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Washington Mesothelioma Lawyer FirmsResidents and workers in Washington cities and counties were exposed to toxic asbestos dust and fibers with highest exposure years being between, 1920-1980. Mesothelioma and asbestos-related cancers are typically diagnosed 10-50 years after initial exposure.

Thousands of asbestos-containing products and materials were used throughout the state of Washington in buildings, residential buildings, industrial plants, factories, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, shipyards and manufacturing plants.

Washington workers, construction workers, mechanics, power plant workers, mill workers, steel workers, railroad workers, pipefitters, plumbers, Insulators, electricians, and laborers are at higher risk than the general population for being diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos-related disease in their lifetime.

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Global Asbestos Disaster Study Estimates More than 39,000 USA Deaths Annually from Asbestos-Related Diseases.

Specifically, asbestos contributes to 34,270 lung cancer deaths, 3,161 mesothelioma deaths, 787 ovarian cancer deaths, 443 larynx cancer deaths and 613 chronic asbestosis death.  Source:

Washington Mesothelioma Statistics (Asbestos-Related Deaths)

  • Washington ranks 9th in the U. S. for deaths from malignant Mesothelioma.
  • The mortality rate from Mesothelioma in Washington is 20.1 per million.
  • 1,387 Washington residents died from malignant Mesothelioma.
  • 2,311 asbestos-related deaths were reported in Washington since 1979.
  • King County, WA has more than 595 asbestos-related deaths and more than 345 Mesothelioma Deaths.

*Statistics on Mesothelioma and asbestos related deaths were compiled from CDC (Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics), and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and other cancer reporting sources.

Washington Asbestos Exposure Hot Spots

More than 63,000 tons of asbestos shipments were received in the state of Washington. High asbestos exposure was in King County, Kitsap County, Pierce County, Snomish County and Spokane County.

Asbestos-containing products and materials were used throughout Washington included; asbestos ceiling & floor tiles, asbestos mixed in paints, asbestos mixed in cement, asbestos used in boilers, asbestos used electrical wiring, roofing materials, plumbing pipes & gaskets, attic insulation, heating and air-conditioning products, car and truck brakes, welding equipment, fire retardant clothing & gloves, drywall, fiberboard, wallboard, asbestos tape, vinyl flooring, fireproofing materials, fireplaces, ovens and flooring.

Washington Mesothelioma Information

Washington Asbestos Job Sites
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Washington Mesothelioma Statute of Limitations
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Washington DC Mesothelioma Settlements and Verdicts

Washington Mesothelioma Asbestos Deaths

Washington Asbestos-Related Deaths 1999-2015 9,200
Washington Asbestosis Cancer Deaths 1,262
Washington Mesothelioma Cancer Deaths 1,604
Washington Estimated-Asbestos Cancer Deaths 6,416

Washington Counties with the Most Asbestos Deaths

Adams County, WA – 20 Asbestos-Related Death
Asotin County, WA – 24 Asbestos-Related Death
Benton County, WA – 235 Asbestos-Related Death
Chelan County, WA – 127 Asbestos-Related Death
Clallam County, WA – 129 Asbestos-Related Death
Clark County, WA – 421 Asbestos-Related Death
Cowlitz County, WA – 168 Asbestos-Related Death
Douglas County, WA – 59 Asbestos-Related Death
Franklin County, WA – 61 Asbestos-Related Death
Grant County, WA – 78 Asbestos-Related Death
Grays Harbor County, WA – 91 Asbestos-Related Death
Island County, WA – 103 Asbestos-Related Death
Jefferson County, WA – 74 Asbestos-Related Death
King County, WA – 1,475 Asbestos-Related Death
Kitsap County, WA – 831 Asbestos-Related Death
Kittitas County, WA – 34 Asbestos-Related Death
Klickitat County, WA – 34 Asbestos-Related Death
Lewis County, WA – 90 Asbestos-Related Death
Lincoln County, WA – 12 Asbestos-Related Death
Mason County, WA – 167 Asbestos-Related Death
Okanogan County, WA – 56 Asbestos-Related Death
Pacific County, WA – 34 Asbestos-Related Death
Pend Oreille County, WA – 14 Asbestos-Related Death
Pierce County, WA – 862 Asbestos-Related Death
San Juan County, WA – 17 Asbestos-Related Death
Skagit County, WA – 148 Asbestos-Related Death
Skamania County, WA – 12 Asbestos-Related Death
Snohomish County, WA – 572 Asbestos-Related Death
Spokane Valley County, WA – 481 Asbestos-Related Death
Stevens County, WA -81 Asbestos-Related Death
Thurston County, WA – 194 Asbestos-Related Death
Walla Walla County, WA – 83 Asbestos-Related Death
Whatcom County, WA – 209 Asbestos-Related Death
Whitman County, WA – 49 Asbestos-Related Death
Yakima County, WA – 171 Asbestos-Related Death

Asbestos Cover Up – Quotes From Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

Washington Mesothelioma Statistics (Asbestos-Related Deaths)

  • Washington ranks 8th in the U. S. for deaths from malignant Mesothelioma.
  • The mortality rate from Mesothelioma in Washington is 20.1 per million.
  • 1,387 Washington residents died from malignant Mesothelioma.
  • 2,311 asbestos-related deaths were reported in Washington since 1979.
  • King County, WA has more than 595 asbestos-related deaths and more than 345 Mesothelioma Deaths.

*Statistics on Mesothelioma and asbestos related deaths were compiled from CDC (Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics), and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and other cancer reporting sources.

Mesothelioma Facts and Statistics

  • More than 20 million American workers have been exposed to asbestos.
  • Mesothelioma cases are found in 9 out of every 1 million people.
  • 3,000 new cases of Mesothelioma are diagnosed each year in the U. S.
  • Each year in U. S 10,000 Americans will die from an asbestos related disease.
  • 30% of U. S. Veterans will develop an asbestos-related disease in their life time.
  • 1 in 125 U. S. males who live over the age of 50 will die from an asbestos-related disease.
  • Experts believe 60,000 Malignant Mesothelioma deaths will occur between 2010 and 2030.

Washington Veterans and Asbestos Exposure

Washington Veterans Mesothelioma LawsuitsMilitary Veterans that have a 1 in 3 chance of developing an asbestos related disease in their lifetime. Veterans have the right to bring lawsuits against negligent asbestos companies for exposing them to toxic asbestos-containing products and materials.

There are 21.5 million current living Veterans according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who served between 1940 and 1970 have the greatest risk of developing Mesothelioma or an asbestos-related cancer. Navy Veterans who served during World War II and the Korean War have the highest incidence of Asbestos-related diseases.

The U.S. Military used thousands of asbestos-containing products in their ships between the 1920-late 1970’s. 14 in every 1,000 WW II shipyard workers died of an asbestos-related disease compared to 18 in every 1,000 combat related deaths.

  • Mesothelioma primarily occurs in Veterans between the ages of 55-75.
  • Asbestos was listed as the top contaminant at 32 U.S. Army base closures during the 1990s.
  • A recent study showed that as many as 30-40% of Mesothelioma victims is U. S. Veterans.

Washington Veterans Mesothelioma Claims

Washington Mesothelioma Verdicts and Settlements

A Mesothelioma claim is a lawsuit filed on behalf of a victim or surviving family members because of hazardous exposure to asbestos. Here is a list of some noteworthy Washington Mesothelioma Settlements and Verdicts.

List of Washington Mesothelioma settlements and verdicts listed in asbestos lawsuits, court documents, and news sources.

  • $6.5 Million Mesothelioma settlement to a widow of a nuclear submarine Navy Veterans in Washington.
  • $5.3 Million Mesothelioma settlement to a Washington paper mill electrician diagnosed with mesothelioma.
  • $4.9 Million Mesothelioma award to a Washington paper mill electrician with malignant mesothelioma.
  • $4.2 Million Mesothelioma settlement to a Washington paper mill electrician diagnosed with mesothelioma from asbestos exposure in the workplace.
  • $3.5 Million jury award to an 80-yr-old woman that developed Mesothelioma from secondhand (“take-home”) asbestos exposure in Washington.
  • $2.9 Million Mesothelioma Settlement for an auto mechanic with Mesothelioma in Snohomish County, Washington.
  • 8 Million Mesothelioma Settlement for a cement pipe construction worker in Washington.
  • $3 Million Mesothelioma Award to a Washington X-Ray Tech that developed Mesothelioma.
  • $1.1 Million Mesothelioma Award to a rigger that worked at Washington shipyards and developed Mesothelioma.
  • $1.2 Million Mesothelioma Settlement for a Washington Mobile refinery worker in Washington.
  • $1.3 Million Mesothelioma Settlement for a ship insulator at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

Mesothelioma Verdicts & Settlements Nationwide

  • $10.2 Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Paper Mill worker suffering from pleural Mesothelioma.
  • $8 Million Mesothelioma Award: For a man diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Noneconomic damages and $1.5 Million for Loss of Life.
  • $7.5Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a woman that developed peritoneal Mesothelioma from laundering her husband s work clothes.
  • $5 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Navy Boilerman who developed Mesothelioma during his service.
  • $4.8 Million was awarded to a 65-year-old former plant worker who was exposed to asbestos in the household and at work.
  • $4.6 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a union insulator that developed malignant Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure.
  • $3.2 Million was awarded to a 61-year-old retired maintenance worker.
  • $2.5 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a union pipefitter man who died from malignant Mesothelioma.
  • $2.6 Million Shipyard Worker Mesothelioma Settlement: For the family of a 72-year old shipyard worker with Mesothelioma who suffered secondhand exposure.
  • $2.1 Million was awarded to a 73-year-old Navy veteran and former pipefitter.
  • $1.8Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 68.
  • $1.8 Million was awarded to a 75-year-old Navy veteran and retired warehouse worker.
  • $1.5 Million was awarded to a 60-year-old insulator and plant worker who fell victim to mesothelioma.
  • $1.5 Million was awarded to an 85-year-old former maintenance worker and electrician exposed to asbestos on the job.
  • $1.4 Million was awarded to a 57-year-old furnace operator and plant worker.
  • $1.4 Million was awarded to an 81-year-old former Marine and HVAC affected by mesothelioma.
  • $1.2 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a 76-year-old carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma.
  • $1.1 Million was awarded to a 75-year-old Army veteran and retired Laborer.
  • $1.1 Million was awarded to an 82-year-old Navy veteran and former engineer exposed to asbestos on the job.
  • $1 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy veteran machinist that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 71.

Washington workers, military veterans, and residents have the right to sue asbestos manufacturers and companies that exposed them to Asbestos. There is more than 30 billion in 60+ asbestos trust funds for people diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases.

Malignant Mesothelioma has been linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Trust Funds and Mesothelioma Claims

U. S.  Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts Funds have paid out nearly 21 billion to more than 600,000 asbestos claimants. There are about 60 active Asbestos Trust Funds with an estimated $32 billion in remaining assets.

Asbestos Settlement Trusts were established to help compensate workers and their families for asbestos exposure causing Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. When an Asbestos company establishes a Trust Fund all settlements are managed by trustees that decide the compensation amounts paid to Mesothelioma claimants. U. S. Courts allow Asbestos defendants to file for protection under a legal process known as bankruptcy reorganization. This allows the company to pay claims and stay in business.

Asbestos Trust Fund settlements typically do not come with an admission of guilt by the asbestos company that set up the trust.

If you have a history of asbestos exposure you should be checked each year by a qualified doctor.

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Asbestos Exposure in Washington

Asbestos was used heavily in U. S. building trades between 1930-1980. More than 3,000 commonly used products in Washington contained toxic asbestos fibers and materials.

Washington Workers and Residents that were exposed to asbestos are at higher risk (7 times) than the general population for being diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos-related disease in their lifetime.

It can take 10-50 years after initial asbestos exposure before symptoms of Mesothelioma may appear. People that were exposed to asbestos in Washington decades ago are walking time bombs. There is no clear way of knowing if a person will develop Mesothelioma, but most people diagnosed are around 70 years of age.

If you worked in an industry in Washington that exposed you to deadly asbestos fibers a Mesothelioma lawyer can help you seek compensation for medical expenses resulting from a Mesothelioma cancer diagnosis.

When asbestos is disturbed, broken apart, cut, decayed, or damaged, it releases tiny asbestos microscopic fibrous particles that can cling to the skin, hair and clothing. These asbestos fibers are easily transferred to others where they can accumulate in the lining of lungs that cause Mesothelioma lung cancer.

Asbestos Exposure in Washington Neighborhoods Pre-1980

Abby Buildings Dispensary Buildings Plantation Buildings
Actuary Buildings Distillery Buildings Plaza Buildings
Aerospace Buildings Dormitory Buildings Post Office Buildings
Agricultural Buildings Drive-In Buildings Powerhouse Buildings
Aircraft Buildings Dump Buildings Prison Buildings
Airport Buildings Embassy Buildings Project Buildings
Amphitheater Buildings Facility Buildings Public Buildings
Apartment Buildings Factory Buildings Quarry Buildings
Aqueduct Buildings Farm Buildings Racetrack Buildings
Arena Buildings Field Buildings Ranch Buildings
Armory Buildings Fishery Buildings Rectory Buildings
Arsenal Buildings Fort Buildings Refinery Buildings
Asylum Buildings Gallery Buildings Reformatory Buildings
Auditorium Buildings Garage Buildings Reservoir Buildings
Avenue Buildings Garden Buildings Residence Buildings
Bakery Buildings Golf Course Buildings Resort Buildings
Bank Buildings Government Buildings Restaurant Buildings
Barn Buildings Greenhouse Buildings Rink Buildings
Barrack Buildings Gym Buildings Salon Buildings
Base Buildings Hall Buildings Sanitarium Buildings
Brewery Buildings Hangar Buildings School Buildings
Brick Buildings Home Buildings Seminaries
Buildings Hospital Buildings Shelter Buildings
Cabin Buildings Hotel Buildings Shipyard Buildings
Cafeteria Buildings House Buildings Shop Buildings
Camp Buildings Industrial Buildings Silo Buildings
Canal Buildings Infirmary Buildings Smelter Buildings
Casino Buildings Institute Buildings Stadium Buildings
Cathedral Buildings Jail Buildings Station Buildings
Cement Buildings Laboratory Buildings Store Buildings
Cemetery Buildings Land Buildings Storeroom Buildings
Chapel Buildings Laundry Buildings Street Buildings
Church Buildings Library Buildings Synagogue Buildings
City Buildings Lighthouse Buildings Temple Buildings
Club Buildings Lodge Buildings Terminal Buildings
Coliseum Buildings Manor Buildings Terrace Buildings
College Buildings Manufacturing Buildings Theater Buildings
Concrete Buildings Market Buildings Tower Buildings
Condominium Buildings Medical Buildings Tunnel Buildings
Conservatory Buildings Mine Buildings Underground Buildings
Convent Buildings Monastery Buildings Underpass Buildings
Courthouse Buildings Monument Buildings Unit Buildings
Dairy Buildings Motel Buildings University Buildings
Dam Buildings Observatory Buildings Vineyard Buildings
Dealership Buildings Office Buildings Warehouse Buildings
Department Buildings Park Buildings Yard Buildings
Depot Buildings Pavilion Buildings YMCA Buildings
Opera House Buildings Penitentiary Buildings Zoo Buildings
Parish Buildings Plant Buildings

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Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum). There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

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Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years. Some states have 6 year Statute of Limitations.

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases. Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

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Washington Workplace Asbestos Exposure

111 Building Seattle, Washington
1414 Building Seattle, Washington
A.L. Flewelling Spokane, Washington
Aberdeen Plant Seattle, Washington
Aberdeen Schools Seattle, Washington
Abitibi Steilacoom, Washington
Abitibi, Company Steilacoom, Washington
Ac & S Inc Renton, Washington
Ace Furnace & Steel Company Tacoma, Washington
Acme Linen Supply Seattle, Washington
Acology Oil Seattle, Washington
Aec Company Hanford, Washington
Aec Handford Works Richland, Washington
Afc Richland Aberdeen, Washington
Agricultural Science Building Velox, Washington
Aircraft Fire Crash Station Whidbey Island, Washington
Aircraft Plywood Corporation Seattle, Washington
Aj Zinda Co. Aberdeen, Washington
Akwa Tacoma Shipyard Tacoma, Washington
Alapul Seattle, Washington
Alaska Oil Modules Richland, Washington
Alaska Pipeline Seattle, Washington
Alaska Sheds Tacoma, Washington
Alaska Steam Seattle, Washington
Alaskan Air Base Seattle, Washington
Alaskan Copper Works Seattle, Washington
Albers Brothers, Milling Company Seattle, Washington
Alcoa Aluminum Plant Renton, Washington
Alcoa Aluminum Plant Tacoma, Washington
Alcoa Aluminum Wenatchee, Washington
Alcoa Aluminum-Vancouver Vancouver, Washington
Alcoa Aluminum Wenatchee, Washington
Alcoa Plant Seattle, Washington
Alcoa Spokane, Washington
Alhadeaf Residence Tacoma, Washington
Allied Chemical Anacortes, Washington
Allied Mech Wenatchee, Washington
Aluminum Company Of America (Alcoa) Vancouver, Washington
Ameer Company Vancouver, Washington
American Bridge Seattle, Washington
American Bridge Wenatchee, Washington
American Building Maintenance Seattle, Washington
American Can Company Seattle, Washington
American Lake Hospital Boundary Dam, Washington
American Legion Seattle, Washington
American Linen Supply Company Seattle, Washington
American Planter Seattle, Washington
American Potato Company Seattle, Washington
American Smelting & Refining Tacoma, Washington
Ammonia Tacoma Tacoma, Washington
Anderson Middleton Lumber Company Aberdeen, Washington
Arco Refinery Anacortes, Washington
Arco Refinery Bellingham, Washington
Arco Refinery Everett, Washington
Arco Refinery Ferndale, Washington
Arco Refinery Lakewood, Washington
Arco Refinery Tacoma, Washington
Arco Seattle Cherry Point, Washington
Area 11 Elementary School Auburn, Washington
Armour And Company Spokane, Washington
Armstrong Cont & Supplies Bellingham, Washington
Armstrong Cont & Supplies Seattle, Washington
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation Longview, Washington
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation Richland, Washington
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation Spokane, Washington
Asarco Ferndale, Washington
Asarco Smelter Tacoma, Washington
Assoc. Shipbuilders Seattle, Washington
Associated Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Atlantic Richfield Arco Cherry Point Refinery Tacoma, Washington
Atlantic Richfield Birch Bay, Washington
Atlantic Richfield Co., Blaine, Washington
Atlantic Richfield Company Bellingham, Washington
Atlantic Richfield Company Ferndale, Washington
Atlantic Richfield Company Richland, Washington
Atlantic Richfield Washington
Atlas Foundry & Machine Company Tacoma, Washington
Atlas Foundry Seattle, Washington
Atomic Energy Commission Cherry Point, Washington
Atomic Energy Commission Richland, Washington
Atomic Energy Plant Pasco, Washington
Atomic Energy Richland Ferndale, Washington
Auburn High School Auburn, Washington
Austin Receiving Auburn, Washington
Automatic Sprinkler Corporation Of America Seattle, Washington
Auxilliary Steam Plant Seattle, Washington
Avamere Hlthcre-Highlands Ctr Tacoma, Washington
B Schade Brewing Company Spokane, Washington
Babcock & Wilcox Kennewick, Washington
Babcock & Wilcox Richland, Washington
Babcock & Wilcox Tacoma, Washington
Ballard Hospital Everett, Washington
Ballard Hospital In Seattle Seattle, Washington
Bank Of California Building Seattle, Washington
Bank Of California Longview, Washington
Becco Chemical Div Vancouver, Washington
Bechtel Corp Wallula, Washington
Bechtel Corporation Anacortes, Washington
Bechtel Corporation Ferndale, Washington
Becksmith & Kuffel Seattle, Washington
Belknap Glass Company Seattle, Washington
Bell Telephone Seattle Seattle, Washington
Bellevue Buisness Center Bellevue, Washington
Bellevue Junior High School Bellevue, Washington
Bellevue Public Schools Seattle, Washington
Bellingham Girls School Bellingham, Washington
Berg Apartments Tacoma, Washington
Bethany Home Everett, Washington
Bethlehem School Dist. Bellingham, Washington
Bethlehem Steel Mill Bellevue, Washington
Bethlehem Steel Seattle, Washington
Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding Seattle, Washington
Birch Bay Bellingham, Washington
Black Carbon Coal Company Spokane, Washington
Blair Waterway Terminal Tacoma, Washington
Blaw Knox Company Hanford, Washington
Bleach Plant & Digestor Camas, Washington
Bloedel Donovan Lumber Company Bellingham, Washington
Boatyard Incorporated Seattle, Washington
Boecon Corporation Longview, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant 1 Auburn, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant Seattle, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Bethlehem, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Company Renton, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Corp Seattle, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Kent, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Plant Everett, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Plant Renton, Washington
Boeing Aircraft Plant Seattle, Washington
Boeing Assembly Plant 2 Auburn, Washington
Boeing Company Auburn, Washington
Boeing Company Moses Lake, Washington
Boeing Company Seattle, Washington
Boeing Corp. Everett, Washington
Boeing Developmental Center Seattle, Washington
Boeing Marine Systems Shipbuilding & Repair Seattle, Washington
Boeing Moses Lake, Washington
Boeing Office Building-Tukwila Tacoma, Washington
Boeing Plant #2 Kent, Washington
Boeing Plant 1 Seattle, Washington
Boeing Plant 2 Seattle, Washington
Boeing Plant Everett, Washington
Boeing Plant Fredrickson, Washington
Boeing Plant Guerrett, Washington
Boeing Plant Seattle, Washington
Boeing Plant Tukwila, Washington
Boeing Renton, Washington
Boeing Tacoma Renton, Washington
Boeing, Everett Everett, Washington
Boeing, Inc. Everett, Washington
Boise Cascade Corp Attalia Washinton
Boise Cascade Corp Tacoma, Washington
Boise Cascade Corporation Steilacoom, Washington
Boise Cascade Corporation Vancouver, Washington
Boise Cascade Corporation Walla Walla, Washington
Boise Cascade Corporation Wallula, Washington
Boise Cascade Lumber Mill Stilcom, Washington
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Kennewick, Washington
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Kettle Falls, Washington
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Pasco, Washington
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Tacoma, Washington
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Walla Walla, Washington
Boise Cascade Seattle, Washington
Boise Cascade Tacoma, Washington
Bon Marche Store Kennewick, Washington
Bonmarche Steilcom, Washington
Bonneville Power Plant Vancouver, Washington
Botting Plumbing & Heating Walla Walla, Washington
Bp Oil Company Ferndale, Washington
Brand Insulations In Bremerton, Washington
Bremerton Elect Company Bremerton, Washington
Bremerton Naval Shipyard Bremerton, Washington
Bremerton Naval Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Bremerton, Charleston Light And Fuel Company, Washington
Brick Yard Kennewick, Washington
Bridgeport Land Company Wenatchee, Washington
Brimington Naval Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Broadmoor Apartments Tacoma, Washington
Broadway Manor Aberdeen, Washington
Broadway Office Building 1509 Cornwall Bellingham, Washington
Bronson Residence Yakima, Washington
Brooks Lumber Company Bellingham, Washington
Brower Company Bellingham, Washington
Brower Company Seattle, Washington
Buckley State Schools Seattle, Washington
Buffalo Electric Chemical Vancouver, Washington
Bumstead & Woolford Spokane, Washington
Bumstead-Woolford Company Hanford, Washington
Bunker Hill Mine Bremerton, Washington
Bureau Of Yards And Docks Keyport, Washington
Bureau Of Yards And Docks Puget Sound, Washington
Bureau Of Yds And Docks Seattle, Washington
Burien Public Library Seattle, Washington
Burlington Northern Diesel Facilites Seattle, Washington
Burlington Northern Uptown Bellingham, Washington
Burnett Jewelry Store Bremerton, Washington
Burns & Roe, Inc. Richland, Washington
California Incorporated Seattle, Washington
California Ink Company Seattle, Washington
California Packing Corp Vancouver, Washington
Cal-Spray Kennewick, Washington
Cam Industries Kent, Washington
Capital Building Buckley, Washington
Caprini Hospital Seattle, Washington
Carnation Camas, Washington
Carnation Company Spokane, Washington
Carnation Company Sunnyside, Washington
Carnation Milk Products Company Chehalis, Washington
Carnation Milk Products Company Seattle, Washington
Cascade Kraft Corporation Wallula, Washington
Cascade Kraft, Division Of Boise Cascade Corp, Attalia Washinton
Casco Company Olympia, Washington
Ccc Boring Company Vancouver, Washington
Celanese Chemical Olympia, Washington
Centennial Mill Company Seattle, Washington
Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue 6-4 Bremerton, Washington
Central Steam Plant Spokane, Washington
Central Washington College Of Education Ellensburg, Washington
Central Washington State College Ellensburg, Washington
Central Washington University Ellensburg, Washington
Centralia Power Plant Seattle, Washington
Centralia Steam Plant Centralia, Washington
Certaineteed Tacoma Moses Lake, Washington
Chamion Paper Mill Seattle, Washington
Chehalis, Washington Chehalis, Washington
Chelan Courthouse Wenatchee, Washington
Chemco Incorporated Seattle, Washington
Chemical Proof Belvedere, Washington
Chemithon Corporation Seattle, Washington
Cheney Schools Centralia, Washington
Chet’S Wire Rope Chehalis, Washington
Chevrolet Building Tacoma, Washington
Chevron Asphalt Company Seattle, Washington
Chevron Chemical Kennewick, Washington
Chewelah High School Seattle, Washington
Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific Railroad Tacoma, Washington
Chief Joseph High School Cheney, Washington
Children’S Orthopedic Hospital Seattle, Washington
Chinook Hotel Yakima, Washington
Church Grape Juice Company Kennewick, Washington
City Light Plant Seattle, Washington
City Of Olympia Maintenance Center Olympia Wa
City Of Olympia Maintenance Center Olympia, Washington
City Of Seattle Wash Garbage Destructor #2 Seattle, Washington
City Of Tacoma Public Building Tacoma, Washington
City Sewage Treatment Vancouver, Washington
Clark College Seattle, Washington
Claussen Brewing Company Seattle, Washington
Cleveland High School Seattle, Washington
Clough Lumber Company Seattle, Washington
Clover Community College Chewelah, Washington
Coast Ice And Cold Storage Company Everett, Washington
Coca Cola Corp. Seattle, Washington
Coleman Building Moses Lake, Washington
Coliseum Theater Vancouver, Washington
College Of Washington Pullman, Washington
Collegiana Dormitory Seattle, Washington
Collier Carbon & Chemical Company Anacortes, Washington
Columbia Aluminum Columbia, Washington
Columbia And Puget Sound Railway Company Seattle, Washington
Columbia Breweries Inc Tacoma, Washington
Columbia Cement Bellingham, Washington
Columbia Center Midway, Washington
Columbia Clinic & Heatlh Center Seattle, Washington
Columbia Kraft Corp Attalia Washinton
Columbia River Paper Mill Seattle, Washington
Commercial Ship Repair Seattle, Washington
Commissary Ft. Lewis Seattle, Washington
Conocophillips Company Ferndale, Washington
Container Corp Of America Seattle, Washington
Container Corp Of America Tacoma, Washington
Continental Can Co Vancouver, Washington
Continental Can Company Olympia, Washington
Continental Can Company Walla Walla,Washington
Contintenal Can Company Incorporated Seattle, Washington
Convalescent Home Tacoma, Washington
Convention Center Seattle, Washington
Cook Street Spokane, Washington
Coolney Cranes Washington
Coulee Dam Seattle, Washington
Covey Laundry Service Seattle, Washington
Cranes Service, Inc. Seattle, Washington
Crescent Store Spokane, Washington
Crim Incorporated Seattle, Washington
Crown Columbia Paper Company Camas, Washington
Crown Willamette Paper Company Camas, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Corporation Camas, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Corporation Port Angeles, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Corporation Port Townsend, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Corporation Seattle, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill Coulee City, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill Port Angeles, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill Seattle, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Paper Port Port Angeles, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Tacoma Tacoma, Washington
Crown Zellerbach Tacoma, Washington
Cummings Boat Port Townsend, Washington
C-Z Pulp Mill Brimington, Washington
D A Public Works Fort Lewis, Washington
Dabney Mack Aberdeen, Washington
Daishowa America Port Angeles, Washington
Davenport Hotel Townsend, Washington
Deaconess Hospital Tacoma, Washington
Dearborn Park School Seattle, Washington
Defense Plant Corp Renton, Washington
Defense Plant Corp Spokane, Washington
Denny Renton Clay And Coal Company Seattle, Washington
Dep. Of Yards And Docks Bremerton, Washington
Diamond Ice And Storage Company Seattle, Washington
Dishowa Pulp Mill Tacoma, Washington
Douglas United Nuclear Richland, Washington
Douglas United Nuclear Velox, Washington
Downs Northwest Diebold Seattle, Washington
Downtown Bon Marche Seattle, Washington
Duwamish Shipyard Seattle, Washington
E J Bartells Company Tacoma, Washington
E J Bartels Company Spokane, Washington
E. J. Bartells Company Renton, Washington
E. K. Wood Lumber Company Bellingham, Washington
E. K. Wood Lumber Company Hoquiam, Washington
E. T. Dupont Powder Company Tacoma, Washington
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company Hanford, Washington
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company Tacoma, Washington
E.J. Bartells Company Seattle, Washington
E.K. Wood Lumber Company Anacortes, Washington
E.M. Jorgensen Seattle, Washington
E.T. Sampson & Company Seattle, Washington
Earl G. Thompson Construction Seattle, Washington
Eastern Cold Storage Seattle, Washington
Eastern Railway And Lumber Company Centralia, Washington
Eastern State Hospital Annex Medical Lake, Washington
Eastern Washington State University Seattle, Washington
Eckstein School Port Angeles, Washington
Edison Electric Ill’G Company Seattle, Washington
Eli Lilly Tacoma, Washington
Ellensburg Junoir High School Ellensburg, Washington
Emerson Elementary School Everett, Washington
Equilon Anacortes, Washington
Eureka Cedar Lumber And Shingle Company Hoquiam, Washington
Everett Flour Mill Company Everett, Washington
Everett General Hospital Everett, Washington
Everett General Hospital Seattle, Washington
Everett Primary Center Everett, Washington
Everett Pulp & Paper Company Everett, Washington
Everett Pulp & Paper, Cheney, Washington
Everett Railway And Electric Company Everett, Washington
Everett Railway Lt And Water Company Everett, Washington
Everett Rivay And Electric Company Everett, Washington
Everett Yacht Club Everett, Washington
Evergreen Heights Elementary Auburn, Washington
Evergreen State College Olympia, Washington
Evetett Primary Center Everett, Washington
Export Water Line Hanford, Washington
Exxon Seattle, Washington
Fairchild Air Force Base Hospital Spokane, Washington
Fairchild Air Force Base Seattle, Washington
Federal Building Richland, Washington
Fftf Nuclear Seattle, Washington
Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Company Seattle, Washington
Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Company Spokane, Washington
Fiberglas Marine Seattle, Washington
Fiberglas Warehouse Spokane, Washington
Fibre Board Products Port Townsend, Washington
Fibreboard Products Company Sumner, Washington
Financial Center Building Seattle, Washington
Firecrest Mental Hospital Seattle, Washington
First Congregational Church Everett, Washington
First Federal Savings & Loan Bremerton, Washington
First National Bank Building Seattle, Washington
Fisher Flouring Mills Inc Seattle, Washington
Fisher Packing Company Anacortes, Washington
Fishers Siding Seattle, Washington
Fleischmann Company Sumner, Washington
Fluor Extraction Plant Seattle, Washington
Foaming Buoyancy Tanks Seattle, Washington
Foaming Fire Extinguishers Seattle, Washington
Foaming Reefer Boxes Seattle, Washington
Food Facilities Warehouse Ellensburg, Washington
Ford Center Seattle, Washington
Ford Machinery And Chemical Corp, Vancouver, Washington
Forest Ridge Academy Seattle, Washington
Fort Casey Seattle, Washington
Fort Casey Whidbey Island, Washington
Fort Fetterman Seattle, Washington
Fort Flagler Seattle, Washington
Fort Lewis Army Base Spokane, Washington
Fort Lewis Base Tacoma, Washington
Fort Lewis Everett, Washington
Fort Lewis Laundry Fort Lewis, Washington
Fort Vancouver Plywood Vancouver, Washington
Foss Maritime Shipyard Hanover, Washington
Foss Tug & Launch Seattle, Washington
Fraser Boiler Shop Seattle, Washington
Frederick & Nelson Fort Lewis, Washington
General Electric & Texaco Seattle, Washington
General Electric Company Richland, Washington
General Electric Fort Lewis, Washington
General Electric Spokane, Washington
General Petroleum Refinery Ferndale, Washington
General Telephone Building Everett, Washington
George Vancouver Vancouver, Washington
Georgia Pacific Corporation Camas, Washington
Georgia Pacific Paper Company Olympia, Washington
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill Seattle, Washington
Georgia Pacific Plywood Mill Seattle, Washington
Georgia Pacific Pulp & Paper Bellingham, Washington
Georgia Pacific Tacoma, Washington
Georgia-Pacific Chemical Plant Richland, Washington
Germantown Seattle, Washington
Glacier Snow Mountain Seattle, Washington
Glen Merritt Company Seattle, Washington
Gmc Building Camas, Washington
Gonzaga University Spokane, Washington
Good Will Industries Olympia, Washington
Gordon Brown Bellingham, Washington
Gowman Hotel Seattle, Washington
Grand Cooley Dam Seattle, Washington
Granger Clay Products Yakima, Washington
Gray’S Harbor Railway And Light Company Aberdeen, Washington
Gray’S Harbor Vocational & Science Building Aberdeen, Washington
Grays Harbor Mill Cosmopolis, Washington
Grays Harbor Mill Hoquiam, Washington
Grays Harbor Pulp & Paper Company Hoquiam, Washington
Grays Harbor Railway And Light Company Aberdeen, Washington
Great Northern Diesel Service Seattle, Washington
Great Northern Railway. Company Seattle, Washington
Green Hills School Chehalis, Washington
Greenwood Sea Seattle, Washington
Greyhound Bus Terminal Seattle, Washington
Group Health Office & Clinic Seattle, Washington
Gsa Building Seattle, Washington
Gunston Hall Seattle, Washington
H C Smith Construction Seattle, Washington
Habor Plywood Corporation Hoquiam, Washington
Hanford Atmoic Works Hanford, Washington
Hanford Atomic Testing Ground Richland, Washington
Hanford Atomic Works Hanford, Washington
Hanford Engineer Works Richland, Washington
Hanford Engineering Works Hanford, Washington
Hanford Nuclear Facility Hanford, Washington
Hanford Nuclear Reservation Hanford, Washington
Hanford Power Plant Seattle, Washington
Hanford Project Reactor Pasco, Washington
Hanford Reservations Hanford, Washington
Hanford Test Site Richland, Washington
Hanford Works Aec Richland, Washington
Harbor Island Everett, Washington
Harbor Island Shipyard, Seattle, Washington
Harbor Plywood Corporation Aberdeen, Washington
Harborview Hospital Seattle, Washington
Harrison Memorial Hospital Bremerton, Washington
Harvey Aluminum Cliffs, Washington
Harvey Aluminum Klickitat, Washington
Haskell & Burns Oroville, Washington
Haskell Power Building Blaine, Washington
Heidelberg Brewing Company Tacoma, Washington
Henry Foss Tug Seattle, Washington
Henshaw Bulkley And Company Seattle, Washington
Holmes Dining Hall Ellensburg, Washington
Holy Family Hospital Spokane, Washington
Home Oil Company Seattle, Washington
Honeydew Elementary Shcool Renton, Washington
Hooker Chemical Plant Seattle, Washington
Hooker Chemical Richland, Washington
Hooker Chemical Seattle, Washington
Hooker Chemical Tacoma, Washington
Hooker Electrochemical Company Tacoma, Washington
Hoquiam High School Hoquiam, Washington
Hoquiam Plywood Company, Incorporated Hoquiam, Washington
Hospital For Insane Medical Lake, Washington
Howard S. Wright Construction Seattle, Washington
Hurlbut Paper Mill Tacoma, Washington
Hydraulic Supply Fabrication Shop Seattle, Washington
Hydraulic Supply Manufacturing Company Seattle, Washington
Ibm Building Tacoma, Washington
Icoa Velox, Washington
Ideal Cement Company Seattle, Washington
Independent Food Processors Sunnyside, Washington
Independent Insulating Inc Tacoma, Washington
Industrial Park Building 5 Velox, Washington
Inland Empire Paper Company Spokane, Washington
Insulation Inc Spokane, Washington
Insulation Services Incorporated Seattle, Washington
Intalco Aluminum Company Ferndale, Washington
Intalco Aluminum-Cherry Point Cherry Point, Washington
Intalco-Ferndale Ferndale, Washington
International Crossarms Bellingham, Washington
Isaacson Iron Works Tacoma, Washington
Isaacson Steel Division Seattle, Washington
Ite Name Port Angles, Washington
Itt Rainer Pulp Mill Port Angeles, Washington
Itt Rainer Pulp Mill Seattle, Washington
Itt Rayonier Port Angeles, Washington
Itt Rayonier, Inc. Hoquiam, Washington
Ivy Corp Seattle, Washington
J F Duthie Company Seattle, Washington
J H Mac Garegill Seattle, Washington
J R Harvey Co. Vancouver, Washington
J W Nickle Seattle, Washington
J.C. Penney Building Bremerton, Washington
Jackson Hall Medical Center Tacoma, Washington
James River Paper Mill Camas, Washington
James River Paper Mill Port Townsend, Washington
Jas Smyth Plumbing And Heating Company Spokane, Washington
Jensen Air Freight Terminal Seattle, Washington
John I Haas Yakima, Washington
John Muir Elementary School Seattle, Washington
Johnny Ray Boiler Company Vancouver, Washington
Joint Power Operation Shelton, Washingon
Jones Block Tacoma, Washington
Jt Mcintire Mint Farm Sunnyside, Washington
Juneau Fed Building Seattle, Washington
K. J. Barnett Inc Renton, Washington
Kadlec Hospital Richland, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp Tacoma, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Seattle, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Spokane, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Vancouver, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum Mead Works Plant Spokane, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum Plant Port Angeles, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum Plant Seattle, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum Rolling Mill, Tacoma, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum Seattle, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum Tacoma, Washington
Kaiser Aluminum Trentwood Words Spokane, Washington
Kaiser Cement Seattle, Washington
Kaiser Mead Spokane, Washington
Kaiser Shipyard Spokane, Washington
Kaiser Shipyard Tacoma, Washington
Kaiser Shipyard,Vancouver, Washington
Kaiser Trentwood Spokane, Washington
Kaweckt Chemical Company Wenatchee, Washington
Kenai Packers Seattle, Washington
Kennecott Cooper Corp Seattle, Washington
Kent Junior High Kent, Washington
Kentucky Building Tacoma, Washington
Kerley Chemical Company Inc Spokane, Washington
Key Services Tacoma, Washington
Keyport Torpedo Station Keyport, Washington
Kicwit Massart Olympia Wa
Kicwit Massart Olympia, Washington
Kimberly-Clark Corporation Everett, Washington
Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill, Washington
King County Hospital Seattle, Washington
King County Jail Seattle, Washington
Kiro Broadcasting House Seattle, Washington
Klug & Smith Company Tacoma, Washington
Kodiak Alaska Seattle, Washington
Kraft Bleach Plant Camas, Washington
Kraft Pulp Div St. Regis Paper Co. Tacoma, Washington
L C Smith Building Seattle, Washington
L.G. Massart Company Seattle, Washington
Lake Hills Sewage Treatment Plant Seattle, Washington
Lake Union Drydock Company Seattle, Washington
Lake Union Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Lake Washington Shipyards Seattle, Washington
Lakeland Village State Hospital Medical Lake, Washington
Lakeside Sand & Gravel Issaquah, Washington
Lamb Western Quincy, Washhingon
Laraby Water Terminal Tacoma, Washington
Larson Air Force Base Moses Lake, Washington
Larson Lumber Company Bellingham, Washington
Learning Resource Center Wenatchee, Washington
Lents, Inc. Bremerton, Washington
Libby, Mcneill, And Libby Walla Walla,Washington
Lincoln Bank Spokane, Washington
Lincoln Building Vancouver, Washington
Lincoln High School Seattle, Washington
Linde Air Products Company Spokane, Washington
Lipsee Company Tacoma, Washington
Liquid Air Incorporated Kent, Washington
Liquid Carbonic Corporation Seattle, Washington
Litwin Corporation Everett, Washington
Lockheed Shipbuilding Seattle, Washington
Lockheed Shipyard Everett, Washington
Lockheed Shipyard, Seattle, Washington
Long Bell Lumber Company Longview, Washington
Long Bell Powerhouse Longview, Washington
Longview Fiber Co. Seattle, Washington
Longview Fibre Company Longview, Washington
Longview Fibre Company Seattle, Washington
Longview Fibres Paper Mill Seattle, Washington
Lowell Paper Company Everett, Washington
Lucky Lager Co. Vancouver, Washington
Luke School Seattle, Washington
Lyle Plywood Mill Tacoma, Washington
M&M Plywood Corp Longview, Washington
Mackall Paine Veneer Company Vancouver, Washington
Manke Lumber Company Tacoma, Washington
Mannette Theatre Bremerton, Washington
Marco Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Marine Power & Equipment Seattle, Washington
Martinac Shipbuilding Corp Tacoma, Washington
Martin-Marietta Corporation Goldendale, Washington
Maywood Elementary School Issaquah, Washington
Maywood High School Issaquah, Washington
Maywood Junior High School Issaquah, Washington
Mccord Afb Longview, Washington
Meridian Elementary Kent, Washington
Metro Seattle Seattle, Washington
Metropolitan Investment Company Seattle, Washington
Meyerhouse Timber Company Everett, Washington
Mobil Chemical Ferndale, Washington
Mobil Oil Longview, Washington
Mobil Oil Refinery Seattle, Washington
Mobil Oil Tacoma, Washington
Mobil Refinery Ferndale, Washington
Monsanto Chemical Company Seattle, Washington
Monsanto Chemical Tacoma, Washington
Monsanto Company Seattle, Washington
Morrison Mill Company Anacortes, Washington
Mount Lake Laboratory Seattle, Washington
Mount St. Vincents Home Seattle, Washington
Mt Rainier Depot Tacoma, Washington
Multi Care Health System Tacoma, Washington
Multi Purpose Hanger Boeing Field Seattle, Washington
Mutual Light And Heat Company Seattle, Washington
Mutual Materials Company Bellevue, Washington
N River Senior High Cosmopolis, Washington
Nalleys Pickle Ferndale, Washington
National Bank Of Commerce Centralia, Washington
National Paper Products Company Port Townsend, Washington
National Pole And Treating Company Everett, Washington
National Realty Company Tacoma, Washington
Naval Station Everett, Washington
Naval Station Seattle, Washington
Naval Supply Center Bremerton, Washington
Naval Supply Depot Seattle, Washington
Naval Supply Depot Spokane, Washington
Naval Supply Depot Velox, Washington
Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Training Center Tacoma, Washington
New England Fish Company Seattle, Washington
New Providence Hospital Seattle, Washington
Nippon Paper Industries Port Angeles, Washington
Noise Control Of Seattle Seattle, Washington
Norkirk Elementary School Seattle, Washington
Norse Home Seattle, Washington
North Bowl Bowling Alley Ferndale, Washington
North Central High School Spokane, Washington
North Pacific Paper Corporation Longview, Washington
North Shore Boat Works Vancouver, Washington
North Western Lumber Company Hoquiam, Washington
Northern Life Building Seattle, Washington
Northern Pacific Railroad Company Tacoma, Washington
Northern Pacific Railway Company Auburn, Washington
Northern Pacific Railway Company Centralia, Washington
Northern Pacific Railway Company Pasco, Washington
Northern Pacific Railway Company Seattle, Washington
Northwest Agri Products Moses Lake, Washington
Northwest Building Matls. Company Spokane, Washington
Northwest Chair Company Tacoma, Washington
Northwest Glass Tacoma, Washington
Northwest Hospital Seattle, Washington
Northwest Petrochemical Anacortes, Washington
Northwest Steel Company Seattle, Washington
Northwest Stl Rolling Mills Seattle, Washington
Northwestern Gas And Electric Company Walla Walla, Washington
Northwestern Glass Company Seattle, Washington
Northwestern Improvement Company Tacoma, Washington
Northwestern Glass Seattle, Washington
Norton Building Seattle, Washington
Occidental Chemical Seattle, Washington
Ohio Ferro Seattle, Washington
Oldmines Building Seattle, Washington
Olympia Brewery Seattle, Washington
Olympia Brewery Tacoma, Washington
Olympia Brewing Company Olympia, Washington
Olympia Christian School Olympia, Washington
Olympia Hotel Tacoma, Washington
Olympia Oil And Wood Tacoma, Washington
Olympia Parking Garages Olympia, Washington
Olympia School District Olympia, Washington
Olympic Calpet Refining Company Seattle, Washington
Olympic Forest Products Company Port Angeles, Washington
Olympic Hotel Seattle, Washington
Olympic Steamship Company, Seattle, Washington
One Union Center Seattle, Washington
Opera House Port Of Olympia, Washington
Orchard Point Puget Sound, Washington
Oregon Washington Depot Spokane, Washington
Oregon-Washington Rr And Navigation Co. Spokane, Washington
Oroville Lumber Co. Oroville, Washington
Orthopedic Hospital Seattle, Washington
Owens Corning Fiberglas Renton, Washington
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation Seattle, Washington
Paccar Building Olympia, Washington
Paccar Inc. Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Pacific Bell Building Seattle, Washington
Pacific Boat Shipyard Bellevue, Washington
Pacific Brotherhood Investment Company Seattle, Washington
Pacific Car & Foundry Seattle, Washington
Pacific Car And Foundry Company Renton, Washington
Pacific Car Plant & Foundry Seattle, Washington
Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company Chehalis, Washington
Pacific Coast Consolidated Milk Company Seattle, Washington
Pacific Gas-Electric Tacoma, Washington
Pacific Heating Company Aberdeen, Washington
Pacific Inland Navigation Vancouver, Washington
Pacific Iron & Metal Company Seattle, Washington
Pacific Lime Tacoma, Washington
Pacific Lutheran University Renton, Washington
Pacific Marine Renton, Washington
Pacific National Bank Seattle, Washington
Pacific Northwest Bell Emeryville, Washington
Pacific Northwest Bell Seattle, Washington
Pacific Northwest Bell Tacoma, Washington
Pacific Power & Light Company Centralia, Washington
Pacific Power And Light Company Yakima, Washington
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Bremerton, Washington
Pacificorp Centralia, Washington
Package Boiler Seattle, Washington
Paine AFB Everett, Washington
Paper Mill Tacoma, Washington
Paraffine Company Port Angeles, Washington
Park Shore Apartments Seattle, Washington
Parkade Job Spokane, Washington
Parker Lumber And Box Company Everett, Washington
Paulsen Building Seattle, Washington
Payne Equipment Company Port Angeles, Washington
Pease & Sons Hoquiam, Washington
Peirce County Building Longview, Washington
Pendleton Woolen Mills Washougal, Washington
Peninsula College Seattle, Washington
Peninsula Plywood Mill Seattle, Washington
Penn Salt Company Of Washington Tacoma, Washington
Penn Salt Port Angeles, Washington
Penn Salt Tacoma, Washington
Pennsalt Chemicals Corporation Tacoma, Washington
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company Tacoma, Washington
Pennwalt Chemical Tacoma, Washington
Penwalt Chem Longview, Washington
People’S National Bank Seattle, Washington
People’S Store Yakima, Washington
Peoples Bank Of Washington Seattle, Washington
Peoples Bank Washington
People’S National Bank Seattle, Washington
Perter Sandberg Tacoma, Washington
Peter Kiewit & Sons-Satsop Tacoma, Washington
Peterson’S Boat Tacoma, Washington
Petty House Moving Seattle, Washington
Philadelphia Quartz Company Tacoma, Washington
Phillips 66 Velox, Washington
Phillips Pacific Chemical Kennewick, Washington
Philpher Brewery Satsop, Washington
Pi Newspaper Tacoma, Washington
Pier 20 Docks Seattle, Washington
Pier 66 Seattle, Washington
Pier 9 Tacoma, Washington
Pierce County Courthouse Tacoma, Washington
Pierce County Hospital Tacoma, Washington
Pike Place Market Seattle, Washington
Pioneer Chlor Alkali Company Tacoma, Washington
Pittsburgh And Midway Coal Mining Company Fort Lewis, Washington
Plainwell Paper Seattle, Washington
Play House Theater Tacoma, Washington
Plaza 600 Building Seattle, Washington
Point Power-Simpson Paper Company Shelton, Washington
Polson Logging Company Hoquiam, Washington
Polymer Science Lab Seattle, Washington
Poom Tank Bellevue Seattle, Washington
Pop’S Truck Stop Seattle, Washington
Port Aneces Paper Seattle, Washington
Port Angeles Div Port Angeles, Washington
Port Angeles Paper Mill Bellevue, Washington
Port Of Tacoma Ravenna, Washington
Port Orchard Hs Port Aneces, Washington
Port Townsend Paper Company Port Townsend, Washington
Port Townsend Paper Seattle, Washington
Portable Pads Insulation Service Seattle, Washington
Potlatch Forests Incorporated Spokane, Washington
Precision Piping Tacoma, Washington
Pronto Foods, Inc. Moses Lake, Washington
Pronto Potato Plant Moses Lake, Washington
Providence Everett Medical Ctr Everett, Washington
Providence Hospital Port Orchard, Washington
Providence Hospital Seattle, Washington
Psf Industries Seattle, Washington
Puget Sound Bridge & Dredge Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Puget Sound Energy Renton, Washington
Puget Sound Engineering Port Townsend, Washington
Puget Sound Engineering Wenatchee, Washington
Puget Sound Hospital Hoquiam, Washington
Puget Sound International Railway And Power Co. Seattle, Washington
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton, Washington
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Puget Sound Plaza Bremerton, Washington
Puget Sound Power & Light Tacoma, Washington
Puget Sound Pulp & Paper Bellingham, Washington
Puget Sound Pulp And Timber Company Bellingham, Washington
Puget Sound Refining Anacortes, Washington
Puget Sound Refining Company Anacortes, Washington
Puget Sound Shipyard Bremerton, Washington
Puget Sound Traction Light And Power Co. Bellingham, Washington
Puget Sound Traction Light And Power Company Seattle, Washington
Puget Sound Tug & Barge Seattle, Washington
Puget Sound Works Anacortes, Washington
Puget South Bridge & Drydock Seattle, Washington
Pulp And Paperboard Div Longview, Washington
Pulp And Paperboard Division Longview, Washington
Puyallup Public School Boundy Dam, Washington
Quality Dry Wall Seattle, Washington
Queen Ann Schools Seattle, Washington
Quilcene Public School District Auburn, Washington
Radio Station Kiro Seattle, Washington
Rainer Avenue Pumping Station Seattle, Washington
Rainier Brewery Seattle, Washington
Rainier Club Seattle, Washington
Rainier Heat And Power Company Seattle, Washington
Rainier Paper Hoquiam, Washington
Rainier Pulp & Paper Shelton, Washington
Ralph Company Incorporated Seattle, Washington
Ranier Mechanical Constractors Tacoma, Washington
Rath Packing Company Seattle, Washington
Rayonier Inc Seattle, Washington
Rayonier Inc. Hoquiam, Washington
Rayonier, Inc. Port Angeles, Washington
Refrigerated Transit Seattle, Washington
Refrigerator Engineering Co, Seattle, Washington
Reichold Chemical Tacoma, Washington
Renton Dry Wall Seattle, Washington
Renton Schools Quilcene, Washington
Renton Washington Seattle, Washington
Rescom Corporation Seattle, Washington
Reynolds Alum Renton, Washington
Reynolds Aluminum Longview, Washington
Reynolds Metals Company Longview, Washington
Rheinlander Paper Factory Seattle, Washington
Rhone Poulenc Basic Chemicals Inc. Seattle, Washington
Richland Isd Longview, Washington
Richter Chemical Longview, Washington
Rivkins Jewelers Seattle, Washington
Robert Gray Elementary School Longview, Washington
Rock Island Dam Longview, Washington
Rockwell International Richland, Washington
Rockwood Manor Richland, Washington
Rocky Beach Dam Wenatchee, Washington
Rocky Research Dam Tacoma, Washington
Rogers Walla Walla Wenatchee, Washington
Roosevelt Hotel Seattle, Washington
Roosevelt Hs Seattle, Washington
Roundhound Railroad Yard Wenatchee, Washington
S E Brown And Company Seattle, Washington
Sacred Heart Hospital Seattle, Washington
Sacred Heart Hospital Spokane, Washington
Sacred Heart Medical Center Spokane, Washington
Safeco Insurance Building Seattle, Washington
Safeway Seattle, Washington
Safeway Wenatchee, Washington
Saint Charles Borromeo Tacoma, Washington
Saint Helens Pulp & Paper Company Seattle, Washington
Saint P. & Tacoma Lumber Tacoma, Washington
Saint Peters Methodist Bellevue, Washington
Saint Regis Paper Company Tacoma, Washington
Saltars Point Elementary School Steilacoom, Washington
San Point Naval Station Tacoma, Washington
Sand Point Naval Air Station Tacoma, Washington
Sandpoint Rehabilitation Seattle, Washington
Satsup Nuclear Seattle, Washington
Satup Atomic Power Plant Seattle, Washington
Scott Paper Company Everett, Washington
Scott Paper Mill Everett, Washington
Scott Paper Mill Spokane, Washington
Sea Airport Seattle, Washington
Sea First Bank Satsup, Washington
Sea Lift Seattle, Washington
Seaborne Ship Yards Tacoma, Washington
Sea-Land Warehouse Seattle, Washington
Sears Center Seattle, Washington
Sears Department Store Seattle, Washington
Sears Roebuck And Company Seattle, Washington
Sea-Tac Airport Elma, Washington
Sea-Tac Shipyard- Seattle Seattle, Washington
Sea-Tac Shipyards Tacoma, Washington
Sea-Tac Tacoma, Washington
Seatlle Tacoma Power Company, Washington
Seattle Boiler Works Seattle, Washington
Seattle Box Factory Tacoma, Washington
Seattle Brewing And Malting Company, Washington
Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company, Washington
Seattle Center Seattle, Washington
Seattle City Light Seattle, Washington
Seattle City Light Tacoma, Washington
Seattle Colosseum Seattle, Washington
Seattle Electric Company Seattle, Washington
Seattle First National Bank Building, Washington
Seattle Gas Company Seattle, Washington
Seattle General Hosp Seattle, Washington
Seattle Junior College Bellingham, Washington
Seattle Linen Seattle, Washington
Seattle Public Schools Seattle, Washington
Seattle School District Seattle, Washington
Seattle Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Seattle Steam Corporation Seattle, Washington
Seattle Steam Seattle, Washington
Seattle Steel Seattle, Washington
Seattle Tacoma Airport Seattle, Washington
Seattle Tacoma Shipbuilding Seattle, Washington
Seattle Terminal Company Seattle, Washington
Seattle Times Building Seattle, Washington
Seattle Trust Seattle, Washington
Seattle Trust Tacoma, Washington
Seattle University Seattle, Washington
Seattle-Tacoma Satellite Transit System, Washington
Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Company Tacoma, Washington
Second Bank Of Commerce Seattle, Washington
Securities Building Seattle, Washington
Self Parking Facility Seattle, Washington
Sequim Pulp Mill Seattle, Washington
Shell Company Seattle, Washington
Shell Company Spokane, Washington
Shell Oil Company Anacortes, Washington
Shell Oil Company Seattle, Washington
Shell Oil Refinery Anacortes, Washington
Shell Oil Refinery Tumwater, Washington
Shell Oil Seattle, Washington
Shell Plant Seattle, Washington
Shell Refinery Anacortes, Washington
Shell Refinery Seattle, Washington
Shell Steam Anacortes, Washington
Shelton Mill Shelton, Washington
Shelton Prison Seattle, Washington
Shephard Fruit Products Company Wenatchee, Washington
Shiffenhaus Bellingham, Washington
Shoenfelds Furniture Seattle, Washington
Shore Line Junior High School Seattle, Washington
Shoreline Community College Seattle, Washington
Sick’S Rainier Brewing Company Seattle, Washington
Siems Drake Puget Sound Seattle, Washington
Siems, Carey H.S. Kerbaugh Company Port Angeles, Washington
Sierra Pacific Ind Aberdeen, Washington
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pullman, Washington
Simpson Kraft Paper Mill Seattle, Washington
Simpson Kraft Plywood Belleville, Washington
Simpson Lee Paper Everett, Washington
Simpson Lee Paper Mill Cheney, Washington
Simpson Logging Company Shelton, Washingon
Simpson Paper Tacoma, Washington
Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company Tacoma, Washington
Simpson Tacoma Kraft Tacoma, Washington
Simpson Timber Company Shelton, Washington
Sinclair-Atlantic Richfield Arco Refinery Tacoma, Washington
Sisters Of Providence Issaquah, Washington
Sisters Of St. Joseph Hospital Bellingham, Washington
Sitka Pulp Mill Builders Seattle, Washington
Slems Drake Puget Sound Seattle, Washington
Smelter Tacoma, Washington
Snelson-Anvil Tacoma, Washington
Snelson-Anvil, Inc. Anacortes, Washington
Snogualmie Falls Power Company Tacoma, Washington
Socony Mobil Oil Company Ferndale, Washington
Sodo Seattle, Washington
Sonoco Products Company Sumner, Washington
Sorbara Automotive Bellingham, Washington
Sound Oil Company Tacoma, Washington
Sound Oil Tacoma, Washington
Sound Refining Inc Tacoma, Washington
Sound Refining Tacoma, Washington
Soundview Pulp Company Everett, Washington
Space Needle Anacortez, Washington
Space Needle Seattle, Washington
Sparks Ready-Pak Incorporated Wenatchee, Washington
Spear & Burke Oil Company Seattle, Washington
Spokane Airport Spokane, Washington
Spokane Compressor Company Spokane, Washington
Spokane County Museum Ravenna, Washington
Spokane County Steam Plant Tacoma, Washington
Spokane Ind Park Building 5 Velox, Washington
Spokane Industrial Park Velox, Washington
Spokane International Airport Seattle, Washington
Spokane School District Seattle, Washington
Spram Tower Seattle, Washington
Springbrook Elementary School Kent, Washington
St Elizabeth Hospital Spokane, Washington
St Luke’S Hospital Seattle, Washington
St Mary’S Hospital Seattle, Washington
St Michelle Winery Seattle, Washington
St Regis Paper Co Klickitat, Washington
St Regis Paper Company Tacoma, Washington
St Regis Seattle, Washington
St Regis Walla Walla, Washington
St Vincent Nursing Home Patterson, Washington
St. Elizabeth Hospital Yakima, Washington
St. Johns Hospital Longview, Washington
St. Josephs Hospital Tacoma, Washington
St. Paul And Tacoma Lumber Company, Washington
St. Peter’S Hospital Aberdeen, Washington
St. Regis Kraft Company Tacoma, Washington
St. Regis Paper Company Tacoma, Washington
Standard Brands Sumner, Washington
Standard Dairy Longview, Washington
Standard Furniture Company Seattle, Washington
Standard Oil Olympia, Washington
State Board Of Control Seattle, Washington
State Capitol Building Olympia, Washington
State College Of Washington Pullman, Washington
State Of Wash, Department Of Public Institutions Walla Walla, WA
State Of Washington Chehalis, Washington
State Of Washington Lakeland Village Medical Lake, Washington
State Of Washington. Chehalis, Washington
State Office Complex Tacoma, Washington
State Training School Chehalis, Washington
Steam & Condensate System Renton, Washington
Steel Plant Seattle, Washington
Steve Pinto & Sons Edmonds, Washington
Stewart Middle School Tacoma, Washington
Stone Consolidated Steilacoom, Washington
Subaru-Tacoma Tacoma, Washington
Sumner Crane Rentals Olympia, Washington
Sunchon Seattle, Washington
Sundfelt Equipment Company Seattle, Washington
Super City Malls Seattle, Washington
Super City Malls Warkom, Washington
Superior Service Laundries Tacoma, Washington
Supply Laundry Company Seattle, Washington
Swanson River Field Seattle, Washington
Swedish Hospital Medical Center Seattle, Washington
Swedish Hospital Seattle, Washington
Swedish Hospital Tacoma, Washington
Sweetbrier Seattle, Washington
Tacoma Asbestos Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Boat Aberdeen, Washington
Tacoma Boat Shipyard Huron, Washington
Tacoma Boatbuilding Company Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Boatbuilding Seattle, Washington
Tacoma Community College Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Electro Chemical Company Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Gas And Fuel Company Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma General Hospital Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Indian Hospital Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Labor Center Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Mall Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma News Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Paperboard Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Public School Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Railway And Power Company Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma School District Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Shipyard Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Smelter Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Smelting Company Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Steam Plant Tacoma, Washington
Talbott Shipyard Bellingham, Washington
Tank Insulation Renton, Washington
Tecnal Corp Anacortes, Washington
Terminal Ice & Cold Storage Moses Lake, Washington
Terminal Ice & Cold Storage Walla Walla, Washington
Tesoro West Coast Anacortes, Washington
Texaco Incorporated Anacortes, Washington
Texaco Oil Raymond, Washington
Texaco Oil Refinery Anacortes, Washington
Texaco Oil Refinery Washington Anacortes, Washington
Texaco Oil Seattle, Washington
Texaco Refinery Seattle, Washington
Texaco Refinery Tacoma, Washington
Texas Company Anacortes, Washington
The City Church Issaquah, Washington
Thermaline Anacortes, Washington
Third Power Plant At Coulie Dam Bellingham, Washington
Thro’ Jas Smyth Plumbing Company Spokane, Washington
Tide Bay Seattle, Washington
Tide Bay Steel Company Tacoma, Washington
Tidewater Shaver Asphalt Company Pasco, Washington
Tidewater Terminal Company Pasco, Washington
Times Investment Company Seattle, Washington
Titan Missile Sites Dubuque, Washington
Todd Drydock & Coast Company Seattle, Washington
Todd Drydocks Seattle, Washington
Todd Pacific Shipyards Seattle, Washington
Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc, Seattle, Washington
Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc. Seattle, Washington
Todd Shipyard Ephrata, Washington
Todd Shipyard Seattle, Washington
Todd Shipyard Tacoma, Washington
Todd Shipyards Corp, Tacoma, Washington
Tosco Refining Bellingham, Washington
Trans Alta Centralia Gen Llc Centralia, Washington
Trentwood Works Tacoma, Washington
Troy Cascade Laundry Company Seattle, Washington
U & I, Inc. Moses Lake, Washington
U S Army Laundry Fort Lewis, Washington
U&I Sugar Moses Lake, Washington
U. S. N. Air Kodiac Seattle, Washington
U. S. Oil & Refining Oil Refinery Seattle, Washington
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Richland, Washington
U.S. Naval Air Station Seattle, Washington
U.S. Naval Submarine Base Bremerton, Washington
U.S. Naval Supply Depot Velox, Washington
Umatilla Reff Lightship Seattle, Washington
Under Sea Gardens Seattle, Washington
Unicor Inc Seattle, Washington
Uniflite Incorporated Seattle, Washington
Unimet Boat Tacoma, Washington
Union Carbide Corporation Spokane, Washington
Union Iron Works Seattle, Washington
Union Lumber Company Tacoma, Washington
Union Oil Company Of California Seattle, Washington
Union Pacific Railroad Seattle, Washington
United Airlines Building Tacoma, Washington
United Airlines Seattle, Washington
United States Department Of Interiors Seattle, Washington
United States Gypsum Company Tacoma, Washington
United States Naval Air Station Seattle, Washington
United States Naval Fuel Depot Puget Sound, Washington
United States Naval Torped Keyport, Washington
United States Navy Yard Puget Sound, Washington
United States Spruce Production Corp Vancouver, Washington
United States Veterans Hospital Spokane, Washington
Universal Builders Seattle, Washington
University Hospital Tacoma, Washington
University Hs Seattle, Washington
University Of Alaska Seattle, Washington
University Of Wa Bagley Hall Seattle, Washington
University Of Wa Communications Bldg Seattle, Washington
University Of Wa Health Sciences Dishmon, Washington
University Of Wa Teachers Hospital Seattle, Washington
University Of Washington , Biology Building Seattle, Washington
University Of Washington Hospital Seattle, Washington
University Of Washington Seattle, Washington
University Plumbing & Heating Seattle, Washington
Ups College Seattle, Washington
Ups Library Tacoma, Washington
Urban Plumbing And Heating Tacoma, Washington
Urm Warehouse Seattle, Washington
Us Air Force, Mcchord Afb Tacoma, Washington
Us Oil & Refinery Tacoma, Washington
Us Oil & Refining Seattle, Washington
Us Oil And Refining Tacoma, Washington
Us Oil Seattle, Washington
Us Post Office #1781 Seattle, Washington
Us Post Office Hoquiam, Washington
Usn Tacoma, Washington
Utah Idaho Sugar Company Sunnyside, Washington
Utah-Idaho Sugar Company Moses Lake, Washington
V. S. Jenkins Company Seattle, Washington
Valley General Hosp Seattle, Washington
Valley General Hospital Spokane, Washington
Valley Inland Pacific Company Hoquiam, Washington
Vamc Bremerton, Washington
Vamc Renton, Washington
Vamc Tacoma, Washington
Vancouver Hospital Seattle, Washington
Vancouver Light And Power Company, Washington
Vancouver Shipyard Vancouver, Washington
Veteran’s Affairs Hospital Vancouver, Washington
Veterans Administration Hospital Spokane, Washington
Villa Mart Salem, Tacoma, Washington
Virginia V Foundation Seattle, Washington
Vista Chemical Temple, Washington
Voyage Repair Station Port Angeles Port Angeles, Washington
W.A. Botting Company Vancouver, Washington
W.A. Parish Power Plant Washington
W.R. Orouke Aberdeen, Washington
Wa Public Power Supply System Nuclear Project Richland, WA
Wa Water Power Dam Portland-Seattle, Washington
Wabash College Rosebud, Washington
Wacoal Power Plant Centralia, Washington
Walashek Industrial And Marine Seattle, Washington
Waldorf-Hoerner Spokane, Washington
Walla Walla College Pullman, Washington
Walla Walla State Penitentiary Seattle, Washington
Wallahula School District Crawfordsville, Washington
Walton Lumber Company Everett, Washington
Wards Cove Pulp Mill Washington
Warken Little & Lund Spokane, Washington
Warren Little & Lund Pullman, Washington
Wash State University Pullman, Washington
Washington Athletic Club Walla Walla, Washington
Washington Correction Center Shelton, Washington
Washington Interscholastic Building Issaquah, Washington
Washington Iron Works Seattle, Washington
Washington Mutual Savings Bank Seattle, Washington
Washington National Guard Washington
Washington Natural Gas Ketchikan, Washington
Washington Natural Gas Seattle, Washington
Washington Oregon Corp Chehalis, Washington
Washington Orton Dining Hall Pullman, Washington
Washington Plaza Hotel Seattle, Washington
Washington Public Power Seattle, Washington
Washington Public Power Supply System Richland, Washington
Washington Public Service Company Olympia Wa
Washington Public Service Company Olympia, Washington
Washington Pulp & Paper Port Angeles, Washington
Washington Rehab Center Seattle, Washington
Washington Rr & Navigation Company Seattle, Washington
Washington Savings Bank Seattle, Washington
Washington Standard Seattle, Washington
Washington State Agricultural College Pullman, Washington
Washington State College Pullman, Washington
Washington State Ferry Terminal Seattle, Washington
Washington State Patrol Supply Building Olympia, Washington
Washington State Penitentiary Walla Walla, Washington
Washington State University Pullman, Washington
Washington State University Richland, Washington
Washington Veneer Company Olympia, Washington
Washington Water Power Company Spokane, Washington
Washington Water Power Dam Seattle, Washington
Washougal Woolen Mills Washougal, Washington
We Stone & Co Seattle, Washington
Weber Chevrolet Company Yakima, Washington
Weidauer And Lansdown Everett, Washington
Welch Grape Juice Company Kennewick, Washington
Wells & Wade Fruit Company Wenatchee, Washington
Wenatchee High School Wenatchee, Washington
Wenatchee Steam Laundry Wenatchee, Washington
West Coast Pullman, Washington
West Tacoma Mill Steilacoom, Washington
West Tacoma Newsprint Seattle, Washington
West Tacoma Newsprint Tacoma, Washington
Western State Hosp Seattle, Washington
Western Walamet Seattle, Washington
Western Washington College Of Education Bellingham, Washington
Western Washington Hospital For The Insane Steilacoom, Washington
Western Washington State College Bellingham, Washington
Western Washington University Steam Plant Bellingham, Washington
Western Welding Tacoma, Washington
Westin Hotel Tacoma, Washington
Westinghouse Hanford Facility Hanford, Washington
Weyehaeuser Anacortez, Washington
Weyehaeuser Chemical Falls, Washington
Weyehaeuser Columbus, Washington
Weyehaeuser Cosmopolis, Washington
Weyehaeuser Everett, Washington
Weyehaeuser Fed Way, Washington
Weyehaeuser Longview, Washington
Weyehaeuser Marysiville, Washington
Weyehaeuser Myopic, Washington
Weyehaeuser Plymouth, Washington
Weyehaeuser Pulp Hoquin, Washington
Weyehaeuser Seattle, Washington
Weyehaeuser Tacoma, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Company Longview, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Company Tacoma, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods Company Centralia, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Lumber Company Everett, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill Longview, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill Springfield, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Technology Seattle, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Longview, Washington
Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Tacoma, Washington
Weyerhauser Co. & Subsidiaries Tacoma, Washington
Weyerhauser De-Barker Sawmill Seattle, Washington
Weyerhauser Lumber Mill Longview, Washington
Weyerhauser Paper Company Cosmopolis, Washington
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Everett, Washington
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Longview, Washington
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Seattle, Washington
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Tacoma, Washington
Weyerhauser Pulp & Paper Mill Everett, Washington
Weyerhauser Pupl & Paper Mill Longview, Washington
Weyerhauser Timber Company Cosmopolis, Washington
Weyerhauser Timber Company Everett, Washington
Weyerhauser Timber Company Longview, Washington
Weyerhouser Paper Mill Tacoma, Washington
Whatcom City Railway And Light Company Bellingham, WA
Whatcom Falls Milling Company Bellingham, Washington
Whatcom Middle School Bellingham, Washington
Wheeler Osgood Company Seattle, Washington
Wheeler Osgood Company Tacoma, Washington
Whidbey Island Seattle, Washington
Whiteharnz Stewart Building Tacoma, Washington
Whitman College Walla Walla, Washington
Wilamette Iron & Steel Seattle, Washington
Willapa Lumber Co. Raymond, Washington
William Gardner And Company Tacoma, Washington
Wilson Brothers And Company Aberdeen, Washington
Wind Tunnel B Seattle, Washington
Wing Luke School Seattle, Washington
Witco Chemical Co., Inc. Quincy, Washhingon
Woodway Sr High Seattle, Washington
Wright Runstad Cosmopolis, Washington
Wright Schucart-Harbor Everett, Washington
Y.M.C.A. Seattle, Washington
Yakima City Creamery Sunnyside, Washington
Yankee Hood Everett, Washington
Young Radiator Seattle, Washington
Youth Center Seattle, Washington

Top 200 Most Mentioned Asbestos Products in Lawsuits

Acoustic Products Framing Products Pottery Products
Adhesive Products Friction Products Powder Products
Air Conditioning Products Furnace Products Power Products
Aircraft Products Galvanized Products Protective Products
Aluminum Products Gas Mask Products Pulp Products
Apron Products Gas Products Pumps Products
Artificial Products Gasket Products Putty Products
Asphalt Products Gauge Products Radiator Products
Automotive Parts Generator Products Railroad Products
Automotive Products Glass Products Refinery Products
Baby Powder Products Glazing Products Refractory Products
Bathroom Products Glove Products Refrigeration Products
Belt Products Glue Products Resin Products
Blanket Products Gravel Products Roofing Products
Board Products Grease Products Rope Products
Boiler Products Hair Dryer Products Rubber Products
Bonding Products HAVC Products Rust Products
Box Products Heat Duct Products Sand Products
Brake Products Heat Resistant Products Sealant Products
Brick Products Hoist Products Septic Products
Building Products Hoses Products Sheathing Products
Cable Products Hydraulic Products Sheetrock Products
Capacitor Products Industrial Products Shield Products
Caulking Products Insulation Products Shingle Products
Ceiling Products Iron Products Shipping Products
Cement Products Joint Compound Products Shipyard Products
Chalk Products Kitchen Products Siding Products
Chemical Products Laboratory Products Silicone Products
Chrome Products Lagging Products Slab Products
Circuit Products Laundry Products Soundproofing Products
Cleaning Products Lead Products Spackling Products
Clothing Products Lighting Products Spray-On Products
Clutch Products Linen Products Staining Products
Coal Products Lining Products Steam Products
Coating Products Linoleum Products Steel Products
Coil Products Lubricant Products Stone Products
Compressed Products Magnesia Products Storage Products
Compressor Products Marble Products Stove Products
Concrete Products Masking Products Structural Products
Control Products Masonry Products Stucco Products
Cooling Products Mastic Products Surfacing Products
Cord Products Mechanical Products Switch Products
Cork Products Mesh Products Synthetic Products
Corning Products Metal Products Talc Powder Products
Covering Products Millboard Products Tank Products
Cylinder Products Mineral Products Tape Products
Decorative Products Mining Products Tar Products
Diesel Products Mixing Products Textile Products
Door Products Molded Products Textured Coating Products
Drilling Products Mortar Products Thermal Products
Drum Products Motor Products Tiles Products
Dryer Products Mud Products Transite Products
Drywall Products Nylon Products Tubing Products
Electrical Products Oil Products Turbine Products
Electronic Products Oven Products Valve Products
Elevator Products Packing Products Varnish Products
Energy Products Padding Products Veneer Products
Engine Products Paint Products Ventilation Products
Epoxy Products Pallet Products Vermiculite Products
Fabric Products Panel Products Vinyl Products
Felt Products Paper Products Wallboard Products
Fertilizer Products Patch Products Wallpaper Products
Fiber Products Patternmaking Products Water Products
Fiberglass Products Paving Products Wax Products
Finishing Products Petroleum Products Weatherproofing Products
Fire Resistant Products Phenolic Products Welding Products
Fireproofing Products Pipe Products Well Products
Fitting Products Plaster Products Wicking Products
Flange Products Plastic Products Window Products
Flashing Products Plate Products Wire Products
Flexboard Products Plumbing Products Wood Products
Flexible Products Plywood Products Wool Products
Flooring Products Polishing Products Wrapping Products
Flue Products Polymer Products Yarn Products
Foam Products Porcelain Products Zinc Products

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Damages 

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Asbestos Trust Funds
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims
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