Mesothelioma Death Claims

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A Mesothelioma Death claim is filed on behalf of surviving family members as a result of hazardous exposure to asbestos.

If a family member has died from Mesothelioma or an Asbestos-related disease, we are here to help you file a claim.

If you need help knowing your states Statute of Limitations to file a Mesothelioma lawsuit call us and we will help any questions you have about filing a Mesothelioma death claim.

If a mesothelioma patient dies during the claim process, their case continues, and surviving beneficiaries will receive any compensation from their case.

Mesothelioma cancer has been linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

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Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma cancer cells are in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new fatal Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has a malignant Mesothelioma diagnosis, you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society, with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

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Alabama – 3,137 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Alaska – 77 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Arizona – 3,850 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Arkansas – 1,407 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
California – 21,338 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Colorado – 2,429 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Connecticut – 3,049 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Delaware – 981 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Florida – 14,248 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Georgia – 3,187 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Hawaii – 589 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Idaho – 1,075 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Illinois – 9,720 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Indiana – 4,518 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Iowa – 2,092 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Kansas – 1,654 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Kentucky – 2,376 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Louisiana – 3,886 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Maine – 2,003 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Maryland – 4,298 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Massachusetts – 6,388 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Michigan – 7,878 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Minnesota – 4,852 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Mississippi – 1,866 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Missouri – 3,680 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Montana – 1,135 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Nebraska – 1,312 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Nevada – 1,376 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
New Hampshire – 1,208 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
New Jersey – 9,395 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
New Mexico – 1,119 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
New York – 12,146 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
North Carolina – 5,153 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
North Dakota – 0623 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Ohio – 9,960 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Oklahoma – 1,997 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Oregon – 3,731 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Pennsylvania – 14,216 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Rhode Island – 1,038 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
South Carolina – 2,866 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
South Dakota – 486 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Tennessee – 3,826 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Texas – 11,905 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Utah – 1,289 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Vermont – 470 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Virginia – 6,452 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Washington – 7,244 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
West Virginia – 2,481 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Wisconsin – 5,305 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)
Wyoming – 549 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

Source: EWG 2015 Study

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer, immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer about your available compensation from asbestos trust funds.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. Although there is a tremendous mourning period with the loss of a loved one, it is crucial not to let your Statute of Limitations expire before filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states, the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years. Some states have a 6-year Statute of Limitations.

Mesothelioma Damages

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages   
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship  
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages    
Mental Anguish Damages  
Monetary Compensation Damages   
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages  
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos-related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer, and esophageal cancer cases.

Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Representation Fees

Mesothelioma Lawsuits are costly to bring to trial. If a Mesothelioma lawyer asks you for money to help with expenses for your case, you should run the other way. All Mesothelioma and asbestos-related cases are “contingency-based cases,” meaning no out of pocket expenses to you or your family. Mesothelioma lawyers earn their money by winning your case against asbestos companies. They do not get paid unless you get paid.

When a settlement is reached, your lawyer is paid a percentage of the settlement, which is compensation for their time, travel, and other expenses during your Mesothelioma case. Usually, it ranges from 33-40% of the total compensation amount after deducting the costs. Be sure to discuss the matter of fees and payments that the contingency fees covered with your lawyer, which will save you any problems or questions that might occur later.

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Mesothelioma Lawsuit – Free Consultation

Our Mesothelioma Lawyers offer you a free no-obligation consultation to determine the merits of your case. During this time, the attorney will be able to access your case and determine your chances for filing a successful Mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s crucial that you are honest and that you provide as much information as possible regarding your work history, asbestos exposure, and current medical condition with your Mesothelioma attorney. During this time, your lawyer will explain the legal process to you as it applies to Mesothelioma claims and informs you as to what your expectations should be for a successful outcome.

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements

Your Mesothelioma lawsuit value will depend on how many asbestos-containing products you were exposed to, the number of defendants (asbestos companies) available, your age, earning capacity, and overall health. Mesothelioma cancers have links to asbestos exposure.

There is a long history of asbestos companies lying, deceiving, cheating, and conspiring to conceal the dangers of asbestos exposure from their workers. Many asbestos companies knowingly misled their workers about safety measures that could have prevented them from getting Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. A Mesothelioma diagnosis brings financial stress, loss of income, medical expenses, and treatments that may not be covered by health insurance. Filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit can help with these added expenses.

There are More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

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