Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites – O-S

Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Pennsylvania job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Pennsylvania Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Pennsylvania allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Pennsylvania and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Pennsylvania asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Asbestos Cover up – Quotes from Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.”1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.”When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites O-S

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Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Job Sites S-Z

O Amos Co. Div McDonough C Philadelphia
O Hora John F & Sons Scranton
O. C. Cluss Lumber Co. – Union City
O. F. Zurn Philadelphia
O. Hommel Co. – Carnegie
Oak Summit Apartments – Philadelphia
Oak Summit Apts – Philadelphia
Oakhurst Homes – Johnstown
Oakmont Elementary School – Oakmont
Oakmont High School – Oakmont
Oakmont Medical Center – Oakmont
Oakmont Water Treatment Plant – Oakmont
Oakwood School – View
O’Brien Machinery Co.
O’Brien Machinery Co. – Philadelphia
Obrien Rubber Co. Thread & Webbing Co. Catasauqua
Occidental Chemical Co. Pottstown
Ocean Coal Co. – Herminie
Ocean Coal Co. Philadelphia
Office & Whse. R. C. A. – Lancaster
Office Building 1500 Walnut Street Philadelphia
Office Warehouse R. C. A. Lancaster
Ohio & Pittsburgh Milk Co. – Pittsburgh
Ohio Pennsylvania System – New Castle
Ohio Power Co. Philadelphia
Ohio Rubber Co. – Conneautville
Ohio Service Co. – Philadelphia
Ohio Spring Specialties Leechburg
Oil City Glass Co. Division Natl Can Oil City
Oil City, Health Center – Oil City
Oil Heat Service Middleburg
Oil Refinery Oil City
Oil Tanks – McKees Rocks
Oil Well Supply Co – Oil City
Oilwell Div US Steel Oil City
Oklahoma City Philadelphia
Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Ponca City
Okonite Co. – Wilkes Barre
Okonite Co. Hazard Wire Rope Wilkes Barrre
Old Croatin School – New Castle
Old Folks Home – Holidaysburg
Old Forge Breaker – Dunmmon
Old Forge Collieries – New Avoca
Old Forge Collieries Scranton
Old Fourth Ward School – Pittsburgh
Old Meadow Works – Pittsburgh
Old Penn Railroad Station
Old Reading Brewery, Inc. Reading
Oldman Boiler Works – Erie
Olin Mathieson Chemical – Lake Charles
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. – McKees Rocks
Oliver & Roberts Wire Co. – Pittsburgh
Oliver & Snyder Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Oliver & Snyder Steel Co. Allegheny
Oliver & Snyder Steel Co. Oliver
Oliver & Snyder Steel Co. Pittsburgh
Oliver Building – Pittsburgh
Oliver Iron & Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Oliver Iron Mining Co. – Pittsburgh
Oliver Iron Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Oliver Nace Greenhouse – Perkasie
Oliver Snyder Steel Co. – Oliver
Oliver Wire Co. Limited Pittsburgh
Olmsted Air Force Base – Middletown
Olmsted Field
Olney High School – Philadelphia
Olsen Industries Inc. Carnegie
Olson Engineering Co. Pittsburgh
Olyphant Colliery – Olyphant
Olyphant Power Plant – Olyphant
Omaha & Council Bluffs Railway & Bridge Co. – Council Bluffs
Omg Americas – Johnstown
Onderdonk Heating & Ventilating Co. – Philadelphia
Oneida Colliery – Oneida
Oneida Mining Co. Armagh – Bush Valley
Oneida Mining Homer City
Onex Inc. – Erie
Onoponca City Chester
Open Hearth Division – Homer City
Open Hearth Plants – Johnstown
Orient Coal & Coke Co. – New Salem
Orient Coal & Coke Co. Uniontown
Orient Coke Co. – Orient
Orinoka Mills – Philadelphia
Orion Power Holdings Inc. – New Castle
Orion Power Holdings Inc. Elrama
Orion Power Midwest, Llc Pittsburgh
Orion Power Midwest, Llc. – Elrama
Orr & Sembower Inc. – Reading
Orr & Sembower Inc. Middletown
Orr Sembower Inc. Reading
Orrtanna Canning Co. – Orrtanna
Osborn Machine Co. – Dubois
Oscar Meyer Meats – Philadelphia
Oswald & Hess Co. Inc. – Pittsburgh
Otis Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Otto Milk Co. Pittsburgh
Our Lady of Mercy Academy – Monroeville
Our Lady Of Mercy School – Monroeville
Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Convent – Carbondale
Our Lady of Peace Church – Conway
Overbroock Steam Heat Co. – Philadelphia
Overbrook Steam Heat Co. – Overbrook
Overbrook Steam Heat Co. Uplant Way Philadelphia
Overhead Door Co. – Lewistown
Owen-Corning Fiberglass Corp. – Philadelphia
Owens Corning Fiberglas – Ephrata
Owens Corning Fiberglass – Berwick
Owens Illinois – Bardstown
Owens Illinois Glass Co. – Clarion
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Berwick
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Berwyn
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Ephrata
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Huntington
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Philadelphia
Owens-Corning Glass Co. Bardstown
Owens-Corning Glass Co. Brookville
Owens-Corning Glass Co. Clarion
Owens-Corning Glass Co. Claxton
Owens-Illinois – Brookville
Owens-Illinois Container Division Clarion
Owens-Illinois Fiberglass Co. Croydon
Owens-Illinois Fiberglass Co. Pittston
Owens-Illinois Glass Plant Clarion
Oxford Cabinet Co. – Oxford
Oxford, Blawnox
Oxy- Loy Allentown
Oxychem Berwyn
Oxygen Plant – Creighton
Oxygen Plant – Natrona Hts
Ozenda Smokeless Coal Co. – Bosewell
P & L. E. Railroad – Pittsburgh
P & Le Railroad – McKees Rocks
P G H Steamline – Philadelphia
P Le Railroad Beaver Falls
P P & L Office Building – Kingston
P P G Industries Inc. Meadville
P P G Industries Inc. Springdale
P P L Office Building Kingston
P& Le Railroad McKees Rocks
P. A. Power & Light
P. A. Power & Light – Sunbury Station – Sunbury
P. A. S. Small York
P. C. C. St. L. Railway Co. – Pittsburgh
P. D. M. – Clairton
P. F. Magin & Co. – Pittsburgh
P. F. Magin & Co. Jones & Laughlin Bldg Pittsburgh
P. G. H. Steamline Ship Co.
P. H. Berman & Sons – Philadelphia
P. H. Berman Sons Philadelphia
P. H. Gladfelter Co. Spring Grove York
P. H. Glatfelter Co. Gladfelter Bldg Spring Grove
P. I. C. C. O. Chemical – Elizabeth
P. J. Ritter Co. – Philadelphia
P. L. McKees Rocks
P. McGraw & Wool Co. Allegheny
P. McGraw Wool Co. Pittsburgh
P. P. & L. – Turbine
P. P.& L. – Turbine – Lower Mount Bethel
P. P.G. Industries – Pittsburgh
PA Department of Revenue – Pittsburgh
PA Forge Div of Chertron Corp – Philadelphia
PA Institute for The Instruction of The Blind – Philadelphia
PA Mall Iron Corp. Lancaster
PA Railroad Station – 12Th Penn
PA Soldiers & Sailors Home – Erie
PA State Highway Department – Harrisburg
PA Transformers Canonsburg
PA Liquor Control Board – Youngwood
Pabst Brewing Co. – Fogelsville
Pacific Railroad Western Lines – Conway
Packard Building – Philadelphia
Packer Colliery #4 #5 Lost Creek
Pacor – Chester
Pacor Inc. – Philadelphia
Page Steel Wire Co. Monessen
Page Woven Wire Fence Co. – Monesson
Paintertown School Paintertown
Pakistan Industrial Development Corp. Daud Khel
Pala, LLC, & – Pala, Inc.
Palladinon Pottstown
Palmerton Elementary – Palmerton
Palmerton Zinc -Bethlehem
Palmerweld Fabricating Co. – Ambler
Palumbo Chevrolet – Clairton
Pangborn Corp. – Bethlehem
Paoli Elementary Paoli
Paoli Elementary School – Paoli
Paper Manufacturers – Philadelphia
Paper Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Paper Mill Lock Haven
Papercraft Plant – Pittsburgh
Parade Lumber Co. – Erie
Paragon Packaging Product Inc. – Girard Point
Paris Construction – Atlasburg
Parish Div. Dana Reading
Parish House – Carnegie
Parish Pressed Steel Co. Birdsboro
Parish Pressed Steel Co. Bucks
Parish Pressed Steel Co. Reading
Park – Bridgeville
Park & Tilford Distillery Co. – Brownsville
Park City Mall Lancaster
Park City Shopping Center – Park City
Park City Shops – Route 30 Bypass – Lancaster
Park City Stores – Park City
Park Hill Mall – Altoona
Park Hospital – Philadelphia
Park Hotel – Wiliamsport
Park Shops – Mantua
Park Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Park Steel Works – Pittsburgh
Park Works – Pittsburgh
Parkersburg Iron & Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Parkesburg Iron Co. – Parkesburg
Parkview Court Apartments
Parkway Apartments – Harrisburg
Parkway Center Mall Greentree
Parkway Manor Elementary School – Lehigh County
Parsons Insulation Wilkes Barre
Pasadena School District – Pasadena
Pascagoula Street Railway & Power Co. – Scranton
Passavant Home – Rochester
Passavant Hospital – Pittsburgh
Pat & Reds Tire
Pat & Reds Tire Waymart
Paterson Parchment Paper Co. – Bristol
Paterson Parchment Paper Co. Edgley
Pathfinder School – Bethel Park
Patterson Equipment Co. – Carnegie
Patterson- Kelly Corp. – Stroudsburg
Paul & Beekman Co. Philadelphia
Paul B. Hendel & Co. – Reading
Paul Bronze & Brass Corp. – Eddington
Paul E. Berry-Excavating Contractor Richland
Paul E. Stare Plumbing Heating Mechanicsburg
Paul Lumber & Supply Co. – Pittsburgh
Paul Thompson Sand & Gravel – Mercer
Paul W. Anderson – Stroudsburg
Paulson Abbot Inc. Croydon
Pawcatuck – Chester
Pawhattan Coal & Coke Co. – Sykesville
Paxtang Electric Co. – Harrisburg
Paxton Iron & Steel Co. – Harrisburg
Paxtron Furnaces – Harrisburg
Pbs Coal Co. – Central City
Pc& Y Railroad – McKees Rocks
Peabody Vertical Air Heater – Newell
Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station – Erie
Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Unit 2 & 3 Delta
Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant – Peach Bottom
Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant York County
Peach Bottom Nuclear Power – Peach Bottom
Peachbottom Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Delta
Peachbottom Powerhouse – Philadelphia
Peachbottom Powerhouse Delta
Pearson Manufacturing Co. Inc – Pittsburgh
Pebbco. Industries Lancaster
Peccora Inc. Philadelphia
Peckerman Co. – Philadelphia
Peco – Eddystone Station Power Plant – Eddystone
Peco Barbados Island Powerhouse – Norristown
Peco Cromby Station – Phoenixville
Peco Croydon Powerhouse – Croyden
Peco Delaware Station Powerhouse – Philadelphia
Peco Eddystone Station Powerhouse – Eddystone
Peco Energy Co. – Philadelphia
Peco Energy Conshohocken Gas Plant Conshohoken
Peco. Cromby Power Plant Phoenixville
Peco-Barbados Island Powerhouse – Norristown
Peco-Cromby Station – Norristown
Peco-Philadelphia Electric Philadelphia
Peerless Dye Co. – Philadelphia
Penacol Plant Chemical Division Petrolia
Pencoyd Ironworks – Pencoyd
Pencoyd Ironworks Philadelphia
Penelec Power Plant – Shawville
Penhurst State Institute
Penhurst State Institute – Spring City
Penn- Allen Cement Co. Nazareth
Penn- Allen Portland Cement Co. Allentown
Penn- Allen Portland Cement Co. Bath
Penn Aluminum – Erie
Penn Aluminum Murphysboro, IL
Penn Argyl High School – Pen Argyl
Penn Bank – Franklin
Penn Boiler & Construction
Penn- Bradford Appl. Philadelphia
Penn Bradford Co. – Philadelphia
Penn Center – Latrobe
Penn Center Building – Philadelphia
Penn Center Two Philadelphia
Penn Central Altoona
Penn Central Enola
Penn Central Holidaysburg
Penn Central Light & Power Co. Altoona
Penn Central Light & Power Co. Saxton
Penn Central Railroad – Altoona
Penn Central Railroad Philadelphia
Penn Central South Altoona
Penn Dairies – Lancaster
Penn Dairies Pottsville
Penn Dairies, Inc. – York
Penn Dixie Cement Corp. Nazareth
Penn Dixie Cement Corp. Plant # 9 Winfield
Penn Electric – Warren
Penn Electric Co. Shawville
Penn Electric Johnstown
Penn- Electric Powerhouse – Erie
Penn Electric Warren
Penn Fishing – Philadelphia
Penn Fruit Co. – Philadelphia
Penn Gas Coal Co. Irvin
Penn Hardware Co. – Reading
Penn Heat & Power Co. Wilkinsburg
Penn High School – Kingston
Penn Hills High School – Penn Hills
Penn Hospital – Pittsburgh
Penn Iron – Creighton
Penn Iron Creighton
Penn Jersey Boiler & Construction Inc.
Penn Jersey Boiler Co. – Pennsauken
Penn Jersey Transmission Corp. Bechtelsville
Penn Jersey Transmission Corp. Boyertown
Penn Jersey Transmission Corp. Grantville
Penn Jersey Transmission Corp. Lilly
Penn Jersey Transmission Corp. Perulack
Penn Machine Co. – Johnstown
Penn Mall Iron – Landisville
Penn Manor School District – Lancaster
Penn Manufacturer Brackenridge
Penn Manufacturing Light Ht. & Power Co. – Philadelphia
Penn Middle School – Greenville
Penn Mo Fire Brick Co. – Harrisburg
Penn Mo Firebrick Co. – Pittsburgh
Penn Optical – Reading
Penn Power Co. Armstrong Power Station Kittanning
Penn Power Co. Armstrong Station, Unit #2 Rosedale
Penn Power Co. Courtney
Penn Power Co. Greensburg
Penn Power Co. Homer City
Penn Power Co. Milesburg
Penn Power Co. Mitchell Power Station Monongahela
Penn Power Co. Mitchell Power Station Unit No 3 Courtney
Penn Power Co. Mitchell Station Unit 3 Courtney
Penn Power Co. New Castle
Penn Power Co. New Eagle
Penn Power Co. Pittsburgh
Penn Power Co. Power Station Unit #8 Springdale
Penn Power Co. R. W. Bigley Power Station Springdale
Penn Power Co. Reesedale
Penn Power Co. Ridgway
Penn Power Co. Williamsburg
Penn Power Light Montour Station Washingtonville
Penn Power Office – Greensburg
Penn Powerhouse – Milesburgh
Penn Public Service Corp. Johnstown
Penn Public Service Corp. Philipsburg
Penn Public Service Corp. Seward
Penn Range Co. – Philadelphia
Penn Refractories Co. – Reading
Penn Republic Service Corp. – Seward
Penn Rilton Co. Elizabeth
Penn Sheraton Hotel – Philadelphia
Penn Shovel Co. Corry
Penn State College – Altoona
Penn State College – Dormitory – Star Junction
Penn State Educational Association Building – Harrisburg
Penn State Nuclear Plant – Penn State
Penn State University – Altoona
Penn State University – Hub Building
Penn State University – Johnstown
Penn State University – McKeesport
Penn State University – New Kensington
Penn State University – State College
Penn State University – University Park
Penn Steel Co. Philadelphia
Penn Steel Co. Steelton
Penn Tech Paper Mill – Johnsonburg
Penn Township Junior High School – Pittsburgh
Penn Traffic Store Somerset
Penn Treaty American Corp. – Philadelphia
Penn Treaty Overall – Philadelphia
Penn Ventilator Co. Philadelphia
Penn Water Co. Ethel Park
Penn. Allen Port Cement Co. – Allentown
Penn. Steel Co. – Philadelphia
Penna Gen’L Imp. Co. – Philadelphia
Penna Hospital – Philadelphia
Penna Lines of Pittsburgh
Penna Railroad Co. – Philadelphia
Penna Railroad Lines of Pittsburgh
Penna Tri-State Home Improvement Co. Lawn
Penna Tunnel & Terminal Railroad Co.
Penna, New York & Long Island RR Co.
Penna. Manufacturing Light & Power Co. – Philadelphia
Penna. State Hospital – Philadelphia
Penn-Allen Cement Co. – Nazareth
Penn-Allen Portland Cement Co – Bath
Penn-Allen Portland Cement Co. – Allentown
Penn-Bradford Appl. – Philadelphia
Pennco Industries Warren
Penn-Dixie Cement Co.
Pennfuels Clymer
Pennhurst St School Spring City
Pennhurst State School
Pennhurst State School – Spring City
Pennhurst State School Spring City
Pennrico. – Karn City
Penns Park – Bucks County
Penns Valley Insulation Co. Lester
Pennsalt Chemical Co. King of Prussia
Pennsalt Chemical Co. Philadelphia
Pennsalt Chemical Co. Wyndmoor Philadelphia
Pennsalt Chemicals Corp. – Kimberton
Pennsboro Mfg. Economy Industries
Pennsbury Pottery Co. Harrisville
Pennsbury Pottery Co. Morrisville
Pennsbury Pottery Co. Morrisville
PennsValley High School – Spring Mills
Pennsylavania Coal Co. Pittston
Pennsylvaina Electric – Johnstown
Pennsylvania – Dept. of Public Instruction
Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Bolt & Nut Co. – Lebanon
Pennsylvania Brake Beam Co. – Danville
Pennsylvania Cement Co. – Bath
Pennsylvania Central Power Transit Williamsburg
Pennsylvania Central Railroad – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Central Railroad, 30th St. Station Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Chocolate Co. – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Co. Conway
Pennsylvania Co. Conway
Pennsylvania Co. Lines of Pittsburgh Allegheny
Pennsylvania Co. Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Coal & Coke Co. – Ehrenfeld
Pennsylvania Coal Co. #8 Washery Pittston
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Avoca
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Dunamere
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Dunmore
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Dunnon
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Ewen Breaker Pittston
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Mt. Lookout
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Old Forge Breaker Dunmore
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Pittston
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Plains Junction
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Scranton
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Sebastopol
Pennsylvania Coal Co. Wyoming
Pennsylvania Cola Co. Dunmore
Pennsylvania Conrail Railroad Locomotive
Pennsylvania Department of Public Indiana
Pennsylvania Electric Co. – Pine Grove
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Altoona
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Chester
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Conemaugh New Florence
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Erie Plant Erie
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Front St. Power Station Erie
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Homer City Generating Station Homer City
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Johnstown
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Keystone Generating Station
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Power Plant
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Seward Generating Station Seward
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Seward Plant – Indiana
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Seward Plant Indiana County
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Seward Station Seward
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Shawville Generating Station Units 3 4 Shawville
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Steam Heat Dept Front St Station Erie
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Williamsburg
Pennsylvania Electric Keystone Generating Station Plumcreek
Pennsylvania Electric New Florence
Pennsylvania Electric Saxton
Pennsylvania Electric Steel Co. – Latrobe
Pennsylvania Forge Corp. – Tacony
Pennsylvania Fruit – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Furnace Co. – Sheridan
Pennsylvania Gas & Water Co. – Wilkes Barre
Pennsylvania Gas Co. – Erie
Pennsylvania Gas Co. Roystone
Pennsylvania Gas Coal Co. – Irwin
Pennsylvania Gas Water Co.
Pennsylvania General Electric Co. – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania General Imp. Co. – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania General Imp. Co. Rockledge
Pennsylvania Glass-Sand Corp.
Pennsylvania Hardware Co. Reading
Pennsylvania Hospital – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Hospital – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Co. Chester Plant Chester
Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Co. Clairton Plant Storeroom Clairton
Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Co. Gate 1 Chester
Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Co. Jefferson Plant Elizabeth
Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Corp. Picco. – Clairton
Pennsylvania Institute for Instruction of Blind – Overbrook
Pennsylvania Institute for The Instruction Of The Blind – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Iron Co. – Lancaster
Pennsylvania Lake Erie Dock Co.
Pennsylvania Laurelton State Village Laurelton
Pennsylvania Light & Power Co. Allegheny
Pennsylvania Light, Heat & Power Co. Allegheny
Pennsylvania Lightweight Aggregate – Bangor
Pennsylvania Lightweight Aggregate Bangor
Pennsylvania Lines, of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Lubricating Co. – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Mahoning Valley Railway Co.
Pennsylvania Malleable Co. – McKees Rocks
Pennsylvania Malleable Co. Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Manufacturing Light & Power Co. Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Mutual Building – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Mutual Insurance Co. – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Ordnance – Allenwood
Pennsylvania Ordnance Works – Allentown
Pennsylvania Ordnance Works Ordnance Works Allentown
Pennsylvania Penitentiary Dept. of Justice Prison Site Graterford
Pennsylvania Perlite Corp. Manufacturing Plant Bethlehem
Pennsylvania Pilot Plant Lock Haven
Pennsylvania Piping – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Allentown
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Bruce Mansfield Plant Shippingport
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Brunner Island Plant Unit #2-3 York Haven
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Cedar Steam Electric Station – Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Generation Stores Lancaster
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Hauto Steam Electric Station
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Hauto Steam Electric Station
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Holtwood
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Lancaster County
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Lancaster
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Martins Creek
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Montour Station Unit #1-2 Washingtonville
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Montour
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Pine Grove
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Power Plant Storeroom Shamokin Dam
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Power Plant Storeroom Snyder City
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Power Plant Storeroom Snyder City
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. River Station
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Scranton
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Service Depot Lancaster
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Ses Station Martins Creek
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Shamokin Dam
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Strawberry Ridge
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Suburban Plant Storeroom Scranton
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Sunbury Steam Station
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Sunbury
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Turbine Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Turbine Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Washingtonville
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. York Haven
Pennsylvania Power & Light Martins Creek Power Plant Martins Creek
Pennsylvania Power & Light New Castle Plant Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Power & Light Power Plant Storeroom Shamokin Dam
Pennsylvania Power & Light Power Plant Storeroom Snyder City
Pennsylvania Power & Light Suburban Plant Storeroom Scranton
Pennsylvania Power & Light, Turbine – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Power Co. – Ellwood City
Pennsylvania Power Co. Cheswick Station – Cheswick
Pennsylvania Power Co. Connellsville
Pennsylvania Power Co. Courtney
Pennsylvania Power Co. Ellwood City
Pennsylvania Power Co. Monongahela
Pennsylvania Power Co. New Castle
Pennsylvania Power Co. Shippingport
Pennsylvania Power Co. Springdale
Pennsylvania Power Light – Martins Creek
Pennsylvania Power Light Allentown
Pennsylvania Power Light Brunners Island
Pennsylvania Power Light Holtwood Station
Pennsylvania Power MItchell Plant Courtney
Pennsylvania Power Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Pulp & Paper Co. – Lock Haven
Pennsylvania Pump & Compressor Co.
Pennsylvania Railroad Broad St. Station Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. 28Th St. Powerhouse Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Altoona
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Blairsville
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Car Shops Altoona
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Chambersburg
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Chester
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Conway
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Enola
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Erie
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Foundries Altoona
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Hollidaysburg
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Juanita
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Lawrence Junction
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Media
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. New Castle
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Paoli
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Pitcairn
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Pottsville
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Reading
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Renovo
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Repair Shop
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Ronovo
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Shire Oaks
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. South Altoona
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. St. Altoona
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Station 1560 Juniata Shop Altoona
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Steam Heating Plant Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant
Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Station Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Railroad Meadows Shops
Pennsylvania Railroad Office – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Railroad Repair Shop Hollidaysburg
Pennsylvania Railroad Shops – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Railroad Shops – Renovo
Pennsylvania Railroad Station Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Railroad Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant – Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Railway Co. – Lawrence Junction
Pennsylvania Range Boiler – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Reading- Conrail Railroad Roundhouse
Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines – Conrail Railroad Cars
Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Camden
Pennsylvania Refining Co. Building 38- 31 Karns City
Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Erie
Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Erie
Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Jeanette
Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Jeannette
Pennsylvania Salight Manufacturing Co. Natrona
Pennsylvania Salk Manufacturing Co. – Natrona Heights
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co. Natrona
Pennsylvania Salt Mill
Pennsylvania Smelting & Refining Co. – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Smelting Refining Co. Philadelphia
Pennsylvania State Corrections Institution- Dining Hall – Cambridge Springs
Pennsylvania State Hospital For Tuberculosis – Hamburg
Pennsylvania State Park – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania State Park – Racoon State Park – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania State Park Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania State Penitentiary Dept. of Justice Prison Site Graterford
Pennsylvania State Reform School – Morganza
Pennsylvania State Training School – Morganza
Pennsylvania State University – Star Junction
Pennsylvania State University Engineering Research State College
Pennsylvania Steel Chester
Pennsylvania Steel Co. Coke Ovens Steelton
Pennsylvania Steel Co. Lebanon Furnace Lebanon
Pennsylvania Steel Co. Lebanon
Pennsylvania Steel Co. Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Steel Co. Steelton
Pennsylvania Steel Mill Chester
Pennsylvania Sugar Co. Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Sugar Division, Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Traction Co. – Butler
Pennsylvania Training School Morganza
Pennsylvania Tube Co. – Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Turnpike – Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Turnpike Admin – Highspire
Pennsylvania Turnpike Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Utilities Co. – Easton
Pennsylvania Utilities Investment Corp. – Scranton
Pennsylvania Water & Power Co. – Holtwood
Pennsylvania Water Co. – Nadine
Pennsylvania Water Co. Wildwood
Pennsylvania Water Co. Wilkinsburg
Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Slippery Rock
Pennsylvnia Co. Pittsburgh
Penntech Papers Inc. Johnsonburg
Pennwalt Chemical Corp. Philadelphia
Pennyslvania Central Railroad
Pennzoil Co. Plant 1 Rouseville
Pennzoil Co. Plant 2 Oil City
Pennzoil OIl Co. Oil City
Pennzoil OIl Co. Pittsburgh
Pennzoil OIl Co. Rouseville
Pennzoil Refinery Elizabeth
Pennzoil Refinery Oil City
Pennzoil Refining – Rouseville
Pennzoil Refining Co. Plant # 1 Rouseville
Pennzoil Refining Plant 1 – Rouseville
Penreco-Pennsylvania Refining Co. Karns City
Pens Valley Insulation – Lester
Pensylvania Forge Corp. Tacony Philadelphia
Pensylvania Railroad Co. – Altoona
Penzoil Co. Plant #4 – Houserville
Penzoil Co. South Penn Oi Oil City
Penzoil Refinery Oil City
People Ice & Cold Storage Co. – McKeesport
People Natural Gas White Valley
People Traction Co. – Philadelphia
Peoples Bank – Wilkes Barre
Peoples Bank Building – Pittsburgh
Peoples Bank Wilkes Barre
Peoples Coal Co. Oxford Switch
Peoples Coal Co. Scranton
Peoples Consolidated Service Corp. – Easton
Peoples Construction – Philadelphia
Peoples Electric Light, Heat & Power Co. – Greensburg
Peoples Ice & Cold Storage Co. McKeesport
Peoples Ice Light & Storage Co. McKeesport
Peoples Incandescent Light & Power Co. – Meadville
Peoples Land Co. – Pittsburgh
Peoples Light Heat & Power Co. – Mahanoy City
Peoples Natural Gas – Brave
Peoples Natural Gas Co. – Braceton
Peoples Natural Gas Co. Office Building Wilkinsburg
Peoples Power Co National Tube – Ellwood City
Peoples Power Co. Elwood City
Peoples Savings & Trust Building – Pittsburgh
Peoples Street Railway Co. – Nanticoke
Peoples Street Railway Co. Alden
Peoples Street Railway Co. Wanamie
Pep Boys – Philadelphia
Pepperidge Farms – Downington
Peps Boys – Robinson Township
Pepsi- Cola – McKees Rocks
Perkins & Co. Limited – Sharpsville
Perlstein Glass Co. Richmond Street Philadelphia
Permali Corp. – Mt. Pleasant
Perrex Aluminum Wellsville
Perry Iron Co. – Erie
Perry Lower Tyrone School Fayette County
Perry Ship Builders Company Erie
Pes Valley Insulation Co. Lester
Peter F. Loftus – Pittsburgh
Peter Paul Cadbury Yalmont Ind Park – Hazleton
Peter Township Sewage Plant – Peter Township
Peters & Co. – McKeesport
Peters Packing Co. – McKeesport
Peters Township High School – Peters Township
Peters Township Jr. High School – Peters Township
Petroleum Ironworks – Sharon
Petroleum Reclamation Co. – Bradford
Petrowax – Emlenton
Petrowax Farmers Valley
Pfizer Inc. – Easton
Pgh Transformer – Canonsburg
PgH. Coke & Chemical Neville Island
Pgw Torresdale Philadelphia
Phiadelphia Exposition – Philadelphia
Phil Ellena & Chew Sts. – Philadelphia
Philada & Reading Railway – Philadelphia
Philada Rapid Transit Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia & Bristol Water Co. – Holmesburg
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Frackville
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Good Spring
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Locust Gap
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Mahanoy Plane
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Minersville
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Mt Carmel
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Philadelphia
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Pottsville
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Reading
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. Schuykill Haven
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co. St. Nicholas
Philadelphia & Reading Railway – Frackville
Philadelphia & Reading Railway – Philadelphia
Philadelphia & Reading Subway – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Aquatic Club – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Asbestos Cork. Philadelphia
Philadelphia Bank Building – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Board of Education – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Brewing Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Burner Serv – Philadelphia
Philadelphia City Hall – Philadelphia
Philadelphia City Hall Annex – Philadelphia
Philadelphia City High School Philadelphia
Philadelphia Co. – Canonsburg
Philadelphia Co. Of Pittsburg – Pittsburgh
Philadelphia Coke Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia College Of Pharmacy – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Convention Hall – Philadelphia
Philadelphia County Prison – Holmesburg
Philadelphia County Prison Moyamensing
Philadelphia County Prison Philadelphia
Philadelphia Dry Y- Philadelphia
Philadelphia Dye Works – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric – Bridgeport
Philadelphia Electric Bristol Township
Philadelphia Electric Brunner Island York Haven
Philadelphia Electric Co, Cromby Plant
Philadelphia Electric Co. – Barbados Island
Philadelphia Electric Co. 9Th Willow Streets Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Co. Barbados Island
Philadelphia Electric Co. Barbados Station Norriton
Philadelphia Electric Co. Chester Generating Station Chester
Philadelphia Electric Co. Conowingo
Philadelphia Electric Co. Conshohocken
Philadelphia Electric Co. Cromby Generating Station Phoenixville
Philadelphia Electric Co. Cromby Plant Cromby
Philadelphia Electric Co. Cromby Station E. Pikeland Township
Philadelphia Electric Co. Cromby Station Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Co. Delaware Station
Philadelphia Electric Co. Eddystone 1 Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Co. Eddystone Generating Station Eddystone
Philadelphia Electric Co. Oil Facility Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Co. Peach Bottom
Philadelphia Electric Co. Peco Building
Philadelphia Electric Co. Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Co. Richmond
Philadelphia Electric Co. Schuylkill Generating Station Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Co. Southwark
Philadelphia Electric Co. Station C Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Co. Tacony
Philadelphia Electric Delta
Philadelphia Electric Falls Township
Philadelphia Electric Peachbottom Nuclear Delta
Philadelphia Electric Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Phoenixville
Philadelphia Electric Plant – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Plant Barbados Island Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Pottstown
Philadelphia Electric Powerhouse – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Richmond Philadelphia
Philadelphia Electric Sanatoga
Philadelphia Electric Limerick Nuclear Power Plant – Limerick
Philadelphia Engineering Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Exposition – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Fire Department – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Fire Dept. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Forge Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Forge Philadelphia
Philadelphia Gas & Electric – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Gas Works Plant Philadelphia
Philadelphia Gas Works Station A & B Philadelphia
Philadelphia Gear Works King of Prussia
Philadelphia General Hospital – Philadelphia
Philadelphia General Hospital Student Nurses Dormitory Philadelphia
Philadelphia Greyhound Terminal – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Group – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Home For Indigent & House Of Correction – Holmesburg
Philadelphia Hospital For Insane – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Housing Authority – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Incinerator – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Inquirer Office Building Philadelphia
Philadelphia Institute for Feeble Minded Byberry
Philadelphia International Airport – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Ironworks – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Morton & Swarthmore Street Railway Folsom Station
Philadelphia Museum – Philadelphia
Philadelphia National Bank Philiadelphia
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Naval Yard
Philadelphia Navy Shipyard – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Piping & Equipment Co. – Bristol
Philadelphia Protectory For Boys – Phoenixville
Philadelphia Psychiatric Hospital – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Public Library – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Quartz Co. – Chester
Philadelphia Quartz Co. Philadelphia
Philadelphia Railroad Reading
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co. – Doylestown
Philadelphia Reading Coal & Iron Co. Mahanoy Plane
Philadelphia Reading Corp. – Pottsville
Philadelphia Resin Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Roll & Machine – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Rubber Co. Works Co. Oaks
Philadelphia Rust – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Rust Proof C Philadelphia
Philadelphia Sc 10 Customer Pick Up Berwyn
Philadelphia School District – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Ship Maintenance Philadelphia
Philadelphia Shipyard Philadelphia
Philadelphia St Hospital – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Steam Heating Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Stockyards Philadelphia
Philadelphia Suburban – Chester
Philadelphia Suburban Gas & Electric Co. – Jenkinstown
Philadelphia Suburban Gas & Electric Co. Chester
Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. – Bryn Mawr
Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. Crum Creek
Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. Janney
Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. Media
Philadelphia Tapestry Mills – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Traction Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Wool Scourin Philadelphia
Philadelphia Works – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Zoo – Philadelphia
Philadelphila Traction Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelpia Electric Co. – Philadelphia
Philadelpia Inquirer Garage – Philadelphia
Philco – Blue Bell
Philip Carey Manfuacturing Co. – Plymouth Meeting
Philipsburg Junior High School – Philipsburg
Philipsburg Osceola School District – Philipsburg
Phillip Carey Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Phillip Carey Plymouth
Phillips Gas Co. – Craigsville
Phillips Generating Station South Heights
Phillips Mine Co.
Phillips Petroleum Co. – Hanover
Phillips Power Station – Crescent Township
Philmond Association & Av Invs Huntingdon Valley
Phodia, Inc. – Morrisville
Phoenix Cement Co. – Nazareth
Phoenix Cement Co. Nazareth
Phoenix Glass Co. – Monaca
Phoenix Glass Co. Pittsburgh
Phoenix Glass House – Monaca
Phoenix Glass Monaca
Phoenix Iron & Steel – Phoenixville
Phoenix Iron & Steel Co. – Chester
Phoenix Iron & Steel Co. Harrisburg
Phoenix Iron Co. – Phoenixville
Phoenix Steel Corp. – Phoenixville
Phoenix Utility Co. – Hauto
Phoenix Utility Co. Pine Grove
Phoenix Utility Co. Williamsport
Phoenixville Hospital – Phoenixville
Phoenixville Incinerator – Phoenixville
Phoenixville Steel – Phoenixville
Physical Test Labs – Coatesville
Physicians & Dentist Building – Philadelphia
Picco Hercules Chemical – Clairton
Picco. Hercules Chemical – Elizabeth
Pickard Joseph Sons Co. Philadelphia
Pickett Middle School Wayne Chelten Philadelphia
Pickles Steak House – Horsham
Pico Chemical – Chester
Pico Chemical Clairton
Pierce Glass Co. The Port Allegany
Pieroe Glass Co. – Port Allegany
Pillsbury Plant – Greenville
Pilot Plant – Pittsburgh
Pilot Plant Division – Philadelphia
Pilot Plant- Station 73
Pine Grove S.E. Station – Pine Grove
Pine High School – Pine Township
Pine Knot Colliery – Minersville
Pine Ridge Stirling Boiler House – Hudson
Pine Township Coal Co. – Heilwood
Pipeline Service Co. – Glenwillard
Piper Aircraft – Lock Haven
Piping Polystrene Plant Kobuta
Pitt Com Heat Treat Pittsburgh
Pitt Comm Heat Treating – Pittsburgh
Pitt- Fab Pittsburgh
Pitt Steel Foundry Machine Co. McKeesport
Pitt-Fab – Pittsburgh
Pittron A Textron Co. Glassport
Pittron A Textron Co. Pittsburgh
Pittron Co. McKeesport
Pitts Coal Co. – Pittsburgh
Pitts. Coal Aspen M Miller – Pittsburgh
Pitts. Comm. Heating Pittsburgh
Pittsburg Airport – Pittsburgh
Pittsburg Coal Co. – Scott Haven
Pittsburg Coke & Chemical Co. Neville Island
Pittsburg McKeesport & Connellsville RR Pittsburgh
Pittsburg Metal Process – Sharpsburg
Pittsburg Pa Plant – Denbeau
Pittsburg Plate Glass Co. – Philadelphia
Pittsburg Plate Glass Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburg Seamless Tube Co. – Beaver Falls
Pittsburg Shear Knife & Machine Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburg Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburg Steel Foundry – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh & Birmingham Traction Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh & Butler Street Railway Co. – Renfrew
Pittsburgh & Butler Street Railway Co. Butler County
Pittsburgh & Butler Street Railway Co. Renfrew
Pittsburgh & Conneaut Dock Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh & End Passenger Railway Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad – Glassport
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Glassport
Pittsburgh & Virginia Railway Co. – Rook
Pittsburgh & Westend Pars. Railway Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Activated Carbon Co. Dept Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Airport – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Athletic Association Land Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Athletic Association Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Brewing Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Bridge Co. Rochester
Pittsburgh Buffalo Co. – Burgettstown
Pittsburgh Buffalo Co. Ellsworth
Pittsburgh Buffalo Co. Marianna
Pittsburgh Buffalo Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh City, Flower Co. Gibsonia
Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Co.
Pittsburgh Coal Co. Allegheny
Pittsburgh Coal Co. Grindstone
Pittsburgh Coal Co. Imperial
Pittsburgh Coal Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Coal Co. Shops – Library
Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical – Clairton
Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical – Monessen
Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Co. – McKees Rocks
Pittsburgh Coke & Iron Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Coke Chemical Clairton
Pittsburgh Coke Chemical McKees Rocks
Pittsburgh Coke Chemical Monessen
Pittsburgh Coke Chemical Neville Island
Pittsburgh Coke Iron Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Commercial – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Commercial Heating – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Conneaut Dock Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co – Library
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. Mine Pilot Plant
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. Pilot Plant Library
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. Pilot Plant Storeroom Library
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. R D Division Library
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. Storeroom Library
Pittsburgh Construction & Engineering Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Corning – Owenton
Pittsburgh Corning Corp. – Port Allegany
Pittsburgh Corning Corp. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Corning Plant Port Allegany
Pittsburgh Cot Flower Co. – Gidsoni
Pittsburgh Crankshaft Service – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Co. – Midland
Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Midland
Pittsburgh Cut Flower Co. Gibsonia
Pittsburgh Department of Charities Marshalsea
Pittsburgh Des Moines Steel Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Design Services – Carnegie
Pittsburgh Die & Casting Co – Swissvale
Pittsburgh Die Casting Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Ferromanganese Co. – Chester
Pittsburgh Flexicore Co. Monongahela
Pittsburgh Forge & Iron Co. Allegheny
Pittsburgh Forge & Iron Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Forge & Iron Co. Woods Run
Pittsburgh Forgings Co. – Coraopolis
Pittsburgh Gas & Coke Co. Glassport
Pittsburgh Gas & Coke Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Gas Coal Co. – Iselin
Pittsburgh Gear Co – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Harmony Butler & New Castle RR Evans City
Pittsburgh Heat – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Housing Authority, Terrace Village Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh International Airport – Moon Township
Pittsburgh Iron & Steel Engineering Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Knife & Forge Co. – Coraopolis
Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad Beaver Falls
Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad Co. – McKees Rocks
Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad Depot – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Lake Erie Rr Depot – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh McKeesport & Connellsville Railroad – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh McKeesport & Westmoreland Railway Co. – McKeesport
Pittsburgh Mechanical Systems Inc. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Metal Process – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Milling Co. Allegheny
Pittsburgh Milling Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh National Bank – Aliquippa
Pittsburgh National Bank – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Nipple Works Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Plate (Ppg) Glass Plant – Creighton
Pittsburgh Plate Glass
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Allegheny
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Charleroi
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Creighton
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Ford City
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Harmarville
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Kennerdell
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Natrium
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Port Kennedy
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Springdale
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Tarentum
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Tipton
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Works Ford City
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Glass Division Work No 6 Ford City
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Glass Research Center Harmarville
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Paint Brush Division Springdale
Pittsburgh Plate Glass PP & G Industries Creighton
Pittsburgh Plumbing Dept Dock No 5 Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Plumbing Shop
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pittsburgh Power Station – New Castle
Pittsburgh Powerhouse – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Press – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Provision & Packing Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Public Safety Building
Pittsburgh Public Theatre
Pittsburgh Railways – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Railways Co. – Beaver Falls
Pittsburgh Railways Co. Brunots Island Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Railways Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Realty Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Reduction Co. – New Kensington
Pittsburgh Reduction Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Rochester Coal Indiana
Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt – Mt. Pleasant
Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Co. Monaca
Pittsburgh Screw Bolt – Mt. Pleasant
Pittsburgh Screw Bolt Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Seamless Tube Co. – Beaver Falls
Pittsburgh Shear Knife & Machine Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Sheet Metal – Connellsville
Pittsburgh Standard Conduit Enameled Metals – Etna
Pittsburgh Steamship Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Steel – Charleroi
Pittsburgh Steel – Midland
Pittsburgh Steel Casting Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Steel Co. Alicia
Pittsburgh Steel Co. Allenport Plant Allenport
Pittsburgh Steel Co. Coke Plant Monessen
Pittsburgh Steel Co. McKees Rocks
Pittsburgh Steel Co. Monessen
Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Steel Foundry Co. – Glassport
Pittsburgh Steel Foundry Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Steel Midland
Pittsburgh Steel Products Co. Allenport
Pittsburgh Street Railway Co
Pittsburgh Terminal Railroad & Coal Co. – Horning
Pittsburgh Terminal Warehouse & Transfer Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Thermal – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Thermal Limited Partnership – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Tool Steel Wire – Monaca
Pittsburgh Tool Steel Wire Monaca
Pittsburgh Tube – Monaca
Pittsburgh University – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Valve & Fitting Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Valve Foundry & Construction Co. – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Wire Co. – Braddock
Pittsburgh Wire Co. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Works – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Works Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis RR Scully
Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler & New Castle Railway Co. – Harmony
Pittsburgh lockhart Iron & Steel
Pittston Coal Mining Co. – Sugar Notch
Plant Asbestos Co. – Pittsburgh
Plant Slab Z Palmerton
Plastics Division Kobuta Plant Kobuta
Plaza Apartments – Philadelphia
Ple Railroad McKees Rock
Pleasant Hills Municipal – Pleasant Hills
Plum Boro Schools – Plum Boro
Plum Boro Water Authority – Plum
Plumb Inc. Fayette R Philadelphia
Plymouth #5 Washery – Plymouth Junction
Plymouth Coal Co. – Wilkes Barre
Plymouth Meeting
Plymouth Number 5 Washery Plymouth Junction
PNB – Oakland
Pnb Building – Pittsburgh
Point Breeze Gas Works – Philadelphia
Point Breeze Refinery – Philadelphia
Point Breeze Refinery Wax Plant Philadelphia
Point Breeze Slabbing Packaging Area Philadelphia
Point Marion Powerhouse – Point Marion
Pollock School – Philadelphia
Pollock School Welsh Road Philadelphia
Poly Sar Aliquippa
Polymer Corp. Reading
Polytechnic Institute Karachi
Ponce De Leon Chester
Pope Tin Plate Co. – Pittsburgh
Pope Tin Plate Co. Pittsburgh
Porcelain Products – Parkesburg
Port Authority Transit – South Hills
Port Authority Transit View Garage – View
Port Cherry School – McDonald
Port Cherry
Port Wentworth
Portage Coal Mining Co. – Portage
Portage High School – Portage
Porter Building – Pittsburgh
Porter Co A K – Philadelphia
Porter Co. H K – Philadelphia
Portland Cement Co. Allentown
Portland Generating Station Mt. Bethel
Portland Generating Station Unit #1-2 Portland
Portland Power Plant Upper Mount Bethel
Portland Power Station – Portland
Post Office – Philadelphia
Post Office 30th Street Station Philadelphia
Potero John V Philadelphia
Potlach Paper Mill – Lock Haven
Potlach Paper Mill Lock Haven
Potlatch – National Paper Co. – Ransom
Potomac Water Treatment & Power Plant – Philadelphia
Potter Sons & Co. – Philadelphia
Pottsgrove School – Pottstown
Pottstown Hospital – Pottstown
Pottstown Plant – Pottstown
Pottsville Area Middle School – Pottsville
Pottsville Bleach & Dye – Schuykill Haven
Pottsville Iron & Steel Co. – Pottsville
Pottsville Water Co. – Minersville
Pottsville Water Co. Pottsville
Powelton Electric Co. – Philadelphia
Powelton Gardens – Philadelphia
Power Atomic Power Station – Shippensburg
Power Piping Co. – Clairton
Power Piping Donora
Power Piping Pittsburgh
Power Plant Wilkes Barre
Power Systems Operations – Ebenburg
Powerhouse – Butler
Powerhouse Milesburg
Powerhouse Shawville
Powers Weightman Rosengarten Co. – Philadelphia
PP & G Industries Allison Park
PP & G Industries Carlisle
PP & G Industries Creighton
PP & G Industries Ford City
PP & G Industries Greensburg
PP & G Industries Harmar Township
PP & G Industries Harmarville
PP & G Industries Jeannette
PP & G Industries Kent
PP & G Industries Meadville
PP & G Industries Mt. Holly
PP & G Industries Pittsburgh
PP & G Industries Springdale
PP & G Industries Tipton
PP & G Pittsburg Plate Glass Harmarville
Pp& L Powerhouse – Washington
Ppg Industries – Carlisle
Ppg World Headquarters Building
PPG World Headquarters Building – Pittsburgh
PPL Brunner Island Steam Electric Station Unit 3 York Haven
Ppl Electric Utilities Corp – Allentown
Pram Co. – Wilmerding
Precise Plastics – Erie
Precision Grinding Co. – Philadelphia
Precision Grinding Wheel – Philadelphia
Precision Heat Treatment South Hampton
Precision Products Co. – Washington
Precision Tool & Die – Butler
Premier Sugar Mill & Distillery Co. Ltd Mardan
Presbyterian Church – Bradford
Presbyterian Church – PA
Presbyterian Home For Widows & Single Women – Philadelphia
Presbyterian Hospital – Philadelphia
Prescotech – Erie
Presque Isle Boiler – Erie
Presque Isle Paper Co. – Erie
Pressed Steel Car Co. Allegheny
Pressed Steel Car Co. McKees Rocks
Pressed Steel Car Co. Pittsburgh
Prestolite Battery – Reading
Price Battery Corp. – Hamburg
Price H C & Co. – Philadelphia
Pride Chester
Prime Manufacturers – Springdale
Primrose Colliery – Mahanoy City
Princess Furnace Co. – Glen Wilton
Printing Press – Minersville
Prison- Men’s House Of Detention – Philadelphia
Procter & Gamble – Tunkhannock
Procter & Gamble Co. Mehoopany
Procter & Gamble Tunkhannock
Proctor & Gamble Mehopany
Proctor & Schwartz Inc. Philadelphia
Proctor Ellison Co. – Elkland
Proctor Swartz Philadelphia
Progress Manufacturing Philadelphia
Progressive Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Projectile Plant #2 Army Gun Carriago Shop – S. Bethlehem
Prospect Colliery – Wilkes Barre
Providence – Primrose
Providence Hospital – Beaver Falls
Prudential Insurance Building – Upper Dublin
PS 321 William Penn, 180 Seventh Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Pt. Richmond Philadelphia
Pubicker Industries – Philadelphia
Public Debt Building – Parkersburg, WV
Public Ledger Building – Philadelphia
Public School – Philadelphia
Public Service Corp. of New Jersey Philadelphia
Public Service Gas Co. – Philadelphia
Publicker Chemical Plant Station 1 Philadelphia
Publicker Commercial Alcohol Co. – Cornwell Heights
Publicker Industries Chemical Plant Station 1 Philadelphia
Publicker Industries South Philadelphia
Publicker Industries, Distillers – Philadelphia
Publicker Industries, Inc. – Philadelphia
Publickers Distillery – Philadelphia
Publiker Industries – Philadelphia
Pullman Co. – Pullman
Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Co. – Butler
Pullman Standard Plant – Butler
Pumping Station – Ford City
Pumping Station – Reading
Pumping Station-Landers Point Landers Point
Punxsutawney Elementary School – Punxsutawney
Punxsutawney Hardware – Punxsutawney
Punxsutawney Iron Co. – Punxsutawney
Punxsutawney Secondary School – Punxsutawney
Purchase Line School – Mahaffey
Purchasing Department – 3 Gateway Center – Pittsburgh
Purchasing Department – Pittsburgh
Purchasing Department 3 Gateway Center Pittsburgh
Pure Oil Co. Maple Glen
Pure Oil Co. Marcus Hook
Purex Corp. – Bristol
Pusey & Jones Shipbuilding Co. – Wilmington
Pyne Colly – Pyne Colly
Pyne Colly Taylor
Pyrotek – Carlisle
Quaker Boiler Repairing Co. – Philadelphia
Quaker Chemical Corp. – Connellsville
Quaker City Chocolate Co. – Philadelphia
Quaker City Dye Works – Philadelphia
Quaker City Ironworks – Philadelphia
Quaker City Rubber Co. Wissinoming
Quaker Export Packaging Co. Inc. – Philadelphia
Quaker Markets – Altoona
Quaker Oats Co. – Shiremanstown
Quaker Rubber Co. Philadelphia
Quaker State – Parkersburg, WV
Quaker State Machine Co. – Willow Grove
Quaker State Metals Inc. Manehim Pike Lancaster
Quaker State Oil Refinery Co. Emlenton
Quaker State Oil Refinery Co. Farmers Valley
Quaker State Oil Refinery Co. Oil City
Quaker State Oil Refinery Co. Smethport
Quaker State Oil Refining Co. Mckean Plant Farmers Valley
Quaker State Service Station – Brady
Quakertown Brick & Tile Co – Quakertown
Quakertown Chrysler Plymouth – Quakertown
Quakertown Electric Department – Quakertown
Quakertown Tractor Co. – Quakertown
Quality Markets – Titusville
Queen City Cleaners Aliquippa
Quickway Inc. Philadelphia
Quin- T Corp. Erie
Quin-T Corp. – Erie
Quint Corp. Erie
Quonset Point- Paulson Lab
R & J Supply Co. – Erie
R & J Supply Co.
R & P Coal Co. – Ernes
R. & H. Simon – Easton
R. A. Duckworth, P. G. H. Steamline Philadelphia
R. B. Murray Oakland Arcade Co. – Pittsburgh
R. C. A. Victor – Lancaster
R. C. Can Canning Plant – Bradford
R. C. Remmey Division – Philadelphia
R. D. Harrer Construction Mount Pleasant
R. D. Isaacs & Son – Wilkes Barre
R. D. Werner Co. – Greensburg
R. D. Wood – Philadelphia
R. D. Wood Building – Philadelphia
R. D. Wood Philadelphia
R. E. A. Shop – Hollidaysburg
R. G. Peiliker Applied Research Laboratory Monroeville
R. H. Hickman Co. – McKees Rocks
R. Heckscher & Sons – Swedeland
R. Hecksher & Sons – Philadelphia
R. J. Carey Co. – Wiliamsport
R. J. Carey Co. Williamsport
R. J. Supply Co. Erie
R. K. Laros Silk Co. – Bethlehem
R. L. Miller Enola
R. M. Armstrong – Chester
R. M. Steel Carnegie
R. O. Werner Co. Greenville
R. R. Shops – McKees Rocks
R. Shafer Supt. – Cornwell Heights
R.A. Duckworth, P.G.H. Steamline – Philadelphia
Racoon State Park Dept of Property Supply Project Pittsburgh
Racquet Club Apartments – Levittown
Racquet Club Apartments – Monreoville
Radi S Auto Wrecking Pittsburgh
Radiant Steel Products Co. Williamsport
Radio Co. of America
Radio Company of America Dunmore
Radio Corp. of America Tube Division Lancaster
Radio Corp. of America-RCA Lancaster
Radio Parts – Liberty
Radnor – Quarryville
Raido Corp Of America – RCA – Lancaster
Railroad Penn Station
Railway Specialties – Bristol
Railway Specialties Corp. Groyden
Railway Spring & Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
Railway Steel Spring Co. – Latrobe
Rainey Wood Coke Co. – Swedeland
Ramada Inn – Brookville
Ramsey Hardware & Paneling Co. – New Castle
Rankin Station – Pittsburgh
Rankin US Steel Carrie Furnace
Rankin Works #2 Turbo Blower Rankin Mill Rankin
Ransom Hospital – Ransom
Rapid Transit Street Railway Co.
Raub Supply Lancaster
Ravensburg Bridge – Clairton
Raybestos-Manhattan Co. Manheim
Raybestos-Manhattan Plant Manheim
Rayburn Steel – Rayburn
Raymark Co. Manheim
Raystown Water Power Co. – Clover Creek
Raystown Water Power Co. – Huntington
RCA – Canonsburg
RCA – Lancaster
RCA – Mountaintop
RCA – Scranton
RCA Building Sayre
RCA Corp. Lancaster
RCA Dunmore
Rca Plant – Dunmore
RCA Plant – Lancaster
RCA Tube Div. Color Slurry Iv Lancaster
RCA Victor Division Buildings #2, 2A 2B Lancaster
RCA Victor Division Manufacturing Plant Lancaster
RCA Victor Lancaster
RCA. Building – Sayre
RCA. Victor – Lancaster
Reacing Railroad Co. Philadelphia
Read & Lovatt Manufacturing Co. Weatherby
Reading Co. Philadelphia
Reading Gray Iron Casting, Inc. Reading
Reading Iron Co. Danville
Reading Iron Co. Emaus
Reading Iron Co. Reading
Reading Iron Co. Tube Works Reading
Reading Ironworks – Reading
Reading Metals Refining Co. – Reading
Reading Railroad Co. King of Prussia
Reading Railroad Co. Philadelphia
Reading Railroad Co. Reading
Reading Railroad Shops
Reading Rehabilitation Hospital – Reading
Reading Shale Brick Co. – Reading
Reading Steel Foundry – Reading
Reading Transport – Reading
Reading Transportation Plymouth Meeting
Reading Tube Corp. Reading
Reading Tube Division – Reading
Reading Water Works – Reading
Reading Whitehall Paperboard – Reading
Real Estate Trust Building Philadelphia
Real Estate Trust Office Building – Philadelphia
Recreation Hall – State College
Red Lion High School Red Lion
Red Lion Plant – Philadelphia
Red Rock Air Base – Red Rock
Redington Standard Fittings Co. – Redington
Reed Danville State – Danville
Reed Electric Co. – Philadelphia
Reed, Danville State Hospital Danville
Reedsdale Power Station Power Station – Kittanning
Reedsville Power Station – Kittanning
Reese Metal Products Corp – Lancaster
Reese Miller Plastering – Pittsburgh
Refinery Indianola
Refractory & Insulation Plant – Port Kennedy
Refractory Insulation Corp. Port Kennedy
Refractory Specialties Sales Co. Morristown
Rehabilitation Center – Johnstown
Reichard Coulston Co. Bethlehem
Reichard-Coulston Inc. – Philadelphia
Reider Brothers – Philadelphia
Reigner & Engle Brewing Co. – Philadelphia
Reiners – Pittsburgh
Reisinger Prather Co. – Pittsburgh
Reitz Tool – Cochranton
Reliable Luggage – New Castle
Reliance Cement Co. Coplay
Reliance Coke Co. – Denbeau
Reliant Energy Mid Atlantic – Johnstown
Reliant Energy Mid Atlantic Johnstown
Reliant Energy Wholesale Group – New Florence
Reliant Energy Wholesale Group Shawville
Remington- Rand Inc. – Philadelphia
Remington Rand Inc. Montgomery County
Reminton Rand
Remmey Division Philadelphia
Remmey Donald B Wood Prod Southampton
Remmey Refractories – Philadelphia
Remmey Refractory – Philadelphia
Remmy Division A P Green – Philadelphia
Rennepamp Supply Co. – Pittsburgh
Renovo Shops – Renovo
Republic Aluminum – Beaver Falls
Republic Coke Works – Republic
Republic Coke Works Republic, Fayette County
Republic Heater Co. – Erie
Republic Heater Co. Erie
Republic Housing – Republic
Republic Iron & Steel Co. – New Salem
Republic Iron & Steel Co. New Salem
Republic Iron & Steel Co. Pittsburgh
Republic Iron & Steel Co. Sharon
Republic Ironworks Pittsburgh
Republic Steel Corp. Beaver Falls
Republic Steel Corp. New Brighton
Republic Steel Corp. Newton
Research & Development Building
Research & Development Center – Lancaster
Research Development Center Fire Test Room Lancaster
Research Development Ctr. Bldg. 4, 11, 12,15 Lancaster
Research Div. – Pilot Plant- Station 73 – Pittsburgh
Residential Homes – Hawthorne
Rest Haven County Nursing Home – Schuykill Haven
Retreat State Hospital – Hunlock Creek
Revonah Yarn Mills – Hanover
Rex Hide Rubber Co. – Brady
Reynold Machine – Midvale
Reynolds Manufacturing Co. – Avonmore
Reynolds Manufacturing Plant – Avonmore
Reynolds Metals Co. Aluminum Plant Chester
Rezner Heathers – Grove City
Rfg 1 Rfd Nbr 1 Pen Argyl
Rhind Philadelphia
Rhodia, Inc. Morrisville
Rhone Poulenc Rorer Inc. – Collegeville
Rich- Sampliner Knitting Mills Co. Conshohocken
Richard Finishing Co. Inc. – Jerwyn
Richard Heckscher & Sons Swedeland
Richardson Paint Co. – Philadelphia
Richland Isd – Richland
Richland Mall – Johnstown
Richland School District – Johnstown
Richland Senior High School – Johnstown
Richland Shopping Center – Johnstown
Richmond Generating Station Philadelphia
Richmond Power Plant – Philadelphia
Richmond Radiator Co. – Uniontown
Richmond Station Crude Oil Facility Philadelphia
Richmond Works – Philadelphia
Rich-Sampliner Knitting Mills Co. – Connellsville
Rico Realty Co. – Philadelphia
Ridc Park – Blawnox
Ridc Park – Findlay Township
Riddle Memorial Hospital – Media
Ridge Equipment Co. – Fallen Timber
Ridge per Products
Ridgeway High School – Ridgeway
Ridley Township – Reading
Rieck Mcjunkin Dairy Co. – Pittsburgh
Rigg & Reel – Parkersburg, WV
Riggs Distiller & Co. – Lancaster
Riggs Distiller Co. Lancaster
Riggs, Distler & Co. – North Wales
Rilet Stocker Corp. – Philadelphia
Riley Stoker – Cornwell Heights
Riley Stoker Corp. – Philadelphia
Rimersburg Jr. – High School Rimersburg
Rimersburg Junior High School – Rimersburg
Ringtown Elementary School – Ringtown
Riter Conley Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
Rittenhouse Apartments – Philadelphia
Rittenhouse C & Son – Quakertown
Rittenhouse Plaza – Philadelphia
Rittman Process Corp – Pittsburgh
Ritz Carlton Hotel – Philadelphia
RIver Pump House Duquesne
River Toad – McKees Rocks
Riverside Tool & Dye – Latrobe
Riverview High School – Oakmont
Riverview Home For The Aged – Philadelphia
Rl Miller – Enola
Roadway Express Camp Hill
Roadway Express Harrisburg
Roaring Spring Paper Mill – Roaring Springs
Roaring Springs Paper Mill – Hollidaysburg
Roaring Springs Power Station – Roaring Springs
Robert Chambers, Inc. Pittsburgh
Robert H. Foerderer Philadelphia
Robert Packer Hospital – Sayre
Robert S McQueen Philadelphia
Robert Smith Ale Brewing Co. – Philadelphia
Robert Welch Trucking White Mills
Robert Wooler Co. – Dressher
Robertshaw Controls – New Stanton
Robertshaw Controls – Youngwood
Robertson- American Corp. A Morrisville
Robertson Fuel Oil – Linwood
Robesonia Iron Co. Limited – Robesonia
Robesonia Iron Co. Limited Robesonia, Berks County
Robesonia Iron Co. Robesonia
Robina Mine – Fordyce
Robindale Near Seward
Robinson & Rea Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
Robinson & Wallace – Philadelphia
Robinson Clay Products Co. – Pottstown
Robinson Industries – Zelienople
Robinson Protected Metal Co. – Ceiling – Pittsburgh
Robinson Ventilating Co. – Zeleinople
Robinson Wall Covering – Titusville
Roch Pittsburgh Coal Homer City
Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Co. Dubois
Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Co. Eleanor Shaft Mine
Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Co. Falls Creek
Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Co. Helvetia
Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Co. Lucerne
Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Co. Punxsutawney
Rochester General Hospital – Rochester
Rochester High School Rochester
Rochester Pittsburgh Coal Co. Indiana
Rochester Pittsburgh Coal Indiana County
Rochester Plant – Rochester
Rochester Power Plant Lucerne Mines
Rochez Brothers & Supply Co. – Braddock
Rock Tenn Co. – Delaware City
Rock Tenn Co. Delaware Water Gap
Rockbuilt – Sharpsburg
Rockhill Iron & Coal Co. – Orbisonia
Rockhill Iron & Coal Co. Robertsdale
Rockpoint Sand Co. of Pittsburgh Ellwood Junction
Rockwell Industries – Reading
Rockwell International New Castle
Roebling Steel – Levittown
Rogers Brothers Corp. – Albion
Rohm & Haas Chemical – Bridesburg
Rohm & Haas Chemical Co. – Philadelphia
Rohm & Haas Chemical Plant – Chester
Rohm & Haas Chemical Plant – Philadelphia
Rohm & Haas Chemicals, LLC Briston
Rohm & Haas Co. Bristol
Rohm & Haas Co. Philadelphia
Rohm & Haas Powder Coatings Plant – Reading
Rohm & Hass Chemical – Bristol
Rohm Antl Baas Co. – Philadelphia
Rohm Haas Chem Corp. Bridesburg
Rohm Haas Chem Corp. Philadelphia
Rohm Haas Chemical Spring House
Rohm Haas Co. Bristol
Rohm Haas Co. Building 36 Philadelphia
Rohm Haas Co. Philadelphia
Rohm Hass Co. Bristol
Rohm Hass Co. Philadelphia
Rohn & Haas Chemical Co. – Philadelphia
Rojac Industries – Pittsburgh
Rolle Manufacturing Co. – Lansdale
Rolling Rock Brewery – Latrobe
Roman Catholic Protectory Montgomery County – Flatlands
Roosevelt Hotel – Pittsburgh
Rorborough Chestnut Hill & Morristown Railway Co. – Philadelphia
Rorer Group, Inc. – Montgomery County
Rosedale Coke Plant – Johnstown
Rosedale Foundry – Rosedale
Rosedale Foundry & Machine Co. Pittsburgh
Rosedale Knitting Mills – PA
Rosedale Knitting Mills – Reading
Rosena Furnace – New Castle
Rosena Furnace New Castle
Rossiter, McGovern & Co. – Pittsburgh
Rosslyn Farms School – Carnegie
RosTraver School – Rostraver
Rothrock Dealership – Allentown
Rotoblast – Butler
Round House – Sharpsburg
Route 119 Road & Bridge
Roxborough Chestnut Hill & Morristown Railway – Shawmut Station
Roxborough Hospital – Philadelphia
Roxborough Memorial Hospital – Philadelphia
Royal Swan Inc. General Ribbon Mills, Inc. Catasauqua
Royston Laboratories – Blawnox
Rozman – Pittsburgh
Rps – Moon Township
Rubber Co. Rolls, Inc. Meadowlands
Rubel – Erie
Ruffs Dale
Run Allegheny
Rural Valley Elementary School – Rural Valley
Rush Boiler Co. – Midland
Russell Mill Rochester
Russell Standard – Bridgeville
Russian American Manufacturing Co. Philadelphia
Russian American Manufacturing Co. Pittsburgh
Russian Orthodox Church – Charleroi
Rust Boiler Co. Midland
Rust Engineering Co. Pittsburgh
Rust Furnace Co. Pittsburgh
Ruth Bennett Project – Chester
Ryan Homes – Robinson
Ryder & Richmond Oil Co. – Bradford
Ryerson Station – Ryerson Station
Rymet Corp. King of Prussia
S Faith Co. – Philadelphia
S M S Automotive – Philadelphia
S Morgan Smith Co. – York
S S Marvin Branch – Pittsburgh
S. Bern Ohio Co. – Rouseville
S. Ewart & Co. – Pittsburgh
S. F. Whitman Philadelphia
S. F. Whitman Son – Philadelphia
S. F. Whitman Son Philadelphia
S. Faith & Co. – Philadelphia
S. I. P, Inc. – Parsons Chemical Engineer, Inc.
S. J. Shimer & Sons – Milton
S. J. Shimer & Sons Milton
S. Jarvis Adams Co – Midland
S. K. F. Industries Inc. Philadelphia
S. Lancaster Co School Authority- New Sr High School – Quarryville
S. MArgolis Co. Philadelphia
S. Morgan Smith Co. – York
S. S. African Planet Ship
S. S. Atlantic Engineering Chester
S. S. Atlantic Navigator Chester
S. S. Ektor Philadelphia
S. S. Esso Jamestown Chester
S. S. Globe Progress Philadelphia
S. S. Gulf Hollander Philadelphia
S. S. Gulf Lube Girard Point
S. S. Hills Chester
S. S. Illapel Chester
S. S. Ly Kaion Philadelphia
S. S. Mercantile Wave. Chester
S. S. Midland Philadelphia
S. S. Mobil Aero Chester
S. S. Olympic Chester
S. S. Olympic Rock Chester
S. S. Olympic Rock Philadelphia
S. S. Olympic Storing Chester
S. S. Robin Sherwood Philadelphia
S. S. Sister Katingo Chester
S. W. Grease & Oil – Bakerstown
S. W. Grease & Oil
S.S. African Planet (Ship) – Bethlehem
S.S. Atlantic Eng. – Chester
S.S. Atlantic Navigator – Chester
S.S. Esso Jamestown – Chester
S.S. Gulf Lube – Girard Point
S.S. Hills – Chester
S.S. Illapel – Chester
S.S. Marvin Branch – Pittsburgh
S.S. Mercantile Wave – Chester
S.S. Mobil Aero – Chester
S.S. Olympic – Chester
S.S. Olympic Rock – Chester
S.S. Richfield – Chester
S.S. Sister Katingo – Chester
Saba Power Farouqabad
Sabins Manufacturing Co. – Versailles
Sachenmair – Holmesburg
Sacred Heart Church – Jeanette
Sacred Heart Hospital – Allentown
Saegertown Manufacturing Co. – Saegertown
Safe Harbor Water Power Corp. – Safe Harbor
Safety Armorite Conduit Co. Pittsburg
Safety Equipment Co. – Connellsville
Saint Agnes Hospital – Philadelphia
Saint Ignatius Church – Yardley
Saint Joe’s Lead Monacca
Saint Johns Church – Delmont
Saint Joseph’s School – Norristown
Saint Marys Church – Glenshaw
Saint Paul’s Church – Philadelphia
Salem Brosius Inc. – Carnegie
Salem Brosius Inc. Pittsburgh
Salem Park Townhomes – Mechanicsburg
Salisbury School – Salisbury
Salk Hall – University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh
Sall Geo Metals Co. – Philadelphia
Salvucci Engineering Pittsburgh
Sam Jacks Condominium – Indiana
Sam Liberto Ford – Jeannette
Samaritan Hospital – Philadelphia
Sampenn Co. Baltimore, MD
Samueal Rea Car Shop – Holidaysburg
Samuel Haight & Co. Bridgewater
Samuel Rea Car Shop – Hollidaysburg
San Juan Cement Co. Vega Alta
Sandusky Cement Co. – York
Sandusky Foundry
Sandusky Foundry Hazelton
Sani Dairy – Johnstown
Sanitary Milk Co. Curwensville
Sans Corp. – Erie
Santa Elena – Chester
Satellite Alloy Corp. – Springdale
Saucon – S. Bethlehem
Saucon Plant – Bethlehem
Saugatuck – Chester
Sauquoit Silk Co. – Scranton
Savage Arms Corp. – Sharon
Savage Arms Corp. Philadelphia
Savoia Property Management Co. – Norwood
Saw Hill Tube Division
Saw Hill Tubular Sharon
Sawhill Armco Ak Steel – Sharon
Sawhill Tubular Sharon
Sawhill Tubular Wheatland
Saxonburg Sintering Plaint – Saxonburg
Saxonburg Sintering Plant
Saxton Iron Co. – Saxton
Sayre Electric Co. – Sayre
Says Garage Harrisville
Scaife Co. – Oakmont
Scan Chester
Sch Authority New Sr High School Quarryville
Schaaf Heating & Air Conditioning – Greensburg
Schaefer Brewery – Philadelphia
Schaeffer Brewery – Fogelsville
Scharff Equipment Co. Philadelphia
Scheie Eye Hospital – Philadelphia
Schendis Ferry
Schenley Distillers Corp. – Schenley
Schiable’s Bakery Easton
Schick Inc. – Lancaster
Schmidt & Ault Paper Co. – York
Schmidt Lumber Millwork – Scranton
Schoen Pressed Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Schoen Pressed Steel Co. Allegheny City
Schoen Pressed Steel Co. Pittsburgh
Schoen Steel Wheel Co. McKees Rocks
Schoen Steel Wheel Co. Pittsburgh
Schoeneck Farms Inc. Nazareth
School – Chestnut Hill
School Authority- New Sr High School
School Chestnut Hill
School District of Philadelphia – Philadelphia
School Exceptional Children – Robinson Township
School Selingrove Center – Selinsgrove
SchoolChurches – Altoona
Schooley Colliery – Dunmore
Schools & Churches – Altoona
Schoot Optical Duryea
Schroeder Manufacturing Co. – McKees Rocks
Schulylkill Station – Philadelphia
Schutte & Koerting Co. Cornwells, Bucks County
Schutte & Koerting Co. Philadelphia
Schutte Koerting Company Cornwells Heights
Schutte Koerting Cornwell Heights
Schuykill Forge Co. Cornwells Heights
Schuylkill Arsenal Property – Philadelphia
Schuylkill Forge Co. – Cornwell Heights
Schuylkill Forge Co. Philadelphia
Schuylkill Products Inc. Cressona
Schuylkill Railway Co. – Girardville
Schuylkill Station – Philadelphia
Schuylkill Valley Traction Co. – Philadelphia
Schwenkfelder Church – Worcester
Scofield Engineering Co. – Philadelphia
Scofield, Mason & Co. – Philadelphia
Scotland School For Vets – Scotland
Scott Colliery – Mt. Carmel
Scott Foam – Eddystone
Scott Paper – Paper Machine Nbr 13, 18 Chester
Scott Paper Co. – Chester
Scott Paper Co. Eddystone
Scott Paper Co. Front Market
Scott Paper Co. Philadelphia
Scott Paper Co. Research & Development Center – Essington
Scott Paper Mill – Chester
Scott Township Elementary School Scott Twp
Scottdale Furnace Co. Scottdale
Scottdale Iron & Steel Co. – Scottsdale
Scottdale Machine Foundry Construction Co. Scottdale
Scottdale Wood Products Co. – Scottsdale
Scottsdale Furnace Co. – Scottsdale
Scranton Anthracite Briquette Co. – Dickson
Scranton Anthracite Briquette Co. Scranton
Scranton Axle & Spring Co. – Scranton
Scranton Bolt & Nut Co. – Scranton
Scranton Electric Co. – Pittston
Scranton Electric Construction Co. Scranton
Scranton Gas & Water Co. – Forest City
Scranton Gas & Water Co. Scranton
Scranton High School Scranton
Scranton Lace Curtain Co. Scranton
Scranton Ordinance Division Scranton
Scranton Railway Co. – Scranton
Scranton Technical High School – Scranton
Scrap Philadelphia
Scraton Ordinance Division – Scranton
Scrubgrass Power Plant – Scrubgrass
Seaboard Container Corp. – Bristol
Seaboard Steel & Manganese Corp. – Temple
Seaboard Steel Manganese Temple
Sealtest Foods – Philadelphia
Seanor Coal Co. Saltsburg
Sears & Roebuck Allentown
Sears & Roebuck Ambridge
Sears & Roebuck Mifflin
Sears & Roebuck Philadelphia
Sears & Roebuck Store – Lancaster Pike
Sears Beaver Valley Mall Beaver
Sears Indiana
Sears Roebuck Co. – Allentown
Sears Roebuck Store – Lancaster Pike – Reading
Sears, Roebuck & Co. – Philadelphia
Seco Warwick – Meadville
Second National Bank – Pittsburgh
Security Investment Co. – Trafford City
Seiferts Bakery – Newton
Selas Corp. of America Bethlehem
Selas Corp. of America Dresher
Selden Co. – Bridgeville
Selden Co. End, Pittsburgh
Selinsgrove Center School
Selinsgrove Center School – Selinsgrove
Selinsgrove State School – Selinsgrove
Semet Solvay Co. – Johnstown
Semet- Solvay Co. Caubria Steel Co. Johnstown
Semet- Solvay Co. Dunbar
Semet-Solvay Co. Cambria Steel Co. – Johnstown
Seneca Colliery Pittston Junction
Seneca Power Station – Kinzua
Seneca Valley High School – Seneca Valley
Senior High School – Chester
Senior High School Building – Philadelphia
Sensus Technologies – Uniontown
Septa – Philadelphia
Septa Powerhouse Philadelphia
Sercon Corp. Pittsburgh
Sergeant Electric Co. Pittsburgh
Sersteel Corp. Pittsburg
SES Station Martins Creek
Sewage Disposal Plant – Philadelphia
Sewage Disposal Plant Tyrone
Sewage Treatment Plant – Bethel Park
Sewage Treatment Plant – Donora
Sewage Treatment Plant – Library
Sewage Treatment Plant – Lock Haven
Sewage Treatment Plant – Mifflin
Sewage Treatment Plant – Muncy
Seward Power Plant – Johnstown
Seward Power Station Seward
Seward Public School – Seward
Sewickley Academy – Sewickley
Sewickley High School – Sewickley
Sewickley Valley Hospital – Sewickley
Sfk Industries, Inc. – Philadelphia
Sfk Industries, Inc. Sunnytown Pike
Sgl Abrasives – Carlisle
Shady Grove School – Montgomery County
Shadyside Boys Club – Shadyside
Shafer Block – Somerset
Shaft 2 Irwin
Shaler High School, Shaler Township – Glenshaw
Shaler Jr. High School – Glenshaw
Shaler Township Garage – Glenshaw
Shallcross School – Philadelphia
Shamokin & Coal Township Light, Heat & Power Co. – Shamokin
Shamokin Dam – Selinsgrove
Shamokin Dam – Sunberry
Shamokin Light Heat & Power Co. – Shamokin
Shanago Steel – Pittsburgh
Sharon Coke Co. Masontown
Sharon Coke Co. Pittsburgh
Sharon Coke Co. Runco
Sharon Coke Co. Sharon
Sharon High School – Sharon
Sharon Iron Co. Sharon
Sharon Steel Corp. Farrell
Sharon Steel Farrell Works Oxygen Plant Farrell
Sharon Steel Hoop Co. – Pittsburgh
Sharon Steel Hoop Co. Sharon
Sharon Steel Monessen
Sharon Transformer Plant Boiler House Sharon
Sharon Tube Co. – Sharon
Sharon Water Works Co. – Sharon
Sharpless & Sons – Philadelphia
Sharpsville Furnace Co. – Sharpsville
Sharpsville Roofing Sharpsville
Shaw Avenue School – Clairton
Shaw Walker – Green Tree
Shawville Generating Station Units 3, 4 Shawville
Shawville Power Station – Clearfield
Shawville Powerhouse Clearfield
Sheesley Construction Johnstown
Sheetmetal Workers Union – Local 19 – Philadelphia
Shelbe & Fisher, Fairmount Fork Works – Philadelphia
Shelby Steel Tube Co. – Ellwood City
Shelby Steel Tube Co. Greenville
Shellby Steel Tube Co. – Pittsburgh
Shelly Brothers Inc. – Lansdale
Shelly Brothers Inc. Lansdale
Shelocta Power Station – Shelocta
Shelocta Powerhouse Johnstown
Shenago Steel Pittsburgh
Shenandoah Chester
Shenango China Co. – New Castle
Shenango Coke Batteries – Neville Island
Shenango Furnace Co. – Sharpsville
Shenango Furnace Co. Wilpen
Shenango Inc. – Pittsburgh
Shenango Inc. Davison Coke Iron Pittsburgh
Shenango Inc. Pittsburgh
Shenango Mall – Sharon
Shenango Pottery Co. – New Castle
Shenango Presbyterian Home – New Wilmington
Shenango Steel – Nequehoning
Shenango Steel – Neville Island
Shenango Steel – Sharpsville
Shenango Steel – Wheatland
Shenango Valley Mall – Hermitage
Shenango Valley Steel Co. – New Castle
Shenango Valley Water Co. – Sharon
Shenango, Inc. – Pittsburgh
Shenango, Inc. Sharpsville
Sheridan Machine Easton
Sheridan Supply Co. – Newmanstown
Sherton Inn – Clarion
Sherwin Hotel – Pittsburgh
Sherwood Refining Co. Inc. – Warren
Sherwood Refining Co. Inc. Warren
Sherwood School – Forest Park
Shipman Coal Co. – Shamokin
Shippensburg State College – Shippensburg
Shipping Atomic Power Station – McKees Rocks
Shippingport – Sharon
Shippingport Atomic Power Station Shippingport
Shippingport Nuclear Power Plant – Beaver Valley
Shippingport Powerhouse – Atomic Plant – Shippensburg
Shipyard Ambridge
Shipyard Bethlehem
Shipyard Philadelphia – Philadelphia
Shoenberger Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Shoenberger Works – Pittsburgh
Shook Anderson Manufacturing Co. – Pittsburgh
Shopping Center – Erie
Shopping Center – Scranton
Shopping Center – Wilkes Barre
Shuanberger Steel Co. – Pittsburgh
Shwartz Paper Mill – Philadelphia
Sibberline – Hometown
Siberline – Lansford
Sid Harvey of Pa King of Prussia
Sid Harvey of Reading – Reading
Sid Harvey of Reading Allentown
Side School – Scranton
Side Vo- Tech – Pringle
Signal Finance – Uniontown
Silk Mill – Dorranceton
Silver Brook Coal Co. – Mauch Chunk
Silver Brook Coal Co. Silver Brook
Silver Steel Corp. – Bettendorf
Simon Gratz High School – Philadelphia
Simonds Abrasive – Philadelphia
Simonds Abrasives Co. Philadelphia
Simonians C F & Sons Philadelphia
Simonim Oil Co. Philadelphia
Simonton Glass Plant Pennsboro, WV
Simpson & Watkins Bennett
Simpson & Watkins Carbondale
Simpson & Watkins Coxton
Simpson & Watkins Duryza
Simpson & Watkins Peckville
Simpson & Watkins Scranton
Simpson & Watkins Wyoming
Sinclair – Koppers Chemical Plant – Monaca
SInclair Koppers Co. Kobuta Plant Monaca
SInclair Koppers Co. Monomer Plant Kobuta
Sinclair Oil – Pascagoula, MS
Sinclair Refining Co. Maple Glen
Sinclair Refining Co. Marcus Hook
Sinclair Refining Co. Philadelphia
Sinclair Refining Co. Trainer Chester
Sinclair-Koppers – Kabuta
Singer Ice Co. – McKees Rocks
Singer- Nimick Works Pittsburgh
Singer-Nimick Works – Pittsburgh
Sinking Spring Foundry Co. – Sinking Springs
Sinking Springs
Sisters of Good Shepherd Philadelphia
Sisters Of Mercy Bldg B- Miseracordia College – Dallas
Sisters Of the Good Shepherd – Philadelphia
Sisters of The Good Shepherd Scranton
Sitkin Metal Trading, Inc. Lewistown
Sivics Hardware Store – Monessen
Skateland Motors – Johnstown
Skating Rink Bethlehem
SKF Altoona Plant Addition Altoona
Skf Ball Bearing Front Erie Streets Philadelphia
Skf Industries – Philadelphia
Skf Plant Addition – Altoona
Skin & Cancer Clinic – McKees Rocks
Skin Cancer Clinic McKees Rocks
Skinner Engine Co. – Erie
Slatington Foundry, Mach & Boiler Works – Slatington
Slatington Railway Co.
Slippery Rock Middle School – Slippery Rock
Slippery Rock State Teachers College – Slippery Rock
Slippery Rock University – Slippery Rock
Slofee Mine – Portage
Small Powerhouse – Lewistown
Smethport School – Smethport
Smith Brothers Ironworks – Philadelphia
Smith Kline & French – Connellsville
Smith Kline French Beckman Philadelphia
Smith Kline French Conshohocken
Smith Kline French Philadelphia
Smith Kline French Swedeland
Smith Kline French Swedesboro
Smith Kline French Upper Marion
Smithfield Prison – Smithfield
Smithfield St. Terminal – Pittsburgh
Smoketown Elementary School – Lancaster
Snellenburg Building – Philadelphia
Social Security Building 8Th Arch Streets Philadelphia
Socony Vacuum Oil Co. – McCrae
Solesbury Elementary School – Solesbury
Solis-Cohen – Philadelphia
Somerset Ave. – Windber
Somerset Coal Co. – Bosewell
Somerset Jail – Somerset
Somerset Mills – Philadelphia
Somerset Mills Philadelphia
Somerset Steel Erection – Somerset
Somerset Warehouse – Somerset
Somerset, Mall – Somerset
Somma Sheet Metal – Verona
Songer Construction Co. Washington
Sonman Shaft Coal Co.
Sonman Shaft Coal Co. – Portage
SoNMan Shaft Coal Co. Portage
Sonneborn Division Petrolia
Sonoco Products Co. Downingtown
Sony Plant – New Stanton
Sorensen Industries Inc. Darry
Soult Wholesale Co. – Clearfield
South Allegheny High School – McKeesport
South Buffalo School Sarver
South Carolina Philadelphia
South Chester Tube Co. – Chester
South Heights Power Station – Wireton
South Hill Terrace – Brownsville
South Hills High School – Pittsburgh
South Hills Ice Co. – Dormont
South Hills Village – Bethel Park
South Park Home Economics & Administration – Pittsburgh
South Penn Oil Co. Plant No 1 Rouseville
South Philadelphia High School – Philadelphia
South Pittsburgh Water Co. – Pittsburgh
South Pittsburgh Water Works – Pittsburgh
South Ride – Pittsburgh
South Side Elementary School – Shippingport
South Side Hospital – Pittsburgh
South Side Plant – Pittsburgh
South Side Works Station #52-2332 Pittsburgh
South Wilkes Barre Colliery South Wilkes Barre
Southeastern Green School District – Greensboro
Southern Cambria Railway Co. – Southfork
Southern Cambria St. Railway Co. – Johnstown
Southern Cambria Street Railway Co. – Johnstown
Southern Cambria Street Railway Co. South Fork
Southern Kraft Division International Paper Co. – York Haven
Southern Manual Training School – Philadelphia
Southern Natural Gas Co. – Pittsburgh
Southern Nitrogen Co. – Port Wentworth
Southern Traction Co. – Pittsburgh
Southmark Mills Co. – Philadelphia
SouthPennsylvania Railroad
Southside Works – Pittsburgh
Southwark Foundry & Machine Co. – Philadelphia
Southwark Station – Philadelphia
SouthWater Co. – Connellsville
SouthWater Pollution Control Plant Philadelphia
Spang & Co. – Butler
Spang Chalfant & Co. Inc. – Pittsburgh
Spang Chalfant Co. Inc. Sharpsburg
Spang Co. Butler
Spang Co. Pittsburgh
Spang Steel & Iron Co. – Pittsburgh
Spangler High School – Spangler
Spano Painting Company Pittsburg
Spaug Chalfaut & Co. – Etna
Spear Carbon – St. Marys
Spearhead Cabinet Shop – Pittsburgh
Spearman Iron Co. – Sharpsville
Specialty Precision Wire Mt Carmel
Specialty Rings Products Cornwells Hgts
Specialty Steel – Braddock
Spector Freight System – Philadelphia
Spectrum – Philadelphia
Speer Carbon Building St Marys
Speer Carbon Co. Bradford
Speer Carbon Co. Speer Resistor Division Bradford
Speer Carbon Plant, St. Marys
Speer Resistor Division Bradford
Spicer Manufacturing Co. – Pottstown
Spirax-SARCO Inc. – Allentown
Spirit Harley Davidson – Glenshaw
Spreckels Sugar Refining Co. – Philadelphia
Sprenger Brewing Co. – Lancaster
Spring & Forge – Latrobe
Spring Brook Water Supply Co. – Scranton
Spring Forge – Latrobe
Spring Grove Paper Mill – Spring Grove
Spring Mill Manor – Ivyland
Spring Siding
Springdale Elementary School – Springdale
Springdale Power Station – Cheswick Power Station
Springdale Power Station – Penn – Springdale
Springdale Power Station Unit #8 Springdale
Springdale Powerhouse Springdale
Springerie- Harbor Creek Road – Erie
Spring-Ford Area High School – Royersford
Springhill Suites- Marriott Pnc Park – Pittsburgh
Springs Cotton Mills – Lancaster
Springwell Foundry – Chester
SS Bertz Whse – Lancaster
SS Boiler House Station #30 – Pittsburgh
St Clair County Gas & Electric Co. – Philadelphia
St Francis Hospital – Pittsburgh
St Joe Minerals – Josephtown
St Joe Smelting – Monaca
St Joseph Lead Co. – Monaca
St Margaret’s Hospital – Pittsburgh
St. Andrews School – Johnstown
St. Ann Monastery & Basilica, Scranton
St. Ann Src Church – Castle Shannon
St. Annes Home – Lancaster
St. Anselm School – Swissvale
St. Anthonys School Exceptional Children – Oakmont
St. Augustine Church – Lawrenceville
St. Barnabus – Gibsonia
St. Benedict School – Giestown
St. Bernard’s Church – Mt. Lebanon
St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church
St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church – Pittsburgh
St. Camillus – New Castle
St. Charles – Parma, OH
St. Charles Seminary – Overbrook
St. Clair Coal Co. St. Clair
St. Clair Elementary – Pittsburgh
St. Clair Power Plant – Pittsburgh
St. Colman Convent – Turtle Creek
St. Corr Inst. At Huntingdon – Huntingdon
St. Corrections Institute at Huntingdon
St. Edmunds School – Shadyside
St. Elizabeth Convent – Cornwell Heights
St. Francis Hospital – Pittsburgh
St. Gabriels School – Whitehall
St. George Church Aliquippa
St. Germaine School – Bethel Park
St. Hubert’s Convent – Philadelphia
St. James Activity Building – Pittsburgh
St. James Episcopal Church – Lancaster
St. Joe Lead Co. Freedom
St. Joe Lead Co. Johnstown
St. Joe Lead Co. Monaca
St. Joe Mineral Corp. Monaca
St. Joe Resources Co. – Josephtown
St. Joe Smelting Monaca
St. Joe Zinc Corp. Of America Monaca
St. John Lutheran Church – McKeesport
St. Johns Church – Delmont
St. Johns General Hospital – Pittsburgh
St. Johns School – Baden
St. Joseph Hospital Lancaster
St. Joseph Lead Co. 71 Monaca
St. Joseph Lead Co. Josephtown
St. Joseph Lead Co. Monaca
St. Joseph Minerals Zinc Smelter – Monaca
St. Joseph’s Academy – Greensburg
St. Josephs Church – Clairton
St. Josephs Dorseyville
St. Joseph’s Hospital – Reading
St. Josephs New Castle
St. Louis Die Casting Corp. Ripley
St. Louis Plate Glass Co. – Pittsburgh
St. Luke’s Hospital – Bethlehem
St. Margaret Hospital – Pittsburgh
St. Mark’s School – Altoona
St. Marys Church – Altoona
St. Marys Church – Charleroi
St. Marys Elementary School – McKeesport
St. Mary’s Laundry – Ardmore
St. Nicholas Building – Pittsburgh
St. Patricks Church – Canonsburg
St. Paul’s Church – Philadelphia
St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum – Idlewood
St. Pius Elementary School – McKeesport
St. Pius X Seminary – Dalton
St. Raphaels Church – McKeesport
St. Regis – Champion – International Paper – Paper Mill
St. Regis Paper – York
St. VIncent School & Rectory – Plymouth
St. Wendelins High School – Butler
Stackpole Carbon – Saint Marys
Stackpole Carbon Plant – Kone
Staggerson Dam Stevenson Dam – Cameron County
Stagmaier Brewing Co. – Wilkes Barre
Staley Starch – Philadelphia
Staley Syrups – Morrisville
Stanbridge Apartments – Lansdale
Standard Box Pittsburgh
Standard Chair Co. – Union City
Standard Floor Co. – Pittsburgh
Standard Ice Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Standard Life Insurance Building – Pittsburgh
Standard Oil Co. Atlantic Refinery Philadelphia
Standard Oil Co. Philadelphia
Standard Oil Co. Steelton
Standard Oil Tank – Philadelphia
Standard Plant – Ellwood City
Standard Plastics – Fogelsville
Standard Press Steel Co. – Jenkinstown
Standard Register Co. – Bedford
Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co. – New Brighton
Standard Scale & Supply Co. – Beaver Falls
Standard Seamless Tube Co. – Economy
Standard Steel – Lewistown
Standard Steel Car Co. – Butler
Standard Steel Car Co. Pittsburgh
Standard Steel Car Co. Renfrew
Standard Steel Division, Burnham
Standard Steel Lewiston
Standard Steel Specialty Beaver Falls
Standard Steel Spring – Coraopolis
Standard Steel Works Co. – Philadelphia
Standard Steel Works Division Burnham
Standard Tin Plate Co. – Canonsburg
Standard Underground Cable Co. – Pittsburgh
Stanley Electric Altoona
Stanley G Flagg & Co. – Pottstown
Stanley Spring Works Inc. Harrisburg
Stanton Colliery – Ashley
Stanwix Heating Plant – Pittsburgh
Stanwix Plant Pittsburgh
Stanzel Alfred Cryodon
Star Fire Brick Co. – Pittsburgh
Starr Stores Warehouse – Philadelphia
State Capital Building – Harrisburg
State Childrens Home – Ebensburg
State College – Altoona
State College Presbyterian Church – State College
State Correctional Institute – Camp Hill
State Correctional Institute – Frackville
State Correctional Institute – Houtzdale
State Correctional Institution – Camp Hill
State Employment Office – Altoona
State Hospital – Somerset
State Hospital for The Insane – Norristown
State Institution – Polk
State Line Painting – New Bedford
State Liquor – Youngwood
State Office Building
State Office Building, Commonwealth Ave. & Foster St. – Harrisburg
State Police Barracks – Punxsutawney
State Police Office- Capitol Building – Harrisburg
State School – Ebenburg
State Teachers College – Clarion
Station “B” Works – Philadelphia
Station J – Tacony
Stauffer C Dan Ingomar
Stauffer Chemical Co. – Maple Glen
Stauffer Chemical Co. Inc. – Frye Station
Stauffer Chemical Co. Marcus Hook
Stauffer Chemical Co. Morrisville
Stauffer Chemical Plant Monongahela
Stawbridge & Clothier – Philadelphia
Steam Generator Sales Service – Coatesville
Steel Car Forge Co – Ellwood City
Steel Car Forge Co. – Butler
Steel Car Forge Co. Ellwood City
Steel City Lumber Co. – Ambridge
Steel Mill – Allaquepa
Steel Mill – Clearfield
Steel Works Duquesne Works Duquesne
Steele Elementary School – Philadelphia
Steelite Corp. – Wheatland
Steelton & Highspire Railroad Co. – Bethlehem
Stefanak Co. Farrell
Stegmaier Brewing Co. Wilkes Barre
Stemerich Garage – Slippery Rock
Stephen Girard Building – Philadelphia
Sterling Land Co. Pittsburgh
Sterling Metal Philadelphia
Sterling Silk Glove Co. – Bangor
Stern & Silverman – Philadelphia
Stern Jacob & Sons Jenkintown
Sterrick Creek Coal Co. – Scranton
Stevenson Dam – Cameron County
Stevenson Motors – Greenville
Stevenson Terrace Apartments – Philadelphia
Stick Trailers – Fairless Hills
Stick Trailers
Stilltronics – Oakmont
Stirling Sintering Co. South Heights
Stone & Webster Engineering – Wiliamsport
Stone Canyon Consolidated Coal Co. – Wilkes Barre
Stone Container Corp. Philadelphia
Stone Container Corp. St. Regis Paper York
Stone Quarry – Greenville
Stone Webster Engineering Corp. Williamsport
Stoner-Mudge – Rochester
Stores Department – Beaver Falls
Stores Department Beaver Falls
Stouffers Plant King of Prussia
Strand Township – Stroudsburg
Strand Township Monroe Co. Stroudsburg
Stratton Motor Co. – Clearfield
Straub Brewing – Pittsburgh
Straub Brewing Pittsburgh
Strawbridge & Clother Department Store – Germantown
Strawbridge & Clothier – Philadelphia
Strick Trailers Fairless Hills
Stricklands Hotel – Mt. Pocono
Stroudsburg State Teachers College Boiler House Stroudsburg
Struthers & Wells – Titusville
Struthers Coal & Coke Co. – New Salem
Struthers Scientific Warren
Struthers Station – Warren
Struthers Wells Corp. Warren
Suburban Hospital – Monroeville
Suburban Plant – Scranton
Suburban Propane – Lancaster
Suburban Rapid Trans. Lt Railway Co. – Pittsburgh
Suburban Rapid Transit Street Railway Co. – Pittsburgh
Suburban Water Co. – Hulton
Sugar Apparatus Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia
Sugar Refining & Molasses Co. Philadelphia
Sui Gas Purification Plant Karachi
Sui Gas Purification Plant Sui
Sullifoam Willow Grove
Sullivan Products Willow Grove
Sulzberger Junior High – Philadelphia
Summerdale Dye & Fin Inc – Philadelphia
Summerdale Dye & Finishing Inc. – Philadelphia
Summerdale Dye Fin Inc. Philadelphia
Summit Branch Mining Co. – Williamstown
Summit Branch Railroad Co. – Wilkes Barre
Summit Park Apartments – Philadelphia
Sun Co. Inc. – Oregon
Sun Co. Inc. Philadelphia
Sun Co. Inc. Refinery Marcus Hook
Sun Company, Inc. Refinery – Maple Glen
Sun Gas Station – Bellefonte
Sun Oil – Chester
Sun Oil – Sunoco Refinery – Lester
Sun Oil Co. – Maple Glen
Sun Oil Co. 17- 13 Ammonia Plant Warehouse Marcus Hook
Sun Oil Co. Chester
Sun Oil Co. Flare Tower Marcus Hook
Sun Oil Co. Marcus Hook Refinery Marcus Hook
Sun Oil Co. Oaks
Sun Oil Co. of Pennsylvania
Sun Oil Co. Philadelphia
Sun Oil Co. Toledo
Sun Oil Co. Twin Oaks Warehouse #3 Twin Oaks
Sun Oil Co. Twin Oaks Warehouse Twin Oaks
Sun Oil Co. Warehouse Twin Oaks
Sun Oil Plant – Maple Glen
Sun Oil Storage Tank Marcus Hook
Sun Oil-Sunoco Refinery
Sun Petroleum Co. – Maple Glen
Sun Refining & Marketing Co. – Philadelphia
Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. – Chester
Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. Pennship Chester
Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. Philadelphia
Sun Shipbuilding Shipyard – Chester
Sun Shipbuilding Shipyard Scott Paper Mill – Delta
Sun Transport Co. – Chester
Sunbeam Corp. Meadville
Sunbeam Equipment Co. – Meadville
Sunbeam Plant – Meadville
Sunbury & Northumberland Electric – Sunbury
Sunbury Converting Works Sunbury
Sunbury High School – Butler
Sunbury Steam Station Shamokin Dam
Sunny Slopes – Phillipsburg
Sunoco – Munhall
Sunoco Chemical Inc. – Philadelphia
Sunoco Frazier Blvd – Homewood
Sunoco Inc Point Breeze – Philadelphia
Sunoco Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh
Sunoco Philadelphia – Philadelphia
Sunoco Refining & Marketing Marcus Hook
Sunoco Rm Point Breeze Philadelphia
Sunoco Station – Beaver
Sunoco Washington Blvd – Washington
Sunship Drydock Co. Chester
Sunship-Pennship Chester
Superintendent U. S. Mint Philadelphia
Superior Boiler Equipment Co. Ardmore
Superior Builders Supply Co. – Baden
Superior Builders Supply Co. Baden
Superior Combustion Industries Emmaus
Superior Draw Aliquippa
Superior Drawn Steel Co. – Monaca
Superior Fireproof Door & Sash – Scranton
Superior Lumber Co. Baden
Superior Steel Corp. – Carnegie
Superior Thread & Yarn Co. – Philadelphia
Superior Zinc Corp. – Bristol
Supervalu – New Stanton
Supplee Memorial Presbyterian Church – Maple Glen
Supradur – Windgap
Surface Chemicals Inc.- Metals Division – Forbes Road
Surface Combustion Scranton
Surpass Leather Co. – Philadelphia
Susquehanna Coal Co. – Nanticoke
Susquehanna Coal Co. Newport Centre #4 Shaft
Susquehanna Coal Co. Stearns
Susquehanna Coal Co. Wilkes Barre
Susquehanna Collieries Co. – Mt. Carmel
Susquehanna Ordnance Works Allentown
Susquehanna Power Station Shawville Station
Susquehanna Silk Mills Huntington
Susquehanna Silk Mills Jersey Shore
Susquehanna Silk Mills Sunbury
Susquehanna Steam Power Station – Berwick
Susquehanna University Womens Mens Dormitories Selinsgrove
Susquehannock High School – Glen Rock
Sustek Paul Co. Inc. Philly
Swan Trucking
Swanee Paper Mill – Ransom
Swanee Potlach Power Station – Ransom
Swank Refractories – Johnstown
Swarthmore College – Swarthmore
Swarthmore Street Railway
Swees Steel Co. Williamsburg
Sweet’s Steel – Wiliamsport
Swift & Co. – Chambersburg
Swindell-Dressler Co. – Pittsburgh
Swing & Bateman – Philadelphia
Swobe & Deane Pontiac Buick – Ambridge
Sykesville Coke Co. Sykesville, Jefferson County
Sylvania Electric Product Co. – York
Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. Emporium
Sylvania Sylvania Electric Co. Warren
Syntex Corp. – Allentown
Synthane Corp. – Oaks
Synthane- Taylor Corp. Taylor Fibre Norristown
Synthane-Taylor Corp.
Syria Mosque – Oakland

Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages 
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

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We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

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