Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites – I-N

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Pennsylvania job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Pennsylvania Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Pennsylvania allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Pennsylvania and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Pennsylvania asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Asbestos Cover up – Quotes from Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.”1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.”When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites I-N

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Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites S-Z 

I. T .T. Fluid Products – Lancaster
I. T. E. Circuit Breaker Co. Colmar
I. T. E. Circuit Breaker Co. Philadelphia
Iberia Sugar Cooperative, Inc. – New Iberia
Ibm Office Building – Pittsburgh
Illinois Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Illinois Zinc Co. – Pittsburgh
Imagining Systems – Latrobe
Immaculate Conception Cathedral – Philadelphia
Immaculate Conception School – Lock Haven
Imperial Leather Co. Allegheny
Imperial Type Metals – Philadelphia
Impervious Varnish Co. – Rochester
Independence Hall 6Th Chestnut Streets Philadelphia
Independent Brewing Co. of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh
Independent Bridge Co. – Pittsburgh
Independent Equipment Oakdale
Independent Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Independent Metal Products – Uniontown
Indiana Cold Storage & Ice Co. – Indiana
Indiana County Railways Co. – Homer
Indiana County Railways Co. Punxsutawney
Indiana Elementary School – Indiana
Indiana Erie Co. – Indiana
Indiana Hospital – Indiana
Indiana Jr. High School – Indiana
Indiana Provision Co. – Indiana
Indiana State Teachers College – Indiana
Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Dormitories
Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Garage Maintenance Building
Industrial Air Conditioning – Philadelphia
Industrial Cold Storage & Warehouse Co. – Philadelphia
Industrial Div. Warehouse – Pittsburgh
Industrial Equipment Co. – Scranton
Industrial Gasket & Shim Co. – Meadow Lands
Industrial Insulation Sales Inc. – Erie
Industrial Steel Corp. Carnegie
Industrial Valley Bank – Philadelphia
Ingalls Iron & Steel – Verona
Ingersoll Band Co. Athens
Ingersoll Rand Co. Easton
Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Co. – Easton
Ingersoll-Rand – Charleroi
Ingersoll-Rand Co. Athens
Ingersoll-Rand Co. Easton
Ingersoll-Rand Co. Pittsburgh
Ingo Portugalete
Ingomar Community Methodist Church – Ingomar
Ingram Richardson Co. – Beaver Falls
Inland Container Corp. Philadelphia Pahia
Inland Products – Pittsburgh
Inland Products Herrs Island
Inland Products Pittsburg
Inland Products, Inc. – Pittsburgh
Inmetco – Ellwood City
Inn Of American – New Stanton
Inn of American
Inner Forest Darlington
Inolex Chemical Co. St Philadelphia
Inquirer Building Press Room – Philadelphia
Insolite Refractories Co. Pittsburgh
Instruction of the Blind
Insul – Wampum
Insulation Sales Co. – Erie
Insulation Sales Co. Neville Island
Insulation Sales Co. Pittsburgh
Insuldeck Corp. – Bath
Interlake Iron Co. – Erie
Internal Revenue Service Building – Philadelphia
International Boiler Works Co. Stroudsburg
International Boiler Works Stroudsburg
International Metals Co. Inmetco. – Ellwood City
International Mill Co. Pittsburgh
International Mill Co. Tarentum
International Motor Co. Allentown
International Motor Co. Penn Junction
International Paper Co. Aldan Borough
International Paper Co. Alden
International Paper Co. Container Division Waltz Mills
International Paper Co. Erie
International Paper Co. Lock Haven
International Paper Co. Tonawanda
International Paper Co. York Haven
International Service Ind. – Scranton
International Shoe Co. – Philadelphia
Interstate 80 – Titusville
Interstate Contracting & Coating Co. Zelienople
Interstate Railways Co. – Philadelphia
Ionics Corp. Bridgeville
Iowa Barbed Wire Co. – Allentown
Ira B. Smay – Bradford
Iron City Heating Co. – Pittsburgh
Iron City Imp. Co. – Pittsburgh
Iron City Industrial Cleaning Corp. Pittsburgh
Ironworkers Union – Philadelphia
Iroquois Apartments – Pittsburgh
Irs Building – Philadelphia
Irvin Works Mifflin
Irving Works Steel Mill Pittsburgh
Irwin Schools – Irwin
Irwin Works – Dravosburg
Irwin Works – Irwin
Isabella Furnace Co. – Etna
Isalys – Blvd of The Allied- Oakland
Isbrill & Co. – Philadelphia
Isimbel Brothers Stable – Philadelphia
Island Generating Station Storeroom Pittsburgh
Island Petroleum Co, Neville Island – Pittsburgh
Island Petroleum Co. – Nequehoning
Island per Co. Carthage
Island per Mill
Island Park Powerhouse
Ite Circuit Breaker Co. – Philadelphia
ITT Fluid Products – Lancaster
ITT Fluid Products Corp.
Ivb Building – Philadelphia
Ivor J Lee Co. – Sharon
Ivy Rock Farm – Connellsville
Ivy Rock Farm – Conshohocken
J & C Nicholson Trustee – Ellwood City
J & L Co. Neville Island
J & L Southside – Southfork
J & L Specialty Steel – Pittsburgh
J & L Steel – Ambridge
J & L Steel – Hazelwood
J & L Steel – Labelle
J & L Steel – Pittsburgh
J & L Steel Golf Tower Gulf Oil Refinery – Pittsburgh
J & R Meily – Lebanon
J & W Yewdall – Philadelphia
J North F. Wilcox – Pittsburgh
J. A. Dougherty’s Sons – Philadelphia
J. A. Kohlhepp Sons Du Bois
J. B Eurell Co. Lansdowne
J. B Kelly Construction – Philadelphia
J. B Van Sciver – Abington
J. B. Ellison & Sons – Philadelphia
J. B. Lippincott Building – Philadelphia
J. B. LippIncott Building Philadelphia
J. B. Swayne & Son – Kettett Square
J. B. Veatch Truck Station 103 Aliquippa
J. Bishop & Co. – Malvern
J. C. Graham & Co. – Philadelphia
J. C. Greenwood Association, Inc. – Belle Vernon
J. C. Grover & Sons – Philadelphia
J. C. Klauder Estate – Philadelphia
J. C. McDowell – Pittsburgh
J. C. Penney Store
J. D Fenny Co. – Harrisburg
J. D Grover & Sons – Philadelphia
J. D. Ferry Co. – Harrisburg
J. D. Grover & Sons – Philadelphia
J. D. Morrissey Inc. – Philadelphia
J. E Potter & Co. – Philadelphia
J. E. Baker Co. – Billmayer
J. E. Baker Co. York
J. E. Patterson – Wilkes Barre
J. E. Patterson & Co. – Pittston
J. E. Potter & Co. – Philadelphia
J. F. Betz & Sons – Philadelphia
J. F. Buchanan & Co. – Philadelphia
J. Fred Talbott – Philadelphia
J. G. Brill & Co. – Philadelphia
J. G. Brill Co. – Grays Ferry
J. G. Brill Co. Philadelphia
J. G. White & Co. Palo Alto
J. H Michener & Co. – Philadelphia
J. H. & C.K. Eagle Co. – Shamokin
J. H. Michener & Co. – Philadelphia
J. H. Sternbergh & Son – Reading
J. H. Wilcox – Chester
J. J. De Kinder – Philadelphia
J. J. Felin Co. Inc. – Nicetown
J. J. Vandergrift – Pittsburgh
J. J. White Co. – Maple Glen
J. K Wright & Co. – Philadelphia
J. K. Mosser Co. – Noxen
J. K. Wright & Co. – Philadelphia
J. L Steel Aliquippa
J. L Steel Labelle
J. Langdon & Co. Inc. – Shamokin
J. Mundell & Co. – Philadelphia
J. P. Maloney – Scranton
J. R Whitting Power Plant
J. S. & T. Elkinton – Philadelphia
J. S. Wentz – Mauch Chunk
J. T. Bennett Co. – Philadelphia
J. W Arrott – Pittsburgh
J. W Koch Co. – Harrisburg
J. W. Arrott – Pittsburgh
J. W. Ivory Co. – Philadelphia
J. W. Koch Co. – Harrisburg
J. W. Rex Co. – Lansdale
J. Wood Co. Conshocken
Jabi Restaurant – Charleroi
Jack Frost Sugar Co. – Philadelphia
Jack S Pharmacy – Meadville
Jacob H. Bowers Trappe
Jacoby Heating Inc – Harrisburg
James C Morrissey – Philadelphia
James H. Reed Power Station – Pittsburgh
James Irwin & Co. – Pittsburgh
James L. Stuart – Pittsburgh
James Lees & Sons Co. – Bridgeport
James Martin & Co. – Philadelphia
James McKay Co. – McKees Rocks
James P Wood Heating Co. – Philadelphia
James Reed Power Station – Pittsburgh
James S. Wilson Junior High School – Erie
James Wolfenden – Lock Haven
Jameson Coal & Coke Co. Crab Tree
Jameson Coal & Coke Co. Greensburg
Jameson Memorial Hospital – New Castle
Jamestown Hospital – Jamestown
Jamison Coal & Coke Co. Crab Tree
Jamison Coal & Coke Co. Forbes Road
Jamison Coal & Coke Co. Greensburg
Jamison Coal & Coke Co. Hannastown
Jamison Coal & Coke Co. Luxor
Jamison Coal & Coke Co. Pittsburgh
Janney Cylinder – Philadelphia
Jannison Coal & Coke Co. Forbes Road
Januty Silk Co. Inc. – Scranton
Jas F Pennell Co.
Jas. Bonar & Co. – Pittsburgh
Jaunty Fabric Corp. – Scranton
Jawood Lukens – Connellsville
Jawood Lukens Conshohocken
Jayval Marine Corp. – Girard Point
Jb Ellison & Sons – Philadelphia
JC Penney – Beaver Falls
JC Penney – Donora
JC Penney – Johnstown
Jeannette District Memorial Hospital – Jeannette
Jeannette Glass Co. – Jeannette
Jeannette Shade & Novelty Co. – Jeannette
Jeddo Highland Coal Co. – Jeddo
Jefferson & Clearfield Coal & Iron Co. – Ernest
Jefferson Coal Co. – Coal Gle
Jefferson Court Mall – Washington
Jefferson Elementary School – Clairton
Jefferson Hospital – Philadelphia
Jefferson Medical Center – Clairton
Jefferson Medical College – Philadelphia
Jefferson Medical College Hospital, White Haven Div.
Jenny Cylinder – Philadelphia
Jere Woodring & Co. – Hazleton
Jermyn & Co. – Pittston
Jermyn Boiler House – Jermyn
Jersey Bar & Grill – New Brighton
Jersey Cereal Food Co. – Irwin
Jersey Shore Electric Street Railway Co. – Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore Steel Co. – Avis
Jesse W. Starr Jr. – Philadelphia
Jessop Specialty Steel Mill – Washington
Jessop Steel Co. – Washington
Jessop Steel Plant Washington
Jessup & Moore, Chester Mills – Modena
Jetronic Industries – Philadelphia
Jewish Home for The Aged – Philadelphia
Jewish Hospital – Philadelphia
Jewish Temple – Allentown
JF Pennell Co.
JH France Refractories Co. Snow Shoe
Jim Dowdy Cadillac Oldsmobile – Ambridge
Jim Walters Co. – Somerset
JJ White Jack Smith Fairless Works Morrisville
JL Republic Hazelwood Pittsburgh
Jl Steel Ambridge
Jl Steel South Side Plant Pittsburgh
Jl-LTV Steel Aliquippa
JNO A. Rigg Philadelphia
Jobes St. – Elco
Joel J. Bailey & Co. – Philadelphia
John A. Rigg Lebanon
John A. Rigg Reading
John B. Kelly Construction – Philadelphia
John B. Stetson Co. – Philadelphia
John Bartram Senior High School – Philadelphia
John Bistelson Co. – Philadelphia
John Bromley & Sons – Philadelphia
John Brown’s Sons – Philadelphia
John Cohen Clothes – Philadelphia
John David Co. – Philadelphia
John Dimling – Pittsburgh
John F. Casey, Inc. Butler
John F. Casey, Inc. Pullman Standard – Butler
John Harrison Co. Pittsburgh
John J Kane Hospital – Pittsburgh
John J. Kane Hospital – Bridgeville
John J. Kane Hospital – McKeesport
John Lang Paper Co. – Philadelphia
John Lang Philadelphia
John M Grasse Elementary School – Hilltown
John Moffet Elementary School – Philadelphia
John Mundell & Co. – Philadelphia
John Potero Co. – Philadelphia
John R. Ellison & Sons Shop – Butler
John R. Ellison Sons Shop – Butler
John S. Pepson – Union City
John Tack & Sons – Butler
John Tearney Heating & Plumbing – Lancaster
John Tyson – Moodville
John Veith Colliery – Minersville
John Wanamaker Department Store – Philadelphia
John Wanamaker Store – Kimberton
John Wood Manufacturing Co. – Connellsville
John Wood Manufacturing Co. – Conshohocken
John Yewdall Keystone Mills Philadelphia
John Zimmermann & Sons – Philadelphia
John-David Co. – Philadelphia
Johnny’s Gas Station – Ambridge
Johns-Manville Corp. Pittsburgh
Johns-Manville Corp. Whitehall
Johns-Manville Production Corp. Zeleinople
Johnson & Co. – Johnstown
Johnsonburg Elementary School – Johnsonburg
Johnsonburg Paper Mill – Johnsonburg
Johnsonville Naval Air & Research Center – Philadelphia
Johnston Foundry – Grove City
Johnston The Florist Irwin
Johnstown America Corp. – Johnstown
Johnstown City Hall – Johnstown
Johnstown Coke Oven
Johnstown Corp. – Johnstown
Johnstown Elementary School – Johnstown
Johnstown High School – Johnstown
Johnstown Stonycreek Railroad – Johnstown
Johnstown Water Authority – Johnstown
Johnstown Water Co. – Johnstown
Johnstown Works Powerhouse Johnstown
Jonathan Ring & Son – Philadelphia
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Aliquippa
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Braddock
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Eliza
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Pittsburgh
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Pittsburgh
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Woodlawn
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Works Station Pittsburgh
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. – Elizabeth
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. – Vestaburg
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. Solo Works Pittsburgh
Jones & Laughlin, Limited Pittsburgh
Jones & Laughline Steel Co. – Woodlawn
Jones & Lockland Steel Mills – Johnstown
Jones & Loughlin Steel Corp. – Aliquippa
Jones Junior High School – Philadelphia
Jones Laborlin Steel Pittsburgh
Jones Laughlin Steel Braddock
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. Eliza Furnaces Pittsburgh
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. Hazelwood
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. LTV Steel Aliquippa
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. LTV Steel Pittsburgh
Jones Laughlin Steel Co. Vestaburg
Jones Laughlin Steel Corp. Coke Oven Plant Aliquippa
Jones Laughlin Steel Corp. Southside Works Pittsburgh
Jones Laughlin Steel Hazelwood- Pittsburgh
Jones Lockland Steel Mills – Johnstown
Jordan Park Apartments- Boiler House – Fullerton
Joseph & Thropp – Earlston
Joseph Berliner Co. – Philadelphia
Joseph Butene – Bradford
Joseph Campbell Pet Foods – Lime Ridge
Joseph Heacokc – Wyncote
Joseph Horne & Co. – Pittsburgh
Joseph R. Foster Sons – Philadelphia
Joseph S. Finch & Co. – Schenley
Joseph S. Finch Co. – Pittsburgh
Josephine Furnace & Coke Co. – Josephine
Joy Manufacturing – Franklin
Joy Manufacturing New Philadelphia
Joy Manufacturing Reno
JP Austin Associated Inc. Pittsburgh
Js & T Elkinton – Philadelphia
Jsta. #30 – S.S. Boiler House – Pittsburgh
Julius Kayser Co. Crown Plant – Bangor
Juniata Co. – Mufflintown
Juniata County School District Mifflintown
Juniata Furnace & Foundry Co. – Newport
Junior High School – Dubois
Junior High School Aliquippa
Justi Division W. Gold Refinery Philadelphia
K & L Refractory Service – Erie
K L Refractory Service Erie
K& J Coal Co. – Hastings
Kabuda Synthetic Rubber Co. Plant – Monaca
Kaiser Engineers Bristol
Kaiser Job – Butler
Kaiser Metal – Bristol
Kamak Mills Kulpmont
Kane Area Junior High School – Kane
Kane Hospital – McKeesport
Kane Hospital – Ross
Kane School 26Th Jefferson Philadelphia
Kanmak Mills – Kulpmont
Karl Lieberknecht Inc. Reading
Karl R.H. Knapp, Inc. – McKees Rocks
Karns City Refinery Karns City
Karns City School Karns City
Katz Underwear Co. – Honesdale
Kaufman Building – Pittsburgh
Kaufmanns Dept. Store – Altoona
Kaufmanns Dept. Store – Erie
Kaufmanns Dept. Store – Monroeville
Kaufmanns Dept. Store – North Hills
Kaufmanns Dept. Store – South Hills Village
Kaufmanns Dept. Store – Westmoreland Mall – Greensburg
Kaufmanns- Monroeville
Kaufmans Department Store – Pittsburgh
Kaul Memorial Hospital – St. Marys
Kawecki Berylco Hazelton
Kawecki Berylco Industries Reading
Kawecki Berylco Industries Temple
Kawecki Berylco Industries, Inc. Boyertown
Kawecki Chemical Co. Boyertown
Kawecki Chemical Co. Hoovertown
Kawecki Chemical Co. Reading
Kawecki Chemical Co. Rupertown
Kaweener Co. – Bloomsburg
Kaweener Co. Harrisburg
Keasbey & Mattison – Philadelphia
Keasbey & Mattison Co. – Ambler
Keebler Biscuits Co. – Philadelphia
Keenan Co. – Philadelphia
Keene Corp. – Valley Forge
Keibler Industries – New Kensington
Keibler Thompson Corp. – Export
Keller Creamery – Harleysville
Kelloggs Co. Lancaster
Kellogs Chemical Plant – Oil City
Kelly & Jones Co. – Greensburg
Kelly & Jones Co. Pittsburgh
Kelly & Ludwig – Philadelphia
Kelly School – Wilkinsburg
Kelly Wooden Ware Co. Waterford
Kelsey Hayes Wheel Co. – McKeesport
Kem Weld rt B Kemax Part B
Kemble Iron Co. – Riddlesburg
Kemmerer Iron & Steel Co. – Scranton
Kendall Oil Co. Bradford
Kendall Refining Bradford
Kendall Refining Co. – Bradford
Kenna Metal – Latrobe
Kennametal, Inc. – Latrobe
Kennedy Ebensburg Center – Ebenburg
Kennedy Ebensburg Center – PA
Kennedy Van Saun – Warner Devault
Kennedy Van Saun Danville
Kennedy, Ebensburg Center Ebensbug
Kennett & Wilmington Electric Railway Co.
Kennett Square
Kennett Wilmington Electric Railway Co. Kennett
Kennywood Park – Mifflin
Kensington Water Co. New Kensington
Kenyon Theatre North Side – Pittsburgh
Kepler Mills Easton
Keplers Fuel Co. Easton
Keppars Co. Petrolia
Kepper Mountain Power Station – Scranton
Ketchum Communications Holding Pittsburgh
Keystone Asbestos Magnesia Co. – Etna
Keystone Box Co. – Sharpsburg
Keystone Brewers, Inc. – Pittsburgh
Keystone Cement Bath
Keystone Coal & Coke Co. Dundale
Keystone Coal & Coke Co. Ellsworth
Keystone Coal & Coke Co. Greensburg
Keystone Coal & Coke Co. Madison Mines
Keystone Coal & Coke Co. Madison
Keystone Coal & Coke Co. New Alexandria
Keystone Construction Co. – Huntingdon
Keystone Drawn Steel – Spring City
Keystone Drydock – Philadelphia
Keystone Elementary School – Knox
Keystone Engineering Co. – Pittsburgh
Keystone Generating Station – Plumcreek
Keystone Generating Station Elderton
Keystone Generating Station Unit 1 & 2 Elderton
Keystone Generation Station Unit 1 – Alum Creek Township
Keystone Pipe & Supply – Butler
Keystone Plantation – Wyoming
Keystone Portland Bath
Keystone Portland Cement Co. – Bath
Keystone Portland Cement Philadelphia
Keystone Power Plant – Indiana
Keystone Power Station – Shelocta
Keystone Project, Clairton Works – Clairton
Keystone Project, Westinghouse Electric – Elderton
Keystone Resources – Mars
Keystone Roofing Co. – York
Keystone Roofing Manufacturing Co. – York
Keystone Shaft Mine – Madison
Keystone Station Units #1 #2 Armstrong County Shelocta
Keystone Station Units 1 & 2 Westinghouse Turbines Shelocta
Keystone Wire & Iron – Huntingdon Valley
Keystone Woolen Mills – Connellsville
Keystone Woolen Mills Conshohocken
Keystone, Ebensburg Center Ebensbug
Khulna Newsprint Mill Khulna
Kibbe, Chaffie & Co. – Philadelphia
Kibbes Specialty Contractors S. Williamsport
Kieter Magee – Magee Carpet Co. – Bloomsburg
Kilsdonk Chemical Drake Chemical – Lock Haven
Kim Bob Construction – Harrisburg
Kimberly Clark Corp. – Mt. Holly Springs
Kim-Bob Construction – Harrisburg
King Keystone – Warren
King Of Prussia – Kimberton
King Of Prussia Shopping Center – Kimberton
Kingan & Co. Limited Philadelphia
Kingston Coal Co. Number 2 & 4 Shaft Kingston
Kingston Colleries
Kingston Electric Co. – Swiftwater
Kingston Power Station – Oliphant
Kinny Shoe Factory – Carlisle
Kinsey Distilling Co. – Linfield
Kinzua Dam – Warren
Kiski Area High School – Vandergrift
Kiskiminetas Springs School – Kiskiminetas
Kittanning Brick & Fire Clay Co. – Pittsburgh
Kittanning Ceramics Co. – Kittanning
Kittanning Coal Co. – Kittanning
Kittanning Country Club – Kittanning
Kittanning Courthouse – Kittanning
Kittanning Plate Glass Co. – Kittanning
Kittanning School – Kittanning
Klien Chocolate Co. Elizabethtown
Klimek – Sewickley
Klur Frank Co. Pittsburgh
K-Mart Altoona
Knabb Barrel Div. – Maple Glen
Knabb Barrel Div. – Marcus Hook
Knabb Barrel Div. Marcus Hook
Knitting Factory – Dallas
Knoblit – Richmond Street – Philadelphia
Knoll Products, Inc. Hanover Township
Knouse Corp. – Peach Bottom
Knouse Corp. Peach Glen, Adams County
Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc. – Orrtanna
Knox Glass Plant – Clarion
Kobuta Chemical Plant – Kobuta
Kolnile Brewing Co. – Philadelphia
Koopers-Petrolia Co.
Kopp Glass Swissvale
Koppel Bridge – Koppel
Koppel Plant – Beaver Falls
Koppel Steel Co. – Ambridge
Koppel Steel Co. Beaver Falls
Koppers – Fairless Hills
Koppers Building Pittsburgh
Koppers Chemical – Kobuta
Koppers Chemical Co. Bridgeville
Koppers Co, Inc. – Tar Products Div. – New Norristown
Koppers Co. – Johnstown
Koppers Co. Air Reduction Johnstown
Koppers Co. Aliquippa
Koppers Co. Bridgeville
Koppers Co. Butler
Koppers Co. Chemical Division Edwin
Koppers Co. Chemical Division Kobuta Beaver
Koppers Co. Chemicals Dyestuffs Div. Petrolia
Koppers Co. Emporium
Koppers Co. General Commodities Warehouse Pittsburgh
Koppers Co. Inc – Beaver
Koppers Co. Inc. – Chemical Division – Edwin
Koppers Co. Inc. – Johnstown
Koppers Co. Inc. – Tar Products Division – Swedeland
Koppers Co. Inc. Dylite Plant Kobuta
Koppers Co. Inc. Petolia Plant Petrolia
Koppers Co. Josephtown
Koppers Co. Kobuta Beaver
Koppers Co. McKees Rocks
Koppers Co. Monaca
Koppers Co. Monessen
Koppers Co. Monroeville
Koppers Co. Neville Island
Koppers Co. Oil City
Koppers Co. Organic Materials Div. Oil City
Koppers Co. Petrolia
Koppers Co. Philadelphia
Koppers Co. Pittsburgh Co. Building 35 Bridgeville
Koppers Co. Plastics Division Kobuta
Koppers Co. Plastics Division Monaca
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division New Norristown
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division Oil City
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division Swedeland
Koppers Co. Verona Research Center Verona
Koppers Fairless Hills
Koppers Pittsburgh Co. – Bridgeville
Koppers Research Lab Monroeville
Koppers-Kobuta Koppers Chemical – Monaca
Korhumel Steel Aluminum Co. – New Castle
Korvettes Shopping Center – Philadelphia
Kossman – Green Tree
Kraft Foods – Fogelsville
Kraft Foods Co. – Palmyra
Kroger Store Butler
Kutz Engineering Pittsburgh
Kutztown Foundry & Machine – Kutztown
Kutztown Foundry Kutztown
Kutztown High School Kutztown
L & L Heating & Equipment Philadelphia
L & L Manufacturing Co. – Upland
L & N Railroad – Conway
L & R Construction – Philadelphia
L- Air Liquide Walnut Street Gate Johnstown
L Sonneborn Sons Inc. – Daugherty Refinery Div. – Petrolia
L Winteres – Philadelphia
L. A. Riley & Co. – Ashland
L. A. Riley & Co. Centralia
L. A. Riley & Co. Philadelphia
L. C. Anderson & Sons – Huntingdon
L. G.& E. – Paddys Run Station
L. Goldstein’s & Sons, Inc. – Philadelphia
L. H. Parke Co. – Philadelphia
L. H. Prentice Co. – Pittsburgh
L. J. Land, Inc. – Reading
L. L. Heating Equipment Philadelphia
L. L. Manufacturing Co. Upland
L. Laveson & Son – Philadelphia
L. M. Bare Paper Co. – Roaring Springs
L. N. Railroad Conway
L. O. Bouquin Co. Oil City
L. Sonneborn Sons, Inc. Petrolia
L. Winteres Philadelphia
La Belle Coal Washer – La Belle
La Belle Ironworks Allegheny
La Belle Works Allegheny
La Brum School – Philadelphia
La Brum School Red Lion Calero Roads Philadelphia
Labor Products & Ice Co. – Brakenridge
Labrobe Steel Co. – Latrobe
Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co.
Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railway Co. – Scranton
Lackawanna Coal & Coke Co. – Vintondale
Lackawanna Coal & Coke Co. Wehrum
Lackawanna Iron & Coal Co. – Scranton
Lackawanna Iron & Steel Co. – Donaghmore
Lackawanna Iron & Steel Co. Lebanon
Lackawanna Iron & Steel Co. North Cornwall
Lackawanna Iron & Steel Co. Scranton
Lackawanna Iron & Steel Co. Vintondale
Lackawanna Valley Electric Light & Power Co. – Carbondale
Laco Applicators, Inc. – Warren State Boiler House – Warren
Laco McMullen Co. Erie
Laco-Mcmullen Co. Inc. – Erie
Ladbrookes – Moon Township
Laddie Boy Div of N C C P Philadelphia
Laddie Boy Dog Food Company – Philadelphia
Lafarge Construction Materials – Mifflin
Lafayette College – Easton
Lafayette Hotel – Philadelphia
L-Air Liquide – Walnut Street Gate – Johnstown
Lake Lynn Powerhouse – Lake Lynn
Lakeland Hospital – Lakeland
Lakens Iron & Steel Co. Coatesville
Lancaster Closure Plant – Lancaster
Lancaster Cork Works – Lancaster
Lancaster County Railway & Light Co. – Lancaster
Lancaster Floor Plant – Lancaster
Lancaster Floor Plant Building #500 Lancaster
Lancaster Floor Plant Building 44 Lancaster
Lancaster Malleable Casting Co. – Lancaster
Lancaster Malleable Castings Co. – Lancaster
Lancaster Post Office Lancaster
Lancaster U. S Post Office Lancaster
Lancaster Water Works – Lancaster
Lance Colliery #11 Plymouth Junction
Land Title & Trust Co. – Philadelphia
Land Title Building
Land Title Building Philadelphia
Landis Machine Co. – Waynesboro
Landis Tool Co. – Waynesboro
Lane Service Co. – Freeport
Lanehart Co. – Greencastle
Lankenau Hospital – Nurses School – Wyndmoor
Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia
Lansdale Tube – Lansdale
Lansdowne Steel & Iron Co. Morton
Lansdowne Towers, Inc. Alden
Large Distilling Co. – Wilson
Larson Builders – Allison Park
Larson Supply Reading
Lasko Metal Products, Inc. Westchester
Latrobe Area Hospital – Latrobe
Latrobe Area Hospital – Latrobe
Latrobe Brewing Co. Latrobe
Latrobe Construction – Latrobe
Latrobe Die Casting – Latrobe
Latrobe Electric Steel Co. – Latrobe
Latrobe Foundry & Machine Latrobe
Latrobe Froge & Spring, Inc. – Latrobe
Latrobe High School – Latrobe
Latrobe Hospital – Latrobe
Latrobe Steel Works Latrobe
Latrobe Universal Latrobe
Latrobe Water Authority – Latrobe
Latrobe Works – Latrobe
Laurel Crest Manor – Ebensburg
Laurel Intermediate School – New Castle
Laurel Run Coal Co. – Miners Mills
Laurel Runcoal Co. – Wilkes Barre
Laureldale Plant – Laureldale
Laureldale Plant
Laurelton State Village
Lava Crucible Refractories
Lava Crucilbe Refractories – Zeleinople
Lavino Furnace Co. – Lebanon
Lavino Shipping Co. – Philadelphia
Lawrence Cement Co. of Pennsylvania Northampton
Lawrence Cement Co. Siegfried
Lawrence Junction
Lawrence Village Plaza – New Castle
Lawton Lease
Leader Publishing – Pittsburgh
Leader Publishing Co. – Pittsburgh
League Island Philadelphia
Leamington School – Pittsburgh
Leamy Home Mount Airy – Philadelphia
Lebanon Blast Furnace Co. – Lebanon
Lebanon City County Building – Lebanon
Lebanon Concentrator Plant – Lebanon
Lebanon Elementary School – Lebanon
Lebanon Furnace Co. Lebanon
Lebanon Plumbing Supply Co. Lebanon
Lebanon Shops – MT. Lebanon
Lebanon Steam Co. – Lebanon
Lebanon Valley College – Annville
Lebanon Valley College Vickroy Hall Girls Dorm Annville
Lebanon Valley Ironworks Lebanon
Lebanon Valley Street Railway Co. – Lebanon
Lebanon, Wernersville State Hospital – Wernersville
Lectromelt – Pittsburgh
Ledwig Huntel Co. Sharon Hill
Lee Hospital – Johnstown
Lee Rubber & Tire Co. – Connellsville
Lee Rubber Co. Tire Co. Conshohocken
Leechburg Steel Co. – Leechburg
Leechburg Steel Co. Leechburg
Leechburg Supply Co. – Leechburg
Leeds & Northrop Co.
Leeds & Northrup – Philadelphia
Leeds Northrop North Wales
Leetsdale High School – Leetsdale
Leetsdale Industrial Park – Leetsdale
Leetsdale Shipyard Ambridge
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. – Ashley
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Colliery #4 Audenried
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Empire Colliery #4 Ashley
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Hollenback Colliery #2 Wilkes Barre
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Notingham Colliery
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Philadelphia
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Plymouth
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Stanton Colliery #4 Ashley
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Sugar Notch Colliery #9 Sugar Notch
Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Wanamie Colliery #3 Wanamie
Lehigh Car Wheel & Axle Co. – Catasauqua
Lehigh Coal & Co. – Hauto
Lehigh Coal & Co. Nesquehoning
Lehigh Coal & Co. Tamaqua
Lehigh Coal & Navagation Co. Hauto
Lehigh Coal & Navagation Co. Lansford
Lehigh Coal & Navagation Co. Nesquehoning
Lehigh Coal & Navagation Co. Philadelphia
Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. Wilkes Barre
Lehigh Coke Co. – S. Bethlehem
Lehigh Colliery – Tamaqua
Lehigh County Court House – Allentown
Lehigh County Home Wescosville
Lehigh Design Co. – Dravosburg
Lehigh Division Bethlehem Plant Bethlehem
Lehigh Dye Finishing Co. Allentown
Lehigh Engineering – Bethlehem
Lehigh Engineering Co. – Plant – Hanover
Lehigh Engineering Co. Dunmore
Lehigh Foundry Easton
Lehigh Industrial Power Co. – Hauto
Lehigh Industrial Power Co. Stauto
Lehigh Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Lehigh Material Co. – Philadelphia
Lehigh Navigation Electric Co. – Hanto
Lehigh Parkway School – Allentown
Lehigh Pipe Shop – Bethlehem
Lehigh Pipe Shop Bethlehem
Lehigh Portland Cement Allentown
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Allentown
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Bath
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Copley
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Fogelsville
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. New Castle
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Ormrod
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Paynes Station
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Sandts Eddy
Lehigh Portland Fogelsville Plant Fogelsville
Lehigh Silk Dyeing Co. Weidmann
Lehigh University – Bethlehem
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Centralia
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Exeter Colliery Pittston
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Hazleton
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Jeansville, Hazelton
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Mt Carmel
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Orwigsburg
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Park Place
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Philadelphia
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Pittston Junction
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Pittston
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Wilkes Barre
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Wyoming
Lehigh Valley Cooperative Farmers – Allentown
Lehigh Valley Dairy – Allentown
Lehigh Valley Plant Hauto Steam Electric Station Hauto
Lehigh Valley R. R.- Pringle Street Siding – Kingston
Lehigh Valley Railroad – Coxton
Lehigh Valley Railroad Co. – Bethlehem
Lehigh Valley Supply Allentown
Lehigh Valley Traction Co. – Allentown
Lehigh Valley Transit Co. – Allentown
Lehigh Water Co. – Easton
Lehigh Wilkes Barr Coal Co. – Philadelphia
Lehighs Northamptom Gas Electric Co. – Catasauqua
Lehighton Electric Light, Heat & Power Co. – Lehighton
Lehighton Post Office – Lehighton
Lehighton U. S Post Office – Lehighton
Leicester Continental Mills Co. – Germantown
Leidy School – Philadelphia
Leisenring & Co. – Duncott
Leisenring & Co. Minersville
Leith Mines – Leith
Leith Mines Leith Station
Lem Construction – Eighty-Four
Lemington Nursing Home Liberty
Lempiner Roofing & Siding Lebanon
Lenape Elementary School – Ford City
Lenape Forge, Inc. – Chester
Lenhardt Hall, MIllersville University Millersville
Leninger Knitting Mills – Mohnton
Leninger Knitting Mills Mohnton
Lenox Crystal – Mt. Pleasant
Lentz & Co. Park Place
Lentz Lilly & Co. – Park Place
Leonard Brothers – Scranton
Leopold Vilsack – Pittsburgh
Lester Industrial Building Lester
Lester Industrial Park – Lester
Leston Co. – Philadelphia
Letort Elementary School – Millersburg
Letterkenny Depot – Letterkenny
Letterkenny Ordnance Depot- Field Service Acct – Chambersburg
Letterkenny Ordnance Depot- Field Service Acct – Letterkenny
Level Green School Level Green
Levinson Steel – McKees Rocks
Lewis Block – Pittsburgh
Lewis Elkin Elementary – Philadelphia
Lewis Foundry & Mach Co. – Pittsburgh
Lewis Foundry & Machine Co. – Groveton
Lewis Foundry & Machine Co. – Pittsburgh
Lewis S. Cox & Co. – Philadelphia
Lewistown & Reedsville Electric Railway Co. – Lewistown
Lewistown Hospital – Lewistown
Lewistown Smelting Refining Co. Lewistown
Lexington Mead Corp. – Pittsburgh
Liberty Bell Racetrack – Philadelphia
Liberty High School
Liberty Home Dressed Meat Co. – Pittsburgh
Liberty Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
Liberty Market – Pittsburgh
Liberty Market Co. – Pittsburgh
Liberty Powder Co. – Mt. Braddock
Liberty School – Pittsburgh
Library – Castle Shannon
Lickdale Iron Co. – Lickdale
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. – Philadelphia
Liggett Spring & Axle Co. – Monongahela
Light Plant Farmington
Ligonier Elementary- Jr. High School – Ligonier
Lilly Washington School – Lilly
Limbach Co. – Pittsburgh
Limbach S Pgh Waterhouse Co. – Elrama
Limerick Generating Station Pottstown
Limerick Nuclear Power Plant – Limerick
Limerick Station – Philadelphia Electric – Pottstown
Limestone Mine – Bradys Bend
Limestone School – Clarion
Lincoln Coal & Coke Co. – Helen
Lincoln Coal & Coke Co. Scottdale
Lincoln Coal & Coke Co. Waterburg
Lincoln High School – Ellwood City
Lincoln Liberty Building – Philadelphia
Lindberg Newtown Square
Linde Air Kittanning
Linde Air Products Co. Coatesville
Linde Air Products Co. Duquesne
Linde Air Products Co. Kittanning
Linde Air Products Co. Pittsburgh
Linde Co. – Erie
Lindner Shoe Co. – Carlisle
Lindner Shoe Co. Philadelphia
Line Co. – Braddock
Link Belt Co. – Colmar
Link Belt Engineering Co. – Nicetown
Liquid Bulk Terminal
Liquid Carbonic Acid Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
Liquid Carbonic Corp – Philadelphia
Liquid Carbonic Corp. – Philadelphia
Littell Steel – New Brighton
Little Rock – Philadelphia
Little Sisters of the Poor
Little Sisters of The Poor – Pittsburgh
Lochers Green House View
Lochiel Rolling Mill Co. – Harrisburg
Lock Dam – Allegheny River
Lock Haven Hospital – Lock Haven
Lock Haven Research Learning Center – Lock Haven
Lockhart Iron & Steel – Pittsburgh lockhart Iron & Steel
Lockhart Iron & Steel Co. – McKees Rocks
Locomotive Works Eddystone
Locust Spring Colliery – Locust Gap
Loewengart Co. Inc. Tannery Div. Mercersburg
Loftus Engineering Co. Pittsburgh
Logan Iron & Steel Co. – Burnham
Logan Iron & Steel Co. Lewistown
Logan Valley Mall – Altoona
Lone Star Cement Corp. Nazareth
Lone Star Industries Inc. Nazareth
Long Mead Iron Co. Conshohocken
Long Publishing Co. – Philadelphia
Longmead Iron Co. – Connellsville
Long’s P & H Service – Easton
Longs P H Service Easton
Longshoremans Union – Local 1291 – Philadelphia
Longstreth Elementary School Philadelphia
Loos & Dilworth – Philadelphia
Loose Wiles Biscuit Co. – Pittsburgh
Lorain Steel Co. – Johnstown
Lords Bonded Rubber Co. – Erie
Loren’s Heat Treating – Philadelphia
Lorenz & Sons – Philadelphia
Lorenz Heat Treating – Philadelphia
Lorenz Sons Philadelphia
Lormack Corp. – Schellburg
Los Angeles Philadelphia
Loskos Body Shop – Daisytown
Lou Miles, Contractor Sharon
Louis B. Orlowitz Plumbing Supply – Philadelphia
Louis Kraemer & Co. – Reading
Lovekin Trageser Div – Philadelphia
Lovekin Water Heater Co. Home Office Philadelphia
Lovell Coal Mining Co. – Portage
Lovell Manufacturing Co. – Erie
Lower Burrell High School – Lower Burrell
Lower Burrell Junior High School – Lower Burrell
Lower Merion High School – Ardmore
Lower Mount Bethel
Lower Works – Woodland
Loyalhanna School – Latrobe
Lsonnebarn Sons Inc. Petrolia
LTV Sheet & Tube Midland
Ltv Specialty Steel Products Plant – Midland
LTV Stee South Side Plant Pittsburgh
LTV Steel Aliquippa
LTV Steel Ambridge
LTV Steel Baden
LTV Steel Beaver Falls
LTV Steel Coke Plant Pittsburgh
LTV Steel Hazelwood Plant Pittsburgh
LTV Steel Monaca
LTV Steel Pittsburgh
LTV Steel Rochester
LTV Steel Southside Pittsburgh
Lucent Technologies Allentown
Lucent Technologies Breinigsville
Lucent Technologies Reading
Lucent Technologies Reading
Lucerne Mines – Indiana
Lucifer Furnaces Warrington
Lucy Furnaces Co. Pittsburgh
Ludlow Elementary School – Philadelphia
Luke Fidler Colliery – Shamokin
Lukens Iron & Steel Co. – Coatesville
Lukens Steel Co. Coatesville
LuMax Industries Altoona
Lumber Yard – Townville
Lupton Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Luzerne County Gas & Electric – Hunlock Creek
Luzerne County Gas & Electric Co. – Luzerne County
Luzerne County Gas & Electric Humlock Creek
Luzerne Coutny Gas & Electric Co. – Plymouth
Lycoming Edison Co. – Wiliamsport
Lycoming Rubber Co. Williamsport
Lykens Valley Coal Co. Lykens Valley
Lynn Heidelberg School – New Tripoli
Lynn Heidelberg School Tripoli
Lynnewood Gardens – Elkins Park
Lytle Coal Co. – Minersville
Lytle Coal Co. Primrose
M & G Industrial – Pittsburgh
M & O Dredging McKees Rocks
M & W H Nixon Paper Co. – Philadelphia
M Miller Spring & Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
M S A Research Corp – Gallery
M Schnoll & Sons – Philadelphia
M. & M. Mars, Inc. Elizabethtown
M. & W. H. Nixon Paper Co. Philadelphia
M. H. Detrick – Fairless Hills
M. H. Detrick
M. H. Pickering – Pittsburgh
M. H. Pickering Pittsburgh
M. L. Bayard & Co. – Philadelphia
M. L. Clothier Villa Nova
M. S. A. Research Center – Callery
M. Schnoll & Sons – Philadelphia
M. T. Seakite – Chester
M. W. Kellogg Co. Williamsport
Mabel Furnace – Sharpsville
Mac- Co. Service Pittsburgh
Mac Service, Inc. – Wilson
Mac Service, Inc. Windber
Macaw Brothers Norwood Station
Mach & Boiler Works
Mach Trucks, Inc. – Allentown
Machine Shop Altoona
Machold & Riddell – Philadelphia
Mack Axe Works – Beaver Falls
Mack Manufacturing Corp. – Allentown
Mack Truck – Allentown
Mack Truck Mackungie
Mack Warehouse – Philadelphia
Mackintosh Hemphill – Midland
Mackintosh Hemphill & Co. Pittsburgh
Mackintosh-Hemphill Co. – Pittsburgh
MacMurray High School – MacMurray
MacMurray Middle School – MacMurray
Maddock & Co. – Bala Cynwyd
Madonna Grade School – New Castle
Magazine Lumber Co. – Carbondale
Magazine Lumber Co. Cardale
Magee Carpet Co. Building 50 Bloomsburg
Magee Carpet Co. Pipe Shop Bloomsburg
Magee Women’s Hospital – Pittsburgh
Maginn & Lewis – Pittsburgh
Magnetic Springs Railway Co.
Mahandy Area Middle School – Mahandy City
Mahanoy Area Education Complex – Mahanoy City
Mahanoy City Water Co. – Girard Point
Mahanoy Plane
Mahoning Dam – Armstrong
Mahoning Rolling Mill Co. – Danville
Mahoning Valley Iron Co. – Pittsburgh
Mahoningtown Shops – New Castle
Main Street Office Complex – Johnstown
Mains Service – Sutterville
Maintenance & Engineering Corp. – Pittsburg
Majestic Apartment House – Philadelphia
Makefield Elementary Yardley
Mall – Washington
Mall – Williamsport
Mall Office Building – Philadelphia
Malsbary Manufacturing Co. Uniontown
Malthby Colliery – Wyoming
Mammoth Plant Mammoth Station
Mamoth Plant
Manayunk Philadelphia
Manchester Station – Pittsburgh
Manganese Steel Forge Co. – Philadelphia
Manhattan Slate Co. – Slatington
Mann Brothers – Harrisburg
Manor Brick Crafters Inc. New Oxford
Mansfield State College – Mansfield
Manufacturing Facility Ambridge
Manufacturing Gas Co. – Washington
Manufacturing Plant
Maple Ridge School – Somerset
Maple St. Beaverdale
Marathon Corp. Lester
Marcal Paper Mills, Inc. – Philadelphia
Marck Sharp Dohme Inc. Mulford Plant Philadelphia
Marcus Hook – Lester
Marcus Hook Plant – Maple Glen
Marcus Hook Plant Marcus Hook
Marcus Hook Refinery – Maple Glen
Marcus Hook Refinery Chester
Marcus Hook Refinery Marcus Hook
Marcus, Ruth & Jerome Rendering Plant – McKees Rocks
Marienville Glass Plant – Clarion
Marietta Carpet Plant – Marietta
Marietta Metal Products Corp. – Marietta
Marietta Metal Products Corp. – Philadelphia
Marine America Corp Bryn Mawr
Marine Corps Recruiting Depot
Marine Corps Supply – Basement
Marine Leader Chester
Marinelli Bakery Philadelphia
Maritime Supply Co. Philadelphia
Marker & Sons – McKeesport
Marks Brothers – Philadelphia
Marks Wyant Plumbing Heating Chalfont
Marlsbary Manufacturing Co. – Union City
Marlsbary Manufacturing Co. Uniontown
Marlsbury Plant – Uniontown
Marmon Keystone Pipe Supply – Butler
Marple Township Delaware County
Marquette Cement – Nequehoning
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. Neville Township
Marquette Cement Neville Island Pittsburgh
Marquette Cement Pittsburgh
Marriott Hotel – Montour Exit – Moon Twp
Marsden T J Co. – Pottsville
Marsh Plate Glass Co. – Walton
Marshall Brothers & Co. – Newport
Marshall Brothers & Co. Philadelphia
Marshall Kennedy Co. – Pittsburgh
Marshall Kennedy Co. Allegheny
Marshalsea Four Arm – Pittsburgh
Marshalsea Four Arm Pittsburgh
Martin & Nettrour Contracting Pittsburgh
Martin & W H Nixon – Philadelphia
Martin & W. H. Nixon Manayunk
Martin & W.H. Nixon – Philadelphia
Martin & William H. Nixon Paper Co. Penloyd
Martin Luther King Junior School – Philadelphia
Martin Luther King School – Philadelphia
Martins Creek Power Plant – Martins Creek
Martins Creek Power Station – Martins Creek
Martins Creek Powerhouse Martins Creek
Martins Creek, P.P.L. – Stroudsburg
Martins Hatchery Poultry Farms, Inc. Lancaster
Marx Toy Factory – Erie
Mary Immaculate Seminary Northampton
Mary St – Hermitage
Mary Street Project – Kingston
Mary Wood College – Scranton
Maryland Coal Co. – Hazleton
Maryland Coal Co. Mary D
Maryland Coal Co. Of Pennsylvania – St. Michael
Maryland Coal Co. Philadelphia
Maryland Coal Co. South Fork
Maryland Coal Co. Tuscarora
Maryland Steel Co. – Philadelphia
Marywood College – Kingston
Mashuda Corp. – Evans City
Masland Duraleather Co. – Philadelphia
Maslin Rug Factory – Carlisle
Masonic Homes New Recreation Building Elizabethtown
Masonic Temple – Pottstown
Masonry Construction Co. – Philadelphia
Masonry Inc. – Carnegie
Masontown Brewing Co. Masontown
Masontown Bridge, Hatfield Power Station – Masontown
Masontown Bridge, Power Station Monongahela
Masontown Jr. High School – Masontown
Mather Co. – Toledo
Mather Coal – Washington
Mather Collieries – Rices Landing
Mathis Shipyard
Mathis Shipyard – Philadelphia
Matthew S. Lewis Co. – Canonsburg
Matthews Conveyor – Ellwood City
Matthiessen & Hegeler Zinc Co. – Elrama
Mauch Chunk Crystal Ice Co. – Mauch Chunk
Mauch Chunk H. Power & Electric Light Co. – Mauch Chunk
Mauch Chunk Lehighton & Slatington Railway Co. – Allentown
Mauch Chunk Lehighton & Slatington Railway Co. – Mauch Chunk
Max & Levy Building – Philadelphia
Max Brockton Textile Co. – Philadelphia
Maxton Chester
Maxwell Colliery, #20 Ashley
Maxwell Lock #5 – Monongahela River, Monongahela
Maxwell School – Greensburg
Mayer Body Corp. – Liberty
McAdoo Elementary School – McAdoo
McArdle & Cooney Inc. – Philadelphia
McAvey Brick Co. – Phoenixville
Mccahan Sugar Refining & Molasses Co. – Philadelphia
McCandless Township Municipal – McCandless
McCaniel & Harvey Philadelphia
Mccann Shields Paint Co. – Pittsburgh
McCarls – Altoona
Mccarter Iron – Norristown
Mccarter Ironworks – Morristown
Mccarters Iron – Norristown
McCermant Nissan – Allison Park
Mcclair, Brooks & Co. – Scranton
McClaskey & Co. – Philadelphia
McClave Brooks & Co. Scranton
Mcclellan Storage Yard – McClellan
McClenaghan Corp. – Hollidaysburg
McClintic- Marshall Construction Co. Carnegie
McClintic- Marshall Construction Co. Pottstown
Mccloskey Construction – Philadelphia
Mccloskey Varnish Co. – Philadelphia
McClure Co. – Washington
McConnell Asbestos & Covering Co. – Etna
McConnellsburg Medical Center – McConnellsburg
McConway & Torley Corp. – Pittsburgh
Mccorkel Homes – Carlisle
McCowell Paper Mill Co. Manayunk
Mccracken Stark & Co. – Philadelphia
Mccreary Tire & Rubber Co. – Indiana
McCreary Tires – Indiana
McCrosky Tool & Dye – Meadville
McCullough Iron Co. – Philadelphia
McCusker T J Inc. W. Mifflin
McDaniel & Harvey – Philadelphia
McDowell Paper Co. – Manayunk
McEnery Co. – Erie
McFadden James E Inc. Philadelphia
McGraw Edison Co – Pittsburgh
McGraw- Edison Co. Canonsburg
McGraw Edison Co. Lawrenceville
McGraw Edison Co. Pittsburgh
McGraw Edison Co. Power Systems Div Canonsburg
McGraw Edison Co. Washington
McGraw Edison Power Systems Division – Canonsburg
Mcgrew Parkinson & Co. – Monongahela
Mcguffey School – Bridgeville
Mcguffy School Taylorstown
Mcguinnes Co. – Pittsburgh
Mcintosh Co. – Midland
McKay Co. – York
McKay Corp. York
McKean Plant – Farmers Valley
McKean Plant Farmers Valley
McKean, Newhall & Borie – Philadelphia
McKee Division of Thatcher Glass – Jeannette
McKee Glass Jeannette
McKees Rocks Ind. Enterprises – McKees Rocks
McKeesport & Youghiogheny Ice Co. – McKeesport
McKeesport Coating Co. – McKeesport
McKeesport Hospital – McKeesport
McKeesport Manufacturing Co. – McKeesport
McKeesport Moose – McKeesport
McKeesport Sewage Plant – McKeesport
McKeesport Tin Plate Co. – McKeesport
McKeesport Water & Light Co. – McKeesport
McKeesport Water Purification Works – McKeesport
McKeesport Works – McKeesport
McKinley Elementary School – York
McKinney Manufacturing Co. Allegheny
McKnight Lanes North Hills
Mclaughlin Brothers – Philadelphia
Mclean Newhall & Borie – Philadelphia
McMahan Sugar Refining & Molasses Co. Philadelphia
McMann Dairy – Altoona
Meadowlands Suzuki – Meadowlands
Meadowvale School – Johnstown
Meadville City Hall – Meadville
Meadville Forging Co. Meadville
Meadville Precision – Meadville
Meadville Tribune – Meadville
Meata Machine Co – New Castle
Mechanical Insulation Co. – Lester
Mechanical Insulation Co. Philadelphia
Mechanical Insulation Co. Plymouth Meeting
Medal Distributing Co. – Sharon
Medford’s Inc. – Chester
Medical College of Pennsylvania School – Philadelphia
Medium Voltage Swgr. Department – Philadelphia
Medusa Cement Co. – York
Medusa Portland Cement Co. – Wampum
Medusa Portland Cement Co. York
Megargee Paper Co. – Edgely
Megargee Paper Mills – Tullytown
Meijers Stores – Pennsylvania
Meili & Worthington – Hatboro
Melcroft Coal Co. Melcroft
Mellon Arena – Pittsburgh
Mellon Bank – Latrobe
Mellon Bank – Ligonier
Mellon Bank – Oakland
Mellon Bank – Washington
Mellon Bank, Old USS Building – Pittsburgh
Mellon Institute of Industrial Research – Pittsburgh
Melville Corbett Co. Kaulmont, Elk County
Memorial Hospital – Boiler Room – Johnstown
Memphis Philadelphia
Mens House Of Detention – Philadelphia
Men’s House of Detention Prison
Mercer Alloys Greenville
Mercer County Courthouse – Mercer
Mercer County Light Co. – Greensburg
Mercer High School – Mercer
Mercer Lime & Stone Co. Pittsburgh
Mercersburg Tannery Div. Mercersburg
Merchant Shipbuilding Corp. – Bristol
Merchants Coal Co. – Merchants Coal Co.
Merchants Coal Co. Of Pennsylvania – Bosewell
Merchants Coal Co. Stoyestown
Merchants Ship Building Corp. Bristol
Merck & Co. – Lansdale
Merck & Co. Building #2 Point
Merck & Co. Danville
Merck & Co. Inc. – Riverside
Merck & Co. Lansdale
Merck & Co. Riverside Borough
Merck & Co. Riverside
Merck Chemical – Danville
Merck Sharpe Dohme Building 65 Point
Merck, Sharpe & Dohme
Mercy Douglas Hospital – Philadelphia
Mercy Hospital – Altoona
Mercy-Douglass Hospital – Philadelphia
Merion & Radnor Gas & Electric Co. Wayne
Mermount Gardens – Bryn Mawr
Merrick Chemical Plant Danville
Merritt Chapman & Scott – Milton
Messinger Bearings, Inc. Philadelphia
Mesta Machine Co. – Homer City
Mesta Machine Co. New Castle
Mesta Machine Co. Pittsburgh
Mesta Machine Steel Machinery Manu. Plant – Homer City
Metal Bank of America Philadelphia
Metal Distributing Co. – Sharon
Metal Treating Co. Pittsburgh
Metals Division Near Greensburg
Metalweld, Inc. Oaks
Methodist Church – Speers
Metro Glass – Washington
Metropolitan Brick, Darlington Rd – Beaver
Metropolitan Edison Co- Portland Generating Station – Portland
Metropolitan Edison Co. Dock St. Station Easton
Metropolitan Edison Co. Eyler Station Storehouse Reading
Metropolitan Edison Co. Generating Station Unit #1 & #2 Portland
Metropolitan Edison Co. Homer City
Metropolitan Edison Co. Portland
Metropolitan Edison Co. Reading
Metropolitan Edison Co. Three Mile Island – Middletown
Metropolitan Edison Co. Titus Station Reading
Metropolitan Edison Co. Turbine Repair Philadelphia
Metropolitan Edison Co. Upper Mount Bethel
Metropolitan Edison Co. Williamsburg
Metropolitan Edison Power Brunners Island York Haven
Metropolitan Edison Power Plant – Portland
Metropolitan Edison- Tmi Harrisburg
Metropolitan Edison-Tmi – Harrisburg
Metropolitan Hospital – Philadelphia
Metropolitan Life Insurance Building – Johnstown
Meyer Zausner Inc. – New Holland
Meyers Tavern Elizabeth
Meyersdale Jr.-Sr. High School – Meyersdale
Michael Baker World Headquarters – Beaver
Michael Flynn Manufacturing – Philadelphia
Michigan Chemical Co. – Pittsburgh
Michigan Limestone – Brady
Michigan Limestone & Chemical – Annandale
Middle Creek Electric Co. – Sunbury
Middletown Air Force Base – Harrisburg
Middletown Car Co. – Middletown
Middletown Car Works Middletown
Middletown Elementary School – Langehorne
Middletown Elementary School Middletown Twshp
Middletown School – Bornstein
MidGeneration Homer City
Midland Ross Corp. Pittsburgh
Midland Ross Sharon
Midland Steel – Beaver Falls
Midland Steel Co. – Midland
Midland Works – Midland
Midland-Ross Corp – Pittsburgh
Miduale-Heppenstahl – Philadelphia
Midvale Co. Nicetown, Philadelphia
Midvale Co. Philadelphia
Midvale Heppenstall Co. – Eddystone
Midvale Heppenstall Co. Philadelphia
Midvale Steel & Ordnance Co. Nicetown
Midvale Steel & Ordnance Co. Philadelphia
Midvale Steel Co. – Nicetown
Midvalee Heppenstall Co. Philadelphia
Midvalley Coal Co. Centralia Station
Midvalley Coal Co. Mauch Chunk
Midvalley Coal Co. Mt Carmel
Midvalley Coal Co. Philadelphia
Midvalley Coal Co. Wilburton
Mifflin Jr. High School – Mifflin
Mifflin Schools – Mifflin
Mifflin Township
Miklo Construction – Plum
Milbon Manufacturing Co. – Milbon
Milco Undergarment Co. – Bloomsburg
Milesburg Power Plant – Milesburgh
Mill #4 Martins Creek
Mill Creek Coal Co. Boston
Mill Creek Coal Co. Delano
Mill Creek Coal Co. Vulcan
Mill Creek Powerhouse – Johnstown
Mill Creek School – Erie
Mill Machinery & Equipment – Lawrenceville
Mill Strip Division New Castle
Millard Quarry – Annville
Millbourne Mills – Philadelphia
Millcreek Mall – Erie
Miller Gas Oil Shamokin
Miller Planner Building Boiler Markleysburg
Miller Printing Machinery Co. Pittsburgh
Miller Quarries Inc. – Rushland
Miller Robert L – Mechanicsburg
Millersburg University – Lenhardt Hall – Millersburg
Milliam A Colliery Light & Power – Junction
Milliken Hospital Boiler Room – Pottsville
Milton Manufacturing Co. – Milton
Minard Run Oil Co. – Bradford
Mine – Carmichaels
Mine – Jarrets Fort
Mine – Seward
Mine – Waynesburg
Mine Safety Appliance Co. – Callery
Mine Safety Appliances – Ridc Industrial Park – Blawnox
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Callery
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Cranberry
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Evans City
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Monroeville
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Penn Center
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Philadelphia
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Pittsburgh
Mineral Railroad & Mining Co. – Shamokin
Mineral Railroad & Mining Co. Wilkes Barre
Mineral Spring Colliery Wilkes Barre
Miners Clinic – Carmichael
Minersville Housing – Minersville
Minneapolis Honeywell Reg. Co.
Minneapolis Philadelphia
Minnepolis Honeywell Reg. Co. – Philadelphia
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. – Bristol
Minnotte Manufacturing Co. Rp Pittsburgh
Minotte Brothers Co. – Pittsburgh
Mira Bell, Inc. – Philadelphia
Miracle Mile Shopping Center – Monroeville
Miseracordia- Student Union & Dorms – Kingston
Missile Master Facilities – Oakdale
Mitchell Power Station – Courtney
Mitchell Power Station Monongahela
Mitchell Power Station Washington County Courtney
Mitchell Ps – New Eagle
Mitchell, Fletcher & Co. – Philadelphia
Mobay Chemical Co. – Pittsburgh
Mobil – Philadelphia
Mobil Chemical Co. Rochester
Mobil Oil Corp. Philadelphia
Model Coat Apron Co. Pittsburgh
Model Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co. – Jeannette
Modern Cooling Philadelphia
Moe A & Co. A – Philadelphia
Mohawk Carpet Mills) – Phoenixville
Mohawk Valley Brewing Co. – Philadelphia
Molded Materials – Ridgeway
MolyCorp. – Washington
Mon Valley Housing Project Monongahela
Mon Valley Water Co. – Clairton
Mon Valley Water Pump Station – Elizabeth
Monahan Insulation Co. – Pittsburgh
Monatoe High School – Butler
Monessen Steel Co. – Monesson
Monessen Works – Monesson
Monesson Elementary School – Monesson
Monongahela & Ohio Dredging Co. – Pittsburgh
Monongahela Connecting Railroad Co. – Pittsburgh
Monongahela Electric Light & Power Co. – Homer City
Monongahela Electric Light Co. – Monongahela
Monongahela Elementary School – Monongahela
Monongahela Furnaces – McKeesport
Monongahela Inc. – Line Plane Co. Pittsburgh
Monongahela Light & Power Co. – Pittsburgh
Monongahela Light & Power Co. Rankin
Monongahela Melting Co. – Altoona
Monongahela Natural Gas Co. – Pittsburgh
Monongahela Power Co. – Masontown
Monongahela Power Station – Monongahela
Monongahela Railway – Brownsville
Monongahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Co. California
Monongahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Co. Pittsburgh
Monongahela Street Railway Co. – Pittsburgh
Monongalia & Ohio Dredging Co. – Pittsburgh
Monroe Ship Supply Philadelphia
Monroeville High School – Monroeville
Monroeville Mall – Monroeville
Monroeville Townhouses – Monroeville
Monsanto Chemical Co. – Philadelphia
Monsey Products – Kimberton
Monsey Products Co. – Philadelphia
Monsey Products Kimberton
Monsey Products Wissahicken
Mont Alto Sanitarium Mont Alto
Montefoire Hospital – Pittsburgh
Montgomery Iron Co. – Port Kennedy
Montgomery Ward – Monroeville
Montour 10 Mine Pilot Plant Storeroom Library
Montour Cty Danville
Montour High School – Robinson Twp
Montour No 1 Power Plant Strawberry Ridge
Montour No 1 Power Plant Washingtonville
Montour Power Plant
Montour Power Plant Washingtonville
Montour Power Station – Montour
Montour Station Unit #1 & #2 Washingtonville
Montour Steam Elec Station Unit 1, 2 Strawberry Ridge
Montour Steam Station Pa Power & Light Washingtonville
Montour Steel & Iron Co. – Danville
Moore College Of Art – Philadelphia
Moore Pool – Brookline
Moore Street Elementary School – Millersburg
Moorehead Brothers & Co. – Pittsburgh
Moorhead Brothers & Co. Sharpsburg
Morado Beaver County
Moravian College – Bethlehem
Morco- Cochranton
Morgan Paper Co. – Lititz
Morganstern Electric – Mifflin
Morganthaler Brothers – Philadelphia
Morganza Youth Development Center – Washington
Morgenthaler Brothers – Philadelphia
Morgenthaler Ice Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Mormac Co. Lake Chester
Mormac Trade Chester
Mormacbay Co. Chester
Mormacpride Co. Chester
Mormacscan Co. Chester
Moro Phillips – Philadelphia
Morrell Felin Meat Packers – Philadelphia
Morrellsville Colliery Nantyglo
Morris School – Philadelphia
Morris School 26Th Thompson Philadelphia
Morristown Railway Co. Philadelphia
Moss Rehabilitation Hospital – Philadelphia
Mother Of Divine Grace – Philadelphia
Motion Control – Ridgway
Motion Control Molded Materials Ridgeway
Motor Coil Manufacturing – Braddock
Motor Coils Manufacturing Co. Emporium
Motor Coils Manufacturing Co. Evans City
Motorola Co. Carlisle
Mount Alto Sanitarium – Mont Alto Park
Mount Holly Springs – Crumberland County
Mount Jesseys Coal Co. – Peckville
Mount Joy Vo- Tech Building 432 Old Market Street Mount Joy
Mount Lebanous Ice Co. – Mt. Lebanon
Mount Lookout Coal Co. – Wyoming
Mount Morich – Philadelphia
Mount Pleasant Electric Light & Power Co. – Mt. Pleasant
Mount Sinai Hospital – Philadelphia
Mount St. Joseph Academy – Philadelphia
Mountain Top Industrial Park – Mountain Top
Mountain View Center, Inc. – Kylertown
Mrs Paul’s Frozen Foods – Philadelphia
Msa – Evans City
Mt. Hope Church – Mt. Hope
MT. Lebanon High School – MT. Lebanon
Mt. Lebanon Methodist Church – Mt. Lebanon
MT. Pleasant High School – MT. Pleasant
Muhlenberg High School Philadelphia
Mulligan Harold B – Philadelphia
Mullins Manufacturing Co. – Hays
Munhall High School – Munhall
Municipal – Ross Township
Municipal Authority of Westmoreland City – Greensburg
Municipal Electric Department, Elwood City
Municipal Electric Dept. Ellwood City Borough – Ellwood City
Municipal Hospital – Philadelphia
Municipal Service Building City Hall Philadelphia
Municipality of Ellwood City – Ellwood City
Munition Plant – Tacony
Murphy Mart – Bethel Park
Murphy Mart – Springdale
Murray Body Co. – Scranton
Murray Corp. – Scranton
Muskin Coal Mining Co. – Cairnbrook
Muskin Manufacturing Co. – Wilkes Barre
Mutual Chemical Division of Allied Chemical & Dye – Philadelphia
Mutual Rendering Co. – Philadelphia
Mutual Shoemaker Co. Philadelphia
Myers Furniture – New Kensington
N & G Taylor Co. – Philadelphia
N H Robertson Co. – Ambridge
N R S Yewdall – Philadelphia
N. & G. Taylor Co. – Philadelphia
N. J. & Penna Traction Co.
N. R. G. Barriers Can Do Industries Park – Hazleton
N. R. S. Yewdall – Philadelphia
N. S. – Pittsburgh
N. Snellenburg & Co. – Philadelphia
Nabisco – Philadelphia
Nabisco Plant Penn Ave. – Pittsburgh
Nancy Corp. – Summerville
Nanty Glo Housing Project – Nanty Glo
NARCO Curwensville
NARCO Plant – Womelsdorf Plant – Womelsdorf
Nathan R. Yewdall – Philadelphia
National Airoil Burner Co. – Philadelphia
National Alloy Steel Co. – Blawnox
National Aniline & Chemical Co. – Maple Glen
National Aniline Division- USS Chemicals – McKees Rocks
National Biscuit Co. Cracker Bakery Pittsburgh
National Biscuit Co. Liberty
National Biscuit Cracker Bakery Pittsburgh
National Biscuit Plant – Pittsburgh
National Bond Insulators, Inc. – Allentown
National Borax Co. – Lancaster
National Can – Fairless Hills
National Can Corp. Bristol
National Can Fairless Hills
National Car Alamo Car Rental – Pittsburgh
National Casket Co. Inc – Pittsburgh
National Casting – Sharon
National Castings Foundry – Sharon
National Container Co. – Bristol
National Crucible Co. – Philadelphia
National Distillers Products Corp. – Broad Ford
National Drug Co. Center Valley
National Drug Co. Manufacturing Plant Swiftwater
National Drug Co. Research & Development Building – Swiftwater
National Drug Co. Research Building Swiftwater
National Electric – Ambridge
National Electric Products Co. Manufacturing Facility Ambridge
National Foam Co. – Chester
National Food Products – Beach Glen
National Forge & Ordnance Co. – Irwin
National Forge Co. Erie
National Forge Co. Irvine
National Forge Co. Irvine
National Forge Ordnance Irvine
National Galvanizing Co. – Pittsburgh
National Galvanizing Works – McKeesport
National Gypsum Co. – Bellefonte
National Gypsum Co. – Boiler House – New Columbia
National Gypsum Co. – Milton
National Heat & Power – Philadelphia
National Lead & Oil Co. Allegheny
National Lead Co. Philadelphia Building #9 #30
National Lead Co. Pittsburgh
National Lead Doehler Jarvis Civ Pottstown
National Lead Dust Arrester Conical Hopper Philadelphia
National Lead Industries, Inc. Pottstown
National Malleable – Sharon
National Material – Arnold
National Mining Co. – Pittsburgh
National Mining Co. Sugar Station
National Mining Co. Sygam
National Mining Co. Traveskyn
National Molasses – Philadelphia
National Paper Co. – Ransom
National Plastics Co. Jeannette
National Plumbing – Ellwood City
National Portland Cement Co. – Bethlehem
National Portland Cement Co. Brodhead
National Portland Cement Co. Hecktown
National Radiator – Duncansville
National Radiator Co. – Johnstown
National Roll Division – Avonmore
National Rolling Mill – McKeesport
National Standard Wire of Mount Joy – Mt. Joy
National Steel CO. McKeesport
National Steel Co. New Castle
National Steel Co. Pittsburgh
National Steel Co. Sharon
National Steel Service Center, Inc. New Castle
National Sugar Co. Philadelphia
National Sugar Philadelphia
National Sugar Refinery
National Sugar Refinery Co. – Philadelphia
National Supply Co. Ambridge
National Supply Co. Etna
National Supply Co. Pittsburgh
National Tire & Battery – North Hills
National Torch Tip – Aspinwall
National Tube Co. Chester
National Tube Co. Division National Works McKeesport
National Tube Co. Ellwood City
National Tube Co. Monongahela Furnaces McKeesport
National Tube Co. Pennsylvania Department Pittsburgh
National Tube Co. Philadelphia
National Tube Co. Pittsburgh
National Tube Division National Works McKeesport
National Tube Works Co. – McKeesport
National Tube Works Co. McKeesport
National Tube Works Co. Versailles
National Tube Works McKeesport
National Valve – Johnstown
National Valve & Manufacturing Pittsburgh
National Valve Co. – Etna
National Valve Co. Johnstown
National Valve Co. Lawrenceville
National Valve Manufact Pittsburgh
National Vulcanized Fiber – Kettett Square
National Vulcanized Fiber Co. – York Lyn
National Vulcanized Fiber Kennett Square
Natrona Heights Power Plant, Natrona Heights
Natural Gas Pipeline – Nazareth
Navaco. – Lawrenceville
Naval Air & Research Center
Naval Air Station – Philadelphia
Naval Aviation Supply Depot – Philadelphia
Naval Boiler & Turbine Laboratory School – Philadelphia
Naval Dry Dock – Philadelphia
Naval Ordnance Works – Midland
Naval Ship Engineering Center – Philadelphia
Naval Supply Depot – Mechanicsburg
Navasota Co. Chester
Navy Propulsion Plant – Greensburg
Navy Yard – Philadelphia
Navy Yard Dry Dock – Philadelphia
Nazareth Cement Co. – Nazareth
Nazareth Cement Plant – Nazareth
Nazareth Hospital – Philadelphia
Nazareth Portland Cement Co. – Nazareth
Nazareth Steel Fabricators – Nazareth
NCC Pet Food Corp. Laddie Philadelphia
NCO – Robinson Township
Neals Welding & Fabricating Steelton
Neatsfoot Oil Refineries – Philadelphia
Neatsfoot Oil Refineries Philadelphia
Nelson Valve Co. – Chestnut Hill
Nelson Valve Co. – Philadelphia
Nemaugh Station- Indiana Co Unit #2 – Huff
Nesbitt Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Neshaminy High School – Langehorne
Neshaminy Nursing – Doylestown
Nesque – Hominy
Neville Chemical Co. Nequehoning
Neville Chemical Co. Neville Island Store Room Pittsburgh
Neville Chemical Co. Pittsburgh
Neville Co. Neville Island
Neville Island – Morton
Neville Island Coke & Chemical – Nequehoning
Neville Island Pittsburgh
Neville Island Shipyards – Neville Island
Neville St. Apartments – Pittsburgh
New A & B Foundry Inc. Connellsville
New Air Cond System Closure Plant – Lancaster
New Brighton High School – New Brighton
New Castle & Lowell Railway Co. – Edinburg
New Castle Electric Co. – New Castle
New Castle Junior High School – New Castle
New Castle Light, Heat & Power Co. – New Castle
New Castle Meat Packing Co. – New Castle
New Castle Plant – New Castle
New Castle Portland Cement Co. New Castle
New Castle Power Generating Station – New Castle
New Castle Railway Co.
New Castle Railway Co. Evans City
New Castle Shovel Co. – New Castle
New Castle Stamping Co. – New Castle
New Castle Station – Pittsburgh
New Castle Vo- Tech School – New Castle
New Castle Water Co. – New Castle
New Cumberland Army Depot – New Cumberland
New Cumberland General Depot – New Cumberland
New Duquesne Science Hall – Pittsburgh
New Eagle Power Station – New Eagle
New Federal Building – Pittsburgh
New Federal Office Building – Philadelphia
New Florence High School – New Florence
New Jersey & Pennsylvania Traction Co. Yardley
New Jersey Mills – Philadelphia
New Jersey Zinc Co. Bethlehem
New Jersey Zinc Co. Center Valley
New Jersey Zinc Co. Freemansburg
New Jersey Zinc Co. Friedensville
New Jersey Zinc Co. Hazard
New Jersey Zinc Co. of Pennsylvania Plant, Plamerton
New Jersey Zinc Co. Plant Z Palmerton
New Jersey Zinc Refinery Smelter – Palmerton
New Jr High School – Troy
New Kensington Auto Parts – New Kensington
New Kensington High School – New Kensington
New Kensington Hospital – New Kensington
New Kensington Housing Project – New Kensington
New Kensington Water Authority Pump Station – New Kensington
New Office Building – Lancaster
New Oxford Junior High School – New Oxford
New Pellet Plant – Cornwall
New Process – Warren
New Recreation Selinsgrove Center – Selinsgrove
New River & Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Co. – Philadelphia
New River Rocahontas Consolidated Coal Co. – Philadelphia
New Secondary School – Wyalusing
New Senior High School – Lancaster
New Sr. High School – Lancaster
New Steel Buidlings, Spang Steel Co. – Butler
New Steel Building – Butler
New Williamsport High School – Wiliamsport
New Wilmington City Hall & Courthouse – New Wilmington
New York & Penn Co, Inc. – Johnsonburg
New York & Pennsylvania Co, Inc. – Lock Haven
New York & Pennsylvania Co. – Johnsonburg
New York & Pennsylvania Paper Co – Boiler Room – Haven
New York Central & Hudson River RR, Penn Central, Harmon Yard
New York Gas Compressor Station – Delmont
New York Natural Gas Corp. Sabinsville
New York Penn Co. Inc. Johnsonburg
New York Penna Co. Lock Haven
New York Pennsylvania Co. Inc. Johnsonburg
New York Pennsylvania Co. Inc. Lock Haven
New York Pennsylvania Paper Co. Boiler Room Lock Haven
New York Philadelphia & Norfolk Railway Co. – Philadelphia
New York Shipbuilding Co. – Philadelphia
New York Shipping – Philadelphia
New York State Electric & Gas Co. Homer City
New York State Electric & Gas Corp. – Lawrenceville
New York State Natural Gas – Sabinsville Compressor Station – Sabinsville
New York State Natural Gas Co. – Delmont
New York State Natural Gas Co. 86 Pump Station Lane Lawrenceville
New York State Natural Gas Co. Leidy Station Renovo
New York State Natural Gas Co. Oakford Compressor Station Delmont
New York State Natural Gas Co. Sabinsville Compressor Station Sabinsville
New York State Natural Gas Co. Tonkin Station Murraysville
New York Wilkins Co. Engineers – Pittsburgh
New York Wire Cloth Co. – York
Newark Processing Co. – Chester
Newburn Glass Co. – Royersford
Newcor – Mueller
Newell Chemical – Newell
Newman & Co. Inc – Philadelphia
Newton Coal Mining Co. – Pittston
Newton Paper Co. Newton
Nice Ball Bearing – Kulpsville
Nice Ball Bearing Co. – Philadelphia
Nice Ball Bearing Kulpaville
Nicetown Plate Washer Co. – Nicetown
Nicetown Station – Philadelphia
Nicholson File Co. – Philadelphia
Nicholson File Co. Red Lion Philadelphia
Nick Istock Inc. – Aliquippa
Nickel Plumbing & Heating – Pittsburgh
Nicolet Industries – Ambler
Nicolet Industries Lansdale
Nicolet Industries Norristown
Nicolette Industries Ambler
Niles Bement Pond Co. – Philadelphia
Niles Building – Philadelphia
Niles-Bement Pond Co. Philadelphia
Niles-Bement-Pond Co. – Nicetown
Ninos Auto Body – Braddock
Nixon Theatre – Pittsburgh
Nm. Penn Colliery – Shaft
No 2 Shaft – Williamstown
No Am Refr Curwensville
Noah Barlow – Philadelphia
Noble Drilling – Paul Romano, Inc.
Noble J. Dick Office Building Large
Nordberg – Pastorel, Minneapolis Power Plant
Norfolk & Western Railroad – Erie
Norfolk Southern Corp. – Hollidaysburg
Norfolk Western Railroad Erie
Norfolk Western Shops
Norland Shipping & Trading Co. – Morrisville
Norris Smelting & Refining – Swedeland
Norristown Hospital – Norristown
Norristown Magnesia & Asbestos Co. – Norristown
Norristown Municipal Sanitation Department – Norristown
Norristown Municipal Sanitation Dept. – Norristown
Norristown Post Office – Norristown
Norristown State Hospital – Norristown
Norristown U. S Post Office Norristown
North Allegheny High School – Wexford
North American Coal Co. Conemaugh
North American Construction Co. – Pittsburgh
North American Lace Co. – Philadelphia
North American Refractories Co. Pittsburgh
North American Refractories Co. Womelsdorf
North American Refractory Curwensville
North American Rockwell New Castle
North American Rockwell Pittsburgh
North American Rockwell Reading
North American Smelting Co. Philadelphia
North Belle Vernon Elementary School – Belle Vernon
North Branch Steel Co. – Danville
North Brothers Co. – Coatesville
North Brothers Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
North Cambia St. Railway Co. – Pittsburgh
North Cambria Railway Co. – Patton
North Cambria Railway Co. Pittsburgh
North Charleroi Elementary School – Charleroi
North Cornwall Furnace Co. – Cornwall
North Cumberland Co. Riverside
North Hampton High School – North Hampton
North Huntington Twp High School Irwin
North Pipe Shop Station 270 Aliquippa
North Reserve Basin Philadelphia
North Savings Bank – Franklin
North Sewickley Township Beaver County
North Side of Industrial Highway – Eddystone
North Side Packing Co. – Pittsburgh
North Washington School – Apollo
North Water Pollution Control Plant Philadelphia
Northampton Traction Co. – Easton
North Collierty – Carbondale
Northeastern Water Co. – Hundsondale
Northeastern Water Co.
Northern Cambria SR. High School – Barnesboro
Northern Light T- Ak- 284 Chester
Northern Lights Shopping Center – Baden
Northern Metals Co. – Tacony
Northern Ore Co. Easton
Northside Cooperage Co. Pittsburgh
Northview Heights Elementary School – Pittsburgh
Northview Housing – Pittsburgh
Northview Housing, Hazlet & Spring Hill – Pittsburgh
Northwestern Mining & Exchange Co. Hellen Mills
Northwestern Pennsylvania Railway Co. – Meadville
Norwin Junior High School – Norwin
Norwin Shopping Center – North Versailles
Nosco – Erie
Nottingham Colliery – Plymouth
Novingers, Inc. – Harrisburg
NTF Equip Co. – Moon Township
Nuclear Mat Equip Corp. Apollo
Nuclear Materials & Equipment Co. Plant Apollo
Nuclear Materials & Equipment Corp. Numec – Apollo
Nuclear Power- Foster Wheeler – Panama City
Number 1 Number 4 Blast Furnace Johnstown
Number 10 Breaker Pittston
Number 2 Shaft Colliery Kingston
Number 3 Boilder House Nicetown, Philadelphia
Number 3 Rollilng Mill – Johnstown
Number 4 Breaker Kingston
Number 4 Rolling Mill – Johnstown
Number 5 & Number 6 Blast Furnace – Johnstown
Number 6 & 8 Bolliery Pittston
Number 6 Colliery – Inkerman
Number 6 Electric Powerhouse – Parsons
Number 8 Grutier Mill – Johnstown
Number 9 Breaker Pittston
Number 9 Collier Pettston
Nursing Home – Butler
Nursing Home – Washington
Nutec Tooling Systems – Meadville
Nutrition Products – Philadelphia
Nuttal Works – Pittsburgh
NY PA Co. Johnsonburg

Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages 
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

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