Pumps Products: Mesothelioma Lawsuits 


Workers and laborers who used Pumps products that contained asbestos may have unknowingly breathed or ingested tiny asbestos particles that may be affecting their health. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it is airborne. People installing, removing or replacing asbestos containing products are most at risk of developing an asbestos disease in their lifetime. Asbestos fibers can be smaller than .03 microns which is hard to see without a microscope.

Thousands of asbestos-containing products and materials were used throughout all States. More than 20 million American workers have been exposed to asbestos with the heaviest usage in the U. S. was during 1930-1980. Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers can lay dormant in people for 10-50 years.

Pumps Products and Asbestos Exposure

Millions of Americans were exposed to toxic asbestos fibers and dust from more than 3,000 asbestos-containing products and materials. Many of these products still exist in in old buildings, residential homes, shopping centers, churches, industrial plants, factories, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, shipyards and manufacturing plants.

Asbestos dust is most dangerous when inhaled or ingested. During 1930-1980 many U. S. workers were daily exposed to toxic asbestos dust and fibers where they inhaled and ingested them without any protection in their workplace.

Patients diagnosed with Mesothelioma have complained that they were not given any warning, training or respiratory protective gear when handling, installing, loading, repairing, or removing asbestos-containing products when using them in many building trades.

Workers diagnosed with Mesothelioma from toxic exposure to asbestos containing pumps products and materials may be eligible for financial compensation with the help of an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer.

Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma

Asbestos manufacturers knew as far back as the early 1920’s that asbestos caused asbestosis and the first case of Malignant Mesothelioma was definitively linked to asbestos exposure in workers and laborers in 1964.

More than 600,000 asbestos and Mesothelioma cases have been brought against asbestos manufacturers and distributors, claiming the companies failed to protect workers and laborers from harmful asbestos contamination, and failed to warn workers about health risks.

The World health Organization reported that there have been 92,253 mesothelioma deaths (and counting) reported by 83 countries.

Mesothelioma cancer has 4 stages and rarely diagnosed in stages 1 and 2 because it looks like many other diseases like COPD, a chronic cough, the flu and pneumonia. If you have a history of work-related asbestos exposure you should be checked each year by a qualified doctor.

Pump Products and Mesothelioma


Accelerator Pump Nagle Pump
Access Pump Navy Duty Pump
Acid Pump Neon Tube Pump
Aeration Pump Nitrogen Pump
Air Conditioner Pump System Northern Pumps
Air Conditioning Pumps Nuclear Pumps
Air Fuel Pump Gasket Oil Backing Pump
Air Heat Pumps Oil Diffusion Pump
Air Pump Oil Field Pump
Air Sampling Pump Oil Gas Pump
Air Source Heat Pump Oil Lubricated Pump
Airlift Pump Oil Press Pump
Ammonia Pump Oil Pump
Aquarium Pump Oil Pump Station Equipment
Asbestos-Containing Pump Oil Pump Steel
Asphalt Concrete Pump Oil Pump System
Asphalt Material Pump Oil Rotary Pump
Asphalt Pump Oil Sampling Pump
Aurora Pump Oil Tank Pump
Auto Water Pump Oil Well Pump
Auxiliary Equipment Pump Oil Well Pumper
Axial Piston Pump One Line Jet Pump
Ball Bearing Pump Pacific Pump
Balsam Wool Pump Pack Pump
Barrel Casing Pump Paper Pulp Pump
Barrel Container Pump Paper Pump
Barrel Pump Paper Stock Pump
Bath Gear Pump Paraffin Pumper
Bath Pump Parallel Pump
Bearing Pump Pea Gravel Rock Pump
Bellow Pump Pedestal Water Pump
Bicycle Pump Peerless Pump
Bilge Pump Peripheral Pump
Blackmer Pump Peristaltic Hose Pump
Boat Pump Petrol Centrifugal Water Pump
Boiler Feed Water Pump Petrol Diaphragm Pump
Boiler Pump Phenolic Plastic Flex Pump
Boom Pump Pickle Pump
Booster Gear Pump Pickle Water Pump
Booster Pump Pigment Pump
Booster Pump Oiler Pipe Chemical Pump
Bottle Pump Pipe Line Pump
Brewery Pump Pipe Pump
Brine Pump Pipeline Drip Pump
Briner Well Pump Pipeline Pump
Buffalo Pumps Piston Gear Pump
Bypass Pump Piston Pump
Bypoduct Pump Plaster Pump
Calibration Pump Plastic Pump
Car Water Pump Plunger Pump
Carbonator Pump Plywood Pump Equipment
Cargo Oil Pump Plywood Tank Pump
Casing Pump Plywood Well Pump
Cast Iron Bronze Pump Pneumados Diaphrmetering Pump
Caustic Pump Pneumatic Chemical Pump
Cavity Pump – Vehicle Pneumatic Pump
Cement Boom Pump Pool Heater Heat Pump
Cement Concrete Pump Pool Pump
Cement Line Pump Power Pump
Cement Pump Pressure Pump
Centrifugal Horizontal Pump Pressure Spray Pump
Centrifugal Pump Pressure Vacuum Pump
Centrifugal Water Pump Priming Pump
Cesspool Pump Progressive Cavity Pump
Chain Pump Proportioning Pump
Chemical Pump Puddle Sucker Pump
Chesterton Style 328 Pumps Pulp Pump
Chicago Pump Pulsometer Pump
Chief Operator Pump Room Pump 106 Compressors
Circulation Pump Pump Accessories
Compact Pump Pump Alarms
Component Suction Pump Pump Auger
Compressor Piston Pump Pump Auxiliary Equipment
Compressor Pump Pump Bearing
Concrete Boom Pump Pump Blower
Concrete Pump Pump Cable
Condensate Pump Pump Calibrator
Condensation Pump Pump Component
Connected Pump Pump Control Panel
Construction Pump Pump Control Switch
Control Water Pump Pump Controls
Cooling Pump Pump Engines
Cooling System Pump Pump Equipment
Crude Oil Pump Pump Flanges
Cryogenic Pump Pump Fluid System
Cycling Water Pump Pump Foot Valve
Cylinder Pump Pump Gas Kart
De Laval Pump Pump Gas System
Deck Pump Pump Gasket
Deep Well Pump Pump Gasket Packing
Depositing Pump Pump Grease Trap
Dewatering Pump Pump Hoses
Diaphram Pump Pump Jet
Diesel Powered Water Pump Pump Kits
Diesel Pump Pump Lab
Diesel Transfer Pump Pump Lining
Diffusion Pump Pump Machinery Lubricator
Dispense Pump Pump Material
Displacement Pump Pump Motor
Ditch Pump Pump Nozzle
Dock Pumper Pump Output Tank
Double Piston Pump Pump Packing Gasket
Drain Pumps Pump Packing Material
Drain Tank Pump Pump Piston
Dredge Pump Pump Plunger
Drill Pump Pump Pressure Control Switch
Drive Pump Pump Rods
Drum Pump Pump Rotary Vane
Dry Pump Pump Sealing
Dry Vacuum Pump Pump Septic System
Durco Pump Pump Septic Tank
Dvp Pump Pump Storage Station
Ejector Pump Pump Switch
Electric Chemical Pump Pump System
Electric Downhole Pump Pump Tank
Electric Fire Pump Pump Tank Well Controls
Electric Gear Pump Pump Thermostat
Electric Pump Pump Valve
Electric Submersible Pump Pump Well Motor
Electrical Chemical Pump Pump Wellhead
Electrical Pump Pump Wellheads
Electronic Rotary Pump Pump Wiring
Emergency Feed Pump Pumper Gage
Engine Pressure Pump Pumphouse Equipment
Engine Pump Pumpress Pump
Equipment Pump Purge Pump
Expandable Pump Quarry Dredge Pump
Extrusion Pump Radial Piston Pump
Feed Booster Pump Reactor Pump
Feed Pump Refinery Pump
Feedwater Pump Refrigerant Pump
Field Pump Reservoir Lake Pump
Filling Pump Rotary Fuel Pump
Fire Pump Rotary Lobe Pump
Fire Truck Pump Rotary Pump
Fire Truck Pump Valve Safety Control Water Pump
Fish Transfer Pump Safety Drum Pump
Float Pump Salt Pump Supply
Floor Sink Pump Sea Water Pump
Flowserve Pump Sealing Pump
Fluid Dispensing Pump Septic Pump Hoses
Fluid Pump Septic Pump Truck
Foot Pump Septic System Tank Pump
Fountain Pump Septic Tank Pump
Frame Pump Sewage Pump
Fresh Water Pump Sewage Tank Pump
Fuel Pump Sewer Pump
Fuel Pump Gasket Sludge Pump
Fuel Pump Nozzle Slurry Pump
Fuel Pump Switch Solar Heat Pump
Fuel Unit Oil Pump Spa Pump
Gager Pumper Spray Pump
Gardner Denvers Pump Sprinkler Fire Pump
Gas Air Pump Stage Casing Pump
Gas Drilling Pump Stage Centrifugal Pump
Gas Hose Pump Stage Pump
Gas Oil Pump Stainless Steel Pump
Gas Oil Well Pump Stationary Pump
Gas Pump Steam Pump
Gas Pump Filtration Steel Pump
Gas Pump Heads Still Pump
Gas Pump System Stock Pump
Gas Station Pump Storage Tank Pump
Gasoline Pump Storm Water Pumps
Gastec Cylinder Pump Submergible Pump
Gator Pump Submersible Dewatering Pump
Gear Pump Submersible Drainage Pump
Geothermal Heat Pump Submersible Pump
Gold Cup Pump Motor Submersible Sewage Pump
Goulds Pump Submersible Slurry Pump
Granite Pump Gasket Submersible Turbine Pump
Graphited Centrifugal Pump Submersible Water Pump
Gravel Concrete Pumper Submersible Well Pump
Grease Press Pumper Suction Full Pump
Grease Pump Suction Pump
Grease Pump Truck Sump Pump
Grinder Pump Swimming Pool Pump
Grit Pump System Pump
Ground Pump System Tank Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump Tallow Pump
Groundwater Heat Pump Tank Pump
Grout Pump Tar Pump
Heat Condensation Pump Tire Pump
Heat Cooling System Pump Transfer Gas Pump
Heat Pump Compressor Transfer Liquids Pump
Heat Pump Compressor Unit Transfer Oil Pump
Heat Pump Part Transfer Pump
Heat Pump System Transfer Pump
Heat Pumps‎ Transfer Slurries Pump
Heat System Pump Transport Pump
Heat Vacuum Pump Triplex Pump
Heating Oil Pump Truck Pump Valve
Heating System Pump Tube Pump
High Density Solids Pump Turbine Cooling Pump
High Pressure Pump Turbine Hydraulic Pump
High Temperature Pump Turbine Pump Lubrication
High-Pressure Spray Pump Turbine Pumps
Home Appliance Pump Two Line Jet Pump
Horizontal Stage Pump Underground Pump
Hose Peristaltic Pump Unit Oil Pump
Hose Pump Utility Drill Pump
Hose Pump Connector Utility Pump
Hose Reel Pump Vac Drum Pump
Hvac Condensate Pump Vacuum Diffusion Pump
Hvac Heat Pump Vacuum Pressure Pump
Hvac Pump Vacuum Pump
Hydraulic Cartridge Pump Vacuum Unit Pump
Hydraulic Cylinder Pump Vane Pump
Hydraulic Gear Pump Vehicle Water Pump
Hydraulic Pump Vertical Line Pump
Hydraulic Pump Seal Vessel Pump
Hydraulic Submersible Pump Warren Pumps
Hydraulic Test Pump Warren Steam Pump
Hydraulic Water Pump Wash Oil Pump
Hydrostatic Pump Waste Oil Rotary Pump
Industrial Pumps Wastewater Pump
Inert Syringe Pump Water Containment Pump
Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Water Exaction Pump
Ingersoll-Rand Pump Water Heater Pump
Injection Pump Water Main Pump
Internal Pump Gasket Water Pipe Pump
Inwell Submersible Well Pump Water Pump
In-Well Submersible Well Pump Water Pump Bearing
Inwell Well Pump Water Pump Controls
Irrigation Pump Water Pump Engines
Jet Pump Water Pump Motor
Lab Pump Water Pump Pliers
Lab Vacuum Pump Water Pump Pressure Control
Laval Pumps Water Pump Pump Controls
Levee Pumper Water Pump Switch
Line Jet Pump Water Pump Switches
Line Pump Water Pump Tank
Liquid Filler Pump Water Pump Valve
Liquid Pump Water Storage Tank Pump
Low Flow Pump Water Supply Pump
Lube Oil Pump Water Supply Tank Pump
Machine Pump Water Tank Pump
Magnetic Drive Pump Water Tank Pump
Main Fire Pump Water Trash Pump
Manifold System Pump Water Well Equipment Pump
Marine Duty Pump Water Well Pump
Marine Pump Water Well Stimulation Pump
Marsh Pump Water Well Water Pump
Metal Drum Pump Wax Pump
Metal Pump Wax Pumper
Metered Transfer Pump Well Equipment Pump
Metering Plunger Pump Well Jet Pump
Metering Pump Well Pump
Micro Pump Well Pump Equipment
Mine Dredge Pump Well Pump Pipe
Mine Steam Pump Well Stimulation Pump
Mini Condensate Pump Well Submergible Pump
Miniature Pump Well Water Pump
Molten Metal Pump Wellhead Pump
Morse Pump Westinghouse Pumps
Motor Pressure Pump Wool Pump Mill
Motor Pump Worthington “De” Monobloc Pump
Mud Mix Pump Worthington Monobloc Centrifugal Pump
Mud Pump Worthington Pumps
Multiphase Pump Worthington Steam Pump
Multistage Pump – Rr-2 Rr-4 Yeomans Pump

Pump Workers and Asbestos Exposure


Above Ground Pump Installer Pump Erector
Above Ground Pump Worker Pump Erector Worker
Acid Pump Worker Pump Factory Worker
Aeration Pump Gasket Installer Pump Feeder
Aeration Pump Gasket Worker Pump Filtration Installer
Aeration Pump Installer Pump Filtration Worker
Aeration Pump Worker Pump Fuel Worker
Air Fuel Pump Gasket Installer Pump Gardner
Air Fuel Pump Gasket Worker Pump Gas System Installer
Air Fuel Pump Installer Pump Gas System Worker
Air Fuel Pump Mechanic Pump Gasket Installer
Air Fuel Pump Worker Pump Gasket Worker
Air Pump Installer Pump Gasoline Worker
Air Pump Worker Pump Gauger
Air Pumper Pump Grease Trap Worker
Air Sampling Pump Worker Pump Guardian Pump Controller
Air Source Heat Pump Installer Pump Hose Installer
Air Source Heat Pump Worker Pump Hose Worker
Ammonia Pump Worker Pump House Chief
Aquarium Pump Installer Pump House Worker
Aquarium Pump Mechanic Pump Inspection Worker
Aquarium Pump Worker Pump Installer
Asphalt Concrete Pump Worker Pump Irrigator Worker
Asphalt Material Pump Worker Pump Leak Worker
Asphalt Pump Worker Pump Line Installer
Auto Water Pump Installer Pump Line Worker
Auto Water Pump Mechanic Pump Lineman
Auto Water Pump Worker Pump Liquid Pump
Auxiliary Equipment Pump Room Worker Pump Liquid Pump Installer
Balsam Wool Pump Mill Worker Pump Liquid Pump Worker
Bearing Pump Worker Pump Loader Worker
Bellow Pump Installer Pump Machine Lubricator
Bellow Pump Worker Pump Machine Worker
Bilge Pump Installer Pump Machinist
Bilge Pump Worker Pump Man Worker
Boat Pump Worker Pump Manufacturer
Boiler Feedwater Pump Worker Pump Manufacturing Worker
Boiler Pump Feeder Pump Mechanic
Boiler Pump Installer Pump Mechanic Worker
Boiler Pump Worker Pump Men Transportation Worker
Boom Pump Worker Pump Men Water Transportation Worker
Booster Pump Oiler Pump Men Worker
Booster Pump Worker Pump Mill Worker
Bottle House Pumper Pump Modifier
Bottle Pumper Pump Motor
Bottling House Pumper Pump Motor Mechanic
Bottling Pumper Pump Motor Worker
Brewery Pumper Pump Mounter
Brine Pump Installer Pump Nozzle Worker
Brine Pump Worker Pump Oiler
Briner Well Pump Worker Pump Operation Worker
Broken Pump Switch Worker Pump Pac Gasket Installer
Bypass Pump Worker Pump Pac Gasket Worker
Bypoduct Pump Worker Pump Pac Material Installer
Byproduct Pump Worker Pump Pac Material Worker
Byproducts Pump Worker Pump Pac Worker
Car Water Pump Installer Pump Packager
Car Water Pump Mechanic Pump Packaging Worker
Car Water Pump Worker Pump Packer
Casing Pump Worker Pump Packing Gasket Installer
Caustic Pump Worker Pump Packing Gasket Worker
Cavity Pump Worker Pump Packing Material Installer
Cellar Pumper Pump Packing Material Worker
Cement Boom Pump Worker Pump Packing Worker
Cement Concrete Pump Worker Pump Part Installer
Cement Line Pump Worker Erector Pump Part Worker
Cement Material Pump Worker Pump Petroleum Worker
Cement Pump Driver Pump Pipe Power Worker
Cement Pump Worker Pump Plant Worker
Cement Pumper Pump Plywood Worker
Centrifugal Pump Installer Pump Power Worker
Centrifugal Pump Mechanic Pump Press Worker
Centrifugal Pump Packer Pump Pressure Control Installer
Centrifugal Pump Worker Pump Pressure Control Switch Installer
Centrifugal Water Pump Installer Pump Pressure Control Switch Worker
Centrifugal Water Pump Worker Pump Pressure Control Worker
Cesspool Pump Truck Driver Pump Pressure Worker
Chemical Injection Pump Worker Pump Purification Worker
Chemical Pump Gauger Pump Rebuilder
Chemical Pump House Worker Pump Refinery Worker
Chemical Pump Installer Pump Regulators
Chemical Pump Worker Pump Repair Worker
Chemical Pumper Pump Rod Installer
Chemical Pumphouse Worker Pump Rod Worker
Chief Pump House Worker Pump Room Installer
Chief Pump Station Worker Pump Room Worker
Chief Pumphouse Worker Pump Runner
Chief Transfer Pumphouse Worker Pump Sales Worker
Circulating Pump Installer Pump Salesman
Circulating Pump Worker Pump Sealing Applicator
Circulator Pumper Pump Septic System Installer
Commercial Pump System Installer Pump Septic System Worker
Commercial Pump System Worker Pump Septic Tank Installer
Compressor Pump Installer Pump Septic Tank Worker
Compressor Pump Worker Pump Service Mechanic
Computer Contolled Pump Worker Pump Service Worker
Computer Controlled Pump Worker Pump Set Up Worker
Concrete Boom Pump Worker Pump Shop Repair Tech
Concrete Line Pump Worker Erector Pump Smelter
Concrete Pump Driver Pump Smelter Worker
Concrete Pump Worker Pump Solar Installer
Concrete Pumper Pump Solar Worker
Condensation Pump Installer Pump Source Worker
Condensation Pump Reservoir Installer Pump Station Building Worker
Condensation Pump Reservoir Worker Pump Station Chief
Condensation Pump Worker Pump Station Compressor House Worker
Condenstation Pump Installer Pump Station Engineer
Condenstation Pump Worker Pump Station Engneer
Construction Diver Pumper Pump Station Mechanic
Construction Dredge Pumper Pump Station Office Worker
Construction Pump Erector Pump Station Processing Unit Worker
Containment Pump Installer Pump Station Unit Worker
Containment Pump Worker Pump Station Worker
Contolled Pump Worker Pump Station Worker Pipe Line
Control Power Driven Pump Worker Pump Stem Plywood Worker
Control Water Pump Installer Pump Still Worker
Control Water Pump Worker Pump Stitcher
Controlled Pump Worker Pump Storage Worker
Cooling Pump Installer Pump Swimming Pool Heater Installer
Cooling Pump Mechanic Pump Swimming Pool Heater Worker
Cooling Pump Worker Pump Switch Installer
Crude Oil Pump Installer Pump Switch Worker
Crude Oil Pump Worker Pump System Designer
Cryogenic Pump Worker Pump System Installer
Cycling Water Pump Installer Pump System Mechanic
Cycling Water Pump Worker Pump System Plywood Worker
Cylinder Pump Installer Pump System Supplier
Cylinder Pump Worker Pump System Supplying Worker
Deep Pump Installer Pump System Worker
Deep Pump Worker Pump Tailor
Deep Well Pump Installer Pump Tank Installer
Deep Well Pump Worker Pump Tank Well Control Installer
Deep Well Reciprocating Pump Installer Pump Tank Well Control Worker
Deep Well Reciprocating Pump Worker Pump Tank Worker
Deep Well Submersible Pump Installer Pump Tester
Deep Well Submersible Pump Worker Pump Testing Worker
Depositing Pump Installer Pump Thermostat Installer
Depositing Pump Worker Pump Thermostat Worker
Dewatering Pump Worker Pump Till Worker
Diaphragm Pump Installer Pump Treadles Worker
Diaphragm Pump Worker Pump Troubleshooter
Diesel Diaphragm Pump Installer Pump Truck Driver
Diesel Diaphragm Pump Worker Pump Truck Worker
Diesel Powered Water Pump Installer Pump Trucking Driver
Diesel Powered Water Pump Worker Pump Valve Installer
Diesel Pump Installer Pump Valve Worker
Diesel Pump Worker Pump Warehouse Worker
Diesel Transfer Pump Installer Pump Water Heater Installer
Diesel Transfer Pump Worker Pump Water Heater Worker
Diffusion Pump Installer Pump Water Worker
Diffusion Pump Worker Pump Well Service Worker
Displacement Pump Worker Pump Wellhead Worker
Ditch Pump Observer Pump Wells Motor Installer
Ditch Pump Worker Pump Wells Motor Worker
Ditches Pump Observer Pump Wiring Installer
Diver Pumper Pump Wiring Worker
Dock Pumper Pump Worker
Dosing Pump Worker Pump Worker Man
Downhole Pump Worker Pump Worker Pump Worker
Drain Field Tank Pump Installer Pump Worker Wellhead Pumpers
Drain Field Tank Pump Worker Pump Worker Worker
Drain Piping Well Pump Installer Pumped Worker
Drain Piping Well Pump Worker Pumper Brewery Cellar Worker
Drainage Line Pump Installer Pumper Cleaner
Drainage Line Pump Worker Pumper Gager
Drainage Pump Worker Pumper Gauger
Dredge Pump Worker Pumper Gauger Worker
Dredge Pumper Pumper Head Field Worker
Drill Pump Worker Pumper Installer
Drilling Pump Worker Pumper Worker
Drip Pumper Pumphouse Chief
Driven Pump Worker Pumphouse Worker
Dry Site Pump Installer Pumpline Worker
Duty Pump Worker Pumpman
Ejector Pump Installer Pumpman Transportation Worker
Ejector Pump Worker Pumpman Water Transportation Worker
Electric Chemical Pump Worker Pumpman Worker
Electric Downhole Pump Worker Pumpmill Worker
Electric Fire Pump Controller Pumproom Installer
Electric Motor Pressure Pump Installer Pumproom Worker
Electric Motor Pressure Pump Worker Purge Pump Installer
Electric Pump Calibration Worker Purge Pump Worker
Electric Pump Calibrator Purification Pump Station Worker
Electric Rotary Pump Worker Purification Pump Worker
Electronic Pump Calibration Worker Quarry Dredge Pumper
Electronic Rotary Pump Worker Radiant Heat Pump Worker
Emergency Feed Pump Installer Refiner Pump Worker
Emergency Feed Pump Worker Refiner Pumper
Engine Pressure Pump Installer Refiner Pumper Gauger
Engine Pressure Pump Worker Refiner Wax Pumper
Engine Pump Worker Refinery Process Pumper
Equipment Pump Room Worker Refinery Pump Worker
Extraction Pump Worker Refinery Pumper
Fabricating Heat Pump Worker Refinery Wax Pumper
Factory Pump Worker Refining Pump Worker
Feed Pump Installer Refining Pumper
Feed Pump Worker Refining Wax Pumper
Feed Water Pump Mechanic Refrigerant Pump Installer
Feed Water Pump Worker Refrigerant Pump Worker
Feedwater Pump Worker Regenerative Turbine Pump Installer
Field Pump Shop Repair Tech Regenerative Turbine Pump Worker
Field Pumper Reinforced Concrete Pump Hose
Field Service Tech Repair Pump Leak Worker
Field Tank Pump Installer Ring Section Pump Installer
Field Tank Pump Worker Ring Section Pump Worker
Filler Pump Worker Rotary Pump Installer
Filter Press Pumper Rotary Pump Worker
Float Pump Installer Rotary Pumper
Float Pump Worker Safety Control Water Pump Installer
Floor Pump Worker Safety Control Water Pump Worker
Flooring Pump Worker Sampling Pump Installer
Fluid Pump System Worker Sampling Pump Worker
Fluid Pump Worker Sea Water Pump Installer
Fresh Water Pump Worker Sea Water Pump Worker
Fuel Pump Gasket Installer Senior Pump Room Worker
Fuel Pump Gasket Worker Senior Pump Station Worker
Fuel Pump Installer Septic Pump Hose Installer
Fuel Pump Mechanic Septic Pump Hose Worker
Fuel Pump Nozzle Worker Septic Pump Installer
Fuel Pump Worker Septic Pump Station Worker
Fuel Unit Oil Pump Installer Septic Pump Truck Driver
Fuel Unit Oil Pump Worker Septic Pump Worker
Gager Pumper Septic Pumper
Gas Hose Pumper Septic Pumper Installer
Gas Oil Pumper Septic Pumper Worker
Gas Oil Well Pumper Septic System Tank Pump Installer
Gas Pump Filtration Installer Septic System Tank Pump Worker
Gas Pump Filtration Worker Septic Tank Pump Installer
Gas Pump Installer Septic Tank Pump Worker
Gas Pump Mechanic Service Pump Equipment Worker
Gas Pump Repair Worker Service Pump Station Worker
Gas Pump Station Engineer Set Pump Installer
Gas Pump Station Engneer Set Pump Worker
Gas Pump Station Mechanic Sewage Ejector Pump Installer
Gas Pump Station Worker Sewage Ejector Pump Worker
Gas Pump System Installer Sewage Exaction Pump Worker
Gas Pump System Worker Sewage Motor Pump Mechanic
Gas Pump Worker Sewage Motor Pump Worker
Gas Pumper Sewage Plant Pump Worker
Gas Pumpman Sewage Pump Damage Repair Worker
Gas Station Pump Worker Sewage Pump Equipment Worker
Gas Tech Sewage Pump Factory Worker
Gasoline Pump Installer Sewage Pump Installer
Gasoline Pump Mechanic Sewage Pump Liquid Pump Installer
Gasoline Pump Worker Sewage Pump Liquid Pump Worker
Gauger Pumper Sewage Pump Mechanic
Gear Pump Worker Sewage Pump Motor Mechanic
Geothermal Heat Pump Installer Sewage Pump Motor Worker
Geothermal Heat Pump Machinist Sewage Pump Plant Worker
Geothermal Heat Pump Worker Sewage Pump Plumber
Gravel Concrete Pumper Sewage Pump Station Building Worker
Grease Press Pumper Sewage Pump Station Engineer
Grease Pump Truck Driver Sewage Pump Station Worker
Grease Tallow Pumper Sewage Pump Worker
Grinder Pump Installer Sewage Pumper
Grinder Pump Worker Sewage Purification Pump Worker
Ground Source Heat Pump Installer Sewage Sampling Pump Worker
Ground Source Heat Pump Worker Sewage Source Pump Worker
Ground Source Heat Tech Sewage Tank Pump Installer
Ground Water Pump Installer Sewage Tank Pump Worker
Ground Water Pump Worker Sewage Well Pumper
Groundwater Heat Pump Installer Sewe Pump Worker
Groundwater Heat Pump Worker Sewer Ejector Pump Installer
Grout Pump Worker Sewer Ejector Pump Worker
Heat Condensation Pump Installer Sewer Exaction Pump Worker
Heat Condensation Pump Worker Sewer Motor Pump Mechanic
Heat Pump Compressor Installer Sewer Motor Pump Worker
Heat Pump Compressor Unit Installer Sewer Plant Pump Worker
Heat Pump Compressor Unit Worker Sewer Pump Damage Repair Worker
Heat Pump Compressor Worker Sewer Pump Equipment Worker
Heat Pump Diagnostic Installer Sewer Pump Factory Worker
Heat Pump Diagnostic Worker Sewer Pump Installer
Heat Pump Installer Sewer Pump Liquid Pump Installer
Heat Pump Machinist Sewer Pump Liquid Pump Worker
Heat Pump Modifier Sewer Pump Mechanic
Heat Pump Part Installer Sewer Pump Motor Mechanic
Heat Pump Part Worker Sewer Pump Motor Worker
Heat Pump Solar Installer Sewer Pump Plant Worker
Heat Pump Solar Worker Sewer Pump Plumber
Heat Pump Swimming Pool Worker Sewer Pump Station Building Worker
Heat Pump System Installer Sewer Pump Station Engineer
Heat Pump System Worker Sewer Pump Station Worker
Heat Pump Thermostat Installer Sewer Pump Worker
Heat Pump Thermostat Worker Sewer Pumper
Heat Pump Water Heater Installer Sewer Purification Pump Station Worker
Heat Pump Water Heater Worker Sewer Purification Pump Worker
Heat Pump Worker Sewer Sampling Pump Worker
Heat System Pump Installer Sewer Source Pump Worker
Heat System Pump Worker Sewer Tank Pump Installer
Heater Pump Installer Sewer Tank Pump Worker
Heater Pump Worker Sewer Well Pumper
Heating System Pump Installer Shallow Well Jet Pump Installer
Heating System Pump Worker Shallow Well Jet Pump Worker
High-Pressure Spray Pump Worker Ship Pump Worker
Hose Pumper Sludge Pump Worker
Hose Reel Pumper Cleaner Slurries Pump Worker
Hot Water Storage Tank Pump Installer Slurry Pump Installer
Hot Water Storage Tank Pump Worker Slurry Pump Worker
House Pumper Smelter Tailings Dam Pumper
Hvac Condensation Pump Installer Source Heat Pump Installer
Hvac Condensation Pump Worker Source Heat Pump Worker
Hvac Heat Pump Installer Source Heat Tech
Hvac Heat Pump Worker Source Pump Worker
Hydraulic Pump Installer Spa Pump Manufacturer
Hydraulic Pump Line Installer Spa Pump Manufacturing Worker
Hydraulic Pump Line Worker Split Case Pump Installer
Hydraulic Pump Mechanic Split Case Pump Worker
Hydraulic Pump Mounter Split Pump Installer
Hydraulic Pump Worker Split Pump Worker
Hydraulic Water Pump Installer Spray Pump Worker
Hydraulic Water Pump Worker Stage Casing Pump Installer
Industrial Pump System Installer Stage Casing Pump Worker
Industrial Pump System Worker Stage Pump Worker
Industrial Pump Worker Start Metering Pump Worker
Industry Pump System Installer Start Pump Treadles Worker
Industry Pump System Worker Start Pump Worker
Industry Pump Worker Station Pump Factory Worker
Injection Pump Worker Station Pump Worker
Injector Pump Installer Stationary Pump Installer
Injector Pump Worker Stationary Pump Worker
Insert Pump Worker Steam Pump Worker
Internal Pump Gasket Installer Steam Pumper
Internal Pump Gasket Worker Steel Bypoduct Pump Worker
Inwell Submersible Pump Installer Steel Byproduct Pump Worker
Inwell Well Pump Installer Steel Pump Worker
Inwell Well Pump Worker Still Pump Worker
Irrigating Pump Worker Storage Tank Pump Installer
Irrigation Pump Installer Storage Tank Pump Worker
Irrigator Pump Installer Storm Pump Station Worker
Jet Pump Installer Street Pump Station Worker
Jet Pump Worker Street Pumper
Lab Vacuum Pump Installer Submersible Drainage Pump Worker
Lab Vacuum Pump Worker Submersible Pump Controller
Laboratory Vacuum Pump Installer Submersible Pump Installer
Laboratory Vacuum Pump Worker Submersible Pump Worker
Large Volume Water Pump Worker Submersible Water Pump Worker
Large Water Pump Worker Submersible Water Well Pump Installer
Levee Pump Station Worker Submersible Water Well Pump Worker
Levee Pumper Submersible Well Pump Installer
Light Oil Worker Submersible Well Pump Worker
Line Jet Pump Installer Suction Pump Assembly Installer
Line Jet Pump Worker Suction Pump Assembly Worker
Line Pump Station Worker Suction Pump Installer
Line Pump Worker Erector Suction Pump Worker
Liquid Filler Pump Worker Sump Pump Assembler
Liquids Pump Worker Sump Pump Installer
Loader Worker Pumper Sump Pump Worker
Low Flow Pump Installer Supervise Pump Station Worker
Low Flow Pump Worker Supervising Pump Station Worker
Lube Oil Pump Worker Swimming Pool Clean Pump Repair
Lubricator Pump Lubricant Pumper Swimming Pool Heater Worker
Machine Manufacturing Pump Assembler Swimming Pool Pump Installer
Machine Pump Assembler Swimming Pool Pump Worker
Machine Pump Worker System Pump Installer
Machining Pump Assembler System Pump Worker
Machining Pump Worker System Tank Pump Installer
Main Pump Installer System Tank Pump Worker
Main Pump Worker Tailings Dam Pumper
Maintenance Pump Worker Tallow Pumper
Manifold System Pump Worker Tank Pump Installer
Manipulate Pump Worker Tank Pump Piping Worker
Manipulate Start Pump Worker Tank Pump Worker
Manual Pump Installer Tank Pumper
Manual Pump Worker Tanker Pump Installer
Manufacturing Pump Assembler Tanker Pump Worker
Marsh Pump Worker Tanker Pumper
Material Pump Worker Tar Ammonia Pump Worker
Meat Pumper Tar Pump Worker
Mechanical Chemical Pump Worker Tile Deck Pump Filter
Metal Pump Worker Tiling Deck Pump Filter
Metered Transfer Pump Worker Tire Air Pump Installer
Metering Pump Worker Tire Air Pump Worker
Miner Dredge Pumper Tire Pump Worker
Mini Pump Worker Toothpaste Pump Dispenser
Minipump Worker Transfer Gas Pump Worker
Molten Metal Pump Worker Transfer Liquids Pump Worker
Molten Pump Worker Transfer Oil Pump Worker
Motor Pressure Pump Installer Transfer Pump House Worker
Motor Pressure Pump Worker Transfer Pump Installer
Motor Pump Mechanic Transfer Pump Worker
Motor Pump Worker Transfer Pumper
Mounted Water Pump Worker Transfer Pumphouse Worker
Mud Mixing Pump Worker Transfer Slurries Pump Worker
Mud Pump Worker Treating Plant Pumper
Multi Phase Pump Installer Treating Pump Worker
Multi Phase Pump Worker Truck Mounted Water Pump Worker
Multi Stage Vertical Inline Pump Worker Truck Pump Installer
Multiphase Pump Installer Truck Pump Valve Installer
Multiphase Pump Worker Truck Pump Valve Worker
Municipal Pump System Installer Truck Pump Worker
Municipal Pump System Worker Truck Water Pump Installer
Neon Bender Pumper Truck Water Pump Mechanic
Neon Pumper Truck Water Pump Worker
Neon Tube Pumper Trucking Mounted Water Pump Worker
Neon Tupe Pumper Trucking Pump Installer
Nitrogen Pump Worker Trucking Pump Valve Installer
Nuclear Pumped Laser Trucking Pump Valve Worker
Oil Field Pumper Trucking Pump Worker
Oil Filter Press Pumper Trucking Water Pump Installer
Oil Gas Pumper Trucking Water Pump Mechanic
Oil Pump Filtration Installer Trucking Water Pump Worker
Oil Pump Filtration Worker Trump Pumper
Oil Pump Station Building Worker Tubing Pump Installer
Oil Pump Station Chief Tubing Pump Worker
Oil Pump Station Mechanic Turbine Cooling Pump Installer
Oil Pump Station Worker Turbine Cooling Pump Mechanic
Oil Pump System Installer Turbine Cooling Pump Worker
Oil Pump System Worker Turbine Hydraulic Pump Installer
Oil Pump Worker Turbine Hydraulic Pump Mechanic
Oil Pumper Turbine Hydraulic Pump Worker
Oil Sampling Pump Worker Turbine Pump Worker
Oil Tank Pump Installer Two Line Jet Pump Installer
Oil Tank Pump Worker Two Line Jet Pump Worker
Oil Well Pumper Underground Pump Installer
Operation Pipeline Pump Worker Underground Pump Worker
Panelboard Tank Pumper Unit Oil Pump Installer
Paper Pulp Pump Mechanic Unit Oil Pump Worker
Paper Pump Mechanic Utilities Drip Pumper
Paraffin Plant Worker Pumper Utilities Pump Room Worker
Parallel Pump Installer Utility Drip Pumper
Parallel Pump Worker Utility Pump Room Worker
Pea Gravel Rock Pump Worker Vacuum Pump Installer
Petrol Centrifugal Water Pump Installer Vacuum Pump Worker
Petrol Centrifugal Water Pump Worker Vane Pump Mechanic
Petrol Diaphragm Pump Installer Vehicle Water Pump Installer
Petrol Diaphragm Pump Worker Vehicle Water Pump Mechanic
Petroleum Dock Pumper Vehicle Water Pump Worker
Petroleum Gas Oil Pumper Vein Pumper
Petroleum Gas Oil Well Pumper Vertical In Line Pump Installer
Petroleum Gas Pump Worker Vertical In Line Pump Worker
Petroleum Gas Pumper Vertical Inline Pump Installer
Petroleum Oil Pumper Vertical Inline Pump Worker
Petroleum Oil Well Pumper Vertical Line Pump Installer
Petroleum Pump System Worker Vertical Line Pump Worker
Petroleum Pump Worker Vessel Pump Worker
Petroleum Pumper Wash Oil Pump Worker
Petroleum Refinery Process Pumper Waste Oil Pumper
Petroleum Refinery Pump Worker Water Containment Pump Worker
Petroleum Refinery Pumper Water Ex Pump Worker
Petroleum Refinery Wax Pumper Water Exaction Pump Worker
Petroleum Still Pump Worker Water Heater Pump Installer
Petroleum Transfer Pumper Water Heater Pump Worker
Petroleum Wax Pumper Water Plant Pump Worker
Pickle Pumper Water Plywood Pump Equipment Installer
Pickle Pumper Injection Machine Worker Water Plywood Pump Equipment Worker
Pickle Water Pump Worker Water Plywood Pump Installer
Pigment Pumper Water Plywood Pump Worker
Pigment Pumper Checker Water Plywood Pump Worker Installer
Pipe Line Pump Station Worker Water Plywood Pump Worker Worker
Pipeline Bypass Pump Worker Water Plywood Tank Pump Installer
Pipeline Drip Pumper Water Plywood Tank Pump Worker
Pipeline Pump Station Worker Water Plywood Well Pump Installer
Pipeline Pump Worker Water Plywood Well Pump Tester
Pipeline Pumper Gauger Water Plywood Well Pump Worker
Pipelines Pump Worker Water Pump Assembler
Piping Line Pump Station Worker Water Pump Control Installer
Piping Well Pump Installer Water Pump Control Switch Worker
Piping Well Pump Worker Water Pump Control Worker
Piston Pump Worker Water Pump Distribution System Installer
Plant Pump Worker Water Pump Distribution System Worker
Plantation Pump Plant Worker Water Pump Equipment Worker
Plantation Pump Worker Water Pump Inspection Worker
Plastic Pump Tester Water Pump Installer
Plumber Water Pump Worker Water Pump Liquid Pump Installer
Plumbing Water Pump Worker Water Pump Liquid Pump Worker
Plywood Pump Equipment Installer Water Pump Mechanic
Plywood Pump Equipment Worker Water Pump Motor Mechanic
Plywood Pump Installer Water Pump Motor Worker
Plywood Pump Worker Water Pump Pliers
Plywood Tank Pump Installer Water Pump Plumber
Plywood Tank Pump Worker Water Pump Pressure Control Installer
Plywood Wells Pump Installer Water Pump Pressure Control Switch Installer
Plywood Wells Pump Tester Water Pump Pressure Control Switch Worker
Plywood Wells Pump Worker Water Pump Pressure Control Worker
Pneumatic Pump Worker Water Pump Pressure Worker
Point Pump Worker Water Pump Repair Worker
Pond Aerator Pump Installer Water Pump Source Worker
Pond Aerator Pump Worker Water Pump Station Building Worker
Pool Pump Installer Water Pump Station Engineer
Pool Pump Motor Worker Water Pump Station Engneer
Pool Pump Worker Water Pump Station Worker
Portable Pump Installer Water Pump Switch Installer
Portable Pump Worker Water Pump Switch Worker
Powdered Material Pump Worker Water Pump Tank Installer
Power Driven Pump Worker Water Pump Tank Worker
Power Pump Driver Water Pump Testing Worker
Power Pump Worker Water Pump Troubleshooter
Powerdriven Pump Worker Water Pump Water Worker
Power-Driven Pump Worker Water Pump Well Motor Installer
Powered Water Pump Installer Water Pump Well Motor Worker
Powered Water Pump Worker Water Pump Worker
Press Pumper Water Pumper
Pressure Pump Installer Water Purification Pump Station Worker
Pressure Pump Worker Water Sample Extraction Pump
Pressure Spray Pump Worker Water Sampling Pump Worker
Private Well Pump Installer Water Source Pump Worker
Private Well Pump Worker Water Storage Tank Pump Installer
Process Pump Installer Water Storage Tank Pump Worker
Process Pump Worker Water Tank Pump Installer
Process Pumper Water Tank Pump Worker
Processing Pump Installer Water Well Head Pumper
Processing Pump Worker Water Well Pump Contractor
Product Transfer Pumper Water Well Pump Electrician
Proportioning Pump Installer Water Well Pump Installer
Proportioning Pump Worker Water Well Pump Mechanic
Propulsion Pump Worker Water Well Pump Worker
Puddle Sucker Pump Installer Water Well Pumper
Puddle Sucker Pump Worker Water Worker Pump Station Worker
Pulp Pump Mechanic Water Worker Pump Worker
Pump Alarm Installer Waterworks Pump Station Worker
Pump Alarm Worker Wax Pumper
Pump Assembler Well Equipment Pump Installer
Pump Auger Well Equipment Pump Worker
Pump Base Worker Well Head Pumper
Pump Bearing Worker Well Point Pump Worker
Pump Blower Worker Well Pump Contractor
Pump Calibration Worker Well Pump Electrician
Pump Cleaning Worker Well Pump Installer
Pump Compressor House Worker Well Pump Mechanic
Pump Compressor Installer Well Pump Pipe Installer
Pump Compressor Unit Installer Well Pump Pipe Worker
Pump Compressor Unit Worker Well Pump Pressure Control Worker
Pump Compressor Worker Well Pump Worker
Pump Control Installer Well Pumper
Pump Control Switch Worker Well Reciprocating Pump Installer
Pump Control Worker Well Reciprocating Pump Worker
Pump Controller Well Service Pump Equipment Worker
Pump Damage Repair Worker Well Submergible Pump Installer
Pump Diagnostic Installer Well Submergible Pump Worker
Pump Disassembler Well Submersible Pump Installer
Pump Distribution System Installer Well Submersible Pump Worker
Pump Distribution System Worker Well Water Pump Installer
Pump Distribution Water Worker Well Water Pump Worker
Pump Distribution Worker Well Water Tank Pump Installer
Pump Distributor Well Water Tank Pump Worker
Pump Engine Mechanic Wellhead Pumper Worker
Pump Engine Worker Wellhead Pumpers
Pump Engineer Wellpoint Pump Worker
Pump Equipment Engineer Wet Fit Pump Installer
Pump Equipment Installer Wet Fit Pump Worker
Pump Equipment Motor Worker Wool Pump Mill Worker
Pump Equipment Worker Worker Wellhead Pumper

List of Industrial Plant Workers Exposed to Asbestos


Adjusters Handlers Pressers
Applicators Hands Processors
Assemblers Helpers Programmers
Assembly Man Inserters Pullers
Assorters Inspector Regulators
Binders Inspectors Removers
Buffers Installers Repairers
Casters Instructors Repairman
Changers Investigators Researchers
Cleaners Laborers Rewinders
Coaters Lay Out Sawyers
Collectors Layers Servicers
Coordinators Liners Set Ups
Coverers Loaders Setters
Crushers Locators Sorters
Cutters Maintainers Specialists
Designers Maintenance man Sprayers
Developers Mappers Stackers
Disassemblers Markers Stampers
Diggers Mechanics Strippers
Dismantlers Mixers Superintendents
Dispatchers Modifiers Supervisors
Drawers Monitors Surveyors
Drillers Mounters Technicians
Drivers Movers Techs
Dumpers Observers Tenders
Estimators Offbearers Testers
Examiners Operators Throubleshooters
Feeders Overhaulers Trimmers
Filers Packagers Turners
Fillers Packers Unloaders
Finishers Patternmakers Washers
Fitters Pilers Weavers
Fixers Planners Weighers
Folders Platers Winders
Foreman Polishers Workers
Graders Pourers Wrappers
Grinders Preppers Installation Workers

 Inside Office Workers and Mesothelioma


Industrial workers were not only exposed to asbestos working at outside job sites, plants and factories they were also exposed inside of company offices. Asbestos was used throughout office buildings pre 1980 in pipes, insulation, drywall, paints, wiring, floors, tiles, wallboards, cements, glues, adhesives along with 3,000 other products used on a daily basis. If you have a history of work-related asbestos exposure you should be checked each year by a qualified doctor. Office workers exposed to asbestos includes; 

Accountants Coordinators
Administrators Data Entry Workers
Administrative Aides Directors
Agents Executives
Aides Financial Managers
Analysts Human Resource Workers
Assistants Inventory Workers
Associates Managers
Attendants Office Workers
Auditors Operation Managers
Billing & Posting Workers Planners
Board Members Presidents
Book & Record Keeping Public Relation Workers
Buyers Purchasing Agents
Chief Executive Officers Representatives
Clerks Salesman
Collectors Secretary – Secretaries
Computer Workers Timekeepers
Consultants Vice Presidents

Have A Question About Compensation?

Our Mesothelioma Patient Advocates can answer questions about trust funds, treatments, settlements and other types of mesothelioma compensation.

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List of Industrial Plant Work & Labor Duties

Adjust Fold Prep
Apply Grade Press
Assemble Grind Process
Assort Handle Program
Bind Help Pull
Buff Insert Regulate
Cast Inspect Remove
Change Install Repair
Clean Instruct Research
Coat Investigate Rewind
Collect Labor Saw
Coordinate Lay Out Service
Coverer Line Set
Crush Load Set Up
Cut Locate Sort
Design Maintain Spray
Develop Map Stack
Disassemble Mark Stamp
Dig Mix Strip
Dismantle Modify Supervise
Dispatch Monitor Survey
Draw Mount Tend
Drill Move Test
Drive Observe Troubleshoot
Dump Operate Trim
Estimate Overhaul Turn
Examine Pack Unload
Feed Package Wash
File Pile Weave
Fill Plan Weigh
Finish Plate Wind
Fit Polish Work
Fix Pourers Wrap

Military Veterans and Asbestos Exposure


Veterans Mesothelioma LawyersMilitary Veterans have a 1 in 3 chance of developing an asbestos related disease in their lifetime. Veterans and laborers have the right to bring lawsuits against negligent asbestos companies for exposing them to toxic asbestos-containing products and materials.

There are 21.5 million current living Veterans according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who served between 1940 and 1970 have the greatest risk of developing Mesothelioma or an asbestos-related cancer. Navy Veterans who served during World War II and the Korean War have the highest incidence of Asbestos-related diseases.

The U.S. Military used thousands of asbestos-containing products in their ships between the 1920-late 1970’s. 14 in every 1,000 WW II shipyard workers died of an asbestos-related disease compared to 18 in every 1,000 combat related deaths.

  • Mesothelioma primarily occurs in Veterans between the ages of 55-75.
  • Asbestos was listed as the top contaminant at 32 U.S. Army base closures during the 1990s.
  • A recent study showed that as many as 30-40% of Mesothelioma victims is U. S. Veterans.

Evidence Required to File for an Asbestos claim may Include:

  • Diagnosis– Medical documentation (pathology reports).
  • Physician Statement– From a qualified physician regarding Mesothelioma diagnosis.
  • Exposure Evidence– Product information, witness affidavits, employment records, invoices.

Asbestos Cover up – Quotes from Asbestos Executives

Evidence in thousands of court documents have shown that asbestos companies hid and destroyed memos, documents and ignored doctor’s medical reports about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite all of the information about the deadly dangers of asbestos exposure available in the scientific and medical literature asbestos companies chose not to take any action to protect workers.

They chose profit over the safety of their workers and then lied and covered it up. This is why U. S. Courts are making asbestos manufacturers and companies pay millions to asbestos victims for their asbestos cover up.

  • “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products, why not die from it.” 1966 memo from an executive of the Bendix Corporation (now part of Honeywell)
  • In early 1940s, the president of Johns-Manville called the managers of another company a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis.” When asked by another company executive, Do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they drop dead? he responded, “Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

Mesothelioma has been medically linked to workplace asbestos exposure.


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Barnes Pumps, Inc.
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Flowserve Pump Inc.
Flowserve Us, Inc.
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Fresh Water Pump Companies
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Galveston Pumping Plant
Gas Pump Companies
Gas Pumping Station – Whitman County
Gas Pumping Stations
Gas Treatment Pumping Station
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Golden Avenue Pumping Station
Gorman-Rupp Company
Gould City Pumping Station
Gould Pumps Corp.
Gould Pumps Incorporated
Goulds Pump Plant – Auburn, NY
Goulds Pump Plant – Bayard Street
Goulds Pump Plant – Fall Street Plant
Goulds Pump Plant – Schenectdaty, NY
Grant City Pumping Station
Great Lakes Transmission Pumping Station
Griscom Russel Co.
Hackensack Water Co.
Hale Fire Pump Company
Hale Products, Inc.
Hale Street Pumping Station
Harrison Street Pumping Station
Hartford Park Pumping Station
Hayes Pump, Inc.
Hemphill Pumping Station
Herron Hill Pumping Station
High Service Pumping Station
Hope Pumping Station
Hydraulic Pump Companies
Hydromatic Pump – Ashland, OH
Idex Corporation
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Industrial Pump Companies
Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company
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Jameco Pumping Station
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Jerome Ave. Pumping Station
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Kalihi Pumping Station
Kinney Pump Compan
Kinney Vacuum Pump Company
Kirkland Ave. Pumping Station
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Lake Alexandria Pumping Station
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Lawrence Pumps, Inc.
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Ludington Pump Station – Ludington, MI
Marathon Oil Pumping Station
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Mclouth Steel Pump House
Meander Creek Water Purification & Pumping Station
Merritt Island Pump House
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Michigan Consolidated Gas Pumping Station
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Missouri River Pumping Station
Mohawk Pumping Station – Tulsa, OK
Mon Valley Water Pump Station – Elizabeth, PA
Montauk Pumping Station
Mount Royal Pumping Station
Municipal Pump Companies
Munz Pumps, Inc.
Myrray Turbine
Nagle Pumps Corp.
New Kensington Water Pump Station – PA
New Mexico Pump & Equipment
New Milford Pumping Station
New Orleans Levee Pumping Station
New York Paerdegat Pumping Station
Newbury PortPumping Station
Newman Pump Station – El Paso, TX
North Side Pumping Company
Northern Pump Co.
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Norwood Pumping Station
Oakridge Pumping Station
Ohio Transmission & Pump
Pacific Pumps, Inc.
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Park Pumping Station
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Patterson Pump Company
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Pump Engine Companies
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Pump Station – Pulgas Tower, CA
Pump Supply Companies
Pumping & Distilling Plants
Pumping Companies
Pumping Distilling Companies
Pumping Distilling Plant
Pumping Station – Big Rapids, MI
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Pumping Stations
Quimby Pump Company
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Refrigerant Pump Companies
Regenerative Turbine Pumps
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Ridgewood Pumping Station
River Pumping Companies
River Pumping Station
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Sacramento Sewage Pumping Station
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Worthington Pump – Orange New Jersey
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Wyman Pump – Ridc Park Aspinwall, Pa

Have A Question About Compensation?

Our Mesothelioma Patient Advocates can answer questions about trust funds, treatments, settlements and other types of mesothelioma compensation.

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Evidence Required to File for an Asbestos claim may Include:

  • Diagnosis– Medical documentation (pathology reports).
  • Physician Statement– From a qualified physician regarding Mesothelioma diagnosis.
  • Exposure Evidence– Product information, witness affidavits, employment records, invoices.

Recent Mesothelioma Verdicts and Settlements

A Mesothelioma claim is a lawsuit filed on behalf of a victim or surviving family members as a result of hazardous exposure to asbestos.

  • $4.6 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Union Insulator that developed malignant Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure.
  • $10.2 Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a Paper Mill worker suffering from pleural Mesothelioma.
  • $4.9 Million Settlement: For a man diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure in workplace.
  • $3.9 Million Settlement: For an Engineer exposed to asbestos on Wyoming jobsites.
  • $2.9 Million Settlement: For an Engineer and Shipyard worker exposed to asbestos in Shipyards.
  • $1.2 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a 76-year-old Carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma.
  • $1.1 Million Veteran Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Navy Veteran Machinist that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 71.
  • $245,000 Asbestosis Settlement: For a Paper Mill worker suffering from Asbestosis.
  • $2.5 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a Union Pipefitter man who died from malignant Mesothelioma.
  • $2.6 Million Shipyard Worker Mesothelioma Settlement: For a 72-year old Shipyard worker with Mesothelioma who suffered second hand exposure.
  • $1.8 Million Mesothelioma Settlement: For a carpenter that developed malignant Mesothelioma at age 68.
  • $7.5 Million Mesothelioma Verdict: For a woman that developed peritoneal Mesothelioma from laundering her husband’s work clothes.

Malignant Mesothelioma has been linked to workplace asbestos exposure.

TO GET HELP – Our Nationwide Toll Free Mesothelioma Helpline Number is 888.640.0914

Median Survival Rate for Mesothelioma Patients by Stage

Mesothelioma Symptoms Include:

  • Chest Pain
  • Chronic Cough
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Dyspnea
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Fluid Build-up in Lungs
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Heart Murmurs
  • Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Nausea
  • Night Sweats
  • Orthopnea (Dyspnea When Lying Down)
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Thickening of Pericardial Layers

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma you are going to have a lot of questions about living with Mesothelioma and what legal options you have against asbestos manufacturers and asbestos companies for your asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a seriously deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society with the average survival time for people with Mesothelioma is 4-18 months.

Call TOLL FREE 888.640.0914 right now to talk with a live Mesothelioma Counselor that can answer many of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Family Member Died From Mesothelioma?

If you have a family member that has died from Mesothelioma cancer you should immediately consult with an experienced Mesothelioma diagnosis lawyer about what compensation may be available to you from asbestos trust funds that total more than 30 billion dollars.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you file your Mesothelioma claim within your states Statute of Limitations.

We have seen many families lose their right to file a lawsuit because their Statute of Limitations had expired while they were grieving. We know it is a tough time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but please do not let your Statute of Limitations expire for filing your Mesothelioma lawsuit. In most states the Statute of Limitations is 2-3 years. Some states have 6 year Statute of Limitations.

Pumps Products and Mesothelioma Damages


Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Asbestos Trust Funds
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

Mesothelioma Lawyers: Pumps Products

Mesothelioma Lawyer Phone NumberIf you or a family member has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease, we can help you start a Mesothelioma lawsuit against asbestos companies responsible for your injuries. Our experienced nationwide Mesothelioma lawyers will come to you.

We can usually tell within a few minutes whether we can help you, and if we can’t, maybe direct you to someone who can. We are always accessible by phone, email and online chat.

We are always available to answer your questions with a phone call and will always keep you informed. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.

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Mesothelioma Settlement Attorneys


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