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Veterans and Mesothelioma Cancer from Asbestos Exposure

Veterans Mesothelioma Lawyer: Mesothelioma Lawsuits

U. S. Veterans diagnosed with Mesothelioma and other Asbestos-related diseases have the right to sue asbestos companies and manufacturers that provided asbestos-containing products to the U. S. Military. Veterans exposed to asbestos are seven times more likely to die from an Asbestos-related disease than people in the general population.

Mesothelioma has affected Veterans from all branches of service, including 5 million shipyard workers. U. S. Veterans that have a more than 33% chance of developing an asbestos-related disease in their lifetime. Veterans have the right to bring lawsuits against negligent asbestos manufacturers for exposing them to toxic asbestos-containing materials and products.

Most Veterans do not start showing asbestos-related symptoms until 10-50 years after their initial exposure. U. S. Veterans are increasingly receiving Mesothelioma, Asbestos lung cancer, Asbestosis, and other asbestos-related diseases. Each year in the U. S. All branches of the U. S. Military used asbestos during the 20th Century with peak years being 1930-1980 because of its fire-retardant properties. We hope this Veterans Mesothelioma Guide will help you understand Mesothelioma and educate you on medical, legal issues, and new life-extending Mesothelioma treatments.

Malignant Mesothelioma has been linked to workplace asbestos exposure during military service.

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Quick Guide for U.S. Military Veterans Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer often linked to asbestos exposure, which many veterans may have encountered during their military service. If you’re a U.S. military veteran diagnosed with mesothelioma, here’s a quick guide to help you understand the claims process and how to determine a settlement:

  1. Seek Medical Treatment:
    • Prioritize your health. Consult with a mesothelioma specialist to assess your condition and develop a treatment plan.
  2. Asbestos Exposure History:
    • Gather detailed information about your military service, including job assignments, locations, and duties where you may have been exposed to asbestos.
  3. Contact a Mesothelioma Attorney:
    • Consult with an experienced mesothelioma attorney who specializes in veterans’ cases. They can evaluate your situation and guide you through the legal process.
  4. VA Benefits:
    • Explore your eligibility for VA disability compensation and healthcare benefits due to service-related asbestos exposure.
  5. Asbestos Trust Funds:
    • Work with your attorney to identify and file claims with asbestos trust funds established by asbestos manufacturers. These trusts provide compensation to victims.
  6. Social Security Disability:
    • Determine if you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits based on your mesothelioma diagnosis. Consult the Social Security Administration for guidance.
  7. Legal Action:
    • Discuss the option of pursuing a legal lawsuit against companies responsible for your asbestos exposure. Your attorney will guide you through the litigation process.
  8. Settlement Determination:
    • Settlement amounts vary based on factors such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the defendant’s liability. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible settlement.
  9. Document Everything:
    • Maintain thorough records of medical bills, treatment costs, travel expenses, and any other relevant documents. These records will be crucial in determining your settlement.
  10. Support and Resources:
    • Lean on support networks, veterans’ organizations, and mesothelioma advocacy groups for assistance and guidance throughout your journey.

Remember that each mesothelioma case is unique, and your settlement will depend on various factors. Consult with legal and medical professionals to ensure you receive the compensation and support you deserve as a U.S. military veteran facing mesothelioma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Frequently Asked Questions About U.S. Military Veterans and Asbestos Exposure During Service

What is the source of asbestos exposure for U.S. military veterans during their service? Veterans encountered asbestos exposure through various military applications, such as shipbuilding, aircraft maintenance, and barracks construction.

What health risks do veterans face due to asbestos exposure? Veterans exposed to asbestos are at risk of developing serious health conditions like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Can veterans file mesothelioma cancer lawsuits related to asbestos exposure during their service? Yes, veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma may pursue legal action to seek compensation for asbestos-related injuries.

How can mesothelioma lawyers assist veterans in pursuing legal claims? Experienced mesothelioma lawyers specializing in veterans’ cases provide guidance, evidence collection, and legal representation to seek compensation.

Are there financial assistance options available for veterans dealing with asbestos-related illnesses? Veterans may be eligible for various benefits, including VA disability compensation and asbestos trust fund claims, to help with medical expenses and financial burdens.

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The U. S. Armed Forces used asbestos-containing products in ships, aircraft, buildings, military bases, barracks, mess halls, and other military facilities. The Department of Veterans Affairs states that there are over 25 million Americans that have previously served in the U.S. Military.

Thousands of U. S. servicemen and women came into contact with asbestos fibers during their tour of service. Many Veterans diagnosed with Mesothelioma have complained that they did not receive any warning, training, or respiratory protective gear when handling, installing, loading, repairing, or removing asbestos-containing products. Veterans at high-risk for developing Mesothelioma are plumbers, mechanics, insulators, electricians, pipefitters, and boilermakers.

What to Expect from Your Free Mesothelioma Consultation

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • Your first step is to schedule an initial consultation with a mesothelioma lawyer. During this meeting, you’ll discuss your diagnosis, medical history, asbestos exposure, and potential legal options.
  2. Case Evaluation:
    • The attorney will conduct a thorough evaluation of your case, gathering details about your asbestos exposure, the responsible parties, and the strength of your claim.
  3. Legal Strategy:
    • Based on the information gathered, the lawyer will develop a legal strategy tailored to your specific situation. They will explain the process and potential outcomes.
  4. Filing the Claim:
    • Your attorney will file a mesothelioma claim on your behalf, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and submitted within the relevant statutes of limitations.
  5. Asbestos Trust Funds:
    • If applicable, your lawyer will identify and file claims with asbestos trust funds established by asbestos manufacturers. These trusts provide compensation to asbestos victims.
  6. Litigation Preparation:
    • If a lawsuit is necessary, your attorney will prepare your case for trial. This may involve gathering evidence, deposing witnesses, and building a strong legal argument.
  7. Negotiations:
    • Your lawyer will negotiate with defendants, their legal representatives, or insurance companies to reach a fair settlement. They will advocate for your best interests throughout the process.
  8. Trial (if needed):
    • In the event of a trial, your attorney will represent you in court. They will present evidence, call witnesses, and argue your case before a judge and jury.
  9. Settlement:
    • If a favorable settlement is reached, your lawyer will help you understand the terms and ensure the compensation covers medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.
  10. Communication and Updates:
    • Your attorney will keep you informed throughout the process, providing regular updates on the status of your case and any developments.
  11. Support and Guidance:
    • A dedicated mesothelioma lawyer will offer emotional support and guidance, recognizing the challenges you face as a mesothelioma patient.
  12. Contingency Fee:
    • Most mesothelioma lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you receive compensation. This fee structure allows you to pursue legal action without upfront costs.
  13. Resolution and Closure:
    • The goal is to secure a resolution that provides you with the financial support you need and a sense of closure in your mesothelioma journey.

Throughout the process, your dedicated mesothelioma lawyer will prioritize your well-being and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. They understand the complexities of mesothelioma claims and are committed to helping you seek justice and compensation for your asbestos-related illness.

Common Asbestos Products Listed in U.S. Military Veteran Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Asbestos Insulation: Asbestos insulation, prevalent in military installations, caused mesothelioma among veterans. Consult a lawyer to pursue economic damages in mesothelioma lawsuits.

Asbestos Gaskets: Veterans exposed to asbestos in engine and machinery gaskets may seek economic compensation for mesothelioma through legal channels.

Asbestos Brake Pads: Mesothelioma sufferers exposed to asbestos brake pads in military vehicles can explore legal avenues for economic damages.

Asbestos Pipes: Military plumbing systems using asbestos pipes can lead to mesothelioma. Veterans may qualify for economic damages through legal action.

Asbestos Ceiling Tiles: Veterans exposed to asbestos-containing ceiling tiles may file mesothelioma lawsuits to seek economic damages.

Asbestos Cement: Military construction materials included asbestos cement, posing mesothelioma risks. Consult lawyers for potential economic compensation.

Asbestos Flooring: Veterans exposed to asbestos flooring can pursue mesothelioma-related economic damages through legal action.

Asbestos Roofing Materials: Roofing materials containing asbestos could harm veterans. Consider legal action for economic damages if diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Asbestos Textiles: Asbestos textiles used in military uniforms pose mesothelioma risks for veterans. Explore legal avenues for economic compensation.

Asbestos Adhesives: Adhesives containing asbestos exposed veterans. Consult lawyers to understand your options for mesothelioma-related economic damages.

Asbestos Paint: Asbestos-containing paint in military buildings and vehicles may lead to mesothelioma. Seek legal counsel for economic damages.

Asbestos Electrical Components: Veterans exposed to asbestos in electrical components can pursue mesothelioma lawsuits to claim economic damages.

Asbestos Boilers: Asbestos boilers in ships and military facilities endangered veterans. Consider legal action to seek economic compensation for mesothelioma.

Asbestos Fireproofing Materials: Fireproofing materials containing asbestos could harm veterans. Consult lawyers to explore economic damages for mesothelioma.

Asbestos Joint Compound: Joint compound with asbestos was used in military construction. Veterans affected by mesothelioma may seek economic damages through legal means.

Asbestos Valves: Valves containing asbestos exposed veterans to health risks. Legal action may provide economic compensation for mesothelioma.

Asbestos Floor Tiles: Asbestos floor tiles used in military settings may lead to mesothelioma. Veterans can pursue economic damages through legal channels.

Asbestos Insulation Board: Asbestos insulation board was used in military structures. Consult lawyers to understand options for mesothelioma-related economic damages.

Asbestos Steam Pipes: Steam pipes with asbestos posed risks to veterans. Seek legal assistance to pursue economic compensation if diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Asbestos Turbine Components: Turbine components containing asbestos exposed veterans. Explore legal avenues for economic damages related to mesothelioma.

Asbestos Ventilation Systems: Ventilation systems with asbestos jeopardized veterans’ health. Legal action may offer economic compensation for mesothelioma victims.

U. S. Branches of Service and Asbestos Exposure

Air Force Veterans
Army Corps of Engineers
Army Veterans 
Cafeteria Mess Halls
Civilian Contractors
Coast Guard
Korean War Veterans
Legal Rights for Veterans
Merchant Marines
Mesothelioma 24/7 Helpline
Military Bases
Military Vehicles
Military Veterans
National Guard
Navy Veterans
Retired Veterans
U. S. Marine Veterans
VA Recommended Scans
Veterans at Risk
Vietnam War Veterans
Women Veterans
WW 2 Veterans

Military Veterans Asbestos Exposure

Army Airfields: Personnel working on aircraft maintenance, hangar construction, or facilities repair encountered asbestos in insulation and aircraft components.

Army Base Exposure: Personnel stationed at army bases faced asbestos exposure during construction, renovation, or maintenance activities involving asbestos-containing materials.

Army Housing: Residents and maintenance crews in army housing were exposed to asbestos through insulation, roofing, or siding.

Army Installations List: Those involved in construction, maintenance, or repair of army installations encountered asbestos in various building materials.

Army Nurse Corps: Nurses working in older medical facilities encountered asbestos insulation and building materials.

Army Reserves: Reservists performing maintenance or construction duties faced asbestos exposure in older facilities or equipment.

Ammunition Depots: Workers handling equipment or conducting maintenance in ammunition depots encountered asbestos in older storage facilities.

Cafeteria Mess Halls: Personnel involved in mess hall maintenance or renovation were exposed to asbestos in building materials.

Hospital Ships: Crew members and medical staff on hospital ships encountered asbestos in shipbuilding materials.

Military Chaplains: Chaplains stationed in older military facilities or conducting religious services in various locations faced asbestos exposure.

Military Vehicles: Mechanics and maintenance crews working on military vehicles were exposed to asbestos in brake linings, gaskets, and insulation.

Military Nurses: Nurses working in military hospitals encountered asbestos in older medical facilities.

Military Doctors: Physicians working in military medical centers encountered asbestos in older buildings.

Military Medical Centers: Personnel working in maintenance or renovation of medical facilities faced asbestos exposure in building materials.

Radar Stations: Technicians and operators at radar stations encountered asbestos insulation and materials.

Retired Veterans: Veterans who served in the past faced asbestos exposure during their service, potentially leading to health issues later in life.

Sleeping Quarters: Army personnel living in older sleeping quarters were exposed to asbestos insulation, roofing, or siding.

Vehicle Motor Pools: Personnel responsible for vehicle maintenance and repair were exposed to asbestos in brake linings, gaskets, and insulation.

WACS – Women’s Army Corps: Female members of the Women’s Army Corps faced asbestos exposure in various roles, depending on their assignments and locations.

Veterans Asbestos Exposure Facts

  • Mesothelioma primarily occurs in Veterans between the ages of 55-75.
  • The rate of Malignant Mesothelioma is four times higher in men than women.
  • Asbestos was listed as the top contaminant at 32 U.S. Army base closures during the 1990s.
  • Asbestos was used by the U. S. Military in more than 300 different materials and products.
  • There are 21.5 million current living Veterans, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • A recent study showed that as many as 30-40% of Mesothelioma victims is U. S. Veterans.
  • The U.S. Military used thousands of asbestos-containing products in their ships between the 1920-late 1970s.
  • Navy Veterans who served during World War II and the Korean War have the highest incidence of Asbestos-related diseases.
  • 14 in every 1,000 WW II shipyard workers died of an asbestos-related disease compared to 18 in every 1,000 combat-related deaths.
  • Veterans who served between 1940 and 1970 have the highest risk of developing Mesothelioma or asbestos-related cancer.
  • Asbestos was used heavily in the shipbuilding and military ships. Many veterans working in confined quarters have had asbestos exposure.

We Do Not Sue the Military or the U. S. Government

Asbestos-related cancers among Veterans are not the fault of the military or even the government. It is the fault of the asbestos manufacturers and companies. Asbestos companies knew the potential health issues related to asbestos exposure as far back as the 1920s but hid this information from the public, the medical community, and even the U.S. Military. They continued to profit off their deadly asbestos materials.

If you are a Veteran and are suffering from Mesothelioma cancer, you can seek justice from these greedy asbestos manufacturers. It’s not unpatriotic to fight back against the big asbestos companies that have exposed you deadly asbestos products. Veterans injured from asbestos exposure during their service have the right to sue the asbestos companies that produced and sold the asbestos materials and products used by the U. S. Military.

Recent Mesothelioma and Asbestos Veteran Related Verdict and Settlements

  • $1.25 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 76.
  • $2.7 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy sheet metal worker that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 79.
  • $2.4 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Veteran telephone installer and repairman that developed Mesothelioma at age 61.
  • $1.1 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy mechanic and drywall installer that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 71.
  • $4 Million Army Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a U. S. Army Corps of Engineers veteran that developed Mesothelioma at age 76.
  • $6 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Navy fireman and boiler tender that developed Mesothelioma at age 64.
  • $7.2 Million Air Force Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Navy electrical engineer and electronic technician that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 67.
  • $2.4 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Veteran telephone installer and repairman that developed Mesothelioma at age 61.
  • $12.3 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Veteran cement worker that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 57.
  • $32 Million Navy Veteran: For a veteran who worked in fire and boiler rooms of naval ships that he served on.
  • $75 Million Navy Supplier Trust Award: Against a Navy, Supplier Sets Up $75 Million Trust for Veterans with Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Claims: Mesothelioma Damages

If you’ve received a diagnosis of Mesothelioma, it’s crucial to understand that you may be eligible to seek compensation for a wide range of damages. This guide will help you navigate the complex world of Mesothelioma claims, offering insights into the various types of damages you may be entitled to recover. From Mesothelioma-specific damages to economic, medical, and even punitive damages, we’ll break down what each entails, ensuring you have the knowledge you need when considering legal action. Your journey to seeking rightful compensation starts here.

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Punitive Damages
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims


When confronted with the devastating impact of a mesothelioma diagnosis resulting from asbestos exposure, pursuing legal action becomes a crucial step towards securing the compensation you rightly deserve. Our team is here to assist you in initiating a mesothelioma lawsuit with an experienced mesothelioma attorney, ensuring the protection of your rights and the delivery of justice. Discover today which Asbestos Trust Funds you may be eligible for to receive compensation.


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U.S. Military Veterans Quick Guide to Mesothelioma Lawsuits