Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites S-Z

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Ohio job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Ohio Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Ohio allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Ohio and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Ohio asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Quotes From Asbestos Executives About Their Workers

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.”1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis. “When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead?he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites S-Z

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites A-C

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites C-G

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites H-M

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Job Sites N-R

S B Way – Lorain
S K Resisti Coating Co. – Worthington
S K Wayne Tool Co. – Defiance
S. A. Esswein Heating & Plumbing Co. – Columbus
S. C. M. Chemical Plant #2 – Ashtabula
S. E. Ohio Portland Cement Plant Fairborn
S. K. Resistite – Columbus
S. K. Wellman Co. – Bedford
S. S. Kressage World Headquarters Marietta
S. Side Hospital – Youngstown
Sabroske Electric, Inc. Fremont
Safe Cabinet Co. – Marietta
Safety Clothing – Cleveland
Safety Engineering – Cleveland
Safsson Products – Painesville
Saginaw Mines – St. Clairsville
Saginaw, Mining Co. St. Clairsville
Salem Electric – Salem
Salem Furnace Plant – Salem
Salem Iron Co. – Leetonia
Salem Water Works – Salem
Sallonoff Home Products – Shelby
Salt Co.
Salt Fork State Park – Cambridge
Salt Silos – Whiskey Island,
Salvation Army – Cleveland
Sam W. Emerson Co. – Cleveland
Samdy’s Restaurant – Cincinnati
Sammis & Ohio Edison Power Plant – Stratton
Sammis Power Plant Ohio Edison – Stratton
Samsel Rope – Cleveland
Samuel Austin & Son Co. – Cleveland
Samuel Hannaford & Sons, Architects – Cincinnati
Samuel Moore & Co. – Mantua
Samuel Powerhouse – Studenberg
Sanborn Wire Product – Rock Creek
Sandcap Abrasives
Sanders Hall – Cincinnati
Sandover Inner City Hud – Columbus
Sands Sporting Goods – Portsmouth
Sandusky & Interuban Street Railway Co. – Sandusky
Sandusky Cement Co. Bay Bridge
Sandusky Cement Co. Silica
Sandusky Foundry & Machine Co. – Sandusky
Sandusky Foundry Sandusky
Sandusky Interurban Electric Railway Sandusky
Sandusky Portland Cement Co. – Bay Bridge
Sandy’s Restaurant – Cincinnati
Sanitary Plumbing Co. – Columbus
Sara Lee Food & Beverage – Cincinnati
Sara Paper Co. – Middletown
Saramar Aluminum – Austintown
Sardis Western Auto – Sardis
Sas Rubber Co. Inc. Painesville
Satralloy – Mingo Junction
Satralloy Co. – Steubenville
Sauder Junior High School – Massillon
Sauer Inc. – Columbus
Sauers Corner, Inc. – Westlake
Saunders & Esswein – Columbus
Saunders Esswein Jackson
Save Electric Co. – Toledo
Savings & Loan Building – Steubenville
Sawbrook Steel – Cincinnati
Sawbrook Steel – Evendale
Sawyer Research Products, Inc. – Eastlake
Sawyer Research Products, Inc. – Willowick
Sawyers Research Prod – Eastlake
Sawyers Research Prod – Lake
Sayers & Scovill – Brighton
Sayers & Scovill Co. – Cincinnati
Sbs Cleaning Co. – Mansfield
Schaefer Bros. – Cleveland
Schaefer Equipment Co. – Warren
Schantz & Schwind Brewing Co. – Dayton
Schantz and Schwind Brewing Co. – Ohio
Schenley Distillers, Inc. – Cincinnati
Schenley Distillery – Cincinnati
Schlathen Brewing Co. – Cleveland
Schmeller Aluminum – Cleveland
Schmeller Foundry – Cleveland
Schmidt & Sons, Inc. – Cleveland
School For The Deaf – Columbus
School, Hebron High School – Hebron
Schools – Tupper Plains
Schools- Riverview  – Riverview
Schrader’s Retread, Inc. Greenville
Schriber Sheetmetal – Akron
Schulte Brass – Cincinnati
Schwall’s Construction Co. – Hannibal
Schwall’s Texaco Gas Station – Hannibal
Schweitzer Brothers – Cincinnati
Schweizer – Dipple – Cleveland
Scientific Cast Producers – Cleveland
Scio Cabinet Co. – Scio
Scio High School – Scio
Scioto Co. Engineers-Lucasville
Scioto Co. Litter Control – Portsmouth
Scioto Downs Racetrack – Columbus
Scioto Furnace – OH
Scioto Memorial Hospital – Portsmouth
Scioto Ordnance Plant – Marion
Scioto Paper Co. – Columbus
Scioto Power Plant – Prospect
Scioto Ribber – Portsmouth
Scioto River Pumping Station, Dept. Of Public Service – Franklin
Scioto Valley School – Pike County, Piketon
Scm Chemical Glidden Corp. – Cleveland
Scm Chemicals Plant North 2 – Geneva
Scm Chemicals, Plant #2 Ashtabula
Scm Corp. – Cleveland
Scocos Plumbing & Heating – Cleveland
Scocos Plumbing & Htg – Cleveland
Scott & Fetzer – Bedford
Scott High School – Toledo
Scott Lumber Co. – Bridgeport
Scott Lumber Co. – Lansing
Scott Manufacturing – Solon
Scotts Lawn Garden Products Manufacturing Marysville
Scotts Service Station – Bellaire
Scranton Greenhouse – Cleveland
Scranton Power Station – Scranton
Seal E. Plastic – Cleveland
Seal Van Wert Co.
Sears & Roebuck (Eastland Mall) – Columbus
Sears & Roebuck (Northland Mall) – Columbus
Sears & Roebuck Chillicothe
Sears & Roebuck Cincinnati
Sears & Roebuck Columbus
Sears & Roebuck Eastland Mall – Columbus
Sears & Roebuck Maple Heights
Sears & Roebuck Northland Mall – Columbus
Sears & Roebuck Norwood
Sears & Roebuck Parma Heights
Sears & Roebuck Portsmouth
Sears & Roebuck Youngstown
Sears (Ohio Valley Mall) St. Clairsville
Sears Appliance – Columbus
Sears Dayton
Sears Ohio Valley Mall St. Clairsville
Sears Roebuck & Co. – Cincinnati
Sears, Chapel Hill Shopping Center – Akron
Sears, Chapel Hill Shopping Center
Sears, Roebuck & Co. – Norwalk
Sebring Pottery Co. – Sebring
Sebring Tire – Canton
Second Church of Christ Scientist – Toledo
Second National Bank Building – Toledo
Seiberline Rubber Co. Barberton
Seiberling Rubber – Canton
Seiberling Rubber Co. Akron
Seiberling Rubber Co. Barberton
Seiberling Rubber Co. Canton
Seiberling Rubber Co. Manufacturing Plant Barberton
Seiberling Tire & Rubber – Barberton
Seilon Inc. – Newcomerstown
Selby General Hospital – Marietta
Selby Shoe Co. – Portsmouth
Self Service Storage – Brook Park
Sement Solvay – Ironton
Semet Solvay (Point) – Point
Semet- Solvay Co. Bellaire
Semet Solvay Co. Ironton
Senco Products – Cincinnati
Seneca Tape Co. Cleveland
Sentco. Paint – Youngstown
Servi Steel – Mansfield
Service Products Buildings Inc. – Columbus
Service Products Co. – Toledo
Service Products Of Columbus Inc. – Columbus
Service Products, Inc. – Athens
Service Systems – Cleveland
Service Tool – Canton
ServisCo. – Youngstown
Servomation-Tibbals – Cincinnati
Seton Central Catholic School-Maynard
Seven Limers Bellevue
Seventh St Tire – Cincinnati
Severstal Co. Warren
Severstal Wheeling, Inc. – Martins Ferry
Seville Centrifugal – Seville
Sewage Disposal Plant Bellaire
Sewage Disposal, – Ravenna
Sewage Plant – Gallipolis
Sewage Plant Bayview Park Toledo
Sewage Treatment Plant – Cleveland
Sewage Treatment Plant – Columbus
Sewage Treatment Plant – Portsmouth
Sewage Treatment Plant – Shadyside
Sewage Treatment Plant – Steubenville
Sewell Avery – Lorain
Shadyside Casket Co. Shadyside
Shadyside High School – Shadyside
Shadyside Pressed Metals – Shadyside
Shadyside Stamping Plant – Shadyside
Shaffer Valve Co. – Shelby
Shaker Co. – Cleveland
Shaker Heights High School – Shaker Heights
Shardard Oil Plant-Oregon
Sharon Steel – Louisville
Sharon Steel – Lowellville
Sharon Steel Corp. – Lowellville
Sharon Steel Hoop Co. – Lowellville
Sharon Steel Hoop Co. – Youngstown
Sharonville Municipal Court
Sharonville Municipal Court – Sharonville
Sharpsville Furnace Co. – Cleveland
Shartle Brothers Machine Co. – Cleveland
Shartle Brothers Machine Co. – Middletown
Shartle Machine Co. – Columbus
Shaw S Radio & Tv – Martins Ferry
Shawnee Refrigeration Co. – Xenias
Shawnee State College – Portsmouth
Shears Factory – Fremont
Sheehe V.W. Porsche & Audi – Warren
Sheet & Tube Office Building – Youngstown
Sheetmetal Dept. – Mansfield
Shelby Department of Utilities – Shelby
Shelby Dept Of Utilities – Shelby
Shelby Electric Light Co. – Shelby
Shelby Gum Co. – Shelby
Shelby Light Plant Shelby
Shelby Municipal Light Plant – Shelby
Shelby Power Plant – Shelby
Shelby Salesbook – Shelby
Shelby Shoe Co. – Shelby
Shell Chemical – Belpre
Shell Chemical Co. – Belpre
Shell Chemical Co. – Marietta
Shell Chemical Plant – Marietta
Shell Gas Station – Jackson
Shell Gas Station – Sciotoville
Shell Oil – Cincinnati
Shell Oil 5052 River Road Cincinnati
Shell Oil Co. Belpre
Shell Oil Co. Cincinnati
Shell Oil Co. Marietta
Shell Oil Co. Toledo
Shell Oil Co. Tulsa
Shell Oil Loading Arm 5052 R Cincinnati
Shell Oil Piping Cincinnati
Shell Oil Plant – Belpre
Shell Oil Pump Headers Cincinnati
Shell Oil River Road Cincinnati
Shell Oil Tank #2 5150 River Road Cincinnati
Shell Petroleum Corp. – Cleveland
Shell Service Station – Cincinnati
Sheller Globe – Lima
Shellman Products Corp. – Mt. Vernon
Shelly Co. – Chillicothe
Shelly Electric Co. – Shelly
Shelly Tractor & Truck Co. – Shelly
Shenango – Columbus
Shenango Casting – Penn Mold – Dover
Shenango Inc. Columbus
Shenango Inc. Dover
Shenango Railway & Light Co.
Shepherd Chemical Co. – Norwalk
Sheraton Alms Hotel – Cincinnati
Sheriff Street Market & Storage Co. – Cleveland
Sherium Metals – Toledo
Sherman-Williams Co. – Cleveland
Shermer-Schneider – Cleveland
Sherron Ornamental Iron Works – Medina
Sherwin-Williams Co. Ashtabula
Sherwin-Williams Co. Cleveland
Shields-Midwestern Cleveland
Shillitos Department Store – Cincinnati
Shillitos Parking Garage – Cincinnati
Ship Co. Toledo
Shipyard – Point Pleasant
Shockley Mechanical & Manufacturing Co. Kingston
Shoe Corp. of America Columbus
Shop Mak – Akron
Shopping Center – Akron
Shopping Center – Brooklyn
Shopping Center – Cleveland
Shopping Center – Findley
Shopping Center – Fremont
Shopping Center – Painesville
Shopping Center – Port Clinton
Shopping Center – Princeton Park Cincinnati
Shopping Center – Sandusky
Shopping Center – Toledo
Shopping Mall – Athens
Shuler & Benninghofen – Hamilton
Siberling Rubber – Akron
Sickless Glass – Bellaire
Side Community College – Highland Hills
Side Community College – Parma
Side High School – Cincinnati
Sidney Steel Scrap & Co. – Sidney
Siemens – Lebanon
Siemens Corp. – Norwalk
Siemens Corp. Norwood
Siemens Lebanon
Siemens-Allis – Norwalk
Sigmier Little Youngstown
Signode Corp. 49M Ridge Avenue Cincinnati
SiliCo. Silo Co. – Hannibal
Silo Co. – Hannibal
Silver Fleece Inc. – Port Clinton
Simonds Tool Co. Newcomerstown
Simonds, Warden, White Co.
Simonds, Warden, White Co. Dayton
Sinclair Refinery Co. Cleveland
Sinton Hotel – Cincinnati
Sisters Of Charity – Cincinnati
Sisters Of Charity Good Samaritan Hospital – Dayton
Skating Rink – Parma Heights
Skeldon Engineering Co. – Toledo
Skelly Oil Co. Ironton
Skrl Die Casting Inc. – Eastlake
Skrl Die Casting Inc. Lake
Slaters Building Material – Plains
Slider Paint Sprague & Pearl Rds – Strongsville
Smith Agriculcural Chemical Co. – Columbus
Smith Brewing Co. – Youngstown
Smith Hughes Co. Cincinnati
Smith Lumber Co. – Barnesville
Smith- Ody Cleveland
Smith Vaile Co.
Smith Warner, Inc. – Cleveland
Smithfield Schools Smithfield,
Smith-Ody – Cleveland
Smp Castings – Wickliffe
Smp Precisions – Wickliffe
Smurfit Diamond Packing Corp. – Cincinnati
Smurfit Paper Mill – Middletown
Smurfit Stone Corp. – Coshocton
Smurfit Stone Corp. – Middletown
Smurfit-Stone Corp. Coshocton
Smurfit-Stone Middletown Boxboard Mill Middletown
Smylie Bros Co. Cedar Apartments – Cleveland
Snak Shack – Cincinnati
Snider Preserve Co. – Hamilton
Snow Filtration – Cincinnati
Snyder Bentley Co. – Youngstown
Soap Plant – Lima
Society National Bank Cleveland
Sodexho – Youngstown
Soft Co. Steel – Cincinnati
Solid Steel Co. – Alliance
Solid Steel Co. Cleveland
Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio – Columbus
Solon Veterinary Hospital – Solon
Solvay Process Co. – Ironton
Solvay Process Co. Point
Solvay Process Div, Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. Point
Solvey Co.- Marietta
Somers Corp. – Celina
Sommerfeld Heat Treating – Cleveland
Sommers Rubber – Cleveland
Sonic Wright Patterson Afb – Dayton
SonoCo. Products Div Munroe Falls
Sorbara Automotive – Ravenna
Sorg Paper – Middletown
Sorg Paper Co. – Middletown
Sorg Paper Co. – Point
Sorg Paper Co. – Zealite Tank – Middletown
Sorg Paper Middletown
Sorg Paper Mosinee Paper – Middletown
Sorg Pulp Co. Limited Middletown
Sorp Paper – Middletown
Sorq Pulp Co. Ltd – Middletown
South School – Mt. Healthy
Southeastern Correctional Facility – Lancaster
Southerly Sewage – Cleveland
Southerly Sewage Cuyahoga Heights
Southerly Sewage Treatment Plant – Cleveland
Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Cuyahoga Heights
Southern Alkali Corp. – Barberton
Southern Chemical Corp. – Barberton
Southern Ohio Bank – Cincinnati
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility – Lucasville
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility – Scioto
Southern Ohio Electric – Delaware
Southern Ohio Electric Co. – Floodwood
Southern Ohio Fabricators, Inc. Cincinnati
Southern Ohio Insulation Co. – Chillicothe
Southern Ohio Medical Center – Portsmouth
Southern Park Mall – Boardman
Southwestern Portland Cement Co. – Fairborn
Southwestern Portland Cement Co. – Osborn
Sozonian Vault Co. – Bucyrus
S-P Manufacturing. – Cleveland
S-P Mfg. – Cleveland
S-P Mfg. Cleveland
Space Comfort – Cleveland
Specialty Production Spencer
Specialty Steels Division – Zanesville
Spencer Manufacturing – Salem
Sperry Rand – Marietta
Spicer Manufacturing – Toledo
Spicer Manufacturing Division Of Dana Corp. – Toledo
Spike Ind. – Springfield
Spiral Binding – Cleveland
Spohn Corp. Cleveland
Spohn Corp. Shaker Heights
Spohn Corp. Tower Office Building Shaker Heights
Spohn Htg Vent Co. Case Institute Library Cleveland
Sport Products, Inc. – Cincinnati
Springdale Plumbing – Springdale
Springdale Sausage Processing – Cincinnati
Springfield Light Heat & Power Co. – Springfield
Springfield Manufacturing & Power Plant – Springfield
Springfield Manufacturing. – Canton
Springfield Plastering Co. – Springfield
Springfield Railway Co. – Springfield
Springfield Troy & Prana Intererban Railroad – Springfield
Springfield Water Works – Springfield
Springfield, Manufacturing & Power Plant Springfield
Spun Steel Div – Lorain
Square D. Co. Cleveland
St. Alexis Hospital – Cleveland
St. Bernadettes – Westlake
St. Bernard Center – St. Bernard
St. Bernard Center St. Bernard Oh – St. Bernard
St. Bernard Dept of Public Services Water & Electric – St. Bernard
St. Bernard High School – St. Bernard
St. Bernard Junior-Senior High School – St. Bernard
St. Bernard Public Services Water & Electric Dept
St. Bernard School – Cincinnati
St. Bernard Toilet Goods 5215 Vine Street Cincinnati
St. Charles – Parma
St. Christines – Euclid
St. Clair – Marietta
St. Clair Building – Marietta
St. Clairsville Elementary School – St. Clairsville
St. Clairville Area Motel (Route 40) – St. Clairsville
St. Clairville Elementary School – St. Clairsville
St. Elizabeth – Youngstown
St. Elizabeth Hospital – Youngstown
St. Francis Convent – Canton
St. Francis Hospital – Cincinnati
St. Francis Of Assisi – Gates Mills
St. George – Cincinnati
St. George Building – Cincinnati
St. Gerard’s Parish Buildings – Lima
St. Ignatius Church – Cincinnati
St. Joe Paper Co. – Sharonville
St. John S Grade School – Bellaire
St. John S High School – Bellaire
St. Johns Hospital – Cleveland
St. John’s Hospital – Lakewood
St. Joseph Hospice – Canton
St. Joseph Hospital – Flint, Mi – Clarington
St. Joseph Hospital – Lorain
St. Joseph Riverside – Warren
St. Joseph School – Strongsville
St. Joseph School Addition – Canton
St. Judd Church – Cleveland
St. Judd Church Cleveland
St. Jude Catholic Church Chauncey
St. Judes Church – Warrensville
St. Lawrence School – Cincinnati
St. Leo’s Church – Cleveland
St. Louis Railroad Co. – OH
St. Lukes Memorial Hospital – Cleveland
St. Luke’s Memorial Hospital – Cleveland
St. Marys – Municipal Power Plant St. Marys
St. Marys Church – Olmstead Falls
St. Mary’s Hospital – Nelsonville
St. Mary’s Manufacturing Co. – St. Mary’s
St. Mary’s Manufacturing. Co. – St. Mary’s
St. Marys Municipal Light & Power St Marys
St. Marys of The Falls – Chagrin Falls
St. Mary’s School Of Nursing – Cleveland
St. Mary’s, – Marrietta
St. Michael’s Hospital – Cleveland
St. Monica’s Convent – Garfield
St. Moritz Security Co. – Youngstown
St. Paul Church – Cincinnati
St. Paul Shrine – Highland Heights
St. Paul’s Church – Akron
St. Paul’s Church & School – Canton
St. Pauls Church Akron
St. Paul’s Methodist Church – Tiffin
St. Peter’s Church & School – Huran
St. Regis “B” Street Mill – Hamilton
St. Regis Paper Co. – Coshocton
St. Stanislaus – Parma
St. Stanislaus Church – Maynard
St. Thomas Aquinas High School – Canton
St. Thomas Hospital – Canton
St. Thomas More School – Cleveland
St. Ursula Convent & Academy – Cincinnati
St. Vincent Charity Hospital – Cleveland
St. Vincent Hospital – Cleveland
St. Vincent Hospital – Toledo
St. Vincent Medical Center – Toledo
St. VIncent Mercy Medical Center Toledo
St. Vincent’s Hospital – Toledo
Stackhouse Oldsmobile – Youngstown
Staley Manufacturing Co. Grand River
Staley Manufacturing. Co. – Painesville
Staley Mfg. Co – Painesville
Staley Mfg. Co. – Grand River
Staley Mfg. Co. – Painesville
Stamberger Co. – Ashtabula
Standarad Oil Office & Lab – Cleveland
Standard & Heating Supply – Portsmouth
Standard Advertising Co. – Coshocton
Standard Asbestos Manufacturing & Insulating Co. – Cleveland
Standard Brands – Cincinnati
Standard Brands Incorporated – Napoleon
Standard Brands, Inc. – Cincinnati
Standard Brands, Inc. Napoleon
Standard Brewing Co. – Cleveland
Standard Brick Co. – Cleveland
Standard Chain Co. – Columbus
Standard Chemical – Lima
Standard Iron Co. – Bridgeport
Standard Light & Power Co. – Fostoria
Standard Lime & Refractories – Woodville
Standard Limestone Co. Woodville
Standard Ohio Refinery Oregon
Standard Oil Co. #1 Refinery Cleveland
Standard Oil Co. Canton
Standard Oil Co. Carrollton
Standard Oil Co. Cleveland
Standard Oil Co. Corporate – Cleveland
Standard Oil Co. Covington, KY
Standard Oil Co. Heath
Standard Oil Co. Lima
Standard Oil Co. Lorain
Standard Oil Co. Oregon
Standard Oil Co. Pilot Plant Cleveland
Standard Oil Co. Research Department Cleveland
Standard Oil Co. Research Warrensville Heights
Standard Oil Co. Toledo Refinery Toledo
Standard Oil Co. Toledo
Standard Oil of Ohio Refinery Cleveland
Standard Oil Office Lab Building Cleveland
Standard Oil Oregon
Standard Oil Plant – Lima
Standard Oil Refinery – Cleveland
Standard Oil Refinery – Lima
Standard Oil Refinery – Toledo
Standard Oil Research – Cleveland
Standard Oil Research – Warrensville
Standard Oil-Heath
Standard Piping – Cleveland
Standard Products Co. – Port Clinton
Standard Register Co. – Heath
Standard Research Center – Chemical Research – Cleveland
Standard Silicate Co. – Cincinnati
Standard Steel Spring Co. – Newton Falls
Standard Tire Co. – Willoughby
Standard Tool Co. – Cleveland
Standard Transformer, Inc. – Warren
Standard Welding Co. – Cleveland
Star Rubber Co. – Akron
Stark Ceramic Co. – Canton
Stark Ceramics
Stark Coal Co. – Navarre
Stark County Detention Center – Canton
Stark County House Records – Canton
Stark County Jail – Canton
Stark County Sheriff’s Office – Canton
Stark Electric Co. – Alliance
Stark Electric Railroad Co. – Alliance
Stark Rolling Mill Co. – Canton
Stark School – Burns School – Canton
Stark School – Canton
Starr City Jail – C-1058 – Cleveland
Starr Cty Jail – Cleveland
Starr Fabricating – Vienna
State Cleaners – Martins Ferry
State College Garage – Columbus
State Highway Dept – Marietta
State Highway Offices – Columbus
State Hospital – Toldeo
State Of Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station – Wooster
State of Ohio Buildings – Columbus
State Of Ohio Buildings- Northfield
State of Ohio Division of Forestry – Friendship
State of Ohio Oxford
State Office Tower – Columbus
State Penitentiary – Lucasville
State Theatre – Marcus Loew
Station B. Post Office – Cleveland
Station B. U. S Post Office – Cleveland
Statistical Tabulating Corp. – Cleveland
Statler Hotel – Cleveland
Stauffer Chemical Co. Ashtabula
Stauffer Chemical Co. Moraine
Stauffer Chemical Co. Perry
Std Oil Co. – Cleveland
Std Oil Pilot Plant – Cleveland
Steam & Condensate
Steam Vanadium Corp. – Canton
Steamer Dm Clemson – Cleveland
Stearns & Foster Co. – Cincinnati
Stearns Tech. Textiles – Lockland
Stearns Technical Textile Co. – Cincinnati
Stearns Technical Textile Co. – Lockland
Stearns Technologies – Cincinnati
Steel Buildings Co. – Clyde
Steel Casting Plant – Cleveland
Steel City Building Center Toledo
Steel Co. Massillon
Steel Co. Of Canada – Hamilton
Steel Co. Toledo
Steel Door – Youngstown
Steel Improvement – North Royalton
Steel Improvement & Forge Co. – Cleveland
Steel Improvement North Royalton
Steel Making Area Basic Oxygen Shop – Middletown
Steel Mill – Akron
Steel Mill – Cleveland
Steel Mill – Youngstown
Steel Plant Storeroom Gate #1 Cleveland
Steel Stamping Plant- Loraine
Steel Warren
Steel Youngstown
Steelcraft Manufacturing Co. Blue Ash
Steele High School – Dayton
Steinman & Meyer Furniture Co. – Cincinnati
Stephenson Motor Co. – Warren
Sterling Drug Co. Cincinnati
Sterling Grinding Wheel Co. – Tiffin
Sterling Machine Shop – Van Wert
Sterling Paper Co. – Hamilton
Sterling Salem Co. – Salem
Sterling Works – Barberton
Steubenville Chemical – Steubenville
Steubenville High School – Steubenville
Steubenville Ice Co. Steubenville
Steubenville Mingo & Ohio Valley Tract Co. – Brilliant
Steubenville Roofing & Siding – Steubenville
Steubenville Traction & Light Co. – Steubenville
Steubenville Works – Division Mingo – Mingo Junction
Steubenville Works – North Division – Vee
Steubenville Works Division Eng. Dept Mingo Junction
Steubenville Works Division Material Storage Mingo Junction
Steubenville Works Division Mingo Junction
Steubenville Works North Division Engineering Steubenville
Steubenville Works North Division Mech Dept. Steubenville
Steubenville Works North Division Mech. Dept, Steubenville
Steubenville Works North Division Pipe Shop Steubenville
Steubenville Works North Division Vee
Steubenville Works Steubenville
Stevens Manufacturing – Cleveland
Stevens Painton Co. – Sidney
Stewart Bolling Co. – Cleveland
Stewart Station-Manchester
Stillwell-Bierce & Smith Vaile Co. – Dayton
Stirling Ave Plant – Barberton
Stirling Grinding Co. Tiffin
Stirling Grinding Wheel – Cleveland Quarries Co. Tiffin
Stivers Manual Training High School – Dayton
Stoddard Manufacturing Co. – Dayton
Stoker At Wittenburg College – Springfield
Stokley Foods Inc. – Curtice
Stokley Van Camp Co. – Paulding
Stolle Co. – Cleveland
Stolle Corp. – Sidney
Stone & Webster Agent for – Euclid
Stone Container Boxboard Mills Division Franklin
Stone Container Corp. – Coshocton
Stone Container Corp. – Mt. Vernon
Stone Container Corp. Boxboard Mills Div – Franklin
Stone Container Corp. Coshocton
Stone Container Corp. Franklin
Stone Container Corp. Mt Vernon
Stone Container Corp. Stockton
Stone Container Coshocton
Stone Container Paper Mill
Stone Webster Agent for Euclid
Stop- N- Go Market Massillon
Stop- N- Go Market Wheelersburg
Stouffer Chemical Co. – Ashtabula
Stouffer Chemical Co. Ashtabula
Stouffer Foods – Solon
Stouffers Building Solon
Stratton Power Station – Stratton
Stratton Powerhouse – Stratton
Straub Feed Store – Hannibal
Strietmann Biscuit Co. – Mariemont
Strimpu Nick, Inc. – Brookfield
Strip Mall – Solon
Strip Mill Storeroom Gate #4 Cleveland
Strong Carlisle Hammond Cleveland
Strong- Cobb Annex – Cleveland
Strong, Carlisle & Hammond Co. – Cleveland
Strong-Cobb Annex – Cleveland
Strongsville High School – Strongsville
Structural Concrete – Bellaire
Structural Products Toledo
Structural Stoneware – Trenton
Structuralite – Hebron
Struther Furnace Division Struthers
Struthers Finance Co. – Struthers
Struthers Furnace Co. – Cleveland
Struthers Ice Co. – Struthers
Struthers Iron & Steel Co. – Struthers
Struthers Works – Struthers
Strutters Coke Plant – Youngstown
Stuart Generating Station – Aberdeen
Stuart Generating Station National Valve Manchester
Stuart Generating Station Service Building Aberdeen
Stuart Station – Manchester
Stuart’s Store – Northgate Mall – Cincinnati
Stuarts Store Northgate Mall Cincinnati
Stuebenville Tract & Light Co. Steubenville
Styro Fabricators – Sandusky
Suburban Heating – Blast Furnace – Cleveland
Suburban Light & Power Co. – Alliance
Suburban Power – Barberton
Suburban Power Piping – Cleveland
Suburban Traction Co. – Cincinnati
Sucher Meat Packing Dept. – Dayton
Suffield Fire Department – Suffield,
Sugar Ottawa
Summit Mall – Akron
Sun Co. Inc. – Oregon
Sun Corp. – Springfield
Sun Oil – Sunoco Oregon
Sun Oil Co. – Lima
Sun Oil Co. – Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Malleable Storehouse Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Oregon
Sun Oil Co. Plant #3 & 5 Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Refinery – Woodville Road – Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Refinery 1 Storeroom Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Refinery Plant 9 Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Refinery Storehouse Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Refinery Warehouse Wing C Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Refinery Woodville Road Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Refining Warehouse Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Sunoco Oregon
Sun Oil Co. Swanton
Sun Oil Co. Toledo Refinery General Tower Toledo
Sun Oil Plant – Toledo
Sun Oil Refinery – Oregon
Sun Oil Refinery – Toledo
Sun Petroleum Co. – Oregon
Sun TV (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville
Suncraft Products – Cleveland
Sunday Creek Water Authority – Millfield
Sunlight Creameries Washington Courthouse
Sunnyhill Coal Co. New Lexington
Sunoco – Toledo
Sunoco Co. – Oregon
Sunoco Haverhill
Sunoco Oil Refinery Toledo
Sunoco Oregon
Sunoco Refinery – Oregon
Sunoco Station – Steubenville
Sunoco, Inc. – Haverville
Super America, Athens
Superior Brand Meats – Massillon
Superior Brass – Cleveland
Superior Building – Cleveland
Superior Cast – Cleveland
Superior Cement – Ironton
Superior Coach Co. – Lima
Superior Dairy Co. – Canton
Superior Dairy, Inc. – Colesville
Superior Die Casting – Cleveland
Superior Die Casting – Youngstown
Superior Die Youngstown
Superior Foundry – Cleveland
Superior Industries – Austintown
Superior Industries – Cleveland
Superior Iron & Steel – Cleveland
Superior Meats – Canton
Superior Metal Treating – Cleveland
Superior Sheet Steel Co. – Canton
Superior’s Brand Meats, Inc. – Massillon
Supply Plumbing – Woodlawn
Sur Seal Gasket & Packing – Cincinnati
Surface Combustion – Cleveland
Surface Combustion – Middletown
Surface Combustion – Toledo
Surface Combustion Corp. – Toledo
Surface Combustion, Maumee
Sussman Asbestos Co. – Toledo
Sutton & Stewart Inc. – Bridgeport
Swartout’s Metal Shop – Cleveland
Swasey Co. Boiler House – Cleveland
Sweland Building – Cleveland
Swift & Co. – Cleveland
Swift & Co. Greenville
Swift Dry Cleaners – Cleveland
Swift Edible Oil Co. Fostoria
Switchyard–- Procterville
Switzerland School District – Switzerland
Sycamore Medical Center – Miamisburg
Sycamore Medical Center
Sylvania City Schools Sylvania
Sylvania Electric Co. – Ottawa
Sylvester & Co. – Cleveland
Syro Steel- Girard Ohio – Girard
Szere Pulp & Paper Co. – Franklin
T Gray & Co. – Piqua
T. Bruce – Cameron
T. Gray & Co. – Piqua
T. J. Cookson – Cincinnati
T. J. Hanley – Coshocton
T. O. Murphy Co. – Production Application Lab. – Avon Lake
T. O. Murphy Co. – Warehouse – Oberlin
T. O. Murphy Fabricating Co. – Oberlin
T. O. Murphy Fabricating Shop – Oberlin
T. O. Murphy Warehouse – Clark Oberlin
T. O. Murphy Warehouse – Oberlin
T. R. W, Inc. 23555 Euclid Ave Cleveland
T. R. W. Inc. – Cleveland
T. R. W. Metals Division – Minerva
T. R. W. Metals Division
TA Boughey Painting & Decorating Toledo
Ta Hughes Plumbing – Collins
Tadd Spring – Hickley
Tadd Spring Strongsville
Taft Middle School – Canton
Tait Power Plan – OH
Tait Power Plant – Miamisburg
Tait Power Plant, DP & L – Dayton
Tait Power Plant, Dp & l Miamisburg
Tallmadge High School – Tallmadge
Tamers Creek – Cincinnati
Tamey & Shaner Golf Course – Canton
Tampa Bay Engineers – Tiffin
Tank Plant – Lima
Tanker Transway – Lorain
Tanners Creek – Cincinnati
Tanners Creek Plant Lawrenceburg
Tantalum Columbiun Unit
TapCo. Factory E200Th Zuclid – Cleveland
Tappan Stove Co. – Mansfield
Tate Power Station – Dayton
Taylor & Thomas – Niles
Taylor Building – Cleveland
Taylor Chair Co. – Bedford
Taylor Co. – Cleveland
Taylor Glass – Lima
Taylor Sons Co. Charles Cincinnati
TCC Consultants, Inc. Mentor
Tec Lab – Cleveland
Tech High School – Cleveland
Technacast – Massillon
Technical Center – Granville
Technical Research Center – Granville
Techniglass – Owens-Illinois – Columbus
Teledyne – Ohio Steel – Lima
Teledyne C. A. E. Toledo
Teledyne Isotopes, NASA – Sandusky
Teledyne Monarch Rubber Co. – Hartville
Teledyne Ohio Steel – Lima
Teledyne Precision Cincinnati
Teledyne Uniontown
Telephone Co.-N. Olmstead
Telling Belle Vernon Co. Wellington
Temkin – Columbus
Temperature Control – Akron
Temple Of Healing Stripes – Akron
Tempson Rollerbearing – Columbus
Tennis Railway Equipment Co. – Cincinnati
Terex – Cleveland
Terex Plant – Hudson
Terminal Tower – Cleveland
Terminal Tower Complex – Cleveland
Ternstedt Div G.M.C. – Cleveland
Ternstedt Division G M C New Boiler House Elyria
Ternstedt Division, General Motors Corp. – Cleveland
Terrace Hilton Hotel – Cincinnati
Terrace Plaza Hotel – Cincinnati
Terstedt Div Gmc – Columbus
Terstedt Division GMC Columbus
Texaco Station – Matamoras
Texas Eastern Pump Station – Athens
Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. – Athens
Textile Building Cincinnati
Textile Leather Co. – Toledo
Textileather Corp. Toledo
The Alloy Cast Steel Co. Marion
The Buffalo Union Furnace Co. Cleveland
The Clark Asbestos Co. – Cleveland
The Cleveland Trencher Co. Cleveland
The Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago St. Louis Cincinnati
The Factory Power Co. – Cincinnati
The Federal Glass Co. Federal Paper Board Co. Columbus
The Garden Center – Cleveland
The Hamptons – Mark Iv Apartments – Beechmont
The Johnson Rubber Co. – Middlefield
The Johnston & Jennings Co. Cleveland
The Lanly Co. – Cleveland
The Leetonia Tool Co. – Leetonia
The Marblecliff Quarries Co. Lewisburg
The Mather Co. Metal Toledo
The Ody Co. – Cleveland
The Ohio Asbestos & Insulation Co. – Cleveland
The Ohio Metal & Manufacturing Co. – Dayton
The Philip Carey Manufacturing Co. – Lockland
The Pipe Machinery Co. Plant Wickliffe
The Powers Lumber & Supply Co. Genoa
The Scioto Paper Co. – Columbus
The Timken Corp. – Canton
The Witt Co. – Cincinnati
Theater – Athens io – Athens
Theatrical Equipment – Cleveland
Theodor Kundtz Co. – Cleveland
Theodore Roosevelt School – Kent
Thermo Scales – Columbus
Thermoform Plastics – Little Hocking
Thermoplastics – Cleveland
Thew Automatic Shovel Co. – Lorain
Thilo High School – Thilo
Third Street Power Plant Hamilton
Thistle Down Racetracks – Warrensville Heights
Thomas Emery Sons Inc. – Cincinnati
Thomas Furnace Co. – Niles
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School – Ashtabula Harbor
Thomas Phillips Co. – Akron
Thomas Steel – Warren
Thomas Steel – Youngstown
Thomas Steel Co. – Niles
Thomas Steel Strip Corp. – Warren
Thomas Steel Youngstown
Thomas T. Gaff – Cincinnati
Thomas Wilson – Lorain
Thompson Products – Euclid
Thompson Products Aircraft Factory – Euclid
Thompson Products Building #31 Cleveland
Thompson Products Co. – Cleveland
Thompson Products Euclid
Thompson Products Willoughby Works – Willoughby
Thompson Products, Inc. Trw, Inc. Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Products – Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Dock 5 Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Valve Division Cleveland
Thornton Co. – Cleveland
Thos Phillips Co. Akron
Thrift Drug – Wintersville
Thro’ Geo. S. Rider Co. – Cleveland
Tidd Plant – Brilliant
Tidd Power Station-Toronto
Tiffen Glass – Tiffin
Tiffin Edison Electric Illuminating Co. – Tiffin
Tiffin State Hospital – Tiffin
Tiffin State Hospital Tiffin
Tiger Creek Power Plant – Gallipolis
Tile Tite – Cleveland
Tillotson Manufacturing Co. – Toledo
Tiltonville Schools – Tiltonville
Timben Roller Bearing Co. – Columbus
Timbol Glass Factory – Toledo
Timbol Glass Factory- Toledo
Timet Metal Corp. Of America – Toronto
Timken Bearing – New Philadelphia
Timken Bearing Division – Dueber Plant – Canton
Timken Bearing Division – Gambrinus Plant – Canton
Timken Bearing New Philadelphia
Timken Co. Ashtabula
Timken Co. Canton
Timken Co. Cleveland
Timken Co. Columbus
Timken Co. Faircrest Plant Co. Perry Township
Timken Co. Massillon
Timken Co. Savannah Plant – Canton
Timken Co. Warren
Timken Co. Wooster
Timken Dueber Bearing – Canton
Timken Gambrinus Bearing Plant – Canton
Timken Mercy Hospital – Canton
Timken Mercy Medical Center Canton
Timken Products – Canton
Timken Roller Bearing Axle Co. – Canton
Timken Roller Bearing Co. – Bucyrus
Timken Roller Bearing Co. Canton
Timken Roller Bearing Co. Columbus
Timken Roller Bearing Co. Gambrinus
Timken Steel – Harrison Plant – Canton
Timken Steel Canton
Timken Steel Division – Faircrest Plant – Canton
Timken Steel Harrison Plant – Canton
Timkin – Faircrest Plant – Perry Township
Timkin Roller Bearing – Columbus
Timms Spring – Elyria
Tin Can Factory – Yorkville
Tinnerman Products Co. – Parma
Tishman – Cleveland
Tishman Building – Cleveland
Titanium Metals Corp. Of America – Toronto
Titanium Plant – Ashtabula
Todd Insulation & Remodeling – Youngstown
Todd Welding Co. – Cleveland
Toldeo Edison Co. – Port Clinton
Toledo & Indiana Railroad Co. Stryker
Toledo & Indiana Railroad Co. Toledo
Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad – Kenton
Toledo & Western Railway – Sylvania
Toledo Bawling Green & Southern Traction Co. – Cygnet
Toledo Bay View Treatment Plant Toledo
Toledo Bee Co. – Toledo
Toledo Blade – Toledo
Toledo Blade – Toronto
Toledo Bolt & Nut Co. – Toledo
Toledo Breweries Co. Toledo
Toledo Brewing & Malting Co. – Toledo
Toledo Bridge & Crane Co. – Toledo
Toledo Clinic – Toledo
Toledo Consolidated Street Railway Co. – Toledo
Toledo Department of Power – OH
Toledo Disposal Co. – Toledo
Toledo Edison – Toledo
Toledo Edison & Cleve. Electric Illuminating Ottawa County
Toledo Edison Acme Power Plant Toledo
Toledo Edison Bay Shore Power Station – Toledo
Toledo Edison Bayshore Powerhouse #2 – Oregon
Toledo Edison Co. – Bayshore – Toledo
Toledo Edison Co. Acme Station Toledo
Toledo Edison Co. Acme Storeroom Lucas City Toledo
Toledo Edison Co. Bay Shore Plant Oregon
Toledo Edison Co. Bayshore Station Oregon
Toledo Edison Co. Dillies Bottom
Toledo Edison Co. Nuclear Power Plant Oak Harbor
Toledo Edison Co. Oregon
Toledo Edison Co. Plant X Toledo
Toledo Edison Co. Port Clinton
Toledo Edison Power Plant – Toledo
Toledo Engineering Co. Toledo
Toledo Fremont & Norwalk Electric Railway Co. – Fremont
Toledo Furnace Co. – Toledo
Toledo Gas & Electric Co. – Toledo
Toledo Gas Electric & Heating. Co. – Toledo
Toledo Grain & Milling Co. – Toledo
Toledo Heating & Lighting Co. – Toledo
Toledo Hospital – Toledo
Toledo Machine & Tool Co. – Toledo
Toledo Machining Plant Perrysburg
Toledo Marine Terminal – Toledo
Toledo Marine Terminals, Inc. – Toledo
Toledo Massillon Bridge Co. – Toledo
Toledo Newspaper Co. – Toledo
Toledo Overseas Terminals Co. Cleveland
Toledo Philblock Plant Toledo
Toledo Plant – Toledo
Toledo Post Cement Co. – Toledo
Toledo Powerhouse Toledo
Toledo Public Schools – Toledo
Toledo Railways & Light Co. – Toledo
Toledo Refinery – Toledo
Toledo Refinery- Oregon
Toledo Rogers High School – Toronto
Toledo Sanitary Dairy Products Inc. Toledo
Toledo Sewage Plant – Bayview Park – Toledo
Toledo Sewage Plant – Toledo
Toledo Sewage Plant Bayview Park Toledo
Toledo Shipbuilding Co. – Toledo
Toledo Shot Div – Toledo
Toledo State Hospital – Toledo
Toledo Steel Casting Co. – Toledo
Toledo Steel Tube – Toledo
Toledo Storage Ice Co. – Toledo
Toledo University – Toledo
Toledo Urban & Interurban Railway Do. – Findlay
Toledo Water Works – Toledo
Toledo, Bowling Green & Southern Railway Co. – Findlay
Toledo, Bowling Green & Southern Traction Co. – Findlay
Toledo, Columbus & Cincinnati Railway Co. – Toledo
Toledo, Fostoria & Findlay Railway – Fostoria
Toledo, Fremont & Norwalk Electric Railway Co. – Fremont
Toledo, Port Clinton & Lakeside Railway – Port Clinton
Toledo, St Louis & Western Railroad Co. – Toledo
TomCco Metal – Cleveland
Tonka Trucking-Dillies Bottom
Tool & Dye Co. – Cleveland
Tool Steel Gear & Pinion Co. – Cincinnati
Tool Streel Gear Pinion Co. Elmwood
Top Valve Redemption Center – Portsmouth
Topco. Co. – Salem
Tops-Maple Heights
Toroidal Winding – Euclid
Toronto High School-Toronto
Toronto Paper Manufacturing Co. – Toronto
Toronto Paper Mills – Toronto
Toronto Paperboard-Toronto
Toronto Power Station-Toronto
Toronto Sewage – Toronto
Toronto Station – Akron
Totes Inc. – Loveland
Tow Motor Corp. – Mentor
Tow Motor of Mentor – Mentor
Tower City – Cleveland
Tower Office Building – Shaker Heights
Towmotor – Cleveland
Towmotor Corp. – Mentor
Town Of Gahanna – Wastewater Treatment Plant – Gahanna
Townhouses – Willoughby
Traction Building – Cincinnati
Trailer Co. Of America – Cincinnati
Trailmobile – Cincinnati
Transfue Williams Alliance
Transmission Division – Toledo
Transportation Office – Columbus
Transportation Office Columbus
Transportation Resource – Columbus
Transue & Williams Steel Forging Co. – Alliance
Tray Laundry Co. – Cleveland
Tresler Oil Tank 4015 River Road Cincinnati
Tri Cash & Carry Lumber Co. – Canfield
Tri State Asphalt – Tiltonsville
Tri State Railway & Electric Co. – E. Liverpool
Tri Way School – Canton
Trim Edge Aluminum Co. – Youngstown
Trimble School – Glouster
Trinty Medical Center – Steubenville
Tri-State Asphalt – Martins Ferry
Tri-State Asphalt Tiltonsville
Tri-State Railway & Electric Co. Steubenville
Tri-State Shop – Bloomingdale
Triumph Brass Factory – Columbus
Triumph Manufacturing Co. – Cincinnati
Trojan Powder Co. – Sandusky
Tropical Paint – Cleveland
Troy Carriage Sun Shade Co. – Troy
Troy Electric Plant Department – Troy
Troy Laundering Co. – Columbus
Troy Laundry Co. – Cleveland
Troy Power Plant – Troy
Troy Sunshade Co. – Troy
Truchon Steel – Youngstown
True Temper Corp. – Cleveland
True Temper Corp. – Geneva
True Temper Corp. Saybrook
True Temper Group – Ashtabula
Truesdall Service Station – Truesdell
Truline Aluminum Casting Co. Cleveland
Trumbell Public Services Co. – Warren
Trumbull Cliffs Furnace Co. – Warren
Trumbull Co. Sheriffs Office – Warren
Trumbull Manufacturing Co. – Warren
Trumbull Public Services Co. Warren
Trumbull Service Co. – Warren
Trumbull Steel Co. – Warren
Trumbull Supply & Manufacturing – Warren
Truscon Steel Canton
Truscon Steel Co. – Youngstown
Trussed Concrete Steel Co. – Youngstown
Trw Building – Cleveland
Trw Euclid Powerhouse – Euclid
Trw Plant – Cleveland
Trw Valve – Cleveland
Trw World Headquarters – Beachwood
Trw, Inc. – Willoughby
Tucker Anthony & Co. – Hebron
Turbo Blower & Steam Generating Factory – Lorain
Turbojet Systems inc. – Perrysburg
Tuscarawas Valley High School – Canton
Tuscarawas Valley High School – Zoarsville
Twinsburg High School – Twinsburg
Twinsburg Pumping Station Heating – Canton
Twinsburg Pumping Station Ohio Gas Co. – Twinsburg
TWR Euclid Powerhouse Euclid
TWR Factory Cleveland
TWR Inc. Cleveland
TWR Inc. Euclid
TWR Inc. Factory Cleveland
TWR Inc. Metals Division Minerva
TWR Inc. Willoughby
TWR Valve Inc.
TWR World Headquarters – Beachwood
Tygart Molding – Beverly
Tyhis Gardner Paper & Manufacturing Co. – Middletown
Tyler Manufacturing – Mentor
Tyson Reiler Bearing – Masellton
Tyson Roller Bearing Corp. – Massillon
Tytus Paper Co. – Middletown
U. S. Air Force – Cleveland
U. S. Air Force Heavy Press Facilities – Cleveland
U. S. Alum. Corp. – Mansfield
U. S. Aluminum Co. – Cleveland
U. S. Army Engineers – Dayton
U. S. Army Reserve Center – Cleveland
U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Laundry Co. – Addyston
U. S. Ceramic Tile E. Sparta
U. S. Chemical – Hanging Rock
U. S. Chemical – Havord Hill
U. S. Chemical-Aristech – Haverville
U. S. Engineers – Wellsville
U. S. Enrichment Co. – Piketon
U. S. Foundry – Alliance
U. S. Government Atomic Energy Commission – Hamilton
U. S. Government Nitrate Plant #3 & # 4 Nitrate
U. S. Government Nitrate Plant #4 – Anchor
U. S. Gypsum Co. Cypsum
U. S. Gypsum Co. Genoe
U. S. Gypsum Co. Gypsum
U. S. Gypsum Co. Warren
U. S. Industrial Chemical Corp. – Ashtabula
U. S. Industrial Chemical Metal Reduction Plant Ashtabula
U. S. Kobe Steel, & National Tube Co. – Lorain
U. S. Kobe Steel; & National Tube Co. – Lorain
U. S. Kolbe Steel – Lorain
U. S. Lithograph Co. – Norwood
U. S. Naval Ordnance Plant – Canton
U. S. Playing Cards – Cincinnati
U. S. Playing Cards Co. – Norwood
U. S. Plywood Champion Pa. – Hamilton
U. S. Post Office Akron
U. S. Post Office Bellaire
U. S. Post Office Building – Toledo
U. S. Post Office Canton
U. S. Post Office Clarington
U. S. Post Office Cleveland
U. S. Post Office Green
U. S. Post Office Job – Canton
U. S. Post Office Lynhurst
U. S. Post Office Martins Ferry
U. S. Post Office Mayfield
U. S. Post Office Portsmouth
U. S. Post Office Shadyside
U. S. Post Office St. Clairsville
U. S. Post Office Strongsville
U. S. Post Office Terminal Annex Building A Cincinnati
U. S. Post Office Toledo
U. S. Post Office Wooster
U. S. Postal Annex – Cincinnati
U. S. Printing Co. Cincinnati
U. S. Reduction Co. Toledo
U. S. Rubber Co. Inc. – Painesville
U. S. Rubber Co. Painesville
U. S. Shoe Corp. – Cincinnati
U. S. Steel (Ohio Works) – Youngstown
U. S. Steel Corp Cleveland Coke Works – Cleveland
U. S. Steel Corp. – Lorain
U. S. Steel Corp. Avon Lake
U. S. Steel Corp. Canton
U. S. Steel Corp. Carnegie Works – Youngstown
U. S. Steel Corp. Cincinnati
U. S. Steel Corp. Cleveland
U. S. Steel Corp. Cuyahoga
U. S. Steel Corp. Fairborn
U. S. Steel Corp. Hartford
U. S. Steel Corp. Lorain Works Lorain
U. S. Steel Corp. Lorain
U. S. Steel Corp. Masury
U. S. Steel Corp. McDonald Works McDonald
U. S. Steel Corp. New Philadelphia
U. S. Steel Corp. Ohio Works – Youngstown
U. S. Steel Corp. Portsmouth
U. S. Steel Corp. Union Works – Youngstown
U. S. Steel Corp. Youngstown
U. S. Steel Cuyahoga Works Boiler Room Cleveland
U. S. Steel Mill – Cleveland
U. S. Steel National Tube – Lorain
U. S. Steel Ohio Works – Youngstown
U. S. Steel Roll & Mach. – Canton
U. S. Steel Tube Lorain
U. S. Steel Works Youngstown
U. S. Stoneware Tallmadge
U. S. Utility Contractor Co. – Perrysburg
U. S. Veterans Administration Chillicothe
U. S. War Department, Patterson Field – Fairfield
U.S.I. Industrial Chemical Co. – Xenias
U-Brand Corp. – Ashland
U-Brand Corp. Ashland
Ucan Products Co. – Duncan
Uncle John’s Plant Farm – Olmstead Falls
Uni Shield – Sciotoville
Union 76 Service Station – Canton
Union Boiler – Brilliant
Union Boiler – Cardinal Plants #1 & #2 – Brilliant
Union Camp Corp. – Dover
Union Carbide & Carbon Corp. – Canton
Union Carbide Bakelite – Belpre
Union Carbide Bakelite Division – Marietta
Union Carbide Carbon Chemical Corp. Marietta
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Ashland
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Ashtabula
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Bedford
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Belpre
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Canton
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Carbon Fostoria
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Cleveland
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Columbus
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Consumer Products – Fremont
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Elkem Metals – Marietta
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Fostoria
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Freeport
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Lancaster
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Lowell
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Marietta
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Middletown
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Parma
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Portsmouth
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Riverview
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Rossford
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Steubenville
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Toledo
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Welland
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Youngstown
Union Carbide Chem & Plastic
Union Carbide Chem & Plastics – Riverview Marietta
Union Carbide Chemical Plant – Ashtabula
Union Carbide Consumer Products Fremont
Union Carbide Electro Metallurgical – Ashtabula
Union Carbide Elkem Metals Marietta
Union Carbide Metals Co. – Ashtabula
Union Carbide Metals Co. – Marietta
Union Carbide Plastics – Marietta
Union Carbide Plastics Division Marietta
Union Carbide Powerhouse – Marietta
Union Carbide Products Division Fostoria
Union Central Life Insurance Co. – Cincinnati
Union Distilling Co. – Carthage
Union Drawn – Massillon
Union Gas & Electric Co. – Cincinnati
Union Gospel Homes – Cleveland
Union Heat, Light & Power Co. – Cincinnati
Union Iron & Steel Co. – Ironton
Union Iron & Steel Co. Youngstown
Union Maleable – Ashland
Union Metal – Canton
Union Paper & Twine – Cleveland
Union Paper Twine Cleveland
Union Rolling Mill Co. – Cleveland
Union Rolling Mill Co. – Newburg
Union Salt Co. – Cleveland
Union Stock Yards – Cleveland
Union Terminal Building – Cleveland
Union Towels 14Th & Carnegie Ave – Cleveland
Union Towels Cleveland
Union Trust Building – Cincinnati
Union Wax Paper & Parchment Co. – Franklin
Union Wax Paper & Parchment Co. – Hamilton
Uniroyal Inc. – Painesville
Uniroyal Rubber Co. Plant Painesville
Uniroyal Tire Co.
Uniroyal, Inc. Painesville
Unitcast Corp. – Toledo
Unitcast Division – Toledo
United Alloy Steel Corp. – Canton
United Brethren Public Co. – Dayton
United Carbide Chem Plastic Riverview Marietta
United Constructors, Inc. – Toronto
United Dairy Co. – Barnesville
United Engineering – Canton
United Engineering & Foundry Co. – Canton
United Engineering & Foundry Co. – Youngstown
United Engineering Foundry Co. Canton
United Engineering Foundry Co. Youngstown
United Engineering Youngstown
United Furnace Co. – Canton
United Greenhouse Corp. – Palmyra
United Power Co. – E. Liverpool
United Salt Co. – Cleveland
United Sheetmetal Co. – Columbus
United Steel Co. – Canton
Universal Atlas Cement Co. Fairborn
Universal Atlas Cement Fairborn
Universal Manufacturing Co. Camden
Universal Potteries Inc. – Cambridge
Universal Pottery – Cambridge
Universal Sewer Pipe Corp. – Palmyra
Universal Sewer Pipe Corp. Uhrichsville
University Hospital – Cincinnati
University Hospital – Cleveland
University Mall – Athens
University Of Akron – Akron
University of Cincinnati Buildings 73-75 Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Calhoun Residence Hall Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Medical Science Building Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Physical Plant Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Sanders Tunnel Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Student Union Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati W M Cooper Procter Hall Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Western Utilities Cincinnati
University Of Dayton Buildings – Dayton
University Of Dayton Steam Plant – Dayton
University of Ohio Medical Facility – Columbus
University Of Toledo, Various Bldgs. – Toledo
University Of Wooster – Wooster
Unsulco. Inc. – Lima
Up- To- Date Laundry Co. Cleveland
Upper Union Mills – Youngstown
Ups Warehouse – Cleveland
Upson Nut Co. – Cleveland
Upson Walton – Cleveland
Up-To-Date Laundry Co. – Cleveland
Uran Storage Co. – Point
Urbana Electric Street Railway Co. – Medway
Urbana Light Co. – Urbana
Ursuline Academy – Blue Ash
Ursuline College – Cleveland
Ursuline College – Tiffin
USI Industrial Chemical – Palmer Dispersions – Xenias
USS Agri Chemicals Co. – Haverville
USS Chemical Co. – Haverville
Usx Ohio Works
Usx Steel – McDonald
Utica Church of The Nativity Utica
Utilities Coating Co. – Niles
Vaccuum Degassing – Middletown
Val Decker Packing Co. – Piqua
Valchek Tool & Die – Cleveland
Valley Construction Co. – Bellaire
Valley Job – Canton
Valley Mold – Hubbard
Valley Schools – Lucasville
Valley Supply – Portsmouth
Valley Systems, Inc. Canton
Value City – Niles
Valve Redemption Center – Portsmouth
Van Camp Packing Co. – Bryan
Van Camp Packing Co. Wauseon
Van Sickle Industries Avon
Van Went Public Services Co. – Van Wert
Vanadium Corp. – Cambridge
Vanadium Corp. of America – Steubenville
Vanadium Corp. Of America – Vancoram
Vandalia Butler Board Of Education – Vandalia
Vari- Systems Cleveland
Variety Stamping – Cleveland
Variety Steel Cleveland
Variety Steel Fabricators, Inc. – Cleveland
Various Construction Sites – St. Clairsville
Various Construction Sites – Youngstown
Vari-Systems – Cleveland
Varo Engineering, Ltd. Newark
Vaulken Glass – Portsmouth
Velchak Tool – Cleveland
Verdicts & Cleveland
Vernie Cambert – Jackson
Vet- O- Vitz Masonry – Brunswick
Veterans Administration Hospital – Brecksville
Veterans Administration Hospital – Broadveiw
Veterans Administration Hospital – Chillicothe
Veterans Administration Hospital – Cleveland
Veterans Administration Hospital – Columbus
Veterans Administration Medical Center – Chillicothe
Veterans Affairs Hospital – Cincinnati
Veterans Hospital – WP AFB – Dayton
Vet-O-Vitz Masonry – Brunswick
VFW #5047 – Navarre
Vickers, Inc. – Lebanon
Vicksburg Railroad Power & Manufacturing Co. – Akron
Victor Safe & Lock Co. – Norwalk
Victoreen Instrument – Cleveland
Victory Metal – Cleveland
Viking Glass – Ironton
Village Of Board of Public Affairs – Orrville
Village Of Boston – Boston
Village Of Minerva – Wastewater Treatment Plant – Minerva
Village Of Minerva, Light Plant – Minerva
Vindicator Printing Co. – Youngstown
Vine Street School – Cincinnati
Virginia Carolina Chemical – Fernwald
Vissman Co. – Mansfield
Vistron Chemical – Toledo
Vistron Corp. – Cleveland
Vistron Corp. Standard Oil Co. Lima
Vixen Tool Co. – New Comerstown
Vocation Guidance – Cleveland
Vocational School – Chillicothe
Volk Supply Co. – Cleveland
Volkswagen Garage – Athens
Volvo Main Assembly Plant Canton
Volvo White Heavey Truck – Canton
Vulcan Building – Cleveland
Vulcan Copper & Supply Co. – Cincinnati
Vulcan Last Co. – Portsmouth
Vulcan Materials Co. – Sandusky
Vulcan Team Track – Toledo
W Cottrell & Son – OH
W. 44Th St. – Shadyside
W. A. Kearns Packing Co. – Mansfield
W. B. Cowles – Cleveland
W. B. Oglesby Paper Co. – Middletown
W. B. Pallock Co. – Youngstown
W. Bingham Co. – Cleveland
W. E. Plechaty – Cleveland
W. F. Murdock – Akron
W. H. Davey – Massillon
W. H. Hanna & Co. – Cleveland
W. H. Kiefaber Co. – Dayton
W. H. Sammis Generation Station #7 Stratton
W. H. Sammis Plant – Empire Stratton
W. H. Zimmer Station – Moscow
W. J. Scholl Co. – Mineral Ridge
W. J. Thomas – Shadyside
W. M. Pattison Supply Co. – Cleveland
W. M. Powell Co. – Cincinnati
W. P. Gibson Shop – Warren
W. R. Grace & Co. – Sharonville
W. R. Grace & Co. Dubois Chemicals Div. – Sharonville
W. R. Grace Zonolite – Lima
W. S. Carroll, Pres. Board Of Trustees – Bellaire
W. S. George Pottery Co. – Palestine
W. S. Guy Middle School – Youngstown
W. S. Lowe & Co. – Lima
W. S. Merrill Co. – Reading
W. S. Merrill Co. Reading
W. S. Tyler Co. – Cleveland
W. Styler Corp.-Mentor
W. T. Burdell Trustee – Columbus
Wabash Portland Cement – Osborn
Wabash Smelting – Cleveland
Wadsworth Light & Water Co. – Wadsworth
Wadsworth Salt Co. – Wadsworth
Wagner Awning – Cleveland
Wakefield Hotel – Marietta
Walden Book Store – Northgate Mall – Cincinnati
Walder’s Construction – Cincinnati
Waldron Firebrick & Insulation – Cleveland
Walgreen Drug Store – Cincinnati
Walker Heat – Cleveland
Walker Processing – Cleveland
Wallace & Tiernan Inc. – Canton
Waller Brothers Stone Co. – McDermott
Walmart – Columbus
Walnut – Groveport
Walnut Hills High School – Cincinnati
Walnut Ridge High School – Columbus
Walt S Body Shop Hamilton
Walter C. Beckjord Generating Station Richmond
Walton Hills Walton Hills
Walts Body Shop Hamilton
Waltz Furnace Co. – Cincinnati
War Department Service Command – Patterson Field
Ward Low Thomas Paper Co. Middletown
Warder Bushnell & Glessner Co. – Springfield
Wardlow- Thomas Paper Co. Middletown
Ware Alliance
Warehouse – Cleveland
Warner & Swasey Co. – Cleveland
Warner Collieries Co. – Wolf Run
Warner Swasey Co. Boiler House Cleveland
Warnick & Justus – Massillon
Warren City Tank & Boiler Co. – Warren
Warren Consolidated – Warren
Warren Consolidated Industries – Warren
Warren Dock – Warren
Warren Electric Manufacturing Co. – Sandusky
Warren Elementary School – Marietta
Warren Plant – Warren
Warren Power Station – Warren
Warren Pump & Supply – Warren
Warren Steel – Warren
Warren Tool Corp. Warren
Warren Water & Light Co. – Warren
Warren Works – Warren
Warrensville Center School – Cleveland
Warrensville High School – Cleveland
Warwood Lock & Dam Warwood,
Washing Machines Frederickstown
Washington County Courthouse – Marietta
Washington Courthouse
Washington Elementary School – Marietta
Washington Engineering Construction Co. – Hannibal
Washington Gas & Electric Co. Washington Courthouse
Washington Hall – Athens
Washington High School Boiler Room Canton
Washington High School Canton
Washington School Springfield
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Norwalk
Water & Light Department – Greenfield
Water & Light Plant – St. Bernard
Water Plant – Cleveland
Water Street Station – Toledo
Water Treatment Plant – Barnesville
Water Treatment Plant – Bay Village
Water Treatment Plant – Cambridge
Water Treatment Plant – Dayton
Water Treatment Plant – Fremont
Water Treatment Plant – Marietta
Water Treatment Plant – Martins Ferry
Water Treatment Plant – Rocky River
Water Treatment Plant – Woodville
Water Works – New Philadelphia
Water Works Construction Co. & Eastern Tube Co. – Zanesville
Water Works New Philadelphia
Water Works Pumping Station – Urbana
Water Works Trustees City of Wellsville Ohio
Waterline-Mineral Ridge
Waterworks – Newark
Waterworks Booster Station Wooster
Waterworks Newark
Watt Car & Wheel – Barnesville
Watt Mining Car Wheel Co. – Barnesville
Watteredge-Uniflex – Avon Lake
Wausaw Mosinee Middletown
Wauseon Water & Light Plant – Wauseon
Wayde & Gatton – Mansfield
Wayne Coal Co. – Steubenville
Wayne County Joint Voc Sch Smithville
Wayne Dalton Corp. – Columbus
Wayne Mining Co. – Cambridge
Wayne Mumma’s Grocery Store – North Bloomfield
Wayne Savings & Loan – Mansfield
Waynesburg Brickyard – Waynesburg
Waynesville Farmer Exchange Co. – Waynesville
Wb Cowles – Cleveland
Wcet-Tv – Cincinnati
Wci Steel – Warren
Wci Warren Consolidated Industries – Warren
Wean Industries – Youngstown
Wean United – Canton
Wean United Engineering – Warren
Wean United Engineering, Inc. – Youngstown
Wean United Foundry – Canton
Wean United Foundry – Youngstown
Wean United Foundry Canton
Wean United Foundry Youngstown
Wearn Building Univ Hosp – Cleveland
Weaver Compressor Station Lucas
Webb Corp. Liverpool
Webb Fabricators – Cleveland
Webco – Cleveland
Webster Manufacturing Co. – Tiffin
Wehner Brewing Co. – Dayton
Wehrle Co. – Newark
Weideman Co. – Cleveland
Weir Frog Co. – Cincinnati
Weir Frog Co. – Norwood
Weir Kilby Corp. – Norwalk
Weirton Steel – Browns Island
Weirton Steel Co. Division – Steubenville
Weiskopf Division – Cincinnati
Weiss Industries – Mansfield
Welco Industries – Cincinnati
Weld Rod Dept – Barberton
Weld Rod Dept. – Barberton
Welded Ring – Cleveland
Weldinghouse – Cleveland
Weldon Rubber – Warren
Wellman Bronze & Aluminum – Cleveland
Wellman Co. – Cleveland
Wellman Dynamics Corp. – Cleveland
Wellman Engineering Co. – Cleveland
Wellman Leaver Engineering Co. – Cleveland
Wellman Seaver Morgan Co. – Akron
Wellman Seaver-Margan Co. – Cleveland
Wellman-McCowell Cleveland
Wellman-Seaver Morgan Co. – Cleveland
Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Co. – Akron
Wellman-Seaver Engineering Co. Cleveland
Wellston Furnace Co. – Wellston
Wellston Iron Furnace Co. – Wellston
Wellston Steel & Iron Co. – Wellston
Wellsville Foundry – Wellsville
Wellsville Housing Project Wellsville
Wellsville Plate & Sheet Iron Co. – Wellsville
Welman Power Gas, Inc. – Green Springs
Welton Rubber Co. Warren
Werner Co. – Akron
Werner G. Smith – Cleveland
Westcott Motor Car Co. – Springfield
Western & Southern Life Insurance Co. – Cincinnati
Western Bowl – Cincinnati
Western College Library – Alumnae Library – Oxford
Western Conduct Manufacturing – Youngstown
Western Controls – Willoughby
Western Electric Co. – Cincinnati
Western Electric Co. – Solon
Western Electric Co. Columbus Works Columbus
Western Electric Distribution Center Solon
Western Enterprise – Avon Lake
Western Hills High School – Cincinnati
Western Hills Pumping Station – Cincinnati
Western Mineral Wool Co. – Cleveland
Western Ohio Lines
Western Ohio Railroad Co. St Marys
Western Ohio Railway Co. – Akron
Western Reserve Al Niles
Western Reserve Care System, Unit Youngstown
Western Reserve Mechanical – Niles
Western Reserve National Bank – Cleveland
Western Reserve Psy. Cent – Sagamore Hills
Western Reserve Tunnel – Cleveland
Western Reserve University – Cleveland
Western Union – Mansfield
Westerville Creamery Co. – Coshocton
Westerville Creamery Co. – Westville
Westgate Mall – Cleveland
Westgate Shopping Center – Cleveland
Westinghouse – Canton
Westinghouse – Cleveland
Westinghouse – Columbus
Westinghouse – Mansfield
Westinghouse Bendix – Elyria
Westinghouse Electric – Columbus
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing – Cleveland
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Toledo Edison Co. – Bayshore – Toledo
Westinghouse Electric Co. – Toledo
Westinghouse Electric Co. Columbus Industrial Plant Columbus
Westinghouse Electric Co. Mansfield Plant Mansfield
Westinghouse Electric Corp. – Columbus
Westinghouse Electric Corp. Plant – Mansfield
Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Co. Mansfield
Westinghouse Electric Products Co. – Mansfield
Westinghouse Plant – Columbus
Westinghouse Portable Power Units. – New Philadelphia
Westlake High School – Westlake
Westlake High School Westlake
Westlake Jr. High School – Westlake
Westlake Sr. High School – Westlake
Westmoreland Mall St. Clairsville
Westside Ford – Hamilton
Weyerhaeuser Co. Columbus
Weyerhaeuser Paper – Mt. Vernon io – Mt. Vernon
Wheelersburg Grade School – Wheelersburg
Wheeling & Lake Erie Coal Co. – Elyria
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad – Canton
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad Co. – Huran
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Co. – Brewster
Wheeling Brake Block Manufacturing Co. – Bridgeport
Wheeling Corrugating Corp. – Martins Ferry
Wheeling Corrugating Works – Martins Ferry
Wheeling Hospital Job – Canton
Wheeling Lake Erie Railroad Co. – Cleveland
Wheeling Lake Erie Railroad Co. Brewster
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Boston
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Cambridge
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Martins Ferry
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Mingo – Mingo Junction
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Mingo Junction
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel North Plant – Steubenville
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Shadyside
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Yorkville
Wheeling Steel – Boston
Wheeling Steel Corp. Central Engineering Mingo Junction
Wheeling Steel Corp. Martins Ferry Factory Martins Ferry
Wheeling Steel Corp. Martins Ferry Factory Plant #2 Martins Ferry
Wheeling Steel Corp. Mech Dept, Steubenville
Wheeling Steel Corp. Mingo Junction
Wheeling Steel Corp. North Division Steubenville
Wheeling Steel Corp. Pipe Shop Steubenville
Wheeling Steel Corp. Portsmouth
Wheeling Steel Corp. Yorkville
Wheeling Township Coal Mining Co. – Adena
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corp. – Martins Ferry
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corp. – Mingo Junction
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Central Stores Steubenville
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Fallensbee
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Manessen
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Martins Ferry
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Mingo Junction
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Portsmouth
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Steubenville
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Wintersville
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Yorkville
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Pipe Shop Mingo Junction
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Steubenville Plant Steubenville
Wherle Co. – Newark
Whirlpool Corp. – Clyde
Whirlpool Corp. – Findlay
Whirlpool-Seeger Corp. – Clyde
Whiskey Island Marina – Cleveland
Whitaker Glessner Co. – Portsmouth
Whitaker-Glessner Co. – Martins Ferry
White Cross Hospital – Columbus
White Motor Co. Dept #132 Cleveland
White Motors Co. – Springdale
White Motors-Euclid, Inc. Cleveland
White Sewing Machine Co. – Cleveland
White Superior Division White Motor Co. – Springfield
White Westinghouse Corp. – Mansfield
Whiteford Elementary School – Toledo
Whitehall Schools – Whitehall, – OH
Whiteley, Fassler & Kelly Co. – Springfield
Whites Bakery – Woodlawn
Whiting Corp. – Lima
Whitman & Barnes Manufacturing Co. – Akron
Whitman & Barnes Manufacturing Co. – Canton
Whitmer Skill Center – Toledo
Whitmore Robinson & Co. – Akron
Whitstone High School Columbus
Whittier Jr. High School Addn Lorain
Whittier Jr. Hs Lorain
Whittier Junior High School – Lorain
Whittier School – Cincinnati
Whk Broadcasting Studio – Cleveland
Wickes Boiler – Canton
Wickliffe Plant Wickliffe
Widlar Co. – Cleveland
Widows & Orphans Home – Cincinnati
Wielys Overland Co. – Toledo
Wilberforce University – Wilberforce
Wilberforce University, Industrial Department, Green County
Wildcraft Products – Dayton
Wilfred Sykes – Lorain
Wilkins Air Force Base – Shelby
Wilkoff S & Sons Co. – Cleveland
Wilkoff Steel Youngstown
Willard Storage Battery Co. – Cleveland
William Combs Construction – Dayton
William Focke’s Sons Co. – Dayton
William G. Solt Co. – Cincinnati
William H. Conklin Co. – Columbus
William H. Mellor Construction – Sebring
William Hamilton Sons Car Co. – Newark
William Lay Co. – Akron
William Manufacturing Co. Portsmouth
William Pollack Co. – Youngstown
William Powell – Cincinnati
William Reiss Steamship – Cleveland
William S Merrell Co. – Reading
Williams Brothers Co. – Kent
Williams Manufacturing Co. – Portsmouth
Williams School – Cincinnati
Williams Shoe – Portsmouth
Williamson Co. – Cincinnati
Willis Day Industrial Park – Perrysburg
Willis Day Industrial Park Plant #28 Perrysburg
Willis Music 7th Race Cincinnati
Willoughby High School – Willoughby
Willoughby Works – Willoughby
Willput Construction – Ironton
Willson Dairy – Cincinnati
Willys Overland Co. – Toledo
Willys Overland Co. Reroofing Plant – Cleveland
Willys-Overland Co. – Elyria
Willys-Overland Co. Toledo
Wilmington Foundry – Wilmington
Wilmington High School – Wilmington
Wilson & McCallay Middletown
Wilson & Mcgallay Tobacco Co. – Middletown
Wilson Furnace Service Washington Courthouse
Wilson Rubber Co. – Canton
Wiltsie Realty Co. – Toledo
Windsor Powerhouse – Windsor
Winnen Incinerator – Bedford
Wintersville Housing Project – Wintersville
Winton Forest School – Cincinnati
Winton Heat – Cleveland
Winton Heat Rocky River
Winton Hill Technical Center Building Cincinnati
Winton Motor Carriage Co. – Cleveland
Winton Place School – Cincinnati
Witco. Chemical – Cleveland
Withrow High School Madison Road Cincinnati
Withrow School – Cincinnati
Witt Co. – Cincinnati
Wittenburg College – Springfield
WM. Pattison Supply Co. Cleveland
WM. Focke’s Sons Co. – Dayton
WM. H. Conklin Co. – Columbus
WM. H. Zimmer – Moscow
WM. Hamilton Sons Car Co. – Newark
WM. Pattison Supply Co. – Cleveland
Woloham Lumber Co. – Kettering
Womens Reformatory School – Marysville
Wood Preserving Division
Wood Shovel & Tool Co. – Piqua
Wood- Spencer Co. Cleveland
Woodcock Station Bluffton
Woodlawn Garage – Woodlawn
Woodruff & Pausch Stone Co. – Columbus
Woods Body Shop – Fairfield
Woodsfield Elementary School-Woodsfield
Woodsfield Sewage Plant-Woodsfield
Wood-Spencer Co. – Cleveland
Woodster Products Inc. Woodster
Woodville Mall – Woodville
WoolCo. Store Toledo
Woolson Spice Co. – Toledo
Woolworth Store – Beechmont
Wooster College – Canton
Wooster College Inn – Wooster
Wooster Municipal Building – Wooster
Wooster Municipal Building. – Canton
Wooster Water Works – Wooster
Wooster Waterworks Booster Station Wooster
World Publishing Co. – Cleveland
Worley Brothers Bainbridge
Worthington Gulf Station – Columbus
Worthington High School – Worthington
Worthington Methodist Church – Worthington
Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp. – Elmwood Place
Worthington Steel – Worthington
Worthington Turbine – Reading Power Plant Reading
Wray E. Johnston Co. Inc. – Mason
Wrenn Paper Co. – Middletown
Wright Aeronautic Corp. – Lockland
Wright Aeronautical Corp. – Dayton
Wright Brothers Greenhouse Co. – Toledo
Wright Construction – Dayton
Wright Field – Dayton
Wright Patterson Air Force Base Hospital – Dayton
Wright State Campus, Science Building – Dayton
Wright Wrench & Forging Co. – Canton
Wright Wrench Manufacturing Co. – Canton
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – Dayton
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – Fairborn
Wright-Patterson Airfield-Dayton
Wright-Patterson Airforce Base – Dayton
Wrights Aeronautical – Evendale
Wrights Cash & Carry Lumber Co. – E. Liverpool
Wspd Radio Broadcasting Studios – Toledo
Wte Corp. – Akron
Wunderlich Fabricating Co. – Bedford
Wyman Pump – Columbus
Wynn Oil Co. – Cincinnati
Wyoming Gas Co. – Wyoming
Wyoming Light, Water, Heat & Power Co. – Wyoming
Xcleve. Museum, Nat – Cleveland
Xtek Inc. – Cincinnati
Y & S Tool – Dayton
YMCA Building Canton
YMCA Building Cleveland
YMCA Building Dayton
YMCA Building Fostoria
YMCA Building Marietta
YMCA Hotel – Dayton
Yno Coal Co. Bellsville
Yoder Brothers inc. – Barberton
York Corp. NACA- Cleveland
York Steak House – St. Clairsville
Yorkville Mill – Yorkville
Yost & Packard – Columbus
Yost Construction Co. – Youngstown
Young Men’s Christian Association – Cleveland
Youngstown & Ohio Railroad Co. – Lisbon
Youngstown Airport – Youngstown
Youngstown Buick Pontiac GMC Truck – Boardman
Youngstown Buick Pontiac GMC Truck – Youngstown
Youngstown City Water Works – Youngstown
Youngstown Club – Youngstown
Youngstown Coke Co. Limited – Lowellville
Youngstown College – Youngstown
Youngstown Concrete Sand & Stone Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Foundry – Youngstown
Youngstown Foundry & Machine Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Gas & Electric Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Heating Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Hospital Association North Side Hospital – Youngstown
Youngstown Iron & Steel Co. – Lowellville
Youngstown Iron & Steel Roofing Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Iron Sheet & Tube Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown J. & S. Roofing Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown J. Sheet & Tube Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Mahoning & Shenango Railway & Light Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Manufacturing Co. – Struthers
Youngstown Manufacturing Co. Youngstown
Youngstown Mazda Lamp Works – Youngstown
Youngstown Municipal Railway Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Plant – Youngstown
Youngstown Pressed Steel Division Warren
Youngstown Printing – Youngstown
Youngstown Refractories – Youngstown
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. #5 Billet Youngstown
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Boardman
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Brier Hill
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Cameron
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Girard
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Hubbard
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. LTV Steel, Youngstown
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. New Office Boardman
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Storeroom #1 Youngstown
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Struthers
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Youngstown
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Office Building – Boardman
Youngstown State University – Youngstown
Youngstown Steel Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Steel Door Industries, Inc. – Austintown
Youngstown Steel Tube & Campbell Works Youngstown
Youngstown Water Co. – Youngstown
Youngstown Welding & Engineering – Youngstown
Youngstown io Railroad Co. Leetonia
Youngstown, Schools – Youngstown
Yountstown Heating Co. – Youngstown
Your Flower Shop – Mansfield
YSD Industries – Youngstown
YWCA – Akron
Z & L Lumber Co. – Columbus
Zaire Department Store North Olmstead
Zanesville High School – Zanesville
Zanesville Railway Light & Power Co. – Zanesville
Zavarelli – Cleveland
Zeller Corp. – Defiance
Zenith – Otto
Zetter Corp. Defiance
Zimmer Generating Station – Moscow
Zimmer Power Plant – Moscow
Zimpro – Valley City
Zirconium Corp. – Solon
Zurowski Greenhouse – Cleveland

 Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Ohio Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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