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Radar Stations and Mesothelioma Claims

Radar Station Mesothelioma Lawyer-1Veterans that worked in Radar Stations are being diagnosed with Mesothelioma and other Asbestos-related diseases each year in the U. S. All branches of the U. S. Military used asbestos during the 20th Century with peak years being 1930-1980 because of it fire-retardant properties.

Due to the excessive use of asbestos by the U.S. armed forces veterans who were assigned to work in radar stations are 30 percent more likely to contract Mesothelioma cancer. Electronic Technicians, Radiomen, Sonar men, and Quartermasters all have had significant exposure levels. These individuals were assigned to several locations within U.S. naval ships. Often times these interdepartmental spaces were enclosed to allow for less outside interference. Consequently the level of exposure retained by individuals working in these spaces has placed them at increased risk affecting their health and the health co-workers and colleagues.

Asbestos has multitude of industrial and commercial uses and has been implemented by the U.S. Military for decades. Due to the flexible nature of Asbestos it has been utilized in just about every structural component of military service since the 1940’s.

Asbestos is resistant to chemical and thermal degradation is electrically non-conductive, and highly malleable. Recognized for its versatility and high tensile strength asbestos was widely valued by the U.S. Military up until it was declared a carcinogen the late 70’s.

Thousands of materials and commercial products utilized by the government were said to contain asbestos were used in building radar stations. Products such as military vehicles, brakes, textiles, cement buildings, fireproofing materials, and insulation all contained this dangerous product.

  • A recent study reported that 1 in 3 U. S. Veterans will develop an asbestos-related disease in their lifetime.
  • Most Veterans do not start showing asbestos related symptoms until 10-50 years after their initial exposure.
  • Thousands of shipyard workers, Navy Sailors, U. S. Marines, and civilian contractors labored on radar stations repairs, renovations and demolition.

Veterans Have the Right to sue asbestos manufacturers that exposed them to Asbestos.

Radar Stations and Asbestos Exposure

  • Electrical ducts
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical panel partitions
  • Fireboxes
  • Fire doors
  • Heating ducts
  • Insulation
  • Insulation spray of pipes
  • Hydraulic Assemblies
  • Thermal materials
  • Asbestos-containing parts
  • Asbestos-containing products
  • Boards
  • Acoustical plaster
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Ducts
  • Engine rooms
  • Fire bricks
  • Fire resistant sheets
  • Fire safety products
  • Gaskets
  • Insulation products
  • Lagging
  • Instruments
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Paint
  • Pipes
  • Plumbing products
  • Propulsion equipment
  • Valves
  • Wiring
  • Carpet
  • Celling panels
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Cement blocks
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Construction Materials
  • Electrical ducts
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical panel partitions
  • Fireboxes
  • Fire doors
  • Heating ducts
  • Insulation
  • Insulation spray of pipes
  • Roofing paper
  • Seals to doors and hatches
  • Shingles and roof tilling
  • Textured paints and coating
  • Vinyl sheet flooring
  • Vinyl wall coverings
  • Water pumps
  • Bedding compound
  • Block Insulation
  • Hydraulic Assemblies
  • Thermal materials
  • Mortar mixtures
  • Aggregate mixtures
  • Paneling
  • Tubes
  • Grinders
  • Switches
  • Capacitors
  • Fuel tanks
  • Electrical components
  • Fire control systems
  • Asbestos insulating felt
  • Asbestos cloth
  • Asbestos-laden twine
  • Boilers
  • Cold fluid pipes
  • Diesel engine
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Exhaust joints
  • Exhaust piping
  • Fireproofing
  • Fireproof insulating pads
  • Fire retardant material
  • Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Gaskets
  • Packing & Tape
  • Plumbing systems
  • Pipes
  • Re-circulated air systems
  • Valves
  • Ventilation systems
  • Wiring

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Veterans and Asbestos Exposure

Thousands of U. S. servicemen and women came into contact with asbestos fibers during their tour of service. Many Veterans diagnosed with Mesothelioma have complained that they were not given any warning, training or respiratory protective gear when handling, installing, loading, repairing, or removing asbestos-containing products.

  • Asbestos was used by the U. S. Military in more than 300 different materials and products.
  • Millions of U. S. Veterans have been exposed to asbestos during their tour of service.
  • A recent study showed that as many as 30-40% of Mesothelioma victims is U. S. Veterans.
  • Mesothelioma has affected veterans from all branches of service including those who worked in Navy shipyards.
  • The U.S. Military used thousands of asbestos-containing products in their ships between the 1920-late 1970’s.
  • Asbestos was listed as the top contaminant at 32 U.S. Army base closures during the 1990s.
  • Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases primarily occur in Veterans between the ages of 55-75.
  • Veterans who served between 1940 and 1980 have the greatest risk of developing Mesothelioma or an asbestos-related cancer.
  • 14 in every 1,000 WW II shipyard workers died of an asbestos-related disease compared to 18 in every 1,000 combat related deaths.
  • Asbestos was used heavily in the shipbuilding and in military ships. Many veterans working in confined quarters have been exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos is most dangerous when inhaled or ingested. Most U. S. Veterans are particularly at risk because that worked on building and demolition projects that exposed them to asbestos fibers and dust. It was nearly impossible to avoid coming into to contact with asbestos if you worked on military construction sites.

Veterans were daily exposed to toxic asbestos dust and fibers where they inhaled and ingested them without any protection in their workplace. Families of workers and other military veterans that were exposed to asbestos secondhand are also developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease.

Veterans diagnosed with Mesothelioma have complained that they were not given any warning, training or respiratory protective gear when handling, installing, loading, repairing, or removing asbestos-containing products.

Veterans have the right to sue asbestos manufacturers that exposed them to asbestos.

U. S. Branches of Service and Asbestos Exposure

U. S. Military Veterans  U. S. Military Base Exposure U. S. Medical Veterans
Air Force Reserves Air Force Bases Air Force Nurse Corps
Air Force Squadron List Air Force Housing Hospital Ships
Air Force Veterans Air Force Installations Military Chaplains
Air National Guard Aircraft Buildings Military Doctors
Army Corps of Engineers Ammunition Depots Military Housing
Army National Guard Army Bases Military Medical Centers
Army Veterans  Army Housing Military Nurses
Civilian Contractors Boiler Rooms Navy Nurse Corps
Coast Guard Cafeteria Mess Halls  
Korean War Veterans Engine Rooms U. S. Women Veterans
Marine Veterans Fire Rooms  
Merchant Marines Machine Shops SPARS – U. S. Coast Guard Women’s Reserve
Military Veterans Military Aircraft U. S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserves
National Guard Military Bases U. S. Marine Veterans
Navy Veterans Military Buildings WACS – Women’s Army Corps
Retired Veterans Military Equipment WAF – Women in the Air Force
Seabees Military Personnel WASP – Women Air Force Service Pilots 
U. S. Marine Veterans Military Ships WAVES – Women in the Navy
Vietnam War Veterans Military Vehicles Women Veterans
WW 2 Veterans Missile Bases Women’s Army Corps WACS
  Navigation Rooms  
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We Do Not Sue the Military or the Government

Asbestos related cancers among Veterans are not the fault of the military or even the government. It is the fault of the asbestos manufacturers and companies. Asbestos companies knew of the potential health issues related to asbestos exposure as far back as the 1920’s, but knowingly hid this information from the public, the medical community and even the U.S. Military and continued to profit off their deadly asbestos materials.

If you are a Veteran and are suffering from Mesothelioma cancer, you can seek justice from these greedy asbestos manufacturers. It’s not unpatriotic to fight back against the big asbestos companies that have exposed you deadly asbestos products.

Veterans injured from asbestos exposure during their service have the right to sue the asbestos companies that produced and sold the asbestos materials and products used by the U. S. Military

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Veteran Related Settlements & Verdicts

  • $1.25 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 76.
  • $2.7 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy sheetmetal worker that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 79.
  • $2.4 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Veteran telephone installer and repairman that developed Mesothelioma at age 61.
  • $1.1 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy mechanic and drywall installer that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 71.
  • $4 Million Army Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a U. S. U. S. Air Force veteran that developed Mesothelioma at age 76.
  • $6 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Navy fireman and boiler tender that developed Mesothelioma at age 64.
  • $7.2 Million Air Force Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Navy electrical engineer and electronic technician that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 67.
  • $2.4 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Veteran telephone installer and repairman that developed Mesothelioma at age 61.
  • $12.3 Million Navy Veteran Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Veteran cement worker that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 57.
  • $32 Million Navy Veteran: For a veteran who worked in fire and boiler rooms of naval ships that he served on.
  • $75 Million Navy Supplier Trust Award: Against a Navy Supplier Sets Up $75 Million Trust for Veterans with Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma has been linked to asbestos exposure in U. S. Veterans.

Asbestos Trust Funds and Mesothelioma Claims

U. S. Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts Funds have paid out nearly 21 billion to more than 600,000 asbestos claimants. There are about 60 active Asbestos Trust Funds with an estimated $32 billion in remaining assets.

Asbestos Settlement Trusts were established to help compensate workers and their families for asbestos exposure causing Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. When an Asbestos company establishes a Trust Fund all settlements are managed by trustees that decide the compensation amounts paid to Mesothelioma claimants. U. S. Courts allow Asbestos defendants to file for protection under a legal process known as bankruptcy reorganization. This allows the company to pay claims and stay in business.

Asbestos Trust Fund settlements typically do not come with an admission of guilt by the asbestos company that set up the trust.

If you have a history of asbestos exposure you should be checked each year by a qualified doctor.

We have been helping victims of asbestos exposure and their families for more than 20 years.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma or an Asbestos-related disease, we are here to help you file a claim with an experience Mesothelioma lawyer that will fight for you!

Need Help Choosing a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

We have been counseling Veterans and Mesothelioma patients for more than 13 years on Mesothelioma and other asbestos related cancers. A Mesothelioma case can settle in the seven figure range. Be very careful in choosing a Mesothelioma lawyer to represent you and your family.

Mesothelioma is highly specialized legal field and having an experienced Veterans Mesothelioma lawyer can make a huge difference in the amount of your settlement.

Mesothelioma cases can take 1-3 years in the busy U. S. Court system. Lawyers for Asbestos companies will try to stretch out the time to settle and some Mesothelioma patients will die during this time. At this point, it will become a Mesothelioma Wrongful Death case.

Family members are allowed to seek financial compensation from negligence of asbestos manufacturers for their loss.

Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer

Malignant Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer that affects lining of the lungs, abdomen, heart, and major organs in the body. Mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant cancer cells are found in the sac lining the chest (pleura) or the abdomen (peritoneum).

There are about 3,000 new malignant Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year in the U. S. If you are experiencing any Mesothelioma symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately.

Veterans Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease.

According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years. Some states have 6 year Statute of Limitations.

Mesothelioma Latency Period

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of 10-50 years. Many Veterans, Shipyard Workers, Construction Workers, Power Plant Workers, Mill Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Auto Mechanics, Veterans, Factory Workers, and laborers are living in the early stages of a variety of asbestos related diseases.

Many Mesothelioma lawyers will not accept asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, colon cancer and esophageal cancer cases.

There is More Than 30 Billion Dollars Set Aside for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Victims in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Need a Navy Mesothelioma Lawyer?

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Military Veterans Occupation List and Asbestos Exposure

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Radar Stations Veterans Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Military Buildings and Asbestos Exposure

Academy Bases Fire Crash Stations
Academy Field Houses Fire Department Buildings
Academy Museums Fire Rooms
Accounting Service Buildings Firehouses
Acoustic Booths Firerooms
Administration Buildings Fleet Air Bases
Administration Facilities Fleet Combat Training Centers
Administration Homes Fleet Facilities
Administration Hospitals Fleet Hangars
Administration Offices Fleet Maintenance Hangars
Aeronautical Engine Plants Fleet Recycling Buildings
Aerospace Buildings Flight Service Stations
Aerospace Manufacturing Facilities Flight Stations
Aerospace Museums Fort Duty Stations
Air & Missile Defense Buildings Fort Mess Halls
Air & Space Museums Fortification Buildings
Air Bases Operation Offices Freight Terminals
Air Bases Powerhouses Fuel & Oil Depots
Air Centers Joint Bases Fuel Annex
Air Combat Command Buildings Fuel Depots
Air Command Buildings Fuel Distribution Stations
Air Corps Buildings Fuel Storage Facilities
Air Defense Buildings Furnace Buildings
Air Education & Training Command Buildings Gas Producing Plants
Air Engineering Stations Gas Pumping Stations
Air Facilities Bases Gas Stations
Air Facilities Buildings Gasket Plants
Air Force Bases Gasoline Stations
Air Force Housing Glove Facilities
Air Force Installations Government Arsenal
Air Force Space Command Buildings Government Buildings
Air Guard Buildings Government Depots
Air Mobility Command Buildings Government Explosive Facilities
Air Operational Stations Government Explosive Plants
Air Raid Defense Buildings Government Plants
Air Readiness Centers Bases Graphic Engineering Centers
Air Readiness Centers Buildings Grinding Rooms
Air Stations Bases Grinding Shops
Air Stations Forts Ground Shipyards
Air Stations Heat Facilities Ground Stations
Air Terminals Group Reserve Fleet Bases
Air Traffic Control Buildings Guard Bases
Air Traffic Control Towers Guard Stations
Air Traffic Controller Stations Guard Training Stations
Air Traffic Offices Gun Facilities
Air Traffic Stations Gun Range Bases
Air Traffic Training Buildings Gun Range Depots
Air Training & Education Centers Gun Range Facilities
Air Training Bases Gunnery Schools
Air Training Command Buildings Hall Barracks
Air Training Stations Hall Buildings Annex
Air Training Test Stations Halls
Air War Colleges Hammer Shops
Air Warfare Centers Bases Hazardous Material Storage Facilities
Air Weapon Stations Headquarter Buildings
Airborne Platforms Heating Facilities
Aircraft Buildings Heating Plants
Aircraft Engine Field Hangar Heavy Press Facilities
Aircraft Engine Plants Helicopter Hangars
Aircraft Engineering Buildings Heliports
Aircraft Field Buildings Historical Research Buildings
Aircraft Fire Crash Stations Holding Barracks
Aircraft Foundry Buildings Hospital Bases
Aircraft Hangars Hospital Boiler Houses
Aircraft Hydraulic Shops Hospital Buildings
Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities Housing Complex
Aircraft NASA History Office ICBM Launch Facilities
Aircraft Office Buildings Inspection Stations
Aircraft Plants Institute College Buildings
Aircraft Power Facilities Intelligence Office
Aircraft Runway Buildings Intelligence Support Buildings
Aircraft Steam Distribution Centers Jet Engine Testing Facilities
Aircraft Steam District System Plants Joint Reserve Bases
Aircraft Structures Joint Reserve Duty Stations
Aircraft Tarmac Runway Buildings Judge Advocate General Buildings
Airfield Airport Junkyard Buildings
Airfield Bases Lab Buildings
Airfield Buildings Laboratories
Airfield Control Towers Landing Field Buildings
Airfield Duty Stations Landing Fields
Airfield Heliport Buildings Landing Piers
Airfield-Heliport Landmarks
Airfields Launch Bridges
Airport Buildings Launch Complex
Airport Fields Launch Pads
Airport Hangars Launch Yards
Airport Jet Bases Launching Stations
Airport Lounge Laundry Buildings
Airport Terminals Laundry Rooms
Airport Towers Libraries
Airports Lighthouses
Ammunition Depots Locker Rooms
Ammunition Depots Auxiliary Locomotive Buildings
Ammunition Depots Buildings Log Bases Distribution Offices
Ammunition Depots Crane Logistic Support Buildings
Ammunition Facilities Lumber Buildings
Ammunition Plants Lumber Yards
Ammunition Storage Buildings Machine Shop Facilities
Ammunition Storage Facilities Machine Shops
Ammunition Supply Depots Machinist Shops
Amphibious Base Shipyards Mail Buildings
Amphibious Transport Dock Maintenance Depots
Ang Afrc Command Test Centers Maintenance Hangars
Annex Bases Major Command Buildings
Anti-Aircraft Platform Major Command Buildings
Armament Museum Management Office
Armory Shops Manufacturing Plants
Arms Ammunition Depots Mapping Agency Buildings
Arms Training Centers Maritime Administration Offices
Army Bases Maritime Schools
Army Housing Medical Centers
Arsenal Ammo Depots Medical Department Buildings
Arsenal Boiler Plants Medical Facilities
Arsenal Tank Plants Memorial Buildings
Arsenal Technical School Memorial Field Houses
Artillery Buildings Memorial Hospitals
Artillery Depots Mental Hospitals
Atomic Bomb Plants Merchant Bases
Attack Transport Bases Merchant Centers
Auto Facilities Mess Hall
Auxiliary Air Stations Buildings Mess Halls
Auxiliary Buildings Metal Bomb Making Facilities
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Military Aircraft
Bachelor Quarters Buildings Military Bases
Bachelor Quarters Motels Korean War Veterans
Bank Buildings Military Equipment
Barrack Craft Yards Military Geospatial Centers
Barrack Duty Stations Military Personnel
Barrack Hospital Military School Buildings
Barracks Military Ships
Base Academic Buildings Military Terminals
Base Academic Classrooms Military Vehicles
Base Air Conditioning Facilities Mine Warfare Training Depots
Base Air Conditioning Offices Missile Bases
Base Aircraft Engine Inspection Facilities Missile Buildings
Base Aircraft Maintenance Docks Missile Range Buildings
Base Airfield Buildings Missile Range Facilities
Base Airman’s Dining Halls Missile Site Buildings
Base Airman’s Dormitories Missile Sites
Base Annex Chapel Buildings Mobile Stations
Base Armory Buildings Mobility Command Buildings
Base Barracks Monuments
Base Boiler Rooms Munitions Plants
Base Bowling Lanes Centers Museums
Base Buildings NASA Annex Bases
Base Camps NASA Buildings
Base Central Heating Plants NASA Launch Buildings
Base Central Plants National Armories
Base Central Power Plants National Historic Sites
Base Chapel Annex Buildings Navigation Bases
Base Chapel Centers Navigation Rooms
Base Coffee Tea House Buildings Navy Housing
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Base Commissaries Navy Shipyards
Base Commissary Buildings Nuclear Reactor Buildings
Base Communication Buildings Nuclear Weapon Buildings
Base Communication Centers Nurse Candidate Schools
Base Complexes Ocean Desalinization Plants
Base Composite Medical Facilities Ocean Terminal Bases
Base Computer Buildings Ocean Terminal Supply Distribution Facilities
Base Computer Rooms Oil Field Buildings
Base Control Towers Oilfield Tool Plants
Base Crash Stations Open Mess Hall
Base Credit Union Buildings Operating Bases
Base Defense Buildings Operating Duty Stations
Base Depots Operation Bases
Base Dining Halls Operation Centers
Base Dispensary Operation System Centers
Base Dormitories Operational Support Centers
Base Education Centers Operational Training Stations
Base Elementary Schools Ordnance Department Buildings
Base Engine Buildings Ordnance Depots
Base Exchange Shopping Centers Ordnance Fuse Facilities
Base Facilities Ordnance Labs
Base Field Medical Schools Ordnance Stations
Base Fields Ordnance Test Stations Plants
Base Fire Department Buildings Overhaul Bases
Base Guest House Buildings Paper Mills
Base Guest Transit Houses Part Stockrooms
Base Hall Hospital Buildings Passenger Terminals
Base Hangars Personnel Buildings
Base Headquarters Buildings Personnel Offices
Base Heating Plants Petroleum Bases
Base Hospital Buildings Pilot Schools
Base Hospital X-Ray Buildings Pipe Shops
Base Housing Buildings Platforms
Base Housing Projects Plotting Rooms
Base Inspection Facilities Policy Offices
Base Loading Docks Port Bases
Base Lounges Port Duty Stations
Base Maintenance Buildings Post Graduate School
Base Major Command Buildings Power & Gas Stations
Base Material Storage Facilities Power Generating Plants
Base Mess Hall Powerhouse Buildings
Base Microfilm Facilities Buildings Printing Centers
Base Missile Site Prison Buildings
Base Nursery Buildings Propellant Plants Buildings
Base Office Quarters Proving Ground Bases
Base Open Mess Halls Public Bases Centers
Base Operation Buildings Pumping Stations
Base Power Buildings Quarry Buildings
Base Power Plants Radar Bases
Base Powerhouse Radar Control Stations
Base Precision Grinding Shop Radar Site
Base Presidios Radar Stations
Base Prisons Radio Communication Buildings
Base Professional Buildings Radio Stations
Base Proving Grounds Railroad Buildings
Base Public Department Buildings Railroad Stations
Base Quarters Railroad Terminal
Base Radar Flight Control Centers Readiness Centers
Base Schools Readiness Training Centers
Base Science Facilities Recruit Training & Candidate Schools
Base Shipyards Buildings Recruit Training Facilities Buildings
Base Shop Test Facilities Recruit Training Schools
Base Shopping Centers Recruiting Offices
Base Shops Warehouses Recruiting Stations
Base Storage Facilities Recruiting Sub Stations
Base Storage Facilities Refineries Plants
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Base Supply Centers Refrigeration Plants
Base Supply Equipment Warehouses Refueling Aircraft Stations
Base Terminals Refueling Stations
Base Test Sites Relay Facilities
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Base Youth Centers Reserve Bases
Base Youth Centers Buildings Reserve Duty Stations
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Basement Stockrooms Retirement Homes
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Basic Training Facilities Sanitation Buildings
Basic Training Schools School Barracks
Battalion Centers Bases School Bases
Battalion Mess Halls School of Engineering Buildings
Battle Monuments School of Music
Battleship Duty Stations Science Technology Division Buildings
Bearing Shop Buildings Scientific Research Buildings
Boat Buildings Bases Scrapyards
Boat Buildings Shipyards Sealift Vessel Bases
Boat Buildings Yards Sealift Vessel Shipyards
Boat of Port Bases Sealift Vessel Yard
Boat of Port Shipyards Sector Duty Stations
Boat of Port Yard Sector Field Offices
Boat Port Bases Ship Buildings Facilities
Boat Port Shipyards Ship Buildings Plants
Boat Port Yard Ship Buildings Yards
Boiler & Turbine School Ship Junkyards
Boiler Houses Ship Lumber Yards
Boiler Plants Ship Salvage Yards
Boiler Plants Buildings Ship Stations
Boiler Plants Tank Arsenal Ship Terminal Buildings
Boiler Rooms Shipping Department Buildings
Bomb Disposal Buildings Shipyard Terminal Warehouses
Bomb Explosive Buildings Shipyard Terminals
Bomb Making Facilities Shipyard Test Centers
Bomb Plants Shipyards Buildings
Bowling Alley Buildings Shipyards Buildings Facilities
Building Foundations Shipyards Dry Dock Buildings
Bunker Quarry Shipyards Port Buildings
Bunkhouse Buildings Shop Buildings
Bunkhouses Shop Facilities
Bus Stations Shops
Bus Terminals Shore Facilities
Cable Stations Shore Installations
Cadet Barracks Silo Buildings
Cadet Quarters Skyscraper Buildings
Cafeteria Mess Halls Sleeping Quarters
Camp Bases Space Centers Buildings
Camp Reservations Space Facilities
Camps Space Launch Buildings
Candidate Schools (OCS) Space Science Technology Offices
Cargo Bays Squadron Buildings
Cargo Buildings Station Evaporator Rooms
Catering Department Buildings Stations Bases
Central Command Buildings Stations Buildings
Central Heating Refrigeration Plants Stations Depots
Chaplaincy Centers Stations Housing Plants Buildings
Chemical Depots Stations Reserve Bases
Chemical Plants Stations Salvage Fuel Boiler Plants
Coal Depots Stations Supply Centers Buildings
Cobbler Shops Steam Plants
College Buildings Steam Rooms
College Campus Dormitories Steel Armor Plants
Combat Communication Centers Steel Buildings
Combat Readiness Centers Steel Mills
Combat Readiness Training Centers Steel Plants
Combat Training Centers Steel Yards
Combine Shops Stock Barracks
Command & Control Centers Stockpile Buildings
Command Buildings Storage Facilities
Command Centers Sub Dry Dock Buildings
Command Centers Buildings Submarine Bases
Command Support Buildings Submarine Bases Buildings
Command Test Centers Submarine Bases Medical Centers
Commissary Stores Submarine Bases Power Plants
Common Ground Stations Submarine Dry Docks
Communication Bases Supply Bases
Communication Centers Supply Centers
Communication Terminals Supply Centers Annex
Complex Bases Supply Centers Buildings
Composite Medi-Facilities Bases Supply Depots
Computer Telecommunication Master Stations Supply Depots Buildings
Construction Bases Supply Distribution Facilities
Construction Battalion Base Camps Support Facilities
Construction Camps Support Stations
Construction Facilities Tactical Electronic Warfare Duty Stations
Contaminated Dumpsites Tank Arsenal
Contract Management Offices Tank Arsenal Boiler Plants
Control Towers Tank Plants
Convalescent Hospitals Technical Applications Centers
Correctional Facilities Technical Information Centers
Craft & Arts Shops Technical School Buildings
Dam Buildings Telecommunication Buildings
Data Processing Centers Buildings Terminal Dock Buildings
Defense Dept Buildings Terminal Shipyards
Defense Distribution Centers Test and Evaluation Centers
Defense National Stockpile Buildings Testing Facilities
Defense Plants Towboat Bases
Defense Support Command Buildings Traffic Control Centers
Demolition Bases Train Shops
Dental Clinics Train Terminals
Dental Facilities Training Bases
Dental Offices Training Buildings
Desalinization Plants Training Centers
Dining Facilities Training Centers Bases
Discharge Buildings Training Centers Duty Stations
Distribution Centers Training Classroom
Distribution System Centers Training Development Centers
Dock Bases Training Duty Stations
DOD Buildings Training Education Centers
Dry Dock Bases Training Facilities
Dry Dock Buildings Training Stations
Dry Dock Shipyards Transport Facilities
Dry Dock Yards Transport Yards
Dump Sites Truck Shops
Duty Stations Tug Boatyards
Dynamite Waste Houses Turbine Rooms
Electric Boat Shipyards U. S. Navy Ships
Electric Buildings Underground Bases Buildings
Electrical Power Plants Underground Bunker
Electronic Labs Utility Buildings
Embarking Stations Utility Tunnels
Engine Rooms VA Hospital Centers
Engineering Buildings VA Medical Centers
Engineering Centers VA Office Buildings
Engineering Facilities VA Treatment Centers
Enlisted Quarters Vehicle Facilities
Enlisted Quarters Barracks Vehicle Motor Pools
Equipment Test Facilities Vessel Yards
Excursion Vessel Bases Veteran Affairs Offices
Excursion Vessel Shipyards Veteran Centers
Experimental Stations Veterans Administration Buildings
Exploration Bases Vets Housing Projects
Explosive Facilities Buildings VFW Halls
Explosive Plants Voyage Stations
Explosive Plants Buildings Voyage Stations Bases
Fabricating Plants War Department Buildings
Facilities Annex Warehouse Buildings
Facilities Buildings Warfare Command Buildings
Facilities Duty Stations Warfare Training Depots
Facilities Underground Bunkers Waste Disposal Buildings
Field Air Bases Wastewater Plants
Field Hangars Water Bases Buildings
Field Houses Weapon Plants
Field Multi-Purpose Hangars Weapon Schools
Field Powerhouses Weapon Stations
Field Towers Apartments Weapon Stations Buildings
Fighter Schools Weapon Training Facilities
Fighter Training Schools Yard Fuel Annex
Financial Offices Yard Fuel Depots