Washington Asbestos Exposure Job Sites

Washington Job Sites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you or someone you know worked at one or more of the Washington job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Washington Job sites could put you at risk for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Washington allows a certain amount of time called a Statute of Limitations to file your Mesothelioma lawsuit. The clock starts on the day a person is diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer.

Don’t lose your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in Washington and were exposed to asbestos you should contact an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to protect your right to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit against negligent asbestos manufacturers.

Provided below is a list of Washington asbestos job sites and companies (listed by state ) whose products and services may have sold asbestos-containing products, manufactured asbestos-containing products, or designed asbestos-containing products that required the use of asbestos.

Quotes From Asbestos Executives About Their Workers

…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)

In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company “a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another corporation’s representative, “Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead?” he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.

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Washington Mesothelioma Asbestos Exposure Information

Washington Asbestos Job Sites
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Washington Mesothelioma Statute of Limitations
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Washington Asbestos Exposure Job Sites 

1st Congregational Church – Everettt
1st Federal Savings & Loan – Bremerton
300 Area Hanford Works – High Temp Sodium Facility – Richland
A. C. Lawrence Leather Co. Calfskin Division Peabody
A. L. Flewelling Spokane
A.C. & S. Incorporated – Renton
A.L. Flewelling – Spokane
Abitibi – Steilacoom
AC & S Inc. Renton
Ace Furnace & Steel Company – Tacoma
Acme Linen Supply – Seattle
Adv Ross- Roy Green – Longview
Aec Handford Works – Richland
Aeows Lock Tackle Des Moines
Afdl 25 – Seattle
Agor Co. – Seattle
Agricultural Science Building – Industrial Park Bldg 5 – Velox
Aircraft Fire Crash Station – Whidbey Island
Aircraft Plywood Corporation – Seattle
Airport, 1203 W. College – Spokane
AJ Zinda Co. – Seattle
Alan Schmidt – Seattle
Alapul 1801 16Th Avenue Southwest Seattle
Alaska Ferry – Seattle
Alaska Freight Lines – Seattle
Alaska Pad – Anchorage
Alaska Pipeline – Seattle
Alaska Steam – Seattle
Alaska Steamship Co. Vanning Station – Seattle
Alaska Steamship Company – Seattle
Alaskan Air Base – Seattle
Alaskan Copper Works Stainless Steel Floats Seattle
Alazon Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Albers Brothers, Milling Company – Seattle
Alcoa – Reynolds Metals – Spokane
Alcoa – Reynolds Metals – Vancouver
Alcoa – Reynolds Metals – Wenatchee
Alcoa Aluminum Vancouver
Alcoa Aluminum Wenatchee
Alcoa Co. Spokane
Alcoa Co. Vancouver
Alcoa Co. Wenatchee
Alki Elementary School – Seattle
Allen Elementary School – Seattle
Allied Chemical – Ancortes
Allied Chemical Plant – Hopewell
Allied Mechanical – Seattle
Allied Signal, Inc. – Hopewell
Aluminum Company of America – Vancouver
Aluminum Corp. of America Malaga
Aluminum Corp. of America Vancouver
Aluminum Corp. of America Wenatchee
Aluminum Pleasure Craft – Seattle
Ameer – Vancouver
American Bear – Seattle
American Glue Co. Peabody
American Legion – Seattle
American Linen Supply Company – Seattle
American Machine & Foundry Company – Pacoima
American Oil Company – Amoco Refinery – Yorktown
American Planter – Seattle
American Potato Company – Moses Lake
American Potato Company – Seattle
American Racer – Seattle
American Smelting & Refining – Tacoma
American Viking – Marysville
Anchor Hydraulic Services Ltd.
Anderson & Middleton Lumber Company – Aberdeen
Andover Park Blood Bank – Tukwila
Annapolis – Tacoma
Aocoo – Seattle
Apl 15 – Everettt
Apple Storage Warehouse – Wenatchee
Arco Oil Refinery – Blaine
Arco Refinery – Cherry Point
Arco Refinery – Ferndale
ARCO Seattle
Arden Dairy – Seattle
Area 11 Elementary School – Auburn
Arl – Seattle
Armour & Company – Spokane
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation – Bellingham
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation – Longview
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation – Richland
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation – Spokane
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation – Tacoma
Artic Sun – Seattle
ASARCO Smelter – Tacoma
Asbestos Spray Reefer – Seattle
Assoc. Asbestos & Cork Co. – Seattle
Assoc. Asbestos & Cork Co. – Spokane
Associated Shipyard – Seattle
Association. Asbestos Cork Co. Seattle
Association. Asbestos Cork Co. Spokane
Astrolabe Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Atheling (USS) – Vancouver
Atlantic Richfield – Cherry Point Refinery – Cherry Point
Atlantic Richfield Co. – Cherry Point Refinery – Ferndale
Atlantic Richfield Company – Bellingham
Atlantic Richfield Company – Richland
Atlas Foundry & Machine Co. – Tacoma
Atlas Foundry & Machine Company – Tacoma
Atlas Foundry Machine Co. Tacoma
Atomic Energy Comm – Washington Headquarters
Atomic Energy Commission – AEC – Hanford
Atomic Energy Commission – Kennewick
Atomic Energy Commission – Richland
Atomic Energy Plant – Pasco
Auburn High School – Auburn
Austin Co. – Orchard Point
Austin Receiving – Auburn
Auto Clave 3 Seattle
Automatic Sprinkler Corporation of America – Piers – Seattle
Automatic Sprinkler Corporation of America – Seattle
Auxiliary Steam Plant – Seattle
Avamere Hlthcre-Highlands Center – Tacoma
AVCO – Everett
B. Schade Brewing Company – Spokane
Babcock & Wilcox Co. Everett
Babcock & Wilcox Co. Seattle
Babcock & Wilcox Co. Wallula
Badoeng Strait – Tacoma
Bagley Elementary School – Seattle
Bairoko – Tacoma
Ballard Electric Company – Ballard
Ballard High School – Seattle
Bangor Polaris Project – Bangor
Bank Box Café – Renton
Barge – #17 – Seattle
Barge – #202 – Seattle
Barge – #560 – Seattle
Barge – Apollo – Seattle
Barge – Fish Processing – Seattle
Barge – Foss – Seattle
Barge – Foss #172 – Tacoma
Barge – Foss III – Seattle
Barge – Foss III – Tacoma
Barge – House – Seattle
Barge – Kodiak – Seattle
Barge – Krystal – Seattle
Barge – Lassen – Seattle
Barge – Reefer – Seattle
Barge – Skilak – Seattle
Barge – Standard Oil – Seattle
Barge – Yd Crane – Seattle
Barge – Yfn – Seattle
Bastogne (USS) – Tacoma
Beall Greenhouse Co. – Vashon
Becco Chemical Division – Vancouver
Bechtel Corporation – Ancortes
Bechtel Corporation – Bellingham
Bechtel Corporation – Centralia
Bechtel Corporation – Ferndale
Bechtel Corporation – Wabash
Becksmith & Kuffel – Seattle
Belknap Glass Company – Seattle
Bell Telephone Co. Seattle
Bellevue Beverage Plant
Bellevue Business Center – Bellevue
Bellevue Junior High School – Bellevue
Bellingham Girls School – Bellingham
Bemis Brother Bag Co. – Vancouver
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks – Puyallup
Berg Apartments – Tacoma
Bermtide – Seattle
Bethany Home – Everettt
Bethlehem Steel Corporation – Seattle
Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding – Seattle
Beverly Investment Company – Beverly
Black Carbon Coal Company – Spokane
Blair Waterway Terminal – Tacoma
Blaw Knox Company – Hanford
Bleach Plant & Digestor – Camas
Block Island – Tacoma
Bloedel Donovan Lumber Company – Bellingham
Boatyard Incorporated – Acoustic Pads – Seattle
Boatyard Incorporated – Seattle
Bob’s Restaurant – Seattle
Boecon Corporation – Longview
Boeing Aircraft – Auburn
Boeing Aircraft – Everettt
Boeing Aircraft – Kent
Boeing Aircraft Building 17- 04 Auburn
Boeing Aircraft Building 40- 82 Everett
Boeing Aircraft Co. Oven Enclosure Seattle
Boeing Building 40-31 – Plaine Field
Boeing Company – Auburn
Boeing Company – Kent
Boeing Company – Renton
Boeing Company – Seattle
Boeing Company Moses Lake
Boeing Company Tacoma
Boeing Marine Systems Shipbuilding & Repair – Seattle
Boeing, Everett – Everettt
Boise Cascade Corp. Attalia
Boise Cascade Corp. Steilacoom
Boise Cascade Corp. Tacoma
Boise Cascade Corp. Vancouver
Boise Cascade Corp. Walla Walla
Boise Cascade Corp. Wallula
Boise Cascade Papers Wallula
Boise Victory – Seattle
Bon Marche Store – Kennewick
Bond Brothers Everett
Bonmarche CO. – Seattle
Boston Consolidated Gas Co. Everett
Boston Elevated Railroad Co. Everett
Boston Gas Co. Everett
Botting Plumbing & Heating – Seattle
Boy’s Locker Room – Silverdale
BP Oil Company – Ferndale
Brand Insulations, Inc. – Bremerton
Brand Insulations, Inc. – Seattle
Bremerton- Charleston Light Fuel Co. Bremerton
Bremerton Electric Company – Bremerton
Bremerton Naval Shipyard – Bremerton
Bremerton Navy Yard – Bremerton
Bremerton, Charleston Light & Fuel Company – Bremerton
Brewster Mutual Growers Assoc. Warehouse – Brewster
Brick Yard – Kennewick
Bridgeport Land Company – Wenatchee
Britton Victory – Seattle
Broadmoor Apartments – Tacoma
Broadway Bowl – Seattle
Broadway Manor – Aberdeen
Broadway Office Building – Bellingham
Bronson Residence – Yakima
Brooks Lumber Bellingham
Brower Co. Bellingham
Brower Co. Brower Pad Seattle
Brower Co. Enumclaw
Brower Co. Seattle
Brower Company – Enumclaw
Brower Company – Seattle
Bucareli Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Buckwell Victory – Seattle
Buffalo Electrochemical Company – Vancouver
Building 26 – Sandpoint
Bumstead & Woolford – Spokane
Bumstead Woolford, Boiler Drums Spokane
Bumstead-Woolford Co. – Hanford
Bunker Hill Mine – Spokane
Bureau of Aircraft Production – Joyce
Bureau of Yards & Docks – Keyport
Bureau of Yards & Docks – Puget Sound
Bureau of Yards & Docks – Seattle
Burien Public Library – Seattle
Burlington Northern – Pasco
Burlington Northern Diesel Facilities – Seattle
Burlington Northern Uptown – Bellingham
Burnett Jewelry Store – Bremerton
Burnett Jewelry Store
Burns & Roe, Inc. – Richland
C & H Sugar Ship – Seattle
C- Z Pulp Mill – Camas
C. F. Brown & Co. – Fidalgo
Cabin Creek Lumber Company – Easton
Cal- Spray Kennewick
California Incorporated – Seattle
California Ink Co. Alaskan Way Co. Seattle
California Packing Corporation – Vancouver
Calorimeter Bldg Lackamas Lake
Calorimeter Building – Lackmas Lake
Cal-Spray – Kennewick
Calumet – Seattle
Cam Industries – Kent
Cam Industries Kent
Camp Ghormley – Naches
Camp Murray Tacoma
Canadian Fisheries Company – Bay City
Canton Victory – Seattle
Cape Experance – Vancouver
Cape Gloucester – Tacoma
Capital Co. – Olympia
Carmick – Seattle
Carnation Co. Moses Lake
Carnation Co. Mount Vernon
Carnation Co. Seattle
Carnation Co. Spokane
Carnation Co. Sunnyside
Carnation Milk Products Company – Chehalis
Carnation Milk Products Company – Seattle
Carpenter Morton. Everett
Carstens Packing Co. – Spokane
Cascade Kraft Corporation – Wallula
Cascade Kraft, Division of Boise Cascade Corp. – Attalia
Cascade Paper Company – Tacoma
Casco Company – Olympia
Casco Olympia
Catawaba Ford – Seattle
Ccc Boring Co. Vancouver
Cedar Hills Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center – Maple Valley
Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Co. Seattle
Celanese Chemical Plant – Narrow
Centennial Mill Company – Seattle
Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue 6-4 – Bremerton
Central Steam Plant – Spokane
Central Washington College of Education – Ellensburg
Central Washington University Steam Plant Ellensburg
Centralia Power Plant – Centralia
Centralia Steam Electric Power Plant – Wabash
Certaineteed Tacoma
Chapin Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Charles H Davis – Seattle
Charles H Davis – Tacoma
Charles R. Mccormick Lumber Co. – Port Ludlow
Chas D West & Co. – Tacoma
Chef-Reddy Food Corporation – Othello
Chelan Courthouse – Wenatchee
Chemco Incorporated – Seattle
Chemical Proof – Seattle
Chemithon Corporation – Seattle
Cherry Lane Reefer – Don La Coursier – Marysville
Chesapeake Corporation Paper Mill – West Point
Chesterfield Power Plant – Chesterfield
Chet’s Wire Rope – Chehalis
Chevrolet – Seattle
Chevron Asphalt Company – Richmond Beach
Chevron Asphalt Company – Seattle
Chevron Chemical – Kennewick
Chevron Oil – Richmond Beach
Chevron Transporter – Seattle
Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific Railroad – Tacoma
Chief Reddy Othello
Chief Tonasket Growers – Tonasket
Childrens Orthopedic Hospital – Seattle
Children’s Orthopedic Hospital – Seattle
Chinook Hotel – Yakima
Chowanoc – Seattle
Church Grape Juice Company – Kennewick
City Light Plant – Seattle
City of Olympia Maintenance Center – Olympia
City Of Seattle – Seattle
City of Seattle Wash Garbage Destructor #2 – Seattle
City of Tacoma Public Building – Tacoma
City Sewage Treatment – Vancouver
Claussen Brewing Co. – Washington
Claussen Brewing Company – Seattle
Clear Lake Lumber Company – Clear Lake
Clearwater Victory – Seattle
Cleveland High School – Seattle
Clough Lumber Company – Seattle
Coast Ice & Cold Storage Company – Everettt
Cochrane Chemical Co. Everrett
Coleman Co. Everett
Coleman Elementary School – Seattle
Colhoun – Seattle
College of Washington – Pullman
Collegiana Dormitory – Seattle
Collier Carbon & Chemical Co. – Ancortes
Columbia & Puget Sound Railway Company – Seattle
Columbia Breweries Inc – Tacoma
Columbia Brewers Industries, Incorporated – Tacoma
Columbia Cement – Bellingham
Columbia Center – Seattle
Columbia Clinic & Health Center – Seattle
Columbia Electric – Spokane
Columbia Kraft Corporation – Attalia
Colville Indian Reservation
Commando – Seattle
Commencement Bay – Tacoma
Commercial Ship Repair – Seattle
Commercial Ship Repair Winslow
Conocophillips Company – Ferndale
Constitution State – Seattle
Consumers Central Heating Co. Tacoma
Consumers Central Heating Company – Tacoma
Container Corporation of America – Seattle
Container Corporation of America – Tacoma
Continental Can Co. – Cardell Growers Seattle
Continental Can Co. – Olympia
Continental Can Co. – Walla Walla
Continental Can Inc. – Seattle
Convalescent Home – Seattle
Cook Street – Spokane
Coos Bay Pulp Corp. – Ancortes
Copalis Lumber Company – Carlisle
Cormorant – Seattle
Corwin Manufacturing Co. Peabody
Coulee Dam – Coulee City
Coulee Dam
Covey Laundry Service – Seattle
Cr Musser – Seattle
Crab Boat #1 – Seattle
Cranes Service, Inc. – Spokane
Crescent Store Spokane
Crim Inc. Acoustic Pads Seattle
Crim Incorporated – Acoustic Pads – Seattle
Crim Incorporated – Seattle
Crown Columbia Pulp & Paper Company – Camas
Crown Hill Elementary School – Seattle
Crown Willamette Paper Company – Camas
Crown Zellerbach #1 Hotwell Camas
Crown Zellerbach Camas
Crown Zellerbach Corporation – Camas
Crown Zellerbach Corporation – Port Angeles
Crown Zellerbach Corporation – Port Townsend
Crown Zellerbach Corporation – Seattle
Crown Zellerbach Corporation – Tacoma
Crown Zellerbach Corporation – Townend
Crown Zellerbach Pulp & Papermill – Port Townsend
Crown Zellerbach Recovery Boiler Camas
D & D Richland Hanford
D A Public Works – #9660/9665/9785/9996 – Ft. Lewis
Dabney Mack – Aberdeen
Daishowa America – Port Angeles
Daishowa America Ft. Amgelis
Daishowa America Port Angeles
David Wolfley Elementary School – Kitsap
Day Elementary School – Seattle
Dd Ulman – Tacoma
De #1048 – Seattle
De #1050 – Seattle
De #1052 – Vessel #1 – Class Destroyer – Seattle
De #1052 – Vessel #2 – Asbestos Spray – Seattle
De #1052 – Vessel #2 – Thermal Decking – Seattle
De #1052 – Vessel #5 – Class Destroyer – Seattle
De #1052 – Vessel #6 – Seattle
De #1052 – Vessel #7 – Class Destroyer – Seattle
De #1054 – Vessel #3 – Asbestos Spray – Seattle
De #1054 – Vessel #3 – Thermal Decking – Seattle
De #1054 – Vessel #5 – Asbestos Spray – Seattle
De #1057 – Thermal Decking – Seattle
De #1062 – Vessel #4 – Asbestos Spray – Seattle
De #1062 – Vessel #4 – Thermal Decking – Seattle
De #1063-70 – Seattle
De #1073 – Seattle
De #1968 – Seattle
De #1969 – Seattle
Dean’s Tavern – Tacoma
Dearborn Park School – Seattle
Defense Plant Corp – Spokane
Defense Plant Corporation – Renton
Defense Plant Corporation – Spokane
Deg #1-3 – Seattle
Denny Renton Clay & Coal Company – Seattle
Denny Renton Clay & Coal Company – Taylor
Dep. of Yards & Docks – Bremerton
Department of Yards & Docks – Bremerton
Des III – Seattle
Diamond Ice & Storage Company – Seattle
Digestor Tank – Lake Sammamish
Doctor Origene’s Residence – Tacoma
Douglas United Nuclear – Industrial Park Building 5 – Velox
Douglas United Nuclear Ind. Park Building 5 Richland
Dow Chemical Co. – Kalma
Downes (USS) – Seattle
Downs Northwest Diebold – Pneumatic Tubes – Seattle
Downtown Bon Marche – Seattle
Doyle Co. Seattle
Dredge – Boston – Seattle
Dulien Steel Products, Incorporated of Washington – Seattle
Dunlap Elementary School – Seattle
Dupont Chemical – Washington Bottom
Dupont Chemical Plant – Parkersburg
Dupont Chemical Plant – Richmond
Dupont Chemical Plant – Waynesboro
Dutch Gap Power Plant – Richmond
Duwamish Shipyard – Seattle
Duwamish Shipyard Corporation – Seattle
E J Bartells Company – Tacoma
E J Bartels Company – Spokane
E. A. Nord Co. Everett
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Hanford
E. I. Dupont De Nemours Powder Co. Dupont
E. I. Dupont De Nemours Powder Co. Tacoma
E. J. Bartells Co. Renton
E. J. Bartells Co. Seattle
E. K. Wood Lumber Co. Anacortes
E. K. Wood Lumber Co. Bellingham
E. K. Wood Lumber Co. Hoquiam
E. K. Wood Lumber Company – Hoquiam
E. T. Dupont Powder Company – Tacoma
E.A. Nord Company – Everettt
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company – Dupont
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company – Hanford
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company – Tacoma
E.J. Bartells Company – Renton
E.J. Bartells Company – Seattle
E.J. Bartells Company – Spokane
E.J. Bartells Company – Tacoma
E.K. Wood Lumber Company – Ancortes
E.K. Wood Lumber Company – Bellingham
E.K. Wood Lumber Company – Hoquiam
E.M. Jorgensen – Seattle
E.T. Sampson & Company – Seattle
Earling Junior – Seattle
East Washington Hospital for the Insane – Olympia
Eastern Cold Storage – Seattle
Eastern Railway & Lumber Company – Centralia
Eastern State Hospital Annex – Medical Lake
Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad
Eastern Washington Hospital for the Insane – Medical Lake
Eastern Washington University, Power Plant Cheney
Eastman Gelatine Corp. Peabody
Ed Martel Welding West Tewksbury
Edison Electric Ill’G Company – Seattle
Edison Electric Illuminating Company – Seattle
Ej Bartells Co. Spokane
Elbour Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Elkstein J. High School – Seattle
Ellensburg Junior High School – Ellensburg
Em Jorgensen Seattle
Emerson Elementary School – Everettt
Emperor (USS) – Vancouver
Endicott – Seattle
Energy Northwest
Eniwetok (USS) – Tacoma
Enumclaw High School – Enumclaw
Essex Glue Gelatine Co. Peabody
Esso Standard Oil Co. Everett
Eugene M Richards – Seattle
Euphoria – Seattle
Eureka Cedar Lumber & Shingle Company – Hoquiam
Everett Flour Mill Company – Everettt
Everett General Hospital – Everettt
Everett Primary Center – General Telephone Co. – Everettt
Everett Pulp & Paper Company – Everettt
Everett Pulp & Paper Company – Lowell
Everett Railway, Light & Water Company – Everettt
Everett Rivay & Electric Company – Everettt
Everett Yacht Club – Everettt
Evergreen Heights Elementary – Auburn
Evergreen State College – Olympia
Evetett Primary Center – Everettt
Export Water Line – Hanford
Exxon Co. Everett
Exxon Co. Seattle
Fairchild Air Force Base – Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base Hospital – Spokane
Family Housing Project – Ft. Lewis
Federal Building Richland
Federal Land Bank – Coulee Dam
Ferry – Catalina – Tacoma
Ferry – Elwah – Seattle
Ferry – Kaleetan – Seattle
Ferry – Kulshan – Seattle
Ferry – Tustumena – Seattle
Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Co. – Seattle
Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Co. – Spokane
Fiberglas Marine – Seattle
Fiberglas Warehouse – Spokane
Fibreboard Products, Inc. – Port Townsend
Fibreboard Products, Incorporated – Sumner
Filmore – Seattle
Financial Center Building – Seattle
Fire Brick Supply Company – Seattle
Firecrest Mental Hospital – Seattle
Firestone Plant – Hopewell
First Congregational Church – Everettt
First Federal Savings & Loan – Bremerton
First National Bank – Seattle
First National Bank Building – Seattle
Fish Barge – Dorotaga – Seattle
Fish Barge – Dorthea – Seattle
Fish Boat – Seattle
Fisher Elementary School – Lynden
Fisher Flouring Mills Inc – Seattle
Fisher Packing Co. – Ancortes
Fishers Siding – Seattle
Fleischmann Co. Sumner
Fleischmann Company – Sumner
Fluor Extraction Plant – Seattle
FMC Corp. Vancouver
Fmc Corporation – Vancouver
Fms 6 – Seattle
Foaming Buoyancy Tanks – Seattle
Foaming Fire Extinguishers – Seattle
Foaming Reefer Boxes – Seattle
Food Facilities Warehouse – Ellensburg
Food Machinery & Chemical Corporation – Vancouver
Ford Center – Seattle
Forest Ridge Academy – Seattle
Fort Amgelis
Fort Casey – Seattle
Fort Fetterman – Seattle
Fort Flagler – Seattle
Fort Lawton Seattle
Fort Lewis – Fort Lewis
Fort Lewis Base – Tacoma
Fort Steilacoom
Fort Vancouver Plywood – Vancouver
Fortaleza Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Foss Maritime Shipyard Seattle
Foss Tug & Launch – Seattle
Frankford – Seattle
Franklin High School – Seattle
Franklin Printing Company – Newport News
Franks – Seattle
Fraser Boiler Company – Seattle
Fraser Boiler Shop 1015 Southwest Spokane
Frederick & Nelson – Seattle
Frederick & Nelson Dept. Store – Bellevue
Frosty Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Fryer Knowles, Inc, A Washington Corp.
Ft. Casey – Seattle
Ft. Flagler – Seattle
Ft. Lewis Laundry – Ft. Lewis
Gambier Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Garfield High School – Seattle
Gas Pumping Station – Whitman County – Rosalla
Gatewood Elementary School – Seattle
Gatzerd Elementary School – Seattle
General Electric – Spokane
General Electric & Texaco – Seattle
General Electric Co. Everett
General Electric Co. Hanford Richland
General Electric Co. Richland
General Electric Co. Spokane
General Electric Co. Texaco
General Electric Company, Turbine – Rosalla
General Electric Plant – Staunton
General Insurance Co. – Seattle
General Metals Inc. Tacoma
General Petroleum Corporation – Ferndale
General Store & Coal – Melmont
General Telephone Building – Everettt
General Telephone Primary Center Everett
George Upton House Museum Peabody
George Vancouver – Vancouver
Georgia Pacific Corporation – Bellingham
Georgia Pacific Corporation – Camas
Georgia Pacific Pulp & Paper – Bellingham
Georgia-Pacific Bellingham
Georgia-Pacific Corp. MIll Boilers Camas
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Paper Co. Olympia
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Tacoma
Germantown – Seattle
Gilbert Islands – Tacoma
Glacier Snow Mountain – Seattle
Glen Merritt Company – Seattle
Gloria of the Seas – Seattle
Gloria of the Seas
GMC Seattle
Gn Team Track – Seattle
Goldendale Aluminum Company – Goldendale
Goldsborough – Seattle
Gonzaga University – Spokane
Gordon Brown – Seattle
Gowman Hotel – Seattle
Grainger Clay Products Yakima
Grand Cooley Dam – Seattle
Granger Clay Products
Gray (USS) – Seattle
Gray Harbor Rwy Light Co. Aberdeen
Grays Harbor Division Cosmopolis
Grays Harbor Mill – Cosmopolis
Grays Harbor Mill – Hoquiam
Grays Harbor Pulp & Paper Company – Hoquiam
Gray’s Harbor Railway & Light Company – Aberdeen
Gray’s Harbor Vocational & Science Building – Aberdeen
Grays Harbor, MIll Cosmopolis
Grays Harbor, MIll Hoquiam
Great Northern Diesel Service – Seattle
Great Northern Railway Company – Seattle
Greeley Victory – Seattle
Green Hills School – Chehalis
Greenwood Sea – First National Bank – Seattle
Gregory Co. – Seattle
Greyhound Bus Terminal – Seattle
Group Health Office & Clinic – Seattle
Grove City Victory – Seattle
Gs Passenger Boat – Seattle
Gsa Building – Seattle
GSA Building 4735 E.Marginal Way South Seattle
Gsa Supply Distribution Facility – Auburn
Guadalcanal – Vancouver
Gudrun Bakke – Seattle
Guided Missile Destroyer – Seattle
Gun Boat – Tacoma
Gunston Hall – Seattle
Guthrie Air Base – Galena
H C Smith Construction – Seattle
H S W Bellefield #2 – Bellevue
Habor Plywood Corporation – Hoquiam
Halcyon Tiger – Seattle
Hamilton Victory – Seattle
Hanford Atmoic Works 100 N Area Hanford
Hanford Atomic Plant – Richland
Hanford Atomic Testing Ground – Richland
Hanford Atomic Works – Hanford
Hanford Engineer Works – Richland
Hanford Engineering Works – Hanford
Hanford Nuclear Facility – Hanford
Hanford Nuclear Reservation – Hanford
Hanford Project Reactor – Pasco
Hanford Reservations Hanford
Hanford Steam Distribution Hanford
Hanford Test Site Richland
Hanford Works 100 – Building #184 Hanford
Hanford Works AEC / Pasco – Richland
Hanford Works Building Richland Hanford
Harbor Plywood Corporation – Aberdeen
Harbor Plywood Corporation – Hoquiam
Harborview Hospital – Seattle
Harding Co. Seattle
Haring II – Seattle
Harrison Memorial Hospital – Bremerton
Harvey Aluminum – Cliffs
Harvey Aluminum – Klickitat County
Haskell & Burns – Oroville
Haskell Power Building – Blaine
Hastings Victory – Seattle
Hawaiian Farmer – Seattle
Hawaiian Ferries – Seattle
Hawaiian Refiner – Seattle
Heidelberg Brewing Company – Tacoma
Henry Foss – Vancouver
Henry Foss Tug – Seattle
Henry Leather Co. Peabody
Henshaw Bulkley & Company – Seattle
Hercules – Seattle
Hi Duty Alloys Corp. Seattle
Hiamonee – Seattle
Hilltop Fire Station – Alderwood Manor
Hobart Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Holiday Inn – Peabody
Holmes Dining Hall – Ellensburg
Holy Family Hospital – Spokane
Home Oil Co. – Seattle
Honeydew Elementary School – Renton
Hooker Chemical – Seattle
Hooker Chemical / Occidental Chemical – Tacoma
Hooker Chemical Corp. Seattle
Hooker Electrochemical Company – Tacoma
Hooker-Occidental Chemical Tacoma
Hoquiam High School – Hoquiam
Hoquiam Plywood Company – Hoquiam
Humble Oil & Refining Co. Everett
Hyak – Seattle
Hydraulic Supply Manufacturing Company – Seattle
Hydrofoil Research Ship – Seattle
IBM Corp. Seattle
IBM Corp. Tacoma
Ice Harbor Dam
Icoa Velox Co.
Ideal Cement Co. River Bouy
Ideal Cement Company – Seattle
ier Piping Sprinkler System Seattle
Ilianna – Seattle
Independent Food Processors – Sunnyside
Independent Insulating, Inc. – Tacoma
Industrial Park Building 5 Velox
Inland Empire Paper Company – Millwood
Inland Empire Paper Company – Spokane
Insulation Contracting West Peabody
Insulation Inc. Seattle
Insulation Incorporated – Spokane
Insulation Services Incorporated – Seattle
Intalco Aluminum Corp. Ferndale
Intalco Aluminum Ferndale
International Crossarms – Bellingham
International Paper Company – Yacolt
International Railway & Power Co. Seattle
Isaacson Steel Division – Seattle
ITT Rainer Pulp Mill – Port Townsend
ITT Rayonier Inc. Grays Harbor Division Hoquiam
ITT Rayonier Port Angeles
ITT Rayonier Pulp & Paper Mill Hoquiam
ITT Rayonier, Inc. Central Engineering Hoquiam
ITT Rayonier, Inc. Port Angeles
Ivy – Seattle
Iwo Jima (USS) – Bremerton
J F Duthie Company – Seattle
J H Mac Garegill – Seattle
J W Nickle – Seattle
J. A. Veness Lumber Co. Winlock
J. C. Penney Building
J. F Duthie Co. Seattle
J. R. Harvey Vancouver
J.A. Veness Lumber Company – Winlock
J.C. Penney Building – Bremerton
J.C. Penney Building, C/O Howard Lease Company – Bremerton
J.F Duthie Company – Seattle
J.R. Harvey – Vancouver
Jackson Hall Medical Center – Tacoma
James River Paper Mill – Camas
James Smyth Plumbing & Heating Company – Spokane
Jarvis Co. Seattle
Jas Smyth Plumbing & Heating Company – Spokane
JC Penney – Bremerton
JC Penney – Washington Mall
Jefferson Golf Club – Seattle
Jensen Air Freight – Seattle
Jensen Air Freight Terminal – Seattle
John F Shea – 16th Avenue Southwest – Seattle
John I Haas Yakima
John Muir Elementary School – Seattle
John N Cobb – Seattle
Johnny Ray Boiler Company – Vancouver
Johnston – Seattle
Joint Base Lewis-McChord Armory
Joint Power Operation – Shelton
Jones Block – Tacoma
Jouett (USS) – Bremerton
Jt Mcintire Mint Farm – Sunnyside
Juneau Fed Bldg. – Alaska Steamship Co. – Seattle
Juneau Fed Building – Seattle
K J Barnett Company – Mercer Island
K. J. Barnett Inc. – Renton
Kadlec Hospital – Richland
Kaiser Alum & Chem Corp. – Tacoma
Kaiser Alum & Chem Corp. – Trentwood
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Mead
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Seattle
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Spokane
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Tacoma
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Trentwood
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Vancouver
Kaiser Aluminum Plants – Mead
Kaiser Aluminum Trentwood Words – Spokane
Kaiser Cement – Seattle
Kaiser Mead – Spokane
Kaiser Shipyard – Vancouver
Kaiser Steel – Vancouver
Kaiser Trentwood – Spokane
Kaiser Vancouver Shipyard – Vancouver
Kalama Chemical, Inc. – Kalma
Kawecki Chemical Company – Wenatchee
Kenai Packers Airedale Labrador Seattle
Kenite Corp. Quincy
Kennecott Cooper Corp. – Seattle
Kent Junior High – Kent
Kentucky Building – Tacoma
Kerley Chemical Company Inc – Spokane
Kestrel – Seattle
Ketchikan Pulp Co. – Seattle
Key Services – Tacoma
Keyport Torpedo Station – Keyport
Khedive (USS) – Vancouver
Kicwit Massart – Olympia
Kimberly-Clark Corporation – Everettt
King County Hospital – Seattle
KIRO Broadcasting House – Seattle
Kirstein Leather Co. Peabody
Kitsap Company Pud #1 – Port Orchard
Kj Barnett Company – Seattle
Klickitat Pine Box Company – Goldendale
Klug & Smith Company – Tacoma
Knox (USS) – Seattle
Kodiak Alaska – Seattle
Koppers Co. Tar Products Division Everett
Kraft Bleach Continuous Digester Camas
Kraft Bleach Plant – Camas
Kraft Pulp Division, St. Regis Paper Company – Tacoma
Kula Gulf – Tacoma
L C Smith Building – Seattle
L G Massart Inc. – Mukilteo
L. C. Smith Building Seattle
L. G. Massart Co. Seattle
L. G. Massart Company – Seattle
Lafayette Elementary School – Seattle
Lahaina Victory – Seattle
Lake Hills Sewage Treatment Plant – Lake Sammamish
Lake Hills Sewage Treatment Plant – Seattle
Lake Union Drydock Company – Seattle
Lake Union Shipyard – Seattle
Lake Washington Shipyard Houghton
Lake Washington Shipyard Kirkland
Lake Washington Shipyard Seattle
Lakeland Village State Hospital – Medical Lake
Lakeside Sand & Gravel – Issaquah
Lamb Western Quincy
Landreth Timber Company – Tonasket
Langley Elementary School – Whidbey Island
Laraby Water Terminal – Tacoma
Larson Air Force Base – Moses Lake
Larson Lumber Company – Bellingham
Las Vegas Victory – Seattle
Latona Elementary School – Seattle
Latter Day Saints Church – Mount Vernon
Laws – Seattle
Learning Resource Center – Wenatchee
Leavenworth Fruit Company – Leavenworth
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Metaline Falls
Lenawee (USS) – Vancouver
Lents, Inc. – Bremerton
Lewiston-Clarkston Improvement Company – Clarkston
Libby, Mcneill & Libby – Walla Walla
Lightship – Columbia – Seattle
Lightship – Umatilla – Seattle
Lincoln Bank – Spokane
Lincoln High School – Seattle
Linde Air Products Company – Spokane
Lindenwood Victory – Seattle
Lingayen (USS) – Tacoma
Lipsee Company – Tacoma
Liquid Air Incorporated – Kent
Liquid Carbonic Corporation – Seattle
Liscomb Bay – Vancouver
Little Booth Dam Lock Ayer
Little Creek Naval Base – Norfolk
Little Falls Fire Clay Company – Bayne
Little Goose Dam & Lock – Ayer
Litwcorp. Everett
Litwin Corporation – Everettt
Lnts P&H, Office Building & Cafeteria – Kent
Lockheed Pier Piping Sprinkler System Seattle
Lockheed Shipbuilding Construction Seattle
Lockwood (USS) – Seattle
Logan (USS) – Vancouver
Lone Star Industries Inc. Seattle
Lone Star State – Seattle
Long Bell Lumber Company – Longview
Long Bell Powerhouse – Longview
Longshaw Co. Seattle
Longview Fibre Co. #15 Recovery Furnace Longview
Longview Fibre Co. #6 Evaporator Longview
Longview Fibre Co. Papermill Longview
Longview Fibre Co. Seattle
Louisville – Bremerton
Lowell Paper Company – Everettt
Lower Columbia Cooperative Association – Grays River
Lower Goose Dam
Lpd #2 – Seattle
Lpd #9-15 Seattle
Lubbock (USS) – Vancouver
Lucky Lady – Seattle
Lucky Lager – Vancouver
Luke School – Seattle
Lunga Point – Vancouver
Lynnwood Sewage Plant – Lynnwood
M & R Mills – Arlington
M&M Plywood Corp. – Longview
Mackall Paine Veneer Company – Vancouver
Madrona Elementary School – Seattle
Magnolia / Mobil Oil – Ferndale
Magoffin (USS) – Vancouver
Maiden Hong Kong – Seattle
Maleakala – Seattle
Manila Bay – Vancouver
Manke Labor Co.
Manley-Moore Lumber Company – Fairfax
Mannette Theatre – Bremerton
Maple Elementary School – Seattle
Marathon (USS) – Vancouver
Marco Polo – Seattle
Marco Shipyard – Seattle
Marine Division Fisher #7 Spur Harbor Seattle
Marine Fluid System
Marine Power & Equipment Co. – Seattle
Market Forge Everett
Marsh Co. Murray – Riverside
Martin- Close- Massart Diesel Muffler Seattle
Martin Marietta Aluminum Goldendale
Martin Marietta Aluminum Inc. – Cliffs
Martinac Shipbuilding Corp – Tacoma
Martinac Shipbuilding Corporation – Tacoma
Martin-Close-Massart – Seattle
Marvin Shields (USS) – Seattle
Matamiska Maid – Seattle
Mayfield Victory – Seattle
Maywood Elementary School – Issaquah
Maywood High School – Issaquah
Maywood Junior High School – Issaquah
Mcarthur-Davidson – Seattle
Mccook – Seattle
Mccracken (USS) – Vancouver
Mcmurray Intermediate School – Vashon Island
Mcnally – Naches
Meany J. High School – Seattle
Medical Dental Building – Everettt
Menard (USS) – Vancouver
Menifee (USS) – Vancouver
Mercer Island – Mercer Island
Mercer J. High School – Seattle
Meridian Elementary – Kent
Meriwether (USS) – Vancouver
Merrimac Chemical Co. Everett
Metro Seattle – Seattle
Metropolitan Investment Company – Seattle
Meyerhouse Timber Co. – Everettt
Midway – Vancouver
Midway Coal Co. North Fort Lewis
Milne Fruit Products Prosser
Mindoro (USS) – Tacoma
Mission Bay – Vancouver
Mm Plywood Corp. Longview
Mobil Chemical Co. Ferndale
Mobil Oil Co. – Cherry Point
Mobil Oil Co. – Refinery Spur – Neptune Beach
Mobil Oil Co. – Tacoma
Mobil Oil Co. Ferndale
Mobil-Magnolia Ferndale
Monsanto Chemical Acid Plant Everett
Monsanto Chemical Co. Everett
Monsanto Chemical Company – Seattle
Monsanto Chemical Merrimac Division Everett
Monsanto Company – Seattle
Montesano Gymnasium – Montesano
Morehaven Sugar Growers Cooperative Everett
Morrill Leather Co. Peabody
Morrison – Seattle
Morrison Mill Company – Ancortes
Morrison Mill Seattle
Mosser Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Mount Lake Laboratory – Seattle
Mount Rainier
Mount St. Vincent’s Home – Seattle
Mount Vernon
Mso Mine Sweepers – Seattle
Msts Contest – Seattle
Mt 12 – Seattle
Mt. Rainier Depot – Tacoma
Mt. View Christian Center – Ridgefield
Mulkelteo Junior High School – Mukilteo
Multi Care Health System – Tacoma
Multi Purpose Hanger, Boeing Field – Seattle
Munda – Vancouver
Mutual Light & Heat Company – Seattle
Mutual Materials Co. – Bellevue
MV Airdale – Seattle
MV Alaska Husky – Seattle
MV Alaska Standard – Seattle
MV Bering Explorer – Seattle
MV Carica – Seattle
MV Chilkat – Seattle
MV Christy – Seattle
MV Davidson – Seattle
MV Epic – Seattle
MV Garcia – Woodinville
MV George B Kelez – Seattle
MV George B Kelez – Woodinville
MV Ironhead – Seattle
MV Ja Ann – Seattle
MV Klikitat – Seattle
MV Malaspina – Seattle
MV Matahuska – Seattle
MV Mcarthur – Seattle
MV New Washington – Seattle
MV Nisqually – Seattle
MV North Pacific – Seattle
MV North Pacific – Tacoma
MV Nunatak – Everettt
MV Onar – Seattle
MV Otter – Seattle
MV Polar Star – Seattle
MV Pribiloff – Seattle
MV Rainier – Seattle
MV Sea Freeze – Seattle
MV Seaview – Seattle
MV Silver Shelton – Seattle
MV Stove Friend – Seattle
MV Taka – Seattle
MV Thompson – Seattle
MV Tillicum – Seattle
MV Tustementa – Seattle
MV Wickersham – Seattle
MV Yakima – Seattle
N Cascade Gateway Cir Sedro- Woolley
N River Senior High Brooklyn Cosmopolis
N. Cascade Gateway Cir. – Sedro-Woolley
N. River Senior High – Brooklyn – Cosmopolis
NASA – Langley Research Center – Hampton
Nassuk Bay – Vancouver
Nathan Eckstein Junior High School – Seattle
National Bank of Commerce – Centralia
National Bank of Commerce – Mercer Island
National Calfskin Co. Peabody
National Coal Tar Co. Everett
National Paper Products Company – Port Townsend
National Pole & Treating Company – Everettt
National Realty Company – Tacoma
Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co. Peabody
Naval Air Station Jet Engine Testing Facility – Norfolk
Naval Gun Factory
Naval Ship Repair Facility – Seattle
Naval Station Everett – Everettt
Naval Supply Center – Bremerton
Naval Supply Depot – Seattle
Naval Supply Depot – Spokane
Naval Supply Depot – Velox
Naval Torpedo Station – Puget Sound
Navy Department Bureau of Yards & Docks – Puget Sound
Nehenta Bay – Vancouver
Nehenta Bay Vancouver
Nereus (USS) – Bremerton
New England Fish Co. Seattle
New England Gas & Coke Co. Everett
New England Retinning, Inc. Everett
New England Structural Co. East Everett
New Providence Hospital – Seattle
Newport News Naval Shipyard – Newport News
Ninivak – Seattle
Nippon Paper Industries Boiler # 9 & 10 Port Angeles
Noaa Davidson – Seattle
Noaa Fairweather – Seattle
Noaa Oceanographer – Seattle
Noaa Surveyor – Seattle
Noise Control of Seattle – Seattle
Noma – Seattle
Norfolk Naval Shipyard – Norfolk
Norkirk Elementary School – Kirkland
Norkirk Elementary School – Seattle
Nornester – Seattle
Norse Home – Seattle
North Central High School – Spokane
North Pacific Paper Corporation – Longview
North Shore Boat Works – Vancouver
North Shore Shopping Center Peabody
North Western Lumber Company – Hoquiam
Northern Life Building – Seattle
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Auburn
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Centralia
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Park Water
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Pasco
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Roslyn
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Seattle
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Stampede
Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Tacoma
Northern Pacific Railway Co. Parkwater
Northern Railway & Improvement Company – Whatcom
Northern States Hospital – Sedro-Woolley
Northwest Agri Products – Moses Lake
Northwest Building Materials Company – Spokane
Northwest Building Matls. Company – Spokane
Northwest Chair Company – Tacoma
Northwest Glass – Seattle
Northwest Hospital – Seattle
Northwest Improvement Co. Roslyn
Northwest Light & Water Company – Yakima
Northwest Natural Gas Company – Lackmas Lake
Northwest Petrochemical – Ancortes
Northwest Steel Company – Seattle
Northwest Stl Rolling Mills – Seattle
Northwestern Gas & Electric Company – Walla Walla
Northwestern Improvement Company – Cle Elum
Northwestern Improvement Company – Melmont
Northwestern Improvement Company – Ravensdale
Northwestern Improvement Company – Ronald
Northwestern Improvement Company – Roslyn
Northwestern Improvement Company – Tacoma
Northwestn Glass – Seattle
O. Cohen Restaurant – Seattle
Occidental Victory – Seattle
Oceanic Tide – Seattle
Ocf Corporation – Tukwila
Oconto (USS) – Vancouver
Office Building 4082 – Plaine Field
Offshore Fisheries Inc.
Oil Barge – Seattle
Oil Drill Ship – Seattle
Okinawa (USS) – Tacoma
Oklahoma – Bremerton
Old Mines Building – Seattle
Old Westbury – Seattle
Oldmines Building – Seattle
Olmsted (USS) – Vancouver
Olympia Brewery – Tacoma
Olympia Brewing Company – Olympia
Olympia Christian School – Olympia
Olympia Oil & Wood – Port of Olympia
Olympia Parking Garages #1 & #2 – Olympia
Olympic Calpet Refining Company – Seattle
Olympic Forest Products Company – Port Angeles
Olympic Hotel – Seattle
Olympic Steamship Co, Inc. – Seattle
Olympic Steamship Company, Inc. – Seattle
Olympic View Middle School – Mukilteo
O’Malley & Tuffey – Seattle
Ommaney Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Onalaska Lumber Company – Onalaska
One Union Center – Seattle
Orchard Point – Puget Sound
Oregon Standard – Seattle
Oregon Washington Depot – Spokane
Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Co. – Argo
Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company – Spokane
Oroville Lumber Co. – Oroville
Orthopedic Hospital – Seattle
Overall Cleaning & Supply Company – Seattle
Overseas Joyce – Kalma
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Renton
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Seattle
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Spokane
Oxford (USS) – Vancouver
Paccar – Bellevue
Paccar Defense Systems Renton
Pacific Beach – Washington
Pacific Bell – Seattle
Pacific Brotherhood Investment Company – Seattle
Pacific Car & Foundry Company – Renton
Pacific Carndy Renton
Pacific Coast Company – Seattle
Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company – Chehalis
Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company – Mount Vernon
Pacific Coast Consolidated Milk Company – Seattle
Pacific County Courthouse – South Bend
Pacific Fisherman – Seattle
Pacific Heating Company – Aberdeen
Pacific Inland Navigation – Vancouver
Pacific Iron & Metal Co. – Seattle
Pacific Lime – Tacoma
Pacific Mist Inc.
Pacific National Bank – Seattle
Pacific Northwest Bell – Seattle
Pacific Northwest Bell – Tacoma
Pacific Power & Light & Water Power Co. Centralia
Pacific Power & Light Co. Hannaford Creek
Pacific Power & Light Company – Yakima
Pacific Power & Light, Centralia Power Plant – Wabash
Pacific Power Light Centralia
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph – Bremerton
Pacificorp – Centralia
Package Boiler – 1015 Southwest Spokane – Seattle
Package Boiler Seattle
Paine Air Force Base – Building 4031 – Everettt
Paine Field, Boeing Building 40-12, 40-11 – Mukilteo
Palau (USS) – Tacoma
Palladium Bowl – Seattle
Paraffine Company – Port Angeles
Park Shore Apartments – Seattle
Parkade Job – Spokane
Parker Lumber & Box Company – Everettt
Pasco Inc.
Paulsen Co. – Spokane
Payne Equipment Co. – Spokane
Peabody Water Works Peabody
Pease & Sons – Hoquiam
Penberty Glass – Seattle
Pendleton Woolen Mills – Washougal
Penn Iron & Steel Company – Edmonds
Penn Salt Company of Washington – Tacoma
Pennsalt Chemicals Corporation – Tacoma
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company – Tacoma
Pennwalt Chemical – Tacoma
Pennwalt Corporation – Tacoma
Peoples Bank of Washington – Seattle
People’s National Bank – Seattle
People’s Store Yakima
Perham Fruit Corp. Grandview
Perham Fruit Corporation – Grandview
Perkins Building – Tacoma
Perter Sandberg – Tacoma
Peshastin Fruit – Seattle
Peshastin Fruit Growers – Peshastin
Petrof Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Petrolite Corp. Everett
Philadelphia Quartz Co. Tacoma
Philadelphia Quartz Company – Tacoma
Phillip Morris – Richmond
Phillip Morris Plant – Hopewell
Phillips 66 – St. Luke’s – Industrial Park Building 5 – Velox
Phillips Pacific Chemical – Kennewick
Pickens (USS) – Vancouver
Pier 66 – Seattle
Pier 66 3rd Floor Seattle
Pier 9 – Seattle
Pierce County Courthouse – Tacoma
Pierce County Hospital – Tacoma
Pike Place Market – Seattle
Pine Bluff Victory – Seattle
Pioneer Chlor Alkali Co. Tacoma
Pioneer Chlor Alkali Company – Tacoma
Pittsburgh & Midway Coal Mining Co. Ft. Lewis
Plainwell Paper – Seattle
Plaza 600 Building – Seattle
PNB Co. – Seattle
Point Cruz – Tacoma
Point Power-Simpson Paper Company – Shelton
Polson Logging Company – Hoquiam
Polymer Science Lab – Seattle
Pondera (USS) – Vancouver
Port Angeles Div – Port Angeles
Port Angeles Division – Port Angeles
Port Angeles Paper Mill – Seattle
Port of Seattle, Pier 20 – Seattle
Port Townsend Paper Company – Port Townsend
Port Washington Power Station
Portable Pads Insulation Service – Seattle
Portage Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – Portsmouth
Potlatch Forests Inc. – Spokane
Potlatch Forests Incorporated – Spokane
Prodica – Kennewick
Professional Building Tacoma
Pronto Foods, Inc. – Moses Lake
Providence Everett Medical Center – Everettt
Providence Heights College – Pine Lake
Providence Hospital – Seattle
Psf Industries – Exhaust Plenums – Seattle
Psf Industries – Seattle
Psf Industries Exhaust Plenums Seattle
Pu South Bridge & Drydock – Seattle
Pugent Sound Engineering – Bremerton
Puget Sound – Tacoma
Puget Sound (USS) – Bremerton
Puget Sound Bridge & Dredge – Harbor Island
Puget Sound Bridge & Dredge Shipyard – Seattle
Puget Sound Bridge & Dry Dock – Seattle
Puget Sound Dry Plant – Seattle
Puget Sound Energy – Renton
Puget Sound Engineering – Apple Warehouse – Wenatchee
Puget Sound International Railway & Power Co. Seattle
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard – Bremerton
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard – Seattle
Puget Sound Navy Yard – Bremerton
Puget Sound Power & Light Co. – Lakeside
Puget Sound Power & Light Co. – Seattle
Puget Sound Pulp & Timber Co. Bellingham
Puget Sound Pulp & Timber Company – Seattle
Puget Sound Refining #3B – Ancortes
Puget Sound Traction Light & Power Company – Bellingham
Puget Sound Traction Light & Power Company – Georgetown
Puget Sound Traction Light & Power Company – Seattle
Puget Sound Tug & Barge – Seattle
Puget Sound Tug Barge Exhaust Pipes #2 #9 Seattle
Puget Sound Tug Barge Mv Trojan Seattle
Puget Sound Works – Ancortes
Pulp & Paperboard Division – Longview
Pump Equipment & Engineering Co. Everett
Pump Equipment & Engineering Co. Peabody
Quality Dry Wall – Seattle
Queen Anne High School – Seattle
Queen’s Victory – Seattle
R. Fiford Res – Bellingham
Rabaul (USS) – Tacoma
Radford Army Ammunion Plant – Radford
Radio Station KIRO – Seattle
Rainer Avenue Pumping Station – Seattle
Rainier Brewery – Seattle
Rainier Club – Seattle
Rainier Heat & Power Company – Seattle
Rainier Paper – Hoquiam
Rainier Pulp & Paper – Shelton
Ralph Co. Inc. – Digestor Tank Insulation Seattle
Ralph Company Inc. – Seattle
Ralph Company Incorporated – Seattle
Ranier Mechanical Constructors – Tacoma
Rath Packing Company – Seattle
Ravenna Elementary School – Seattle
Rawlins (USS) – Vancouver
Rayoner Inc. Port Angeles
Rayonier Inc. Grays Harbor, MIll Hoquiam
Rayonier Inc. Hoquiam
Rayonier Inc. Port Angeles
Rayonier Inc. Seattle
Rayonier Pulp Mill
Raytheon Tewksbury
RCA Assembly Plant – Washington
Redmond Swimming Pool – Kirkland
Refrigerated Transit – Seattle
Refrigerator Engineering Co, – Seattle
Reichhold Chemical Inc. Tacoma
Reichold Chemical – Tacoma
Reidbord Brothers Co. Elkins
Rendova – Tacoma
Renton Washington 500 Deg Test Rig Seattle
Renville (USS) – Vancouver
Rescom Corp. – Seattle
Reynolds Aluminum Co. Longview
Reynolds Metals Company – Longview
Rhone Poulenc Basic Chemicals Inc. – Seattle
Richmond Steel – Richmond
Riverside Hospital – Newport News
Rivkins Jewelers – Seattle
Rivkins Jewelers
Roark (USS) – Seattle
Robert Gray Elementary School – Longview
Rock Island Dam – Wenatchee
Rockbridge (USS) – Vancouver
Rockingham (USS) – Vancouver
Rockwell International – Richland
Rocky Beach Dam – Chelan County – Wenatchee
Rocky Research Dam – Wenatchee
Rogers Co. Walla Walla
Rogers Olympic Corp. Seattle
Roosevelt High School – Seattle
Roosevelt Hotel – Seattle
Roslyn Fuel Co. Roslyn
Roslyn Fuel Company – Roslyn
Ross Co. Seattle
Rowe – Seattle
Rutland (USS) – Vancouver
Rv Thompson – Seattle
S.E. Brown & Company – Seattle
S`Gemts – Seattle
Sacramento (USS) – Bremerton
Sacred Heart Hospital – Spokane
Sacred Heart Medical Center – Spokane
Safeco Insurance Building – Seattle
Safeway – Bellevue Beverage Plant – Seattle
Safeway – Greenwood Avenue – Seattle
Safeway – Queen Avenue & North Crockett Street – Seattle
Safeway – Store #468 – Seattle
Safeway – Wenatchee
Safeway 200 Ferry Street Wenatchee
Safeway Greenwood Avenue Seattle
Safeway Queen Avenue Seattle
Safeway Store #468 Seattle
Saidor Co.- Tacoma
Saint Andrews Bay – Tacoma
Saint Charles Borromeo – Tacoma
Saint Helens Pulp & Paper Company – Seattle
Saint John Hospital – Longview
Saint Joseph’s Bay – Tacoma
Saint Lawrence Victory – Seattle
Saint P. & Tacoma Lumber – Tacoma
Saint P. Tacoma Lumber Tacoma
Saint Peters Methodist Church – Bellevue
Saint Regis Paper Company – Tacoma
Salerno Bay – Tacoma
Saltars Point Elementary School – Steilacoom
Saltery Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Samuel Gompers (USS) – Bremerton
San Alberto Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Sanborn (USS) – Vancouver
Sandoval (USS) – Vancouver
Sandpoint Rehabilitation – Seattle
Sandpoint Rehabilitation Seattle
Sandy Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Santa Eliana – Seattle
Santa Leonor – Seattle
Santa Maria – Seattle
Santa Victoria – Seattle
Sargent Incinerators – Mount Rainier
Satsup Nuclear – Satsup
Satterlee – Seattle
Scott Paper Co. Anacortes
Scott Paper Co. Chester
Scott Paper Co. Everett
Scott Paper Company – Chester
Scott Paper Company – Everettt
Scott Paper Mill – Everettt
Sea Lift – Seattle
Sea Ranger – Seattle
Seaborne Shipyards – Tacoma
Sea-Land Warehouse – Seattle
Sears & Roebuck Seattle
Sears Center – Seattle
Sears Roebuck & Company – Seattle
Sea-Tac Shipyards – Tacoma
Seatlle Tacoma Power Company – Seattle
Seatrain Marine – Seattle
Seattle (USS) – Bremerton
Seattle Boiler Works Co. Seattle
Seattle Box Factory – Seattle
Seattle Brewing & Malting Company – Seattle
Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company – Ballard
Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company – Seattle
Seattle Center – Seattle
Seattle City Light – Seattle
Seattle Colosseum – Seattle
Seattle Electric Company – Georgetown
Seattle Electric Company – Seattle
Seattle First National Bank – Bellevue
Seattle First National Bank Building – Seattle
Seattle Gas Company – Seattle
Seattle General Hospital – WA
Seattle Linen – Seattle
Seattle Pacific College – Mechanics Room – Seattle
Seattle Preparatory School – Seattle
Seattle School District – Seattle
Seattle Shipyard – Seattle
Seattle Steam Corporation – Seattle
Seattle Steel Co. – Seattle
Seattle Supply Seattle
Seattle Tacoma Airport – Seattle
Seattle Tacoma Power Company – Seattle
Seattle Tacoma Shipbuilding – Seattle
Seattle Tennis Club – Seattle
Seattle Terminal Company – Seattle
Seattle Trust – Seattle
Seattle Trust – Tumwater
Seattle University, Student Union – Seattle
Seattle shington Center
Seattle-Tacoma Power Co. Seattle
Seattle-Tacoma Satellite Transit System – Seattle
Seattle-Tacoma Ship – Sea-Tac – WA
Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Co. – Tacoma
Second Bank of Commerce – Seattle
Securities Building – 3rd & Stewart Streets – Seattle
Securities Building – Seattle
Securities Building Toilet Rooms Seattle
Self-Parking Facility – Seattle
Self-Parking Facility – 520 University Street – Seattle
Seward Elementary School – Seattle
Seward Elementary School
Shahmoon Industries Inc. Everett
Shannon Oil Burner Service Everett
Shell Chemical Co. Asphalt Cargo Line Seattle
Shell Co. of California Richmond Beach
Shell Co. of California Seattle
Shell Co. of California Spokane
Shell Company Of California – Richmond Beach
Shell Company of California – Seattle
Shell Company of California – Spokane
Shell Oil Asphalt Cargo Line Seattle
Shell Oil Asphalt Tank #5 Seattle
Shell Oil Co. Anacortes
Shell Oil Co. Edmonds
Shell Oil Co. Harbor Island
Shell Oil Co. Hidalgo
Shell Oil Co. Seattle
Shell Oil Co.y – Fidalgo
Shell Oil Hot Oil Piping Seattle
Shell Oil Propylene Alkylation Anacortes
Shell Oil Tank #5 Seattle
Shell Steam – Seattle
Shelton Mill – Shelton
Shepherd Fruit Products Company – Wenatchee
Sherwood Inn Tacoma
Shore Line Junior High School – Seattle
Shoreline Community College – Nurses Education Bldg. – Seattle
Siboney – Tacoma
Sicily – Tacoma
Sick’s Rainier Brewing Company – Seattle
Siems Carey H.S. Kerbaugh Corporation – Port Angeles
Siems Drake Puget Sound – Seattle
Siems, Carey H.S. Kerbaugh Company – Port Angeles
Sierra Pacific Ind. – Aberdeen
Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Pullman
Simon Lake (USS) – Bremerton
Simpson Insulation Board – Shelton
Simpson Lee Paper – Everettt
Simpson Logging Co. Shelton
Simpson Logging Company – Shelton
Simpson Paper Company – Everettt
Simpson Pulp & Paper Mill – Tacoma
Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co. St. Regis Paper Tacoma
Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company – Tacoma
Simpson Timber Company – Shelton
Sims Drake Pugent Sound – Adan
Sisters of Providence – Issaquah
Sisters of Providence Issaquah
Sisters of St. Joseph Hospital – Bellingham
Sitka Pulp Mill Builders – Seattle
Sitkoh Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Skagit County Dairymen’s Association – Mount Vernon
Skookum – Seattle
Skyline Apartment Building – Seattle
Slems Drake Puget Sound – Seattle
Smalley Co. Seattle
Snelson-Anvil, Inc. – Ancortes
Snogualmie Falls Power Company – Tacoma
Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company – Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls Power Company – Benton
Snoqualmie Falls Power Company – Tacoma
Socony Mobil Oil Company – Ferndale
Sodo Co. Seattle
Solomon – Vancouver
Sonoco Products Company – Sumner
Sound Oil Company – Tacoma
Sound Refining Inc – Tacoma
Sound Refining, Incorporated – Tacoma
Soundview Pulp Company – Everettt
South Kitsap Junior High School – Port Orchard
Space Needle – Seattle
Space Needle Restaurant – Seattle
Sparks Ready Pak Inc. – Wenatchee
Spear & Burke Oil Company – Seattle
Spokane Airport – Spokane
Spokane Central Heating Co. – Spokane
Spokane Central Heating Co. Spokane
Spokane Compressor Co. Spokane
Spokane Industrial Park – Building 5 West End – Velox
Spokane Industrial Park Building 5 – Spokane
Spokane Mining Research Center – Spokane
Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway Company – Wishram
Spokane, Portland & Seattle, Railway Co. Wishram
Spokane  & Railway
Spram Tower – Cheminthon – Seattle
Springbrook Elementary School – Kent
SS Afoundria – Seattle
SS Alaska – Seattle
SS Alaska Mail – Seattle
SS Alice Brown – Seattle
SS American Mail – Seattle
SS American Ranger – Seattle
SS American Reliance – Seattle
SS Anchorage – Seattle
SS Andrew Jackson – Seattle
SS Arizona – Seattle
SS Atlantic Engineer – Seattle
SS Barnhart Victory – Seattle
SS Beauregard – Seattle
SS Bennington – Seattle
SS Bland – Seattle
SS Brannon – Seattle
SS Brooklyn – Seattle
SS Bull Run – Seattle
SS California – Seattle
SS Canada Mail – Seattle
SS Cape Cautche – Seattle
SS Cape Saunders – Seattle
SS Ce Dant – Seattle
SS Chevron Leige – Seattle
SS Choctaw – Seattle
SS Columbia Banker – Longview
SS Columbia Banker – Seattle
SS Comayagua – Seattle
SS Cotton States – Seattle
SS Dant – Seattle
SS Eagle Courier – Kalma
SS Eagle Courier – Seattle
SS Elizabeth Port – Seattle
SS Empire State – Seattle
SS Entu – Seattle
SS Erne – Seattle
SS Esparta – Seattle
SS Evans – Seattle
SS Exton – Seattle
SS Fairfield – Seattle
SS Fairland – Seattle
SS Fairport – Seattle
SS Falcon – Seattle
SS Falcon Lady – Seattle
SS Fanwood – Seattle
SS Fentress – Seattle
SS Flying Dragon – Seattle
SS Fortuna – Seattle
SS Gaines Mill – Seattle
SS George Long – Seattle
SS Glory of the Seas – Seattle
SS Gopher State – Seattle
SS Harrison – Seattle
SS Harry Lundenberg – Seattle
SS Hawaii – Seattle
SS Hawaii Standard – Seattle
SS Hawaiian Merchant – Seattle
SS Heredia – Seattle
SS Hilly Brown – Seattle
SS Hong Kong Mail – Seattle
SS Hong Kong Mail – Tacoma
SS Houston – Seattle
SS Hudson – Seattle
SS Hurricane – Seattle
SS Iberville – Seattle
SS Idaho – Seattle
SS Idaho Standard – Seattle
SS Illiana – Seattle
SS Illinois – Everettt
SS Illinois – Seattle
SS Illinois V-28 – Seattle
SS Indian Mail – Seattle
SS Japan Mail – Seattle
SS Jefferson City – Seattle
SS John Weyerhauser – Seattle
SS Junior – Seattle
SS Keystone State – Seattle
SS Kings Point – Seattle
SS Korean Mail – Seattle
SS Limon – Seattle
SS Los Angeles – Seattle
SS Loyola Victory – Seattle
SS Lucretia – Seattle
SS Lyman – Seattle
SS Lynn Victory – Seattle
SS Mate – Seattle
SS Medopan – Seattle
SS Meredith Victory – Seattle
SS Merrill – Seattle
SS Metapan – Seattle
SS Michigan – Seattle
SS Miller Freeman – Seattle
SS Mm Dant – Seattle
SS Mobile – Seattle
SS Monroe – Seattle
SS Moore Mac Glenn – Seattle
SS Morgantown Victory – Seattle
SS Navajo Victory – Seattle
SS Nelson – Seattle
SS New Orleans – Seattle
SS New York – Seattle
SS North Plate Victor – Seattle
SS Norwich Victory – Seattle
SS Ocala Victory – Seattle
SS Oceanic Wave – Seattle
SS Oceanographer – Seattle
SS Oregon Mail – Seattle
SS Parismina – Seattle
SS Pecos – Seattle
SS Perseus – Seattle
SS Petrarca – Seattle
SS Philadelphia – Seattle
SS Philippine Mail – Seattle
SS Phillips Washington – Seattle
SS Pioneer – Seattle
SS Polk – Seattle
SS President Monroe – Seattle
SS President Taft Apl – Seattle
SS Preston – Seattle
SS Producer – Seattle
SS Purdue Victory – Seattle
SS Pyro – Seattle
SS Raphael Semmes – Seattle
SS Rico Monroe – Seattle
SS Rider Victory – Seattle
SS Riley – Seattle
SS Robin Trent – Seattle
SS San Francisco – Seattle
SS San Jose – Seattle
SS San Pedro – Seattle
SS Santa Anita – Seattle
SS Santa Anna – Seattle
SS Santa Aucia – Seattle
SS Santa Malta – Seattle
SS Santa Ynez – Seattle
SS Seatrain Washington – Seattle
SS Seattle – Seattle
SS Sierra – Seattle
SS Silver Falcon – Seattle
SS Simba – Seattle
SS Sioux Falls Victory – Seattle
SS Sixaola – Seattle
SS Sonoma – Seattle
SS Sooner State – Seattle
SS Steel Admiral – Seattle
SS Steel Apprentice – Seattle
SS Steel Architect – Seattle
SS Steel Designer – Seattle
SS Steel Director – Seattle
SS Steel Flyer – Seattle
SS Summitt – Seattle
SS Surveyor – Seattle
SS Tampa – Seattle
SS Texas – Seattle
SS Texas – Vancouver
SS Thomas M – Seattle
SS Thompson – Seattle
SS Thunderhead – Seattle
SS Tivivis – Seattle
SS Tucurinca – Seattle
SS Tuttle – Seattle
SS Ulua – Seattle
SS Van Buren – Seattle
SS Virecht – Seattle
SS Warrior – Seattle
SS Washington – Seattle
SS Washington Mail – Seattle
SS Westness – Seattle
SS Wingless Victory – Bangor
SS Yague – Seattle
St Regis Paper Co. – Klickitat
St Regis Paper Company – Tacoma
St. Andrews Bay (USS) – Tacoma
St. Charles Borromeo – Tacoma
St. Elizabeth Hospital
St. Johns Hospital – Longview
St. Joseph Bay (USS) – Tacoma
St. Josephs Hospital – Tacoma
St. Joseph’s Hospital – Tacoma
St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Company – Tacoma
St. Regis Co. – Olympia
St. Regis Kraft Company – Tacoma
St. Regis Paper Co. Klickitat
St. Regis Paper Company – Tacoma
St. Regis Paper Mill Tacoma
St. VIncent Nursing Home – Seattle
Standard Brands – Sumner
Standard Dairy – Longview
Standard Furniture Company – Seattle
Standard Oil Co. Edmonds
Standard Oil Co. of California Richmond Beach
Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey Everett
Standard Oil Co. Richmond Beach
Standard Oil Company Of California – Richmond Beach
Star Lake Elementary District #210 Federal Way
Starfire Co. – Seattle
State Board of Control – Olympia
State Board of Control – Seattle
State Capitol Building – Olympia
State College of Washington – Pullman
State Farm Service Center – Tukwila
State of Washington – Chehalis
State of Washington – Custodial School – Medical Lake
State of Washington – Lakeland Village – Medical Lake
State of Washington – Sedro-Woolley
State of Washington – Walla Walla
State of Washington, Dept of Public Institutions Walla Walla
State of Washington, Lakeland Village Medical Lake
State Office Building – Bellingham
State Training School – Chehalis
Stavangerfjord – Wallen Nelskog – Edmonds
Steam & Condensate System – Renton
Steam & Condensate System
Steam Boiler Plant, Cwsc – Ellensburg
Steamer Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Stena Britannia – Seattle
Sterett (USS) – Bremerton
Steve Pinto & Sons – Seattle
Stevenson Plywood Co. Inc. – Stevenson
Stewart Middle School – Tacoma
Stoddard – Seattle
Stone Consolidated – Steilacoom
Striker Boat – Seattle
Subaru-Tacoma – Tacoma
Summitt at Snoqualmie-West – Housing West – Snoqualmie Pass
Sunchon 1515 Fairview Avenue East Seattle
Sundfelt Equipment Company – Seattle
Sunset Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Sunset Bowl – Seattle
Superior Service Laundries – Tacoma
Supply Laundry Company – Seattle
Swanson River Field – Seattle
Swedish Hospital Medical Center – Seattle
Sweeney Brewery – Georgetown
Sweetbrier – Seattle
Sweetbrier 1801 16Th Avenue Seattle
Tacoma Asbestos – Tacoma
Tacoma Boatbuilding Company – Tacoma
Tacoma Community College – Tacoma
Tacoma Electro Chemical Company – Tacoma
Tacoma Gas & Fuel Company – Tacoma
Tacoma General Hospital – Tacoma
Tacoma Indian Hospital – Tacoma
Tacoma Labor Center – Tacoma
Tacoma Paperboard – Tacoma
Tacoma Railway & Motor Company – Tacoma
Tacoma Railway & Power Company – Tacoma
Tacoma School District #10 – Tacoma
Tacoma Shipyard – Tacoma
Tacoma Smelting Company – Tacoma
Takanis Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Talbott Shipyard – Bellingham
Tananek Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Tank Insulation – Renton
Tanker – #2A022 Class Jumbo – Seattle
Tecnal Corporation – Ancortes
Ted & Genes Foodliner
Tempest Co. – Seattle
Terminal Ice & Cold Storage – Burlington
Terminal Ice & Cold Storage – Moses Lake
Terminal Ice & Cold Storage – Walla Walla
Texaco Inc. Anacortes
Texaco Inc. Hidalgo
Texaco Oil Blend Room Seattle
Texaco Oil Redmond
Texaco Oil Refinery – Ancortes
Texaco Oil Seattle
Texaco Oil Steam Line Seattle
Texaco Oil Tank Farm Seattle
Texas Company – Ancortes
The Brower Company – Seattle
The City Church – Issaquah
Thomas G Thompson – Seattle
Thompson Seattle
Thro’ Jas Smyth Plumbing Company – Spokane
Tide Bay Steel Company – Tacoma
Tidewater Shaver Asphalt Company – Pasco
Tidewater Terminal Co. – Pasco
Times Investment Company – Seattle
Tinian (USS) – Tacoma
Todd & Lockheed Shipyards
Todd Drydock & Coast Company – Seattle
Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc. – Seattle
Todd Seattle  Seattle
Todd Shipyard Corp. – Seattle
Todd Shipyards Corporation – Tacoma
Tonowek Bay (USS) – Vancouver
Topa Topa – Seattle
Totem Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Trans Alta Centralia Gen LLC – Centralia
Trocadero Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Troy Cascade Laundry Company – Seattle
Troy Laundry – Seattle
Tug – Alaska – Seattle
Tug – Apollo – Seattle
Tug – Captain – Seattle
Tug – Comet – Seattle
Tug – Daring – Seattle
Tug – Guardian – Seattle
Tug – Hulls 182 & 183 – Tacoma
Tug – Intrepid – Seattle
Tug – Mars – Seattle
Tug – Mercury – Seattle
Tug – Mogul – Seattle
Tug – Neoga – Seattle
Tug – Neptune – Seattle
Tug – Northwind – Seattle
Tug – Puit River – Seattle
Tug – Putt River – Seattle
Tug – Samson – Seattle
Tug – San Diegan – Seattle
Tug – Saturn – Seattle
Tug – Sea Flyer – Seattle
Tug – Sea Giant – Seattle
Tug – Sea Lion – Seattle
Tug – Sea Monarch – Seattle
Tug – Sea Racer – Seattle
Tug – Sea Rover – Seattle
Tug – Sea Swift – Seattle
Tug – Sea Witch – Seattle
Tug – Sea Wolf – Seattle
Tug – Shelly Foss – Seattle
Tug – Spartan – Seattle
Tug – Standard – Seattle
Tug – Thor – Seattle
Tug – Tulalip – Seattle
Tug – Vigilant – Seattle
Tug – Zeus – Seattle
Tulagi – Vancouver
Tuna Boat – Hull #197 (Ship) – Tacoma
Tuna Boat #1 – Tacoma
Tuna Boat #10 – Tacoma
Tuna Boat #11 – Hull #194 (Ship) – Tacoma
Tuna Boat #13 – Tacoma
Tuna Boat #2-9 (Ship) – Tacoma
Tuna Clipper #2-8 – Tacoma
U & I Sugar Plant – Toppenish
U & I, Inc. – Moses Lake
U. S. Air Force, McChord AFB – Tacoma
U. S. Atomic Energy Commission Richland
U. S. Bureau of Mines
U. S. Bureau of Mines, Dept. of the Interior – Spokane
U. S. Department of Interiors Seattle
U. S. Gov Dept. of Commerce Science Exhibit
U. S. Gypsum Co. Tacoma
U. S. Indian Irrigation Service
U. S. N. Air Kodiac – Seattle
U. S. Naval Air Station – Whidbey Island
U. S. Navigator – Seattle
U. S. Oil & Refining – Tacoma
U. S. Plywood Co. Seattle
U. S. Post Office – Bothell
U. S. Post Office – Hoquiam
U. S. Post Office #1781 – Seattle
U. S. Post Office Pike Street
U. S. Spruce Production Corp. Vancouver
U.S. Government Dept. of Commerce Science Exhibit – Seattle
U.S. Indian Irrigation Service
U.S. Naval Air Station – Seattle
U.S. Naval Amphibious Base – Little Creek
U.S. Naval Hospital – Portsmouth
U.S. Naval Submarine Base – Trident Drydock – Bremerton
U.S. Naval Supply Depot – Velox
U.S. Navy Ammunition Storage & Transhipment Facilities – Bangor
Uandi Sugar Moses Lake
Umatilla Reff Lightship #93 Seattle
Under Sea Gardens – Seattle
Unicor Inc. – Seattle
Uniflite Incorporated – Seattle
Union Camp Papermill – Franklin
Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.- Spokane
Union Carbide Carbon Corp. Spokane
Union Carbide Corp. – Spokane
Union Iron Works – Spokane
Union Lumber Co. Tacoma
Union Lumber Co. Union Mill
Union Oil Co. Marine Department Seattle
Union Oil Company – Edmonds
Union Oil Company of California – Seattle
Union Pacific Railroad Co. Aroo Yard Seattle
United Airlines – Seattle
United Nuclear – Hanford
United States Army – Ft. Lewis
United States Army Corps of Engineers – Ft. Lewis
United States Department of Interiors – Seattle
United States Gypsum Company – Tacoma
United States Naval Air Station – Seattle
United States Naval Fuel Depot – Puget Sound
United States Naval Fuel Depot Air Station Orchard Point
United States Naval Supply Base – Seattle
United States Naval Torpedo Station – Keyport
United States Naval Yard – Puget Sound
United States Plywood Company – Seattle
United States Spruce Production Corporation – Vancouver
United States Veterans Hospital – Spokane
University of Alaska – Seattle
University Of Virginia – Charlottsville
University of Washington – Seattle
University of Washington Bagley Hall – Seattle
University of Washington Biology – Seattle
University of Washington Engineering Building Seattle
University of Washington Residence Hall V Seattle
University of Washington Theta Chi Dorm Seattle
University Plumbing & Heating – Plaine Field
University Plumbing & Heating, Boeing Site – Auburn
Unloading Dock – Ferndale
UPS Library – Tacoma
Urban Plumbing & Heating – Renton
Urban Plumbing & Heating – Tacoma
USCG – Seattle
USCG Acona – Seattle
USCG Balsam – Seattle
USCG Bitter Sweet – Seattle
USCG Blue Bell – Seattle
USCG Citrus – Seattle
USCG Clover – Seattle
USCG Confidence – Seattle
USCG Cutters – Seattle
USCG Fir – Seattle
USCG Icebreaker Wagb-11 – Seattle
USCG Iris – Seattle
USCG Ironwood – Seattle
USCG Klamath – Seattle
USCG Modoc – Seattle
USCG Monroe – Seattle
USCG Northwind – Seattle
USCG Oceanographer – Seattle
USCG Pathfinder – Seattle
USCG Point Countess – Seattle
USCG Sedge – Seattle
USCG Sorrel – Seattle
USCG Staten Island – Seattle
USCG Storis – Seattle
USCG Sweet Briar – Seattle
USCG Sweet Brick – Seattle
USCG Tupelo – Seattle
USCG Wachussetts – Seattle
USCG Whitebush – Newport
USCG Whitebush – Seattle
USCG Winona – Seattle
USCG Work Boat – Seattle
USCG Yacoma – Seattle
USN Air Kodiac – Seattle
USNS Arnold – Seattle
USNS Asterion – Seattle
USNS Fentress – Seattle
USNS Furman – Seattle
USNS Millicoma – Seattle
USNS Persius – Seattle
USNS Schuylkill – Seattle
USNS Suamico – Seattle
USS Brannon – Seattle
USS Bridgett – Seattle
USS Chandler – Seattle
USS Comstock – Seattle
USS Confidence – Seattle
USS Delta – Seattle
USS Evans – Seattle
USS Fort Marion – Seattle
USS Galveston – Seattle
USS Holister – Seattle
USS Ix-308 – Seattle
USS Mauna Kea – Seattle
USS Navasota Class 22 Ao Tanker – Seattle
USS Northwind – Seattle
USS Pyro – Seattle
USS Ranger – Seattle
USS Ruff – Seattle
USS Saidor Tacoma
USS St. Lo – Vancouver
USS Surveyor – Seattle
USS Trathen – Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (Ship) – Bremerton
USS Woodpecker – Seattle
Utah Idaho Sugar Company – Sunnyside
Utah Idaho Sugar Company – Toppenish
Utah Idaho Sugar Company – Yakima
Utah-Idaho Sugar Company – Moses Lake
V. S. Jenkins Company – Seattle
Valley General Hospital – Spokane
Valley Inland Pacific Company – Hoquiam
Valley Inland Pacific Company – North Bonneville
Van Hess Lumber Company – Winlock
Vancouver Electric Light & Power Company – Vancouver
Vancouver High School – Vancouver
Vancouver Light & Power Company – Vancouver
Vaneourer Electric Light & Power Co. Vancouver
Vantage Progress – Seattle
Vashon – Seattle
Vella Gulf – Tacoma
Vermila Bay – Tacoma
Vermillion Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Vessel – Traveler – Seattle
Vesta Coal Company – Centerville
Veterans Administration Hospital – Spokane
Veteran’s Affairs Hospital – Ward 7 – Vancouver
Viking Queen – Seattle
Virco – Seattle
Virginia Chemical Plant – Axis
Virginia Electric & Power – Richmond
Virginia Hot Springs, Inc. – Hot Springs
Virginia Power & Light Power Plant – Yorktown
Virginia V Foundation – Seattle
Vocation Science Building Grays Harbor – Aberdeen
Voyage Repair Station – Port Angeles – Port Angeles
W H Peabody – Seattle
W. A. Botting Co. Portland- Seattle
W. R. Orouke – Pullman
WA Public Power Supply System Nuclear Project – Richland
WA Water Power Dam – Spokane
Wacoal Power Plant – Centralia
Wagner Lumber Co. – Twisp
Walashek Industrial & Marine – Seattle
Waldorf-Hoerner – Deaerator & Equalizer – Spokane
Waldorf-Hoerner – Spokane
Walla Walla College – College Place
Walton Lumber Company – Everettt
Wanapum Dam
Warken Little & Lund – Spokane
Warren Little & Lund – Pullman
Wash State School for the Deaf – Vancouver
Wash State University – Pullman
Washington & Idaho Railroad
Washington Agricultural College – Pullman
Washington Athletic Club
Washington Avenue School
Washington Chemical Co. Limited
Washington Church Kerr & Co.
Washington College Power Plant
Washington Correction Center – Shelton
Washington County Lumber & Materials Co.
Washington County Railroad
Washington Custodial School – Medical Lake
Washington Gateway Railroad
Washington Guard Buildings
Washington Health Sciences Building – Seattle
Washington Hospital – Seattle
Washington Hospital for The Insane Medical Lake
Washington Interscholastic Building – Issaquah
Washington Iron Works – Crane Cab – Seattle
Washington Mutual Savings Bank – Seattle
Washington National Guard Buildings
Washington Natural Gas Mercer Office Seattle
Washington Oregon Corporation – Chehalis
Washington Orton Dining Hall – Pullman
Washington Plaza Hotel – Seattle
Washington Portland Cement Company – Baker
Washington Public Power Supply – Energy Northwest
Washington Public Power Support Systems – Hanford
Washington Public Power Support Systems – Richland
Washington Public Service Company – Olympia
Washington Pulp & Paper – Port Angeles
Washington Pulp & Paper Company – Port Angeles
Washington Railroad & Navigation
Washington RR & Navigation Company – Seattle
Washington Savings Bank – Seattle
Washington Soldiers Home – Orting
Washington Standard – Seattle
Washington State Agricultural College – Pullman
Washington State Bank – Bellevue
Washington State Bank Building – Washougal
Washington State Capitol – Olympia
Washington State College Carver Gymnasium Bellingham
Washington State Ferry Terminal – Seattle
Washington State Patrol Supply Building – Olympia
Washington State Penitentiary – Walla Walla
Washington State Reformatory Monroe Boiler Plant Monroe
Washington State Training School – Chehalis
Washington State University, Orton Dining Hall Pullman
Washington Steel Mill Duncan & Miller Glass Plant
Washington Univ. Steam Plant- Zone 1 Bellingham
Washington Veneer Company – Olympia
Washington Water Power Co. Centralia
Washington Water Power Company – Spokane
Washougal Woolen Mills – Washougal
Watts – Seattle
We Stone & Co. – Seattle
Weber Chevrolet Co. Yakima
Weidauer & Lansdown – Everettt
Welch Grape Juice Company – Kennewick
Welles Co. – Seattle
Wells & Wade Fruit Co. – Wenatchee
Wenatchee Daily World – Wenatchee
Wenatchee High School – Wenatchee
Wenatchee Steam Laundry – Wenatchee
Wenatchee-Wenoka – Seattle
West Tacoma – Tacoma
West Tacoma Mill – Steilacoom
West Tacoma Newsprint – Tacoma
West Virginia Pulp & Paper – Covington
Western Pioneer – Seattle
Western Pneumatic Tube Company – Kirkland
Western State Hospital – Ft. Steilacoom
Western Washington Hospital for the Insane – Steilacoom
Western Washington University – Bellingham
Westinghouse – Hanford Nuclear Facility – Hanford
Westvaco Paper Mill – Covington
Weyerhaeuser Co. Anacortez
Weyerhaeuser Co. Cosmopolis
Weyerhaeuser Co. Enumclaw
Weyerhaeuser Co. Everett
Weyerhaeuser Co. Fed Way
Weyerhaeuser Co. Longview
Weyerhaeuser Co. Snoqualmie Falls
Weyerhaeuser Co. Tacoma
Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods Company – Centralia
Weyerhaeuser Lumber Company – Everettt
Weyerhaeuser New Paper Machine Bldg Columbia Jct
Weyerhaeuser Paper Co. Cosmopolis
Weyerhaeuser Paper Co. Everett
Weyerhaeuser Paper Co. Longview
Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill Everett
Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill Longview
Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill Seattle
Weyerhaeuser Technology Center – Federal Way
Weyerhaeuser Technology Seattle
Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Columbia Jct
Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Cosmopolis
Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Everett
Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Longview
Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Tacoma
Weyerhaeuser Timber Pulp Division Everett Mill Everett
Weyerhauser Paper Co. – Longview
Weyerhauser Paper Mill – Everettt
Weyerhauser Paper Mill – Seattle
Weyerhauser Timber Co. – Columbia Junction
Weyerhauser Timber Co. – Cosmopolis
Weyerhauser Timber Co. – Everettt
Whatcom County Railway & Light Company – Bellingham
Whatcom Falls Milling Company – Bellingham
Whatcom Middle School – Bellingham
Wheeler Osgood Company – Seattle
Wheeler Osgood Company – Tacoma
Whidbey Island – Seattle
Whidbey Island Naval Air Station – Whidbey Island
Whipple (USS) – Seattle
White Plains – Vancouver
White River Lumber Company – Yuma Claw
White Swan Lumber Co. – White Swan
Whiteharnz Stewart – Seattle
Whittier Elementary School – Fircrest
Whittier Elementary School – Seattle
Whitworth Elementary School – Seattle
Wilamette Iron & Steel – Seattle
Willamette – Seattle
Willapa Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Willapa Lumber Company – Raymond
William & Mary College – Williamsburg
William Gardner & Company – Tacoma
Wilson (USS)
Wilson Bremerton
Wilson Brothers & Company – Aberdeen
WInchester Washington City Railway Co.
Wind Tunnel B – Seattle
Wing Luke School – Seattle
Winjah Bay (USS) – Tacoma
Winslow Shipyard – Winslow
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. – Port Washington Station
Witco Chemical Co., Inc. – Quincy
Wolfe Elementary School – Kingston
Wood & Iverson Lumber Company – Hobart
Wood Davidson – Seattle
Woodbrook Junior High – Lakewood
Woodway Senior High – Seattle
Woodway Sr High School Seattle
Work Boat – Seattle
World’s Fair, Alaska Exhibit – Seattle
World’s Fair, U.S. Government Science Exhibit – Seattle
Wren Co. Seattle
Wright- Schuchart & Harbor Co. – Seattle
Y.M.C.A. – Seattle
Yacht – Blue Peter – Seattle
Yacht – Borealis – Seattle
Yacht – K Terry – Seattle
Yacht – Kirawan – Seattle
Yacht – Missawait (Ship) – Seattle
Yacht – Seattle
Yacht – Terry K (Ship) – Seattle
Yacht – Widing – Vancouver
Yakima City Creamery – Sunnyside
Yankee Hood – Everettt
YMCA Building – Seattle
YMCA Building – Spokane
Youth Center Diesel Exhaust Seattle

Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years.

Washington Mesothelioma Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages 
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

Call our Mesothelioma Toll Free Helpline at 888.640.0914 and get help today!

24 Hour Live Chat Available. See Chat button on right side of page.

We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

If you have a legal question about a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you don’t have to come into our office. Call us, and you’ll speak directly to a lawyer, and if a lawyer is not available, your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Washington Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s important that you are honest with your Mesothelioma attorney and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure and current medical condition. During this time your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and inform you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Washington Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

The value of your Mesothelioma lawsuit will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers are clearly linked to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. It is a documented fact that many asbestos companies knowingly kept their workers in the dark and misled them about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

24 Hour Call Back Guarantee!

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys

Fill out our free Mesothelioma case evaluation form and an experienced mesothelioma lawyer will call you to immediately start processing your claim at no cost to you.

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