta
Marietta Concrete – Marietta
Marietta Dayton Rubber – Marietta
Marietta Fabrication Shop – Marietta
Marietta Memorial Hospital – Marietta
Marietta Plant Project 7
Marietta Power Station, – Marietta
Marietta Sewage Treatment Plant – Marietta
Marietta Shipyard – Marietta
Marietta Sr. High School – Marietta
Marin City Power Plant
Marina Towers – Lakewood
Marine Terminal – Toledo
Marion Brick Corp. Marion
Marion Correctional Institute – Marion
Marion Electric Light & Power Co. – Marion
Marion Franklin Recreation Center – Columbus
Marion General Hospital – Marion
Marion Palett Co. – Marion
Marion Power Shovel – Marion
Marion Power Shovel Plant 3 Marion
Marion Prison – Marion
Marion Railway Limited Power Co. – Marion
Marion Railway Ltd Power Co. – Marion
Marion Reserve Power Co. – Marion
Marion Shovel – Marion
Marion Steel – Marion
Marion Steel Co. – Marion
Marjorie P Lee Home – Cincinnati
Marjorie P Lee Home Shaw Avenue Cincinnati
Mark Manufacturing Co. – Zanesville
Markin Dam – Cincinnati
Marks Tractor – Brunswick
Mar-Par Insulating Co. – Marietta
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. – Superior
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. Pedro
Marrietta Plant Project 7 – Belpre
Marriott Hotel – Cleveland
Mars inc. – Columbus
Mars Inc.-Kal Kan Pet Care Columbus
Martin- Barriss Co. Cleveland
Martin Builders – Athens
Martin- Marietta – Piketon
Martin Motors – Norwalk
Martin Steel – Mansfield
Martin-Barriss Co. – Cleveland
Martindale Electric Co. – Cleveland
Marting Iron & Steel Co. – Culbertson
Marting Iron & Steel Co. Ironton
Martin-Marietta – Piketon
Martins Ferry City Power Plant – Martins Ferry
Martins Ferry High School – Martins Ferry
Martins Ferry Municipal Light Plant – Martins Ferry
Martins Ferry Plant Martins Ferry
Martin’s Ferry Power Station – Martins Ferry
Martins Ferry Water Works – Martins Ferry
MaryMt. Hospital – Cleveland
Marys Manufacturing Division St Marys
Mason Color & Chemical – E. Liverpool
Mason Tire & Rubber Co. – Bedford
Mason Tire & Rubber Co. Kent
Masonic Temple – Canton
Massillon Baptist Temple – Massillon
Massillon City Hospital – Massillon
Massillon Dental – Massillon
Massillon Electric & Gas Co. – Massillon
Massillon Gas & Electric Co. – Massillon
Massillon Paper Products – Massillon
Massillon Rolling Mill Co. – Massillon
Massillon State Hospital – Massillon
Massillon Steel Casting – Massillon
Massillon Steel Massillon
Mast Crowell & Kirkpatrick – Springfield
Master Electric Co. – Dayton
Master Fabricators – Cleveland
Master Metal – Cleveland
Master Metals, Inc. – Cleveland
Master Pattern Foundry Cincinnati
Master Tire & Rubber Co. – Dayton
Mather Co. – Toledo
Matzinger Road Plant Toledo
Mau- Sherwood Supply Co. Akron
Maumee Chemical – Cincinnati
Maumee Chemical 501 Murray Avenue Cincinnati
Maumee Chemical Co. – St. Bernard
Maumee Rolling Mill Co. – Toledo
Mau-Sherwood Supply Co. – Akron
MAvco – Manchester
Max Hayes Trade School – Cleveland
Maxwell Paper – Franklin
Maxwell’s Department Store-Niles
May Co. – Cleveland
May Co. Department Store University Heights
May Co. Job, Lake Erie Hall – Mentor
May Constructions – Cleveland
Mayfair Swim & Tennis Richmond Heights
Mayfield Heights High School – Mayfield Heights
Mayfield Heights High School Mayfield
Mayflower Hotel – Akron
Mayflower Vehicle Systems Norwalk
Mc Cluitie Marshall Construction Co. – Pittman
Mc Glean Industries – Cleveland
Mc Myler Manufacturing Co. – Warren
Mcallisters Chevrolet Dealership – Chillicothe
Mcalpins – 3Rd Floor – Cincinnati
McAlpins 3rd Floor Cincinnati
Mcbride Plbg & Htg Mallory Sharon Mtls Corp. – Ashtabula
McCall Corp. Dayton
Mccall Printing – Dayton
Mccall Printing, Aka Dayton Press – Dayton
McCawel Co. C-O Wellman Co. Cleveland
McCermott Technology, Inc. Alliance
McCluitie Marshall Construction Co.
Mccomb S Chevy Dealership – Cadiz
Mcconnelsville Powerhouse – Mcconnelsville
Mccook Field Storm Pump Station – Dayton
McCowell Wellman Engineering Cleveland
McCracken Power Station – Columbus
Mccracken Powerhouse – Columbus
Mcdawel Co. – Cleveland
Mcdermott Technology, Inc. – Alliance
McDonald Steel – McDonald
McDonald Welding Machine Co. – Youngstown
Mcdonald Works – McDonald
McDonalds Cincinnati
McDonalds Covelli Enterprises – Warren
Mcdowell-Wellman Engineering Co. – Cleveland
McGean Chemical Co. Cleveland
Mcgean Chemical Plant – Cleveland
McGraw Construction – Middletown
McGraw Edison – Columbus
Mckelfrey Iron Co. – Leetonia
Mckinley High School – Canton
McKinley Monument – Canton
Mckinnon Dash & Hardware Co. – Troy
McKinnon Dash Co. Troy
McLain Fire Brick Co. – E. Liverpool
Mclouth Steel Corp. Ironton
Mcmyler Interstate Co. – Bedford
Mcmyler Manufacturing Co. – Cleveland
McMyler Manufacturing Co. Warren
McNeil Machine & Engineering Co. Wickliffe
McNeill Machine & Engineering Co. – Akron
Mead Corp. – Chillicothe
Mead Corp. Cincinnati
Mead Corp. Dayton
Mead Paper – Cincinnati
Mead Paper Co. – Chillicothe
Mead Paper Co. Dayton
Mead Paper Mill – Chillicothe
Mead Pulp & Paper Co. – Chillicothe
Mead Straw Pulp Co. – Chillicothe
Meade Paper – Chillicothe
Meade Paper Co. – Cleveland
Meade Paper-Circleville
Meadowdale School – Dayton
Meadowdale School – Toledo
Meander Creek Water Purification & Pump Station Mineral Ridge
Mechanical Department Boiler House Youngstown
Mechanical Dept. #1 Coke Plant Cleveland
Mechanical Rubber Co. – Cleveland
Mechanicsburg High School – Mechanicsberg
Medersa Cement Co. Silica
Medical Center Association, Limited – Canton
Medical Center Association. Ltd – Canton
Medina Foundry Co. – Medina
Medina High School-Medina
Medina Shopping Center – Medina
Medusa Portland Cement Co. – Sillica
Medusa Portland Cement Co. Sillica
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems – Akron
Mehalic Sunoco – Cleveland
Meiers Wine Cellar – Cincinnati
Mellmans Cafeteria – St. Clairsville
Memorial Community Center Building – Cincinnati
Memorial Hospital – Fremont
Memorial Hospital Of Geneva
Mendel, Drucker Co. – Norwalk
Mendel, Drucker Co. – Norwood
Mental Retardation Center – Westlake
Mentor High School Mentor
Mercer County Community Hospital Coldwater
Merchants Heat, Light & Power Co. – Canton
Merchants Ice & Cold Storage Co. – Cincinnati
Merck & Co. – Danville
Mercy Franciscan Hospital, Mt. Airy – Cincinnati
Mercy Hospital – Anderson
Mercy Hospital – Portsmouth
Meriam Weld – Cleveland
Merian Instrument – Cleveland
Merillat Industries Jackson
Merit Plastics – Canton
Merrell National Laboratories – Cincinnati
Merrill Dow Chemical Building – Reading
Merrill Dow Chemical Plant Reading
Merrill Plant Reading
Mersman Brothers & Brandts Co. – Celina
Mersman Brothers Corp. – Celina
Mesopotamia Mens Club – Mesopotamia
Mesta Machine Co. – Alcoa – Cleveland
Mesta Machine Co. – Cleveland
Mesta Machine Co. – Steubenville
Met- Tech N. Roy Alton
Metal Cabinet Factory – Stowe
Metal Forge Co. – Columbus
Metal Products Co. – Girard
Metal Reduction Plant – Ashtabula
Metals Applied – Cleveland
Metals Reduction Plant Ashtabula
Methodist Book Concern – Cincinnati
Methodist Church- Cleveland Heights
Methodist Publishing House – Cincinnati
Metro General Hospital – Cleveland
Metro Hospital – Cleveland
Metro Sewer District of Cincinnati – Cincinnati
Metro Sewer District of Cincinnati – Kemper
Metrohealth Center For Rehabilitation – Cleveland
Metrohealth Medical Center – Cleveland
Metropolitan Alloys – Cleveland
Metropolitan General Hospital – Cleveland
Metropolitan Housing Authority – Cincinnati
Metropolitan Projects – Cleveland
Met-Tech N. – Royalton
Metzenbaum Childrens Center of Cuyahoga County
Meyer Huschart Packing Co. – Cincinnati
Miami Fort Electric Station – Cincinnati
Miami Fort Generating – Cleves  – Cleves
Miami Fort Generating Station – Bend
Miami Fort Power Bend
Miami Fort Power Plant – Cincinnati
Miami Fort Power Plant Columbia Power Station Bend
Miami Fort Power Plant Power Station Bend
Miami Fort Power Station – Hamilton
Miami Fort Station – Cincinnati
Miami Fort Station – Columbia Park
Miami Light Heat & Power Co. – Piqua
Miami Oil & Soap Works – Cincinnati
Miami Oil & Soap Works. – Cincinnati
Miami Paper Co. – Carrolton
Miami Papers Co. – Dayton
Miami Powder Co. – Goes
Miami Stone & Gravel Co. – Miami Grove
Miami University – Hamilton Branch Campus – Hamilton
Miami University – Miami
Miami University Buildings – Oxford
Miami University Food Service Building Butler County Oxford
Miami University Hamilton Branch Campus Hamilton
Miami University Kreger Hall, Butler County Oxford
Miami University Mcguffey Hall Phase 2 Oxford
Miami University Ohio Alumni Library Oxford
Miami University Resident Halls 15,16 Butler County Oxford
Miami University Resident Halls Butler County Oxford
Miami University, Various Bldgs. – Oxford
Miami Valley Coated Paper Co. – Franklin
Miami Valley Gas & Fuel Co. – Osgood
Miami Valley Hospital – Dayton
Miami Valley Lab – Cincinnati
Miami Valley Railway Co. – Piqua
Miami Valley Rd. – Ross
Miamisburg Box Board – Miamisburg
Miamisburg Box Board Division – Miamisburg
Miamisburg High School – Miamisburg
Miamisburg Nuclear Weapons Plant-Miamisburg
Miamisburg Paper Co. – Miamisburg
Miamisburg Paper Co. Division – Carrolton
Miamisburg Paper Co. Miamisburg
Miamisburg Water & Light Plant – Miamisburg
Miamisburg Water Works – Miamisburg
Michael & Gust Galucci Pt Rockside Properties – Akron
Michigan-Ohio Pipeline Co.
Mid – Box Co. – Circleville
Mid Industries – Mansfield
Mid- Ohio Sports Lexington
Mid Park High School Big Creek Park – Middletown
Mid Park High School Middleburgh Heights
Mid Products Co. – Cleveland
Mid Rubber – Akron
Mid Rubber Co. Reclaiming Co. Barberton
Midas Muffler – Cleveland
Middle School Moreland Hilli
Middle School New Miami
Middleburg Heights Waste – Middleburg Heights
Middleburg Heights Waste – Middletown
Middletown Development & Supply Co. – Middletown
Middletown Gas & Electric Co. – Middletown
Middletown High School – Middletown
Middletown Hospital Association – Middletown
Middletown Machine Co. – Middletown
Middletown Paper – Middletown
Middletown Sand – Middletown
Middletown Works, Boiler #3 Middletown
Middletown, Development & Supply Co. Middletown
Midland & Ross Corp. Unit CA Toledo
Midland Insurance Building – Columbus
Midland Ross – Cleveland
Midland Ross Corp. Cleveland
Midland Ross Corp. Painesville
Midland Ross Corp. Toledo
Midland Ross Plant – Toledo
Midland Steel – Cleveland
Midland Steel Products Co. – Cleveland
Midland Steel Sagamore Hills
Midland-Ross Corp. – Cleveland
Midland-Ross Corp. – Toledo
Midmark Corp. – Minster
Mid-Ohio Sports – Lexington
Midpark H. S. Middleburg Heights
Midpark High School – Middleburg Heights
Midpark High School – Middletown
Mid-Park High School – Midpark
Midpark Post Office – Cleveland
Midpark U. S Post Office – Cleveland
Midstate Industries Trucks – Massillon
MidSteel Building
Midtown Shopping Center – Parma
Midvale Coal Co. – Midvale
Midway Mall – Cleveland
Miese Excavating – Cleveland
Mike Thompson – Rocky River
Milacron Inc- Cincinnati Milling Oakley Oh – Oakley
Milan & Norwalk, Electric Railway Co. – Milan
Milburn Wagon Co. – Toledo
Milcreek Valley St Railway – St. Bernard
Mile Run Power Plant – Marietta
Military Building-Garfield Heights
Military Nike Sites – Bratton
Mill Creek Distilling Co. – Cincinnati
Mill Creek Sewage – Cincinnati
Mill Creek Valley Street Railway Co. – St. Bernard
Mill Warehouse Woodlawn
Millcreek Co. – Cincinnati
Millencron – Cincinnati
Millenium Chemical Plant – Geneva
Millennium Chemical – Ashtabula
Millennium Chemical Plant Geneva
Miller Brewery Trenton
Miller Dubrul & Peters Manufacturing Co. – Cincinnati
Miller Foundry – Columbus
Miller Laundry – Wapakoneta
Miller Produce Tomato Packing Plant – Belpre
Miller Refractories – Cleveland
Miller Rubber Co. – Akron
Milligan Hardware – E. Liverpool
Millotte Transfer Storage Co. – Sandusky
Mills Pride Masco. – Waverly
Mineral Ridge
Mineral Spirits Co. – Toledo
Minerva Wastewater Treatment Plant Minerva
Mining & Metals – Tantalum Columbiun Unit – Riverview Marietta
Mining & Metals Div – Marietta
Mining & Mfg. Montpelier
Mining Metals Div Mn- 02 Building Marietta
Mining Mfg. Montpelier
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing. Co. – Montpelier
Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co. – Montpelier
Minnesota Mining Manufacturing Co. Montpelier
Minnesota Mining Mfg. Montpelier
Missile Corp. Of America – Cleveland
Mississippi Valley Erection Co. – Marietta
Mitchel Lace – Portsmouth
Mitchell Generating Station Ohio Power
Mittal Steel – Cleveland
Mobay Chemical Co. Hannibal
Mobil Chemical Co. Cincinnati
Mobil Chemical Co. Cleveland
Mobil Chemical Co. Fernald
Mobil Gas Station- Main St. – Woodsfield
Modeglas Fibers, Inc. – Bremen
Model Pattern & Foundry – Cincinnati
Modern Builders Supply Inc. – Youngstown
Modern Industrial Plastics Dayton
Modern Tool – Cleveland
Modern Tool & Die – Brook Park
Modern Tool Cleveland
Modern Tool Valley City
Moes Acoustical Inc. – Mansfield
Mohawk Rubber Co. – Akron
Molded Fiber Glass Body Co. – Ashtabula
Molded Fiber Glass Co. – Ashtabula
Molded Fiberglas Body Co. Plant 4 Ashtabula
Moloney Aluminum – Sebring
Moloney Products – Sebring
Monac Elem. School – Washington – Maumee
Monac Elementary School – Maumee
Monarch Alloys – Ravenna
Monarch Aluminum Manufacturing Co. – Cleveland
Monarch Electric – Cleveland
Monarch Rubber Co. – Hartville
Monarch Tire & Rubber Co. – Hartville
Mondie Forge – Cleveland
Monongahela & Ohio Dredging Co. – Bridgeport
Monongahela Valley Traction Co. – Marietta
Monougahella Valley Tractor Co. – Marietta
Monsanto – Cincinnati
Monsanto Airco Box River Road Cincinnati
Monsanto Chemical Co. Cincinnati
Monsanto Chemical Co. Plant – Sharonville
Monsanto Chemical Co. Port Plastics Plant Addison
Monsanto Chemical Polymers Petrochemicals Addyston
Monsanto Mound Plant – Miamisburg
Monsanto-Mound Plant – Miamisburg
Montgomery Co. North & Incinerators – Dayton
Montgomery Co. North & Incinerators-Dayton
Montgomery Ward – Mansfield
Moraine Paper Co. – Carrollton
Moraine Products Div. General Motors Corp. – Dayton
Moreland Court Apartments – Cleveland
Morgan Engineering Co. – Alliance
Morgan Spring Co. – Struthers
Morris Beam Co. – Yellow Springs
Morrow County Hospital – Marion Road – Mt. Gilead
Morton Salt – Hannibal
Morton Salt – Rittman
Morton Salt Co. Hannibal
Morton Salt Co. Rittman
Mortons Ferry
Mosaic – Ironton
Mosaic Tile – Ironton
Mosaic Tile Co. Zanesville
Mosaic Tile Ironton
Mosaic Tile Zanesville
Moscow Nuclear Powerhouse – Mosow
Moscow Power Plant – Mosow
Mosinee Paper Co. – Middletown
Mosler Safe Co. – Hamilton
Motel Pearl Road – Strongsville
Motor Repair Manufacturing – Cleveland
Motor Repair Mfg. Cleveland
Motorists Mutual Insurance Building – Columbus
Mound Street School – Columbus
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Mrrietta Plant Project 7
Ms Beer – Mansfield
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Mt. Carmel Hospital – Columbus
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Mt. Lookout Junior High Cincinnati
Mt. Lookout Junior High School – Cincinnati
Mt. Orab Elementary School – Mt. Orab
Mt. Sinai Hospital – Cleveland
Mt. Sinai Medical Center – Cleveland
Mt. St. Joseph College – Cincinnati
Mt. St. Joseph College Delhi – Cincinnati
Mt. Union College – Alliance
MT. Union College Mens Dorm Canton
Mt. Vernon Bridge Co. – Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon Mental Hospital – Mt. Vernon
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Mt. Vernon Railway & Lt Co. – Columbus
Mt. Victory Electric Light Co. – Mt. Victory
Muddy Creek Truck Plant Cincinnati
Muddy Creek Wastewater – Cincinnati
Mudlick Distilling Co. – Germantown
Muehlstein Co. Inc. – Akron
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Mullin Manufacturing Corp. – Salem
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Mullins Mfg. – Warren
Mullins Stamping Factory – Salem
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Multi Industube Service – Warren
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Municipal Electric Lighting Plant – Cleveland
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Muskingum Power Station – Beverly
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Muskingum River Plant, Unit #1 #2 & #5 Beverly
Muskingum River Plant, Unit #5 – Muskingum
Muskingum River Power Plant – Beverly
Muskingum River Power Station – Beverly
Muskingum Station Relief
Mustingum River Power Plant – Beverly
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Myott Industries – Eastlake
Myott Industries Lake

 Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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